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Fashion NEWS The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine Takes Home Media Sponsorship Award This past weekend The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine was honored with The Media Sponsorship Award at the first, LA Fashion Weekend Awards hosted by, Mikey Koffman of The Gallery LA. This season, Koffman opted to go in a new direction, hosting the awards to honor individuals and companies who’ve supported and helped to revitalize Los Angeles Fashion Week. For over 10 years Koffman played a pivotal role in bringing, Los Angeles Fashion Week to life and this season decided to dedicate one of two nights, during Los Angeles Fashion Weekend to the supporters of Fashion Week. Csaba Fikker, Founder of The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine received the award on behalf of the publication stating: “A year ago when we started The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine it was merely an idea, without the support of Mikey Koffman and The Gallery L.A. we really wouldn’t be here. Mikey opened up several doors for us, and for that we are truly grateful. Her continued support of our publication, and our on going collaboration with The Gallery L.A. has enabled us to bring a much-needed focus to Los Angeles Fashion. The LA Fashion Magazine has enjoyed not only the support from Mikey Koffman and the Gallery LA, but from the entire Los Angeles community as well, for without all of you this award wouldn’t be possible. We are grateful for our continued relationship with The Gallery L.A. and look forward to continuing our coverage of Los Angeles Fashion Week for many years to come” Other recipients included Planet Salon (Fashion Achievement Award), (Title Sponsorship and Artistry Team Award) to Wella Professionals, Napoleon Perdis took home the (Beauty Sponsorship and Artistry Team Award), Nobu Hotel was also awarded with (Lounge Sponsorship and Activation Award) and The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Public Counsel for their continued work with low-income individuals, non-profits, immigrants, and children’s rights. Guests were regaled with two musical performances, the first was that of Kimberly Caldwell, best known for her role on American Idol, the singer was a finalist on the second season of

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The two Founders of The Los Angeles Fashion Csaba Fikker and Kai He

American Idol, and just debuted a new album entitled: Without Regret available now on iTunes. The closing musical act included a performance by, Sabrina Antoinette of Chris Brown’s label CBE. A panel of judges and presenters included Peggy Tanous of Bravo’s (RHOC) and Rocco Leo Gaglioti of Fashion News Live and E! The event was unique, refreshing and one that we hope carries over for many more seasons to come.

Fashion NEWS Los Angeles Fashion Magazine and My Style Genie are stepping out in style during Style Fashion Week, where both companies will be on hand to answer any questions about their new venture. The My Style Genie is a personal shopping platform which offers members the opportunity to have their own personalized boutique, where they can browse and buy from a curated collection of leading brands & retailers (Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s) and receive personlized outfit suggestions tailored to fit their body. This exclusive launch is available through The Los Angeles Fashion™s website platform. My Style Genie now has the opportunity to bring their e-commerce platform to what Co-Founder Denise Mahnick calls, œour ultimate audience, adding that by partnering with The Los Angeles Fashion we’re able to share our revolutionary e-commerce platform with a very fashion-focused audience. Our partnership marries editorial content and fashion inspiration with the technology to purchase those very looks and styles they’re inspired by. The Los Angeles Fashion, which consists of four major platforms including the news portal,The LA Fashion Magazine, The LA Fashion Weekly and theLAfashion social media is focused on the next generation of both digital-savvy fashionistas and luxury good buyers. Delivers Style To Your Door

My Style Genie & The Los Angeles Fashion Team Up To Launch During Los Angeles Fashion Week Have you ever dreamed of having the ability to not only curate your own online closet, but also have the aid of a personal stylist? Now you can, with La-Shoppe, an online and on-demand style and shopping experience that caters to every shopper, not only saving her valuable time but money as well. My Style Genie takes the guess work out of the question, What to wear?™ Now styling yourself for that, big occasion or everyday is hassle free.

“We are at the brink of an e-Commerce revolution, and the explosion of new technologies that will alter altogether the way of the online and mobile shopping experience. The next generation of shoppers is more demanding than ever with high expectations for the ultimate online shopping experience. My Style Genie has created a technology platform that is on the forefront of the ultimate shopping experience bundled with an “artificial intelligence” personal stylist. The Los Angeles Fashion is very excited to be partnering with My Style Genie and bringing to our readers the best and the ultimate shopping experience on our new e-commerce platform states Csaba Fikker, Founder of The Los Angeles Fashion.

Detroit-based My Style Genie, which is a virtual personal shopping and style app has partnered with none-other-than, The Los Angeles Fashion to create, La-Shoppe, (, which launches this week. To celebrate, The

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Hannah Jones a spring wellness and fashion editorial by Taylor Kent After a great experience on the reality television competition, America’s Next Top Model, Hippie Hannah is taking on television hosting in 2013 with a New Age twist. Currently, she is in the development stages of several projects that will materialize in 2013, including a web series that follows trending lifestyles and provides an entertaining way to get your daily dose of what’s happening now. Her goal is to be a spokesmodel for sustainable lifestyles, inspiring others to live their best through health conscious food and fitness. After working with Equinox Fitness Club and modeling for the past couple of years, she’s got a plethora of effective tricks to make healthy food yummy and working out fun and effective. She is an all natural, green advocate, hence the nickname “Hippie” Hannah, first given to her by Tyra Banks when she participated on the reality television show America’s Next Top Model in 2011. Since then, the name has become her anthem and she is proud to represent the new wave of New Age “hippies”, promoting global awareness and sustainable lifestyle habits through food, fitness, and the arts. This ambitious young woman’s creative collaborations have already reached around the globe. She has worked with companies based out of Australia, Europe, Asia, New York, LA and of course her initial stomping grounds of Texas. Her clients include MAC Cosmetics, SwayChic, Pitaya, JCPenny’s, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Alberta Ferettie, Tootsies, the list goes on!

