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Reflections 2012

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Principal’s report It gives me great pleasure to reflect on what has been a truly incredible journey at The Lakes College during my first year as Principal. The year has been one of considerable change with a revised leadership structure put in place and some new initiatives implemented. It is obvious from the brief and certainly not complete, summary of the events of 2012, that The Lakes College is rapidly becoming the School of Choice, Opportunities and Recognition, thanks largely to the dedication of students, staff and parents. Students at The Lakes College have continued to achieve remarkable results both internally and measured against Queensland and National benchmarks. Our students continued to perform exceptionally well in ICAS and other national tests. Our 2012 NAPLAN results across Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 demonstrated the high quality of our programs. Our outstanding results, when compared to surrounding schools, confirmed that The Lakes College was the best performing school in this region. In a new initiative, the first annual Academic Awards Ceremony was held to recognize and celebrate the Semester 1 academic success of students in Years 4 to 11. Nearly 60 students crossed the stage to receive their award from special guest Mr Steve Scott. I am convinced this awards system will have a very powerful cultural effect in the future where the number of recipients will flourish.

Simon Armstrong Principal

Our language program continues to grow and this year, together with our Chinese program, students in Year 9 – 11 had the opportunity to study French, Japanese and Spanish. As a result of this growth, seed funding of nearly $5000 was awarded to support languages in the College. Together with this, funding was received to investigate and develop future sister school relations in foreign countries. I am most pleased to announce that Head of Primary, Sharon Lollback, has secured a sister school arrangement with Beijing Primary School. Next year, students in Year 6 and 7 will have the opportunity to travel to Beijing and experience life in a Chinese school. This event will not only improve their mastery of the Chinese language, but also allow for life long friendships to be formed. As this program develops over the coming years it is envisaged that it will included parent involvement and teacher exchanges in the future. During Term 3, we welcomed students from I-Shou International School Taiwan for their 3 week visit to Australia. The students were welcomed at a special assembly attended by Yvette D’Ath (Federal Member for Petrie), Reg Gulley (State Member for Murrumba Downs), May Kwon (ISQ) together with other members of the Taiwanese community. I would like to thank the parents who hosted the ISIS students as without your support, this invaluable exchange program would not be possible. At the end of Term 3, 9 students together with Mrs Dare, travelled to Hong Kong and Taiwan and spent a memorable 3 weeks being culturally immersed in South East Asia, 2 of these weeks with I-Shou students. TLC students were wonderful ambassadors and I am sure their experiences will be fondly remembered for many years to come. This year’s Foundation Day celebrations involved all students from Prep to Year 11. Students in house groups danced, ran and created throughout a day that reinforced the community spirit in the College. The wonderful day culminated in the running of the first “Lakes Lap” where a boy and girl from each year level combined to represent their house in a relay race. Congratulations to the team representing Kumbarchu on their resounding victory. At our Foundation Day assembly, we recognized four students who were presented with the inaugural Foundation Day Award. All students in Years 4 – 11 were eligible for this award, irrespective of their tenure at the College. Students were nominated by staff, who, in their opinion, exemplify the ideals, ethos and philosophy of The Lakes College. Congratulations to worthy recipients Ally Sparks (Year 6), Cooper Gibbs (Year 5), Abbey Solly (Year 10) and Levi Walker (Year 11). To recognise the importance of family and special friends in our child’s lives, three memorable events were held at The Lakes College. Over 350 grandparents and special friends were entertained at our annual Grandparents and Special Friends morning. The “best ever” event was held for the first time, at the end of Term 2 to allow many grandparents and special friends travelling from interstate and overseas, the opportunity to spend holiday time with their families. The concert, attended by all students in Prep – Year 6 was certainly the highlight and I am sure there will be many more guests willing to perform at next years event! Mums and Dads were also ‘thanked’ at a special Mother’s Day Chapel service and afternoon tea and a Father’s Day breakfast. These are wonderful opportunities for our students to show their mums and dads how much they are loved and appreciated and how very special they are.


Under the watchful eye of Director Wendy Johnston, the school musical, Seussical the Musical Jnr, hit the stage in September. Over 100 hours of rehearsals produced a memorable performance over 2 nights by over 30 very talented students from Year 5 – 11. My sincere thanks to all those involved in bringing this event to our community. Our music program continues to flourish and I am always amazed at the talent on show at weekly assemblies and special events. Our program is unique with our students exposed to the wonders of music at such a young age. Thank you to Wendy Johnston for driving this vision and for giving the opportunity for our students to perform in front of their peers and in the wider community. Our sporting teams have continued to perform above expectations and outperform larger, more established schools. Our girls U11 4 x 100 m relay team of Mollie McHugh, Amara Richardson, Shan Wadham and Isabella Turner won the Metropolitan North title and Isabella become our third ever Met North representative to compete at State Championships. Congratulations to Gail Bernardez and Luke Hanna who were both selected in their respective Met North soccer teams to compete at State Championships. Together with our first Met North representatives we congratulate and celebrate Level 4 gymnast, Hannah Robinson (Year 4) as our first state champion. Congratulations also to our Cross Country team who for the first time won the percentage trophy at the Pine Rivers District Championships.

“Research has taught us that second only to family, school is the most important stabilizing force in the lives of young children. Ours is a school community that creates a stable, caring, engaging and welcoming environment.”

Community spirit was no more evident than at the annual Fun Run and Fair. I was able to witness first hand the sense of belonging to a caring school community. The sense of support and spirit was paramount from preliminary organization, through to the set up of stalls, the coordination of these outlets and the clean up after the events in readiness for school the following day. Special thanks to Fun Run race event coordinators Scott Johnston and Graham Quick, TLCCA committee members, staff, students and parent volunteers for their organization of yet another ‘best ever’ event for 2012. Undoubtedly our most precious resource is our staff and I sincerely thank the teachers for their dedication and passion, the teacher aids for their unquestionable support and the admin staff for their tolerance and enthusiasm. I would like to publicly acknowledge the incredible work undertaken by Secondary Coordinator, Sally Crothers and thank her for all she has done throughout the year to further enhance the opportunities for your child both in and out of the classroom. I would also like to thank the parents of the College for welcoming me so warmly into the community. A special thank you to the students whose infectious smiles and generosity of spirit certainly makes The Lakes College such a special place. The operational management of the College and the implementation of our core values, vision and mission are passionately enacted by the Senior Executive team. I particularly acknowledge the contribution and support of Dr Rev. Wendi Sargeant and Business Manager David Marquet. Heartfelt thanks to Head of Primary Sharon Lollback. I have spent many hours this year with Sharon as together we strive to implement changes that will ultimately benefit the College and most importantly the students. Sharon is always there to offer her support, guidance and counsel, and for this I am truly grateful. 2012 has been a year where staff, students and parents have embraced the changes that have occurred. The introduction of a new website, the development of a new strategic direction and the purchase of a new bus are just some of the other developments this year. Next year we welcome 8 new staff as the College continues to grow and flourish, we look forward to the construction of the Art/Food Technology building, we welcome our first three stream class in Prep and follow and celebrate the journey of our first Year 12 graduates. As Principal I am constantly making decisions that are sometimes tough, but with the explicit goal to ultimately benefit each and every child and allow them to reach their full potential. We at The Lakes College will continue to be guided by our Christian values and the College Mission ‘to provide excellence in education, with opportunities to develop, nurture and recognise individual talents, within a caring community.’ We will create a learning environment, which is dynamic, which empowers students to step beyond their comfort zone and to build strength of character, with passion, respect and integrity. We will foster this in the young minds and hearts of our students through our core values of courage, justice, community, faith, hope and love. With our balanced and flexible curriculum complemented by other school activities; we are preparing confident, compassionate, capable individuals who are prepared for our global future. I thank you all again for your support and look forward to continuing my shared leadership mission at The Lakes College in 2013 and beyond.


Simon Armstrong Principal The Lakes College

Board Report This has been a busy year for the Board of The Lakes College. During the first two or three months the Board focussed both on developing strong governance and on supporting our new Principal, Simon Armstrong. With Simon’s appointment, the Board established a new leadership structure for The Lakes College to pave the way for the expanding secondary programme and the commencement of Year Twelve in 2013. Then, our attention turned to the Cyclical Review that is an essential part of the ‘accreditation’ process for any independent school in Queensland. Within this review a significant number of strengths were identified and celebrated. A little later the Board met with parents, staff, and students to prepare the groundwork for the next phase of The Lakes College strategic plan and this work has continued well into the final term with the launch of the 2012 -2017 Strategic Plan in October. This plan focusses the work of the Board and will be undergirded by a Master Plan for facilities and a series of annual operational plans through its seven key themes of:

Academic Excellence Spiritual Development Identity Citizenship Communication Infrastructure Finance and Administration Another key activity in 2012 has been the preparation for the next major infrastructure project, the Home Economics and Art building, to be completed next year. This exciting venture will provide a new level of specialist facilities for our expanding secondary student body. The Board is delighted to have such strong support for this project from the Commonwealth and State Governments as well as the Uniting Church.

Mike Millard Chairman, The Lakes College Board

“The Board has also enjoyed a strong relationship with the leadership of The Lakes College Community Association and it is our intention to build on this in the years ahead.”

The Board has also enjoyed a strong relationship with the leadership of The Lakes College Community Association and it is our intention to build on this in the years ahead. Together, the Board and the TLCCA can assist to provide the excellence in education that is a plank of the mission statement of The Lakes College and I look forward to the year ahead. Finally, I want to acknowledge the staff who have continued to display a Christian professional approach to the task of serving the students of The Lakes College. The staff are our greatest resource and I thank them for their service and commitment. May God bless you as the Christmas season approaches. Mike Millard Chairman The Lakes College Board


Back Row: Kylie Frauenfelder, Grant Barry, Geoffrey Elliott, David Kleinschmidt, Maurice Bloomfield, John Gynther, Tyler McCluskey, Campbell Elliott, Elena Volf Fidalgo 3rd Row: Christopher Hayden, Jennifer Carlyle, Paulette Lucas, Teagan Dare, Kristel Johns, Olivia Schafferius, Sophie Benett, Gillian Cook, Deborah Ashton, Katrina Ash, Karen Kirkwood, Heather Quick, Kristy Cacciola 2nd Row: Lisa Curtis, Maree Glossat, Melissa Smith, Lisa Hanna, Meagan Clohesy, Aasta Thomson, Wendy Johnston, Peggy Van Beusekom, Julie Kleinschmidt, Renay Betts, Rachel Ashworth, Kathryn McHugh, Cherie Meale Front Row: Elizabeth Peters, Nattalia Godbold, Leesa Harris, Sally Crothers, Sharon Lollback, Simon Armstrong, Wendi Sargeant, David Marquet, Simone Han-Harvey, Virginie Levier, Jaimia Ollington Absent: Zsa-Zsa Piercy, Jaylene Moore, Anthony Martin, Andrew Hardy

TLC Staff 2012 Simon Armstrong Principal

Katrina Ash Secondary Teacher

Renay Betts Year 5 – 11 Teacher Aide

Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching, MAICD, AFAIM

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate III in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft

Associate Diploma of Business Management Certificate III in Education Support

Sharon Lollback Head of Primary Masters of Educational Leadership, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma of Arts (Religious education)

Deborah Ashton Year 2 Teacher Bachelor of Education

Master of Education

Kristy Cacciola HPE Teacher

Wendi Sargeant Chaplain

Rachel Ashworth Year 3 Teacher

PH D in Practical Theology, Masters in Theology, Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Graduate Diploma of Theology

Bachelor of Law with Honors Postgraduate Certificate of Education

Jennifer Carlyle Librarian

Grant Barry Maintenance Coordinator

Bachelor of Education (Home Economics) Graduate Diploma of Education: Teacher-Librarianship

David Marquet Business Manager Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants

Sophie Benett PA to the Principal and Registrar Diploma of Business (Travel)


Maurie Bloomfield Year 5/6 Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Primary Physical Education)

Meagan Clohesy Year 5/6 Teacher Bachelor of Education (Primary) Diploma of Human Behaviour

Gillian Cook Prep Teacher

Kristel Johns LE Teacher Aide

Bachelor of Science Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary)

Diploma of Education Support

Sally Crothers Secondary Teacher, Secondary Coordinator Bachelor of Education (Hons). Master of Education Leadership

Lisa Curtis Prep Teacher Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Teagan Dare Secondary Teacher Bachelor of Education, Cert IV in Training and Assessment Cert IV in TESOL, Cert III in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft

Geoff Elliott Secondary Teacher Bachelor of Education (Post Primary Physical Education) Graduate Certificate of Religious Education, MACHPER

Campbell Elliott Groundsman Kylie Frauenfelder Assistant Accountant, Payroll Officer Diploma of Accounting

Nathanael Garnett Cleaner Maree Glossat Receptionist (Maternity Leave Contract) Nattalia Godbold Secondary Teacher Bachelor of Education (Secondary- Biological Science)

John Gynther Instrumental Teacher

Rachel Johns Year 5/6 Teacher

Diploma of Education Graduate Diploma of Education (Literacy)

Wendy Johnston Strings Teacher, Head of Music

Zsa-Zsa Piercy Music Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Music), Graduate Diploma Education

Sue King College Café Coordinator Karen Kirkwood Year 1 Teacher Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood) Bachelor of Special Education

David Kleinschmidt IT Manager Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Julie Kleinschmidt Year 1 – 4 Teacher Aide Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) Diploma of Child Care and Education

Virginie Levier French Teacher, Library Support Bachelor in Information Careers, Option Librarian

Paulette Lucas Prep Teacher Aide Cert III Education Support

Anthony Martin Laboratory Assistant Chris Matthews IT Assistant Tyler McCluskey Secondary Teacher

Simone Han-Harvey Chinese Teacher

Bachelor of Arts – Geography (Hons) Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)

Lisa Hanna Prep Teacher Aide NVQ2 in Early Years and Education

Andy Hardy College Care Coordinator Leesa Harris Year 5/6 Teacher Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Master of Education (ESL)

Chris Hayden Secondary Teacher Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Teaching

Liz Peters Year 4 Teacher

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education (P-10)

Wendy Perina Cleaner

Kathryn McHugh Teacher Aide Diploma in Education and Childcare Diploma in Counselling

Cherie Meale Year 1 Teacher

Bachelor of Music Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Heather Quick Library Aide Bachelor of Teaching Associate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Olivia Schafferius Year 1/2 Teacher Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Melissa Smith Year 4 Teacher Bachelor of Teaching (P – 10)

Aasta Thomson Executive Assistant - Marketing & Enrolments Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Advertising)

Marjorie Tocknell College Café Assistant Peggy van Beusekom Learning Enhancement Teacher Bachelor of Education (Special Education) Diploma of Teaching, TESOL

Elena Volf Fidalgo Year 2 Teacher Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Nev Wessling College Bus Driver Tracey Williamson Receptionist (Maternity Leave) Certificate III Business Administration Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

College Care staff: Andrew Hardy, Michelle Geeves, Dorothy Nowell, Rhiannon Flynn, Hannah Flett, Tania Baird, Rebecca Moore

Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Music)

Jaylene Moore LE Support Teacher Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Diploma of Child Care and Education

Jaimia Ollington Year 3/4 Teacher Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle Schooling)


Awards Nights

The Year 7 to 11 Awards Night, held on Monday 19 November celebrated academic success, recognised student achievements and contributions and showcased our music and artistic talents.

