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Welcome to Pre-Prep 3




10. A message from the DUX


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28. Junior School & Changes




TERM 1 2019


The School Crest Mr Allan Shaw Principal and Chief Executive

With our communication turning more and more digital, technology requires a Crest which can be reproduced in all media at various sizes and resolutions. This was not always possible with the existing Crest, with many small details becoming lost or muddied when it was reduced in size.

The main Crest or Legacy Crest will largely remain with minor technical changes to make it clearer. This will continue to be used in formal situations. A more concise Crest, with the outer mantling or ornamental drapery removed, incorporating the four House colours and a more legible motto, will be for everyday use including any future signage to appear around campus and will gradually appear in printed material produced by us.

As a result, we have made modifications to the design to reflect the contemporary, forward looking school that we are.

The Legacy Crest is registered with The British Heraldry Society and as such reflects the history and tradition of The Knox School. The newer version

The School Crest which has been the visual brand of The Knox School since 1996 has undergone a minor change.



announces a more modern, energetic and forward looking school and will lead us through the next decades as we continue to thrive, grow and become a school of choice which positions your children for their future.

TERM 4 2019


Welcome Pre-Prep 3 Mrs Tina Cimino ELC Coordinator I would like to welcome all our new Pre-Prep 3 families to The Knox School. Despite a few tears at the beginning, the children have settled into 2019 with enthusiasm and excitement.

familiar within their environment. Friendships have already begun to form and all the children have established a sense of belonging in their new classroom. Below are some photos of Pre-Prep 3 settling in to their first day as well as other students arriving to School for the new year.

Our main goal for Term One is working in supporting the children’s wellbeing, by making them feel safe, secure and



TERM 1 2019


New Year: New Challenges and New Leaders a rigorous process of application, interviews, and voting by students and staff. In the Assembly we formally inducted the Captains of the School and Middle School, the Prefects and the Middle School Leaders. We declared our belief that Houses are the cornerstone of Pastoral Care, and the Gateway to our School Pride and Spirit, and so it was a delight to introduce

Year 11 students in these leadership roles, too. Our Student Leadership team shows enthusiasm and direction, and they are forging new ground in their roles, leading us with passion and humility. Our School is in excellent hands.

School Captains


Middle School Captains

Ayisha Seif Munashe Pfukwa

Ethan Bird

Nifty Arora Max Troiani

Our school is privileged to have so many student leaders who uphold the values and traditions of the school irrespective of whether they hold a particular office. In particular, on 12 February this year, we held a Leadership and Achievement Assembly to acknowledge the special value of those who are prepared to publicaly serve the School Community following

Sport Senior School Vice Captains Sienna Embrey James Rohan

Tori Caetano Ashleigh Bertram

Middle School Leaders

Senior School Prefects

Mitchell Phelan

Bansari Chaudhari Amnaaz Shergill Jayden Giang Ryan Savage


Visual Arts

Middle School Music Captains

Sarah Kirby

Sienna Embrey

Ella Vegh Andy Zhao


Senior School House Captains


James Rohan Ayisha Seif


Middle School Performing Arts Captains


Brianne Daly Charlize Vanin-Smith

Sophia Siddle Morgan Feenstra

Daniel Jin

Music Sahana Sughesh Caitlin Giang


Middle School Sports Captains

Emily Arnott Eden Anderson

James Fisher Matilda Hirst

Lawrence Peer Support Muna Pfukwa

Sarah Weaver Nathan Lim

Performing Arts


Evie Albert

Hannah McKnight Panqi (Max) Shen



TERM 4 2019


Junior School Captains


Elizabeth Collins Benjamin Eksiyan

Lachie Elford Dylan Patnaikuni

Environment Captains


Chloe Moore Sian Williams

Zack Ashe Kohilan Balanathan

Music Captains


Lachlan Payne Anita Weber

Eashan Dureja Jacquie Ring

Junior School House Captains Chisholm Kaviru Balamanage Kayla Ong



TERM 1 2019


Junior School Captains Elizabeth Collins and Benjamin Eksiyan Junior School Captains As we write this first article for The Falcon, we are coming to accept how quickly Term One has gone. It has been great fun to welcome all the new families to the Junior School and we hope your first term at The Knox School was full of laughter, learning and friendship.

new challenges. All Year 6 students have been fully committed to initiating activities within the Junior School as part of our leadership inquiry. Organising these activities has confronted us with new experiences and has given us opportunities to model our School values - responsibility, care and empathy.

