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Editor's Note Just five months after we embarked on our journey, The Los Angeles Fashion magazine is proud to say that we have come to our third and final “teaser” issue. We will be launching our magazine monthly beginning in October. Our second issue had over 120,000 readers and has received a very warm welcome from the fashion community and the world. With our combined platforms, we are reaching over 1.5 million people reporting daily local and world fashion on our website The Los Angeles Fashion magazine is now able to say that we have become the fastest growing fashion source in the United States. For our iPad readers, we are proud to announce that beginning this August, our magazine will also be available for download on Apple Newsstand. In the coming months, we have a spectacular line up of feature stories in tandum with our website’s daily fashion news and advice on hot new designers and fashion trends from Los Angeles and around the globe. We have built a worldwide network of reporters, photographers and partnerships to deliver fashion news from some of the greatest fashion cities around the world, including Paris, Milan, New York, Miami, and of course, Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Fashion magazine is standing by our vow to remain a green publication and will continue to print a limited edition of copies per issue. We will remain focused on our digital platforms and social media but promise to make available 30,000 of our high gloss printed issues each month. We would like to thank all of our readers for your continued support. After all, it is the readers’ dedication and interest in The Los Angeles Fashion magazine that keeps us strong. We will continue to report cutting edge fashion news and the latest trends to keep you all fashion savvy.

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Behind the Lens with

Kevin Michael Schmitz by Dana Elizabeth

Photography to some is simply an art form, but to those who wish to turn it into a profession it takes a combination of skill coupled with exceptional training and years of experience. There are many avenues to which one might ascertain the knowledge that is needed to go about capturing the perfect shot. The traditional route - going to college or for some, apprenticing under an established photographer to gain their training. Others may choose a different route all together. Kevin Michael Schmitz is a world-renowned photographer, who is paving the way for others not only to learn, but also to help people to understand that photography is very much a teachable, and therefore, learnable skill. I first met Kevin Michael on the set of our Culture Swimwear shoot set against the picturesque backdrop of the Pasadena Hills, on what is known as The Bekins Estate. He appeared completely relaxed and comfortable in his element wearing a model worthy turquoise blue button-up complimented by a burnt umber and cerulean blue-green plaid tie. He had on khaki colored shorts and sandals. I watched as Kevin Michael effortlessly directed a team of six, while simultaneously teaching a workshop to 8 budding photographers. With everyone standing behind him and watching his every move, he doled out his tips and tricks for capturing the perfect image. “I really enjoy teaching and being able to help other photographer’s branch out. The idea behind these workshops is for others to be able to build a commercially marketable portfolio in a single day. “ Represented by AAREPS, the highly sought after photographer launched his business in Los Angeles in 2007. Since then, he has shot all over the world including New York, Chicago, Miami, Milan, and London. In 2009, Kevin Michael launched the Location Lighting Fashion Photography Workshop Series, also known as the Photography Workshop Series. After earning his M.F.A. from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Schmitz originally planned to teach photography in a traditional setting, however, not wanting to give up the freedom and ability to shoot full-scale production editorial shoots, as well as advertising campaigns, Kevin Michael decided to combine the two, thus, Paving the way for the creation of the workshop. “A lot of times with photographers it isn’t the lighting-- it is the lack of art direction. The lack of being comfortable enough to be able to correctly pose your subjects, really these are the key elements I teach and that someone can expect to learn when they take one of my workshops.” Kevin is known mostly for his ability to produce large-scale advertising, fashion, and lifestyle campaigns. Using his past relationships, Kevin gained the support from his working relationships with companies, Sammy’s Camera and Pro-photo who sponsor the workshops thus helping Kevin to offer students the chance to shoot with top-notch gear. Being able to work with models from the top agencies, such as Wilhelmina, Ford, NEXT, ELITE and L.A. Models ensures that the students will leave with a professional portfolio. Kevin is not only passionate about his work, but it’s evident when you see him teach—he is passionate about helping his students.

16 | The LA Fashion magazine

“Miami Heat” Photography & Art Direction by Kevin Michael Schmitz Margarita Represented by ELITE Models Deimante Represented by ELITE Models Anna Represented by ELITE Models Makeup by Sherilyn Segal Hair Styling by Casey Geren Wardrobe Styling by Romina Sergi Swimwear by Natalya Toporova & Kandy Wrappers

“What is really important is getting the photographers to be able to feel comfortable and build their confidence so they are able to give great direction.” Believing that everyone has the ability to capture great images, Kevin also believes it takes dedication, and an eagerness to learn. At his workshops students get a hands on approach to photography, the opportunity to take photos, use the best equipment and gain the confidence needed to direct their own photo shoots upon completion. When asked who he thought the demographic was for each workshop, Kevin stated, “The individuals that usually take my workshops are working photographers, students, or even seasoned photographers who just really want to build out their portfolios or learn more in-depth about lighting and production.“ The height of the day brought about a bit of heat, striking a spark of intensity on set. Not knowing if it was for fear of losing daylight or the sweltering heat that washed over the set, I watched as Kevin carefully without even blinking, gave specific direction, posing each model and directing the crew until the lighting was just perfect. When he was ready, he would fire away, working quickly to capture a brief moment in time. I left the set that day not knowing how the images would turn out, but with the sneaking suspicion that they were in fact–perfect. In addition to his other work, Kevin has shot numerous advertising campaigns, most recently, for Smirnoff Vodka and Coors light. He is also known for his many book covers for Penguin Publishing on the West Coast. To learn more about Kevin Michael Schmitz please visit:

Emerging designer Hope Reiners first debuted her swimwear line ‘Culture Swimwear’ during the Los Angeles Fashion Week this past March. Culture, Hope’s first venture as a designer, has already received high remarks from viewers for its originality in the swimwear category. The most recent appearance for this line was featured during Fashion Splash held at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood last month. Hope brings a fresh taste to the swimwear industry with unique crocheted embellishings and a boho chic standard of design. She also provides a positive impact on the environment and women in Cambodia. The pieces for Culture Swimwear are made through an organization called KeoK’jay that works to create jobs and benefit Cambodian women suffering from HIV/AIDS. KeoK’jay provides these women with salaries, job skills, and allows them to not only provide for their children, but educates them as well. “It is my hope to not only empower the women we work with in Cambodia, but to educate and empower all the women who wear our suits.” –Hope Along with using entirely recycled and vintage fabrics, the process to make the designs also uses a non-toxic dyeing process. These steps help make this line not only ethically responsible, but environmentally friendly as well. Culture swimwear includes exotic bikinis, unique one-pieces and solid colored cover ups. As a fan of one piece bathing suits, Hope incorporates a sexy insight on the usually covered look. The one-pieces feature low fronts and open backs making one awe at the possibility of covering more skin than a bikini, but still managing to show off curves in all the right places. If the revealing cutouts of the swimsuits do not grab one’s attention, then the colors and patterns definitely will. Bold colors are perfectly incorporated with the trendy tribal and animal prints of this season. Some of the swimsuits also include natural toned patterns that blend right into the body. This swimwear line features a fresh look with crocheted backs and earthy colors all the more describing that Hope has perfected the Bohemian take on swimwear. These boho chic pieces can easily be dressed up for a pool party or worn to a casual day at the beach. The swimsuits are also perfect for a tropical getaway in paradise or lounging on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Hope’s designs celebrate the beauty of women with a free spirit and mind. We look forward to the expansion of her talents as a designer into all forms of fashion. For more information on the Culture Swimwear collection please visit: www.Culture by Laura Yazdi Photography by Kai He

