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SWD | KEY CLUB The Key to the Southwest

Hello Southwest! Governor Ella Erickson I am Eric Sommala, your 2019-2020 Bulletin Editor, and I welcome you to my first issue of The Key to the Southwest! My goal is to capture the wonderful things done in our district. I plan to use this publication to highlight all the members that define service, inform you all about upcoming district events, and promote transparency with our board and committees. Additionally, I plan to create articles and resources to assist your club in maximizing social media outreach and promotions.

Secretary-Treasurer David Lopez-Amaya Bulletin Editor Eric Sommala District Administrator Karin Church Assistant Administrator Jeff Rowe

Now folks, let me tell you about myself. Within the Rio Rancho High School Key Club, I have served in my home club’s executive board for two years now. Alongside volunteering and being a Key Clubber, I am the junior class president of Rio Rancho High School and a part of an urban forestry group, Best Buddies, and track. To sign off, I hope you enjoy the first issue of the 57th edition. Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns, questions, and article ideas! Yours in service,

Eric Sommala,

The Key to the Southwest is published four times within a year. This publication is produced by the Southwest District Bulletin Editor. These issues are to highlight the clubs within the district, inform readers about upcoming events, and promote transparency with the Southwest Board.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1

CONTENTS 03 Meet the Executives 06 Introducing the LTGs 09 Governor’s Project 10 Sec/Tres Q & A 11 Publicizing your Club 12 DCON Recap 17 Summer Spectaculars 19 ICON Insights 24 Meet the Trustee 25 Committee Updates 27 YOF 28 Featured Charity 29 Partners & Sponsors 30 Member Highlights 31 Camp Fall Rally/Pen Pals

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1



BOARD Key to the Southwest

The mighty Southwest is run by 20 student leaders and an adult team. Meet these student leaders that have stepped up to take initiative and run a whole tri-state district. These students define Key Club’s student led motto. The district board is eager to serve the spectacular student leaders of the Southwest.


Volume 57 | Issue 1

MEET THE EXECUTIVES Governor Ella Erickson Hey Southbest! My name is Ella Erickson and I am so excited to be the governor of the spiciest district! Among other things I am an avid vegetable connoisseur, a musician, a triathlete, and a Junior at Cienega High School. This year we will be partnering with Thorn to combat child sex-trafficking, our goal is $15,000 and if we reach it I will dye my hair blue at DCON! I also would like to focus on building relations between the Kiwanis Family branches and Key Club. Feel free to reach out anytime, whether you need a question answered or an impromptu joke…I’m always here!

Secretary-Treasurer David Lopez Howdy Southwest! My name is David Lopez Amaya, from Las Vegas, New Mexico, so que pasa amigos? (Yes, I can speak Spanish) My day typically consists of School and Key Club, how does yours? Speaking of, I’m currently a Senior at West Las Vegas High School, and I’m on my way to be the Salutatorian of my Class. I also participate in MESA, Student Council (President), and of course Key Club. I have been in Key Club for 3 years, going from a regular member to Lt. Governor to District Sec/Treas. My goals for this year as your Sec/Treas are to increase organization in the way our District shares and stores information, as well as upkeeping an accurate budget that is well-organized and flawless. If y’all ever need anything, don’t ever be afraid to contact me. Stay spicy partner!

Bulletin Editor Eric Sommala Hello Southwest! My name is Eric Sommala and I am your 2019-2020 Southwest Bulletin Editor! Let me tell y’all about myself, I have served on the Rio Rancho High School Key Club’s executive board for two years now. Alongside being a part of Key Club, I am a part of my student government, tree stewards program, and other clubs within my school. Now folks, throughout my term, I want to boost our district’s impact through social media. I plan to promote your club’s outreach platforms, inter-club communication programs, and the publication of your activities and members. I am quite eager to get to know all of you and help in any way possible.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1

MEET THE EXECUTIVES DCON Chair Bridget Martinez Catania Hello spicy southwest! My name is Bridget Martinez and I’m your DCON chair for 2019-2020. I am ecstatic to be returning to the district board to serve! My main goal as District Convention chair is to create new fun and engaging workshops to differ from past DCONs. Though I’m not very sporty I like to try out different forms of art from ceramics to fashion. I am a avid council member for my school’s choir and a member of the science club. I am very excited to put all my idea out there and to serve all of you!