Year 6 has been involved in everything, including crash capsules, Science experiments and leadership initiatives. We also ran our first assembly with hyperlinked information reports. There was never a dull moment in this eventful start to 2019.

Since we started at The Knox School, the school has given us countless opportunities which we have enjoyed and appreciated. Being the Junior School Captains is giving us a chance to give back to the school. On behalf of the entire Junior School we would like to welcome you to 2019. We hope the remainder of the year continues to be eventful and enjoyable for everyone.

Being part of the leadership of the Junior School has been a rewarding experience and we have enjoyed the

Middle School Captains Max Troiani and Nifty Arora Middle School Captains Welcome to 2019 from the Middle School Captains! We wish that this year will bring you and the School community great success and a chance to achieve your goals. We would like to welcome the new students to The Knox School and we hope that they are settling in well and establishing roots in our wonderful community. Term One has come and gone in the blink of an eye. We have had the pleasure of witnessing the enthusiasm and encouragement in


all students during School events such as the Year 7 Camp, House Athletics and the House Swimming Carnival. We know that the opportunities to continue to thrive will grow throughout the year, and we encourage each student to engage in as many activities as possible. Congratulations to those who participated in the events of Term One – here’s to even greater success in Term Two!


TERM 4 2019


School Captains Muna Pfukwa and Ayisha Seif School Captains It’s 2019, and another busy start to the school year at The Knox School! The year began with the Swimming Carnival where lively students participated in various events for their House. The year 12’s took part in a day of reflection coupled with fun and many activities. Some of these included going to Rush HQ and sharing our study tips with each other. Year 7 Camp was also a success

with the students, as they embarked on a journey tackling unique tasks and overcoming their fears. With Athletics and Rock Out March rounding out this Term, the year is certain to keep students busy and excited for events in the future.

3d Printing incursion Dr Jane Lawrence Head of Differentiated Learning Last Friday, 30 eager Year 7 and 9 students participated in a 3d Design workshop. The room was abuzz with excitement as designs took place and 3d printed objects began to materialise before their eyes. Over the course of the day students learnt how to use TinkerCad, an online 3d design software program, how to interpret a design brief and principles of design.


The students successfully planned and created solutions to different design problems such as the development of a model to house wired ear buds, demonstrating great team work, problem solving and patience. Pictured across is the winning design


TERM 1 2019


Advice for Students New to Year 12 Harrison Hayes, Dux 2018 The following is a transcript from the dux of 2018’s speech to students

Good morning Mr Shaw, parents, teachers, alumni and most importantly, students. I thought about the topic of my speech for a while, and I came to the conclusion that it would be easiest if I gave advice to the current year 12s. So that’s what I’m going to do. My first piece of advice for doing well in year 12 is to make sure you understand things. That sounds obvious, but a lot of people confuse rote learning with understanding. The ability to memorise notes from a textbook is not the same as actually understanding the information from the textbook. The most important thing to remember is that most SACs are split into 3 parts. 25% recall, 50% understanding and 25% higher order thinking. Even if you’ve put in hours and hours, if your understanding is only as deep as reciting the textbook from memory, you’ll only be able to get 25%


max. My advice is to try and get to a point where you can explain things to other people. If you can explain it to your friend, you can explain it to the teacher on a SAC. My second piece of advice in regards to study scores and having a good mentality towards getting a high study score is that someone needs to get a 50. That may sound confusing, but my logic when I got my 50 was, ‘For there to be a distribution of study scores, someone has to get a 50, and that someone may as well be me.’ So many people view getting a 50 or a 49 or some other high study score as an impossible task, but someone has to do it, and that someone may as well be you. My third and final piece of advice is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Participate in things. You don’t realise how much you will miss things like House Arts until the day is over and by then it’s too late to go back and change how much effort you put in. Another aspect of having fun is managing stress. Honestly, year 12


isn’t that stressful. You have spares, you have teachers that are fully committed to helping you if you ask, and you get notified of SACs ages in advance, so you have a heap of time. I found whenever I started worrying about an upcoming SAC, the easiest thing to do was revise for an hour and then I felt better about it. Another thing to mention is, a few of you are going to get really good at table tennis. That’s just a fact. Playing table tennis during spares is fine, I did it all the time. But make sure you have a balance. The easiest thing to do is make a round robin system with rotating players, and if you aren’t playing you’re revising. If you play first to five and games are quick, then people get to play and do work, which makes studying a lot more enjoyable. Hopefully this advice benefits at least one of you in some way, and if you need help deciding which tutoring session to go to, go to the one with me and Ollie, we’re both really cool. Thanks for listening, and good luck with Year 12.