Secondary – Year 7-11 Year 11

Year 9 Rhys Beijnon


Lauren Hodson


Kate Alexander


Jordan Baird


Lauren Hodson


Kate Alexander


Stephanie Dunell


Lara Joubert


Olivia Ashworth


Drew Gibson


Lauren Hodson


Kate Alexander


Jordan Baird


Allanah Oliva


Olivia Ashworth


Levi Walker


Lauren Hodson


Dilan Dharmapriya


Rhys Beijnon


Zara Orr


Olivia Abbott


Jordan Baird


Stephanie Dunell


Rhys Beijnon


Chris Bierman


Jordan Baird


Levi Walker


Stephanie Dunell

Levi Walker


Gideon Bernardez

Hannah Goodwin

Kathryn Jenkins


Kathryn Jenkins

Year 10


Josie Bevis


Lauren Hodson Courtenay Brown


Olivia Ashworth

Caprice Carter

Michael Casio

Sophia Chinasing

Lucy Duckworth

Dilan Dharmapriya

Rachel Walker

Kristin Hodson


Rachel Walker

Zara Orr

Eleanor Vincent

Isabella Warrener


Luis Aguilera Salas

Wessel Brughuis

Taylor Edmonds

Aiden Leicester

Isabella Leslie

Ty Walker

Alexis Young


Isabella Leslie


Connor Gibbs


Clare Johnston


Khushbu Tailor


Connor Gibbs


Seerat Sawhney


Connor Gibbs


Connor Gibbs


Abbey Solly



Abbey Solly

Elecia Duly


Abbey Solly

Connor Gibbs



Abbey Solly

Clare Johnston


Abbey Solly


Bryce Johansen

Emily Quick


Connor Gibbs


Abbey Solly

Seerat Sawhney



Ali Sinclair


Ciarah Wiki

Bryce Johansen

Harrison Palmer


Khushbu Tailor Brittany Baird


Clare Johnston (Middle School)

Abbey Solly

Hayden Ewart

Monica Casio

Kashmir Knights

Tayler Mole (Senior School)


Tayler Mole

Sarah Muscari


Gail Bernardez


Thomas Parkinson Connor Gibbs

Chris Bierman



Year 7


Tayler Mole

CALTEX ALL ROUNDER Levi Walker AWARD House Cup Kumbarchu

The Prep - Year 3 Nights of Celebration and Year 4 to 6 Awards Night were wonderful evenings for our younger students, where we again recognised academic success and achievements.

Year 5

Citizenship Award - Service

Academic Award with Honours

Abby Chern

Cooper Gibbs

Emily Ashworth

Academic Award with Distinction

Blake Bostock

Jayden Colley

Cooper Gibbs

Elvio Wang

Citizenship Award - Christian Values

Drew Shay

Kayleigh Williams

Citizenship Award - Integrity

Academic Award Danielle Elliott

Yogesh Ashok

Primary – Year 4-6

Jordan Kruger

Poppie Carey

Kyle Speirs

Year 6

Ethan Waller

Academic Award with Honours

Sarah Zande

Peter Barwick SPORTS Award

Luke Hanna

Isabelle Turner

James Cacciola

Jake Duckworth

Tomei Dolezal

Instrumental MUSIC Award

Jordan Hubbard

Rosemary Orr

Laura Johnston

Laura Johnston

Tanisha Woolacott

Luke McLaurin

Marine van der Wath

You Xui Award

Drew Shay

Erin McNamara

Ernan Smith

Academic Award with Distinction

Rory Aitken

Isabelle Churchill

Britney Cooper

Lilyanna Meale

Hannah Quick

Academic Effort Amelia Jarvis

Pro Diligence Award YEAR 4

Nelson Palmer

Academic Award with Honours


Marine van der Wath

Danielle Davidson


Georgia Tocknell

Nathan Smith

Year 4

Academic Award with Distinction

Brendan Butcher

Tyler Gibson

Benjamin Quick

Academic Award Aeryn Curtis

Dhiya Rampersad

Teigan Dey

Hannah Robinson

Taylah Laker

Academic Award Paige Carter

Gowri Manesh

Abby Chern

Drew Shay

Louis Chinasing

Georgia Tocknell

Ella Harding

Nicholas McLaurin

Academic Effort Joseph Brown

William Hunter

Mollie McHugh

Matthew Murray

Keely Reese

Ally Sparks

Academic Effort Rachel Brookes

Emily Cacciola

Ethan Carlson

Tegan Falconer

Hunter Gammel

Benjamin King

Parth Thaker

Emily Lipscombe

Shan Wadham

Mia McDonald

Abby-Maree Waterton

Braithan Neylon

Remington Raymond

Caleb Richardson

Jack Tocknell

Anna Vincent


e g e l l o C s e k a L The s d r a w A c i Semester 1 m e Acad Assembly Academic Awards Presentation 24 July 2012

The College recognized students in Years 4 to 11 who received outstanding Semester 1 Academic results at our Inaugural Academic Awards Presentation Assembly on July 24. The achievement of enhanced academic outcomes and personal best performance is a product of shared values, practices and commitment to excellence. As such, the College promotes an academic culture where learning and scholastic achievement are highly valued and recognised appropriately. Congratulations to the following Academic Award recipients:


The achievement of enhanced academic outcomes and personal best performance is a product of shared values, practices and commitment to excellence.



Year 4

Brendan Butcher Abby Chern Tyler Gibson Freya Kenny Nicholas McLaurin Benjamin Quick Dhiya Rampersad Hannah Robinson

Year 4 Louis Chinasing

Year 5

Blake Bostock Tomei Dolezal Danielle Elliott Kane Street Ethan Waller Elvio Wang

Year 6

Joseph Brown Britney Cooper Teigan Dey Georgia Tocknell

Year 5 Jayden Colley Alexia Scotton Year 6

James Cacciola Jake Duckworth Jordan Hubbard Laura Johnston Gowri Manesh Luke McLaurin Lilyanna Meale Hannah Quick

Year 7

Kate Alexander Olivia Ashworth Caprice Carter Sophia Chinasing Zara Orr Eleanor Vincent

Year 7 Dilan Dharmapriya Kristin Hodson Isabella Leslie

Year 8 Callum Aitken Ellie Duly Clare Johnston

Year 8 Georgia Birtwistle Ida Chen Emily Quick

Year 10 Harrison Palmer

Year 9 Brooke Arbon Lauren Hodson Year 11 Jordan Baird Levi Walker

ACADEMIC AWARD WITH HONOURS Year 4 Danielle Davidson Nathan Smith Year 5 Emily Ashworth Year 6 Isabelle Churchill Erin McNamara Ernan Smith Year 8 Connor Gibbs Seerat Sawhney Khushbu Tailor Year 10 Abbey Solly

Spiritual Development 2012 has been a big year for the Chaplaincy Department of The Lakes College with many changes and improvements being made. All Primary classes have received Spiritual Development lessons each week this year. We are grateful to Mrs Sharon Lollback, who has helped out here because of the part-time nature of the College Chaplain. The focus for Primary students has been on concepts arising from the biblical narrative, for example, friends, helping at home, loving our neighbours, worrying, giving thanks, and different ways of praying. All Year 7, 8, and 9 Secondary classes have had Religious and Values Education lessons on a weekly basis. This year we have explored relevant justice issues like discrimination, prejudice, bullying and conflict management. We have also covered values, such as loyalty, friendship and forgiveness. The students did a great job making computer games and picture books illustrating some of these values. We introduced Chapel Leaders to our cohort of School Leaders this year. Year Six students, Isabelle, Jordan and James have worked hard setting up for Primary Chapel Services, as well as growing into the role of conducting the services themselves, processing in the Scriptures and with the Offering for our Indian orphanage project. The Chapel Leaders have shared in story-telling, dramas and leading parts of the liturgy.

WENDi SARGEANT (Revd Dr) Chaplain

Chapel Services have been based on the Revised Common Lectionary so that students will hear the same Bible readings during the week, as well as on Sundays. We have also included some informative sessions on particular annual events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, ANZAC and Mothers’ Day. Daily Devotions are carried out by classroom teachers, and we have promoted some new, more interesting resources this year. Next year further resources will be introduced for Spiritual Development as well. We have presented a class set of “Introducing the Uniting Church” for use with older Primary students, and the College Chaplain conducted an orientation program for staff. Staff have also celebrated Holy Communion each Term. Pastoral Care has grown with developing relationships and has now become integrated where possible and appropriate, with our Educational Consultant and Learning Enhancement Team. Students are always welcome to chat, ask questions, disagree, debate or just come and relax in the quiet, open atmosphere of the Chaplain’s Office. We have worked hard at bringing the North Lakes Uniting Church and The Lakes College as closely together as possible. The congregation has helped out with The College working bee, provided breakfast for Staff Eucharist, supported College functions and conducted worship at The Fair and Fun Run! We are grateful for the provision of a venue for Sunday worship, AM prayer meetings, Learning For Living and Wednesday night music practice. The Christian life is modeled and shared in strong and important ways at The Lakes College by staff and students. Religious tolerance and respect are upheld in an environment where genuine inquiry is encouraged. Love and Faith guide our decisions and undergird the College at every level as a Uniting Church school. We look forward to another big year in 2013! Reverend Dr Wendi Sargeant


The Lakes College Community Association It is with enormous pride that The Lakes College Community Association present our annual report outlining the activities and fundraising efforts for the year. The many achievements that have been made would not have been possible without the support and contribution from many members of the College community. Throughout the year, we have seen many parents, teachers and staff commit their time and enthusiasm to assist in the continued growth and success of the college. The Lakes College Community Association enjoyed another year of successfully providing opportunities for parents to participate and be involved in the life of the College. We began the year with record numbers at our New Year – Welcome event. We had over 200 family members attend our fun filled afternoon. The children enjoyed a double water slide, followed by a scrumptious spit roast. The momentum of our ‘friend-raising’ continued with a record 26 teams attending our Trivia Night. The evening was a lively event, with some friendly competition between parents, staff and teachers. Our appreciation goes to Scott Johnston, our Quizmaster for always keeping us on our toes! Our annual working bee, to which over 40 parents and staff attended, was dedicated to greening the school. Again, it is the largest number of helpers we have had along to our working bee. Thank you to the North Lakes Uniting Church congregation or providing lunch to the hungry workers! The Foundation Dinner held on September 8, was held to honour the ongoing growth of the College. This year, we also celebrated the Chinese Culture within the College. The evening began with Chinese Drums and gongs, and two Chinese Dragons entertaining us with their proud traditional dance. Guests who included Board Members, the Senior Executive Team, teachers, staff and parents enjoyed a Chinese Banquet and traditional Chinese favours. The Lakes College Community Association also provide many fundraising events for members of the community to contribute to the College. This year, the TLCCA have run a Car Boot Sale, Mothers Day Stall and Walkathon. These three events raised close to $10,000.


Our main event for the year, The Fun Run and Fair continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The Lakes College Fun Run saw over 1200 runners participating. The Fun Run is a well recognized event on South East Queensland’s running calendar and runners from all over Brisbane look forward to participating each year. Graham Quick and Scott Johnston, each year bring an exceptional level of expertise and commitment in organising the Fun Run. This year, we also made some brave changes to the layout of The Lakes College Fair. The committee took the opportunity to include the Lorraine Ashton Circus to help draw other members of the community to the Fair, who may not have ordinarily come along. Our stalls this year were stocked with many home made goods. With a ‘less is more’ approach to the stalls, each stall was very successful. I would like to give special thanks to our Fair Convenor, Fleur Scott for her amazing efforts. We would also like to thank each and every person for the efforts leading up to the Fun Run and Fair, and also for the early start and late finish on the day. Considering the current economic climate, and some external obstacles we faced this year, we were able to raise over $20,000. As s result of the culmination of 2011 and 2012 fundraising activities, we have been able to donate $20,000 to the Sports Storage Shed, $1000 to the Rays of Peace Orphanage, $1500 to Secondary School Scientific Calculators, $5000 in general seating, $845 to the Gardening Club, $3000 for Plants & Fertiliser, $1800 for a new Gazebo, $20,000 for new play equipment & soft fall and $1000 for an Honour Board. This is certainly an amazing contribution to the College. I would also like to thank The Lakes College Community Association committee members for their support this year. Thank you to Kerry-Ann Wright-Scott, Anna Boulton and Fiona Compton. Without their dedication and commitment, the achievement of the committee would not have been possible. Fiona Semenoff President


Head of Primary

Sharon Lollback Head of Primary

It is with great pride that I write my first Head of Primary report for The Lakes College. 2012 has been a year of enormous change at TLC and I feel honoured to be part of this period in the life of the College. Within the Primary School we have seen steady growth in our enrolment numbers despite the economic climate we are currently experiencing. The interest in our Prep program has been overwhelming with 75 Prep placements being quickly filled and now, for the first time in the history of TLC, we have a waiting list of prospective students. So why? What makes The Lakes College so special? What makes it a highly sought after College by so many families and prospective staff members? The answer is simple. Look around you! There is something about TLC that cannot be measured by statistics, percentages or grades, by buildings, ovals or playground equipment but it can be felt, it can be heard and it can be seen on the faces of our students. It is almost tangible. I know the students feel it, I know the staff feel it and I know many of the parents feel it. Educational theorists would call it the school climate. I think I would call it a sense of wellbeing. Earlier this year, a prospective parent told me that she had visited two leading inner-city independent schools with her 7 year old daughter before coming to The Lakes College for a tour. She wanted to visit 3 schools so she would be able to make an informed decision. At the end of our interview, she told me she wanted to send her only child to The Lakes College. She didn’t want time to think about it. She knew this was the right place for her daughter. After regaining my composure, I asked her why? She said this school had a wonderful ‘feel’ about it, a feeling she did not get at the two other schools she visited. In the opening paragraphs of the book “The Leader in Me”, well-known author, Stephen Covey describes a real situation of a family who have moved in to a new area in the United States of America. They commence to look for a school for their children where they will learn in a stimulating, safe and respectful environment. As they sought advice from neighbours, friends and colleagues they kept hearing stories of one particular school so they decided to visit this school. This is what the family reported: Walking through the front gate of the school was an engaging experience. There is a feeling that is not felt in any school. It is a feeling that a person can see and hear. Students passing…look adults in the eye and greet them. Things on walls are cheery and even motivational. Students treat one another with respect, and diversity is more than just valued, it is celebrated. Inside classrooms we spotted empowered, hard-working teachers. We sensed a real tradition of caring. We discovered that children had leadership roles and some decisions are made by the students and teachers together. Of course the family enrolled their children into this school immediately. The author goes on to state that the educators in this school were teaching basic principles to their young students so they could make good choices, get along with others and wisely manage their time. By doing this they were improving student achievement and building strong character traits which could be seen in the classroom and playground.


