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The Los Angeles Fashion magazine June 2012 Editor-in- Chief Csaba Fikker

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Contributors Audrey Nguyen Csaba Fikker Derek Girdhani Emily Bush Julianna Maranon Kai He Meghan Wilson Shari Baier Staci Adams Photographer Audrey Nguyen Csaba Fikker Kai He Scott Naide Advertising Artin Aghamelian 818-850 2280

Editor's Note Los Angeles, The City of Angels, a city with much influence on the world and its culture. Los Angeles, home to Rodeo Drive, movie stars, the largest manufacturing industry in the US (the Garment District ) and a colorful and wide range of subcultures. Los Angeles and Southern California have more impact on fashion trends, music and pop culture than most want to give it credit for. The reality is you move here to become famous, and if you want to sell high end clothing, jewelry and accessories, you open a shop on Rodeo Drive. The fact is when you are wearing Oakley sunglasses, Betsey Johnson skirts, surfing, riding your BMX bike or just watched a movie that inspired the way you dress for your evening date, you have been under our influence. Los Angeles and Southern California had its impact on you. I have been sitting on the idea of launching a fashion publication for close to a decade. It never made much sense to me that Los Angeles is on the sidelines when it comes to the fashion world. Literally, we have everything right here, from the very high end Haute Couture to the trendy subcultures. It’s movie stars and rock stars who sell most brands nowdays, and most live here in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Fashion magazine vows to stay green by printing a limited number of high quality print issues with our main focus being digital delivery. With our digital editions available in May on Apple NewsStand, a leader in digital publication, we will be among the leading fashion magazines to adopt this platform. This will give us instant reach to millions of readers around the world as we continue to bring to you a high quality magazine. We are delighted to bring to you our second issue covering the 2012 Fall /Winter lines from LAFW and NYFW. We will be releasing one more special edition in August before going monthly in October 2012. All these editions will be available in print, digital download and on Apple Newsstand starting in October. Csaba Fikker

SKINEEZ by Clothes for a Cause Every girl is always trying to figure out a way to slim out the muffin top and not-so-toned parts of her body, but how can we do it and still be sexy and fashionable? Well ladies, fear not, Skineez have arrived. These sexy slimming and healthy, yes healthy undergarments are the latest in fashion and health. Skineez is not your typical brand of slimming undergarments. Featured on the hit TV show “The Doctors” and worn by major celebrities, this revolutionary line of undergarments is doctor recommended and endorsed by plastic surgeons and orthopedic doctors for its health benefits and firming qualities. Skineez founder Michelle Moran wanted to create a line of clothing that makes the wearer “look good, feel good, and do good,” so she did just that. Skineez healthcare wear is infused with a variety of toning, sculpting and firming ingredients including retinol, red algae extract, vitamin E, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and rose hip oil. The unique mixture of these and other ingredients help to firm, smooth and moisturize the skin without all the mess of the ointments and firming creams typical of a woman’s daily routine, to remove that unwanted cellulite and improve the less-than-firm parts of her body.


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

photography by Csaba Fikker & Kai He JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


On average, Skineez skincare wear boasts an amazing 19% increase in firmness in clinical studies. Just recently, I wore my first pair of Skineez and was amazed at the slimming qualities and the comfort. My clothing fit better and unlike other slimming garments I have tried in the past, I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them. The fabric is so soft against the skin that I even slept in them a few times. With the lacey trimmed ankles, the reversible leggings are so versatile, they’re wearable with a skirt or dress or under a pair of jeans which, by the way, Skineez also makes. Skineez Jeanz are a classic boot-cut denim with the same healthy and slimming qualities as their undergarments; these truly are skinny jeans. So how does it work? The Skineez undergarments you purchase, whether they be leggings, bras, panties, or camisoles, are pre-treated with Skintex, the slimming solution mentioned earlier - and garments also come with extra slimming spray. By simply wearing the garment, you absorb all the skinnourishing ingredients necessary to improve your skin’s smoothness and firmness. That’s it, simple, right? After about ten washes, you simply apply the Skintex to the wet garment and voila, you have once again infused your Skineez with the beneficial qualities Skintex provides. The more you wear them, the more results you see. by Shari Baier photography by Kai He and Csaba Fikker


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Dina Bar-El Born in Germany and raised in Israel, former model Dina Bar-El knew from an early age that she one day wanted to create beautiful things. Last night’s collection was a testament to the fact that she most definitely accomplished her dream and life-long goal. Her collection opened with a rich, gold cocktail dress, satin on top, and fitted stretch-through-the-knee paired with the perfect skinny belt. Every look that followed was even more elegant than the next. Figure-flattering, strapless and one-shoulder, structured, satin gowns in classic jewel tones and various lengths along with chantilly lace cocktail dresses in black and navy blue graced the runway, evoking oohs and aahs from the captivated audience. Also shown was a very on-trend, hi-low hem-style dress with houndstooth print and black satin, jewel-adorned bustier. It was, in my opinion, a flirty, vibrant and very fresh approach to evening wear. Dina’s dresses are sure to make countless red carpet appearances. What’s best is they’re also fitting for a fun night out on the town or your next big important event. Regardless of where one wears a piece by Dina Bar-El, you’re sure to make a statement. Her creations are the absolute epitome of glamour and all proudly made in the U.S.A. It’s no wonder that Dina’s exquisite gowns have been worn by Hollywood’s elite, including Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Regina King, Fergie and many others. With over thirty years in the fashion industry and thirteen years specializing in strictly designing evening wear for the “after five” market, as she describes it, everything she presents is precisely fitted to the sensuous female silhouette and gets better and better every season. Her masterpieces, in short, are impeccably marvelous. “There is so much passion in a dress,” Bar-El said. “As women, we see a dress and we feel that we have got to have it. There’s something sentimental about it. We fall in love.” Her words positively ring true, as we’ve all fallen head over heels in love with this collection. To see and find out more of Dina Bar-El’s collection, visit her website at by Julianna Maranon photography by Csaba Fikker JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Gossip Girl by Romeo and Juliet Couture Interview with Designer David Shamouelian Inspired by The CWs TV series “Gossip Girl,” Romeo & Juliet Couture created a line of outerwear that looks great for a reasonable price, says designer David Shamouelian. The 2012 collection revealed at Sunset Gower Studios during LA Fashion week had a wide range of clothing from vests to dresses to pants. After seeing the Gossip Girl Collection, I wanted to find out more about “Gossip Girl,” Romeo & Juliet Couture and the designer behind it all, David Shamouelian. So after the show I introduced myself and we had an all-too -brief discussion about the line and his inspiration, but I wanted to know more. So I interviewed him again and want to share the interview with you, our readers. Q: How did you get your start in fashion? Shamouelian: I am the fourth generation in the fashion business; my great-grandfather used to import and export fabrics to Iran. My grandfather was one of the major importers of men’s and women’s finest fabrics from Europe to Iran at the time of the shah’s regime. My father had a few businesses during the same time importing fabrics, and manufacturing and retailing women’s and children’s clothing. Once we immigrated to the USA, my father started ladies’ clothing manufacturing in NYC and I started to work with him during summer and any free time I had to learn the business. My father had me started in shipping to learn every aspect of the business rather than starting from the top, being the boss’s son. I used to sneak to the designing room and talk to the pattern makers and designers to learn about fashion and direction of the trends; not only did I learn about fashion and merchandising, I also learned the business side of it as well. Q: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? Shamouelian: I always had an interest in clothes and developed a taste in my own clothing, plus picking clothes for my mother and my sister. Once I started working with my dad I couldn’t think of anything else.