18| The LA Fashion magazine

About Taylor Kent Montana bred, Los Angeles cultured photographer Taylor Kent shoots to awaken the conscious mind with beauty, empowerment, and sustainability. “We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Apostrophe Front Tie Blouse Arie A. Beaded Shawl H&M Floppy Hat The LA Fashion magazine | 19

SwayChic Rust Pleated Trousers Apostrophe Front Tie Blouse Arie A. Beaded Shawl H&M Floppy Hat Jeffery Campbell Platform Sandals

Hannah aspires to emulate the likes of Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe and Heidi Klum. These women are influential in the entertainment world not only for their talent as performers, but also as business savvy spokesmodels. I love Lucy first and foremost for her groundbreaking audacity in the television world as a leading lady who wasn’t ever afraid to laugh at herself. All three women radiate self-confidence, blind ambition and inspire others to love their own physical and mental power. Her goal in the entertainment world is quite similar. Hannah’s mother, Kathryn Jost, has always been the most positive influence in her life especially food and fitness. “Kathryn is an amazing cook, but her niche lies in raw recipes. She is the one who taught me the majority of what I know about nutrition and helped me to decode food into simple equations”, says Hannah. “We believe that food is medicinal, and can be used to heal and strengthen the body.” Known around Houston for her own endeavors in sustainable living and healthy lifestyle, Hannah’s mother has often been showcased in local fitness magazines as a health guru. Her father, Charlie Jones AKA PapparazziChaz, has not only been her personal photographer, documenting every moment of her life, but also her most trusted and beloved hair stylist. Hannah grew up sweeping hair in his salon and entertaining customers as her father made each and every one them feel special. “His art form is bringing out the best in people. Clients at Charlie’s Hair Productions sit in his chair feeling so-so and leave transformed into fabulous versions of themselves”. At her father’s salon, she picked up the skills of engaging people while helping them to reveal and showcase their best attributes. “’Some say that I’m a dreamer’ and ‘all you need is love’ are lyrics I live by,” Hannah says. “To believe in your dreams is to manifest them in the physical world. I look towards nature and the metaphysical power of the universe for inspiration and motivation. Once you set your mind to something, it can be accomplished. We are all alchemists for unlimited possibilities of creation”. Hannah strives to be a world wide influence of sustainable lifestyle and an advocate for everyone’s unique artistic expression. Her passion is inspiring others to pursue their own dreams with the knowledge that they can achieve any goal no matter the size. She plans to teach individuals how to cultivate miracles within themselves. Look for her work promoting healthy habits and lifestyles with the arts and entertainment industry as she leads the way in New Age thinking.

Kimchi Blue Floral Tank Block Island Blue Blazer Vintage Ivory Rose tassle SwayChic Egyptian Earrings Lush Natural Green Turquoise Ring

Necklace by Shalottlilly SwayChic Mode De Fleur High Waist Shorts H&M Cream Linen Blazer Vintage Sequin Top Mark Nason Brown Patchwork Leather Knee-high Boots Ray Ban Sunglasses Moroccan Patchwork bag

Shakuhachi Oversized Blazer SwayChic Floral Shorts SwayChic Pink Fringe Tank StantonJames Geo Necklace Urban Outfitters Brown/Tan Oxford Shoes

Handmade Rose Purse Sold at “88”, Beverly Hills (88 Facebook Page) American Apparel Chiffon Skirt Forever 21 Floral Pumps SwayChic Denim Acid Washed Bustier SwayChic Arrow Armband Gold Necklace sold at “88”, Beverly Hills Earrings, Rossmore LA

Handmade Rose Purse Sold at “88”, Beverly Hills (88 Facebook Page) American Apparel Chiffon Skirt Forever 21 Floral Pumps SwayChic Denim Acid Washed Bustier SwayChic Arrow Armband Gold Necklace sold at “88”, Beverly Hills Earrings, Rossmore LA

Rossmore LA Silver Triangle Earrings Rossmore LA Crystal Earrings Stanton James “Safari Tusk” Silver necklace Mrs. 88 Sneakers (88 Facebook Page) Forever 21 Floral Pumps Vintage Paris Blues Jean Jacket SwayChic Mint Condition Swing Dress SwayChic Triangle Wrist Ring

Aleixia “Rock Angel” Scarf Jeffery Campbell Platform Sandals Love Mert Brown Leather Bag Nightcap Lace Bell Cutters H&M Denim Vest Josephine Chaus Corduroy Blazer

StantonJames Silver beaded bracelets SwayChic Sahara Cuff Black hat from Melrose Flea Market Handmade Rose Purse sold at “88” Beverly Hills SwayChic Black HighLow Dress “Vintage” Brand black boots

Aleixia “Rock Angel” Scarf Jeffery Campbell Platform Sandals Love Mert Brown Leather Bag Nightcap Lace Bell Cutters H&M Denim Vest Josephine Chaus Corduroy Blazer

Eudia Teal Hat ElevenLand Mint Leggings SwayChic Floral Peplum Top Steve Madden Nude Pumps Hand Tooled Leather Vintage Purse StantonJames Gold Hoops SwayChic Tri-Glam Statement Necklace SwayChic Emerald Chain Necklace


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Eudia Teal Hat ElevenLand Mint Leggings SwayChic Floral Peplum Top Steve Madden Nude Pumps Hand Tooled Leather Vintage Purse StantonJames Gold Hoops SwayChic Tri-Glam Statement Necklace SwayChic Emerald Chain Necklace

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Photography Courtesy of H&M

H&M Comes Back To Paris Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner opened and closed the show in a beautiful sequence bustier top and handmade tutu by Tumbler and Tipsy - rocking shoes from InPressLA

“It was a good surprise, I hope. This is a way for us to show we can do so many more things than what we have in our stores”.

The Swedish owned retail giant H&M has traditionally focused its attention on the high street fashion market, offering women affordable styles modeled on current designers lines, often bringing these items to the marketplace before the inspiring line reaches stores. In February 2013 H&M took bold steps to change this common held perception of their business. In a stunning move H&M snatched the limelight at the Oscars, dressing movie actress Helen Hunt in a gorgeous navy blue strapless satin gown. The gown trailed gracefully on the red carpet and beckoned questions from reporters as to who the designer was. Astounded when informed that the dress was not a design from the houses of Versace, Dior or Valentino but that of H&M the retail giant. Truly a brilliant piece of product placement and grass roots marketing, such a move has not been replicated since 1996 when Sharon Stone boldly strutted the Oscars’ red carpet sporting GAP. The LA Fashion magazine | 39