Why do I mention this? Because reading these words I could not help but make a comparison between this American school and The Lakes College. The Lakes College offers high quality academic programs and a huge array of exciting

opportunities for our students. Our teachers are hard-working. My message to students this year was that it is OK to be different and in fact, different is good. Diversity is celebrated. Our Primary Student Council was enthusiastic and effective, making some wonderful decisions which benefitted the students enormously. Children had leadership roles. But there is always room for improvement. Continual reflection on what we are doing and constant development of new initiatives is what we will continue to do within the Primary School of TLC. This year a few highlights come to mind as I reflect on 2012. Grandparent’s Day was a wonderful event in the life of the Primary School as was our first Father’s Day Breakfast. Our mums were not forgotten as we celebrated Mother’s Day with a lovely afternoon tea and Chapel Service. Foundation Day became an inter-house challenge which culminated in the inaugural running of The Lakes Lap which saw students from Prep to Year 11 run in a house relay. Achievements of our students were constantly being celebrated throughout 2012 and a favourite time of each week for me was Primary assembly, especially when a class performance was scheduled. The list could go on and on but suffice to say that the encouragement, support and guidance of our students is paramount in all we do. I would like to thank many people who have worked tirelessly to make 2012 a sensational year: • To the Primary students themselves, for welcoming me with open arms and happy smiles and for working so hard throughout the year to achieve their personal best • To the Primary school staff for the exceptional contributions they have made to the learning environment here at TLC • To the Primary school parents and grandparents for the tremendous support they have given the teachers, the students and the College • To the Primary School Captains, Laura and Rory and to the members of the Student Council for the wonderful enthusiasm and great ideas they have come up with throughout the year • To the College Principal, Mr Simon Armstrong, for the warmth and caring he displays towards the Primary school students and for the enormous support he has given me and the Primary school in general • To Mr Maurie Bloomfield and Mrs Rachel Ashworth who stepped into Acting Deputy roles this year and carried out the role admirably • To Rev Wendi for the spiritual guidance she gives the students and staff of the Primary School • To the TLCCA for their donation of the Year 4-6 playground and for creating such wonderful and fun filled experiences as the Fun Run and Fair • To my husband Mike for his constant support • I wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a wonderful holiday. I look forward to the excitement of 2013. Mrs Sharon Lollback HEAD OF PRIMARY


Prep It has been a pleasure to be a part of Prep in 2012 and watching the children blossom into confident, independent and skilled young students. The first year at school is so special; learning to adapt to new routines, developing thinking skills and of course making new friends. Our Preps this year have embraced every experience with excitement, skill and laughter. Expectations have been high and the daily program has supported and extended our students to prepare them with the knowledge to continue their journey at TLC with passion and determination. In specialist lessons, the students have thrived on learning even more new experiences. They have been immersed into a different culture by Mrs Harvey. Miss Piercy has guided and nurtured their love of music and prepared them with the skills to begin to play Violin. Through team work and persistence the students have enjoyed developing their motor skills by interacting with a wide range of activities with Mrs Cacciola. Over the year, the Preps have been learning to develop and apply skills in concepts of Number, Pattern, Shape, Measurement and simple calculations. Daily practice and activities to support learning sounds and letters have successfully provided the students with strategies to read and write, allowing the Preps to refine and enhance their communication skills to a wider audience. Both classes have displayed outstanding speaking and listening skills with their amazing class presentations. The students rehearsed and perfected their skills to perform with confidence and knowledge, culminating in Prep C performing ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ in Term 2 and Prep L ‘Talking About The Weather’ in Term 3.

Each term Prep had new experiences and developed skills through science activities and Integrated Unit themes. Term 1 explored ‘What is Play?’ where students investigated lots of activities including play and invented their own games using basic resources. In Term 2, students learned ‘How to be a responsible Pet Owners’ and enjoyed taking home the ‘class pets’ to extend their knowledge and understanding of being responsible. Term 3 was an amazing adventure surrounding ‘Dinosaurs’ and the students have enjoyed designing and making their own Dinosaur with its own unique dinosaur name! The students also had a taste of making Dinosaur Movies using Kahootz in the Multi Media Lab. Prep 2012 has been an amazing experience for everyone involved. Each day has been busy, productive and fun. Thank you to our students who have made each day worthwhile and to our outstanding teacher aides Mrs Lucas and Mrs Hanna for their dedication, sense of humour and creativity. Good luck in Grade 1 Preps. We look forward to watching you grow and mature as you continue your journey with us at The Lakes College. Mrs Gillian Cook Mrs Lisa Curtis


Year 1 Class 1/2S In classroom E4, in the school of TLC, in the suburb of North lakes, in the state of Queensland, in the country of Australia, on the planet Earth – the third rock from the Sun – in the Solar System is class 1/2S. And what a kind, respectful, happy, busy, exciting, interesting, lovely, fantastic, awesome, fun, great, self-managed (words supplied by us!) class we are! Together since the start of Term 3, we have had the pleasure of building a new class, making new friends, experiencing a new classroom culture, working with a new teacher and learning lots of new and exciting things. Term 3 was jam-packed with engaging classroom experiences interspersed with a variety of fun College activities. We thought that all of the Foundation Day activities were very enjoyable but according to Mrs S the dancing was the best. We whizzed – just like Ms Frizzle and her Magic School Bus class – through the Year 1 Schoolyard Safari and Year 2 Watch it Grow science units. You may have seen us exploring the school grounds for minibeasts! And if you missed us then – well – what a sight we were on Book Week dress up day! Our costumes were just as fabulous as the short-listed books we took our inspiration from. Bindi and Zac – the Hermit Crabs – joined our class to support our learning about habitats. We learnt lots about how to care for them, what they need to survive as living things and linked this knowledge to our study of the Australian ocean, desert, rainforest and grassland habitats. Our information reports about Australian Animals are very informative and our habitat dioramas were not only fun to make, but look fabulous! If you were fast enough to catch us on sports day you would have seen the huge smiles on our faces. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the Junior Athletics carnival activities but our particular favourites were the obstacle course and parachute. We also had a great time experiencing the culture of Asia on Chinese Cultural Day. We were spellbound by the fiddle players, awestruck by the Tai Chi presenters with their fans and swords and fascinated by the puppets. Our imaginations soared, our artistic talents emerged, our dramatic flair was unleashed and just like Dr Seuss predicted Oh, the places we’ll go . . . Mrs Olivia Schafferius

Class 1K Year One is an important year of learning and development. There is the joy and excitement of finally learning to read all by yourself and having the opportunity to solve problems using math’s strategies. The excitement of getting their spelling words correct, the amazement of learning concepts through science experiments. Their pride in completing writing that is interesting, thoughtful and meaningful and then reading their stories to their peers. It is the huge strides in terms of personal, social and cognitive growth that the students have made as their confidence in themselves and their abilities has grown. From day one the students have inspired us with their enthusiasm and joy towards school and learning. 2012 has been a busy, productive and fun year and we wanted to share the student’s highlights and memories of their first Year of formal schooling.


Anabelle, Mia, Emma, Xander and Poppy enjoyed learning about math’s concepts including doubles, money and fact families. Aerin, Jared, Caden, Riley, Ivy, Poppy and Nicolas were inspired by the amazing facts and knowledge they gained when learning about sea creatures. Caitlin, Byron, Sienna, Aidan and Josh were engaged with our science activities and particularly enjoyed creating a volcano and watching Gummi Bears change in colour and shape. Matthew, Cheyenne, Aerin, Jared, Liam and Trent were enthused by learning reading and writing strategies including compound words, contractions, vowels and reading games on the computer. Jed, Nicolas, Sienna and Cheyenne revealed creativity when completing art projects especially the fat cat! Some aspects of Year One were absolute favourites with the students including Bob, our excursion to Underwater World, Pizza party, being the helper and feeding Ben and Bingo, having the star and getting an award, Freddo Frog Friday, Buddy Yoga, guessing the ABBC list, performing cloudy with a chance of meatballs on stage, Bee Bots and the computer lab. I have enjoyed sharing this educational journey with my talented and fabulous students and I’m sure they’ll continue their love of learning. Mrs Karen Kirkwood

Class 1M The past four terms have been jam-packed with so many exciting experiences that it’s almost impossible to mention them all. Year One started with great excitement and anticipation, as students finally got their “own” desk, complete with tidy-tray! But the excitement of the first week didn’t stop there as we also celebrated Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon! Our first term also saw students learn and discover more about themselves, their families and what it means to be healthy. We were certainly ready for the Easter holidays when they came! Term Two was all about ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’! We read the book of the same name and watched the movie. Students were also involved in a range of integrated literacy and numeracy activities that were all around the topic of food! Now, that’s enough to make anyone hungry! We also enjoyed participating in the Cross Country. Every student in our class tried their best and we all agreed it was a fantastic day! The walk-a-thon was another exciting event with most students setting “PB’s” for most laps walked around the oval! In Term Three we enjoyed learning all about ‘Under the Sea’. We discovered A LOT of interesting facts about under sea creatures and even enjoyed writing our very own information reports! Most students would agree that the most exciting aspect about our unit though was our excursion to Underwater World. With the help and support of parents, teachers and our very own “Underwater Guides”, the students were able to enjoy a fun, busy and informative day. Term Three also saw students participate in our very own Athletics Carnival, with most children saying that their favourite part was the obstacle course.


Our last term in Year One has been full of mixed emotions… Some students are a little worried about moving into the next grade, a few students were nervous when it came time for our class presentation on Assembly, but most students (and their teacher!) are just so proud when they look back over how far they have come since the first day they walked into Year 1. Not just with their knowledge and understanding but with their emotional resilience, their self-managing behaviour skills, and their overall ability to look at a problem and tackle it head on. It has indeed been a privilege to watch my students’ development over the last year and I know that they are more than prepared for what lies ahead. Mrs Cherie Meale

Year 2 What a year 2012 has been for Year 2. The children have had a very busy time, full of creating, learning and growing, not forgetting lots of fun and laughter along the way. The children have enjoyed the many interactive elements of our Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Six Levels of Thinking units. An Australian history and geography unit called The Past in the Present; a literacy based unit called The Marvellous Mr Dahl where we discovered the talents and literacy genius of Roald Dahl; a unit based on the Countries of the Commonwealth called Come out and Play, and finally in term four we learned about the diversity of Australian animals. Academically the children have progressed very well. They have been exposed to local history and personal heritage. They have developed their literacy skills by writing recounts, reports, narratives and expositions. They have widened their horizons with learning experiences throughout the year of diverse cultures, traditions and ethnicity. They have extended their knowledge through the Maths and Science programs and ICT skills have been improved and developed. In the first term, the school bus took us to swimming lessons at Grace Swimming Club. They enjoyed learning how to become water wise and improve their swimming skills. It was fun! The aim of the terms unit was to identify a place of local historical interest and appreciate significant people in their personal lives by learning about family past and present. We embarked on an excursion to a place of local historical value and visited the Redcliffe Museum. The volunteers happily gave us a grand tour of the museum and we gazed in awe at the wonderful artefacts on display. We also watched a short documentary film to catch a glimpse of life in a bygone era. After a short bus journey we visited the Cemetery to learn about people from the past. There is no doubt we all found it an interesting and fascinating place. Term one also saw the performing skills of 2V as they proudly showed the Assembly their many talents. In Term Two Mrs Ashton was away for most of the term and Miss Johns taught 2A. Learning through the narratives of Roald Dahl, the main focus was The BFG. The children improved their literacy skills, designed, created and produced marvellous pieces of work. They made a delicious drink called ‘Frobscottle’, which I’m sure they have already made for you at home and designed their own label for this scrumptious drink. Students of Year 2 also wrote their own stories and presented a book review towards the end of the term. It was a term full of excitement and lots of creative learning and writing. During the school holidays Miss Volf married Joao in Portugal and returned in Term Three – Mrs Volf-Fidalgo. Term Three was an incredibly hectic term! The children had a fabulous time journeying through the Commonwealth Countries of Jamaica, England, South Africa, and India. With each country the children studied new facts and information, cultivating their knowledge and experience. They learned a customary dance and tasted a traditional food from each country. Highlights include Jamaican chicken with Jerk sauce, the English afternoon tea where they made their own scones and enjoyed a Morris dance, a South African feast put together by clever and generous parents and making divas to celebrate India’s Festival of lights known as Diwali. The children displayed their ICT proficiency with a PowerPoint presentation on another Commonwealth country. We enjoyed dressing up for Book Week and what a great time was had by all eating dumplings, watching and taking part in the puppet show, performing Tai Chi and listening to music on Chinese Cultural Day. Term three also saw 2A’s assembly performance, a dance from each studied country. What a joy to hear the rapturous applause! Discovering new and familiar Australian animals was great fun in Term Four and a visit to Alma Park Zoo cemented their learning and was thoroughly enjoyed by students, parents and teachers! The children learned the art of persuasion, where they had to deliver a persuasive argument as to why their Australian animal was the best. It was interesting to see children come up with valid reasons as to whose animal was better. The Christmas celebrations occupied the final two weeks of the term and gave us the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful year we have all experienced. There is no doubt that both teachers have truly enjoyed teaching a group of multi-talented and exceptional children. Mrs Deborah Ashton and Mrs Elena Volf-Fidalgo Year 2 Teachers


