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Lanzarote’s too small to make an in-car GPS system practical, but large enough that you may still need to know your way around. So here’s how to navigate.


t just 37 miles in length and 16 in width, Lanzarote is a small island, and the main roads on the island make perfect sense, with the LZ1 and LZ 2 roads connecting Orzola in the north with Playa Blanca in the south.

For this reason the in-car GPS systems that now come with many cars are barely used on the island. They are provided on request with certain hire cars but even then, most choose not to use them. Another item you won´t find in any local cars is a road atlas – there´s little point in carrying a large book that you´re only likely to use one page of. But if you´re planning on exploring the island, or looking for a particularly out-of-the-way address, then some help is necessary, and an old fashioned map is a good choice. Ros and David Brawn´s Lanzarote Tour and Trail map is relatively up to date and comes printed on durable material that can handle any amount of folding. It´s probably the best option for English-language speakers on the island, and fits handily into the glove compartment.

Finding your way around towns and villages is another matter, and in many cases it´s simply a matter of trial and error, given the one-way systems that operate in many of the centres. The best advice is to keep your eye on the road signs and markings – and even if you get lost, the size of most urban areas means you´ll soon find your way out again. The smartphone revolution offers another

option – Google maps can be accessed rapidly and easily in most areas of the island, and offers a navigation option that is worth getting to know if you´re planning to be off the beaten track. But the best advice is simply to sit down and take a few minutes to plan your journey before you set out. Lanzarote´s not big and you don´t have to be too clever to find your way round.

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