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Farmfest forum panelists tackle farm bill questions By DICK HAGEN The Land Staff Writer This year’s Farmfest, at the Gilfillan Estate southeast of Redwood Falls, Minn., will feature a special forum — “Farm Program Decisions with the New Farm Bill.” Panelists include: Duane Voy, U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency director; Kevin Klair, University of Minnesota Center for Farm Financial Management; Paul Simonsen, Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council chair; John Mages, Government Relations Committee chair with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.; and farm financial consultant Paul Gorman. The Land asked them to give a brief preview of what they expect to talk about at this forum, scheduled for 1:15 p.m., Aug. 5 at the Wick Buildings Farmfest Center. Paul Simonsen “At this stage as a farmer I don’t have a lot of information on the details of the new farm bill. As usual, the devil is in the details but it appears even more emphasis will be on keeping records of your crops, acre

by acre and yield details, too. The previous farm bill I recall we had to go back the previous 10 years for documentation of yields and acres. So likely we’ll Paul Simonsen have a chance to do or redo some of that stuff. Vegetable crops are in the program now, too. I raise sweet corn and peas and I’m not sure how that’s going to affect me. “Last year some of us in this area agreed to grow for Birds Eye because they wanted to establish production up here. So the deal was that if we gave up some of our acres with Seneca, we could grow for Birds Eye. But last January they called and told us they weren’t coming up here after all. All these canning companies had such great yields last year so they cut back on acres. And I’d guess most are wishing they hadn’t made that decision in view of the difficulties with this year’s canning crops. “It sounds to me like there will be lots of meetings by Extension, crop insurance outfits, our commodity groups, etc., simply to explain in more

Visit with the Land Staff at Farmfest 2014 in the Ag Tent - Booth #2402

SHOW HOURS Tuesday, Aug. 5: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 6: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. LOCATION Gilfillan Estate, 28269 Highway Gilfillan Estate, August 5-7 67, Morgan, MN 56266 Online map: ADMISSION $12 at the gate, under 18 free. Register online for half-price admission. Visit and click the “Register Now” button to get your discount. PARKING Free attendee parking is available on the South and West side of the show grounds. Exhibitor parking is located on the east side of the site across County Road 13, in the area next to the field demonstrations. GETTING AROUND There are plenty of ways to get around the 50 acres of Farmfest. Take advantage of the many convenient transportation options provided. On-site shuttle: A complimentary on-site shuttle, sponsored by AgStar Financial Services, will be circling the show grounds throughout the three days. Look for the “Farmfest Shuttle Stop” signs and hop on for a ride around the perimeter of the show. Parking lot shuttle: A shuttle will run through the parking lot during the show days to help you get from your car to the entrances and back again. Shuttles will make multiple stops throughout the parking lot. Golf cart rental: Golf carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The cart rental is located inside Entrance Gate 2. Golf Carts can be reserved in advance by contacting NB Golf Cars at (605) 275-4653. detail provisions of this new 2014 farm bill. So likely there will be spread sheets where these agencies will fill in their data and then determine which of the various crop insurance programs works best for them, and their farmer customers. There’s been USDA money allocated to various universities to develop information analysis. We (the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council) will do a series of webinars starting in August and into September. “We’ll have Al Kluis and others to help determine the financial impact of these decisions. And as I understand, final decisions by individual farmers won’t have to be made until well after harvest.” Paul Gorman “I’ll attempt to explain and detail how various insurance options pencil out — I’m talking individual Agriculture Risk Coverage, County ARC, or how Paul Gorman Price Loss Coverage might work for a particular land parcel at different corn prices. Growers will have those three options. So by doing

some projections on corn prices and corn yields, I’m hoping we can at least provide some guidelines so that when they sit down with their insurance agent they’ve got a starting point for their decision. For example, I intend to provide some numbers so that if you live in Blue Earth County and the average corn price for marketing year 2014 was $3.75 you might get ‘this much per acre’ from the various options. “As far as farmer payments, I worked on that quite a bit this spring including some specific work for a farmer who was short on cash flow. His rent was high; his landlords weren’t willing to lower their figures. We were looking at how we could stick extra money into his cash flow ... which meant using various corn prices and corn yield projections or project what his total cash flow per acre might be. At this stage the bottom line is telling us that unless corn yields are exceptional, there likely won’t be a positive cash flow on corn this year especially when you factor in family living expenses. Illinois data, which we just looked using yields of 197 bushels per acre and $293 rent with corn at $3.75, projSee FARM BILL, pg. 3F

Klair: ‘Information that you absolutely must have’

Kevin Klair John Mages Duane Voy into the implementation, they changed the rules. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time.” John Mages “Sign-up deadlines for the options on USDA crop insurance program won’t be until sometime this winter we’re told, so we’ll have some hindsight on 2014 crops and some projections perhaps on pricing for the 2015 year. I think a big assist will be these Farm Calculator information systems. Three universities — Texas A&M, University of Missouri and the University of Illinois — are developing the input data for this Farm Calculator package. We’re told this info

will be available later this summer or early fall. “With that decision aid, surveying the long-term, five-year plan as to which particular insurance option might be the better choice will be more doable. That apparently covers us better on Target Price packages plus the Supplemental Coverage Option should you want to purchase which is only available through the PLC program.” Duane Voy “As a Farmfest panel member, I plan to briefly discuss the Risk Management Agency’s changes to the crop insurance program in response to the farm bill, which provides more risk management options for farmers and ranchers. “It also continues the growth of the crop insurance program and provides expanded farm safety net options for organic and specialty crop producers. Specific topics to be briefly touched on include the Supplemental Coverage Option, beginning farmer provisions, increased program integrity, organic expansion and conservation compliance.”


FARM BILL, from pg. 2F ects losing about $48 per acre before any family living draws, depreciation, etc. Toss those in and the projected lose is about $140 per acre. The point being we’ll have to make some good adjustments on our crop programs going into the future it now appears.” Kevin Klair “Information that you absolutely must have when you start making decision about your farming strategies, especially when it comes to marketing your products and insuring that production is one issue I’ll be talking on. We’re talking about national efforts to develop a decision aid program to help farmers when it comes to deciding what crop insurance program might be best for them. “I admit at this stage this might be mostly wishful thinking because we definitely need to have these rules spelled out and into the hands of our local agencies so they can they properly advice and inform farmers. In the past we’ve worked with farm bills that had specific rules, and then two to three weeks

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<< MINNESOTA FARMFEST >> “Where Farm and Family Meet”

“Where Farm and Family Meet”



Climate change talk forecasted at Farmfest forum of the country to another. This current growing season being a prime example. “Once the Upper Midwest got into a more typical season in terms of temperatures and sunshine patters, crop conditions have improved virtually everywhere. Granted, simply too much water late into this spring season wiped out significant crop acres across southern Minnesota, northwest Iowa and even into the Dakotas. But we’re now seeing the potential of records crops in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and eastern Iowa. Even parts of our Minnesota landscape will be getting 200-plus bushel corn.” Brian Buhr — Dean, University of Minnesota Economics “From a global perspective depending upon temperature ranges one of the big issues of climatic change will be the moisture content of our weather world wide. That issue of water

becomes a primary factor of growing conditions in global agriculture. These extreme variations seem to be quite evident in the models; California, for example, continuing in Brian Buhr extreme drought while here in the Upper Midwest one of the wettest spring and early summer seasons on record. “As this happens we’ll see more intensive agriculture in those regions where the favorable weather patterns exist — the ‘haves’ so to speak versus the ‘have nots.’ This will generate a shifting of crop patterns. This will also generate very interesting trade patterns occurring across the globe. Yes, we’ve seen corn movements mostly north, and northwest, of about 150 miles the past few years. As marSee FORUMS, pg. 6F