Anne-Sofie Johannson, head of design for H&M stated in a telephone interview “It was a good surprise, I hope. This is a way for us to show we can do so many more things than what we have in our stores”. H&M unveiled plans to introduce a “Red Carpet” collection to its retail stores this spring, giving women access to off the rack garments similar to those worn at events such as the Oscars, at a modest cost of approximately $650. This cleverly orchestrated media stunt served to spring board H&M into the public’s attention, just a few days before the retail giant unveiled its fall collection at the Musee Rodin during Paris Fashion Week. Following in the footsteps of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, who had previously shown their lines in the garden behind the Musee Rodin, H&M put on an extravagant show geared to steal media attention and firmly entrench them as a viable Haute Couture label. Shying away from traditional runway centered shows H&M constructed a fantasy like apartment set, complete with more than 15 themed rooms within a marquee in the garden. Each room carried its own theme, such as a Moroccan lounge, Art Deco sitting room, faux kitchen and marbled child’s bedroom. Attendees were perched on barstools, seated on couches, beds, marble slabs, some seated around a large decorated

40| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 41

42| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 43

dining table, creating a casual first look environment. Editors such as Hamish Bowles of Vogue, French Vogue’s Catherine Baba and Emmanuelle Alt rubbed shoulders with celebrities Ashley Olsen, Emma Roberts, Chloe Moretz and Jessica Stam as they positioned themselves to experience H&M’s re-entry into the Paris Haute Couture market. Favoring a monochrome theme, the collection consisted of overcoats, capes, sheepskin, embroidered, double breasted, chiffon maxi dresses, mohair sweaters and black over the knee suede boots. Reported to have cost between 1 million to 4 million Euros, the show was considered by many to be ridiculously over the top but also an excellent opportunity to showcase H&M’s ability to bring cutting edge fashion trends to the high street market with incredible speed.

by Matt Prior

44| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 45

To-Tam and To-Nya New York Raised LA Made a few awkward moments standing in a drafty building in downtown LA’s fashion district a figure appeared in the shadows of the hallway. Light gave way to a smiling face, greeting us To-Nya carrying a bag, with what appeared to be rice dwelling in it’s plastic shell. “So sorry, I am late—I couldn’t answer my phone, it unfortunately was thrown into the washer…” Just a few brief steps behind her, To-Tam arrived, wearing a gorgeously constructed black, blazer—undoubtedly from their previous collection. Glancing down, I noticed all three of us wearing almost matching burgundy skinny jeans. Jokingly, I stated—“I guess burgundy was a big color last season with Predicative’s…” and that is how I met, To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika. We made our way into their design studio, to sit down and talk all things Sachika, their various collaborations with designers, and their newest line—Tuxx. It only took a few moments but I discovered that these women were much more than simply designers, these women were entrepreneurs, movers and shakers and I was suddenly taken aback by their knowledge, and enthusiasm for the industry that all three of us work in and love. Here is our conversation: Q: To-Tam, To-Nya, so you were born in Paris, how long were you living in Paris before your family moved to Montreal?

When one thinks of design, you might only

think of it as a two-part process. The first, being a sketch, and the second, or final step the garment. But the process of crafting, and creating a full collection is one that encompasses a vast array of components, all culminating in one beautiful cohesive collection. And if you are lucky the collection is shown to the public during one of the many fashion weeks going on, every season around the world. Achieving such a feet is one that takes vision, determination and confidence, not to mention monetary support. Having the opportunity to unveil even one collection to the public is a remarkable experience, being able to achieve this multiple times and with multiple lines is one that is astonishing. However if you are like, To-Tam and To-Nya designers of, Sachika and Tuxx (amongst other collaborations and lines)--achieving this is just one of the many goals set forth on a list of “todo’s” these talented and driven women have achieved in their short yet prolific careers. When we asked the two if they would allow us to come down to their Los Angeles head quarters for an in-depth interview, we were pleasantly surprised when they agreed. Not knowing exactly what to expect I gathered my materials and Cal Bingham, his camera in-tow and we set forth on our way. Arriving a bit early to find the doors were locked and no one was there. After

46| The LA Fashion magazine

To-Tam: We were actually born in Paris, and then moved to Montreal right after, so it’s kind of like we are both, French and Canadian. Q: Can you share with us a bit about your life growing up as twins and then later moving on to NYC to become designers? To-Nya: Growing up our parents always made the effort for us to be separate in school, this was in order for us to build our own personalities; they wanted each of us to be independent and develop our own strengths. I was more the creative person, and my sister… To-Tam: I was just always sociable, very talkative and into communicating with other people, and really enjoyed writing. Q: You first appeared on Television in 2011, on the series, Ice Loves Coco can you tell us about your experience creating a dress for Coco? To-Tam: We made several appearances on ‘Ice Loves Coco’, it was really fun and interesting because we first worked with Coco during New York Fashion Week, we designed a dress for her—and it sort of went viral, and we developed a friendship with her through that. Then it came time for her to start filming her show, and she said, “you know I’d really like for you guys to appear on my show, and be my designers” and it was a natural progression for us, it was something that was really fun and different for us to do. Q: Can you tell us about your background in design, give our readers a bit of insight into what makes both of you tic, where do you pull inspiration from when you design?

To-Nya: Definitely my biggest inspiration when it comes to design is the female body. I feel like, I know how woman want to feel, want to be perceived so when I go to design I’m always considering all of the lines, proportions and details that would bring out the natural beauty of a woman, and showcase her in the best light. I also try to keep, the mind of women in my head when I go to design, and also the same when I go to design for men. Q: Who does most of the design, is it evenly split and balanced or does To-Nya do more of the design? (Speaking to To-Tam) To-Tam: Definitely my sister, she is definitely the creative brain behind the brand. We usually come up with the theme together, the collection together, conceptualize the story and then from the storyline the characters come to life and she will start to come up with the silhouettes and the different items in the full collection. Then I do the branding, pricing, marketing, and it all comes together with the runway show…. To-Nya: We try to keep it separate because we have very strong personalities and because we both like to be leaders within our own sphere, we made it a point that she would always have the last word when it comes to business and marketing, and I would always have the last word when it comes to design, product and creativity. Because those are our strongest points, although we always consult each other to make sure we are on the same page, and are following the direction of the company in general. But we made it a point for us to each have our own, ‘empire’ within the empire, so-to-speak. Q: When did you both know you wanted to go into Fashion Design and when did you decide this would go from concept to reality? To-Nya: I always knew as far as I can remember, I wanted to go into design; I knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer. We don’t have any family members that are in the field but I just remember loving color, fabrics and really the female body. I would watch beauty pageants and I was always so absorbed with their dresses, and I started designing dresses for them in my head, on paper and that drive never left me. It was so clear for me that was what I wanted to do with my life… To-Tam: …And for me it was almost like destiny, I sort of fell into it. You know, she was always the designer, but for me I always wanted to go into the arts, and entertainment but as luck would have it, after graduation the first job I landed was with a fashion company. I sort of fell in love with it because the president of the company was always traveling, which allowed me the opportunity to really run the company when he was away. I really learned how to run a fashion company and how to conceive a garment from start to finish to production and to shipping. Then we sort of looked at each other and were like, “why don’t we do this together…” we sort of have both sides of the puzzle and it kind of just happened, it was very organic.