TERM 4 2019


Staff Bio - Janelle Mathias Ms Janelle Mathias Head of Lawrence I have just returned to full time teaching this term after 13 months away from TKS on Family Leave. I am now a mother of two beautiful boys: Aiden who is 3 years old and has currently begun his schooling journey at The Knox School in Pre Prep, and Harris who is 15 months old. My time away from teaching enabled me to provide quality care for my sons and has been such a rewarding experience.

My journey at The Knox School began in 2009 after successfully completing my double degree (Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Education) at the University of Melbourne and being offered an ongoing position at the School as a Maths and Science Teacher.


Being a full time working mother definitely does not come without its challenges. Having an amazing hands-on husband and very close and supportive family allows me to be able to manage this juggling act successfully. I have been a teacher at The Knox School for 10 years and witnessed so many new initiatives and processes


which have positioned both the staff and students for success, in this evolving world of education and continuous improvement. My professional and personal life experiences to date have shaped and allowed me to grow in many areas of leadership. I strongly believe that this new role of Head of Lawrence House will provide me with numerous challenges as well as allow me to utilise and build on my professional capability and determination. I view this influential position as a great opportunity to progress in my career as well as to bring new and innovative ideas and processes to strengthen and facilitate the vision of a strong House culture at The Knox School.

TERM 1 2019


Design Thinking in Technology Art and Design Mrs Birgit Verhagen Head of Technology, Art & Design So what is Design Thinking all about? Ultimately, it’s a mindset. It moves away from a fact-acquiring learning to more of an enquiry-based model. It explores problems, creatively cycling through divergent thinking to explore diverse sources of inspiration. It learns through quick cycles of prototyping, gathering feedback and making necessary adaptions. Design Thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be.

To promote higher order thinking in the TAD program, the students are given initial provocation statements. These are clips, images and ideas designed to challenge established mindsets and to encourage them to think divergently when it comes to approaches and possible solutions. Through this process they then revisit the design thinking module, gathering more evidence, filtering the information and moving through the ideation and prototyping phase.

Clearly this is a cyclical process as there is a revisiting of certain stages. In TAD, to create a common language and encourage the students to work through this design thinking process (questioning what they are doing and how) we have come up with the phases shown in the following diagram and we are implementing them in our classes. The students are developing a clear idea of the stages they have reached in their projects and where they need to go next. Importantly, they understand that each session may involve more than one phase as this is a fluid system.


and issues such as consumerism, energy use, rubbish recycling and possible positive steps towards sustainability. Students were encouraged to note any observations, questions or thoughts on post-it notes. This was all part of the discovery phase - getting them thinking. Through some group work and design thinking activities, the students were challenged further to filter through the concepts, raising questions, arguments and developing opinions. ‘WHY?’ was the common question for all of these sessions. The initial provocation has since spilled over into a systematic approach within each of the four areas of TAD (Art, VCD, Robotics and Media). By continually revisiting the design process and engaging the students with challenging activities, they have begun to see themselves as innovators and they have started to take agency over their learning and development.

The Year 7 and 8 students were thrown into darkness for their first TAD class of 2019. They gathered into the auditorium and deliberated on what life would be like without power. This was a most unconventional way to begin a course in TAD. From there, they were sent on a guided walk visiting various ‘staged’ rooms. Each room provided some form of provocation to stimulate thinking about sustainability. Through the use of QR codes and physical props, they were exposed to ideas