Kiwanis Family Chair Andrew Watson Hello, spicy Southwest! My name is Andrew Watson, a junior at Los Alamos High School, and I’m excited to be serving as this year’s K-Family Chair. I have been involved in Kiwanis since elementary school, and this is my third year in Key Club. In addition to Key Club, I am a varsity swimmer, math tutor, chess player, and NHS member. I also work at a local pool and the Los Alamos nature center. My goals for this year include increasing communication between Key Clubs and other Kiwanis organizations by working with lieutenant governors to create a district directory and assisting in chartering new clubs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Southwest Executive Board contact information Governor Erickson | Sec-Treas Lopez-Amaya | Editor Sommala | Chairwoman Martinez| Chairman Watson |

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1


2019 - 2020


Johnico Dennison | Black Canyon

Hannah McNamara| Catalina

Amber Bednorz| Copper

What’s shaking Southwest? I'm the Lt. Governor of the Black Canyon division. Some of my favorite hobbies include drawing, photography, and watching movies. Also occasionally, I like to play the piano (I’m not very good). But before you go I’d like to thank you for reading my bio.

Hello Southwest! My name is Hannah McNamara and I am your 2019-2020 Catalina Division Lt. Governor. I am a senior at Sabino High School. I’m involved in soccer, tennis, NHS, and of course, Key Club. I have served as Key Club President and treasurer. I’ve had so much fun serving the community with my club and I plan to continue doing so during my term as Lt. Governor. Let’s make this year a great one!

Hi all! Amber here, when I’m not doing Key Club things I like to read, hike, and paint. This year I want to work on communication, and becoming closer as clubs and members. I’m so excited for this year!

Livia Calugaru | Estrella

Ashley Barboza| Lookout Mountain

Abby Gladden| Mogollon Rim

What’s poppin Southwest! My name is Livia Calugaru and I am so proud to be the Lt. Governor for the Estrella Division. Whenever I’m not doing service you can always find me at the nearby pool teaching kids how to swim! My goals for this year are to increase social media presence and the amount of division wide service projects. Stay spicy y’all!

Hello my name is Ashley, I am the Lookout Mtn. Lt. Governor. I love volunteering and helping people out with anything I can. I hope to use what I’ve learn in Key Club to help out with issues in the world. I would like for my division to be more involved not only with the district but also help out with global issues. Lastly, I look forward to working with you all.

Hey Southwest, I am Abby Gladden and I’m excited to be on the board this year. Outside of Key Club, I am a fellow musician and DECA member. I love going outdoors and doing anything exciting. Outside of school, you will find me either at work or playing with smaller children.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1


2019 - 2020


Derek Wirachowsky| Nuriah Perea| Mohave Papago

Tracie Luther| Petroglyph

Hello, my name is Derek Wirachowsky and I am currently a senior at Lake Havasu City. Other than Key Club, I enjoy running on my track/cross country teams and hanging out with friends at the bowling alley. After graduating high school, I plan on going to college and eventually the Air Force. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for the spicy Southwest District.

Hello Spicy Southwest Key Clubbers, My name is Nuriah Perea. Outside of Key Club, I am involved in Student Council and Art Club. I have a strong passion for art, writing, and see my future self as an aspiring artist or writer. I love reading, traveling, and making new friends and memories. I look forward to serving each and every Key Clubber to my fullest ability and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Hello, my name is Tracie Luther but, you can call me Trace. I am your 2019-2020 Petroglyph Lt. Governor and I like walks with my dog and eating vegetables and fruits with tajin. I don't like snakes. I look forward to working with you all. If you ever need anything just text me or email me.

Valerie Grisanti| Rio Grande

Mayah Taylor| San Pedro

Moby Chiu| Sandia Mountain

Hello Southwest! My name is Valerie Grisanti besides doing Key Club things; I like to travel and hope to travel the world one day. Also, I enjoy going on adventures whether it's just taking a drive or enjoying my time outdoors. I also enjoy dancing as I am in the dance team at my school.

Hey everyone! My name is Mayah Taylor and I cannot wait to serve the San Pedro division this year. I’m a senior at Buena High School, and outside of Key Club, I also serve my community through NHS and HOSA. I love to watch too many shows, shop, and travel with my family. I’m super excited to work with everyone this year, and am ready to see what this year brings!

Hi Southwest District! My name is Moby Chiu and I am a sophomore at La Cueva High School. Outside of school, I enjoy playing chess, tennis, swimming, and cooking. Some of my long term goals are: graduate high school, meet new people, and do my best to serve the community.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1


2019 - 2020


Shena Han | Sangre de Cristo

Cinthia Bernal| South Mountain

Thomas Romero| Superstitions

Hi, I’m Shena Han, the Sangre de Cristo Lt. Governor. Some of my hobbies include playing the violin, reading, and drawing. In addition to Key Club, I’m involved in my school’s Speech and Debate team, National Honor Society, French Club, Creative Writing Club, and Model UN, and I’m looking forward to a great year with all of you.