Year 3A This year has been busy, busy, busy! In Term 1, we learnt all about what it means to be Australian. We developed an understanding about how symbols, rituals, celebrations and places reflect the identities of different groups in Australia. Our Science unit explored forces, friction and gravity. We had great fun putting together our class assembly about Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity. Another particular highlight for Term 1 was the Cross Country Carnival which was quickly followed in Term 2 with the Athletics Carnival and Walkathon. We had great fun representing our houses and making lots of new friends. It felt like the Year 3 ‘buzzword’ in Semester 1 was NAPLAN! In preparation, students studied exposition and began to explore how to write a persuasive text using the correct structure. We worked diligently to write a persuasive letter to Mrs. Lollback explaining the reasons why we should have a class pet. Once NAPLAN was behind us, we turned our attention to our unit for the term, “Our Changing Environment”. Students were given the opportunity to investigate the notion of ‘home’ for themselves and for animals in the countries of Asia and Australia. We explored the natural environments in which these animals live and discussed how people can protect these environments for the future. We conducted research on endangered Asian animals and wrote information reports which we presented to the class. We finished the term with an amazing excursion to Osprey House. We had great fun holding insects, bird watching and creating Aboriginal rubbings. In Term 3, we took an imaginary trip to Ancient China for our unit “Our Asian Neighbours.” We learnt so much about Chinese culture and folktales. We were astonished to discover how many great inventions originated in China. We explored the ancient art of silk screen printing and had great fun creating faux lino prints and modeling our very own Terracotta Army. In Science, we enjoyed learning all about the rocks and soil. We made lovely messy soil solutions and investigated the effects of erosion and weathering. We also received the exciting news we had been waiting for and our two amazing guinea pigs, Elmo and Milo, joined the class. We finished off the term with the wonderful Chinese Cultural Day. We had a great time making dumplings, participating in Ta-Chi and exploring Chinese Puppetry. In Term 4, we enjoyed exploring the topic, “Celebrating Together”. With Remembrance Day and Christmas falling in Term 4, there was no better time to learn about the purpose and reasons behind why these are such special days for individuals, families and the community. Term 4 was also filled with many other exciting events including the Junior Swimming Carnival and of course our two days spent at Camp Warrawee. What fun we had on the giant swing and swinging fox, not to mention rock climbing, canoeing and archery! We also enjoyed creating artistic pieces of work for the Art Exhibition and who can forget all the hard work and effort that went into our Night of Celebration? Wow! What a year it has been! Rachel Ashworth Teacher


Year 3/4O TERM 1 In Term 1 we spent some time discovering our fascinating and diverse country. Starting with Australia Day, the Year 3 students learnt that Australia if filled with icons, symbols and emblems that help shape our Australian identity. We learnt about Australia’s 8 states and territories and their floral and faunal emblems. We then used our new knowledge to create postcards for Australia. Meanwhile, the Year 4s were busy discovering who discovered Australia. TERM 2 In Term 2 we learnt that stories have been told for thousands of years. Aboriginal Australians have many unique and beautiful dreamtime stories to share. The Ancient Greeks and Romans tell tales of minotaurs, centaurs, gods and goddesses. Using these myths as inspiration we set to create our own class book of myths. Our book is filled with imaginative stories of heroes that overcome all odds (with the help of a few mythical creatures) to defeat the terrible monsters. TERM 3 Gauthier and his family travelled to Japan over the holidays so in Term 3 we packed our suitcases and boarded our flight as well. We were fascinated as we learnt about Japanese traditions and festivals. We especially enjoyed learning that Japan has a boys and girls festival!! We learnt about traditional Japanese houses and then we made our own model Japanese room. The Year 4 students happily joined 4P and 4S for their SOSE lesson each week. They would eagerly come back telling stories of convicts, scurvy and the roaring forties. During Book Week our class dressed up as characters from, “The Last Viking”, by Norman Jorgensen. That day Freyja, Thor and Odin the Norse Gods visited the classroom. Little Knut, Wolverine and his Grandpa also came and we all enjoyed being Vikings for the day. TERM 4 What do Banjo Patterson, Mary Reiby, Rev. John Flynn and Parliament House have in common? They are all featured on our money. In Term 4 we learnt about some of our Amazingly Awesome, Fabulously Famous Aussies! We learnt that famous people are featured as street names, townships, lakes, on our money and even as stamps. Australia Post came and spoke to us about how stamps are designed and made. Afterwards we designed our own set of stamps of famous Australians. We then wrote biographies about these people. We also studied forms of poetry and tried writing our own. We even made movies that enhanced our poems and presented them to our class. Mrs Jamia Ollington


Year 4P & 4S How yummy, yummy, scrump-to-licious was our learning in Term 1 when we explored Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Our imaginings really were a riot of colours and flavours as invented chocolate bars and associated machinery were described in detail and expertly constructed in both word and artistic formats. Willy Wonka would have been really proud of our efforts and created an Australian branch to his chocolate empire! Term 2 lead us even further to the depths of fantasy and the magical world of the Greek gods as we researched their worlds and powers to recreate a mythical quest including searches for jewels and defying terrible beasts. We also looked at and recreated in craft, the pathways of various constellations linked to Greek myths and heroes. The Dreamtime stories were studied and emulated as we delved into our wonderful Aboriginal heritage and marvelled at the traditional skills and respect for the environment over 50 00 years. We were able to experience this first hand when we visited the Botanical Gardens at Mount Cootha as we wandered along the aboriginal trail tasting food and spotting useful plants and trees. Star gazing in awe at the universe above us in the Planetarium helped us understand the fascination the ancient Greeks had for the constellations. With the Endeavour at anchor in Botany Bay, with convicts, soldiers, sailors and aborigines gazing at the “new” world, discovery and exploration were the themes of Term 3 as we simulated the lives of new settlers and the impact that had on the indigenous people and the land. Designing and constructing settlers’ bark huts created little villages in our classrooms as we looked through our wonderfully decorated windows. Mrs Liz Peters and Mrs Melissa Smith


Year 5/6 B Our favourite part of the year was‌ I liked everything. - Teigan Dey

Jumping in the mud ditch at school camp. - Hunter Nelson

I liked everything that Mr.B did this year but most of all I liked making electrical circuits.

- Parth Thaker

My favourite thing was the Art activity at the Secondary elective day. - Erin McNamara

In 2012 I enjoyed Science, Maths and making more friends. - Luke McLaurin

- Kyle Speirs

I liked everything.

Shooting Mr.B with the hose at Camp Mudjimba.

- Emily Ryan

The excursion to the science centre and school camp. - Kane Street

- Michela Doran

My favourite thing this year was Maths.

Mickey and I spraying Mr.B with the hose for payback on the school camp.

- Matthew Murray

- Amy Wells

- Tylin Clemson-Edmonds

I really liked OZ-Tag.

The best thing this year was the T.L.C. Fun Run and Fair.

- Jamie Jarvis

In Art classes I liked creating Surrealism and the movement pictures. I also liked throwing sponges at the teachers at the school fair. - Britney Cooper

I liked science this year and all of the sports carnivals. - Luke Hanna

I enjoyed Grandparent’s day. - Taylah Laker

Camp was the best. The Museum and Science Centre were also awesome. - James Cacciola

- Harry Simmonds

My favourite thing this year was camp and visiting the Science Centre.

I really enjoyed everything about the year and I am looking forward to the Oz-tag gala day.

- Cooper Gibbs

Making lots of friends at my new school.

I enjoyed Science and P.E. this year because they are awesome.

- Jake Duckworth

I liked participating in the Wakakirri competition. - Tanisha Woolacott

When we went on comp it was great running through the Commando course.

This year was so amazing but the best thing was being with all of my friends. I will remember this year forever. - Abby Waterton

- Hannah Quick

School camp was fantastic! - Mackenzie Dupuy

This year I thoroughly enjoyed cross country districts and Chinese Cultural Day. - Alex King

I really enjoyed camp and all of the sports carnivals. - Isabelle Turner


Laura Johnston: My favourite part of the year was when the visiting teacher came and drew pictures for us. He drew me an elf and I got to copy it and colour it in. I am looking forward to seeing the home economics and art buildings. I can’t wait to go into middle school and meet more teachers and students. Ronan Madsen: The best part of the year was the free dress day. You could come in any clothes you want and it was really fun. I can’t wait to use laptops in year 7 next year! Tomei Dolezal: I think the best thing that happened this year was “Seussical the Musical”. It was hard work but very fun. Blake Morgan: I enjoyed Maths the most this year because numbers are fun. I also like learning about the Government.

Year 5/6 H Ernan Smith: My favourite part of this year was getting a scholarship because I was so surprised about this great achievement. I’m looking forward to year 7 and it should be very fun. Joseph Brown: My favourite part of this year was getting an academic award in my first term. I was really surprised!

In their own... words

rt of this year

My favourite pa

& fun ...some amazing activities

f new o s p a e h g in k a m friends...

ard I am looking forw school. to going to high

Ethan Waller: The best thing we did this year so far is camp. It was fun because we got to do a vast array of activities like canoeing. Cambell Cousins: Sport is the best thing in the school! I can’t wait until the holidays and Christmas. Danielle Elliott: The best thing at school this year was the fun run and fair. I went on every ride, sang with the choir and danced. I had so much fun! Mitchell Harding: The best part about this year was getting an A+ on one of the Maths tests. I love being able to fit in with everyone and I am looking forward to being in grade 7 next year. Kayleigh Williams: This year we went camping. It was my favourite part of the year and it was so much fun. I can’t wait until the holidays! Amara Richardson: The best thing that has happened this year is the Athletics Carnival because I came 1st in Discus. Hannah Jenkins: The best thing that has happened this year is the school camp because it was a nice break and we did fun activities.


Blake Bostock: The best thing that happened this year was camp because I got to do some amazing and fun activities with my friends.

Twyla Knights: My favourite part of the year was making heaps of new friends at the start of grade 6. I’m looking forward to middle school and finally being older! Quinten Catherall: The best thing this year was playing tiggy with my friends at lunch time. I love doing History in class. Isabelle Churchill: I loved the school camp and all the activities that we did. Alexia Scotton: The best thing that happened to me is the NAPLAN test because I enjoy doing tests. I am looking forward to school finishing because I want to practice my spelling in the holidays. Gowri Manesh: The best thing that happened at school this year was when the visiting teacher came to teach us. We were taught how to draw. Jamie Denness: The best thing that has happened at this school so far is improving my running time by 40 seconds in P.E. I am looking forward to high school and all the new challenges it has to offer. Jayden Colley: The best thing that happened this year was having robotics every week. I am looking forward to reading all the new books that come into the library. Hannah Ballantine: I was very excited to get class captain this year. I also got 2 awards! Amelia Jarvis: The book day parade was the best thing that happened this year. It was fun to dress up and look at all the costumes. Ally Sparks: The best thing that happened to me was when Mrs. Lollback presented me with the first ever Foundation Award on assembly. Keely Reese: I moved school to The Lakes College and made lots of new friends this year. I am looking forward to going to high school.

Year 5/6 C These are a few of our favourite things‌


Everything Writing silly poems

Getting class pets!

The whole year!



Dance &


Wakakirri Prep Buddies Being with my friends

Science Centre

tival s e F y a d h t r i B Buddha


Secondary School It has been an action packed year for students in the Secondary School. As 2012 comes to a close, students in the Secondary School have been covered in mud and learnt the importance of teamwork in outdoor camps; travelled interstate to Canberra; committed to competitive team sports in soccer, netball, cricket and basketball; showcased their artistic talents in dance, drama, music and poetry at weekly assemblies; been continually challenged by the one to one laptop program; participated in cross country and athletics carnivals; given their best in NAPLAN; tested their intellectual capacity through a variety of competitions and assessment requirements; commemorated the sacrifices made by many men and women through all wars at the Kallangur Anzac Day ceremony as well as Remembrance Day; pottered in our College garden; welcomed and interacted with Taiwanese students from I-Shou International School; dazzled the local community with their fantastic business and interpersonal skills at the Fun Run and Fair as well as the small business expo; committed to extension Chinese classes; explored Taiwan and experienced the culture firsthand through their homestays; been transported to a magical mystical land created by Dr Seuss; been fantastic ambassadors for the College at our many open days; twisted and turned on every ride imaginable at Movieworld and most importantly remained focused each and every day in classes. 2012 has been a fantastic year and one that we will all remember for our own individual experiences. We are extremely exhilarated about what 2013 will bring for the students, families and staff at The Lakes College. With our first cohort of Year 12 students graduating from the College in 2013 this is an exciting new chapter in our development as a secondary school and it is a unique environment for your students to absolutely thrive in. Ms Sally Crothers


Sport & Physical Education Sport and Physical Education at The Lakes College encompasses many activities that are designed to strengthen and build not only our students’ bodies but their minds. Students are exposed to different sports and games to learn the skills, rules and team play, encouraging students to think about what they are doing during game play. All of this culminates in our major events throughout the year. Our carnivals encouraged students to participate in the events to gain points for their house groups. There is a very strong community at The Lakes College and pare nts play a large part in ensuring that our carnivals run smoothly with many parents giving up their time to help out on the day.