TERM 4 2019


Year 8 VCD students, for example, have spent the past four weeks studying unusual characteristics and properties of animals. At the same time, they have also been exposed to issues of sustainability. Through brainstorming, sharing information and speed-datingstyle processes (games such as crazy 8s), their research and discovery has involved a long list of issues alongside various innovative (and possibly unusual) ideas and solutions. Through this student-centric methodology, students are given the freedom to think outside the box with any open ended or even bizarre approach they care to explore. From there, the students begin to ask their own questions, create their own problems to consider and then see where such considerations might lead. Through creative thinking games, rather than feeding students proscribed information, they become more inquisitive and begin developing a web of connected ideas, ultimately leading to problems that they can solve. The Year 8 students, for example, have now researched a wide variety of animal characteristics, sustainability concerns and issues that stem from humans’ lack of long-term thinking. From here, they have decided on their own problem to consider. Problem ideas have ranged from getting to school efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner by mimicking the propulsion of a squid travelling through water, to tapping into the characteristics of iridescent deep sea creatures and applying this to an energy-efficient night-lamp for kids. From such open-ended starting points, they are going through the ideation process using design thinking techniques such as SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine,


Adapt, Put to another use, Eliminate, Reverse). By giving the students the tools to revisit the various phases, they will begin to think more openly. In the discovery phase there are no boundaries, giving the students the opportunity to create the most unusual possibilities from which they can select and then refine. Prototyping will lead to more questions that the students will work through to develop their solutions. Given that they have come up with their problems, they will be all the more determined to solve them rather than having to engage with issues that have been forced upon them. Through this process, the students begin to crave feedback. (“Is my idea genius or crazy?”) My Year 8 students went on a speed-dating trip with their ideas. They had only five minutes to write their pitch and then two minutes to present it to the person in front of them.


They very quickly learned to listen. Each person they pitched to needed to listen and come up with a “Have you considered…?”question. By the end of the session, every student had pitched an idea. But more importantly, every student had also attentively listened to several pitches and given constructive feedback through this “Have you considered?” approach. This is a powerful methodology because it then gets the students to revisit their original idea, looking at it from potentially a different angle. Whether the outcomes are inspired successes or otherwise is not the point of the exercise. This is all about the design thinking process - and an environment which fosters analysis, creativity, thinking across disciplines, imaginative risk-taking and collaborating in a safe environment. We are a long way past chalk and talk!

TERM 1 2019


Outdoor Education / Forensic Science Day The forensics part of the day was really interesting and the activities that we did like finding fingerprints on a beaker and creating our own fingerprints were lots of fun. The swimming part was lots of fun and it was good to learn how to do CPR so that we can know what to do in those sorts of situations. All in all the day was lots of fun and I can’t wait for more of these days to come throughout the year.

Eshan Mirash The Outdoor Ed/Forensic Science day was awesome. For the first part of the day my House did Outdoor Ed. We went to the Monash Pool. There were 3 rotations, the first one was surf rescue. I learnt how to save a person with a surf rescue board, this was really fun. Next we did stroke development where we practiced all of our strokes and last we did a theory lesson on what to do when someone is having a cardiac arrest. I learnt and memorised the DRS ABC. I


think this is a really important thing to know because I will know what to do when something serious happens. This made me more aware and cautious. We also learnt about all the different dangerous sea creatures to make us more aware of what animals can do to us and where they live. For the next part of the day we did Forensic Science. At the start of the workshop we learnt about all the different branches of Forensic Science. It looked really cool. Next we did some awareness tests followed by analysing our fingerprints using ink. This was really awesome to learn that every single person has a different type of fingerprint. The day was a great opportunity to learn and I can’t wait until the next one.

Ayla Cosgrave


TERM 4 2019


Term 1 Sport Mr Alex Wilson Head of Sport The House Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 7th February at Ringwood Aquanation. Students from Years 5-12 competed in this event which included both 25 metre and 50 metre races. The Year 12 students once again participated in a fashion parade followed by a novelty race. The final two races of the day were handicapped championship races. These events saw competitors from each age group compete in staggered starts depending upon times achieved during the day. At the conclusion of the House Swimming Carnival, Lawrence was the overall winning House. The House Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 21st March at Bill Sewart Athletics Track. This carnival was held for students in Years 7-12 and enabled them to compete in a variety of track and field events. The relay races were expertly commentated by Fletcher Fraser from Year 10 and the final event for the day was the well anticipated staff relay race. The winning House was Chisolm, beating Lawrence in second place by only 11 points. Students are to be congratulated for their level of participation and most importantly for their encouragement of one another.