Q: Many of your designs have been worn by celebrities and athletes such as: (Nicki Minaj, Devon Thomas, Patti Stanger, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, Kat DeLuna, Teresa Giudice) and the list goes on and on. Did you ever imagine your designs would become so popular, and admired? To-Tam: I guess I can humbly say that we’ve always really believed that our designs could work for all body types, and all ages…so that being said it would only be natural that it would fit celebrities as well as, a teacher, or a president of a company, or a sales rep. But we’ve always had a very big vision of what we wanted to do, we are very confident and at the same time we know we have to work very hard and there is always more to learn and to do. Deep down though if you don’t have the confidence in your own craft and your own art then it’s going to be difficult for anyone to succeed, because as you know when it comes to art and entertainment it’s a very tough business. So we’ve always had the inner confidence within our selves… Q: You received wide acclaim for a particular design, “The Swan Dress” do you plan on designing more theatrical pieces in the future, or sticking to Ready To Wear when it comes to Sachika? To-Nya: In the future, I see for Sachika a brand that can be worn by every woman who appreciates class, sophistication and femininity. The beauty of being able to have a runway show is having the opportunity take it to the next level. You can take your creativity to a level where it’s perceived as art, and not necessarily the most wearable pieces but just to display art as art in a more fashionable way. I think Sachika has the potential to create more intricate pieces, when it comes to runway—and maybe they are not designed to be worn every day but when it comes to our main label, our Ready To Wear line, we absolutely aim to have a line that is wearable functional and that appeals to a wide audience as well as the modern woman of today. Q: Can you talk to us about your most recent collection and walk us through your design aesthetic, some of your ideas, and sketches? To-Nya: Yes, absolutely—I’m currently designing for fall 2013. I think for some reason the fact that I grew up in Canada, and I lived in New York and now in Los Angeles, I feel as though it has widely influenced me when it comes to design, especially when it comes to Fall I feel as though I love both seasons. but for some reason my creativity flourishes and I feel more inspired during Fall. I feel as though I have more to play with, as far as designing outerwear pieces, separates and so ‘Fall’ is always a very inspiring season for me. It’s like I have to find away to confine myself and not go over board. (Laughing) And that’s where To-Tam comes into play, that’s her job, she comes in a tells me “let’s just try to streamline the line and make sure it’s cohesive…” But for this collection, it will be ready for MAGIC in February. We really want to focus more on “The Dress” because it’s really our strongest point, we’ve always been known for designing dresses. We want to develop different dresses with more prints, more Tribal and an Egyptian feel, playing more with texture but still keeping the line classy and feminine. It’s going to be a beautiful array of dresses, cocktail, day dresses, evening and play a lot with textures, colors that are rich and timeless. The LA Fashion magazine | 47

Q: Do you have a color story in mind? To-Nya: Yes, I want to gravitate toward more jewel tones. Rich colors such as; emeralds and even Burgundy, (gesturing to our pants laughing) Yeah…I think we all love burgundy, (laughing in unison) And adding in Gold tones, Midnight Blue, Green and Mustard Yellows. I want to pivot around those colors and combined them with rich dark colors such as; Chocolate, and Black--which is always in…and really keeping it tonal while adding prints and texture. Q: How is it to show at New York Fashion Week? What was it like the first time you both walked out on the Runway together? To-Tam: It was a dream come true; New York Fashion Week is like, ‘The Oscars’ of fashion. Something that every designer always dreams of doing, it’s such a rewarding feeling to see the fruit of your labor coming together in that moment. It’s so intense, it happens within a few months from coming up with a concept, to a story line to the garments, to the actual show with the models, and all the hair and make-up…the jewelry, and once you see it come to life---you have that ‘ah ha’ moment. It happens so fast, you put all that time and energy into it and then it’s over in twenty seconds. Next thing you know it’s like, ‘Twins got to go on stage!’ and so we run out and we are always out of breath, it’s such an adrenaline rush. To-Nya: …It’s so fast and your almost not even sure it’s really happening, until it’s all over and your like, Oh my god we really just had a show at Fashion Week. We have to pinch our selves, and we replay it over in our head, and we think about every single detail…I remember you know the first time we walked out on the runway, Fall 2010 showing Spring 2011 it was unreal. I was always thinking one day I would do Fashion Week, but I didn’t think it would happen that quick…I watch the video from that season and sometimes I have tears remembering that moment. It reminds me of really where we came from… Q: Do you have any plans to show in LA? To-Tam: We definitely feel like now that we live in LA we should, but due to time constraints it’s been really difficult. It happens one right after another, and you know we have New York Fashion Week, then Vegas (for MAGIC) and then LA. Which is extremely intense, but I think that right now we should focus on New York and also doing a trade show, which is really important because that’s the business side of getting your line into stores. But eventually, yes we would love to show in LA. Q: Your dresses are known for being able to compliment any women’s shape or size, but how do you feel about plus size fashion? Would you ever design dresses for that market? To-Nya: You know definitely! We believe all woman need to have fashionable clothing. You know we are probably thinking in the near future, just because right no we are also helping to design a Plus Size lingerie line with Toccara Jones, and just being in that sphere has inspired us to design a plus size clothing line. I can’t say a specific date but I can really see it coming sooner especially because we are already working in that sphere. Q: Your website states: “The Modern Woman is fierce, she’s independent and she knows what she wants. “ Do you feel you fit into the idea of the “Modern Woman?”