20 | The LA Fashion magazine

2 Piece Bandeau Suit w/ Crochet back detail Bandeau Top: $53 Basic Bottom: $40

Culture Swimwear - 2 Piece Triangle Suit Shoes by Shiekh - Womens Fantastik Jewelry by Shayoon Aboo

Culture Swimwear Shoes by Shiekh Jewelry by Shayoon Aboo

Culture Swimwear “Salette” necklace by Lionette “Dina” necklace by Lionette John Hardy leaf ring Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d’Or champaigne

Photography & Art Direction by Kevin Michael Schmitz Katrina Amato Represented by Wilhelmina Amy Scott Represented by Brand Model Management Jessica Paterson Repesented by Brand Model Management Corey Marsau Represented by Wilhelmina Wardrobe Styling by Rosy Muto, Salette A. Corpuz & Marcy Guevara Makeup by Tomoko Miyamoto Makeup Assistant: Sora Yun Hair by Yulitzin Funes Photography Assistant: Efren Herrera

28 | The LA Fashion magazine

The Gallery LA Presents

FASHION SPLASH by Laura Yazdi Photography by Scott Naide

Fashion Splash 2012 Swimwear Fashion Show kicked off at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood on June 28th. Designers from Maui and Sons, Éclat Swimwear, and Culture Swimwear were on hand to showcase their summer 2012 collections. The lights of Los Angeles flickered in the background of the poolside fashion show complete with drinks, music, and surfboards. The swimwear designs featured a variety of styles including bikinis, board shorts, and one-pieces with embellished detailing and revealing cutouts. As guests sipped on complimentary cocktails, provided by Diabolo and Little Black Dress Vodka, and before the runway show began, two models from each brand came out from behind the curtain for an upfront, sneak peek look of what viewers would later be able to see on the catwalk. The models posed for photographers while laid out on lawn chairs and some even flashed a few sexy smiles. Thanks to the built up anticipation, once the show began, the audience could not take their eyes off the runway. The first collection to strut the catwalk was Éclat Swimwear by Beverly Hills designer Shirin Z. With over fifteen years of design experience ranging from lingerie, to wedding and evening gowns, Shirin knows what it takes to show off a woman’s body. This line of swimwear definitely shows some skin and the pieces are perfect for a pool party in Las Vegas as the sex appeal of these designs is off the charts. The glittering fabrics hugged each model’s curves in a seductive manner while the cutouts added a dramatic touch. Shirin’s designs are sure to make a statement.


Next up was Culture Swimwear designed by Hope Reiners. A newcomer to the design world, Hope debuted her first collection to a very pleased crowd. Her bohemian inspired line featured a ton of interesting and unique patterns to go along with this year’s tribal trend. Hope, a fan of one piece bathing suits, created her designs to look stunning on any body type. The crocheted backs and earthy neutral tones of this swim line are a reminder of a tropical paradise. There is definitely a lot to look forward to with this blossoming designer.

The last line to showcase their new collection that night was Maui and Sons, designed by Lacey Corkery . With a fresh new take on a thirty year old company, this swimwear line had a lot to show off. The models had fun walking out with surfboards, boogie boards and throwing sunglasses out to the crowd. Both male and female swimsuits were featured and had California surfer appeal written all over them. The neon trend is nothing new to Maui and Sons who have been using bright colors for as long as they have been in business. The colors of these swimsuits are vibrant and fun; this company is definitely making a comeback.

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Swimwear line

Beverly Hills based designer Shirin Z. knows a thing or two about the fashion industry. She has been in it for fifteen years designing lingerie, wedding dresses and evening gowns. With a line of noteworthy clientele of A-list celebrities, including the late Michael Jackson, it has been her purpose to make her clients fashion dreams become a reality. With her private label having been consigned by the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, International Royalty, Klienfeld of New York and Parisa Lingerie, it is no wonder that Shirin’s designs are in high demand. She puts great effort into each piece she creates because she realizes that “a woman’s wardrobe is an intimate reflection of her personality.” Now, Shirin focuses her efforts on her swimwear line, Éclat Swimwear. Shirin’s first swimwear line as an individual designer features distinctive elements unlike any other. The fabrics she chose are bold and full of shimmer lined with beautiful trim. The cutouts on both the bikini’s and one-pieces are intricately placed to show off a woman’s curves. These swimsuits are perfect for a woman who wants to make a statement and fit right in at a Las Vegas pool party. Some may even call them scandalous. This collection is incredibly sexy, hence the tag line “Luxury that hugs your body.” The models were glowing as they walked down the runway for Éclat’s debut at Fashion Splash 2012. With design names such as “Endless Diva, Dream Girl, and Flirty Retro” it’s no wonder that they stole the spotlight at the poolside fashion show. The features of each bathing suit also include a full built-in bra giving each woman all day comfort and support. High quality elastic bands help to avoid the worry of your favorite bikini stretching out before the end of summer. Sensitive Fabrics ensure high UV protection, not to mention that they dry twice as fast and are ten times more chlorine resistant that other swimwear fabrics. With excellent uses of color and textures, intricate detail on each piece, this line is sure to showcase a woman’s inner goddess whether she is on the catwalk, by a pool, or at the beach. For her next collection, Shirin is designing cover-ups in fabrics to match more of her gorgeous swimsuits. They will also be decked out in rhinestones. For more information on the Éclat swimwear line, and to purchase your favorite design, please visit the website: by Laura Yazdi Photography by Kai He & Scott Naide 32 | The LA Fashion magazine

Maui and Sons “Maui Dreamsicle” Reversible Triangle Top Reversible Brie Reversible Tie Bikini “Perfect Storm” Bandeau Top



Maui and Sons “Tapa Maui” Neon Green Tank “Cookiestripe” Mens Boardshorts

Maui and Sons “Perfect Storm” Ruffle Triangle Top Bandeau Top “Tropical Pop” Boardshorts Cookie Logo Canvas Tote Sunglasses by Singe Eyewear

Maui and Sons “Perfect Storm” Ruffle Triangle Top Tie Side Bikini “Maui Dreamsicle” Reversible Bandeau Top Reversible Tie Side Bikini

Maui and Sons “Deco Shark” Neon Pink Mens Tank Top “Instamatic” Mens Boardshorts “Darren” Flannel Shirt Sunglasses by Maui and Singe Eyewear


Lacey Corkery Makes a Splash at Maui and Sons

Maui and Sons is an iconic swimwear brand that has been around for over 30 years. With a headquarters in Malibu, California, which appropriately looks out at the Pacific Ocean, it is a top tier swimwear company. Already popular among surf shops and sports enthusiasts, Maui and Sons is now expanding the horizon to include the fashion world with designer Lacey Corkery leading the way. A designer of many talents, Lacey is currently focusing her attention on Maui and Sons’ 2012 Summer collection which was featured at the Fashion Splash runway show in West Hollywood last month. At Fashion Splash, Models walked the catwalk in Lacey’s latest designs featuring neon colors and animal prints. They carried surf and body boards to stay true to the surf culture that the brand was built upon. Maui and Sons sunglasses and T-shirts were thrown out to the excited crowd. Models wore board shorts, bikini tops, and colorful one-pieces while the male model showed off the retro neon board shorts to whistles and hollers. Obviously the shorts were a popular hit among the ladies in the crowd. The Maui and Sons 2012 collection is definitely bright, fun, and fresh! With a young designer like Lacey, Maui and Sons is taking a fresh new approach to their swimwear line and not missing a beat when it comes to incorporating the hottest trends of the season including: stripes, bright colors, geometric patterns and animal prints.