Cross Country It was a fantastic day and continued our tradition of near perfect participation. Our community was certainly a hive of activity as our students negotiated their way through the new course which included a small amount of mud and some other great obstacles. It is difficult on days like this to pick the winning house with each of the teams putting in such an effort, but congratulations must go to Tabbil house for coming up with the points to win on the day and making it 6 in a row. Results Age Group




1. Kyle Elliott 2. Lachlan Bradford 3. Zachariah Costello

1. Lily Brennan 2. Emilie Borg 3. Mia Wright


1. Caleb Richardson 2. Ben King 3. Colby Bostock

1. Freya Kenny 2. Emily Cacciola 3. Anna Vincent


1. Sam Smith 2. Max Fletcher 3. Remi Raymond

1. Emily Ashworth 2. Mackenzie Dupuy 3. Rachel Brookes


1. Luke Hanna 2. Kyle Spiers 3. Tylin Clemson-Edmonds

1. Isabella Turner 2. Mollie McHugh 3. Shan Wadham


1. Jaydon Waterton 2. Mitchell Harding 3. Andrew Spiers

1. Isabella Leslie 2. Sophia Chinasing 3. Olivia Ashworth


1. Callum Aitkin 2. Adam Tocknell 3. Wessel Brughuis

1. Abbey Jackson 2. Seerat Sahney 3. Kiara Stone


1. Hayden Ewart 2. Brad Carter 3. Jordan Fonua

1. Alana Oliva 2. Lucy Duckworth 3. Lauren Hodson


1. Edward Holmes 2. Bryce Johansen 3. Harry Palmer

1. Sarah Bierman 2. Raevyn Tomlinson 3. Abbey Solley


1. Drew Gibson 2. Levi Walker

1. Nicole Nicholson 2. Monica Casio 3. Stephanie Dunell


1. Christopher Bierman 2. Tim Jackson 3. Jordan Baird

1. Kathryn Jenkins


Athletics Carnival In Term 2 our students participated in our Annual Athletics Carnival with our Primary students (Years 3-6) competing on Monday and our Secondary students (Year 7-11) competed on Tuesday. As usual our students never fail to participate nor impress with their team spirit and enthusiasm for being part of our great day. Many records were obliterated in both field and track events and all students competed well and showed tremendous house pride. 2012 Age Champions Age



Emily Cacciola Caleb Richardson


Marine Van Der Wath Nelson Palmer


Isabella Turner Luke Hanna


Isabella Leslie Jaydon Waterton


Abbey Jackson Adam Tocknell


Allanah Oliva Hayden Ewert


Raevyn Tomlinson Harrison Palmer


Nicole Nicholson Drew Gibson


Kathryn Jenkins Gideon Bernardez

For the first time we had 11 students from Primary and Secondary, including our 11yr Girls 4x100m relay team, selected in the Pine Rivers Team that competed at the Regional Trials at the University of Queensland. Out of those students our 11yr Girls relay team won their event and Isabella Turner came 2nd in the 11yr Girls 100m and was selected to compete at the State Championships at Cairns in October. It is impressive to see so many students progress to the next level giving hope to the future with emerging athletic talent amongst our students. Mrs Kristy Cacciola


Sport Clubs The Lakes Football Club The Lakes Football Club has had another great year and I would like to thank and congratulate all players, coaches, managers, supporters, volunteers and sponsors for all the hard work and commitment you have shown to the Club this year. During the 2012 season the Club ran 31 teams across all age groups from Squirts (under 3+) up to under 15s, comprising 245 registered players. It was great to see so many enthusiastic players and parents involved every weekend with the club. Standing back and watching the 45+ squirts running around playing football early on a Saturday morning was just a great sight to behold. Thanks go to the coaches, players and parents for your commitment to get there so early each week and get involved in playing football. Having experienced Football Federation Football for the first time last year I felt that the ‘Small Sided Football’ teams were better equipped to deal with the requirements of this side of the game, and as such we played really well in all levels of the competition this year. The club again fielded four Junior teams (from under 12s to under 15s) who all achieved some great results during the season. Particular mention needs to go to the under 15s (mixed) team who qualified to play in the semi finals, only to be knocked out in a penalty shoot out; as well as the under 12 girls who had a great season finishing second in their division and only narrowly missing out in their grand final match. Congratulations to all Junior teams in having played so well and having achieved so much. I would like to thank both the past and present members of the Committee for the unbelievable amount of hard work, generosity and commitment they have shown to the Club over the past few years, without which the Club would not be in the strong position it is today. ‘It’s not how much you do but how much you put into doing it that matters’ – and everybody has put in so much to achieve such a great result. I feel both privileged and honoured to be President of the Club, and look forward to doing the best I can to help run the club, and make it an enjoyable and rewarding organisation to be a part off. Thank you so much for your commitment and support. Congratulations to everybody for a great and enjoyable 2012 season. Damian Jenkins President - The Lakes Football Club “United in Spirit”

TLC Netball TLC Netball is open to boys and girls from Years 4-12. We train one afternoon a week on the College courts and play competition games on Friday afternoons throughout Semester One of the year. This year, we had 2 teams competing in the Bracken Ridge Indoor Netball Competition – Smarty Pants, a team made up of players from Years 4 and 5 and Sugar Rush, our more experienced Year 6 to 8 students. As well as being talented players, our TLC netballers always compete in the best spirit of the game and are a pleasure to coach. If you would like to play netball, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, an experienced player or don’t even know what a netball looks like, you are welcome to join next season. Nominations will be taken at the beginning of 2013. We are also looking for parents to coach teams so please see me if you are keen to get involved next season. Mrs Melissa Smith


TLC Dancers This year has been great for TLC Dancers and our dance troupe has kept growing all year. This year we have had over 35 dancers performing on stage including our first boy dancers. We have created and performed to five songs.

You make me feel…. Good feeling Call me maybe Drive by Back in time We have performed on numerous assemblies, for the Business as Usual Day concert, at the Foundation Day assembly, for Grandparents’ Day and for the Fun Run and Fair TLC onstage concert.

ome!” s e w a % 0 0 1 is “ TLC dance – Rosie Orr


n and e “TLC dance is fu rd

– Jordan Hubba


“TLC dancone is a – Laura Johnst

“Creative”rth – Emily Ashwo


Music Music continues to thrive at The Lakes College. The music teaching load at the school increased beyond the capacity of a single teacher so we welcomed Miss Zsa-Zsa Piercy who taught violin and classroom music in the Junior Primary and also our cello students. Within the Secondary School we had our first Senior Music Class with Year 11 Music being undertaken by a group of seven students. It was an absolute delight to be teaching Senior Music again. The Music Extra-Curricular program has grown in 2012. Our String Ensemble and Concert Band split to create Secondary and Primary performance groups. Mr John Gynther has continued in the roll of Conductor for the Primary Concert Band and Secondary Concert Band as well as teaching Year 4-6 instrumental classes. The numbers in Secondary are small but with the growth of the upper primary classes, as these students move through the upper years they will only add to our Secondary Concert Band and String Ensemble. At the end of the year the Primary Concert Band was filling the stage. It is a credit to those students who worked hard in their instrument learning to enable them to join a performance group. That’s where the real fun comes with learning an instrument: playing with your friends. Our choirs had busy schedules, mainly with special assembly performances. Mrs Lisa Curtis coordinated Singing Club this year. I had two committed groups of students with the Junior Choir and Senior Choir and have had a fabulous time learning some lovely songs. My thanks go to Mr Brodsky who stepped in to accompany us on many occasions over the year. Some secondary boys proposed a TLC Boys Choir and they had their first performance at TLC on Stage as part of the Fun Run and Fair. I’m sure their numbers will increase as others see how much fun these guys have each week. Thank you to Mr David Kleinschmidt and Miss Zsa-Zsa Piercy for mentoring these boys. Music is certainly a strong component of The Lakes College and I’m so very proud to know that I’m a part of making that happen: seeing students enjoying themselves. Mrs Wendy Johnston Head of Music


Debating Secondary Debating The Lakes College has once again had a successful year in the Queensland Debating Union Competition. We had three teams entered into the 2012 Secondary Schools competition, two of which progressed into the Finals. Two Year 8 teams entered into the competition this year mentored by Ms Sally Crothers. Team One comprised of Callum Aitken, Connor Gibbs, Delaney Harrison and Khushbu Tailor. Their enthusiastic and tenacious spirit enabled them to progress through to the finals with a sense of confidence and charisma. Team Two consisted of Georgia Birtwistle, Clare Johnston and Kashmir Knights. This team worked extremely well together and consistently received high praise from the adjudicators. They too advanced into the finals, along with Team One. Unfortunately both teams were defeated in the finals however they were all fantastic ambassadors for The Lakes College. All the Year 8 Debaters showed promising skills and I hope that they continue to develop these in the coming years. Under the guidance of Mrs Teagan Dare, the Year 9 Debating team this year consisted of team members Lucy Duckworth, Mateo Fernandez-Leal, Ellie Goodwin and Lara Joubert. Their mature approach to the competition was commented upon by adjudicators a number of times. Enthusiasm and a strong social nature characterized this team and although they were only the victors in one of the four preliminary rounds, it is obvious that there is a lot of potential in this team and I truly hope that they reunite again in 2013 to tackle the competition again. All three teams certainly had some highs and lows over the debating season. Throughout the wins and losses, all teams worked well with each other and their coaches to produce some exceptional arguments. All students involved received some very valuable life skills that will allow all of them to grow as young adults. We are very proud of our debating students as they all conducted themselves with diligence, honor and the TLC spirit at all times. Thank you to all parents for the support you have provided by being an encouraging audience and taxi service for the 2012 debating season. Ms Sally Crothers Debating Coordinator

Primary Debating In 2012 The Lakes College entered three teams into the Queensland Debating Union junior debating competition. We had two Year 6 teams who completed in four debates against various other schools at Brisbane Grammar School on given Wednesday nights during Term 3 and 4. Both teams had an even amount of success in their four debates. We also had one Year 5 team who competed in three debates at the Anglican Church Grammar School on various Wednesday nights during Term 3. The Year 5’s also had great success winning their first debate and losing the next two by the barest of margins. A big thank-you to Mrs Lollback for her support and expertise at the Year 5 debates. From the very first debate I was amazed at how confident and competent our young speakers were. Given that none of the students had ever participated in debating before, they could only be described as truly amazing. It was very satisfying from a teacher’s point of view to see all students growing in confidence and self-esteem but most satisfying was the joy they derived from participating. Personally, I would like to thank the students for all of their hard work, dedication and for making our first year of Primary Debating a huge success and also thank-you to the parents for supporting and encouraging your children in a very worthwhile activity. Teams: Year 6.1; Hannah Quick, Laura Johnston, Ernan Smith, Sivani Dandu, Gowri Manesh Year 6.2; Luke McLaurin, Drew Shay, Jake Duckworth, Alex King, Rory Aitken Year 5; Hunter Nelson, Blake Bostock, Tanisha Woolacott, Kane Street, Ethan Waller, Kyle Speirs


Mr Maurie Bloomfield Primary Debating Coordinator

Languages “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela As this quote illustrates, learning a second language is much more than learning simple greetings, it helps our younger learners develop the capacity to learn and work with people from a diverse cultural background. It benefits their personal, cognitive, academic, social and cultural development and allows them to appreciate the world from different perspectives. In 2012 TLC received a number of language grants through the Australian Government’s National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Programs and Becoming Asia Literate: Grants to Schools. These grants allowed us to provide students with cutting edge technology to assist in language learning and establish cultural understanding. Students took on new challenges in character writing, blog designing and poster making with the focus of “Me and My World.” Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students tried their best to mimic a foreign sound and tone, as well as to learn through gesture, actions, songs and rhymes in Chinese. One of the highlights of the year was when some classes and Chinese extension 1 students showcased their talents through nursery rhyme, singing and dramatic acting for Grandparents Day and the Welcoming Assembly for the 2012 Student Exchange Program during I-Shou International School’s visit. Students in Senior Primary and Middle School also represented the College in several interschool language speaking and writing competitions and won many prizes. Mrs Dare took on the Asia Tour with nine students in September for a three week cultural and language immersion trip. They experienced the excitement and challenges in all aspects of the trip and formed firm friendships. The educational value and personal growth each student received from the trip is invaluable. We enrolled Abbey Solly, a Year 10 student, in a Brisbane School of Distance online course where she was accelerated to study Year 11 Chinese. There are also 8 students from Years 9-11 enrolled in French, Japanese and Spanish with BSDE who have overcome the challenges with learning in cyberspace and over the telephone and continue to share the learning of languages with students from different parts of Queensland. We are very fortune to have a strong parent support network for Chinese Literacy and language. We also have a group of parents who are advocates of Parents Understanding Asian Literacy and focus on engaging their children and the school communities the importance of Asian languages and studies. We celebrated Chinese Cultural Day on September 11. The success of the day demonstrates that TLC embraces the intriguing Chinese culture and is committed to opening young minds to another world. It is inspiring to see the joy the students show when they achieve. Our year ended on a high note when the Federal Member Yvette D’Ath paid a special tribute in Parliament to the Chinese Program and the support of learning other languages such as French, Japanese and Spanish at TLC. The Chinese department provides multiple learning pathways to engage our students and recognises the challenges and opportunities of our increasingly global world and the importance of connecting with our Asian neighbours. The establishment of a new sister school with the Beijing Primary School will open more opportunities for our students’ learning and affirm our commitment in preparing our students for a global future. We are certain that 2013 will be another amazing year. Zai jian!! Mrs Simone Han-Harvey Chinese Teacher and Student Exchange Coordinator


Robotics The Robotics elective has introduced students to the concept of robots and their functions in society. The elective has developed essential skills such as flowcharting, programming, problem solving, designing and construction. Each week we increased the complexity of design and programming tasks within the context of the NXT Lego Mindstorm system and students were able to explore and finish each project with a sense of achievement. Students this year have been working on the Robocup challenge in Semester 1 where they had to design, construct and program their own unique robot that was able to find their way to the victim and rescue them from a hazardous situation. It is a great activity that stretches student’s problem solving skills and as each group navigates the course there is a sense of growing excitement and anticipation to achieve their goal. In Semester 2 students were introduced for the first time to “the maze” and it challenges. The task was to program their robot to be able to navigate through a maze and detect when to turn to avoid colliding with walls. The maze was also used for the treasure hunt to find hidden markers throughout the maze. Our students have attacked each task with purpose and enthusiasm as they have continued to master the increasing complexity of programing. Mr Geoff Elliott Secondary Teacher

It is a great activity that stretches student’s problem solving skills...


...there is a sense of growing excitement and anticipation to achieve their goal.