To-Tam: Yes, you know I think we started this line inspired by our own lifestyle. Because we had just moved to New York and it was insane, it was so fast paced so fast and it’s almost like, if you are not running that you are behind because everyone is running… we are young, we are woman and we are not afraid to be our own bosses build our business from scratch. We really feel like we embody the modern woman who goes after her dreams, who chases after what she wants. We wanted to also promote that lifestyle through our brand, and it wasn’t just about clothing it’s about promoting strong woman who are independent who are fierce and who can after what they want and achieve there dreams. Q: How do you define your personal styles? Are you Similar? To-Tam: We are very similar, but we are actually also very different. I think it almost represents what we do in the company, you know since I brand the clothing I feel like I am the Sachika woman, I love dresses I love to feel sexy, but at the same time I like things simple, and more streamlined Where as To-Nya is a little more funky, and creative… To-Nya: You know I’m definitely that sophisticated and modern woman who likes to feel feminine and sexy but at the same time I am the creative one, so I have a little more edginess in the way I dress, I take more risk. For me I feel my normal style of dress is a little more edgy, and funky than the normal woman because I am the creative person. I take a little more risk… Q: How do manage your time between designing for Sachika and most recently your men’s line TUXX? To-Nya: ...We organize ourselves to be really focused, so for me—I’m the Creative Designer for all the brands so my focus is to really put focus on each brand and to give each one life, and light and to really know what each brand stands for individually. Not to confuse each brand, and really being in that space when I design ‘Sachika’, and when I go to design ‘Tuxx’. So for every brand that is my responsibility to never overlap or confuse the brands to keep it within the sphere of that brand to develop and to grow each one to it’s full potential. That’s what we are doing with TUXX as well. We have a large male fan base and we wanted to provide our male audience with a line as well. Q: When do you plan on launching Tuxx? The first full collection is coming out this year correct? To-Tam: Exactly, we always had items before, but the first full collection will launch in February as well. Q: Do you know the price-points for Tuxx? To-Tam: Yes, we call it fashion essential for men. Because men don’t like things too complicated. They want to look great, but they don’t want to have to think too much. So I try to really think about what men want to wear. So the price points are not going to be like Flaucy, but it’s still going remain affordable but still in the sphere of a brand that is distinguished and sophisticated. So I would say for example, if we have a premium T-shirt it would be around $50 dollars, a Polo shirt would be around $75 dollars, a wind breaker would average $150 so it’s manageable but still sophisticated, and still placing our high-end design standards behind it.

Photography By Semant Jain, Ph.D.

Q: Do you open the door up to take custom orders for the public, or only celebrities? To-Tam: When it comes to custom, we work around each customer’s specific wants and needs. We open the door up to anyone who wants an original and unique gown custom made for them. We try to communicate with our customers, taking into account their personal monetary concerns. Q: Where do you source your material? Where is production for the line? To-Nya: Everything is made here, it used to be made in New York, but now it’s here in Los Angeles. We really want to emphasis that we are proud to keep our production here in the United States. We believe in being hands on, and also helping the economy of the country. We feel it’s important to keep a higher standard of quality, and also you want to plant seeds in where you are. We are living here, we want to use the resources here and create jobs here. We want to help the economy get back to where it once was Shortly after we conducted our interview, To-Tam and To-Nya escorted us through their production head quarters, showing us the design studio, walking us through the production room, and taking the time to share with us the process they go through, from concept to fabrication and production--over and over again, so that each season the public, myself included, are continually and pleasantly surprised. It was so interesting to get a glimpse and to really see how they’ve organized and worked together to build an empire. It became clear, to not only myself but hopefully to others as well once they’ve read this, that these two women aren’t just simply designing and constructing beautiful clothing. That they are here on a mission to not only achieve their dreams and I must say, that they have, but to help people in a variety of ways. Their backgrounds both rich in creativity and business have enabled them to become a driving force within the fashion industry, moving their head quarters to Los Angeles not only has helped them to expand their production but it has also proven once again that the fashion industry is shifting. That there is room for both coasts, and perhaps one day other designers, like the Sachika Twins who dreamed of showing in New York will have the same dream, but envision showing their collection right here in Los Angeles. Adding further proof that it pays to be ‘Made In LA.’ -Dana Elizabeth

Duncan QUINN

Goes West


y grandfather, who was always exceptionally well dressed, once told me; “When entering a room, always look for the man dressed in a well-tailored suit, for a man in a well-tailored suit is always in-charge.” It wasn’t until I reached a certain age, that I came to fully understand the true implication of his words. In Los Angeles, a city boasting thousands of individuals who have come to an agreement to, ‘dress-down’ for many occasions, opting to retire the notion of having to wear the daily ‘suit-and-tie’ combo and whom prefer a more laissez-faire attire, have traded in their wing-tipped leather-soled dress shoes, for sandals, and tossing out their ties, and oxford button-ups for T-shirts. Going collarless if you will has become the trend. Or it seemed that was the going trend for the last decade, and then suddenly appearing like Daniel Craig, out of a 007 film, the idea of the suit was back! Perhaps it has something to do with the up-tick in films featuring men in well-tailored suits, and ad-campaigns urging men to ‘drink-like-agentleman’ and encouraging men to become, ‘the most interesting man in the world…’ suddenly, dressing dapper, no-doubt in part due to television series’ like, Madmen and the ever so polished character, Don Draper, have added to the resurgence.

But let’s dig deeper, let’s suggest perhaps that there is an underground revival occurring in the midst of the fashion industry, noticeably of men tired of dressing-down, who appreciate the finer things in life, men who define luxury, setting a new-standard and definition of what it means to dress the part, and dress well. That gentleman, that underground male fashioniado, if you will, is alive and well, and he opened a store not long ago in New York City. That man is named Duncan Quinn and he hasn’t only reignited the spark that has New Yorkers dressing well again, he’s taking that flame across the country.

Quinn, who’s always had a keen eye for cut, shape, color and form opened his first bespoke men’s boutique in New York in 2003, and since then the Londoner by birth, has been tailoring and reshaping men’s closets’ to their former glory by aiding individuals in acquiring the ‘perfect-suit’. He’s also been known to help those individuals indulge in a few of the finer things in life, whether he’s throwing an occasional party in-store, or hosting a soiree on a double-decker bus, or at times both at once! …Duncan Quinn knows how to have a good time, and dress-well doing so. Everything the atelier does is a direct reflection of his time spent traveling the world, experiencing all that life has to offer. The well-traveled Quinn, relishes in learning new customs, visiting new places and his attention to detail, when creating a custom suit comes directly from those travels.