Hi, I’m Cinthia Bernal and I will be serving as your lieutenant governor for this upcoming year. I am class of ‘22 and I enjoy many things, one being, taking part in my school’s mariachi. I really enjoy it almost as much as I love doing service. During this year, I intend on showing others what service can do for them and how taking part in something like Key Club can impact them.

Hi Southwest! My name is Rudy Romero and I'm a proud senior Key Clubber who's also in student council, NHS, robotics, and many other clubs at my school! I like listening to music, watching TV and movies, and hanging out with friends. I hope to become a great film director in the future and Key Club is giving me the leadership skills to do so!

Wish to contact your Lieutenant Governor? Follow this formula: Division name + Black Canyon Catalina Copper Estrella Lookout Mtn.

Key to the Southwest

Mogollon Rim Mohave Papago Petroglyph Rio Grande


San Pedro Sandia Mtn. Sangre de Cristo South Mtn. Superstitions

Volume 57 | Issue 1

”This year we will be partnering with Thorn to combat child sex-trafficking, our goal is $15,000 and if we reach it I will dye my hair blue at DCON!” -


Governor Ella Erickson

Ella Erickson

2020 GOVERNOR’S PROJECT Thorn is an international anti-human trafficking organization that was founded in 2012 by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. As of 2018, Thorn has helped identify 10,081 kids as victims, served 38 countries, and reviewed over 37,751 cases of trafficking. Thorn’s program, Spotlight, has been pivotal in finding victims. Over 9,000 officers use Spotlight. Thorn is actively fighting human trafficking with local law enforcement.

The 2019-2020 Southwest District Governor's project is Thorn. Thorn is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and eliminating child sex abuse and trafficking. The Southwest District's goal is to raise $15,000 for Thorn by District Convention in Phoenix, AZ. With 5,000 Southwest Key Clubbers, that's $4 a member. Throughout the year, the Southwest board will release information on ways you can help out either through fundraising or raising awareness.


Volume 57 | Issue 1

DUES & OCFS Q&A with Sec/Tres David Lopez

An exclusive interview with Sec/Tres David Lopez about dues & OCF need-to-knows.

When are OCF & dues due? Officer Certification Forms are due September 15 at the earliest turn-in period and October 15 at the latest. As for dues, submitting dues on November 1 allows your club to qualify for the Early Bird Award at District Convention; however, December 1 is the official due date for both District and International Dues. If a club fails to submit dues before February 1, the club will be suspended and unable to participate in District or International functions until the missing Dues are submitted. If a club fails to submit Dues before October 1 of the following year, the Club will become inactive and unable to participate in any Key Club functions.

Why is the officer certification form important? The Officer Certification Form provides elected members of the Southwest District an open avenue in which to communicate by. The information provided grants Lt. Governors and the Executive Board direct access to Clubs and their elected Officers. Allowing an easier pathway for information, resources, and data to be communicated between Clubs and the Southwest District.

Why are dues important to the district and Key Club International? Dues are an essential fund utilized throughout the organization at every level of the Southwest District and Key Club International. Dues provide funding for the transportation of elected Officers, resources for Club Members, and of course the funding of both District and International Convention.

Key to the Southwest

What are you currently working on? As of right now, I have been strenuously working on the Southwest District Club Officer Directory and ensuring the duties assigned to my position are met efficiently and in a timely matter. Bulletin Editor’s Cut: We find it important that clubs can contact their sister clubs as easily as possible to strengthen and promote large scale service projects and acts.

Distinguished Robert F. Lucas award recipient Secretary-Treasurer David Lopez What are the benefits of turning in dues and officer certification forms early or on time? Submitting the Officer Certification Form at an early time period allows for resources, information, and helpful data to be networked to Clubs at an earlier rate, facilitating club functions. Submitting Dues earlier allows Clubs to qualify for the Early Bird Award awarded at District Convention.

What are some tips for dues collection? Make sure your Club’s dues are turned in at their due date to avoid suspension or inactivity. Ensure Rosters are finalized by your Advisors, unfinalized rosters will lead to a suspension status. If a problem occurs with the Dues submission process reach out to Lt. Governors, the District Secretary-Treasurer, or dial 1-800-KIWANIS.


Any tips for secretaries and treasurers? The position of the Secretary or Treasurer is a key role in the functions of the club, make sure not only that you ask from help from your fellow board members, Advisors, and LTGs but seek help from other avenues such as myself and of course other Secretary's or Treasurer's in your area.