Visual Art This year the Art room buzzed with creativity, experimentation, imagination and media manipulation. Each year level tackled their own creative problems and resolved them to create some spectacular artworks. The Year 7/8 Art class worked on representing themselves and others using mixed media. They learnt how to draw the human form and transfer images using a variety of techniques. In Semester Two, students learnt all about the complexities of clay and used this knowledge to create their very own clay creature which they fired and painted in some incredible colours. Students also represented areas of the school using a limited palette and perspective. In Semester One, the Year 9/10 Art class worked on expressing the concept of ‘Living in a Changing World’ through the exploration of religious art – this included mandalas and binary opposition lino prints – and art as social commentary. They reflected on the role of the artists and created their own tetraptych commenting on an issue that concerned them. Semester Two saw the students delving into careers in art, focusing on body art, architecture and fashion design. As part of their studies, the students designed face painting designs and executed these at the annual TLC Fun Run and Fair. Based on all accounts, the experience was a rewarding one, especially when the students saw the look on their clients’ faces. Students even had a chance to explore the world of architecture by conceptually designing a new speciality building for The Lakes College. While the buildings were all magnificent they did not compare to the fantasy shoes that were created in Term Four. Who knew you could turn a high heel or a gumboot into a piece of art? 2012 saw the College’s first senior Art class. Students were shocked and delighted about the world of art that was opened up to them whilst undertaking the senior course. Over the year, they have completed drawings, paintings, ink work, photography, prints, silent films, performance art, ephemeral art, installation art, and sculpture, including assemblage, subtractive sculpture, additive sculpture, and armature. The students will use this knowledge next year to create their own selfdirected art works for their final folios. All of this hard work was on show at The Lakes College Art Exhibition in October. This exhibition was a Prep to Year 11 event and was a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and hard work. We even had the honour of having the String Ensemble play to add to our sophisticated ambience. Overall, our time in the Art room this year can be summed up by Pablo Picasso who said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” We have enjoyed our art journey this year and I can’t wait to see what is created next year! Mrs Teagan Dare Secondary Art Teacher


Science This year, Science has expanded and changed throughout the Secondary School. In the Senior school, the introduction of Biology and Science in Practice allowed students to study different areas in science, in preparation for tertiary education. The introduction of the Autralian Curriculum in Year 7 to 10 has also seen a change in what we teach in Science at TLC, with the introduction of a new unit of work - Earth and Space Science. There have also been a number of excursions for students. The Year 11 students spent a day at the University of Queensland for Experience Science Day. This allowed students to participate in practical activities in the laboratories at the University. Year 9 Science also participated in a field experience session at Lake Eden for their ecosystems unit. This session allowed students to study and collect samples from the lake, and analyse these in the lab at school before writing a recommendation about the health of the lake. As the school grew, so too did our resources, particularly in technology. 2012 saw the introduction of iPads into classroom Science. These iPads have been used to study plants, ecosystems, mind mapping assignments, data logging and much more. Science week was the final activity in the calendar for 2012, with many activities offered for students. The Year 5 - 7 students saw the CSIRO presentation ‘What’s with the Weather?’ which studied the physics of weather patterns, with some really fun activities with dry ice and liquid nitrogen! Years 8 and 9 students had the opportunity to be an ‘Apprentice Scientist’ for the day, with activities focusing on the use of technology- such as pH sensors and carbon dioxide meters, whilst they manipulated and adapted experiments to see what chemical reactions would take place. Finally, Year 10 and 11 students had the opportunity to be Genetic Engineers, when they spliced open cells of E.Coli, manipulated their DNA and inserting an antibiotic resistant gene, to make a new form of E.Coli that will not be affected by antibiotics. Mr Ken Hargreaves, a TLC grandparent also conducted activities with the students surrounding astronomy. These activities included- tracking the Transit of Venus, and a solar sky walk.


We look forward to more exciting activities in Science for 2013! Mrs Nattalia Godbold Science & QCS Coordinator

Learning Enhancement The Learning Enhancement department is a busy and productive part of The Lakes College. 2012 has seen the continuation and initiation of some very exciting and valuable programs both within the classrooms and beyond. These programs have aimed to provide support and stimulation to the students who require extra assistance to reach their potential. Our Gifted and Talented program commenced with BRAINways Mathematics workshops early in Term 1.  We held other weekend BRAINways events throughout the year. Students also participated in Days of Excellence programs, a 2 day program during school time which allows nominated students to fly above and beyond the classroom while pursuing their interest area.  As a culmination to our 2012 BRAINways relationship, The Lakes College hosted The Quest, the opportunity for a team challenge for gifted and talented students in conjunction with Griffith University and BRAINways Education. The Quest was offered in two rounds: The Preliminaries at the Lakes College and The Finals at Griffith University. Some of our girls attended a seminar, Technology Takes You Anywhere, an event to emphasise the importance of women in technology and showcase the opportunities in this field for girls. The girls had the opportunity to listen to speakers on a range of topics from biotechnology to creating programs for mobile phones. A number of students attended Imagin8, a unique 2 day festival for students celebrating imagination, creativity and innovation. Explorama was another event which students participated in. This new program was held on the Sunshine Coast in conjunction with the University of the Sunshine Coast. Again students participated in workshops in their field of expertise and/or interest. During the September holidays, The Lakes College also hosted the annual Parents and Children’s conference for the National Women’s Council of Queensland.  This was a 2 day event with workshops for children and seminars for parents.  People came from as far away as Victoria and Northern Queensland to participate. It was a wonderful success with over 140 participants. We look forward to continuing and developing relationships with all these organisations in 2013. A Gifted and Talented Working Committee was formulated during 2012 and consists of staff and parent representatives. Through regular meetings we are continuing to refine and implement our action plan for Gifted and Talented education. The Lakes College hosted parent evenings here at the College for the northern branch of QAGTC.  We hope to continue this relationship next year and host more parent support meetings. ESL is another focus for Learning Enhancement.  Our ESL staff work closely with students who require support as they refine their leaning of the English language. The progress of these students has been amazing. The Learning Enhancement department employs staff who are dedicated and committed to supporting the learning of all students and the teachers at The Lakes College and we look forward to continuing this support in 2013. Mrs Peggy Van Beusekom Learning Support Coordinator


Library Author visit Michael Gerard Bauer a popular writer for children and young adults, visited TLC and spoke with parents, students and staff about his life and experiences becoming a writer, and the books he has written.

Grandparent’s Day Grandparent’s Day was celebrated with a special assembly followed by a morning tea. Grandparent’s and families were offered a chance to buy books for the library with donated books displaying a plaque to acknowledge the donor and the related child. This was a wonderful contribution to the library and added to the quality collection we have on offer for our students.

Book Fair We thank all the families and teachers who supported the Book Fair by raising funds to add to our book collections. We greatly value this opportunity to promote reading with our students.

Book Week 2012: Champions Read Book Week was celebrated with a special assembly and pantomime of The Hare and the Tortoise featuring Mr Armstrong, Mrs Lollback and admin staff. Students dressed up as their favourite Book Champions and displayed their fabulous costumes on stage

Some feedback on Book week from students: Catalina Fernandez-Leal and Isabella Mahon Year 3 - The best thing about Book Week is colouring in and reading shortlisted books. We like coming to the library because we love to read. Shawn Wilson Prep - I have loved Book Week. I love collaging cats. Levi Walker Year 11 - I love Book Week because books are amazing and fun to read and the activities are fun. Rhys Beijnon, Shelby Olbertz Year 11 - We love the library, books and Book Week because they are all pathways to knowledge and new adventures. No two books are ever the same.

College Care As it was for the rest of the TLC community, 2012 started as a year of change and challenge. We were fortunate to meet Sharon and Simon during the January vacation care period. This was a ‘big deal’ for the children who were present on the day and it was nice to be able to put faces to names for us here at College Care. During the early part of 2012 we had two of our family, a.k.a staff members, leave. Selina Bedville completed her Bachelor of Education and decided on a change of course and Natasha Percy moved house closer to Brisbane and her university. The children were a little saddened but they are resilient. Since then we have added three more workers to the College Care team: Jan Stephen, Rebecca Moore and we welcomed back one of our long-lost members Erin Lucas. We had a slow start with the enrolments, but as the number of children at TLC grew so did our numbers to the point that we needed the extra staff, have been booked out on several days and have been able to experiment with different activities, excursions and ways of doing things in our day-to-day programming. Part of the changes in the day to day running has been heavily influenced as a direct result of the implementation of the new Child Care framework which exists on a national level. New Regulations and Outcomes has also made way for recognition of the experience and number of years that Miss Micky and Miss Nowell have been working with children and as such they can now officially open and close together. This is both extremely practical and long overdue. As for the rest of the goings-on at College care the children are happy and energetic and make the job that we do very rewarding. While I am sure next year will see us losing some of our older students, which will be a little sad, we are all looking forward to a very promising 2013.


Mr Andy Hardy College Care Coordinator

Secondary School Dinner Dance On Friday 12 October, Senior School students from Years 9, 10 and 11 attended The Lakes College Senior School Dinner Dance at the North Lakes Resort Golf Course. It was a lovely evening with our students dressing up, dancing and enjoying themselves in a relaxed, safe environment.


Camps Year 10/11 Camp – Emu Gully Year 10/11 camp was one to never forget. Our three day adventure consisted of facing our fears, working as a team, putting others first and LOTS of mud! We arrived at Emu Gully at 11am, and were briefed by what we thought was going to be a nice, calm, chilled out dude, however his blunt and out there sense of thought shocked us. Imagine if somebody instructed you to walk around like a chicken, elephant and a “cool dude”, would you do it? Ha! We did! The first activity was called chicken leadership, consisting of rock, paper, scissors to determine if you were a chicken, elephant or “cool dude”. After unpacking our things we headed out for an afternoon of team building activities where we realised that our team skills couldn’t get any worse. The activities included wire walking, escaping the prison and walking down the log. The next day was the one we mostly looked forward to – the mud! Well let’s just say, the colours of our clothing were no longer visible, and the teachers looked so stunning! As the day rolled to an end, our team skills, communication and care for others was great! People were putting others before themselves and friendships grew stronger. As our bodies ached, our knees and legs bruised and our muscles strained, we didn’t want to leave. We longed for it to be a longer camp but as the rain started to pour, indoor rock climbing was our last activity together. We said goodbye to Darren (our instructor) and returned to school and home to enjoy a nice working shower. Written by Emma Howitt and Nicole Nicholson


Year 8/9 Camp – Currimundi In early May the Year 8 and 9 students took a trip up north to Camp Currimundi. Upon arriving at camp, we were given the low down on what we would be doing during our three day stay. We had many fun activities in store for us, including high ropes, paddle boarding and team challenges. It was from those very activities that many of us learnt something new about ourselves and our peers. Some conquered their fear of heights in the high ropes course and some learnt how to stand on a paddle board and navigate the nearby lake, which included some local wildlife like some small rays and fish. The cabins that we stayed in consisted of four bunk beds situated the in corners of the cabin. We did our best to maintain a clean environment but with the amount of activities and clothing changes there was a small bit of cleaning required each night. Another highlight of camp was going down to the beach, which was only a two-three minute walk away. While some of us just took a stroll down the sand or played footy on the beach, others splashed about in the waves. The food at camp was lovely. Camp Currimundi was amazingly fun and also a learning experience for many. Written by Lara Joubert

Year 7 Camp – Canberra On Sunday 12 February, Mr Bloomfield, Mrs Cacciola and our Year 7 students embarked on a journey to Canberra. Our agenda was one of learning, discovery and most of all FUN. The Canberra trip encompasses Parliament and Civics Education through the National Curriculum. Day 1 in Canberra took us to the AIS and Sportex facility, the National Screen, Film and Sound Archives, Telstra Tower and Black Mountain, two of the highest peaks in Canberra which gave us a great view of the Parliamentary Triangle. Day 2 we toured New Parliament House and were lucky to see the House of Representatives sitting. We toured through the Senate and visited Old Parliament House. Our last day was just as busy with us packing the bus to go home then visiting the Canberra Deep Space Centre, The War Memorial and Questicon before our long trip home. Congratulations to our students who represented our school with pride and were a pleasure to take away. Next year in 2013 our Year 6 and 7 students will be taking a very similar trip to Canberra focusing on Parliament and the role Canberra has in Australia. Written by Kristy Cacciola PE Teacher/ Camp Coordinator


Year 4 Camp – Maranatha Camp was a wonderful, challenging, exhilarating experience for our Year 4 students. With great weather and super instructors, fabulous food and confidence building activities, we all found new highs in conquering personal fears and setting goals and achievements. Whether it was swinging from the trees, baking damper around the campfire, swimming in the river as rafts floated or sank, greeting the dawn with birds calls or slashing in the pool it was all magnificent at Camp Maranatha.

Year 3 Camp Camp Warrawee Year 3 students headed off for their very first camp experience. Equipped with enough luggage to sustain them for a week, they excitedly arrived at Camp Warrawee for two days of activities and an overnight stay. Students were pushed out of their comfort zone and experienced a range of challenging and exhilarating activities. We took on the challenges of indoor rock climbing, canoeing down the Pine River and the giant swing, which proved to be one of the most popular activities. We enjoyed a refreshing swim in the pool before dinner and managed to keep our eyes open playing games until late into the evening. Feeling recharged after an exciting night spent sleeping in cabins, we headed to the swinging fox, where students had to work as a team to pull each other up to the top of the zip-line. Once in position, they released themselves and enjoyed the rapid descent to the ground. Our final activity, archery, had us striving for accuracy as we attempted to hit the target. We had an amazing time with such a fabulous group of students. It was great to see each of our students face their own personal challenges with both courage and determination.


School events Foundation Day On Friday 10 August, we celebrated our eighth annual College Foundation Day with activities and fun around the campus. The day began with an all school ceremony in the Hall, where the inaugural Foundation Medal was awarded to one Secondary and one Primary boy and girl (Year 4 - 6) who exemplified the ideals, ethos and philosophy of The Lakes College. The recipients of this prestigious award are students who display respect for others at all times, demonstrating support, encouragement and compassion within the College community. These students act with integrity and embrace all opportunities presented to them. They are proud ambassadors of The Lakes College and role models to their peers. Congratulations to Abbey Solly - Year 10, Levi Walker - Year 11, Ally Sparks - Year 6 and Cooper Gibbs – Year 5 who received these awards in 2012. This was followed by house activities including dance-offs, banner and house logo design, egg & spoon races, three legged races, sack races and tunnel ball. The day ended with the running of the inaugural Lakes Lap and afternoon tea with parents and students. Congratulations to Kumbarchu who won the inaugural Lakes Lap competition.

Grandparent’s and Special Friends day On Friday 22 June, students at The Lakes College were joined by Grandparent’s and Special Friends for our annual celebration. It was a chance for students and our community to thank grandparents for their love and support and to recognise the important contribution that grandparents make to our lives. The day featured singing, dancing, musical performances and classroom displays by all of our Primary School students. Guests were invited to join us for morning tea, which was our chance to thank Grandparents for their support of our community. Guests also helped expand resources for students by supporting our “Buy a Book” program for the College Library. Grandparents and special friends were invited to purchase a book for the Library, which now displays a plaque showing who purchased the book. This year, Grandparent’s and Special Friends Day was tagged ‘best ever’ and we look forward to welcoming these valuable members of our community again next year.