Everything the atelier does is a direct reflection of his time spent traveling the world. Experiencing all that life has to offer. The well-traveled Quinn, relishes in lerning nw customs, visiting new places and his attention to detail when creating a custom suit, comes directly from those travels. A detail driven man by nature, when Quinn sets out to do something he leaves no stone unturned. 52| The LA Fashion magazine

A detail driven man by nature, when Quinn sets out to do-something he leaves no stone unturned, the best of the best, top of the line luxury in everything the man touches. Which is why it’s no surprise that when Quinn came up with the idea to take his store-front on wheels for a cross-country tour—I had to get a seat on board. What began as a journey to bring a taste of, ‘Savile Row’ to America, has launched a revolution in menswear, to be well suited is in. To celebrate, ‘the-suit’ Quinn took his idea and put her on wheels. Now the tastemaker is embarking on a three-city tour of the United States to share his bespoke men’s line with the world. But, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, he’s not just driving a double-decker bus around hauling clothes in boxes. Quinn and the fine mixologists at Zacapa Rum are putting together a dinner for sixteen lucky individuals to board the DQ Double-Decker bus for a night of fashion, cocktails, and tall-tales. Starting out in New York, the bus made it’s way to Miami, Florida last month, and it’s final stop is right here in Los Angeles, the bus lands in L.A. tonight and needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting the jaunt on what has been aptly titled, ‘The Cask Chronicles.’ What is sure to be a night of fast moving-cocktails, conversations with individuals well versed in ‘the finer things’ and men dressed in well-tailored suits, I’d say I’m one lucky lady. -Dana Elizabeth To learn more about Duncan Quinn please visit:

The LA Fashion magazine | 53

Victoria’s Secret Launches 2013 2nd Swim Collection

Victoria’s Secret launched a second swim catalogue of the sizzling 2013 season. Angel Erin Heatherton appears on the swim catalogue cover wearing the new Fabulous Push-up Bikini.

The new Victoria’s Secret Swim catalogue hits mailboxes nationwide today. Shot by Ben Watts on the sunny beaches of Tulum, Mexico, the new catalogue offers the hottest swimsuits for the sexiest beach party under the sun. Create the perfect bikini by mixing-and-matching 5 hot tops and 5 cute bottoms using the Beach Sexy Bikini Mixer tool on The 2013 swim collection is available at, in the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, select Victoria’s Secret stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and on the Victoria’s Secret All Access iPad and iPhone apps.

54| The LA Fashion magazine

Barbara, Palvin-Beach chevron-bandeau

Gracie-Carvalho triangle Bikini

Karlie Kloss-beach sexy-sequin-bandeau

The trends featured in this year’s VS swim collection include embellishment, novelty fabrics, seductive prints, neon, and mix and match pieces. Customers can create their perfect suit by mixing and matching an array of colors, prints, styles and sizes to show off their personality and shape.

The LA Fashion magazine | 55

Candice Swanepoel Beach forever-sexy-halter

56| The LA Fashion magazine

Magdalena Frackowiak fabulous-push-upa

The LA Fashion magazine | 57

Candice Swanepoel Beach Sexy strappy-twist bikini

58| The LA Fashion magazine

Sara Sampaio Beach Sexy push-up, triangle-top-bikini

The LA Fashion magazine | 59

Candice Swanepoel Beach bandeau-bikini

The 2013 swim collection is available at,

in the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, select Victoria’s Secret stores nationwide, and on the Victoria’s Secret all Access iPad and iPhone apps.

Magdalena-Frackowiak print-bandeau

Maison De Urbana By Urbana Chappa

62| The LA Fashion magazine

Urbana Chappa

The Cultural Clothing Icon They say the more flavors you stir into the pot, the tastier soup it makes. Pulling from Persian, Middle Eastern, and Western design aesthetics, Urbana Chappa has created a cultural melting pot in her 2013 RTW runway collection. In twenty odd looks, Ms. Chappa has clearly defined her personal design ethic of blurring the lines between East and West. Coming from an ancestral melting pot of her own with black, Persian, and Spanish parentage, Ms. Chappa can clearly appreciate the miasmic creations you can produce if you combine cultures in new and interesting ways. For her label, Maison de Urbana, Chappa does not merely juxtapose one cultural clothing icon, like a veil, against another, like a knit sweater. She blends those icons with unlikely materials, and more poignantly with surprising colors. When she uses the iconic Middle Eastern veil, which has become an international social symbol, she restrains from issuing it in the stark black, but rather celebrates that historical tradition with bright yellow, in a gorgeous lace rather than the obvious cotton fabric. One could say that the veil, or burqa, should be considered the collection’s signature “look”. In a recent press release, Chappa revealed that, ““I’m fascinated at the way women in burqas can express so much through their eyes. It’s both sexy and mysterious.” This fascination shines through the collection, effectively capturing the Middle Eastern motif with a fresh and original eye. An apparent genius when it comes to lace and sewing, Chappa never gives you anything expected. If she has gone out of her way to create a beautifully tailored black and white checkered knit pencil skirt, then she pairs it with an electric blue synthetic top, jolting the eye in an effort to shock and awe. This is no game for Chappa, who clearly came to LA Fashion Week to make a social commentary on how women use fashion to culturally and socially define themselves, all around the world. The LA Fashion magazine | 63

64| The LA Fashion magazine

This female conscientiousness stems from an overall theme in Urbana Chappa’s life. According to her profile, Chappa “wanted nothing more than to showcase the uniqueness of her style and personality to the world. Her apparel line Maison de Urbana was a direct result of her desire to empower women to voice their individuality in style.” Creating designs that allow women to feel not only comfortable but also empowered is not an easy thing to achieve. It requires the correct balance between sex and modesty, discretion in fabric to create that goal, and a strictly trained eye. While still a relatively new designer, Chappa has had plenty of styling experience, creating unforgettable looks for artists like Diane Warren, Natasha Henstridge, and Philip Lawrence. She is also currently taking a short hiatus from pursuing her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise.