Q: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? Shamouelian: When I graduated high school I felt I was ready to have my own company, since I went to Parsons for two years at night to learn more about fashion and merchandising. During 11th and 12th grade I used to take the train from Long Island every day after school to go to Parsons. My dad felt I was ready to have my own business so he backed me up and then I started to design. Q: What does fashion mean to you? Shamouelian: The clothes we wear represent our aura; our external being, so the designer knowingly or unknowingly affects people’s lives. Q: Your ashion icon? Shamouelian: Dolce & Gabbana for not being afraid to make a statement and standing behind it. Q: What made you decide to create a collection based on a TV show, the “Gossip Girl” line? Shamouelian: A friend of mine who works with Warner Bros. and also loves Romeo & Juliet Couture thought it would be a perfect match; Warner Bros. contacted us and we made the deal. Q: How would you define the style that Gossip Girl Collection and Romeo & Juliet Couture exemplify? The differences? Shamouelian: The Romeo & Juliet Couture line is about monthly delivery of great fashion and trends and Gossip Girl Collection is more focused on the characters of the show and their lifestyles. Q: New trends you are working on? Shamouelian: For Fall, it’s about embellishments, leather, color blocking and fur. Q: What are your favorite fabrics to work with? Shamouelian: We work a lot with viscose blends and poly blends, silks, leather which each one in their own way best expresses the fashion trends. Q: How would you define Los Angeles’s fashion style/scene? Shamouelian: Glamourous and casual combined. Q: Any advice for aspiring fashion designers? Shamouelian: Be yourself and stand for what you believe in. Q: What matters to you most as a designer? Shamouelian: That the end consumer enjoys wearing our clothes and keeps coming back for more. That means we are doing something right. Q: What can the readers look forward to? Shamouelian: All I can say if you are looking for the latest trends and you can’t find them other than designer price points, look for our collections. by Shari Baier Photography by Kai He JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



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Lizzi Parker 2012 collection LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios culminated with a bang March 18th as designer Lizzie Parker showcased her Fall 2012 line of rocker chic-meets-modern knitwear. Parker, who can be seen on the hot new NBC show “Fashion Star,” says of her cutting-edge designs, “It’s rocker mom meets soccer mom.” Inspired by her love of heavy metal, Parker’s collection flirts with rock and roll styles and textures influenced by ‘80s metal bands and grunge gurus Nirvana. The Fall 2012 Collection delivers the classic workable wardrobe of Lizzie Parker with a rocker edge. Onlookers were treated to an array of modern, innovative, and lust-worthy pieces including the wax black Lizzie seamed legging, which is Parker’s personal favorite from the collection. “Not your everyday, everyday wear,” as Parker calls it, the line features form-fitting leggings, sultry tunic dresses, flattering pencil skirts and multifunction tops that look every bit as comfortable as they are fashionable. Utilizing a classic color palette of ivory, violet, mustard, burgundy and black pieces, this collection easily transitions from the office, to dinner with friend or an evening on the town - without missing a beat. For Fall 2012, Parker’s garments feature unique wax coating and pigment spray treatments that give the clothes a slightly distressed rocker edge, while still being approachable. These effortless pieces are made to mix and match and the models rocked the runway ensembles with boots, wedges and heels creating a new and different look each time. Parker’s latest collection embodies sexy sophistication mixed with effortless ease, creating uncommon pieces suitable for any occasion. by Emily Bush


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

photography by Scott Naide JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Vilorija A surrealistic glimpse of what fashion will surely look like in the future was presented to those who attended LA Fashion Weekend’s much-anticipated kickoff in March 2012 at Hollywood’s Sunset Gower Studios. The designer responsible for this futuristic collection is Jelena Vujanovic, who was born in Belgrade and has studied fashion at St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, England. In 2007 she successfully presented a collection called “For All Tomorrow’s Parties,” named after The Velvet Underground and Nico’s hit record (Jelena’s favorite band and where she draws much of her inspiration), for her label Vilorija during Belgrade Fashion Week. The following year, Jelena graduated from the prestigious Fashion Academy Studio Berçot in Paris, France, where she now works and resides. This year Jelena was invited to debut her Fall/Winter 2012 Collection for Vilorija, with a presentation she calls “I’ll be Your Mirror,” named after the song Lou Reed penned for the famed The Velvet Underground and Nico. Her vision depicted a space age, ultra-modern take on fashion which she was happy to share in the city she has grown so fond of, Los Angeles. Jelena has been diligently perfecting her line and it is evident that her hard work has produced stellar, innovative results. In Jelena’s words her collection symbolizes “Mirror’s reflections, romance, fairy tales and modern architecture.” Her strategically chosen color palette of romantic red, reflective silver and rich black was ingenius and provided plenty of contrast with added soft, feminine, eyelet and lace embellishments, aqueous lamè and lush velvet fabric for texture. The collection’s opening piece was a strapless, silver lamè and black lace, a perfect-fora-party dress. The added tulle petticoat gave it a flirty and sexy edge while keeping the look fun and youthful. A black, sleeveless, equally whimsical dress followed and was adorned with metallic silver bows throughout and featured a daring, lowcut back – also paired with a petticoat, to give it that ultra feminine touch. The looks that followed were form-fitting, figure-flattering, spandex, lycra and lamè dresses and unitards which donned reflective appliquès, metallic buttons and pearls. Viewers were also treated to flowing, dreamy ensembles detailed with intricate lace in red chiffon and gorgeous black velvet. These looks were definitely considered to be the romantic aspect of the collection and coincidentally were my absolute favorites. Every piece Jelena presented was unique and truly brought the designer’s vision to life. In closing, when Jelena walked the runway to greet the crowd that had just witnessed her amazing work, the look of pride and gratitude she exuded was very touching. Los Angeles is proud to have hosted her brilliance and we’re all definintely looking forward to seeing much more of Vilorija.

written by Julianna Maranon Photography by Scott Naide

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

Betsey Johnson

by Julianna Maranon

Betsey’s 2012 F/W Collection was unveiled to a standing room in March at the LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios. The place was packed with revelers who were undoubtedly eager to witness what the non-conventional designer had in store for 2012. Needless to say, the roar and applause from the enthusiastic crowd made it evident that she definitely did not disappoint! The entire collection proved to be just as stunning as its fabulous opening number and offered an array of rich colors and fabrics with each look boasting everyday-glam galore and of course, were all paired with doses of ultra-feminine funky – which is omnipresent when it comes to the avant-garde Betsey Johnson. Models strutted down the runway in sky-high pompadours and were clad in bows, sweetheart necklines, leopard print, ruffled skirts, floral print flowing dresses, tulle skirts, and striped pieces along with fun, patterned tights – which are all the rage this year. Every look gave the collection a very rockabilly feel and usage of skull imagery paired with ballerina, layered tulle skirts added a modern-day twist. Betsey’s signature handbags, scarves and jewelry doused each presentation with the crowning touch. All sixteen looks had a hint of sexiness, which every woman longs for when dressing for any occasion. Nothing too revealing, but just right – which invokes Betsey’s famous words, “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! With over forty years in the business, Betsey Johnson is a fashion veteran who has seen many trends come and go, but has never faltered from being on the cutting edge. Her unique designs transcend time, never cease to be cheerful and constantly challenge the rigid. Bravo and kudos to Betsey for delivering a collection that screams bubbly and timeless, much like the designer herself.

Photography by Csaba Fikker

We can’t wait to see what Betsey’s got up her metallic sleeve for next year.

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion




2012 collection By Shari Baier The first designer of the night this past Saturday at Sunset Gower Fashion Weekend 2012 was Ashlee Brooks debuting her 2012 Fall Collection. Founded in 2009, hailing from Dallas Texas, Ashlee Brooks is a fast-rising name in fashion. The rich colors, sheer flowing fabrics and sexy designs were a definite crowd pleaser. The first dress on the runway was a sheer silk and chiffon burgundy high-low dress, a surefire way to pull in the crowd. With its strapless bust, empire waist, and very sheer flowing skirt, this dress was the ultimate in sexy. This collection of Ashlee Brooks’ sultry high-low burgundy dresses from the mini, perfect for a cocktail party, and the tea length, for a more formal event, were fairytale-esque with that mischievous twist her designs beckon. The ruffled, ruched and layered burgundy mini dresses followed and naturally, the staple of any woman’s wardrobe, the very mini A-line LBD with a high neckline. This LBD is super short and super sexy, yet has a definite elegance making it a must-have for any woman. The palazzo pant is back! The flowing high-waist burgundy pants accented by a skinny double belt were teamed with a high-neck grey tank revealing minimal midriff, making this a sophisticated style that can be worn almost anywhere. The black palazzos were paired with a high-low grey tank with a scooped back, matching in sophistication its burgundy counterpart. The collection included riding pants and riding jackets as well. The black riding pants accented by leather trim are a perfect fit. The riding pants were complimented by a black riding jacket with padded shoulders and high-low trim while boasting a cutaway waist, giving it an incredibly regal feel. This outfit is sure to make any girl confident and proud. Another riding coat was paired with mid-thigh black shorts while a black frock with grey sleeves was anything but traditional - this dress was contemporary and super-chic. Ashlee Brooks recently raised over $5,000 on kickstarter. com for her 2013 Winter collection from devoted admirers of her fashions and believers in her business sense. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. Her mission is “to create innovative, high quality, effortless fashion that encompasses all facets of a women’s life.” With her unique style of elegant femininity, Ashlee Brooks is certainly on our list of designers to watch. For more information on this emerging designer, visit her website at