Maui and Son’s Photographer: Jan Lim Models Avalon - M Model Management Hunter - M Model Management Natalie - Models International Stylist: Dana Elizabeth

The neon trend is nothing new to this seasoned swimwear company, which includes this color palette in its logo that has been with the company since it began some thirty years ago. The logo also features figures to represent and celebrate elements of mother nature: earth, sea, sky and fire. Because Maui and Sons embodies fun in the sun, it is not a surprise that this brand is particularly appealing to people who live active and adventurous lifestyles. Another unique part of this company is that they have their own mascot: Sharkman, one of the most widely recognizable branded images in the active sports apparel and equipment category worldwide. Maui and Sons first got its start in the 1980′s when three young southern California surfers decided to start their own apparel company. Years later, Maui and Sons has grown from being a small clothing manufacturer to a full-scale, international clothing and equipment company. Their merchandise is sold in over 100 countries and the product range includes everything from both men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories to sports equipment and even household items. For more information on Maui and Sons, please visit the website: by Laura Yazdi Photography by Jan Lim

Beach Bunny As a fan and owner of numerous Beach Bunny swimsuits, I was more than excited to attend their runway show at the St. Regis Resort at Monarch Beach on June 19th. These sunny and bright swimsuits fit right in with the vibe and energy of California locals. Designer Angela Chittenden’s collection merges fashion and swimwear, creating a line that is sexy, fun, and playful. Chittenden explains that she wanted to create a line that “would let women show off their bodies, feel sexy and confident, glamorous, flirty and fun all at the same time.” With unique fabrics, embellishments, and hardware, these suits are truly unique. Finding inspiration from places she visits and the people around her, Angela bases her designs on her favorite things in life. With a collection of two pieces that were beyond sexy, I was awestruck with the colors, patterns, and styles of these unique suits. A red two-piece with a chain link bikini bottom was stunning, especially when covered with the gorgeous cover-ups. A little more exciting than the typical beachwear, these were sexy and came in two separate styles. Accented with beautiful jewelry, colorful patterns and gorgeous chain link detailing, the suits were stylish and ideal for a tropical vacation! Beach Bunny ‘s new collection and show was full of energy. Beautiful models with flawless makeup and hair made this event just stunning. I can’t wait to pick up another Beach Bunny swimsuit to add to my collection. If you are interested in Beach Bunny’s new swimwear line visit:

by Staci Adams Photography by Kai He & Scott Naide

44 | The LA Fashion magazine


2013 Collection

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Swim, kicked off in Miami on Thursday, July 19th, and took place in the landmark Raleigh Hotel, in the heart of South Beach. Boasting spectacular ocean views and a luxe atmosphere, The Raleigh served as an ideal setting for such a fantastic series of presentations. The 2013 Collection of Vitamin A by Ahmalia Stevens, was presented at “The Oasis”, on the evening of Friday, July 20th, to an excited group of spectators – all eager to see what this year’s “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer had in store. A parade of tropical hues, rainbow shades and sprinkles of classic neutral colors strutted down the catwalk. Gorgeous bikinis adorned with beaded accents and fringe, one-piece suits and monokinis flaunting daring cut-outs, cascading silk kaftans and asymmetrically cut cover-ups as far as the eye could see. These looks were marvelous and could not have been more exquisitely put together, from the beachbabe tousled hair, head scarves, and bohemian jewelry, to the rich, bronze glow each model rocked – in short, remarkable! I especially loved the vibrant shades used, such as bold coral and captivating aqua. However, one of my favorite looks was an amazing, jet black coverup, which could also serve as a dress you’d wear on a warm summer night, accessorized with gold cuffs connected to the necklace by streams of gold chains … stunning- a definite WOW moment. The extensive collection was perfectly crafted and exuded comfort, without compromising the definite sex appeal it so naturally oozed. It’s rare to see swimwear fit so well and move with the body. How many times have we seen someone strolling down the beach when they have to stop to “adjust” their suit? Not an attractive sight. With Vitamin A, there will be no need to “adjust”. Amahlia Stevens has mastered, what she calls, the “California Cut”, which means that the “bottom” of each piece is cut so that it sits low on the hip, curves just right in the back and is precisely not too skimpy and too full; therefore, providing no need for constant adjustment. So, whether you’re jet-setting to St. Tropez, Puerto Vallarta, Miami Beach or simply visiting your local beach, Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens apparel will surely be a hit! After the successful showcasing of her 2013 Collection, we caught up with Amahlia Stevens. She gave us some insight as to what makes Vitamin A so distinct. First, here’s a little background for you: Amahlia Stevens is a California native from Laguna Beach and a graduate of the Art Center College of Design. She has a passion for what she does and has created a line that is often referred to as, the “LBD” of swimwear (Little Black Bikini) - a swimwear line produced in California, that carries go-to pieces that are effortless, sexy, chic and cater to all body types. A celeb fave, Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens can also be seen on famous beach-goers such as, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and many more. This month, Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens was given the prestigious title of “Mercedes-Benz Presents” Designer during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. “Mercedes-Benz Presents” Designer recognizes designers that demonstrate dedication and possess unique style and innovation. Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens joins a prestigious group of designers who have also been bestowed this honor including, Hervé Léger by Max Azria, Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, Trina Turk, Narciso Rodriguez, and Naeem Khan. Stephanie Zimmer, Manager of Brand Experience Marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA says, “As a designer that grew up near the beach, Amahlia Stevens has authenticity in her designs, which are thoughtfully constructed to fit uniquely different than other bikinis on the market. There is a natural sexiness to her designs.” So true! Amahlia Stevens was honored, and said, “Mercedes-Benz is a symbol of elegance, quality, and high performance; and Vitamin A shares a similar vision of glamour and superior craftsmanship. I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the Mercedes-Benz Presents designer for this season in Miami.”