TERM 1 2019


New Beginnings – in the Music Department Ms Julia Stoppa Head of Music & Performing Arts B.A.S.E The Band and String Extension (B.A.S.E) program is an exciting new beginning for students in Year 5, and the new students in Year 7. It was an exciting first three weeks as students tried out the instruments we offer, and not a small amount of anxiety was felt as students waited to hear which one would be allocated to them. The teachers look at which instrument will be easiest for each individual to succeed at. It is essential to position them for best success right from the start, as this is how we can best personalise the learning.


For the first time this year, students will be performing on their new instruments after just five lessons. We have called this the 5-Note Concert, and we are very excited to show our parents and friends just how much can be achieved when we all work together. A Music ensemble is a wonderful model for business; all members play an individual part, making an individual contribution to the whole. For the performance to be a success, every member must have the same goal in mind. That goal is to perform as one and to know that everybody is essential to the outcome. It is my favourite concert of the year.


TERM 4 2019


Antigone Since the beginning of Term One a dedicated group of students and staff, including me, have been tackling the difficult task of Sophocles classic Greek tragedy, Antigone. After many years of performing I have never had to do anything quite so unique and fun as rehearsals for this production. The chorus in the play have had to practice the art of speaking in unison as well as performing very dramatic actions, which has challenged them to all step out of their comfort zones. The cast have all managed to form an excellent sense of unity between each other as they are all surrounded by like-minded people. The production is well on the way to being an excellent performance! Sophocles wrote Antigone approximately 2500 years ago, but it is still current today, as the themes and ideas of the play are still so important to our society! Themes like standing up for what you believe in, regardless of the consequences. The cast are excited about making an ancient Greek tragedy come alive for a modern audience.



TERM 1 2019


English for Parents at The Knox School Where East Meets West Dr Jingjing Wang Director of International Program In recent years, The Knox School has seen an increase in international students in Junior School. Due to their young age, these children are required to be accompanied by their parents or blood related relatives in Australia. To assist these students transition into their educational experiences at TKS smoothly, additional EAL support and classes have been provided on a regular basis. This has seen many international students’ English improve and confidence increase, and become an integrated part of the school community. However, the parents who have uprooted themselves from their familiar living and working environments for their children’s education often feel a little lost and dislocated. On the one hand, they are content that their wish for their children to receive first-class Australian education has been fulfilled, but on the other hand they are confused


and unsure as to where they belong and what more they could do to help their children. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that they have limited English to make them more connected with the school. To tackle this challenge, The Knox School, in collaboration with “Connecting Through English”, initiated the “English for Parents at The Knox School” program to provide English tuition to the parents who wish to develop their English skills and increase their understanding of Australian culture. With the program entering its third year, it has now evolved into an experience that provides not only language tuition but also cultural immersion opportunities. The recent trip to Port Melbourne is such an example. During this trip, parents and relatives enjoyed not only the beautiful scenery,


but also immersed themselves in genuine Australian cultural experiences such as coffee tasting and an Aussie lunch at the Pier Restaurant. One can imagine the amount of everyday English conversations that were involved in this relaxed and supportive environment during the trip. At the end of the day, it is only when their English is competent and understanding of Australian culture is increased, will they be able to assist their children to excel both personally and academically. Through this program, we have seen happy parents of happy children in our happy school; a manifestation of the true healthy partnership between the school and the family.

TERM 4 2019


Major Events Wrap Up Term 1 is always an exciting time: students return refreshed (hopefully the staff too), classrooms have been freshly painted or renovated, the weather is at Melbourne’s best. It’s also a time when some of the biggest events happen around campus. The Junior School picnic launches the year and is a chance for parents and students to come together on the lawns of the playground, bring a blanket and relax. This year a good number of parents took the opportunity to enjoy the late summer’s evening, listening to music and getting to know their classmates and their families.

Melbourne in Autumn means crisp mornings and beautiful days and that’s the perfect time for Rocking Out at The Night Market. This is an event we all look forward to when music students from all year levels let their hair down and sing and play some great rock standards. Some great food trucks around the quadrangle helped make the evening more special – and how about that staff band!