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

Photography by Csaba Fikker JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



Photography by Scott Naide

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

ALEXIS by Tal Sheyn written by Emily Bush Alexis by Tal Sheyn kicked off the final runway show of LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios on March 18th showcasing a beautiful collection of couture gowns and evening wear. Inspired by Alexis Bellino of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and created by renowned designer Tal Sheyn, this eye-catching line for Fall 2012 turned heads and left runway-goers wanting more. Glitter, sequin and sparkle illuminated the runway as models flaunted dazzling pieces from the collection highlighting sexy silhouettes and flirty fabrics. Bright colors energized the runway and models looked stunning in such memorable pieces as a fishtail-cut silver cocktail dress complete with flowing train and long translucent sleeves accentuated with gold detailing. “I had a vision, and I went with it,” says Bellino of her partnership with Sheyn in creating this glamorous line.

The vision for this collection came from Bellino’s love of Sheyn’s unique designs as well as her desire to create attire that featured detailed customization, embellishments, and flirty accents. Motivated by her love of fashion and tired of reworking all her clothes, Bellino partnered with Sheyn, a favorite designer of hers for years, to create their gorgeous Fall 2012 collection. “I want every woman no matter her size to feel sexy, elegant and classy in our garments,” says Bellino of the line. Quality, enchantment and sex appeal merge to create one of a kind looks that are sure to be the go to piece in any woman’s wardrobe. For next season’s 2013 collection, expect to see Alexis by Tal Sheyn featuring a wider array of elegant eveningwear and expanding their line with items of casual couture. JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


ALEXIS by Tal Sheyn 28

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


SARAHI house of fashion

Sarahi House of Fashion is a Miamibased company. The fresh and stylish new collection debuted at LAFW at Sunset Gower Studios in March. Their signature blue jeans with a red cursive “S” embroidered on one pocket hugged the body perfectly. Paired casually with a pink faux fur coat or white silk blouse with red trim, these jeans look great. For the dressier looks, Sarahi’s new skirts, dresses and pant suits give a modern twist to some classic styles. They range from white pencil skirts paired with three-quarter sleeve blouses to a bold vermilion and gold colorblocked pant suit. In the same color scheme, Sarahi’s 2012 Collection has a fabulously unique gold dress with a onearmed long-sleeve vermilion wrap. For the more formal events, Sarahi has several long gowns. One which really catches the eye is a color-blocked scarlet-and-white vertical-striped dress with a corset top and a bright white faux fur off the shoulder trim. This dress is reminiscent of centuries-old styles but definitely modernized. Not featured at LAFW, but worth mentioning, is Sarahi’s five-in-one cream wedding dress. This dress has a corseted top and a straight bottom which can be worn with or without a long silk train. However, it also has a detachable tulle skirt embroidered with delicate flowers which can be worn with or without a long train. There is also a silver five-in-one wedding gown available. written by Shari Baier Photography by Scott Naide and Csaba Fikker


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


MARCH 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion




JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Autumn Sonata 2012 Fall Collection What was initially conceived as a small function to launch Sue Wong’s Fall 2012 Collection blossomed, in her signature fashion, into a grand luncheon and interactive debut. On March 20th, the designer opened her private gated atelier in Los Angeles to a crowd of 250, including entertainers Taylor Armstrong and Bai Ling. The invitees were privy to a visual feast of Gothic-inspired gowns, short dresses and separates, collectively titled “Autumn Sonata.” The bulk of the preparation had been relegated to the few days or even hours leading up to the event, as a casual affair had been the original intention. Yet every detail was addressed with a thoroughness that maximized the comfort of the guests and the impact of the presentation. From the champagne bar to the tables supporting fully dressed mannequins, surfaces were finished with a light layer of flowers and rhinestones. Each room boasted at least one floral composition. All fifteen had been conceptualized by Wong, who flitted around posing for photographs and granting interviews in an off-the-shoulder caplet and mermaid gown ensemble. Her office had been set up with a backdrop and jewelry display; the art room converted into a dining area boasting platters of sandwiches and pasta salad. The dessert counter, located in strategic proximity to samples racks, offered sweet alternatives to the hors d’oeuvres. Chicken skewers, mushroom tarts, and chocolate strawberries were artfully arranged on palm fronds the morning of the event. Even the walls received a fresh coat of paint. The consequent feel of springtime revitalization and abundance juxtaposed with the collection’s theme of fall, which Wong described as a reminder “of our own poetic mortality.” With the transformative power of nature as a creative influence, Wong executed a collection unified by its incorporation of extravagant beading and embroidery. Skirts were the predominant individualizing feature: those that came straight down to form a sheath or column dress often continued the motif begun on the bodice, while ones with more volume made use of textured elements such as laser-cut organza, taffeta, feathers, and godets. Offered in seasonally conscious colorways (umber, sienna, green, brown, and gold), the pieces reflected sensitivity to consumer demands. Straps were conveniently adjustable, and several illusion back and yoke options were offered in response to the escalating trend for sheer fabrics. Save one or two dropped-waist flapper dresses, Wong remained faithful to the classically feminine silhouette that enables her mass market success.

2011 The collection’s official introduction to the public came nipping on the heels of its video premiere. It was hard to imagine that only a week prior, the hallway had accommodated a platform constructed specifically for the purpose of staging a virtual fashion show. Dramatically lit and set to a spectacular soundtrack, the segment was directed, filmed, and edited by Steve Kahn for looping on a flat screen during the event. Guests received a DVD copy in their gift bags, among other courtesies from sponsors such as Lolia by Margot Elena and POP Phones. Kahn’s had starred three models in eleven sequences categorized by color. For the occasion, the lineup was narrowed down to nine sequences beginning with “Le Gothique”consisting of vampy reds and blacks - and ending with a breathtaking bridal sequence. Each of five models would get dressed and retouched on the basement level before travelling to the main floor via elevator, which would dispense its dazzling, Villaiwan-accessorized cargo for the viewing pleasure of those in attendance. Rotations were timed such that the models had just enough opportunity to mingle and be admired while perfectly spanning the allotted three hours. Towards the end, actress Brooke Burns celebrated her birthday in spirited company with a red velvet cake and dancing. But as one season gives way to another, so too did the festivities surrender themselves to the dying day. Light bathed the quieting scene in a diffused romantic glow, its interplay with the gowns’ faceted embellishments a dialogue between organically and synthetically enabled beauty. As several guests lingered on into the late afternoon, chatting by the windowsill, only a pane separated them from the trees outside: nature’s designs that would themselves come to bear the mark of autumn. by Audrey Nguyen


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

Photography by Audrey Nguyen & Csaba Fikker

photography by Thomas Concordia 36

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

SACHIKA “IVANKA” - Sachika’s 2012 Fall/Winter collection February 2012, New York, New York- On the most romantic day of the year, February 14th, To-Tam and To-Nya SACHIKA partnered with Style360 to showcase their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection during New York Fashion Week at the Metropolitan Pavilon. Presented by VuMee, this season’s runway show showcased a collection themed: IVANKA: “If We Ever Meet Again.” Inspired by the fictional muse, “IVANKA” created by the SACHIKA TWINS, the collection reflected the style of a mysterious sultry secret agent who is on a mission. This season, SACHIKA used a combination of wool crepe, leather, faux fur, silk chiffon, charmeuse, delicate lace and suede, among other luxurious fabrics, to create their signature cocktail dresses, jackets, and separates. Known for their creative and original runway shows, SACHIKA opened up with a short film directed by actor/director Matias Desiderio. The short film introduced the character of IVANKA and introduced the audience to an exciting world.