Mother’s Day Afternoon tea To say thank you to our College Mums, we hosted a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea and Chapel Service on 14 May 2012. Over 50 mums and guests enjoyed a lovely afternoon where we were able to say ‘thank you’ to our College mothers for their support of our community.

Father’s Day Breakfast Dads had their chance to relax at our Father’s Day Breakfast on September 7. Over 100 College dads, children and some mums enjoyed a fabulous morning and a delicious breakfast of bacon and egg muffins, fresh fruit, tea, coffee and juice. The weather was perfect and there was a wonderful feeling of wellbeing in the undercover area. Breakfast was followed by a jampacked assembly which had a Father’s Day focus. The cooking up of a perfect Dad by our very own Master Chef, Kayleigh Williams, was a novel way of highlighting the many wonderful qualities our Dads have.

Day for Daniel The College came alive with red in October as we stepped out to celebrate a “Day for Daniel”. Staff, students and parents walked around Lake Eden in support of The Daniel Morcombe Foundation and the aim to make the world a safer place for our children. Thank you to everyone for fantastic community action for child safety.


Musical Who knew that a certain Cat in the Hat, a thinker named Jo-jo and Horton the Elephant could be so life consuming? Seussical, Jnr was an amazing experience and with a cast and crew of forty students we went from being able to hum three songs to putting on a fabulous show in six and a half months. There were some very dedicated staff members who helped make the ride a wonderful journey: Mrs Teagan Dare with her design crew created a stunning backdrop and amazing set and props, Miss Meagan Clohsey grooved her way through our Monday afternoon rehearsals choreographing every dance move on stage, Mrs Lauren Velling and Mrs Katrina Ash shared the stage directing roles with assistance from Ms Leesa Harris, Mrs Liz Peters assisted with extra vocal tutoring, Mrs Christine Howitt was an amazing costume coordinator and Mrs Sue McLaurin did all our make-up. It looked fabulous and sounded amazing. Congratulations to all who were involved, it was truly tremendous. We’ll do another one, one day. Mrs Wendy Johnston Musical Director

2012 Asia Tour In the wee hours of the morning of Sunday 16 September, nine students, a parent and I boarded a plane bound for Hong Kong and new adventures. While the flight was enjoyable, it was nothing compared to what would follow over the coming three weeks. Hong Kong provided us with a great transition into Asia. We spent the first day walking around the Tsim Sha Tsui district which is home to historical buildings, museums, modern shopping malls and chic restaurants, as well as the Avenue of Stars. The following day was an action-packed day at Disneyland. Arriving there at 10:20 in the morning before it opened and leaving at 8:00 at night, we managed to ride every ride at least once and take in the famous shows. Needless to say, we were all pretty tired that night. The next few days were a blur which included: shopping up a storm at the Temple Street Markets; catching the MTR; seeing Lantau Island, Cheung Sha beach, Tai O fishing village, and the Giant Buddha; eating a vegetarian lunch at a monastery; taking a sampan trip around Aberdeen fishing village; visiting a jewellery factory, Stanley markets, Victoria Peak, and Repulse Bay; plus trying new and interesting foods and seeing the Symphony of Lights. We then flew to Taipei Wednesday night and began a new set of adventures. This included a tour of Chiufen Village and the northern coast of Taiwan, Taroko Gorge, Taipei 101, getting pushed onto the subway trains, and seeing the famous ‘cabbage’ at the National Palace Museum before catching the High Speed Rail down to Kaohsiung and our sister school, I-Shou International School (ISIS). From late Saturday afternoon on 22 September until Saturday 6 October the students experienced ISIS and the Taiwanese home life. The students integrated into their year levels and completed school as normal from 8am until 4:45pm. They undertook English, Humanities, Maths, Science, PE, Art, and Music as well as the afternoon activities, and even had homework and assignments that needed to be completed. As part of our school experience, we had a Taiwan culture cooking class, a trip to Tainan, and a trip to Fo Guang Shan. The students and I had a fantastic time at ISIS and it was bitter sweet when we had to fly home on the Saturday night. I would like to thank the students for being such great ambassadors for the College and embracing the challenges, both good and bad, that come with spending time away from the comforts of home and the ones we love. It was such an incredible experience and one I’m sure the students and I will treasure forever. Mrs Teagan Dare


College captains As the 2012 College Captains for The Lakes College, we have had the benefit and privilege of being part of a fantastic year. The year commenced with the induction of our new Principal, Mr Simon Armstrong, as well as our Head of Primary, Mrs Sharon Lollback. We have had the privilege this year of being guided in our roles through the leadership skills on display from our Principal and Head of Primary. Each week we have had the role of leading our Secondary School Assembly on Wednesdays and the occasional whole school assembly on Fridays. As well as leading the secondary assembly on Wednesdays, we have also had monthly meetings with Mr Armstrong, Mrs Lollback, Ms Crothers and the Primary School Captains to discuss possible future directions for students at The Lakes College as well as the potential philanthropic directions of the Secondary School. On ANZAC day this year, we marched with a large group of students and teachers in the Pine Rivers’ ANZAC Day March at Kallangur. Kathryn and I also had the honour of laying the wreath at the North’s League Services club. This was truly a memory that we will both cherish and we look forward to being able to participate in the march once again next year in what will be our final year at The Lakes College. Kathryn Jenkins and Timothy Jackson Secondary School College Captains 2012

As a young College it is encouraging to see that over the 2012 – 2013 school years the College is offering not one, but two overseas adventures for secondary students to partake in. The first was in September 2012 with TLC students going to visit our sister school, the I-Shou International School, in Taiwan. This oversees adventure enabled students to practise their Mandarin speaking and listening skills as well as fully engaging with the Chinese culture. The second is an exciting adventure to Europe which will be happening in the June/July holidays next year. Students will visit the United Kingdom, France and Italy and will be exposed to the many historical artefacts and archaeological sites that these wonderful countries posess. We are thankful to have these opportunities on offer to us as they allow all students to further their love of learning and provide them with real-life interactions with other cultures. It is opportunities such as these that really demonstrate the just how much our College has grown over a few short years. Throughout 2012 we have had an abundance of new students commencing in every year level, as well as new staff members who have all added to our close community. As well as our cultural immersion opportunities, we also have a full range of extra-curricular activities on offer that we could participate in including: The Lakes College production of Seussical the Musical, the Concert Band, the Strings Ensemble, Senior Choir, the QDU Debating competition, the Courier Mail Spelling Bee competition, a variety of competitive sporting opportunities involving soccer, cricket, golf, netball, tennis, athletics, swimming, cross country and basketball; as well as other hands-on activities such as chess and robotics. In addition to all this, we have also had the opportunity to celebrate whole school events including the Fun Run and Fair and Book Week. We have had an amazing year as the College Captains of the Secondary School and hope that we have been credible ambassadors to the College. We are both looking forward to 2013 as The Lakes College will finally be a true Prep – Year 12 Independent College. Kathryn Jenkins and Timothy Jackson


Primary captains My Year as Primary Captain – by Laura Johnston My role as Primary School Captain with Rory started with the Leaders Induction Ceremony, sitting on stage with the College Captains Tim and Kathryn. It was very exciting to receive my Captain’s badge, which I wore with pride all year. One of my main roles was to lead Assembly with Rory each week. We had some very special Friday ceremonies including the ANZAC Day Assembly, Grandparents’ Day, Foundation Day and Father’s Day. I also attended the ANZAC Day Parade at Kallangur and I laid the wreath with Rory, Tim and Kathryn. The Primary Student Council was very active during 2012, meeting fortnightly to discuss Primary School issues and ideas. We organised a Free Dress Day and raised funds to support the Royal Children’s Hospital and Diabetes Australia. It felt really good knowing that we were helping such worthy causes. Another exciting task was when the Primary Student Council got to select the playground design for the new Year 4-6 play area. We are very grateful to the TLCCA for their very generous donation to assist in the purchase of the equipment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being Primary School Captain and would encourage everyone to nominate for this role in the future. It’s a very rewarding experience and I especially enjoyed the morning teas with Mr Armstrong and Mrs Lollback.

My great year as Primary captain - by Rory Aitken

Rory Aitken and Laura Johnston Primary Captains 2012

I have had a fantastic year as Primary School captain. Where should I start when so many wonderful things have happened? Every week I felt very fortunate to be able to lead the assemblies with Laura. I enjoyed seeing the class and student performances and congratulating students on their awards. ANZAC day was a special honor. To be able to represent our wonderful school at such an important event by carrying the banner and laying the wreath was a moment I won’t forget. It was great to be able to contribute to our school’s future. I attended Primary Student Council meetings where we discussed what was happening and also plan for the term. There were also the morning tea meetings with Mr Armstrong, Mrs Lollback, and the College Captains. At these we discussed school events and activities. School leaders also assisted with the Junior Primary Sports Carnival, which was a lot of fun. It is so hard to believe that not that long ago I was in Prep at TLC. The TLC open day was brilliant. It was a privilege to be able to show potential new families around our fantastic school and tell them how much I love it here. As school captain you have a lot of responsibilities. You have to wear your school uniform with pride. You have to be considerate and kind and respectful of others opinions. I have tried to do all of this to the best of my ability. I had a great time being Primary School Captain in 2012 and will remember this year forever. Thank you to Mr Armstrong, Mrs Lollback and Laura Johnston for your support. I hope that the Primary School Captains for 2013 have as much fun as I did. I encourage all students, both boys and girls to consider a leadership role in the future. It will take you out of your comfort zone but it is a real blast.


House reports Kumbarchu

Kathryn Jenkins

Kumbarchu homeroom students have faced many tests and challenges and have responded with resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude. One of the highlights include the “Kumarbchu Kup-Kake Sale” in Term 1 which helped to raise funds for the re-adoption of the Kumbarchu orang-utan Carlos in Indonesia. Proceeds helped to ensure Carlos will continue to receive the care and attention he requires to live a safe and happy life. Next was the athletics carnival in Term 2. While the energy and passion for winning were evident, 2012 was not the year for Kumbarchu to hoist the house champion trophy. Better luck next year guys, keep your heads up.

Lara Joubert

The Fun-Run and Fair in Term 3 gave Kumbarchu the chance to exhibit a passion for business and plants that few knew they had. We were responsible for running the Plant and Flower stall at the Fair and the day was a huge success. Not only were we able to secure donations from various vendors around the local area, but we were able to get a better idea for how running a business and being responsible for the outcome of a project feels and learnt a lot about entrepreneurship on the whole. It was a very fun and successful day and Kumbarchu would like to thank the volunteers and the TLCCA for their tireless efforts in organizing the event. Have a great summer Kumbarchu and we will see you back here in 2013 for the even bigger and better year.

Hannah Jenkins

Mr Tyler McCluskey Kumbarchu Homeroom Teacher


Lauren Hodson

Kittabilla has had an exciting year. The students proudly represented their house during the athletics carnival. They maintained an optimistic attitude and tried their best in every event. The students were involved in the Fun Run and TLC Fair, where they showed off their culinary skills, by baking cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats to sell. The stall was a great success and I’d like to thank the TLCCA, all family members and friends involved as well as the Kittabilla students for all your hard work and dedication. The Kittabilla spirit was evident during the TLC Foundation Day as Kittabilla students arrived dressed in yellow and ready to represent their house in the day’s events. Hannah Goodwin successfully led the Kittabilla students in the dance event and the Kittabilla war cry. The students demonstrated the true Kittabilla spirit during the relay event, where the senior students supported the younger students through to the finish line.

Hannah Goodwin

Abby-Maree Waterton


This year we were fortunate enough to welcome new members into the Kittabilla House and over the course of the year new friendships were formed and existing friendships strengthened. I’d like to congratulate the Kittabilla students for their effort this year – particularly to the students who counted the Coles vouchers during their free time. I would also like to congratulate Mrs Lauren Veling on the birth of her baby boy. Have a safe and happy summer break Kittabilla! Ms Katrina Ash Kittabilla Homeroom teacher

House reports Tabbil It has been another fantastic year for Tabbil. Our students have been enthusiastically engaged in their education, champions of the sporting arena, accomplished musicians, creative thespians, articulate debaters’ and model ambassadors for the College. Tabbil started the sporting year on a high, winning the inter-house Cross Country trophy, with every house member contributing by doing their very best to complete the gruelling course. We are not a house that rests on its laurels and we continued on our merry way again winning the Athletics trophy as well. This is a trophy that Tabbil has held for six out of the past seven years. With such success it is not surprising that we have also had a large number of our house represent the College at both district and regional level in all sports. It could be easy to think that we might be a bit one dimensional after all that success, but our house members have also been involved in the wonderful “Suessical” production that so entertained the packed audience. Tabbilians have entertained the College in the band and choirs. They have debated against more experienced opposition and won. It has been a great team effort this year in all our endeavours. We look forward to 2013 and the challenge of maintaining our proud traditions. Mr Geoff Elliott Tabbil Homeroom Teacher

Timothy Jackson

Khushbu Tailor

Ally Sparks

Nyani This year, Nyani came out in a blur of red and smiling faces. Led by Jordan Baird (Nyani Captain) and Callum Aitken (Nyani Vice Captain), we came into the year with one goal – participation. The response was outstanding. With a tremendous spirit generated, Nyani has had a very successful year, not so much in a sporting sense, but in our development as a Homeroom. To be part of Nyani Homeroom is to be part of a ‘family’ who always tries their hardest, encourages each other, prays together, and supports each other fully. Homeroom is where the day begins and ends, and the bonds and friendships made this year have gone from strength to strength. We’ve laughed together, cried together and celebrated each other’s successes together. What more could one want from a Homeroom? This year was full of many highlights and memorable experiences for every member of the Nyani Homeroom. From our Foundation Day dance to our Book Week costumes, from the Cross Country Carnival to the Athletics Carnival, we have shown our spirit. Nyani showed their dedication and determination yet again at this year’s TLC Fun Run and Fair taking great delight in choosing the flavours, making the signs and running the extremely busy snow cone stall. While our snow cone form was not always consistent, we had a good time running the stall and working as a team. I would like to thank Nyani for their efforts, enthusiasm, spirit, and for being such a wonderful Homeroom. I have no doubt that we will grow even more in the coming years. Mrs Teagan Dare Nyani Homeroom Teacher