Agri-Systems Inc. has 47 years of experience in Grain Storage & Handling


tendency to focus more in the spring and in heavier occurrences. Research is showing that pattern is likely to continue. “But will this impact a redistribution of our major crop production areas? I think not. Yes, we are seeing more crop land farming across the Dakotas and into Canada. But that partly is a result of the genetics being provided to these farmland areas. Yes, there is an assumption that the Corn Belt will keep expanding, mostly westerly and northerly. But I question if that takes into consideration the several nuances that are part of the landscape. “I think as we learn more about weather and climate we’ll be putting more focus into how to better grow these crops where the environment is most suitable. That to me questions if the Corn Belt geography is expanding or is more likely a matter of shifting just a little bit.” Does a cooler growing season for 2014 suggest a trend towards fewer growing degree day units in the future? “We get asked that question frequently but I don’t know if we can really put a tag on that. GDDs (growing degree days) for a particular growing season are somewhat unpredictable based on today’s scientific knowledge. Safer to say that seasons tend to have their own character with tremendous variation from one section


By DICK HAGEN The Land Staff Writer Farmfest 2014’s feature forum “Climate Change — Impact on Future Ag Production Practices?” takes place 10:30 a.m. on Aug. 7 at the Wick Buildings Farmfest Center. Panelists include DTN ag weather and climate analyst Bryce Anderson, University of Minnesota College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences Dean Brian Buhr, and U of M climate specialist Mark Seeley. Anderson, Buhr and Seeley were asked to give a preview of what they would be discussing at Farmfest. Bryce Anderson — DTN Meteorologist “What I’ll most likely speak about at Farmfest will very much depend on the questions from our audience. And in view of the remarkable diversity of weather across our nation and Bryce Anderson our globe, I suspect we’ll have plenty to talk about. “One issue that I will share are details on the changing rainfall patterns over the upper Midwest the past few years. Very likely what we’re seeing are not flash-in-the-pan incidents. We’re seeing rainfall do several things. First we’re seeing that the Upper Midwest is quite likely to be the focal point of more heavy rains. Also rainfall has a

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Daily demos, children’s events Wednesday and 10 a.m. on Thursday. Kids Pedal Pull — near Entrance Gate 2 Bring your youngster to the Farmers Union Agency Pedal Pull to see how he or she fares in Farmfest’s most widely-attended children’s contest. Children ages 4-11 are eligible to participate and the top three contestants in each bracket will win an award. Farm Safety Carnival — Minnesota Farm Bureau, booth 7 The Farm Safety Carnival offers hands-on education for children and their families on recognizing and avoiding farm dangers and practicing safe farm activities. A fun adventure for the whole family to learn about safety and possibly win a prize. The Farm Safety Carnival is sponsored by RedBrownVille Farm Safety 4 Just Kids and the Minnesota Farm Bureau.

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

Don’t miss all the great daily events taking place at Farmfest. Ride and Drive Demonstrations Come test out the 2014 North American Truck of the year, the Chevy Silverado. Stop by the Chevrolet display for a hands on experience and take a spin in some of Chevrolet’s newest vehicles. Sponsored by Chevy and Graham Tire. Other Ride & Drive participants: HARDI North America, Inc. and Miller St. Nazianz. Drone Demonstration — Demo area across Hwy 13 In addition to their forum presentation, “Drones: The Next Technological Break-through in Agriculture,” Haug Implement will be demonstrating how drones work in the field. Stop by the demo area, across County Highway 13, to see the newest thing in ag technology in action. Demos will take place at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesday and



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What weather patterns mean to crops, insects, invasive species FORUMS, from pg. 5F kets grow, I think we’ll see these somewhat dramatic patterns continuing. “This will likely trigger a shifting of the pest and disease issues as well. We’ll be seeing new occurrences across the landscape somewhat in concert with these shifting cropping patterns. If crops weren’t being grown intensively previously but now are, we’re creating a new habitat with these crops that likely will be hosting new pest and disease issues too. But this also depends somewhat upon winter weather conditions so this is likely to be a moving target so to speak.” Will these changing world climates impact the Genetically Modified Organism debates? “This adaptability cycle of GMO crops is also relevant to crop season and crop tolerance. And not to be ignored is a growing consumer demand of nonGMO foods which is apparently prompting both General Mills and Cargill to make some changes in their food products. So I think this trend is more triggered by world economics than changing weather patterns. According to recent U.S. Department of Agriculture data our food costs in the United States are now down to 6.6 percent of our budget. So either disposable incomes have grown or our food resources have increased enough to exert a downward spin on food costs. And at this stage consumer costs are not yet a factor in the trend toward more consumer demand of non-GMO foods. However the value of drought tolerance and pest resist-

ant traits is likely to be tested more and more in this non-GMO food arena.” Here in Minnesota Buhr said the tile and drainage issue continues, particularly as it relates to water quality. And this is a portion of the overall climate — a virtual trading of water certainly is part of this debate. “Improved water utilization is the genetic challenge to our seed industry and this is key to the world climate change challenges ahead.” Mark Seeley, University of Minnesota Extension climatologist “We have an occupying area that is changing. Here in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas the climate attributes that we measure, notably temperature and precipitation, are changing the most. That said we are giving weather a tremendous amount Mark Seeley of attention. “Some of the magnitudes and frequency of weather are also changing. With temperature, for example, portions of the state are no longer experiencing the extreme low temps that we once had but they are experiencing extremely warm nights … even situations where the night-time temp never drops below 80 F. That of course has a tremendous affect on crop production because that directly relates to respiration of these crops. These heat waves have caused some livestock losses.

“I’ll talk about how the growing seasons have lengthened, both at the front end and later frost dates in the fall. That has generated significant expansion of corn and soybean acres to the North and Northwest. Plant hardiness zones have shifted also so now the Minnesota Nursery Association, for example, markets plants for landscaping into areas that we formerly did not consider acceptable. “Yes, the pest and disease issues are also moving into these areas. What we used to see only in the central and southern plains states have now made their way into the Upper Midwest, specifically these new row-crop agricultural areas of Minnesota and the Dakotas. Invasive species fall into that category also but that is not to say all invasive species are immigrants into our area because of our changing climate. They may have come in because of other reasons, but once here they find a climatic niche that is suitable. “Perhaps most noticeable is our changing precipitation patterns — both quantity and intensity. We’re seeing a larger annual precipitation, this year 2014 being a prime example. And a larger fraction of that total precipitation is coming in the form of these intense thunder storms. The frequency of 3-inch, 4inch, even 5-inch thunder storms is on the rise. And this accounts for the increasing flash flooding of our landscape. This past June was the wettest June in Minnesota history, and also the wettest single month in Minnesota history. “This is having impacts on water and soil management across the state, especially across the agricultural landscape where tile drainage strategies are an issue, and perhaps amplifying tile drainage through pattern tiling has become a major strategy to lessen the impact of surface drainage and runoff of soils and soil nutrients. Better residue management to protect the soils from erosion certainly was much apparent this spring. It really verified the importance of leaving more soil residue on the landscape all times of the year.”