With this training, and cultural experiences, it is no wonder that Chappa desired to create a collection that was geared towards making women feel powerful in her clothes. In a recent press release, Chappa explained that, “I started this so my designs could make every woman feel sexy in her own skin. I feel women need to stop adhering to pre-conceived norms for ‘beauty’ and ‘beautiful’. It’s about time women fought against society’s expectations and appreciated themselves for who they are.” Chappa’s definition of comfort does not align itself with the notion that clothes should feel good in the physical or literal sense. Chappa’s much more concerned that women feel comfortable in their bodies while wearing her clothing, a metaphorical pursuit that reflects more on her own personal values than her design talent, both of which should be celebrated and praised. By Brittany Pearlman

The LA Fashion magazine | 65

Rich In More Than Design And Style

Nikki Rich Clothing Delivers During LA Fashion Week

66| The LA Fashion magazine

Nikki Rich Clothing, the sister line of White Trash

Beautiful designed by Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora showcased their latest collection this week at CONCEPT Fashion Week. The event was held at Siren Studio’s in Hollywood where Lund, was on site to deliver the collection to the public. The line, which launched in 2010 is a favorite amongst A-list celebrities including; Carrie Underwood, Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Kate Beckinsale, Miley Cyrus, as well as many others. The line is heavily focused on separates with an emphasis on edge. Nikki Rich Clothing has successfully delivered a line that bridges the gap between contemporary-chic and high-end designer labels. Lund, whom we had a chance to speak with, emphasized the line’s price point. “It’s extremely affordable, washable and wearable. We have designed a collection with items that can be purchased for around a hundred dollars or less. Making fashion available to the majority.” Lund wore a leather skirt from the collection, looking what we like to call, “edgy-chic” which mirrored the A/ W13 Nikki Rich Collection. When asked about the over all aesthetic of the line, Lund responded: We are proud to deliver a collection that is item driven, it’s trendy but it’s also beyond trend. We think the line is for a woman who wants to feel confident and who wants to feel sexy.” The brand effortlessly delivered impeccable craftsmanship, beautifully constructed garments that are well designed beyond the lines moderate price point. Staying true to the design duo’s aesthetic, the line was rocker-street, and still managed to offer sophisticated luxury through the lines silhouettes. The military inspired collection offers a blend of well-tailored jackets, tops and bottoms, incorporating leather into the collection as well. The line also delivered slouchy knits, washable silks and artistic prints. The color story was a mix of chocolate browns, warm earth tones adding black and touches of maroon to round out the collection. Rich in more than color and style, the A/W 13 collection by Nikki Rich Clothing left us speechless, a true crowd favorite and was over all, a well-received collection. Lund and Sambora should be very pleased with the out come, eagerly awaiting to see what this design duo will deliver next season, we’ll be watching. by Dana Elizabeth

The LA Fashion magazine | 67

Gregorio Sanchez 68| The LA Fashion magazine

Style Fashion Week Presents

Gregorio Sanchez

He also established several boutiques in diferent cities nationwide offering his exquisite clothing, handbag and footwear designs. Gregorio’s success has allowed him to present his flawless collections at the most important fashion international platforms such as : Mercedes Benz Fashion Mexico, International Designers Mexico, Fashion Week Mexico and Vancouver Fashion Week. He has since acquired a devoted following across many countries and is known for his great eye for detail and superior craftsmanship. For Style Fashion Week LA, Gregorio Sanchez’ debuted a stunning collection for his new brand : GREGORIO SANCHEZ COLLECTION. It was a beautiful, cohesive body of work which consisted of ultra feminine evening gowns and chic, sleek trenches and waterfall coats paired with practical skirts, bold tights and perfectly cut slacks. Gorgeous pieces that are supreme picks for everyday, fashion-forward office wear and glamorous outings lined the runway. Each ensemble was perfectly styled and fits were impeccable. From the embellished belts and alluring cuts, to the feathery details, Gregorio’s sensational, yet classic style definitely shone through. The rich color palette consisted of opulent reds, deep navy, and classic black in sumptuous brocade and satin fabrics.


tyle Fashion Week, a prominent Los Angeles fashion event and staple in the fashion scene, kicked off on March 11 at the historic landmark Vibiana Cathedral, in downtown Los Angeles. Style Fashion Week LA merges interior design with fashion design, and allows talented, emerging Los Angeles-based designers to showcase their collections on a grand scale. One amazingly talented designer who presented his most current collection and new brand, is Gregorio Sanchez. Gregorio Sanchez, is a fashion designer from Mexico who has over 15 years of design experience. He studied Fashion Design and graduated from the Louise Sallinger Academy of Fashion in San Francisco, CA. Upon graduating, Gregorio learned a great deal as an art director for designer James Galliano in Beverly Hills. After the great experience of working with James Galliano, Gregorio returned to Mexico, started his own business and established his brand, RG SANCHEZ.

Some highlights, and there were many, were an eye catching and precisely tailored waterfall coat, which could also work on its own as a dress, in whisper gray paired with a wine colored belt, matching tights and booties – effortless sex appeal. Another favorite was a dramatic three-piece ensemble. A lavish, jet black duster adorned with feathered sleeves was paired with a provocative satin trousers and transparent blouse, positively will make your presence known, a sure statement maker! In all, Gregorio Sanchez’ collection and brand was a superb marriage of elegance and sophistication. Keep an eye out for Gregorio Sanchez, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from this tremendously accomplished designer. by Julianna Maranon

The LA Fashion magazine | 69

70| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 71

72| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 73

74| The LA Fashion magazine

Comfort and Style By


The LA Fashion magazine | 75

Los Angeles Based XCVI Delivers At Style Fashion Week Their label may be difficult to read, but XCVI (pronounced 1996) designers can certainly read women, and they know what women want. Designer Gita Zeltzer states on her website that her clothes, “resonate with so many types of people,” because she and her fellow designer, Lilia Gorodnitski, “manifested a shared vision: to develop wearable, moveable, breathable clothing for women who believe in style, but also believe in comfort. “ These two designers certainly achieved this goal with their line, which premiered on their runway show during LA Fashion Week. The line offered a broad yet cohesive range of womenswear, providing a visual map of the daily routine any given female resident of bright and beautiful Los Angeles would undergo. The collection of separates, prints, dresses, and knits claimed a reminiscent tone that was difficult not to interpret as purely and undeniably female empowerment. The flirty and feminine designs paid homage to the female aesthetic while still maintaining a threshold of comfort and modesty that any woman would willingly and happily appreciate.

photography by Kai He 76| The LA Fashion magazine

Keeping with the theme of contrast, the XCVI collection also played fast and loose with the dichotomy between hard and soft, balancing both modes with and against each other to present a complimentary collection that can be mix and matched according to personal preference. This ingenious design feature can be attributed to the fact that Zeltzer originated in theater, and moved into the fashion space while searching for a more expressive and creative outlet, and invariably brought an artistic approach to her work.