Jordan Baird

Callum Aitken

Tylin Clemson Edmonds


College Captains & Primary Captains


House & Vice Captains

Back Row: Mr Simon Armstrong, Timothy Jackson, Kathryn Jenkins, Mrs Sharon Lollback Front Row: Rory Aitken, Laura Johnston

Back Row: Mr Simon Armstrong, Hannah Goodwin, Lauren Hodson, Courtney Schuller, Jordan Baird, Stephanie Dunell, Callum Aitken, Mrs Sharon Lollback Front Row: Tylin Clemson-Edmonds, Hannah Jenkins, Khushbu Tailor, Lara Joubert, Abby-Maree Waterton, Ally Sparks

Prep L

Prep C


Year 1K


Year 1M

Year 1/2S

Year 2A


Year 2V


Year 3A

Year 3/4O

Year 4S


Year 4P


Year 5/6B

Year 5/6H

Year 5/6C


Year 7


Year 8

Year 9

Year 10


Year 11


Kumbarchu Home Room

Nyani Home Room

Back Row: Adam Tocknell, Nicole Nicholson, Mateo Fernandez-Leal, Raevyn Tomlinson, Courtney Schuller 2nd Row: Tyler McCluskey, Savannah Schuller, Wessel Brughuis, Bryce Johansen, Tayler Mole, Kathryn Jenkins, Courtenay Brown Front Row: Crystal Hammond, Olivia Ashworth, Lara Joubert, Eimear O’Reilly, Caprice Carter, Emily Quick, Orlagh O’Reilly Absent: Jonathon McDonald, Amber Rooke, Mitchell Rooke

Back Row: Ricardo Joia, Corey McLaren, Laura Jarvis, Elecia Duly, Brooke Arbon, Callum Aitken, Dilan Dharmapriya, Aiden Leicester 2nd Row: Ciarah Wiki, Connor Gibbs, Drew Gibson, Jordan Baird, Rhys Beijnon, Jordan Fonua, Sarah Beijnon Front Row: Clare Johnston, Shelby Olbertz, Rachel Walker, Kate Alexander, Victoria Stephens, Alexis Young, Olivia Morrissey, Brittany Baird Absent: Emma Howitt, Mrs Teagan Dare

Tabbil Home Room

Kittabilla Home Room

Back Row: Ty Walker, Joshua Lapalmer, William Anderson, Zara Orr, Olivia Abbott, Haydn Forde-Price, Ryan Fergusson 2nd Row: Mr Geoff Elliott, Gail Bernardez, Levi Walker, Sarah Bierman, Christopher Bierman, Gideon Bernardez, Timothy Jackson, Michael Casio, Brad Carter Front Row: Sarah Muscari, Eleanor Vincent, Seerat Sawhney, Katija Easton, Stephanie Dunell, Monica Casio, Isabella Leslie, Sophia Chinasing, Khushbu Tailor Absent: Ida Chen

Back Row: Ellie Goodwin, Hayden Ewart, Samuel Braganza, Josie Bevis, Lauren Hodson 2nd Row: Mrs Katrina Ash, Shaun Vincent-Davison, Thomas Parkinson, Luis Aguilera Salas, Harrison Palmer, Torryn Braganza, Delaney Harrison Front Row: Taylor Edmonds, Isabella Warrener, Allanah Oliva, Lucy Duckworth, Abbey Solly, Hannah Goodwin, Kristin Hodson Absent: Ali Sinclair, Kiara Stone, Kashmir Knights


Junior Choir


Senior Choir

Back Row: Isabella Mahon, Emily Lipscombe, Emmanuelle Hutt, Jessica Barnes, Georgia Geiszler, Ella Hethorn, Olivia Henderson 3rd Row: Ella Harding, Kayden Scott, Therese Moore, Lily Brennan, Georgia Hagger, Sahra Peterson, Kayla Salomon, Nicole Watt, Lucy Kendrick, Emily Cacciola 2nd Row: Mrs Wendy Johnston, Elizabeth Rowland, Remy Keys, Radha Raj, Hannah Robinson, Nashua Pettit, Tegan Falconer, Madison Newbery, Emilie Borg, Mackenzie Fitzgerald, Poppie Carey Front Row: Mirriny Waller, Kahlia Reiri, Catalina Fernandez-Leal, Kira Wang, Joshua Robinson, Anna Vincent, Finny Raymond, Hana Peacock, Piper Terry, Shanna Heath, Brianna Colley

Back Row: Laura Johnston, Hannah Ballantyne, Khushbu Tailor, Clare Johnston, Abby-Maree Waterton, Hannah Quick 2nd Row: Mrs Wendy Johnston, Aeryn Curtis, Lara Joubert, Isabella Leslie, Nicole Nicholson, Lucy Duckworth, Emily Quick Front Row: Sarah Zande, Danielle Elliott, Jordan Hubbard, Amy Wells, Twyla Knights, Lilyanna Meale, Emily Ashworth Absent: Kashmir Knights, Emma Howitt

Boys Choir

Back Row: Drew Shay, Thomas Parkinson, Callum Aitken, Hunter Nelson Front Row: Luke McLaurin, Rory Aitken, Blake Bostock

Singing Club

Back Row: Shawn Wilson, Riley Bell, Hannah Driscoll, Caitlin Olivier, Haley Berridge, Aerin Schafferius, Ivy Boothroyd, Samuel Middlecoat, Cooper Tate 2nd Row: Amelia Wright, Poppy-Mae Meale, Kirra Davy, Darcy Tate, Tailah Clemson-Edmonds, Sienna Russell, Elouisa Hutt, Kyla Eastman, Ella Perry-Aburn, Madeleine Borg Front Row: Amy Butcher, Isobel Williams, Amisha Tailor, Arianna Scotton, Phoebe-Maree Waterton, Macy Keys, Ivy Anderson, Sarah Bell, Brianna Borg


Primary String Ensemble


Secondary String Ensemble

Back Row: Gowri Manesh, Sivani Dandu, Shan Wadham, Callum Washington, Remi Raymond Front Row: Laura Johnston, Keely Reese, Jack Tocknell, Hunter Gammel, Ernan Smith, Lilyanna Meale

Back Row: Abbey Solly, Kate Alexander Front Row: Clare Johnston, Eleanor Vincent, Rhys Beijnon, Sophia Chinasing, Emily Quick Absent: Kashmir Knights

Primary Concert Band

Back Row: Mr John Gynther, Max Fletcher, Bertrum Speirs, Rory Aitken, Ethan Waller, Drew Shay, Luke McLaurin, Nathan Smith, Benjamin Quick 2nd Row: James Cacciola, Emily Lipscombe, Abby-Maree Waterton, Kyle Speirs, Elvio Wang, Tylin Clemson-Edmonds, Rachel Brookes, Hannah Quick, Ethan Carlson Front Row: Tegan Falconer, Emily Ashworth, Georgia Tocknell, Emily Cacciola, Jordan Hubbard, Sarah Zande, Isabelle Churchill, Georgia Hagger

Secondary Concert Band

Back Row: Gideon Bernardez, Nicole Nicholson, Timothy Jackson Front Row: Olivia Ashworth, Dilan Dharmapriya, Thomas Parkinson, Adam Tocknell, Haydn Forde-Price Absent: Emma Howitt


TLC Dancers


Chinese Extension

Back Row: Danielle Elliott, Rosie Orr, Emily Lipscombe, Rachel Brookes, Ella Hethorn, Mackenzie Dupuy, Jordan Hubbard 2nd Row: Hannah Quick, Kayleigh Williams, Mollie McHugh, Bella Turner, Amara Richardson, Shan Wadham, Abby-Maree Waterton, Laura Johnston Front Row: Ella Harding, Isabelle Churchill, Emily Cacciola, Lilyanna Meale, Caleb Richardson, Sarah Zande, Amelia Jarvis, Georgia Tocknell, Emily Ashworth Absent: Alexia Scotton, Amy Wells

Back Row: Ernan Smith, Khushbu Tailor, Aeryn Curtis, James Cacciola, Mollie McHugh, Clare Johnston, Jake Duckworth 2nd Row: Mrs Simone Han-Harvey, Eleanor Vincent, Olivia Ashworth, Callum Aitken, Abbey Solly, Elecia Duly, Kristin Hodson, Emily Quick, Harrison Palmer Front Row: Georgia Tocknell, Michela Doran, Rory Aitken, Hannah Quick, Drew Shay, Laura Johnston, Lilyanna Meale

Primary Debating Team

Year 8 Debating

Back Row: Drew Shay, Jake Duckworth, Ethan Waller, Alexander King 2nd Row: Laura Johnston, Ernan Smith, Sivani Dandu, Kyle Speirs, Hannah Quick Front Row: Tanisha Woolacott, Kane Street, Hunter Nelson, Blake Bostock, Rory Aitken, Luke McLaurin, Gowri Manesh

Left to right: Clare Johnston, Callum Aitken, Connor Gibbs, Delaney Harrison, Khushbu Tailor


Year 9 Debating

TLC Cricket 68

Left to right: Lara Joubert, Ellie Goodwin, Mateo Fernandez-Leal, Lucy Duckworth

Back Row: Mr Maurice Bloomfield, Alexander King, Timothy Jenkins, Luke McLaurin, James Dagnall, Koby Radford, Benjamin King, Hunter Nelson, Colby Bostock, Nathan Smith 2nd Row: Braithan Neylon, Tylin Clemson-Edmonds, Ethan Carlson, Adam Tocknell, Thomas Parkinson, Hayden Ewart, Quinten Catherall, Ernan Smith, Parth Thaker, Blake Bostock Front Row: Jack Tocknell, Luke Williams, Hunter Gammel, Ethan Shay, Tanisha Woolacott, Danielle Elliott, Gowri Manesh, Kyle Elliott, Nicholas McLaurin, Jishnu Manesh Absent: Matthew Murray

District Swimming

Back Row: Adam Tocknell, Nicole Nicholson, Amara Richardson, Christopher Bierman, Timothy Jackson, Lauren Hodson, Seerat Sawhney Front Row: Hannah Robinson, Emily Ashworth, Abby-Maree Waterton, Samuel Cantarella, James Cacciola, Drew Shay, Tanisha Woolacott

District Athletics

Back Row: Elvio Wang, Corey McLaren, Manil Nit, Thomas Parkinson, Michael Casio, Bryce Johansen, Drew Gibson, Christopher Bierman, Gideon Bernardez, Connor Gibbs, Timothy Jackson, Luis Aguilera Salas, Brad Carter, Callum Aitken, Adam Tocknell, Samuel Cantarella 3rd Row: Mrs Kristy Cacciola, Isabella Leslie, Nicole Nicholson, Amara Richardson, Lauren Hodson, Raevyn Tomlinson, Courtenay Brown, Ciarah Wiki, Sarah Beijnon, Sarah Bierman, Elecia Duly, Delaney Harrison, Zara Orr, Brooke Arbon, Gail Bernardez, Stephanie Dunell, Bella Turner, Mr Geoff Elliott 2nd Row: Remi Raymond, Bertrum Speirs, Rory Aitken, Luke Hanna, Ricardo Joia, Joseph Brown, Cooper Gibbs, Sophia Chinasing, Seerat Sawhney, Quinten Catherall, Tylin Clemson-Edmonds, Mitchell Harding, Andrew Speirs, Ben Morrissey, Luke McLaurin, Max Fletcher Front Row: Tanisha Woolacott, Danielle Elliott, Ella Hethorn, Rachel Brookes, Sheree Wadham, Kristin Hodson, Allanah Oliva, Olivia Ashworth, Mollie McHugh, Emmanuelle Hutt, Abby Chern, Marine Van Der Wath, Emily Ashworth, Hannah Robinson


District Cross Country

Musical 70

Back Row: Sophia Chinasing, Isabella Leslie, Nicole Nicholson, Amara Richardson, Luis Aguilera Salas, Zara Orr, Gail Bernardez, Bella Turner, Seerat Sawhney 3rd Row: Mrs Kristy Cacciola, Cooper Gibbs, Mollie McHugh, Eleanor Vincent, Olivia Ashworth, Kristin Hodson, Callum Aitken, Sheree Wadham, Adam Tocknell, Mr Geoff Elliott 2nd Row: Bertrum Speirs, Ally Sparks, Ben Morrissey, Luke Hanna, Andrew Speirs, Kyle Speirs, Tylin Clemson-Edmonds, Ricardo Joia, Emily Ryan, Cambell Cousins, Luke McLaurin Front Row: Remi Raymond, Emily Ashworth, Louis Chinasing, Max Fletcher, Sarah Zande, Mackenzie Dupuy, Danielle Elliott, Gowri Manesh, Tanisha Woolacott

Back Row: Mateo Fernandez-Leal, Ellie Goodwin, Kathryn Jenkins, Timothy Jackson, Tayler Mole, Sarah Beijnon, Delaney Harrison, Thomas Parkinson 3rd Row: Khushbu Tailor, Olivia Ashworth, Kristin Hodson, Lucy Duckworth, Callum Aitken, Kate Alexander, Lara Joubert, Brittany Baird 2nd Row: Mrs Wendy Johnston, Kane Street, Rory Aitken, Tylin Clemson-Edmonds, Hannah Ballantyne, Emily Quick, Hannah Jenkins, Cooper Gibbs, Mitchell Harding, Hunter Nelson, Ms Leesa Harris, Miss Meagan Clohesy Front Row: Lilyanna Meale, Tomei Dolezal, Twyla Knights, Hannah Quick, Taylor Edmonds, Mollie McHugh, Clare Johnston, Laura Johnston, Ally Sparks, Danielle Elliott, Tanisha Woolacott Absent: Kashmir Knights

Netball Smarty Pants

Back Row: Jasmine Harrison, Benjamin Quick, Rosie Orr, Emily Ashworth Front Row: Alexandra Scott, Amber Taylor, Poppie Carey

Netball Sugar Rush

Back Row: Hannah Quick, Olivia Ashworth, Hannah Jenkins, Shan Wadham, Emily Quick Front Row: Isabelle Churchill, Lilyanna Meale, Laura Johnston, Clare Johnston, Twyla Knights, Georgia Tocknell

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