This is SACHIKA’s third season presented at Style360 during New York Fashion Week. The collection was styled by respected NYC stylist Becca Alexis, with hair by PR partners and makeup services provided by Beauti Control. Jewelry featured was by New York-based Sequin which has been creating distinctive and directional jewelry for over a decade. Close familial bonds and a shared love of inspired design have created a very unique and authentic partnership. Michael Antonio is the brand of affordable, fastfashion footwear that offers the ultimate shoe value for fashion conscious women around the world. JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


“IVANKA” - Sachika’s 2012 Fall/Winter collection


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

photography by Thomas Concordia JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

OTIS College of Art and Design’s 30th Annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show

Otis College of Art and Design held their 30th Annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday, May 5th, 2012. Held in the opulent International Ballroom (site of the annual Golden Globes ceremony), the evening was a black tie affair with over 800 guests in attendance complete with cocktails, a silent auction, dinner and a runway show. Featuring over 70 models and close to 200 original designs from the junior and senior fashion design class and their mentors, Otis’ show is L.A.’s largest annual runway show. Since 1983, the Scholarship Benefit has raised over $25 million for Otis art and design students. Every year, the benefit also honors companies and individuals who have positively impacted the artistic and design community. This year, the Creative Vision Award went to Christopher Wicks, founder and designer of the label English Laundry. The Otis Legacy Award went to Rosemary Brantley, founder of the Otis Fashion Design program, and Elaine Goldsmith, founder of the Otis Scholarship Benefit and an Otis Trustee Chair Emerita. Other attendees included Cameron Silver of Decades, Kristi McKnight of Quiksilver, designer Trina Turk, costume designer Bob Mackie, Ariela Shani of Neiman Marcus, Carolyn Mahboubi of Gucci and Otis College President Samuel Hoi. Not only does this event raise a significant amount of funds for the Otis student community, it also gives students a chance to work with some of the best design professionals already working in the highly competitive fashion industry. Each year, a team of student designers are paired with an industry mentor in order to create a full collection shown at the benefit. In total, there were 11 full collections shown this year. The design mentors were Amanda Gneiding for Anthropologie, Michael Maccari for Armani Exchange, Rod Beattie for swimwear line Bleu (Otis alumnus ’86), David Meister for his own label, Ame Austin Max for MaxStudio (Otis alumnus ’95), Liliana Casabal for Morgane Le Fay, Scott Williams for Nike (Otis alumnus ’90), Red Carter for his own swimwear label (Otis alumnus ’92), Karen Stewart for Stewart & Brown, and Todd Oldham for his own label.

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


The mentoring process for these teams of student designers is quite a long one. Each student starts with their mentors junior year and continues their work all the way through senior year culminating with this incredible evening of collections. Each collection is based upon an inspiration, be it a place, a color, or a specific construction concept. For instance, mentor Todd Oldham’s team constructed their collection around sportswear, using found objects and recycled garmets. While the mentors and teaching faculty are extremely important in the design process, the final product is created completely by the students. As design student Lisa Uchiyama explains, (she worked on teams for both Morgane Le Fay and Ame Austin Max for MaxStudio), “What I think Otis really does is you’re building relationships with these people that have already been in the industry. They’ve done amazing stuff in the industry and know what they’re talking about. So you feel comfortable laying your designs in front of them knowing they’re going to give you feedback you can trust and take because they’ve gone through the process of doing these designs and making the dresses work or not work.” Many of the mentors this year were Otis alumni themselves and thus familiar with the mentoring program. But for those designers who were not Otis alum, how did they get involved in the rewarding mentoring process? Their participation has much to do with the passion of Rosemary Brantley, founding chair of Otis’ fashion design department, who also founded the mentoring program 32 years ago. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, where she was mentored by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Brantley sought to reach out to the same caliber of people she worked with at Parsons. Every year, she goes after companies with great reputations and nationally recognized names always with an eye towards what will be best for her students. When asked how she chooses her mentoring companies, she said, “If it’s happening, we’re there. We’re always looking for who’s hot, who’s next.” The Otis mentor program doesn’t just give students great opportunities while they’re in school; as Brantley explains, “Once these companies start working with these kids, they start hiring the kids. There are seven major Nike sports companies in the world and five are run by Otis alum. We’re always looking for new companies to expose these kids.” Brantley’s passion and dedication to the program is evident year-round; when spoken to a few days after the benefit she said, “Already this morning we were sitting down thinking okay, who can we have as mentors next year?” Not only were eleven fantastic collections shown during the runway show, the night ended with a spectacular performance featuring aerial artists, ballet dancers and acrobats. All performers were clad in exquisite theatrical costumes inspired by crystals, from sunrise to starry night. The costumes were designed by Otis students and mentored by costume designer Dominique Lemieux from Cirque du Soleil. For the Otis College senior fashion design class, this annual event is a celebration of literally years of difficult and dedicated work. A few lucky teams will even have their designs displayed for two weeks in the store windows of Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. What comes next for the 2012 Otis senior class is leaving their school community to put their hardearned skills into practice. If these collections are any indication, the fashion industry is about to gain some extremely talented new designers. written by Meghan Wilson photography by Kai He


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

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JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


The second show Wednesday evening at Style Fashion Week was Skingraft designed by Jonny Cota. Held at the beautiful and dramatically lit Vibiana Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles, the setting proved an ideal backdrop for Skingraft’s amazing collection consisting solely of looks in greys, blacks, and browns. Showing both menswear and womenswear on their Fall 2012 runway, Skingraft is perfect for the chic downtown customer who values casual clothing with an edge. In a way, it feels as if Skingraft has captured the elusive mix of New York’s downtown edginess and LA’s more relaxed vibe. Their clothing is absolutely ideal for the urbanite on either coast who wants to seamlessly transition from active daywear into chic nightlife wear, with the exception perhaps of two gorgeous floorlength evening gowns at the end of the collection. Beginning the show with a series of monotone grey looks, red-lipped models walked the runway in grey leggings, chic low boots, grey hoodies, and belted vests. Each look sent down the runway was a case study in the perfect way to stylishly layer clothing, as the show gradually progressed from grey to brown to black looks. One of the many positives about these clothes is the mixing and matching versatility inherent in the collection. I could easily imagine pairing a pair of the brown pants with one of the black leather jackets or one of the grey vests with a pair of the black leather leggings. Personal highlights (since I feel it’s wrong to simply say I’m in love with the entire collection even though it’s true!) were a killer brown leather, cropped bomber jacket paired with a leather beanie hat and a gorgeous, fitted black leather jacket with dramatic, puffed shoulders. After the show, I had a chance to speak with Cota, who says the collection was inspired by “hip hop fusion with Buddhist monks.” Expanding on this concept, the card laid on our seats at the show explains that “the Fall/Winter 2012 collection is inspired by hooded storytellers, from ancient Buddhist monks to modern day hip hop lyricists. Oversized and sheltering, the hooded silhouettes in the collection act as protective armor while navigating through urban metal jungles.” Hoods were indeed a continuing element throughout the collection as well as mesh headpieces which shielded the models’ foreheads and eyes. Clearly illustrating this concept of protection, every model sent down the runway wore either a hood, a headpiece, or a hat. . JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

After viewing their Fall 2012 collection, I’m genuinely excited about the future for Skingraft. Their pieces remind me of such esteemed collections by Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, and Alexander Wang. When I asked Cota what designers he was inspired by, he responded, “I love the really freaky people that step outside the box. Like Margiela and Thierry Mugler and people who really play with construction and don’t really play by the rules.” Judging by the enthusiastic applause at the close of the show, I’d say Cota just described his own collection pretty perfectly. written by Meghan Wilson photography by Csaba Fikker Kai He Scott Naide

