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S1 Geography At Lasswade High School

S1 Course Unit 1 – The Global Sporting Challenge This is an atlas skills unit which builds on the legacy of the recent very successful London Olympics. Students work on skills that enable them to extend their mental map of the world. They are asked to locate important physical features on maps of UK and Continental areas as well as identifying major countries and their capital cities.

Unit 2 – Winners and Losers Winners and Losers looks at how we measure the differences between rich and poor countries of the world. It uses fashion and sport to show how globalisation can bring benefits and problems to poor countries. Fair Trade as a method of helping poor countries is also examined.

Unit 3 – Weather and People This unit investigates the features of Britain’s climate and examines the factors that influence temperature and rainfall. We look at how modern weather forecasts are produced for the media and students get the opportunity to produce and present their own. Students are also required to investigate an extreme weather event of their choice. This gives them the chance to further develop enquiry

Assessment Each unit will be assessed by a variety of techniques. •

Peer Assessment – Students are expected to mark each other’s work following a given set of success criteria.

Self Assessment – Students are expected to assess their own work and decide on their next steps.

Homework Exercises – Students are expected to complete at least two pieces of homework per unit. The teacher will comment on their strengths and suggest areas for improvement.

Incomplete classwork should be finished at home.

Group Tasks and individual presentations/talks will also be assessed based on how well students have fulfilled the specified success criteria.

Jotterwork will be assessed using the following: Very good  Satisfactory  Good  Poor A detailed checklist is used by staff when allocating these comments. Advice will be given to students on next steps.

Summative Assessment – There will be a formal assessment at the end of most units to confirm a student’s level of achievement.

At the end of each unit students will complete a self evaluation to work out next steps for progress in the following unit.

Homework Policy • Students are given one week to complete homework. • Homework must be handed in on time. • Students who do not complete homework on time must hand it in the following morning before registration. • Failure to hand in homework results in a letter being sent to parents/carers. • Repeated non-completion of homework results in a letter home and a referral to Senior Management.

WHAT DO WE 1. You must be prepared for class with EXPECT FROM the following items:YOU?? o Geography folder o Pencil o Pen o Coloured pencils o Ruler 2.

Work hard and remain focused in class.


Behave well so everyone can learn.

Homework Club Having trouble with homework? Do you need somewhere quiet to work? Then come along to the “Geogers” homework club in Room 118 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.

Don’t be shy – Come and try!!


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