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You Say You Want A Revolution A Groundbreaking Program Giving Previously Unimaginable Access to Senior-Level Corporate, Association, Government and University Meeting & Event Buyers

“The Best Way to Predict The Future is to Create It.” – Alan Kay At Knowledge Exchange we like to think of ourselves as game changers grounded in reality. We’re students of history and beacons of the future. The right mix of real-world experience and freethinking fresh perspective. We’re a little bit country and a lot rock’n’roll, mixed with a heaping dose of creative vision, and a dash of run-away-with-the-circus crazy. We’ve produced multi-million dollar events around the globe and sold millions more for suppliers in every corner of the industry. We are passion and know-how. We are the beauty of innovation and the pride of accomplishment. We don’t follow trends; we define them. We have committed to not only breaking barriers of possibility in the meetings and events industry, but to creating never-before-seen ways and experiences for you to connect with the qualified corporate meeting and event buyers that you need. With that said it is my pleasure to welcome you to join us as we blaze trails and redefine how prospects can experience your properties, destinations, products and services in an industry-first meeting and event marketplace at sea.

A Forum Where YOU’RE The Star When Was The Last Time Your Prospects Were Totally Immersed In Your World? The most fundamental facet of the Knowledge Exchange Cruise is to give our hosted buyers new and unique ways to experience what you do, so of course that means that YOU need to be the star of the show! Essentially we’re taking the trade show out of the ballroom and rather than a table and a 10-second handshake, we’re giving you the chance to immerse top industry prospects in your world by giving you the option to host your own on-board event, where you can have the groups dedicated attention as you present your offerings as creative as you’d like with options like:

Cocktail Reception: Host a two-hour open bar cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception on board. Wine & Cheese: Host a two-hour upscale soiree featuring decadent vintages, international cheeses and more. Private Lunch/Dinner: Take over one of the ships Premium VIP Restaurants including Cagney’s Steakhouse, La Cucina (Italian), Le Bistro (French), The Teppanyaki Room (Japanese), Moderno Churrascaria (Brazilian), Ocean Blue (Seafood), or a 9-course feast at the ultra-chic Chef’s Table.

Casino Tournament: Practice your best poker face and take networking in a fun new direction by hosting your very own Texas Hold ‘Em tournament! There are also a variety of other poker variations and casino games that are available or tournament play.

Custom Events: Maybe you prefer to host at the three-story main screen in the Atrium, the full production Getaway Theater, The elegant Mandara Spa, or outdoors at the main-stage and screen of Spice H20 surrounded by your own private bar, hot tubs and beautiful ocean views.

The Possibilities Are Endless - Literally...

Your Event Is Only Half The Fun! Combine Your Event With A Variety Of Room-Drops And Amenities To Pack An Extra Special Punch So your event is only an hour or two out of a four-day trip, what about all of the other time? The other half of the equation is ongoing engagement through various means, including the fact that for four days you will be moving through each event, experience and activity together with the group, giving you ample time to actually get to know each other and build solid relationships, of course when you’re not enjoying a solid dose of free-time. If you are the gift giving type, there’s also a bevy of other perks that you can take advantage of to continuously have your brand in front of the groups eyes including:

Materials Drops – You pick the day and we’ll drop your swag, samples, materials or whatever else you’d like directly into the groups cabins. We can also leave product and welcome amenities prior to embarkation.

Gourmet Gifts – Maybe along with your materials you’d like to leave each buyer with a beautiful bottle of champagne or a decadent bottle of wine. Better yet, yo can also choose from a selection of goodies including chocolate covered strawberries, fruit baskets, a cheese platter, canapés and much more.

Flowers – Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? You can drop a bouquet of fresh flowers into each cabin. Credits – For those really looking to make an impact gift certificates to the Spa, casino credits and more can be dropped in each cabin courtesy of your organization,

Package Sponsorships – Why give a gift when you can very affordably sponsor an entire package? Packages include internet access, soda, wine service with dinner, and souvenir photos.

Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty We’re Only Bringing 10 Lucky Suppliers on Board To Make An Impact That Will Not Only Be Completely Unforgetable, But More Affordable Than Ever... Yes you read that right. We’re only only offering this to 10 suppliers from millions around the world. We’re also offering one level of super affordable sponsorship, as each of the 10 suppliers participating will be a co-presenter of the cruise with us. The total cost is $7,499 and All Knowledge Exchange Cruise Sponsors will receive the following:

• Dedicated 1 - 2 hour event from choices listed on previous page*: Knowledge Exchange and Norwegian Cruise Line will work with you to produce your on-board event or experience. Events can be produced jointly if you are sharing the package (i.e., a CVB and a Property).

• Cruise Fare and Registration for Two: Sponsorship package includes cruise fare for two members of your team, or if sharing one person from each participating organization (maximum of two people total).Registrations are good for entrance to all on and off-board events throughout the duration of the cruise.

• Single Dedicated Materials Drop: Drop your materials in all buyers cabins the day of your event. • Email Blast: Single branded email blast to not only the full list of buyers attending, but the full reach of Knowledge

Exchange’s database of 18,000+ planners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic from Boston, Ma down to Washington DC.

• Full List of Buyer Contacts Before the Cruise: Build the anticipation for your event by marketing

directly to the attending buyers before the cruise even sets sail.

*Certain Event Choices May Incur Additional Fees. Gifts and Add-Ons are Also Additional.

For more information or custom pricing please contact Joseph M. Lara at 908-310-1659 or

330 7th Ave., Suite 901 New York, NY 10001

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Knowledge Exchange Cruise Kit  
Knowledge Exchange Cruise Kit