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“A Signed English Translator”

Nick Berardo

What is it? The Sign 4 Me app for the iPad is a form of assistive technology that allows users, who are either hearing impaired, deaf, or learning sign language, the ability to communicate with others.

Why use it? The Sign 4 Me app is designed and used to communicate with those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is very simple to use and very explicitly shows how to sign each phrase. This app will aid and teach anyone willing to learn. According to the site, they “hope to foster better communication between the hearing and the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing communities.”

The Sign 4 Me app is essentially a dictionary of American Sign Language signs that teaches users the various signals to learn to communicate. According to the creator’s website, “type in sentences, phrases, words, and the alphabet. If your iPhone has Apple's Siri Speech Recognition, then Sign 4 Me will also translate your spoken words into Signed English.”

Where can I get it? The Sign 4 Me app is available for purchase on the Apple Store website, and the iPad, iPhone, iPod App Store for just $12.99. The app can also be purchased off the Vcom3D website for only $9.99.

Online, you will also find other apps from Vcom3D that offer similar aids, including Sign Smith and Sign 4 Baby This can be accessed at: sign4me_desktop.html

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