The Kidonomics Series (TKS) NewsLetter July 2014

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The Kidonomics Series (TKS) Newsletter .

Investing in Your Child’s Future

A Note for Parents TKS is the platform for teaching young children fundamental concepts that are necessary for developing financial awareness. It teaches the application of these concepts in a concrete manner to which children can relate. It gives children the experiential knowledge of these fundamental ideas. Parents play an integral role in this process. They provide both the environmental structure and support to help their children learn and practice these ideas. TKS is for those parents who are serious about raising financially astute children. Managing money goes beyond the physical dollars and cents. It is a mindset. The training necessary to manage money effectively begins way before a child ever touches a dime. It is our job as parents to set the groundwork and to set the wheels in motion so that our children grow up with the necessary skills that will ultimately lead to success in dealing with money and life. TKS has developed The Kidonomics Series-Parents (TKS-P) version to assist parents in this endeavor. TKS-P is a step by step manual that achieves two goals. The first is that it fortifies or supplements parents to knowledge of these concepts. Secondly it instructs parents on how to teach these core concepts their children. To learn more go to :

The Kidonomics Series (TKS) Newsletter July 2014


Hi Kids!

Are you having fun at school? Summer is upon us and I am sure you love spending more time outside. Welcome to the first issue of the Kidonomics Series. TKS was created just for you. In this issue you we will learn the difference between needs and wants. This is the first lesson you have to learn on your way to becoming mini money managers (MMM). Do you remember “Shopping Adventure” with Scott and Sara? How many of you remember what the Mom said about wanting something and needing something? Contents:     

Needs and Wants Kido Mission Sample Kido Mission Report Choices, Choices the Song Coloring Sheet

If you said, “a NEED is something you really have to have and a WANT is something you would like to have but if you didn’t get it, you would still be okay.” You would be right. Let’s see if we can think of things we really have to have, our needs: food, water and clothes. Can you think of some more needs? Some wants might be: candy, soda and brand named clothes. Can you think of some things that you would like to have but if you didn’t get it you would still be fine? Knowing the difference between wants and needs is the first step to getting and having money and becoming a MMM.

Your Kido Mission MMM in Training Your mission today, should you choose to take it, is to explain to all members of your family the difference between a WANT and a NEED. Find out:  Who knew the difference?  Did your Mom and Dad know the difference?  What are some of their wants?  What are some of their needs? Write down your findings or let your parents’ help you write them down.

KIDO MISSION REPORT Email your MISSION REPORT to: When you submit your MISSION REPORT you will receive your Level 1 MMM training certificate. Also your MISSION REPORT may be chosen and can be featured in the next issue of the TKS newsletter! I can’t wait to read your REPORT!

KIDO MISSION REPORT Sample Report Name: James Bonds Grade: 3 City: Toronto Hello my name is James Bond. I am 8 years old and I am in Grade 3. I live with my Mom and Dad and my older sister. I also have a pet cat named Olly. Only my Mom and Dad knew what the difference between a want and a need. My sister did not. My Mom needs to buy food and clothes for us. She wants a new coffee machine one that makes fancy coffee. My Dad needs to buy gas for the car. He wants a new IPad. He has the old one. My sister needs to get bracers. She also wants an IPad. She doesn’t want to use the family’s computer. My cat needs cat food. I think she wants a new toy. I need school supplies and I want a new bike. This is my mission report.

Choices, Choices Is it a need? Is it a want? How can you tell? How can you tell? Questions, Questions so Many questions I can do it Yes I can I can do it Yes I can Need it, got to have it, can't live without it Want it, can do without it, if I have too, if I have too I can do it Yes I can I can do it Yes I can Make a Choice! How to decide? How to decide? Questions, Questions so Many questions I can do it Yes I can I can do it Yes I can I'm satisfied when I decide, when I decide I'm satisfied When I decide, when I decide, when I decide...I am satisfied Check out the beat on The Kidonomics YouTube Channel:

TKS Coloring Sheet

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