To cap off the term, the Jazz Night takes place on Thursday April 4. Now in its second year, this is another chance for the music students to shine. Term One doesn’t allow a lot of time for the music students to prepare but they always put on a stunning show. As always, the Hospitality students will be a huge part of the evening as they prepare and serve a three-course meal.



TERM 1 2019




TERM 4 2019


TKS Building Works Mr Ian Foster Director of Business Operations During the December/January school break, works continued within the Junior School with the refurbishment of the first floor/mezzanine, atrium and two classrooms. These works now result in the majority of the Junior School having been refurbished in recent years with “draft” scoping and plans currently being prepared regarding the refurbishment of the ground level of the atrium and extension of the Early Learning Centre. 2019 will see the commencement of refurbishment works in both Middle and Senior schools, introducing the new palette of colours and materials and the replacement of some classroom walls with glass.


The school is working with Sebel to review and consider new furniture requirements. New furniture has been ordered for the recently refurbished Pavilion and delivery is expected by the end of this term. A review of furniture is also underway for classrooms. In line with the overall building Masterplan of the School, we have engaged relevant suitable organisations to prepare a Landscape Masterplan and a Signage Masterplan to complement the Building plans.

These works are progressing well in line with the project plan for these works. Investment in the School’s buildings, furniture and fittings and grounds continues in 2019 with plans for continued refurbishments, developments and improvements planned for years to come. Any queries regarding any aspects of the above can be directed to me at ian.

Works commenced in January to replace the cladding on the Information Common and Auditorium building.


TERM 1 2019


Opportunity Knox – The Conrad Challenge ‘entrepreneur’, ‘problem solver’ and ‘world citizen’. They explore, collaborate, innovate and refine their projects with minimal guidance from teachers. This is a student led, project based experience that transforms their learning horizon. It requires passion and commitment. Those involved learn to think critically, be creative, look at the world compassionately and consider the real world issues that they will face in their future.

Did you know that a group of Year 12 students are on their way to NASA in a week or so? Not as students but as entrepreneurs to pitch and promote their innovative cyber security product. Their biometric fingerprint credit card chip is patented in Australia and is pending in America. These students were awarded ‘Best innovation in 2018’ in Australia in the highly respected Conrad Challenge. They are invited to Cape Canaveral to participate in the world finals in April 2019. How did they get to NASA from Knox? The Conrad Challenge takes teams of students aged 13-17 from around the world to create products and develop programs that challenge real world problems from six categories: Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, and Health & Nutrition, Transforming Education with Technology and SmokeFree World. Students, like those from The Knox School, leave behind the label of ‘student’ and claim that of ‘inventor’, ‘learner’,


When the bell goes at the end of the day, we have three new groups who have rolled up their sleeves and are working to create a commercially viable innovation that can genuinely change lives for the better, building a sustainable future for their neighbourhood, the city, the country or the world. They are looking to follow in the footsteps of our first Conrad Challenge team and preparing for competition in the Conrad Challenge for 2019. Opportunity Knox!


TERM 4 2019


Year 9 Camp The Year 9 Leadership Camp to Lake Eildon is a fantastic opportunity presented to our students in Term 4. Each House group is tasked with the planning of their own camp experience such that they research their 2-day canoe trip including the overnight camp location, plan activities to run whilst at base camp, and also organise their Service Learning opportunity, run within the local community of Eildon. The 2018 cohort embraced these challenges and in every way met the expectations of everyone involved. Some of the most resounding positives to come out of this adventure were the increased levels of respect, responsibility, resilience, care and empathy within our already amazing students. As the program grows and develops in the coming months, the 2019 experience promises to challenge and provoke our students to learn and achieve their very best.



TERM 1 2019


Fresh into Senior School Ethan Bird speaking with Peter Pfukwa Recently I was able to sit down with Peter Pfukwa, a student from Year 10, who is brand new to the Senior School this year, and was able to talk to him about his thoughts on how he’s finding the jump from Middle School to Senior School. Peter mentioned that the biggest difference that he’d noticed between Middle School and Senior School is probably the workload, importantly noting that the increase is not enormous but it’s definitely noticeable. Upon asking him about some new challenges that he has faced so far, he suggested that the biggest one so far in Year 10 is the additional organisation that is required. Reflecting back to his time in Middle School, he mentioned that the teachers seemed to be a lot more lenient with due dates and assessments in comparison to Year 10. Finally I asked Peter if he had any advice that he would like to project to other students who are new to the Senior School, and he was quick to mention that he strongly advises that everyone needs to develop good study habits now so that when they start VCE in the coming years they will already know how to study and have a good system in place, ensuring the best result for each individual student.