The LA Fashion magazine | 77

The use of spacing in the clothes: the way they were fitted and tailored also speaks volumes about the designers, who aim to dress “women who are unapologetic of who they are and what they want out of life. [They] fashion clothes for the confident, the bold, and the adventurous.” With all of this in mind, there is still something deliciously “LA” about their clothes, the subtle bohemian spirit is very in sync with the LA lifestyle and culture, a kind of conscious casualness that has come to dominate our creative vision. XCVI has certainly put mind, body, and soul into their clothes, and it shines through this collection. by Dana Elizabeth

78| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 79

QUYNH PARIS 80| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 81

82| The LA Fashion magazine


Quynh Nhu lives between Los Angeles, Paris, Lausanne and Saigon. She comes from an atypical family. Her father was a musician and director of the Music Academy of Hue. She is the youngest of five daughters, all multi artists: music, painting and dance. It’s in this context that Quynh Nhu grew. Her career path will also be atypically artistic as she will be successively or sometime at the same time violinist, painter, gymnast, dance performer and model.

She is graduated from the French Fashion school Mod’Art International, Paris; from the Academy of Music, HCM; She is also graduated in Economics and Foreign Languages. Her creations are rich in Arts. They inherit from the artistic richness of the designer. With Quynh Nhu, fashion is volume, shapes, colors, fabrics, but also sounds, movements and arts. Her creations are at the crossroads of Cultures and at the crossroads of Arts. Since 2003, Oscar Carvallo has been based in Paris, where he develops his collections and continues to create his elegant designs. He’s presented his collections for Paris fashion week each Spring and Fall since his arrival.

The LA Fashion magazine | 83

84| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 85

Brigade LA Like each of its host cities, every fashion week boasts a unique feature that represents its city particularly well. Paris Fashion Week offers a drove of European eye candy, New York Fashion Week has the finest collection of Hollywood celebs turned fashionistas, and LA Fashion Week reflects our own most characterizing fashion aspect: the boutique, urban fashion store. Brigade LA delivered one of the most inspiring and eye-catching fashion shows of Style Fashion Week in a package of combinative stylings from their boutique store situated in the heart of the LA fashion industry. The store functions as a sort of onestop shop for every fashion essential, combining and providing the best labels in one tidy, yet stylish, location, where shoppers can mix and match their favorites brands without having to inconveniently relocate across town. Not surprising, the Brigade LA runway show reflected the eclectic tone of their storefront and featured a mish mosh of designers, ranging through popular brands like 7 For All Mankind and Alice + Olivia down to up and comers like Wildfox and Kettle Black. Rather than aiming to showcase a singular train of fashion, the show was almost more a testimonial to the incomparable talent of styling, the most sought after and revered skill in the glamorous city of LA. One could even go so far as to state that this art of styling was delicately and industriously incepted and 86| The LA Fashion magazine

cultivated in our silver screen-oriented metropolis. With that in mind, Brigade LA not only put on a fabulously coiffed show, resplendent in colors with a tongue in cheek modern aesthetic, but an admirably appropriate tribute to the city itself, consciously demonstrating that while the LA fashion scene may still be relatively young compared to its East coast and European cousins, it still has something fresh and invigorating to contribute to the fashion community at large. The LA stamp may not be its ability to manufacture large couture houses like other fashion cities, but rather to create a holistic fashion statement by pulling from many sources, and this is exactly what LA Brigade and its 2013 runway show represents. by Brittany Pearlman

The LA Fashion magazine | 87

88| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 89

Blue Print By Paulie Gibson Moves The Crowd During Style Fashion Week

Blue Print by St. Louis designer, Paulie Gibson wowed the crowd Tuesday evening at Style Fashion Week in downtown Los Angeles. The designer who first showed last season, returned with a very different, very ‘moving’ performance. Blue Print is the designer’s second collection to debut during Style Fashion Week but certainly not his last. Gibson chose to focus heavily on the color blue, and what he likes to call, his own Blue Print for life. The 33-year old designer spoke candidly about his collection, affirming his belief that each of us has our own unique, Blue Print and delivering this collection was part of his. The designer who took some heat over last seasons debut, doubled his runway show, showcasing 50 different looks, and adding several elements of surprise. The runway show began with a full-choreographed opening act that continued throughout the duration of the show. Male dancers sashayed down the catwalk to heart-thumping music sending the crowd into a wild frenzy. The dancers, lights and moves left the crowd screaming, as models traipsed through the

choreographed segments stopping midway to strike-a-pose. Gibson believes in his aesthetic for the line, “the collection is really taking off and I wanted something masculine but also wearable. When I went to design the collection, I really believed that we were building a blue print and I wanted it to be filled with things I’ve never done before. In this way, it would be possible for a man to pull from the collection for any occasion. The collection was a variety of separates, everything from slacks to tuxedo jackets with contrasting lining, bright blue, and turquoise were the color mainstay of the collection. He chose to incorporate blacks, as well as a variety of prints into the line. Full suits walked the runway; vibrant colors added a dazzling spark to the already illuminated catwalk. Plaids played alongside bold blues, and knit fabrics were paired with woven’s delivering unusual, yet pleasing complete looks.

So what’s next for the designer? You’ll just have to wait and see but Gibson did let us in on a little secret, major online e-commerce site, Zappos just picked up the designer’s collection launching this August. His response to all of the recent changes, “I’m super excited about the launch and feel extremely blessed to be a part of some great experiences; not only with Zappos, but on television as well. “ When we asked the designer where he pictured the ‘Paulie Gibson Customer,’ the designer said none other than Los Angeles, “I think my guy lives in LA, I’ve always loved Los Angeles and believe the Paulie Gibson man is here, in this city. But that’s not to discount other cities across the U.S. as well.” Smiling wide the designer wearing his, soon-to-be signature blue slacks, thanked us for our time and assured us there’d be more from him in the future. If we had to surmise something tells us this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Paulie Gibson, his collection left not only us stunned but the crowd as well. As the lights dimmed, haunting chants of, “Paulie, Paulie…” from back stage echoed in our ears leaving the crowd, myself included inspired. Gibson didn’t just leave an imprint on the runway; he left an imprint in our minds as well, and one that is surely to last long after the final show of the season. by Dana Elizabeth

92| The LA Fashion magazine

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Haute Couture

94| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 95

96| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 97

Pia Gladys Perry

98| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 99

100| The LA Fashion magazine

The LA Fashion magazine | 101




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