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

Where Farm and Family Meet ... at Farmfest!

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“Where Farm and Family Meet”



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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing 123

21st Century Ag: 2-Way Radio of Minnesota, Inc.: 7th District Republican Party:


A Home of Your Own, Inc.: Abilene Machine, Inc.: Acme Tools: Action Sports Inc.: ADM Crop Risk Services: Adrian Mfg., Inc.: Advanced Biological Marketing, Inc.: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.: Ag Concepts / Swanson Ag: Ag Drainage Inc. / ADI Machinery Sales: Ag Dryer Services, Inc.: Ag Leader Technology: AgStar Financial Services: Ag VS, Inc.: Ag Wetland Services, Inc.: AGCO Corporation: Agile Manufacturing LLC: AgJunction Inc.:

303 3105 3212 4413 538 411 325 3611 435N 3612 207 209 4102 59 905N 2603 220 211 2404 922 19W 3100

Agnition: Agri Drain Corporation: Agricultural Utilization Research Institute: AgriDry LLC: AgriNews: Agri-Systems, Inc.: AgWeek: AgYield: AKE Safety Equipment: Alkota Cleaning Systems, Inc.: All America Pressure Washers: All Energy Solar, Inc.: All States Ag Parts, Inc.: Allied Distribution: Alter Trading Corp.: Ameribuilt Buildings, Inc.: American Garage Door Co.: American Tire Distributors: Amsoil: Apache Mfg.: Aqua-Therm, LLC: Archer Lubricants: Arnold’s of Kimball: Artex Manufacturing:

1001 4405 612 2313 410S 4100 4308 4103 4212 111N 321 4204 4611 2409 2105 5 218N 810 2106 305 201 4412 815 632

Asgrow/DEKALB: Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau: Avoca Spray Service: AWS Air Reels:


B & S Research, Inc.: 3209 Bad Boy Inc.: 1019 Bad Dog Tools: 3305 Ballman Roofing & Coating LLC: 3310 Balzer Inc.: 825 Bargen, Inc.: 3506 Bayer Truck & Equipment, Inc.: 925 Behlen Country: 10 Belle Plaine Block & Tile, Inc.: 2212 Big Iron / Stock Auction: 2502 Blair’s Disc Sharpening: 3312 Blattner Feedlot Construction, Inc.: 14 The Blue Book Building & Construction Network: 3208 Blue Horizon Energy: 61 BLU-JET by Thurston Mfg. Co.: 1005 Boss Supply Inc.: 831 Boulder Creek Custom Homes LLC: 2504 Brandt Agricultural Products Inc.: 727 Brock Grain Systems — CTB, Inc.: 620 Brokaw Supply Company: 1007 Buckey’s Sales & Service: 318 Buhler Industries Inc.: 908 Buhler Industries Inc.: 1013 Bulk Seed Systems, Inc.: 401 Burden Sales: 3401 Buzzard Gulch Inc.: 101


Cadallac Ranch: Calmer Corn Heads, Inc.:

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

SR15 2310 511 816

T2100 536


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“Where Farm and Family Meet”



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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing Carlson Wholesale, Inc.: Catholic United Financial: CBM Electronics Lighting: Central Boiler Inc.: Central Plains Industries, LLC: CGB — AGRIfinancial Services: CGB — Diversified Services: Channel: Christianson Systems, Inc.: CHS Inc.: Clarks Ag Supply: Clean Burn / Derson Mfg.: Clean Cutter Flail & Tiller Blade Co.: Cleary Building Corp.: CliftonLarsonAllen: Congressman Collin Peterson: Conklin Products: Conrad American: Convey-All by Hamilton Systems, Inc.: Conway, Deuth & Schmiesing, PLLP: Copperhead Ag Products:

221 212S 4303 41 934E 3107 2606 SR09 301 316 335S 2611 2408 812 3605 414S 2304 1003 636 2510 2512

Country Cat: Countryside Implements: Courtland Waste Handling, Inc.: Crary Ag Solutions: Crary Industries: Crete-Heat, LLC: Croplan by Winfield: Cross-Dillon Tire: CrustBuster / Speed King, Inc.: Crysteel Truck Equipment Inc.: Culver’s of North Mankato: Curt’s Truck & Diesel Service, Inc.: Custom Marketing Co., LLC:


Dairyland Seed Co., Inc.: Dairyland Supply Inc.: Dakota Fluid Power: Dakota Micro, Inc.: Dakota Steel and Trim: Dakota Wholesale Tire:20 Dan’s Custom Welding Tables: Dawn Equipment Co. Inc.:

1037 63 402 309 901 3301 SR19 42E 52 430 616 1031 507 103S 709 4110 4408 337 224S 527

DDSI: 416 Degelman Industries, Ltd.: 935 Delux Grain Dryers: 421 Democratic Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota: 2210 Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproduction Parts: 3213 Diamond Mowers: 53W Dick Hansen Sales, Inc.: 423 Diers Ag & Trailer Sales, Inc.: 9 Diesel Specialties Inc.: 4306 Digi-Temp: 2306 Direct Enterprises, Inc.: 48E Distel Grain Systems, Inc.: 226N DK Diesel Injection Inc.: 2111 DTN — The Progressive Farmer: 520E DuPont Pioneer: SR07


East Side Oil Companies: Easy Automation Inc.: Easy Way Cattle Care: EasyFix Rubber Products North America: Edney Distributing Co., Inc.: Electric Cleaner Company, Inc.:

2102 2303 517S 3309 916 3302

Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing


Fabra Dome: 230 Fair Manufacturing Inc.: 111S Fantini North America: 603 Farm Bureau Financial Services: 512b Farm Country Trader, Inc.: 2605 Farm Forum: 3411 801 FarmChem: Farmers Agency Inc. & Farmers Finance Company: 2410 Farmers Hot Line: 4409 2608 Farm-Oyl, a brand of CHS Inc.: Fast Manufacturing Inc.: 532 Fastenal: 218S 3106 Fastline Publications: FEI East: 605 Fellowship of Christian Farmers International: 58

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Galena Genetics LLC: The Gator Center: GDF Enterprises Inc.: General Motors: Genex Farm Systems: Geno’s Concessions: Geringhoff: Geronimo Energy: Gideons International: GK Technology, Inc.: Gobbler Concessions: Gold Country Seed, Inc.: Gone 2 Green Solar & Wind Energy: Gopher State One Call: Graham Tire Co.: Grain Handler USA, Inc.: Grain Millers, Inc.:

SR03 3308 4309 526 535N 537 330 1011 113 3509 54 119 22 3603 933 522 3104 2205 3304 213N SR12 3410 4301 906 909 4609

Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health: Great Plains Mfg., Inc.: Green Energy Products, LLC: Greener World Solutions, LLC: Greystone Construction Co.: Grizzly Buildings, Inc.: Growers Mineral Solutions: GSI Group LLC: GVL Polymers, Inc.:


H & S Manufacturing Co. Inc.: Hagie Manufacturing Company: Hansen Agri-Commodities, LLC: Hanson Silo Company: HARDI North America, Inc.: Harms Manufacturing, Inc.: Harvest Energy Solutions: Harvest International Inc.: Haven Industries: Hawaiian Moon: Hawke & Company Ag: Hawkins Manufacturing, Inc.: Hazelwood Flagpoles: HeatmasterSS / SteelTech Inc.: Hector Tile Co. Inc.: Heritage Exteriors & Restoration:

