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“Gag law” causes alarm Spain´s recently introduced “gag law” has raised concern after an Alicante woman was issued a fine for €800 after posting a photo of a police car parked in a disabled space on Facebook. The Citizen´s Security Law (known as the “gag law”) bans anyone from taking or publishing photos of police officers “if doing so may endanger the safety of them or their family.” Heavy fines can be imposed on those who break the law. In the Alicante case, only the police car was shown and no officer was

visible. However, the local police felt the Facebook post “insulted their honour” and issued a fine to the woman. The gag law has also banned unauthorised protests near public buildings, organising protests on social media, drinking in public and “disrespecting” a police officer. Amnesty International called the introduction of the law “a dark day for Spain”, and questions have been raised in the EU Parliament about the validity of the law.

“More Europe, but a different Europe” The PSOE have presented a raft of proposals which include a European minimum wage, harmonised business taxes, a universal retirement age and the establishment of a European Public Treasury.

“We want to rectify the policies supported by the Spanish PP government that have been unable to distance Europe from

Spanish enthusiasm for the European Union has fallen by 10 per cent since the start of the financial crisis, but still stands at 70 per cent, according to a recent Metroscopia poll. In May 2009, 80 per cent of respondents agreed that membership of the EU had been beneficial for Spain. That figure has fallen to 70 per cent, and 23 per cent believe membership has damaged Spain. When asked whether EU membership had been good for Spain´s economy, EU support was lower, but still in the majority at 54 per cent. 37 per cent believe EU membership has worsened the country´s economy.

Spanish Socialists have joined France in demanding greater harmonization within the Eurozone.

The PSOE believe that the introduction of such measures will help avoid future crises like that suffered by Greece. “We want more Europe, but also a different Europe,”

Spain still pro-EU

Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez economic stagnation,” claimed Juan Moscoso, who helped to formulate the plan.

Support for the EU was much higher among conservative PP voters than it was among Socialists or supporters of Podemos, indicating that, unlike in the UK, euroscepticism is predominantly a left-wing phenomenon in Spain.

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