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

photography by Scott Naide



authenticity, and INNOVATION

2012 collection

Los Angeles Fashion Week is a bi-annual event which takes place in the world renowned “ACE Gallery” located in the Museum Row of Los Angeles. Concept Fashion Week brings out the edgier side of the Los Angeles fashion scene. It is always a challenge to start something with a bang and Nuvula did it in a spectacular manner. Nuvula is a fashion company with a commitment to art, authenticity and innovation. Nuvula strives to capture the textures of everyday inspiration. The collection was kicked off to a live rendition of “El Tango De Roxanne” (from the “Moulin Rouge” sountrack), along with a music ensemble of cello and violin. The opening dress was a number in red, accompanied by a light blue jacket. The first series in the collection is set in red. The second dress was just adorable with a black-on-red pattern and a high light blue collar. I love the light blue edges and the accompanying shoes. The second series in the collection was all variations of kimono-based dresses and they are just lovely. The half kimono combination with stockings set in blue was downright sexy. The outstanding dress of this series was the black kimono skirt with black and grey edges.The third series in this collection was in the style of riding pants. I think what makes this collection so unique is the variety of influences combined here, ranging from Japanese to the Victorian age. One stunning number was the white shirt embroidered with black stripes, accompanied by a black jacket. The black stripes continue on the pants and complete the outfit. The next series was comprised of knee-length dresses. The pieces in this series had a elegant tall look. One of my favorites was the blue dress with black lace - the black-on-blue combination and the low back made this dress hot. The final series was based on vest and corsets and I loved the black-and white striped hot pants with a white corset. Near the end was an all-black outfit with low cut shirt and black pants. This was a very well-put-together collection and the hairdos were to kill for. I think the hair designs meshed well with all the different styles being presented. Albeit a bit too long with more than 60 outfits being presented, this was a show for which it was well worth braving the wild LA traffic. by Derek Girdhani JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


photography by Scott Naide

Furne One

AMATO HAUTE COUTURE Furne One, designer and owner of brand Amato Haute Couture, has never been in higher demand. Celebrated for his natural ability to craft extravagant and artistic designs, the Dubai-based designer has quickly made his way up the fashion ladder and is regarded as one of the most hotly anticipated designers on the global fashion stage. A regular on the catwalk at international fashion weeks including London, Dubai, Los Angeles and Miami, Furne is one of the most desirable rising talents in the fashion world, which is further demonstrated by the long list of celebrities who include Amato Couture as one of their red carpet favorites. Celebrities who can be seen wearing Furne’s creations include Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger, Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj. When asked about the keys to his success, Furne shares that it’s about diligence. “Hard work and diligence. But, you know, there are so many talented designers everywhere so I think you also need a little luck. Being in the right place at the right time. I was lucky,” he said with a smile. 2012 is a monumental year for Furne One and Amato Couture following the successful opening of the brand’s first U.S. boutique in Los Angeles, with plans to expand further. Furne One made my night (and many others’ nights as well) during his Los Angeles Fashion Week show in March. Furne One is known for his intricate and handcrafted gowns that are literally hard to describe in words. The first model started the show off right; wearing a nude-colored body suit, she walked out with metal pieces and lights attached to her outfit – even her shoes were covered in these unique pieces! I loved the nude body suits covered with beading in different colors and paired with high tan boots. The similar, yet bold colors worked amazingly with models’ skin tones. A short beaded dress with a scalloped top was my favorite. Tan, covered in crystals, and absolutely flattering, this dress was fit for a young Hollywood starlet. A green knee-length dress with pointed shoulders and heavy floral-print detailing over mesh was a show-stopper and when a similar one in white with beading came out, the crowd was in awe.

Peach is predicted to be THE color for Spring, and with Furne One’s collection featuring the color, the line is going to be on every woman’s wish list. With detailed bustiers and ornate dresses with bold lines and cuts, there was a dress for everyone. Gowns in emerald green, turquoise, creams and more were shown throughout the show covered in floral embroidery, crystals, beading, and more. One pieces with fairy-tale detailing such as wings, leaves, feathers, colored stones and crystals gave the show a nature-feel that was beautiful and unique. Models wore frocks reminiscent of birds with feathers made out of different materials and colors. Dangling from the bold shoulders on the pieces was material reminiscent of moss and crystal as well. To add to the fairy-tale feel, wings made of plastic were made to replicate the delicate wings of an insect. The finale was absolutely stunning. With a nude and crystal decorated bodysuit with arms made of tulle extending into actual “wings,” the dress promoted serious excitement from everyone in the audience. It was a masterpiece — a work of art, and much more than fashion, which is what Furne One’s show was all about. His collection was not just full of beautiful and ornate pieces — it symbolized nature, its beauty and what he felt represented this best. I cannot wait to see what this amazingly talented designer has in store for us next. by Staci Adams Photography by Kai He

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


photography by Kai He

photography by Kai He


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

Furne One


S&G Dramatic Western

Themed Sexy Fall 2012 Collection

In 2007 the San Francisco-based S&G Clothing brand grew out of the rich and dynamic underground performing arts community of the Bay Area. Recently, they moved their headquarters to Hollywood. They pride their women’s collection as flirtatious but refined with an air of distinct and bold femininity, and this was apparent during the Los Angeles Fashion Week Concept Fashion Show. The show was predominantly all black outfits for the women, set to a combination Gothic and Western theme. Black, of course, is the color which brings out a hint of adventure, power and lots of bold sex appeal. The outfits comprised of a lot of jackets and vests. You need a spectacular body to rock their men’s and women’s transparent shirts. A killer combination was the cut vest with flowing skirt set off by a top hat. I liked their take on spicing up the black mini skirt with a plunging V neckline and long back. The show featured some rad men’s outfits too, with more color in the men’s outfit via lots of blues and reds. Soft fabric shirts were adorned by a collection of stunning jackets. One of my favorite men’s shirts was a side-buttoned shirt with leather cuffs that I wouldn’t be able to resist buying in their store. Of special note is a long black jacket with two chains closing its front. Their designs have appeared on multiple red carpets, and they have personally styled Prince, Marilyn Manson, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, Skinny Puppy, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, Winter Zooey, David LaChapelle, Amber Rose, Taryn Manning, and Burlesque the movie. S&G collections are explorations into creative tailoring and beautiful structure. The women’s collections are flirtatious but refined with an air of distinct and bold femininity. The men’s collections are dapper, dandy, and grungy. Catering to the gentleman, the fop, and the villian. S&G moved their headquarters from San Francisco to Hollywood and just recently reopened their flagship showroom on Melrose Avenue. The store is located at 7414 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, CA 90046 and is open WedMon 1-8pm (closed Tues). ”Our company and our designs are an expression of the conversation we’re having with society as it evolves around us. The information comes at a rapid pace and each day we adapt.” S&G Clothing is always working hard to ensure that their company practices are of the highest moral standard. They use organic materials whenever possible, avoid toxic dyes, pay their tailors a fair wage, and are implementing fair trade standards. Beyond this, they launched the blog Fashion with Responsibility ( to participate in the dialogue about ethical fashion. by Csaba Fikker photography by Kai He


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Concept Los Angeles Fashion Week is a bi-annual event which takes place in the world renowned ACE Gallery located in the Museum Row of Los Angeles. Concept Fashion Week brings out the edgier side of Los Angeles’ fashion Scene. NAMI is a brand based out of Los Angeles and started by Sarah Nami Ahn, who was born in Korea but raised everywhere else. A U.S. Army brat, she has seen much of the world, having moved 22 times before the age of 18. As a globetrotter since birth, her worldly experiences have colored their way into her design philosophy. What is really interesting is that Sarah earned a BS, MS, and PhD in the neurosciences from UCLA and worked in the field of science.It was her desire to bridge her passion for the arts with her inner creativity that made her pursue studies in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. The first outfit is a simple white dress with a detailed lace design around the neck and shoulders. This foretells a lot of her collection which uses lace designs and transparency. The attention to detail - including the hairdo - was a hallmark of this show. This is very classy with a hint of sexy. The second dress is the same style but longer with an open midback. I like how very elegant and classy outfits are being packed with a wallop of sexy by translucency, strategic cuts and open backs. After a few similar outfits now accessorized by black jackets comes this piece de resistance - a soft silky long gown with a very sexy V cut. The next series of outfits is set in blue, with lots of translucent lace designs. The final series of outfits uses a lot of black and black/white combinations. The first outfit is black pants with a grey top accessorized by a white fur scarf style shroud, and a cool knee length coat with a side zipper. This series introduces the black-on-white lampshade pattern which is typical NAMI. Of note is the full -ength black skirt with black lace translucent top, one of most sexy dresses in this series.