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3610 932 19E 4508 729 2103 905S 720 915 730 601 3110 313N 202 937 830 731 307S T2106 203 914W 308S 50 2513 3604


311 60 637 SR06 3203 530 836 624 4604


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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing Hewitt Drainage Equipment: 323 HH Fabrication & Repair, LLC: 716 High Plains Apache: 43E High Plains Journal: 2505 Hiniker Company: 606 Hi-Pro Mfg. Inc.: 3600 Hitchdoc: 403 Honeyville Metal, Inc.: 436S Hoover Tarp Sales: 2206 Horizon Products: 3413 Horsch, LLC: 335N Hotsy Cleaning Equipment Inc.: 15 Hughes Real Estate & Auction Service: 3403 Hutchinson / Mayrath: 604 Hydro Operating, LLC: 629


“Where Farm and Family Meet”


Independent Community Bankers

of Minnesota: 2208 Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc.: 3303 Innovative Basement Systems: 3512 IntelliAir: 3404 Intelligent Agricultural Solutions: 3503 Isaacson Sales & Service, Inc.: 437S It Works: T4111 Iverson Tree Farms, LLC: 635


J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc.: 310N J.R. Dale Sales & Leasing, Inc.: 404N Jamesway Farm Equipment: 1E Janzen Fabricating & Repair LLC: 410N 47 Jenkins Iron & Steel Inc.: Jerry Rankin Mini Doughnuts: C2

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K & M Manufacturing: 4201 K & M Silo Demolition: 4310 K & O Manufacturing Co, Inc.: 332 Kaler Farms: 3511 Keltgens, Inc.: 503 K-Fence: 117 KNUJ AM 860 / SAM 107.3 FM: 617N Kohls-Weelborg Truck Center: 432 817 Kongskilde Industries, Inc.:

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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing 3111 512a 3606 49 13W 506 205 2610 225S 913

Minnesota Department of Commerce: Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation: Minnesota Farm Guide: Minnesota Farmers Union:

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Minnesota Pneumatic Products: 437N Minnesota Pork Board: 614 Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council: 618


Lifetime Shingles, LLC: Linder Farm Network: LiquiTube Marketing International: Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing, LLC: Living Green Renewables: Loftness Specialized Equipment: Lorenz Manufacturing Co.: Loup Electronics, Inc.: Lowry Mfg. Co.: Lundell Plastics:

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M&E Sales: 2509 M.H. Eby, Inc.: 326 M/C/M Fabrication: 6E Magic Massage Therapy: 3607 Magic Water Inc.: 4112 Mantek / NC4 Corp.: 3205 Mark Seed Company: 3602 Maschio Gaspardo: 838 Mast Productions Inc.: 505S Mathews Company: 820 Mathiowetz Construction: 4606 Maverick “Tile Finder”: 323 May Wes Mfg.: 907 McDaniel Sales: 726 McFarlane Manufacturing Co.: 607 McPherson Crop Management: 2308 MDS Manufacturing Co. Inc.: 610 Meridian Manufacturing Inc.: 802 Metalcraft by K: 206N MetLife: 4506 Meyer Manufacturing Corporation: 722 MFS/York/Stormor: 602 Micro-Trak Systems, Inc.: 2109 Midland Garage Door Mfg. Co.: 2112 Midsota Manufacturing Inc.: 738 Midwest Building Materials: 206S Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service: 4511 Midwest Power Up of Minnesota: 2602 Midwest Ready Mix & Equipment Inc.: 68 Mike’s Sales & Distributing: 13E Miller Legal Strategic Planning Centers, P.A.: 2203 Miller Sellner Implement, Inc.: 808 Miller St. Nazianz Inc.: 921 Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, Inc.: 4302 Minnesota Board of Animal Health: 3108 Minnesota Corn Growers Association: 702 Minnesota Department of Agriculture: 431


18 F

Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing Minnesota State Cattlemens Assoc.: 513N Minnesota State Patrol: 225N Minnesota Truck & Tractor / Mahindra Tractors: 42W Minnesota Association of Townships: 3408 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: SR25 Mobile Washer: 436N Moly Mfg., Inc.: 438 Monsanto BioAg: SR24 Montag Manufacturing, Inc.: 911 Monty’s Plant Food Co., Inc.: 4510 Morton Buildings, Inc.: 422 Mustang Seeds: 501 MVTV Wireless: 2411 My Pillow Inc.: 4401



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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing

“Where Farm and Family Meet”



20 F

Pump and Meter Service, Inc.: Purple Wave Auction Inc.: Quality Craft Tools:


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R. Clausen Enterprises: T3107 RCIS: 2405 RDO Equipment Co.: 936 Real-Tuff, Inc.: 2 Reaves Building Systems: 217 Redwood Area Chamber & Tourism: 4600 Redwood County Dairy Association: 902A Redwood Soil & Water Conservation District: 4305 Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc.: 633 Remlinger Manufacturing Co.: 724 Renewtech LLC: 4501 Renk Seed Company: 302 Renville Sales Inc.: 634 Rescue Tape / Harbor Products, Inc.: 3510 Rhino / Earthmaster: 927 Rick’s Welding, Inc.: 417 Ringsted Welding & Fabrication Inc.: 4602 Rinke Noonan Law Firm: 4208 Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd.: 732 Rob-See-Co: 66 Rostech Electronics: 3508 Roto-Mix, LLC: 814 Royal Prestige: 3102 Runnings Farm & Fleet: 917 Rush River Steel & Trim: 228 Rust Sales, Inc.: 307N Ryder Truck Rental: 534


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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing Stine Seed Company: SR10 Stoller USA, Inc.: 2401 Stor-Loc: 212N Structural Buildings Inc.: 2412 Sudenga Industries, Inc.: 329 Sukup Manufacturing Company: 622 Summers Mfg. Co.: 723 Sunrise Ag Sales: 107N Superior Concrete Block Co. Inc.: 428 Sustane Natural Fertilizer, Inc.: 4411 Swede’s Portable Buildings: 406 Syngenta: SR11


T.R.S. Industries, Inc.: Talk Inc.: TapLogic, LLC: Taylor Made Clothing:

210 Te Slaa Manufacturing: Teamco, Inc. / Snowblast: 923 Tebben Enterprises Inc.: 638 TEK Mechanical Services, Inc.:46W Terra Therm, Inc.: 2600 The Land Magazine: 2402 Thirty-One Gifts Independent Consultants: T2107 Thunder Creek Equipment: 1000 Timewell Drainage Products: 57 Timpte, Inc.: 408 TIREBOSS Tire Pressure Control: 3201 Titan Machinery Inc.: 918

Titan Pro SCI: 314 Tom’s Farm Toys: T4100 Tools-N-Toys: T1100 Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC): 3211 Total Body Care: 2406, 2506 Total Track & Performance Products: 1029A Touchstone Energy Cooperatives: 2301 Track, Inc.: 32N TractorHouse: 215S Traeder Enterprises, Inc.: 735 Tri-State Neighbor: 2211


Show-Me Shortline Company LLC: 834 Shur-Co: 415 Silver Stream Shelters: 312 Simes Systems LLC: 4610 Sioux Steel Company: 334 Skarpohl Pressure Washers, Inc.: 413 Sommers Masonry Inc.: 223 Soucy International Inc.: 832 South Central College: 2204 South Central Portage & Main: 208 Southwest Initiative Foundation: 3504 Southwest MN K-Fence: 117 St. Raphael Church: 127 Star Trailer Sales, Inc.: 818 Starr Cycle Yamaha Inc.: 53E Sterling Equipment & Repair, Inc.: 132E