TERM 4 2019


Term 1 Experience Mathew Kemp to get used to our new lockers, our books, and our locks that we never quite got the hang of unlocking.

Before the new year started, it was hard to think that I would be starting high school soon. It would be a big change to move to a new school, especially since no one from my old school was coming to The Knox School. The orientation day was a really useful way to get us to know each other, the school grounds, and how everything works in high school. I was really nervous about making new friends before I came to the orientation day, but on that day, I did end up making quite a few new friends. It didn’t seem too long after that we started our first day of Year 7. I was very nervous about starting school, but at the same time, I was very excited. I was looking forward to meeting new people, making even more friends, getting to know one another, and starting high school in general. I wandered off to find my friends, and we started the first lesson of the day with our Year 7 Tutors. We organised ourselves onto our desks and we started


During the day, the teachers were putting on fun activities for us, so we could get to know each other better. We had very simple and useful introductions to each subject, to get our heads around the basics of what we were learning during the year. For most of us, we started doing subjects that we had never done before, like Entrepreneurship, Media Arts, Robotics, certain languages, Humanities and Digital Communication. We have had great opportunities in each of these subjects, such as designing an advertising campaign in Media, designing a $250 banknote in Entrepreneurship and making logos and emojis in Digital Communication - all thoroughly enjoyed. Over the course of the term, we have got to know each other much better. Our class is like a big group of friends, our houses are full of great competitive spirit, and our teams in sport love playing against each other!

we had near the end of the term was a good day for all to participate in, with Chisholm taking the win by just 11 points! For us as Year 7s, camp was a great opportunity to strengthen our bonds and build strong relationships with our friends. The main focus of the camp was teamwork, where we worked to complete complicated tasks and challenges. We got to take part in many different, fun, and awesome activities, such as a giant swing, flying fox, team challenge, archery, aeroball, raft building, abseiling, rock-climbing, and many fun games! It was an awesome, fun and exciting time for us! Term 1 was a great first term for all Year 7s, especially the ones who were new to The Knox School. We have made so many new friends, learnt so much, and we have all enjoyed the start of 2019 so much!

Some of the highlights of the term have been the House Swimming Carnival, with Lawrence the house winner. The athletics day, which


TERM 1 2019


Term 1 Experience Niruthika Thaveesan

It was my first day of school. I was more than excited to start my journey at The Knox School but there was that part of me that was scared and nervous. All of my friends were going to a different school to me so that meant I had to make new friends. The truth was that I was scared I was going to embarrass myself. I blocked my thoughts and got into the car. The drive to school was fascinating as I watched all the cars pass me. We reached the car park and my mum and dad kissed me on the cheek. I told them I was brave enough to go inside by myself. I inhaled deeply and slowly breathed out. I walked into


the room to be greeted by my friends that I met on Orientation Day and the Head of Middle School. I smiled at everyone that walked by and carried my heavy bag to my new class. The first list I checked was on the door right next to me. I scanned it but my name was not on there. So I moved on to the next one which my name was on. I was glad to know that my new friends would be in my class. I was introduced to my tutor and then everyone settled in and we started our first day.

was having the time of their life but it had to end in three days. A week later and it was finally the day of Athletics and I was so excited to have fun and beat the other houses. Lawrence is the best of course! I had eight events to compete in and I did really well even though I got injured and had to pull out of two. It was sad to know that Chisholm had won by eleven points but Lawrence still carried their team spirit and congratulated everyone. Turns out we still got pizza!

At the end of the day I had overcome my fear of embarrassing myself and surprisingly I had learnt my locker code as well. We got to play a lot of games and introduce ourselves to everyone. I was quickly friends with the whole class. When it was time to leave I was sad but excited to come back the next day. A month went by and it felt like it had only been a week since I started school. It was the week of camp and everyone was buzzing with excitement. At camp we did many activities and made more friendships than I can count. Everyone

Term 1 was an amazing experience and we had many events that brought everyone together. We all know each other really well and I have made great friendships with people that I thought I would never have the courage to talk to. I started scared and nervous but now it is as if I was at this school forever. I love TKS and can’t wait to see what happens in the future and where this amazing journey will take me!