Here are some of our interview highlights: Q : How did you become drawn to design swimwear and establish what is now Vitamin A? A : It was an obsession. I grew up by the beach and so I was always in bathing suits. Whether it was by the pool, at the beach or while traveling, I was obsessed with bikinis. I was a swimsuit model in college and they (designers) would give me boxes and boxes of bikinis - which was great! When I started designing my collection it was basically because I was just not able to find the types of bikinis that I wanted to wear, to fit my shape. At that time they (bikinis) were very big or very, very high cut and had an unusual fit. I got started by going to an old-school Laguna Beach custom swimwear shop, and shared my ideas. I wanted a bikini to sit on the hip, this is what turned into the “California Cut”, they sit low on the hips, have a very nice curve in the back, not too full and not too skimpy. Q : What influences and inspires you when designing a new collection? A : Many things. There’s not really just one thing that inspires me. I can’t answer it in a simple way. Definitely, my travels inspire me. Also, by things I see – sometimes it’s colors. sometimes it’s nature, sometimes it’s art in museums and galleries, or sometimes it’s a film. I was very inspired by the Thomas Crown Affair, it had that sixties mod kind of feeling. Also, the over-reaching inspiration is my lifestyle in Laguna Beach, and things I wear and live in. I always start by saying. ‘Well, what do I want to wear?’ For this (2013) Collection, I was inspired by a trip to Sayulita, Mexico. It’s a very earthy place, but also has a kind-of jet-setting nature to it, very simple, raw. The water is incredible there. You can walk for miles and miles on the beach and never see a person. I was inspired by the feeling of the place and of course the colors in Mexico. The beautiful turquoise contrasting with the sand, the palm trees and the jungle. Q. What were some of your favorite pieces from this (2013) collection? A : Some of my favorite pieces from this collection are the silk kaftans, the ombre and rainbow colors. They really really feel like the sunsets in Mexico, the sunsets in Baja. Q : What sets Vitamin A apart from other swimwear lines? A : I think there are few things. One, is the fit, it’s different, it’s very precise. It’s made for a real woman’s body. The fit, the construction and the detailing, are what really set it apart. It’s detailed but it a simple way, minimalist kind of aesthetic, but with a lot of detailing. Q. Where is Vitamin A swimwear available? Online? Worldwide? A : It’s available internationally, throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and Asia. Also available online on our website: http:// Our website points you to all the retailers, brick and mortar retailers and online retailers (that carry Vitamin A). We can’t wait to see what Amahlia Stevens will create when she gets back to her beautiful Laguna Beach design studio, overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean. The line will, no doubt, continue to exude that cool, chic, California feel. With its ease, sex appeal and mix of laidback luxury this unique line is a “California Cut” above the rest. by Julianna Maranon Photography by Kai He

Miami Golden Boy Red Carter, debuted his 2013 resort swimwear line during the July Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami. The party started once models dressed in Red’s electric designs hit the catwalk. This designer knows how to capture the attention in the room, in the form of a bikini. The geometric shapes, tribal patterns, and animal prints all blend in perfectly with this season’s hottest trends. The sultry Brazilian vibe is also included in this collection with feathered headdresses. Not to mention the bold statement jewelery and out of this world hair cones that also caught viewers attention. Red Carter originally launched his namesake brand in 2004, just after moving to Miami, Florida. With no specific look to his collections, Red is allowed to be extremely creative each season, pushing the boundary lines of the swimwear industry. Infusing the bright lights and glitz of a disco ball into this year’s line shows the kind of design genius that he can put together. Although he has the mentality of a serious designer, he has the ability to keep a modern “fun in the sun” approach to his swimwear line which very easily reflects in his sexy bikinis. Originally a California native, an aquatic athlete, and graduate of OTIS/Parson School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Red Carter knows a thing or two about designing swimwear for sport and fashion. His designs tend to incorporate important aspects of swimwear design that others often leave out allowing his line to be functionally superior. Red has also worked for well-known fashion brands such as: Esprit, Guess Jeans, Rampage, Mossimo, Victoria’s Secret and Oscar de la Renta. Red is currently working on his next line in New York City and partnered with Amerex Group as creative director to bring the world another dose of his talent in fashion. This acquisition also includes a partnership in New York’s Salon9 Showroom. Red Carter’s creations are currently sold online, in stores or via catalogue. His line is not only available in the US, but also across the globe in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Greece, Aruba, the Bahamas, Lebanon, St. Barts and the US Virgin Islands. To see more of Red Carter’s fabulous line of swimwear, please visit:

by Laura Yazdi Photography by Scott Naide

50 | The LA Fashion magazine


NICOLITA’s 2013 collection

Nicolita Caliente Designer Bikinis revealed their 2013 collection at Miami Beach Fashion Week. The designers of this year’s swimsuit collections are founder, Nicole Di Rocco and singer/songwriter, Christina Milian. Nicole Di Rocco founded the company in 2003 and teamed up with Christina Milian to create one of this years lines called Havana Nights. “We are coming up on our 10 year anniversary, so every year it’s about reinventing what Cuba and Nicolita means to me,” says Di Rocco. Both being Cuban, Di Rocco and Milian tapped into their Cuban roots and similar values to create this line. The new styles have some of that 1940s Cuban flair Nicolita has become known for and they are hot! From the racy yet elegant one pieces to the ruffled bandeau tops that are a staple of the Nicolita swimwear, the 2013 Collection held nothing back. The collection is definitely a change from last year’s designs. The colors for this collection are toned down in comparison to last year’s collection which used many primary colors and polka dots. This year, using shades of turquoise, metallic tones, fuchsia and animal prints give it a much different feel. Many of the bikini bottoms are Nicolita’s signature Cuban-style bottom making them much sexier than the traditional bikini bottoms. This heart shaped bottom with wider bands and no-pinch elastic is great for all body types from the curvy woman to the slim. The fit is to die for. The one pieces range from revealing monokinis to the more modest lower cut one pieces. All the swimsuits in this line have a certain sophistication to them. For outerwear, we see sheer tops in fuchsia leopard and sheer pants and wraps in fuchsia and turquoise animal prints that really compliment the swimsuits. There is even a tutu leopard wrap, great for a stroll over to the pool bar. Compliments to Nicolita for yet another great collection. by Shari Baier Photography by Kai He & Scott Naide

52 | The LA Fashion magazine

Paris Couture

FashionWeek July 2012

54 | The LA Fashion magazine

56 | The LA Fashion magazine


The House That Versace Built – Paris Couture A/W 13′

Versace kicked off Paris Couture Week in July with a stunning Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Beautifully constructed and designed with the Atelier’s signature touches and elaborate silhouettes have definitely set the standard for what is yet to come this week. The collection this season is inspired by the beautiful and powerful imagery that is found on many tarot cards around the world. The symbols of the sun, moon, and world are present on several of the fabrics used. In addition, Roman numerals meant to give meaning to certain tarot cards are also found decorating some of the fabrics. Silk screened, embroidered and appliquéd onto each garment are several variations and interpretations of tarot cards seen through the eyes of Pablo Picasso, providing an abstract look and feel to the entire collection. Airy and lightweight fabrics were cut, sewn and layered over one another to enhance the intricate and detailed collection that Donatella Versace envisioned. Layers of silk are used in company with pieces of transparent plastic, which have then been sliced into very thin strips and used to construct different patterns of the body. Beautiful rose gold buckles enhanced the looks and were also used as anchors to hold the fabrics together.

The stars, the lovers and good fortune all interpretations of tarot cards also appeared in the collection. Metal studs, hand-cut pieces of plastic, and threedimensional embroideries added to each look for a chic finish. Geometric cut-outs and strapless gowns were abundant on the runway, as were the many hand-sewn touches, including hand-cut leather pieces, small hexagonal patterned pieces and lacing made from silk chiffon. Crystal-mesh and pearls accented the garments. Not a stone was out of place and in true Versace fashion, each garment looked as breathtakingly impeccable as the women who wore them. Long silk hemlines swept the runway, as raised ones kissed the knees of the models that ambled down the catwalk. Turquoise, pale greens, fuchsia, and canary-yellow provided a bold color palette. The vibrant color choices and delicate fabrics added to the intricate silhouettes. The collection was nothing short of brilliant, further proving that the house that Versace built is standing strong and is still very much a fashion-force to be reckoned with.