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Minnesota Farmfest 2014 exhibitors listing Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc.: TruAG: True North Steel:


United FCS: F1 United Prairie Bank: 412S United States Senator Amy Klobuchar: 3412 Universal Industries, Inc.: 902W University of Minnesota: 615S Unverferth Mfg. Co., Inc.: 621 Upper Midwest Management Corp.: 2413 USDA — Minnesota Farm Service Agency: 4402 USDA — National Agricultural Statistics Service: 4403 USDA — NRCS: 4404


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Candidate forums highlight Farmfest in 2014 • Other revisions needed in current agricultural policy in Minnesota. U.S. Senate and Congressional candidates forums The “U.S. Senate Candidates Forum on Agriculture and Rural Issues” is scheduled for Aug. 6, at 10:30 a.m. The major candidates for U.S. Senate in Minnesota have agreed to participate in the forum. This includes incumbent Democratic Senator Al Franken, as well as challengers Mike McFadden and Jim Abler from the Republican Party, and Kevin Terrell from the Minnesota Independent Party. A panel of agriculture media representatives will pose questions to the candidates on a variety of issues affecting farmers and rural families. The “Congressional Candidates Forum on Agriculture and Rural Issues” will be held on Aug. 6, at 1:15 p.m. See FORUMS, pg. 25F


• Future strategies for Minnesota’s renewable energy industry. • Strategies to address the rapidly rising property tax burden on Minnesota farm land owners. • Maintaining a strong livestock industry in Minnesota. • Finding a balance between economic development and environmental issues in Minnesota. • The need for a GMO labeling law and other GMO regulations in Minnesota. • State financial support to counties, cities and townships in rural Minnesota. • Strategies to enhance the public education system in rural Minnesota. • Enhancing value-added agriculture and other new economic ventures in the state. • Providing adequate health care to rural families.


can Farm Bureau; and UniverBy KENT THIESSE sity of Minnesota President The Land “Farm Programs” columnist Eric Kaler. All of the forums Farmfest 2014 will feature will provide ample time for an exciting line-up of feature questions, and follow-up disforums, highlighted by a Mincussion by panel members. nesota Governor candidates forum, as well as U.S. Senate Governor candidates and Congressional candidates forum forums. Kent Thiesse The “Governor Candidates Forum on Rural Minnesota” The forums will be held Aug. 5-7, in the Wicks Buildings Forum Cen- will be held Aug. 5, at 10:30 a.m. ter on the Farmfest site, which is Incumbent Democratic Governor located at the Gilfillan Estate, seven Mark Dayton and all other major canmiles southeast of Redwood Falls, didates have been invited to particiMinn. pate in the forum. Confirmed candidates include Republicans Jeff The forum schedule for 2014 has a heavy emphasis on national and state Johnson, Scott Honour, Marty Seifert and Kurt Zellars, as well as Hannah agricultural policy issues, and on Nicollet from the Minnesota Indepenissues affecting rural Minnesota. The dent Party. Farmfest forum schedule will feature the three candidate forums, as well as A panel of agriculture and rural leadspecial forums on implementation of ers will pose questions to the candithe new farm bill and the impacts of a dates on a variety of issues affecting changing climate. the agriculture industry and rural Minnesota, including the following topSpecial keynote addresses will be given by Bob Stallman, American Farm ics: Bureau President; Mary Kay Thatcher, • Ideas to strengthen the rural econNational Ag Policy Analyst with Ameri- omy in Minnesota.

23 F

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

“Where Farm and Family Meet”



Legislators, challengers to face off on ag issues man Tim Walz (D) and his opponents Aaron Miller (R) and Jim Hagedorn (R); Eighth District Congressman Rick Nolan; Sixth District Candidates Tom Emmer (R) Rhonda Sivarajah (R) and Joe Perske (D), and Mike Obermueller (D), who is endorsed in the Second District to challenge Congressman John Kline.

A panel of agriculture leaders repre- nities. senting various farm organizations and Following are the broad issue topics commodity groups will pose questions that the questions for the U.S. Senate to the candidates on a variety of issues affecting agriculture and rural commu- See FORUMS, pg. 26F

Farmfest forum schedule


FORUMS, from pg. 23F Congressional candidates from Minnesota’s First, Second, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Congressional Districts were invited to participate in the forum. Confirmed candidates for the forum include Seventh District Congressman Collin Peterson (D), and his challenger Torrey Westrom (R); First District Congress-

25 F

All forum events are located at the Wick Buildings Farmfest Center, Gilfillan, Minn. Aug. 5


8 a.m. — Welcome and Invocation 9 a.m. — “2014 Grain Market Strategies” with Ed Usset, University of Minnesota 10:30 a.m. — “Governor Candidate’s Forum on Rural Minnesota” 12 p.m. — Linder Farm Network “Ag Outlook Hour” 1 p.m. — Comments by Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau 1:15 p.m. — “Farm Program Decisions with the New Farm Bill” 3 p.m. — “Goldy Connect” Career Fair hosted by the U of M CFANS and IDEAg Farmfest Aug. 6 8-10 a.m. — “Minnesota Farm Bureau Breakfast” 8:30 a.m. — Comments by Mary Kay Thatcher, Policy Analyst with American Farm Bureau 9 a.m. — “Tax Savings for Farm Families” 10 a.m. — Comments by Eric Kaler, University of Minnesota President 10:30 a.m. — “U.S. Senate Candidate’s Forum on Agriculture and Rural Issues” 12 p.m. — Linder Farm Network “Ag Outlook Hour” and Minnesota Pork Ambassador Program 1:15 p.m. — “Congressional Candidate’s Forum on Agriculture and Rural Issues” 3 p.m. — “Big Data: A New Frontier in Agriculture” 3:45 p.m. — “Drones: the Next Technology Break-through in Agriculture ?” Aug. 7

NAPASTARGROUP.COM Buy your tools at the show and take them along or stop at these NAPA Stores:

For more info or to find your closest STAR Group NAPA Auto Parts Store Call 507-233-6272 Sleepy Eye, MN St. James, MN Fairmont, MN Waseca, MN 507-794-3291 507-375-3311 507-235-3388 507-833-3780 New Ulm, MN Chaska, MN Glencoe, MN 507-354-8886 952-448-7111 320-864-5525

Winthrop, MN 507-647-2550 Mankato, MN 507-387-6631

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

8 a.m. — Welcome and Invocation 9 a.m. — “DTN Grain Marketing and Ag Weather Update” 10:30 a.m. — “Climate Change — Impact on Future Ag Production Practices” 12 p.m. — Linder Farm Network “Ag Outlook Hour” and “4-H Scholarship Auction” 1 p.m. — Minnesota Farmers Union Watermelon Feed 1:30 p.m. — “Farm Family of the Year” Recognition Program

“Where Farm and Family Meet”



26 F

Farm bill forum features FSA, industry leaders FORUMS, from pg. 25F and Congressional candidate forums will focus on: • Issues related to implementation of the new farm bill. • “Tweaks” that are needed to improve the new farm bill passed last year. • Maintaining funding and support for a strong crop insurance program. • Renewable energy policies (E-15, Renewable Fuel Standards, cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, etc.) • Potential enhanced regulations on the agriculture industry by Environmental Protection Agency and other Federal agencies. • Expanded Federal authority under the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. • Role of Federal government in regulating GMO labeling and use of GMO products.