This show had great hair and makeup provided by Theta Creata LLC, and an amazing collection of earrings provided by Sonia Hou -


By Derek Girdhani Photography by Scott Naide

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


LAalternative 76

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


What is the Wild Hunt collection? In an interview the designer told us that the wild hunt is about being free. Too often we get trapped in the mundane. This collection is about being free and soaring above the ordinary. To let your creativity take you to places that you dream of. The fabric and the designs embody freedom and flow. They have an element of carefree instilled in them. I would describe it as otherworldly and fairy-like. To find our more about Laili Lau visit

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Summer is the season for brides. Where to go and how to begin planning can be a strain. Fear not, there are two major bridal events that cater to your every need. A Soolip Wedding and The Wedding Salon are bridal expos that The Los Angeles Fashion magazine attended in the Spring. Both held here in Los Angeles, as well as other major cities, give the bride a chance to explore the latest in designs and trends for the bride-to-be on her special day.


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



Of the many things a bride needs to consider, where she will buy the dress is the most important. However, there is a seemingly never-ending list of things to do like finding a venue, a church or temple, a planner, a florist, bridesmaid dresses, the photographer, the invitations, the cake, the bridal shower, the in-laws, the seating arrangements, etc., etc. It can be overwhelming just thinking about it. Well fear no more because The Wedding Salon has got you covered, from the moment you say yes to planning your honeymoon. The Wedding Salon was founded by Tatiana Byron in 2004 with Martha Stewart. Happening twice a year, this event brings to the public the latest bridal fashions and trends. The Wedding Salon is a one-stop shop for all your bridal needs. This bridal trade show boasts over 400 vendors in the bridal industry coming together under one roof to show the latest trends and the top names in everything bridal - from picking your photographer and the latest photography trends, to your food, your table linens and naturally, your dress. The vendors vary from the independent local designers like R-mine to the mega-stores like The Bridal Suite at Nordstrom. From the cakes of renowned pastry artist Sylvia Weinstock to celebrity planners and stylists, the bride-to-be can find everything she needs to have a successful and magical day filled with sophisticated styles and fashionable favors. Byron even launched a D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) bridal bootcamp to educate brides on how to plan a successful wedding. Styles and colors change in fashion all the time. So why does a new bride have to be tied to the tradition of a white wedding? Over the years wedding gowns have become a lot more contemporary, from the cut of the dress to the addition of colored waist sashes, accents of ribbon and even colored tulle. One of the latest trends in bridal fashion is black or pastels. Some of the hotter trends this bridal season are ‘50s styles, colored veils and feathers. As well, there seems to be a rise in non-floral bouquets for the brides and wedding party. However there is still something to be said about fresh flowers. “This is a tradition that shouldn’t go away, for those few hours, those flowers smell and live only for you,” says Tatiana Byron, president of The Wedding Salon. For the bride, some of the hottest names in bridal gowns are Winnie Couture, Tulerie by Garo Hzor, and R-mine Bespoke, each of these designers with unique and often one-of-a-kind styles. Winnie Couture’s Haute Bridal Fashions are exquisite to say the very least. The Winnie Chlomin Diamond Label Collection uses fine imported fabrics and embellishments of Swarovski crystal along the train and bust for these handcrafted gowns. Styles in this collection include a ball gown skirt, mermaid and A-line styles, all elegant and handcrafted. Winnie Couture also has a destination wedding collection with sexy chic silk gowns and a classic collection with a modern interpretation. For more of Winnie Couture’s Haute Bridal Fashions, visit their website or their showroom in Beverly Hills at 9393 Wilshire Blvd. (by appointment only.)


2011 Tulerie by Garo Hzor is known for avant-garde and ageless styles for the modern bride. Tulerie gowns are hand embroidered with delicate beading and lavish crystals creating bridal gowns suited to any woman’s figure, from the more risqué high-low skirt to the classic ball gown. Tulerie is located at 8629½ Melrose Ave. in the heart of Hollywood. For more information visit their site at R-mine specializes in custom dresses and the latest shades of pastels for the bride who wants a little more. R-mine designs are suited to the individual, with an amazing style known to grace the red carpet, and a growing celebrity clientele. So if you want to look and feel like a celebrity on your special day, check out R-mine Bridal Couture collections at her Studio City boutique located at 12242 Ventura Blvd. or online at http://www. Last but definitely not least is The Bridal Suite at Nordstrom offering affordable dresses for the bride and the bridal party. Their dresses range from under $1,000 to$7,000. Nordstrom carries a variety of designers including Monique Lhuillier (a favorite for bridesmaids), Nicole Miller, Christian Siriano, and Nouvelle Amsale. The depths of services Nordstrom offers are vast, including help with undergarments, shoes, and accessories. Dresses seen at The Wedding Salon range from $1,500 to $30,000. At The Wedding Salon in New York, one dress went for $100,000; of course that dress was diamond-encrusted. Naturally, the price tag is entirely up to you. Whether it’s laborious beading or crystals, the more you want, the price will rise, as with any expenditure for a wedding. For details about The Wedding Salon and future events and shows, you can visit their website at by Shari Baier photos by Csaba Fikker


JLM Couture Fashion Show

Every girl dreams of getting married in a lavish ceremony with the most beautiful flowers, most decadent food, most gorgeous wedding cake, and a fairy princess wedding gown. The Soolip Wedding Event held at the Bel Air Bay Club was nothing short of a fairy tale- to say the least. Let me put it this way - when I plan my wedding, I only hope that it will involve some of the fantastic things that I saw at the event. Soolip, created by Wanda S. Wen, organically came about as a paper boutique in West Hollywood and is now an established lifestyle brand. Since 1999, the annual celebration presents a collection of personally selected resources to a modern bride seeking all things beautiful. I have never seen a collection of such fabulous floral arrangements, handmade table linens, and unbelievable desserts. I saw food in designs I never knew were possible and I saw cakes that were nothing I could have imagined. Although the extras were great, the main reason I headed to the event was for the bridal gown fashion show. Gowns by JLM Couture were showcased in a twenty-minute show complete with an amazing DJ and gorgeous hair and makeup provided by Yuki Sharoni Beauty and Lifestyle and Blushington. The gowns were absolutely amazing, ranging from sleek and classic to princesslike and extravagant. Either way, there were no words to describe them. Gowns designed by JLM Couture, a leading design house of luxury wedding apparel with its flagship store opening in Spring 2012 on Robertson, catered to the modern bride with their luxurious and beautiful gowns. Designer Lazaro Perez is known for his impeccably fitting dresses, exquisite beading and embroidery, and dramatic silhouettes. The first dress, a corset number with a ruffled tulle bottom, was magical - it featured intricate detailing and tiny simple buttons that only accented the beauty of this dress and its thousands of Swarovski crystals. It was also not plain white - it was a cream tone, which was elegant and classy. Next, we saw an embroidered number that was adorned with a neutral floral print and once again, crystals. I absolutely adored the dress that was corseted, finishing with a ruffled tulle bottom and matched with a lace blend-cropped jacket. It was reminiscent of something you would see in the ‘20s - full of class, grace, and oh-so-chic. A major theme in the collection which I saw in the next round of gowns were two-toned dresses… the top would be white, and the bottom a cream tone. The backs were also very low, adding an element of sexy to these classic dresses. I loved the belts on many of the gowns - they were adorned in crystals once again and separated the gowns, making them a bit more stylish. To finish off the show, the designer chose the most fabulous gowns of all. My favorite dress looked hard to walk in (the model was having a bit of trouble), but she looked unbelievable. It was a body-hugging number with a mermaid bottom, skin tight, cream colored, and seriously flattering. Next, we saw a princess-style gown with a bustier completely covered in crystals and a grandiose tulle skirt. I especially enjoyed that the models’ jewelry was not what one would normally choose for a wedding. Many pieces were two toned - blue sapphire and diamond. This added color and a bit more glamour to the gowns. The event was done so well that it was held on a cliffside venue overlooking the pier on a gorgeous day only added to the fabulousness. On their way out, guests received amazing gift bags with goodies like yummy cookies, gift certificates, travel-size shampoo and lotion, and beautiful letter-pressed stationery. I left with some seriously awesome swag and some serious wedding pains… ah, one day I hope. by Staci Adams photos by Kai He