Basil Soda

Basil Soda has just shown its AW 12-13 Collection in Paris – this was a stunning collection by the Lebanese designer whose work and name is a regular on the Hollywood Red Carpets. This collection was dominated by Dark and Light, Femininity and Elegance, Sensuality and Strength. Inspired by metamorphoses, the collection went from dark deep rustic shades of olive green and indian red through to what the designer referred to as a “promising white future”. The AW 12 13 collection progresses towards three dimensional silhouettes. A blow up of cuts, fabrics, textures and prints. Floating embroideries, feathers, crystals, and fringes spirit the creations. High collars, shaped lines, bell-shaped gowns and puffed skirts dominate this collection. Transparent silk organza, sheen and delicate tulle, closely woven silk gabardine, and gold stitching appliquéd over white and pale colors of silk tulle are some of the fabrics used to create these designs. Ankle boots are covered with fringes accenting these works of art. For more of these unique designs, visit

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Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture

F/W 2012-2013

What better place for the unveiling of Stéphane Rolland’s Haute Couture F/W 2012-2013 Collection, than the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine museum of architecture located in the Palais de Chaillot, not far from the Eiffel tower. French designer, Stéphane Rolland, has often been referred to as the “architect of fashion”. Best known for the tremendous skill he possesses when it comes to the daunting task of constructing impeccable high fashion. Stéphane’s love for design and fashion has been a life-long affair. Having sketched his first dress at only four years old, it’s more than fitting that he chose to study at the prestigious Paris at l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la haute couture. Stéphane’s first job at the age of 20, was at Balenciaga. He wasted no time climbing up the ranks by exhibiting his fine talent, and by 21 was promoted, and became the youngest Creative Director of menswear and international licenses. At 24, he left Balenciaga to start his own prêt-àporter company with Jean-Louis Scherrer’s fashion house, where he gained priceless experience for 10 years as the official couturier of the house. He also worked as a costume designer, and in 2006 and 2007, was nominated for the esteemed Molière awards. Stéphane is now an official partner of the famed, Cannes Film Festival. Stéphane perfected the art of precise tailoring, and had his own vision and philosophy on fashion and design. Thus, he made the decision to become independent and start his own company. Since Stéphane is a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la haute couture, his brand can officially be known as a “haute couture” label. Summer of 2007 marked the presentation of his first Haute Couture collection, under his own name. His designs have since been revered in the celebrity and high fashion world, rendering an international following.

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This year, Stéphane Rolland drew inspiration for his stunning Fall/Winter collection from Finnish architect and furniture designer, Alvar Aalto. Boasting sleek lines and flowing capes, this collection defined both ethereal beauty and exquisite engineering.

By using an organic color palette, Stéphane Rolland exhibited that his clothing can deliver maximum impact with minimal form – the true beauty of the piece rests in the flawless execution of the garment and how the natural movements of the body can visually bring it to life. A parade of floating chiffon and organza gowns made their way down the catwalk in rich camel, elegant ivory, and lush ruby shades. Also seen were impeccably tailored suits in opulent jet black which featured sewn-in capes that gave the body-conscious masterpieces a beautiful dramatic effect and fluidity. Every piece showcased was even more radiant than the next. Daring slits, tiers of soft layers, elaborate ruffles, and provocative cutouts enhanced each creation. Feathers, suede fringe, silicone fur, and polished wooden accessories adorned several pieces and boasted the modern-day art influences Stéphane drew from. Lastly, Stéphane enlisted the stunning Fan Bing Bing, well-known Chinese actress and singer, to draw the presentation to a superb culmination. Fan Bing Bing donned a breathtaking white wedding gown, enswathed in an elegantly massive train and edgy, leather fringe embellishments. This show-stopper was truly marvelous. At least Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who unfortunately arrived over one hour late and missed the majority of the show, were able to witness it. Stéphane Rolland is the embodiment of Parisian ultra-chic and brought us a collection of seductive caped crusaders and modern-day Aphrodites. A genuinely strong and glorious assembly of timeless beauty and structure. For more about Stéphane Rolland, visit

by Julianna Maranon Images Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland

Elie Saab

F/W 2012 Collection

Designer Elie Saab was born in Lebanon in 1964. His interest in fashion design started at the young age of nine when he began making clothes for his sisters. After women in his neighborhood began to take notice, the designer started to sell his creations to local women in his neighborhood. At eighteen years old, he opened his own store in Beirut, and presented his collection to women all over the world. Soon, women from high society all over the world wanted to get their hands on a dress by Elie Saab. In 2007, the designer moved from Beirut to the fashion forward city of Paris and opened his flagship boutique. Inspired by Beirut, Saab still maintains a studio there. Working with delicate embroideries, materials, and impeccable quality, the designer creates fairy tale pieces that are dazzling and sophisticated and exemplify beauty in all forms. His attention to detail is impeccable and unlike anything I have seen. Showcasing his recent collection at Paris Fashion week, his gowns were wonderfully whimsical and perfect in every way. His collection was based around luxurious lace. He showcased this beautiful fabric in every way possible. With a baby blue, 2 toned long sleeve and boat neck dress that was fit for a princess, the model wore shoes in the same hue with her hair pulled back and minimal makeup. The dress was belted which added a certain element of elegance. My favorite gown was a back lace dress that was sexy and elegant at the same time. Created with immaculate detailing and a low neckline, the dress was long and translucent, but covered the right areas. The same dress appeared but this time in a beautiful turquoise hue that complimented the models dark skin. A princess like cream lace gown exemplified everything that a little girl thinks of when she wants to dress like a princess. It was long, exaggerated, and made with beautiful colors and patterns. A golden lace long sleeve dress with a low cut neckline and flowy silhouette was absolutely stunning. It fit the model beautifully and accented her gorgeous features. The detail, lining, and luxurious feel promoted numerous “wow’s” from the crowd. Elie Saab’s show impressed me more than I thought. Seeing his pieces up close and personal and not only on celebrities and models, made me appreciate the attention to detail on each and every single one of his pieces. This was an amazing show in every way possible. by Staci Adams Image Courtesy of Elie Saab

Didit Hediprasetyo Couture Collection Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Mystical night falls and the soul of the orchid surrenders to the contemplative world that floats before her dreaming eyes. Beauties of amusement past once more dance as inherited splendor unravels the tale of exotic luxury and sensible dressing. The textured ruches in duchesse satin capture with voluptuous softness, the modern essence of a bomber jacket. Delicate pleating of bordeaux silk jersey dresses a corset t-shirt, complementing the soft velvet skirt adorned with a print inspired by the seductive orchid jungle. Traditional songket from Sumatra trimmed with chinchilla fur brings the tulip skirt and deconstructed haori to new heights of tactile allure. Atelier Lesage embroidered amethysts cut in intricate beads and slivers, underlining an organic flow. Lavender dusk fades into lilac morning, the orchid dream evaporates. The floating world of a floral zone are executed on organza and velvet, featuring the print work designed in collaboration with Calla Haynes. Hats by Philip Treacy compliments as a final touch to Didit Hediprasetyo’s silhouette of the fall/winter 2012 collection.