TERM 4 2019


Year 7 Camp The Year 7 Camp, held in the beautiful Macedon Ranges at the PGL Campaspe Downs Adventure Campsite near Kyneton, presented a fantastic opportunity for the new friendships that were forged at the beginning of the year to flourish during a few days designed to push students out of their comfort zone and seek the support of their peers if needed. The activities-based camp of adventure is designed to excite, inspire and build confidence in the Middle School’s youngest students through motivation and encouragement in a collaborative and team-building environment. Kicking off with some team-building activities on campus to settle the nerves before departing from TKS, students soon arrived at Campaspe Downs ready for an afternoon filled with Aeroball, Giant Swing, Abseiling and Archery. What a way to start the camp! Good-natured rivalry was soon in evidence in the Aeroball games with others battling their fear of heights; with the encouragement of their peers, even the most anxious of students were able to test their limits, and there was much to talk about at the dinner table before heading to the evening activities. The next couple of days were equally action-packed with a Team Challenge, Flying Fox, Raft-building and Climbing on the menu. Great fun was had by all and, although rather tired upon their return to TKS, provided great memories and experiences that will be talked about for a long time to come.



TERM 1 2019


What a wonderful beginning to 2019 we have had in the Junior School We have seen many happy and excited faces, both from those children returning to the ELC or Junior School and those who commenced for the first time. While this time of transition can be a challenge for some children and parents, experience tells us that as friendships are formed and new routines become second nature, it does become easier! One very important transition is when students commence formal schooling for the first time. Forty students here at The Knox School put on their school uniform for the first time in January and have recently shared their thoughts about starting school. I felt good on the first day. I was excited to see my friends again. I liked going outside to play with my friends. My uniform has a badge and I do like badges.

I pack my bag with my lunchbox and when I get to school I put my Record book in the box. I practise my reading every night. I like Sports in the Gym.

Kayla Zhu I was a bit nervous on the first day because it was the first time but I like being at school with my big brother who is in Year 6. My Buddy is Mia in Year 4 and she comes to the playground to play with me sometimes. I like learning to read and making things at school. PE and Art are fun too.

Emily Hawke I was excited to start school. We made patterns with the teddies and did drawing. I like reading stories and going on the iPad to do Reading Eggs.

Harrison Kay I was nervous on my first day but it was good. I like going to Chinese and reading. School is fun.

Matthew Zheng


Tamina Tang


TERM 4 2019


While You Were Sleeping… Mr Michael Elphinstone Technology Strategic Projects Manager Summer holidays are a time for family, relaxation and rejuvenation. However, for the Technology Services team, it signals the beginning of our peak season. Over the course of the Christmas break, the largest set of technology projects in the school’s history were completed with great success. Beginning in late November, the team began our regular program of student and staff device deployments, encompassing devices across the Junior and Middle Schools. Half of our staff also received new laptops over January. Over a few short weeks, almost 300 devices were serviced, prepared and deployed across the school. In addition to these regular works, the major project undertaken this summer was the upgrade of the school’s entire network infrastructure. The team visited every classroom, corridor and office to replace over 110 wireless access points with the latest

technology, directly improving the classroom experience for students and staff. Backend infrastructure was also upgraded. This project also included upgrades to our security appliances, ensuring the school is well protected from the constant and evolving challenges that circulate the Internet. Effective, efficient and powerful technology empowers students to thrive within the learning environment. Feedback from students and staff regarding the new network has been very positive. Essential education resources, such as Seqta or Education Perfect, are only worthwhile if students and staff can access them easily. The Knox School pillars of position, provoke, shape and connect are not isolated to our teaching ethos, they permeate everything we do. Major technology projects such as these equip students to connect with the world better than ever.

Changes to traffic within the School The commute to and from school is a daily undertaking that for all families involves considerable organisation. With nearly 700 students, over 100 staff, and on any day an unknown number of visitors seeking to enter the gates, the management of vehicle and pedestrian arrival and departure is an important part of ensuring student safety. This is why we have produced a handbook to assist in getting to and from the School in a safe, efficient manner. The handbook can be found at: theknoxschool/docs/traveling_to_tks_download?e=0



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