• Importance of free trade agreements and export enhancement programs for U.S. agriculture. • Role of the Federal government in developing strategies for addressing climate change. • Livestock industry issues (increasing regulation, animal housing restrictions, State and local regulations, improved risk management programs, etc.) • Enhancing rural development initiatives to strengthen rural communities. • Strengthening agricultural education efforts at universities, colleges, and high schools. • Other agriculture or rural policy ideas, or revisions needed in current policy.

Ideas for questions for any of the candidate forums may be submitted via e-mail to Kent Thiesse, Farmfest Forum Coordinator, at Feature forums The feature forum on Aug. 5, at 1:15 p.m. is titled “Farm Program Decisions with the New Farm Bill.” The forum panel will include Deb Crusoe, Farm Service Agency State Director; Michelle Page, State FSA Ag Specialist; Duane Voy, State Risk Management Agency Director; Kevin Klair, U of M Center for Farm Financial Management; Paul Simonsen, Chair of the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, John Mages, Government Relations Committee Chair with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.; and Paul Gorman, Farm Financial Consultant.

The feature forum on Aug. 7, at 10:30 a.m., is titled “Climate Change — Impact on Future Ag Production Practices?” The forum panel will include Brian Buhr, Dean of the U of M College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Sciences, Mark Seeley, U of M Climate Specialist; Bryce Anderson, DTN Ag Weather and Climate Analyst, and Todd Hultman, DTN Grain Marketing Analyst. Anderson and Hultman will also present the “DTN Grain Marketing and Ag Weather Update” on Aug. 7, from 9-10 a.m. A special Grain Marketing Forum featuring Ed Usset, U of M Grain Marketing Specialist, will be held Aug. 5, from 9-10 a.m. in the Forum Building. Special events Special keynote addresses at FarmSee FORUMS, pg. 27F

Events include free breakfast, farm family recognition Breakfast” will be held in the Forum Building on Aug. 6, from 8-10 a.m. Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Policy Analyst with American Farm Bureau, will provide a National Ag Policy update at 8:30 a.m.

Home, Garden Pavilion offers daily seminars Located just inside the entrance between gates 1 and 2, the Craft, Toy, Home & Garden Pavilion offers a one-stop shop for all your entertaining, decorating, and home improvement needs. The pavilion also feature entertaining and informative seminars. 10:00 a.m. Daily Herb Gardening — Easy to grow, Easy to use Demonstration of planting , using and preserving herbs for cooking. Come and learn about companion planting with herbs and tips for healthy eating. — Presented by Mo Therkilsen, Sunrise Gardening

2:30 p.m. Daily Container Gardening — Keep gardening simple Grow your own plants in containers and liven up any space. Demonstrations include fairy gardens, succulent containers, annuals, perennials and more. — Presented by Mo Therkilsen, Sunrise Gardening

12-1 p.m. with many special guests on crop conditions, ag weather, market analysis, ag policy, and much more. The Minnesota Pork Ambassador recognition program will be held Aug. 6, at 11:50 a.m., as part of the noon show that day. On Aug. 7, a “4-H Scholarship Auction” will be held during the noon show from 12-1 p.m. All proceeds from the auction will be used to support 4-H scholarships, which will be presented to deserving college-bound 4-H livestock project members at the Minnesota State Fair 4-H livestock auction. Several nice items have already been donated to the 4-H auction on Aug. 7. If any businesses or individuals are interested in donating items to the Farmfest 4-H Scholarship Auction, please contact Kent Thiesse, Farmfest Forum Coordinator via e-mail at or call (507) 381-7960. Kent Thiesse is a government farm programs analyst and a vice president at MinnStar Bank in Lake Crystal, Minn. He may be reached at (507) 726-2137 or ❖

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12:30 p.m. Daily Farm Trauma and Injury Prevention Trauma is the No. 1 killer of people ages 1-44. Farm injuries range from cuts to total disabilities

and fatalities. Two of Minnesota’s Regional Trauma Advisory Committees are coming together to bring important life and limb saving information to the farming community. The Regional groups are multidisciplinary and include First Responders, Ambulance Services, Community Hospitals, and large Referral Hospitals all working together to decrease morbidity and mortality of trauma patients across southern Minnesota. — Co-presented by members of SMRTAC and SWRTAC

A presentation titled: “Tax Savings for Farm Families” will be presented from 9-10 a.m., during the breakfast. The “Farm Family of the Year” recognition program will be held Aug. 7, at 1:30 p.m., in the Forum Building. Approximately 70 honored farm families from throughout Minnesota have been selected at the county level for this recognition. This recognition event is jointly sponsored by Farmfest and the University of Minnesota. The “Minnesota Farmers Union Watermelon Feed” will be held at 1 p.m. on Aug. 7. Another special event will be the “Goldy Connect” Agriculture Career Fair being hosted by the U of M CFANS and IDEAg, scheduled for Aug. 5, at 3 p.m. Other special educational programs in the Farmfest Forum Building on Aug. 6, are a program at 3 p.m. titled “Big Data: A New Frontier in Agriculture,” and a program at 3:45 p.m. titled “Drones: the Next Technology Break-through in Agriculture” The Linder Farm Network “Ag Outlook Hour” will be held each day from


FORUMS, from pg. 26F fest will be presented by Bob Stallman, American Farm Bureau President, on Aug. 5 at 1 p.m.; and by Eric Kaler, University of Minnesota President, on Aug. 6, at 10 a.m. The free “Minnesota Farm Bureau

27 F

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28 F

Farm Families of the Year honored at Farmfest Representing agricultural achievement in diverse farming operations, 74 families from throughout Minnesota are being honored as a 2014 Farm Family of the Year by the University of Minnesota. The farm families will be recognized in ceremonies beginning at 1:30 p.m., Aug. 7, at the annual Minnesota Farmfest on the Gilfillan Estate near Redwood Falls. The event is in the Wick Buildings Farmfest Center on the estate grounds. The farm families represent each county participating in the program. They were chosen by local University of Minnesota Extension committees based on their demonstrated commitment to enhancing and supporting agriculture. “The farm families receiving this year’s honors exemplify what makes Minnesota agriculture strong. They bring innovation, science and hard work to farming. They care greatly about the land and animals and delivering quality products to consumers worldwide,” said Bev Durgan, dean of Extension. “The University of Minnesota takes great pride in honoring these families.” A sampling of farmers and their contributions to agriculture follows, as does a complete list of 2014 Farm Families. Northern Light Farm — Beltrami County After many years of being sustainable farming advocates, Paul Conklin and Becky Marty finally decided to buy a farm of their own in 2000. They produce two acres of market vegetables distributed through a CSA and a farmer’s market. The couple also has a small herd of Highland cattle, honeybee hives and a free ranging flock of laying hens. Paul is a full-time farmer and Becky is a DNR regional ecologist; they have two children. They’re long-time members and supporters of the Minnesota Sustainable Farming Association, the Land Stewardship Project and the organic program of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. John Irrthum Family — Goodhue County John grew up on the Irrthum family farm near Wanamingo where his parents, Walter and Pat, milked Ayrshires and Holsteins. Along with his mother Pat, wife Linda and two children, he continues the dairy tradition. The Irrthum family is wellknown for their quality dairy livestock, and was recently awarded the Progressive Breeder Award at the All-Dairy Breeds Convention. Pat coordinates the County Extension Home Study Program; John has been a 4-H leader, which has allowed him to volunteer in many ways at the county fair. John also serves as president of the Minnesota Ayrshire Association. Van Lin Family — Houston County Van Lin Orchards on South Ridge was bought in 1958 by Frank and Helen Van Lin. It began as a dairy See FAMILIES, pg. 29F