Image Courtesy of Didit Hediprasatyo


F /W 2 0 1 2 C o l l e c t i o n

Frank Sorbier is known for always going as close as possible to the borders of fashion, and he proved it again with his FW12 Couture collection. More than a show, a set, in a Parisian theatre in which the scene had been transformed into a catwalk. When the lights were turned on, we didn’t understand at once what was going on: a model in black moving her hand as if trying to hypnotize a model dressed in a huge white dress (heaven and hell? Good and bad?). And then it started and the whole audience let a “oh” escape. Lightning on the white dress, as if turned into a movie screen: aquarium, floral animations or lines running around it. Then the full collection was presented, in tones of brown and black. A clock print high waist large dress was shown, as if to remember Sorbier is always ahead of his time. by Samuel Schler

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FEATURE STORY Kristi Yamaguchi 74 | The LA Fashion magazine

Figure Sakater Turned Designer

Kristi Yamaguchi TSU.YA Launches Active Wear Line

It seems like only yesterday that we watched as Kristi Yamaguchi skated into Olympic history, winning gold and along with it, the hearts of Americans and the rest of the world over. Now the wife, mother, and author, is adding designer to her list of many titles. I was thrilled when I was approached to conduct an interview with the multifaceted designer. Kristi Yamaguchi is not only someone I admire, but she is also a wonderful humanitarian and inspiration to many. In 1996 Kristi founded The Always Dream Foundation, which provided 1,000 pairs of shoes to children who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Now focusing on childhood literacy, The Always Dream Foundation hopes to inspire children to enjoy reading and to know the importance of literacy, while also striving for success. “Being able to put a book into a child’s hand and to see them light up, and to see them fascinated with the stories, knowing that this will hopefully help them build a great foundation for success in school and in life is a great feeling.” –Kristi Yamaguchi As an author, Kristi wrote a two-part book series for children, which follows Poppy, the adorable figure-skating piglet and her dream of becoming a figure-skater and world champion. When asked if the Always Dream Foundation was the catalyst for authoring the two book series, Dream Big Little Pig and the second installment It’s A Big World Little Pig, Kristi said: “ The biggest inspiration came from my own children at first, seeing how much they loved books, and it made me want to write one just for them. But also knowing how important reading and literacy is for children throughout the world is reason enough.” – Kristi Yamaguchi The Olympic gold medalist and Dancing With The Stars champion has become a household name over the last several years. This time Kristi’s lending her middle name, Tsu.Ya to her active wear line. The Tsu.Ya label will debut this September with an exclusive launch at Lord and Taylor. The collection not only mirrors Yamaguchi’s lifestyle, but also that of many women throughout the world. The mother of two explained,

Kristi Yamaguchi TSU.YA

“Fashion has always been a large part of my life, having been an athlete and now busy mother is a large reason why I decided to launch Tsu.Ya. I wanted to create a collection that catered to someone like me, who is an active busy woman. Someone who wants to be comfortable but yet have functional, stylish clothing as well.� Kristi and I spoke openly about the collection; she emphasized that having the option to wear your workout clothing all day, while infusing fun accents and surprises into the line is truly what Tsu.Ya is all about. In the collection you can expect to find stylish silhouettes and animal prints paired with traditional dark hues, such as onyx black, charcoal grays and white. Plum will be intermixed into the line and will be available after fall. The gold accents found in the collection are a subtle reference to what Kristi and the design team thought would be a nice way to incorporate her gold medal win. The 18-piece collection features traditional style yoga pants, tank tops, and separates that can be worn as either workout apparel or as fashion staples. A variety of fabrics were chosen to give the line more versatility and wear-ability, including four-way stretch tops and hooded sweatshirt dresses. Jackets and some outerwear pieces are also available.

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by Dana Elizabeth

Kristi Yamaguchi Tsu.Ya

When asked what we might see from the label in the future, Kristi spoke about creating a lifestyle brand around the Tsu.Ya name, “ I think the next natural progression would be children’s wear. That’s something I’ve always been interested in pursuing.” I posed the idea of a possible eveningwear collection, briefly mentioning the figure skaters past experience with ornate costumes and Kristi responded with noticeable enjoyment, “Now that you say eveningwear, actually—yeah it would be fun.” Jokingly adding, “Of course a lot of rhinestones would be incorporated into the designs.” In keeping with Kristi’s philanthropic efforts, part of the proceeds from the Tsu.Ya collection will be donated to The Always Dream Foundation. It’s apparent the goldmedal winning athlete, mother, author and now designer isn’t slowing down, and plans to unveil several more surprises in the near future. Something tells me we can expect to see much more from her. And as a member of the American audience, I along with the rest of America will be watching.

Kristi Yamaguchi


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CC Skye With Diamonds … & SPIKES! by Julianna Maranon Malibu is a picturesque, beachfront city in Los Angeles County. Situated on a prime strip of the Pacific coastline, Malibu is not only home to sandy beaches, charming eateries, and sprawling residences, it is now home to the beautiful offices of jewelry powerhouse, CC SKYE. CC Skye’s designing days started years ago, far far away from Los Angeles. During a six-month study abroad in Kathmandu Nepal, CC lived with a Shaman in the hills of the Himalayas while filming a documentary on Hindu & Buddhist worship. Having always had a passion for design, CC sought out the help of local seamstresses and began to bring the fashion of the big city to life in the far East. CC also added a touch of glamour to her designs by including metal work and gems in her pieces. CC explains, “Getting out of the consumerist mentality of the West really helped me to slow down and make something rather than just go out and buy it. It was the first time I had ever used my hands for anything.” After her enlightening time in Nepal, CC returned to Los Angeles and began researching fashion trends and trend forecasting. She also found work as an Associate Producer of music documentaries at MTV Networks and profiled fashion designers for fashion documentaries on the Style Network of E!, Entertainment Television. Although she enjoyed working as a producer, during a hiatus, CC took a fateful trip to the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles. During her trip, CC met a local jewelry craftsman who taught her the trade – and the rest, as they say, is HISTORY! CC Skye launched her namesake jewelry line in 2002 and has been unstoppable every since! In fact, her line was so wellreceived, she was nominated for “Best New Accessory Designer” by New York’s famed GEN ART (2002), an organization known for supporting emerging talent in fashion, music, film and art. CC’s fashion-forward style and eye for jewelry trends that can take a wardrobe from daytime sophistication to sexy evening wear, have made her the breakthrough designer she is today. After the success of her debut collection, CC Skye became the quintessential designer of ”glam-rock” accessories – the highlight of every outfit. Following CC Skye’s great accomplishments with her jewelry line, she began producing handbags and launched her first handbag collection in 2008. Needless to say, the celebrity following she made with the amazing gold chain and leather wrap bracelet in 2007, continued to blossom. The handbags featured boast fine Italian leather as well as the same intricate gold hardware crafted into her jewelry pieces. Within just a few months, CC’s handbag line received rave reviews! It has been praised by retailers worldwide, could be seen on the arms of celebrities such as Halle Berry and Nicole Richie, and has been featured in countless publications such as ELLE and InStyle. CC Skye’s love of seeing something come from nothing through the transformation process, paired with the opulence of her luxe, rock n’ roll style is exactly why her following includes style mavens like, Gwen Stefani and Olivia Palermo. Her latest collections highlight today’s “it” looks, come in fantastic shades to add that perfect pop of color to every outfit, and include everything from brilliant cuffs (my fave!) to “Wildchild” name plate necklaces (another fave!). So, what can we look forward to from the designer WWD calls “consistently ahead of the trends”? Chances are, there may very well be CC Skye sunglasses and shoes in our near future. After all, as CC says: “Everything in fashion is timing and I will know when the time is right!” To get your hands on your own gorgeous CC Skye piece (or a few!), checkout :

