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Services The Darul Ihsan Latifiah Islamia of Michigan will provide for the Muslim community by the will of Allah 1. The Ta'limul Quran and Islam Course: Recitation of the holy Quran with Tajweed and meaning. Kalima (Iman), practical teachings of Salat (Prayer), Sawm (fasting), Zakaat (charity), Hajj (pilgrimage), Fiqh (Masail), Islamic morals and values. Daily imprtant Duaa's and Durood. Basic Islamic History, and over 400 Hadith. 2. The Tahfizul Quran Course with home schooling: Three years full time Tahfizul (memorzing) Quran program with home schooling and part time after school Tahfizul Quran course. Part time Tahfizul Quran must enroll in the full time Tahfizul Quran Course once 10 chapters of the Quran has been memorised. Arabic language and advanced level Fiqh will be taught during senior year of the Tahfizul Quran program. 3. Three years Alim program: Complete Arabic language and advanced Islamic studies. Subjects which will be taught are: Nahu (Hidayatun Nahu), Sarf (Mubadul Arabia), Hadith (Mishkatul Masabih)Tafseer (Safwatut Tafseer), Fiqh (Al-Fiqhul Muyassar. Balagat (Adurusul Balagat), Mantiq (Mizan Mantiq), Faraid (Fee Halle Sirajee), Usslat Tafsir (At-Tibyan Fee Ulumil Quran), Usulul Hadith (Taisiru Mubtalahul Hadith), Usulul Fiqh (Nurul Anwar), Al-Adab (Arabic Studies), and Anwarus Salikeen/ 4. Youth Center: To guide young Muslim brothers and sisters in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The programs offered by the youth center are: Recreation programs, Counseling, Community Services, and Drug Prevention Programs. 4. Islamic Library: Islamic books, journals, and free computer/internet services. There are also monthly issues of the 'Al-Islah Darpan' (an Islamic journal/magazine), and other publications by the Ideal Islamic Center 6. Home School and Tutoring: Taught by certified teachers. Tutoring is available for public school students. 7. Dawah Center: Open house and seminar for Non-Muslims. Documentary videos, free booklets, and refreshments 8. Weekly Darul Qirat: Once a week recitation of the Quran with Tajweed will be provided for the Muslim community. 9. Sunday School: Basic knowledge of the Quran, Hadeeth, Islamic Studies, and History will be taught. 10. Free Medical Clinic: Every six months, various free medical services will be provided to low-income families or to those with no health insurance. 11. Adult Educational Program: Islamic Studies lecture classes and seminars will be held. Important topics in Islam to education adult Muslim brothers and sisters. The courses are taught in accordance with Darul Ihsan Latifiah Islamia of MI's own syllabus. These courses/seminars will be lead by experienced Islamic Scholars and teachers. Girls 12 years and older will be taught by female teachers.

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