Farm Families of the Year honored at Farmfest the farm, including the addition of a free stall barn to hold 200 cows, the remodeling of the old barn to a parlor with a holding area, and the addition of five robots, which milk 300 cows daily. In addition to the cows, the Kieffers farm alfalfa and corn on 600 acres. They have three children and have been involved with the Winona County Dairy Showcase, Winona County Open Dairy Show, Winona County Dairy Judging, and the Minnesota Holstein Association. In addition, they have been hosts for the Precision Dairy Conference, and participated in many domestic and international tours. The full list of farm families is here: families-by-year/2014-farm-families/. Complete list of 2014 Farm Families Aitkin County — R & R Hanson Turkey Farm, Inc. Anoka County — Swanson Farm Becker County — Nelsons-Barry, Jamie, Taytum, Kendra, and Macey Beltrami County — Martonklin Family

Benton County — Kaschmitter Family Farm Big Stone County — Jorgenson Family Blue Earth County — LeRoy Rahn Family Brown County — Dan and Lisa Steffl Family Farm & Michael Steffl Carlton County — The Butkiewicz Family Carver County — Buetow Farms Inc. Cass County — Chuck and Barb Norman- “Norman Hay Farm” Chippewa County — Richard Handeen and Audrey Arner Chisago County — Petersen Farms Clay County — Wesley and Etta Mae Christensen Clearwater County — Alroy and Debbie Lewis Cottownwood County — Brent and Jane Imker Family See FAMILIES, pg. 30F


corn and soybean organizations in West Central Minnesota. Paul Red Elk — Ramsey County Paul, a master herbalist and Extension Master Naturalist, has multiple projects in Ramsey County and other locations, in an effort to preserve seeds and native plants. Paul has partnered with museums and local archeologists to collect seeds. He has collected seeds for squash, beans, and corn plants, all of which have been used by native communities for over 2,000 years. He also is developing two herbal gardens, including one at the American Indian Magnet School in St. Paul, where he teaches. In addition, Paul has coordinated with 73 different wild rice producers throughout Minnesota to offer and sell rice at the Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis. Kiefland Holsteins LLC — Winona County Raising Holstein cows has been a tradition for the Kieffer family since 1952 when Gary’s father, Leon purchased the original farm. In 1988, Gary and Linda purchased the farm from Leon and his wife Fern. Over the years, Gary and Linda have made improvements to


FAMILIES, from pg. 28F farm, but changed in 1959 when Frank started a tree nursery. In the nursery, dwarf trees were raised from stock imported from Holland. In 1994, Van Lin Orchards was passed down to Frank’s sons Dan and Rick. Varieties they grow include Haralson, Regent, Fireside Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious and Zestar. Van Lin Orchards has been a member of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association for more than 30 years, as well as a member of the La Crescent Chamber of Commerce. Richard and Vicki Syverson — Pope County Richard and Vicki Syverson are the fourth generation on their family farm. The Syversons use precision agriculture practices such as grid sampling and making sure all fertilizer is variable-rate applied. In addition to the corn and soybean crops, Richard and Vicki feed out 80 dairy steers per year. They also have a solar power project, which they added in 2013. They have three grown children. Vicki is executive director of the Swift County Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Richard is involved with Minnesota Corn Growers Association and in nine

29 F

“Where Farm and Family Meet”



30 F

Farm Families of the Year honored at Farmfest FAMILIES, from pg. 29F Crow Wing County — Russell and Amber Woitalla & Family Dakota County — Greg and Sandi Fox Dodge County — Patrick and Emma O’Brien Family Douglas County — Kevin and Ellen Roers Family Faribault County — Duane and Joyce Ehrich Fillmore County — Chris and Melissa Miller Freeborn County — Paul and Linda Lynne Goodhue County — John Irrthum Family Grant County — Steve and Karen Ellis, Old Mill Honey Co. Hennepin County — Dennis and Jan Stieg

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Houston County — The Van Lin Orchard Hubbard County — Carters’ Red Wagon Farm Isanti County — The Bondeson Farms Itasca County — Peter and Rebecca Walker Jackson County — Dave and Brenda Pomerenke Kanabec County — Dave, Tina, Sheila, Jeremiah, of Highway Herford’s Kandiyohi County — Gatewood Farm Koochiching County — Neil and Jody Reller Lac qui Parle County — DeRon and Sylvia Brehmer Family Lake County — Chelsea Morning Farm LeSueur County — Braun Farms Family Lincoln County — Randy and Connie Janiszeski Lyon County — Greg and Karen Lanoue Martin County — The Hugoson Family McLeod County Engelmann Dairy Meeker County — Tony and Patti Fisher Family Mille Lacs County — Blomer & Rapatz Family Morrison County — Jerry and Jackie Januschka Murray County — Verlinde Farms Nicollet County — Annexstad Dairy Farm Nobles County — Clayton and Carla Schilling Family Norman County — Kevin and Melanie Quick Family Otter Tail County — Gorentz Dairy Pine County — Kersey Family Pipestone County — Cottonwood Angus FarmsButman & Oye Families

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

We’re in Booth 4104 Farmfest 2014

Polk County — Bennett and Gloria Osmonson Pope County — Richard and Vicki Syverson Ramsey County — Paul Red Elk Red Lake County — Patty and Gary Purath Redwood County — Grandview Valley Winery Renville County — Lundstrum Family Farms Rice County — Twin Oaks Farms Rock County — Harlan and Sue Stueven Scott County — Norm and Lori Pint Prairie Haven Farm Sibley County — Ron and Pam Krueger Stearns County — John and JoAnne Lahr Steele County — Starks & Sons Stevens County — Stee-po Farms Inc. Swift County — Scott and Trudy Olson Family Todd County — Mike Motl and Kim Harff Traverse County — Paul and Amanda Frisch Wabasha County — Pleasant View Dairy- Jim, Marcy, and Mark Dose Wadena County — The Connell Family Waseca County — Brent and Lianne Possin Family Washington County — Keene Farms LLC Watonwan County — Spitzner Family Farm Winona County — Kiefland Holsteins LLC Wright County — Carlsons Orchard, Bakery, and Restaurant Yellow Medicine County — Chuck and Benay Cole & Family This article was submitted by University of Minnesota Extension. ❖

Career fair, young farmer BBQ among special events communities. Hosted by Emery Klevin of the Minnesota Farm Network, the 2014 Farm Family of the Year will honor approximately 70 families from around the state, one from each county. Along with Farmfest, University units sponsoring the recogni-

tion event include the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, the University of Minnesota Extension, the Minnesota Agriculture Experiment Station and the College of Veterinary Medicine.