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Calling All Shoe Lovers…Make Way for

ALEJANDRA G! Los Angeles-native, Alejandra G , has launched an impressive and opulent shoe collection, aptly named, Alejandra G. Boasting a unique, black and white, striped sole, Alejandra G has designed shoes for women with a definite edge and passion for luxury footwear. Although much of Alejandra’s primary success comes from her hard work as a producer for networks such as BET and Telemundo, she took a gamble and decided to pursue her dream of designing shoes she knew shoe lovers, such as her herself, longed to wear. Alejandra was determined to connect with someone in the industry that would be willing to take a chance and review her sketches. Her persistence eventually paid off when CEO, Joe Ouaknine, of the famed, Titan Industry, agreed to meet with her. Mr. Ouaknine was impressed by Alejandra’s cutting-edge designs and ambitious nature, and decided to mentor her. He first sent her to China for one month to learn about manufacturing and the, not so glamorous aspect, of the production process. Upon her return from China, Alejandra was convinced that she would indeed pursue her passion of designing, full-time. In order to further advance her technical abilities, Alejandra ventured to Milan, Italy, with the advice of her mentor, Mr. Ouaknine. In Milan, Alejandra enrolled in a comprehensive, four-month, footwear course at the prestigious, Ara Sutoria School. During her time in Milan, Alejandra received the invaluable experience of learning from some of the world’s most acclaimed and skilled artisans and also began the development of what is now her beautiful collection, Alejandra G. Although it debuted only a few months ago, Alejandra G has made quite a significant mark in the world of designer footwear. Flaunting a vivid assortment of textures, colors and quality created with materials directly imported from Italy, this collection is alive with allure and promise. Alejandra G has proven that she has successfully executed her desire to bring forward a luxury shoe line that is not only fashion-forward, but sexy and sophisticated as well – and I’m not the only one who thinks so! Alejandra G has already gained a loyal celebrity and fashion industry following! Starlets such as Taryn Manning, Raven Simone, and Tamera Mowry have rocked Alejandra G and are singing its praises. You can also take a look at Alejandra G in this month’s issue of In Style Magazine’s “Day-to-Night Sandals” segment. For more on this fantastic line and where you can get your very own pair of GLAMOROUS, Alejandra G shoes, visit

by Julianna Maranon

Q by Pasquale

from Los Angeles was first!

And the Cinderella Glass Shoe Trend Is Spreading like wildfire! Q by Pasquale is pleased to announce that the glass shoe trend is rapidly emerging as a defined luxury fashion trend for 2012. Having created the very first glass shoe in 2010, designers are quick to follow Pasquale Fabrizio, commonly known in Tinseltown as the “Cobbler to the Stars.” Christian Louboutin just announced his plans for a glass slipper, proving what fashion insiders have been talking about for decades, that Fabrizio knows shoes! Most recently, the Associated Press Television News (world’s largest news service) shot a TV news report featuring Q by Pasquale on the latest shoe trends for 2012 and included the glass trend. The Q by Pasquale collection featuring Murano glass accessories is now in full production and available for retail. Designed, engineered and developed by Pasquale Fabrizio, the shoes are wearable works of art featuring handcrafted soles, embellishments of Murano glass and 24-carat gold. Pasquale worked with artisans throughout Italy to unite the elements of shoe architecture, quality materials and natural beauty, which brings to life the fairy tale of the glass slipper. The glass shoe is a celebration of Pasquale’s 5-year journey to bring this iconic shoe to the forefront of fashion.

“The glass shoe trend will capture the Cinderella in every woman!” P. Fabrizio


86 | The LA Fashion magazine

The Q by Pasquale Los Angeles studio has been cited by W and Town and Country as “the best in the world” with clientele including Emmy, Grammy and Academy award winners, as well as some of the most passionate shoe aficionados from around the world. Pasquale has built his reputation through re-crafting shoes for Hollywood’s top studios and stars such as Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chanel Iman, Christina Aguilera, George Clooney, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Mick Jagger, among numerous other celebrities. Fabrizio is a master shoemaker with exacting standards and inspired artistry. He learned the fine art of shoemaking through his family business, which has been making shoes for over fifty years. Fabrizio launched his Q by Pasquale flagship boutique in Los Angeles in 2011. Located next door to his world-renowned Pasquale Shoe Repair at 5616 San Vicente Blvd. 90019, just South of the Miracle Mile, the beautiful boutique welcomes Hollywood’s most fashionable stylists, celebrities, and shoe aficionados. For a preview of the full Q by Pasquale collection and the glass shoes,please visit


by Julianna Maranon Emerging women’s luxury shoe line, Blonde Ambition by Carol de Leon, was launched in March 2010 in Europe, and has now made its splashing debut in the United States. Several exquisite styles have been featured in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, People and countless fashion publications. Blonde Ambition styles have also been worn by starlets on and off the red carpet, such as Jessica Biel, Kristin Cavallari, and E!’s, Ashlan Gorse, just to name a few. The line’s allure stems from the amazing construction and unique design offered in each gorgeous piece. Designer and creator, Carol de Leon was born in Asia and raised in the United States. She was exposed early on to her father’s architecture profession which sparked her interest in the world of fashion and design. Carol obtained a degree in International Marketing from Loyola Marymount University as well as a degree in Shoe Design from the acclaimed Otis Parsons College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. Carol then moved abroad to further expand her experience and education. She attended the University of Southern Europe in France and apprenticed as a shoe designer in Italy, where she worked for 10 years. In the unforgettable, 10 years she spent in Europe, Carol learned to master the fine craftsmanship and design style that is now showcased in each of her fabulous creations. Upon Carol’s return to Los Angeles, she worked for Italian Vogue and Hollywood Life Magazines. She also began diligently working on the launch of her eclectic shoe line, Blonde Ambition, which is inspired by Carol’s travels and never fails to exhibit an air of Hollywood chic and current trends. Blonde Ambition styles are now available in eight European countries as well as in the United States. You can also find Blonde Ambition Shoes at Eilatan Boutique in Beverly Hills and Orange County and online at DNA Footwear and Loris Shoes. This season’s tribal-inspired collection (Spring/Summer 2012), is one you surely won’t want to miss! It offers vibrant colors, including the hottest shade of the season, NEON YELOW, in a patent leather, platform heel, “Nora”. Also included is a stunningly sexy, suede stiletto, detailed with cut outs and back-zip tassel in paprika and beautiful electric blue, “Helena”(MY FAVORITE!). The collection is the perfect mix of color and versatile styles, from perfect high heels to textured wedges highlighted with tribal, woven detail. These styles are sure to catch everyone’s eye whether you’re strolling down the city streets or jet-setting to your own private getaway. For more information about Blonde Ambition, please visit :

Must Have:

Vine Street Market’s

Eco Friendly Bags

Vine Street Market is a new, eco friendly line of bags based in Los Angeles. The idea for Vine Street Market came to best friends Lara McCaughrin and Christie Little in November of 2010 when they saw a need in the market to create reusable bags which were also stylish. Rather than the standard, boring reusable bags the ladies saw wandering around farmer’s markets, they set out to design fun, eco friendly, cool bags people would actually want to carry. They began selling their wares in February of 2011 and have been steadily gaining attention and notoriety ever since. Vine Street’s bags are the perfect carry all solution and are made of only organic materials. As CFO, Lara McCaughrin describes, “you can use this stylish bag for the beach, yoga, the gym, for your laptop, great for travel and for carrying anything you need for your entire day.” The bags are cleverly constructed to evenly distribute the weight on your shoulder and can hold up to 3 bags of groceries per bag! Fashionable as well as functional, the bags also come with a pouch which the bags can be bundled up into for space saving purposes. Counting celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, who loves the black and white striped linen bag, Kimberly Caldwell, Olivia Munn, and Audrina Patridge among their many fans, Vine Street’s bags are quickly becoming the next must have item in every fashionable wardrobe. Vine Street’s line is unisex and with a wide variety of colors and prints available, they appeal to people of all ages. All bags are made of soft, repurposed fabrics like silk, linen, and canvas so they feel gentle against your skin. I had the chance to ask owner Christie Little where she draws her design inspiration from; ”I check the style boards, hit the stores, and get my feedback directly from our customers. I think it is very important to give the customer what they want. I want to make our prints for our bags match our customer’s style. We want to be the kind of bag you want to wear everyday, not only to be eco conscious but to be fashion conscious as well.” A personal favorite is the line’s bestseller, a black and white striped linen bag, absolutely ideal for upcoming summer beach days in Malibu. Other favorites are a Chinchilla Vegan fur bag in grey and a silk purple patterned bag called Sunset Strip. As if being fashionable and eco friendly wasn’t enough, a portion of Vine Street’s proceeds also go to the Seathos Foundation, which promotes education and awareness of the human race’s impact on the world’s oceans. To snag one of these bags for your very own, keep an eye out in beach boutiques worldwide. Or if you’re in LA, head on over to the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday morning. If you’re not in LA or near a beach, you can order online anytime from Vine Street’s website. Also, never fear cold weather gals! A new ultrasuede, sheepskin lined bag called the Aspen is being introduced soon as well. With plans to expand to major department stores nationwide by the end of the year and a new Spring/Summer 2012 collection debut in late May, these bags are going to be on every fashionista’s wish list! by Meghan Wilson

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MARA HOFFMAN 2013 Collection debuts at the Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week Mara Hoffman’s collection was true to the designers emerging reputation in the industry. Her line began under the name Circle by Mara Hoffman, but in 2005, she changed the name to simply Mara Hoffman. Always designed by herself, her unique prints have been widely recognized, especially in 2008 when she launched her first signature collection of swimwear inspired by her personal affinity towards world travel, nature, mythology, and magic. At her show at Miami Fashion Week, the dresses were thin, colorful, and accented with Aztec style beading and prints. Some were clear to be worn as a bathing suit cover and some were not-making them appropriate to be worn from day-to-night, to numerous events. Bikini’s were small and well fitted, ranging from extra tiny two pieces to strapless one-pieces that were stylish to say the least. The prints were colorful, unique, but still looked luxurious. I absolutely adored the look of a simple bikini bottom paired with a flowy tank. Flowy, thin dresses with beautiful prints are a summer essential, and Hoffman did it right with her dresses. Sporting thin straps, beautiful prints and hues and different lengths, her beach chic pieces could be worn for much more. The prints were exquisite, also shown on matching bikinis that were anything but simple. Tied in the middle and sporting a three-banded bikini bottom, they were stunning and featured in numerous prints, making them a stand-out piece in the collection. My favorite ensemble in the show was a crochet crop top in black paired with snake-skin printed pants. The same snake skin print appeared in bikini’s and a maxi dress following. For women who like a more classic style, Hoffman’s black bikini accented with neon designs on the straps and sides is simple with the perfect amount of added style and when worn under the matching dress, would be absolutely stunning. On top of the number of gorgeous and colorful pieces, a two piece black crochet number was paired with a kimono style cover-up. It showed the perfect amount of skin for a woman who doesn’t want to show it all. A summer staple is white, and what’s more beautiful than a white maxi? Hoffman’s Grecian-style white maxi dress was strapless and detailed to show flashes of skin in all the right places. Hoffman’s notoriously skimpy bikini’s were not all that she featured. Bikini bottoms were higher wasted and showed less in the back area. She also made sure to include numerous cover-up’s for every body type. This show was by far my favorite at fashion week. Mara Hoffman’s designs are absolutely gorgeous, but also incorporate a sense of fun in each design. Pieces are cheerful, bright, and also figure flattering-which is more than important for summer pieces. Models’ hair was worn beachy, braided, and full of body, and makeup was kept simple. Jewelry was clunky and by up and coming designer, Pamela Love, and models walked in bohemian style boots rather than sandals or barefoot. Kudos to Hoffman for providing a show that showed how stylish swimwear could really be.

92 | The LA Fashion magazine

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Lisa Blue

“Lisa Blue represents the girl of the future, who can be sexy, beautiful, powerful and environmentally aware, all at the same time. She is not afraid to share her beauty with the world and shows other girls that they too, can shine.” Beauty is much more than just skin deep—and swimwear brand, Lisa Blue aims to reflect that through their brand promise. Proving once and for all that fashion and philanthropy can coexist. Lisa Burke head designer and visionary behind the Australian brand, Lisa Blue–wanted to not only deliver beautiful earth friendly swimwear but also help bring awareness to a cause that is near and dear to her own heart. Helping to save the whales and the dolphins is a large part of what makes Lisa Blue as unique as the suits they design. The Byron Bay brand, Lisa Blue was something the head designer hadn’t planned—but it was rather a chance meeting with destiny. While traveling to Tonga a few years ago—Lisa Burke came face to face with the creatures she so lovingly hoped to save. It was in that moment that she decided to launch a mission to bring awareness to these gentle giants. From her love of design, coupled with her desire to preserve the Gold Coast and all the creatures that dwell within its waters came the brand that is known today throughout the world. It’s no surprise that Lisa Blue was the chosen brand to kick-off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami, Florida July 19th. The show was held at the Cabana Grande in front of a crowd of sun-drenched on lookers. Beautiful models in stunning bathing suits shone in the 2013 dragon-inspired collection yielding looks that were part fantasy and part vintage. Head designer Lisa Burke gives a bit of insight into her collection, “I wanted to do very different things; I think a woman does not need to stick to one identity. She can be whoever she wants to be, not like in the old days. She can be a rock star, a princess or whoever she dreams to be.” This statement captures the true essence of The Enchantress collection. Where a woman can change suits, like a chameleon changes its skin. The collection ranged in color and design. From sultry pinks paired with crimson red hues and Sky blues married to delicate whites. There was a bit of something for every woman. Lisa Blue is a swimwear line that caters to the woman who is multifaceted. She isn’t just one-dimensional. She’s the woman who isn’t afraid to have fun, to live life to the fullest and to step out of her own skin. Lisa Blue—for the woman who isn’t afraid to reveal her inner beauty. 25% of all net proceeds from the Lisa Blue collection go directly to the protection and conservation of whales and dolphins. To learn more about Lisa Blue please visit: Photography by Scott Naide

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