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RASHIDA JONES INTERVIEW BY Jack Black — PHOTOGRAPHY BY Frank W. Ockenfels 3 Styling by Jenny Ricker @ the wall group Hair by Amber Kerns @ Solo Artist Makeup by Sammy Mourabit @ MC2 Management

Jack Black is nervous. Sitting across from the Tenacious D warbler, who gave Hendrix a run for his money in School of Rock, captured a giant gorilla in King Kong and kicked some serious Kung Fu rump as an animated panda, is the incandescent Rashida Jones. Daughter of Hollywood royals Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, Rashida has been fine-tuning her comedy chops on shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation while proving her big-screen appeal with supporting roles in Cop Out and I Love You, Man; she went to Harvard, she’s in David Fincher’s highly anticipated Facebook movie, she’s a goddess. Yes, Jack, you should be nervous. On a break from filming their feathery new chuckle-fest, The Big Year – it’s about a 365-day bird-watching contest – which also stars Steve Martin and Owen Wilson, the two funny people sat down for a catch-up. Nerves aside, Jack was ready to go all Woodward and Bernstein on Rashida with hard-hitting questions to unearth her geeky past, determine the quality of Ivy League weed and to establish, once and for all, whether nerds really make the best lovers. Be afraid, Rashida, be very afraid...

JACK BLACK—How are you? RASHIDA JONES—I’m good, Jack, you? JB—I’ve had a strange tightness in my left glute for weeks and I’m nervous, too, because I’m not a good interviewer. I have a little bit of the red light... what do you call that?

RJ—In college. JB—Yeah. In the olden days. Where did you go to college again? RJ—I went to Harvard. JB—Yeah! Smar-tay pants! I couldn’t get in there. What plays did you do in college?

RJ—Red-light district? JB—Red-light syndrome. RJ—What’s that? JB—It’s when you see a red light and you know the camera is rolling, so you... clench up. RJ—Right. Your left glute tightens up.

RJ—I did some bad plays. I did some good plays. I did For Colored Girls Considering Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. Do you know that play? It’s like a bunch of monologues for black women talking about black women stuff. JB—Wow. So it was just a monologue and then you were done for the night? RJ—Yeah. But it was like a five-page monologue, to the audience, looking at the audience.

JB—Your butt hole gets tight… Um... But, how’s it going? JB—Did you get laughs or was it pretty serious? RJ—It’s going pretty good. How’s it going with you? JB—Good. Today’s a good day. Just looking at birds, and looking at Owen [Wilson], and looking at an ‘X’ that’s supposed to be you.

RJ—There were a couple of laugh moments, but it was pretty serious. I can’t remember what it was about but it was definitely a serious subject matter.

RJ—I know. I was looking at a camera that was supposed to be you. It’s like they’re trying to keep us apart.

JB—So your goal was probably to give people goose bumps. A couple of titters...

JB—The thing is, they are shooting under a tight, tight schedule, otherwise I totally would’ve been there for you. You did some theater before film, yeah?

RJ—I had to cry. JB—Oh man. So you were getting heavy right out of the gate?

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The Lab Magazine - Issue 02  

Featuring: Rashida Jones interviewed by Jack Black, Tim Blake Nelson interviewed by Steve Earle, Nicholas Stoller interviewed by Rose Byrne,...

The Lab Magazine - Issue 02  

Featuring: Rashida Jones interviewed by Jack Black, Tim Blake Nelson interviewed by Steve Earle, Nicholas Stoller interviewed by Rose Byrne,...