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Identity Study Miss Mus Maximus Bears Ana Pla Deu Eleanor Moses Waty

Identity* study - Miss Mus Maximus - Miss, become! - Miss? Misbecome. - Miss behave. {...} - Miss, focus! I can attest that bearing a bear is nothing less than a test. Nothing more. - Nothing else? A rat. I - she - it. No, me. - Oh, I see. It’s contemplating the possibility to become or unbecome. I - she. No, me. Miss Mus Maximus. - Miss, Cover! Discover.

* identity, from Latin: identitas (“sameness”), is the relation each thing bears just to itself. [1] According to Leibniz’s law two things sharing every attribute are not only similar, but are the same thing. The concept of sameness has given rise to the general concept of identity, as in personal identity and social identity.

bearing furciferous feet reveal; laever conceal; leacnoc The relation that each thing bears to itself.

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Miss Mus Maximus  

Identity study