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Menswear For Fall: A Tutorial The Looks

Note: These looks are styled for editorials This is to give a comprehensive general idea.

Meanswear Looks For Fall Shop Details: Basics Basic button down

- Can be worn alone or under a sweater, vest, or cardigan. - Solids are nice but don't be afraid to play with basic plaids (see photo) and stripes. -Keep your colors clean, don't wear a shirt with a lot of colors layred at once. Basic Polo top - Can be layred or worn alone like the button down shirt. -To get more out of looks, stick with solid colors.

Plain V Neck T-Shirt -Don't be fooled by this basic, it can be dressed up and down. -Fabric is the key, try to find a nice cotton shirt that isn't too thin. -This shirt is great to wear under a blazer or cardigain. -You can never go wrong with white, black, or gray. Basic Long Sleeved Shirt -Play with the neck line; wear a crew , v neck, or Have the best of both worlds with a button down (see photo). -Like the T-Shirt this top is great when layred but you can wear this top alone and still look business casual. -You can also wear a graphic print on top, but make sure the graphic is basic and not overpowering. -Play with the length of top. Longer tops that go past the hip slightly can layred with more ease.

Menswear For Fall Outerwear

Heavy long sleeved top. -Not really outerwear but can be layred with a polo top or another long sleeved button down top. -Play with colors, and stripes ( In photo is a french stripe)

Single Breasted Coat - Looks good one every body type -Can be worn anywhere for a professional but casual look. -Play with the length to see what fits you, (In photo is mid thigh) -To keep things simple stick with black or a dark brown color. -Wool or wool/polyester blend is probably your best choice in fabric

The Cardigan -Is a very casual look that can be dressed up or down depending on how you wear it. -Cardigans come in all types of knit fabrics so find one that suits you. -Stick with solid, dark colors. If you see something with a print keep the print basic and one color.

Menswear For Fall

Shop Details: Below The Belt

Whether you choose to wear straight leg or relaxed leg jeans, for a more professional look keep the colors dark and the jeans basic. Play with cuffs and lengths to get the look you want.

Boots, oxford boots, oxfords, and dressy sneakers are a classic style that you can wear anywhere. Doesn't matter if the shoes are black or brown it works well. With the sneakers white with some color is fine as well but make sure the style itself is very basic (see above photos). For shopping with ease online try With Love,

The Bare Basics: A Guide To Basic Mens Fashion  
The Bare Basics: A Guide To Basic Mens Fashion  

This was actually for my brother who doesn't know much about dressing himself casually. I hope this will help other guys out who are just as...