2012 Fall/Winter Collection Before last night’s XCVI show, I had the chance to speak with the line’s owner Gita Zeltzer and designer,Lilia Gorodnitski about their line that they say was inspired by “Nordic European forests and colors, and scrumptious layers.” They explained that although inspired by those things, the line was also meant to be worn to travel and explore these places in comfort and style. XCVI’s line is meant for the active woman who likes to look great, but also feel great while staying comfortable in the brand’s line of cozy knits, textures, washes, vests and ponchos that are meant to be layered and worn alone or all together. At the show, we saw much more color than last season. Pops of burgundy and teal were everywhere and silhouettes were more oversized than in past collections. As far as the hair, locks were worn down and blown out with a round brush, creating voluminous curls that looked simple but model-sexy by stylists at Warren Tricomi Los Angeles. Although the hair was soft and beautiful, makeup was another story – it was glamorous and bold. Eyes were covered in gold glitter, catching the attention of everyone in the audience because of the sparkle, but also because it was so different from what anyone would have expected from XCVI. According to Zeltzer, she chose this look because, “It was about creatures from the forest that represented fantasy and mystery. We chose models that were not just sexy, but mysterious as well and covered them in gold makeup to exemplify this, but also to go along with Fall 2012′s theme of holiday, fall, and winter sparkle. Wearing casual clothes does not mean hair and makeup should fall flat.”


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

As an intro to the show, an unbelievably talented (and gorgeous, might I add), violinist played along to One Republic’s “It’s Too Late to Apologize,” which was the intro to the show. She then stepped aside and played alongside models as they walked the runway, adding a whole new energy to the show. Walking out in belted vests, layers, and knitted knee highs, the first models wore strong reds, blacks, and even bedazzled belts which pulled the look together. Belts also accentuated models’ waists in loosely fitting dresses of knits and lace. Models wore red and burgundy pants skinny enough to tuck into boots, but not so skinny that they looked like everything else. Paired with oversized tops, the balance worked wonderfully together. Sheer animal print tops looked fun and flirty with tight printed leggings for day or night and I especially enjoyed the zippered and two-toned leather pair. Kimono-styled tops and oversized comfortable pants were introduced in many colors and textures alike. Added to the mix were intricate scarves, both solid and printed. Many of the blouses in the collection featured tie-die detailing and were paired with more simple loose-fitted pants, which looked stylish and comfortable in true XCVI fashion. Purple was a definitive staple in the collection with asymmetrical tops in multiple colors paired with loose-fitting purple cargostyle pants, and also in dresses with tassels that were low cut and flattering paired with booties. Lace and knits covered many of the pieces that really defined the line, and fur was thrown into the mix whether in the style of a hat or as a scarf, giving it that “fall-esque” vibe. My favorite piece was shown last and was a long, cream colored dress that was asymmetrical and knit with a lace bottom. It was form fitting, flattering, and exuded sexiness as the model walked confidently down the runway.


by Staci Adams photography by Kai He MARCH 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion



JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


by Mila Hermanovski

The final show Wednesday evening at Vibiana Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles was designer Mila Hermanovski’s selftitled line, MILA. A top three finalist on “Project Runway” Season 7, Mila debuted her label in 2010 with a Spring 2011 collection. Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in apparel design, Mila boasts an impressive background which includes beginning as a design assistant in New York at Calvin Klein. Eventually, she moved to LA to work in film costume design before making it onto “Project Runway” and showing a Fall 2010 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Sending models down the runway clad in dark, dramatic black eye makeup, Mila’s collection was primarily based in grey with pops of bright chartreuse on many of the garments. The theme of juxtaposing elements was explored throughout the collection; hem lines and seams often didn’t meet where they naturally should, creating the illusion of asymmetry within the clothing. Asymmetric cutouts on skirts and sweaters coupled with mesh panel leggings gave the collection a futuristic vibe as well. Tall, black platform booties and large, spherical, silver bracelets accessorizing some of the looks also played into this futuristic concept. As I am never one to shy away from black clothing, a personal favorite was a black wool blazer trimmed in black leather paired with black leather paneled leggings. Another favorite was a heavier black wool knit coat also trimmed in black leather and paired with grey suede paneled leggings. Other highlights included a chartreuse silk shirt worn tunic-like over black and grey leggings and a black cocoon sweater made out of felted wool. The cocoon-like structure of the sweater gave it an unexpected proportion while also remaining chic and wearable. While chatting with Mila after the show, she explained how her design influences were heavily based in art history, “predominantly a lot of the mid-century abstract modernist painters, in particular Joseph Albers and Bridget Riley and John McLaughlin.” Elaborating further, she explained, ”They’re just known for their play on geometry and also subtle shifts of color which is why I wanted to play with predominantly greys but sort of in unexpected ways. And then introducing that pop of chartreuse which was probably very unexpected.” It turns out we also shared a love for the heavy black coat she showed. When I asked if she had a favorite piece in the collection, she responded, “It’s really hard to pick. And then I’m a big coat person even though I live in LA so the coat in my collection was definitely coming from me and what I love. So I love the coat, I want one in my size.” Me too, Mila! Me too.

by Meghan Wilson photography by Kai He

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


octavio carlin During Spring LA Fashion Week, designer Octavio Carlin showcased his line of elegantyet-classic jackets, blouses and shoes. His collection featured numerous materials and colors and each dress was different, yet the collection tied together beautifully.

Gowns were reminiscent of the Old Hollywood glamour that Carlin is quickly becoming known for. Slinky dresses, short and long, fitted and loose, fit the models wonderfully and exuded an element of class that is often hard to attain with such bold patterns. The show started off edgy with two models in similar dresses walked down together with matching shades on — they looked rock and roll and sexy at the same time. The all-black ensembles were followed by cream and black two-toned dresses paired with sexy black gloves. Silk baby doll dresses in cream and black along with versions in all black were flowy and flattering, and a striking blue-hued dress was thrown into the mix, lined with lace and once again, black gloves. A red number was sultry and a leopard print long strapless dress followed closely behind. Move over Angelina, Carlin’s long black dress with a side slit was sexy and classy at the same time. It concealed the perfect amount of the model’s body while still flattering her in all the right places. Carlin’s gold collection was over-the-top and out of this world. The futuristic frocks were unique and super flattering, especially when paired with lacy tights and black heels.


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

Low-v necklines and detailing such as mismatched materials, ruffles, and asymmetrical hemlines were also prominent in the show, often worn with detailed jackets in black and once again, gold that buttoned to the neck and was accessorized with simple belts. My favorite look was a fairly simple lace knee-length and long-sleeve dress with a white slip under it. It was daring, sexy and fun. Following it, we saw a similar lace dress but this time, it featured a black slip and asymmetrical hemline. White is always on the top of my list. Carlin’s white pieces were both short and long, and had special detailing like a keyhole front and bold shoulders. When paired with the lacy leggings that each model wore throughout the show, the white popped and had a tuxedoeffect. Continuing with that tuxedo effect was a slinky black and white silk dress that was loose and strapless. Ideal for an evening event or special occasion, this dress would flatter most figures wonderfully. Ending the show were ballroom-like ensembles in black, red, and printed gold, and a long leopard and black flowy gown for the finale. To see more of Octavio Carlin’s amazing collection, visit his website at

JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


INAfSOLTANI The crowd at LA Fashion Week returned from intermission to a pristine stage and backdrop embellished by the Ina Soltani logo: her name in classy type, separated by a fleur-de-lis. While hairstyles alluded to the bygone ‘40s and ‘50s, the clothing gave off a futuristic vibe best exemplified by a minidress of lustrous black offset by metallic silver panels. In one of the earlier looks, densely spaced studs adorned the shoulders of a knit top. My personal favorite — a sleeveless red leather sheath dress with attached infinity scarf — offered a vision of what Little Red Riding Hood might look like if she ventured into space. Within these and among other pieces, the Fall 2012 collection took advantage of negative space in the form of triangular back cutouts, keyhole fronts, and daring center front and side slits. Silhouettes were often tried and true, with a single focal twist — the diagonal seam on an otherwise safe black gown, or three buckles lining the side of a classic biker jacket. With only eleven looks to accurately and memorably convey the brand aesthetic, such attention to detail proved imperative. Soltani took a polarized approached to the color palette, as each outfit that was sent down the runway was either decidedly without hue or intensely saturated. Towards the middle of the show, the continual stream of black and white was briefly interjected with a sequence of jewel-tone separates. It was here that Soltani exhibited her take on this season’s explosive color-blocking trend, pairing a vibrant purple blouse and sapphire ruched top with hot pink and green pants, respectively. Two one-shouldered maxi gowns with rhinestoneencrusted waistband and straps wrapped up the flirtation with color. And so with a champagne babydoll dress and bubble skirt, the collection returned full circle to neutrals. Several things are worth noting that contributed to the overall imagery. Tattoos, while generally discouraged in the modeling industry, for this occasion served as visual ornamentation. One particularly conspicuous tattoo was artfully framed by a cropped vest and ankle-length pants; the open back of an evening gown exposed another on the neck. In regards to hair and makeup, nude lips balanced heavy smokescreen eyes; updos did not disract from interesting bodice treatments. The button-peppered, basket weave effect on an empire waist romper, for example, would have been obscured by long, loose hair. Such considerations were taken in order to ensure that the first night of LA Fashion Week closed with the most impactive show possible. If Ina Soltani is any indication of the quality standard to which participating designers must adhere, fashion enthusiasts can look forward to the next few days with high expectations

by Audrey Nguyen photography by Kai He


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion


Alexis Bellino & Tal Sheyn Photography by Kevin Michael Schmitz


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

ALEXIS by Tal Sheyn FAME MEETS FASHION It’s not every day that an Israeli/European couture designer teams up with an American reality star housewife to design a fashion line. But in the case of couture designer Tal Sheyn and “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Alexis Bellino, this is exactly what happened. While reality television and fashion don’t always mix successfully, the Alexis by Tal Sheyn collaboration could not have happened without the platform of the Bravo reality series. It all started after Bellino wore one of Sheyn’s tunics on the season five finale of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” which Bellino had purchased at a local luxury boutique. As Sheyn recounts, “I found it to be a big deal that she wore the tunic on the finale of ‘Real Housewives.’ After the finale I got so many responses about the tunic and I saw she wrote in her blog about myself and my collection. We communicated via email and we decided to meet in my studio face to face. That day she became my celebrity client right away and we started to design custom-made dresses.” Adds Bellino, “Tal designed dresses for me my first year on ‘Housewives of OC,’ so when I decided I was going to pursue my own dress line, I decided to partner with Tal because she already had a clear understanding of what my vision was.” While the two come from very different backgrounds, they do share similar design aesthetics; both cite Chanel and Roberto Cavalli as collections they draw inspiration from, due to their elegance and sophistication. Alexis Bellino has taken an unlikely path into the fashion design world; she grew up in Hannibal, Missouri but had a love for fashion from an early age. A fish out of water in Missouri, she was often asked if she was actually from California, particularly when she started highlighting her hair at age 12 and living at the tanning beds. Bellino always knew she belonged on one of the coasts and after giving New York a try for a few years, she settled down in California. She was married by the time she was 28 and three children, her son James and twin girls McKenna and Melania, quickly followed. After landing the role on “Housewives,” Bellino knew she had the resources available to start her own fashion line. Says Alexis, “I have always been motivated, intrigued and passionate about fashion. Once I had the platform to make my dream a reality, I jumped at the opportunity. My advice to anyone dreaming of something and finding reservations is go for it! Don’t let anyone, including yourself, stand in your way. You will never know what you are capable of unless you try! I’m so glad I did.” Bellino currently has two fashion lines, Alexis by Tal Sheyn and Alexis Couture. Continuing to extend her role and brand, both collections are modeled solely by Bellino on both of the line’s websites.

Alexis Bellino & Tal Sheyn Photography by Kevin Michael Schmitz

When Sheyn and Bellino decided to join forces for Alexis by Tal Sheyn, their objective was to create feminine dresses to make all women feel sexy and beautiful. Their collection includes casual, daytime dresses and cocktail dresses as well as evening couture dresses. When asked to describe the goals and target customer of Alexis by Tal Sheyn, Sheyn said, “Our goal in this line was to develop a line that would fit everyone and would appeal to everyone and still be unique, classy, sexy and make every woman feel beautiful within herself.” Bellino describes their target customer as, “18-55 years old, a woman of any shape or size looking to feel elegant, confident, and sexy all at once. Our goal is to give our customers a couture feel at an affordable price.” Bellino and Sheyn showed their latest collection at LA Fashion Week this past March. It was their first runway show for the line and both were pleased with how the show went. The collection was made up of mostly evening dresses. Tight, form-fitting cocktail dresses were sent down the runway in deep purples, blacks and greys as well as long, mesh and sequined evening gowns. All of the collection looks like what the ladies would wear on any franchise of “The Real Housewives” but has a definite Southern California feel to it. “Housewives” cameras were not there to film the runway show on March, but Sheyn did show up with Bellino on season six of “Housewives.” Such exposure was a strategic move on their parts as it gave viewers some insight into their designing and brainstorming sessions and also gave viewers a sneak peek at the clothing. Cameras showed that their working relationship was not always super smooth as well. One notable example is when Bellino cut a loose, mesh sleeve off one of their sample dresses with a pair of scissors while the two were having a disagreement on whether or not the sleeves worked on the dress. (Bellino thought they didn’t while Sheyn loved them.) Illustrating the art of compromise, the particular dress in question did make it into their collection shown at LA Fashion Week with one removable loose, mesh sleeve. Next up for Alexis by Tal Sheyn is a Winter/Holiday collection. The current Alexis by Tal Sheyn collection is available for viewing and purchase on their official website. Their collection is also available in select boutiques worldwide, including stores in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. by Meghan Wilson


JUNE 2012 - the Los Angeles Fashion

ALEXIS by Tal Sheyn

Tal Sheyn took only a slightly more traditional route into the world of fashion. She began her career in her native Israel as a makeup artist. After making a name for herself in the Israeli hair and makeup industry, Sheyn moved to Europe to study fashion design while also working at MTV London and Fashion TV Paris. Upon completing her design education, Sheyn moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her own fashion design company. Sheyn continued to support herself as a makeup artist in LA, gaining such high-profile clients as Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2008, she opened her first fashion studio. Since the opening of her studio, Sheyn’s business has grown rapidly. She has designed couture evening gowns for such celebrity clientele as Jaimie Hilfiger, Faith Evans, Angela Bassett, Regina Hall, Bai Ling, Micky Rourke, and Emma Roberts. Her gowns have been seen on the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys telecasts as well as on “Beverly Hills 90210.” Editorially, her designs have been featured in Signature, LA. Direct, Coast, AC, Cosmopolitan, Zink, and Runway magazines. She continues to design custom couture dresses for private clients as well as her own collection in addition to Alexis by Tal Sheyn.

Photography by Kevin Michael Schmitz Represented by AAREPS Art Direction by Kevin Michael Schmitz & Csaba Fikker Alexis Bellino & Tal Sheyn Publicist Allyona Sevanesian Hair on Tal Sheyn by Norma BLAQUE for Makeup on Tal Sheyn by Jessica Davis Makeup & Hair on Alexis by Shannon Rhodes Wardrobe Styled by JustRosy Designed by Alexis by Tal Sheyn, Inc. Photography Assistant: Ning Wong Photography Assistant: Erica Brown Location at Alexis Belliono’s Mansion in Dana Point, California

Alexis Bellino Photography by Kevin Michael Schmitz

Tal Sheyn Photography by Kevin Michael Schmitz





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