FARM SYSTEMS 2250 Austin Road Owatonna, MN 55060 800-385-3911 • 507-451-3131

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“Where Farm and Family Meet”

Aug. 5 3 p.m. — Goldy Connect Career Fair It’s been said, “Good help is hard to find” but with today’s competitive economy the amount of talent entering the agribusiness world is unmatched. Farmfest is bringing that talent to the show during our all-new Goldy Connect program. Students and alumni of University of Minnesota will meet with participating exhibitors to discuss opportunities in agribusiness. This one-of-kind career fair will offer young people the chance to meet with representatives from some of the top companies in Minnesota to learn about their future in the industry. Participating exhibitors: United FCS and NutraFlo. 5 p.m. — Farmfest Young Farmer BBQ (Wick Buildings Farmfest Center) The BBQ will give young Minnesota farmers the chance to network with one another, eat some great food, and learn more about the future of Minnesota agriculture. RSVP through the Farmfest registration website — — so you don’t miss this chance to network with the best and brightest young farmers in the state. Sponsored by TASC, AgriPlan NOW, and Redwood Area Development Corporation 6:30 p.m. — Minnesota BioDiesel Pull-Off (Redwood County Fairgrounds) Organized by the United Pullers of Minnesota, a state organization of National Tractor Pullers Association, this fun and exciting event promises something for everyone featuring seven classes of tractors, trucks and semis. Come out and support the Redwood County Fair Board and get ready for a night of great entertainment. Tickets will be available at the fairgrounds beginning at 4 p.m. the day of the pull. Adults: $15. Children 6-12: $10. 5 & Under: free. Aug. 6 8 a.m. — Free Pancake Breakfast (Wick Buildings Farmfest Center) Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation is proud to sponsor this year’s Free Pancake Breakfast to the first 1,000 people. Join the local leaders from 78 county and regional Farm Bureaus for a free pancake breakfast and a cup of coffee. Featuring music by Uncle Roy and the Boys. Aug. 7 1 p.m. — Free Watermelon Feed (Wick Buildings Farmfest Center) Be sure to join Minnesota Farmers Union when they serve free watermelon to Farmfest attendees. Get there on time because the watermelon goes quickly. MFU has a hoop barn just west of the Wick Buildings Farmfest Center. Come by to purchase a slice of Big River Pizza, and while you are there have your child sign up for a free bike. MFU and Farmers Union Insurance Agency will be giving away boy and girl bikes on Aug. 7, but you can sign up any day of Farmfest. 1:30-3 p.m. — Farm Family of the Year Recognition Program (Wick Buildings Farmfest Center) The Farm Family of the Year Recognition Program has existed for over two decades and honors farm families from throughout Minnesota for their contributions to the agriculture industry and their local

31 F

“Where Farm and Family Meet”



32 F

E Hwy 12 - Willmar • 800-428-4467 Hwy 24 - Litchfield • 877-693-4333

‘10 JD 9630, 890 hrs., 4WD, 530 hp., 800-70R38, duals, 4 hyds. ........................................$277,000

‘13 JD 9560R, 4WD, 560 hp., 800-70R38, 4 hyds., 1019 hrs. ........................................$315,000

‘10 JD 9530T, Track, 475 hp., 36” belts, 4 hyd., 1100 hrs. ........................................$289,000

‘13 JD 9460R, 4WD, 460 hp., 800-70R38, 5 hyds., 225 hrs. ........................................$295,000

‘11 JD 9430, 4WD, 425 hp., 710-70R42, 4 hyd., 2206 hrs. ........................................$220,000

‘06 JD 8430, 5239 hrs., MFWD, 250 hp., 480-80R50, duals, 4 hyds., Dairy ..................$165,000

‘12 JD 8310R, MFWD, 310 hp., 380-90R54, 5 hyd., 801 hrs. ........................................$250,000

‘12 JD 8285R, MFWD, 285 hp., 380-90R54, 4 hyd., 874 hrs. ........................................$241,000

‘12 JD 7215R, MFWD, 215 hp., 480-80R46, 4 hyd., 408 hrs. ........................................$171,000

‘11 JD 7200R, MFWD, 200 hp., 4 hyd., loader, 852 hrs. ..$165,000

‘13 JD 6170R, MFWD, 170 hp., 380-50, 4 hyds., 88 hrs...$141,900

‘12 JD 4720, MFWD, 66 hp., 17.5L-24, 3 hyds., loader, 1014 hrs. ..........................$41,500

‘77 JD 4430R, 2WD, 125 hp., 18.4-38, 2 hyds. ................$16,500

‘07 JD 1435, 1290 hrs., 24 hp., front mount, 60” deck ......$10,500

‘09 JD 997, 26 hrs., 31 hp., Z-turn, 60” deck, hydro ....$12,900

‘09 JD Z930, 163 hrs., 29 hp., 60” deck, Z-turn, bagger ..$11,500

JD 410 Tractor-Loader-Backhoe, 2WD, 62 hp., 18.4-24........$15,500

‘13 JD 1810E Ejector Scraper, fixed blade ......................$102,620

‘11 JD 323D, Tracks, 66 hp., 2spd., cab, 76” bucket, 810 hrs. ..........................................$41,000

‘12 JD 320D, 66 hp., 2-spd., cab, 84” bucket, 1118 hrs.........$32,500

‘11 CS/IH 8120, 990 eng./841 sep. hrs., AWD ........................$250,000

‘03 JD 9750STS, 2688 eng./1857 sep. hrs., 20.8x42............$125,000

‘11 JD 9770STS, 1037 eng./ 815 sep. hrs., AWD, 650-85R38 ........................................$250,000

‘10 JD 9870STS, 1035 eng. hrs., RWA, 650-85R38, duals..$270,000

‘12 JD S670, 195 eng./151 sep. hrs., 650-85R38, AWD ....$340,000

‘12 JD S680, 483 eng./357 sep. hrs., 520-80R42, duals ........................................$345,000

‘07 Geringhoff, 16R22, chopping, RowSense..........................$69,500

‘09 JD 612CC, 12R22, chopping, HHS ..................................$89,000

‘09 JD 612C, 12R20, chopping, RowSense..........................$79,900

‘11 JD 608CC, 8R30, chopping ..........................................$62,000

‘12 JD 635F, 35’, composite ..........................................$38,000

‘02 JD 930F, 30’, DAS ..........................................$15,000

DMI 530 Ripper, 5 shank ..........................................$12,000

JD 1610 Chisel Plow, 24’, 24 shank, folding ................$9,500

‘11 JD 2410 Chisel Plow, 44 shank, 44’ ....................$60,000

‘13 JD 2700 Disk Ripper, 18’, 9 shank, 7” points ............$49,500

‘97 JD 3710 Moldboard Plow, 10-bottom, coulter ............$27,000

‘99 JD 512 Disk Ripper, 22.5’, folding, 9 shanks ..............$25,000

‘11 JD 637 Disk, 26.5’, hyd. wing control ..............................$42,500

Salford RTS41, RTS/41’ Coulter Harrow ..............................$62,500

‘11 Killbros 110 Grain Cart, 1100 bu., tarp....................$49,000

‘12 Westfield MK130-71 Auger, 13”x71’, swing hopper ......$10,700

‘11 JD 568 Round Baler, Mega Wide pickup, 7400 hrs. ....$36,750

‘01 Balzer Shredder, 20’, hyd. lift ................................$8,900





‘13 JD S660, 205 eng./162 sep. hrs., AWD, 710-70R38 ......................$330,000





‘10 JD 9630T, Track, 530 hp., 36” tracks, 5 hyds., 2205 hrs. ........$280,000




‘99 Cat IT28G Wheel Loader, 20.5R25, bucket, 6600 hrs. ........................$65,000

THE LAND ~ 2014 Farmfest Annual  

"Since 1976, Where Farm and Family Meet in Minnesota & Northern Iowa"

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