Q& A

Insider scoop to the Southwest, tune in next time for a special guest. Volume 57 | Issue 1


Bulletin Editor Eric Sommala Here are some of the best ways to promote your Key Club within your school:



Starting a social media account is very important when you wish to expand your presence within your school and community. Use Instagram to promote your volunteering and projects, recruit new members, and send out important information.

Help us get to 1K!


Follow our Instagram, @SWDKCI



Big flashy and eye-catching Posters are the easiest way to posters! advertise your club within school. Although it’s the fastest way to promote, it can be messed up easily. Make sure you include your club’s name, location, date, and time where you meet. Make sure it is visually appealing too! You’ll catch more attention that way.




S, @M



KEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY CLUUUUUUBBBBBB! Pep rallies and morning announcements are the best way to get your message across schoolwide. Talk to your announcements and pep rally coordinator to get your message out. If you are brave, give a little speech during lunch time. These are great ways to get school-wide attention.



Passionate Promoters:

The most important, the one on one promoters, they can make or break your club. It is important to that your promoters are very enthusiastic, charismatic, and passionate about Key Club. As they say, “the first 30 seconds determine everything”, train your “salesmen” to hype up Key Club, explain why Key Club benefits them and the community, and why it’s a fun club that combines volunteering and hanging out! People will listen to you if you can grab their attention and keep it.


Volume 57 | Issue 1



This year’s District Convention was hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 500 Spicy Key Clubbers were present at DCON. The theme of this year was “service unlocks the hero in you” and throughout DCON, attendees raised over $15,000 for the charity, Together We Rise, attended workshops, elected new board members, and danced the night away at the Governor’s Ball.



This recap will cover:



AWARD WINNERS Scrapbook - Non-Traditional - 1st Los Alamos High School - 2nd Lake Havasu High School - 3rd Tempe High School Scrapbook - Traditional - 1st Apollo High School - 2nd Corona del Sol High School Club Video - 1st Rio Rancho High School - 2nd Lake Havasu High School - 3rd Mission College Early High School Club Poster - Digital - 1st Santa Fe High School - 2nd Apollo High School - 3rd Rio Rancho High School Club Poster - Non-Digital - 1st Gallup High School - 2nd Corona del Sol High School - 3rd Los Alamos High School Talent A - 1st Tempe High School, Mariachi de Tempe - 2nd Corona del Sol High School, Chistopher Shin - 3rd Gallup High School, Zander Layugar & Passion George

First place submissions of the non-digital, digital, and video completions. The first place winners of the scrapbooks, video, and posters submissions will be judged at the International Convention this year! Please congratulate them and hope for the best!

Oratory - 1st Farmington High School, Keely Stockham - 2nd Apollo High School, Allie Corral - 3rd Gallup High School, Tanisha Patel Impromptu - 1st Los Alamos High School, Shena Han - 2nd Buena High School, Mayah Taylor - 3rd Liberty High School, Lleni Higgins


AWARD WINNERS Faculty Advisor of the Year Gloria Lueras-Kidd, Rio Rancho High School Single Service Bronze - 1st North High School - 2nd Farmington High School - 3rd Payson High School Silver - 1st Cienega High School Gold - 1st Lake Havasu High School - 2nd Los Alamos High School

Gloria Lueras-Kidd presented with the Susan B Poland Award by District Administers Micheal Braun & Des DesChene.

Platinum - 1st Corona del Sol High School - 2nd Tempe Union High School Achievement Report Bronze - 1st Aztec High School - 2nd Gallup High School - 3rd North High School Silver - 1st Apollo High School - 2nd Cienega High School - 3rd Liberty High School

Foster Hillis presenting the first place talent award to Tempe Union’s Mariachi.

Gold - 1st Los Alamos High School - 2nd Lake Havasu High School - 3rd Rio Rancho High School Platinum - 1st Paradise Honors High School - 2nd Corona del Sol High School - 3rd Tempe Union High School Major Emphasis Program - 1st Tempe Union High School - 2nd Corona del Sol High School

Foster Hillis presenting the third place talent award to the duo from Gallup High School, Zander Layugar & Passion George.



Immediate past International Trustee Foster Hillis with the Immediate past Governor Sarah Montano.

This year I was privileged with attending the Southwest District Convention & had an amazing time. From the moment you get there, you can meet members from across the District and maybe even an International Officer or two. At sessions you can show off your spirit, in forums you can learn about Key Club International, and at the dance you can show how you duggy (I definitely did). Not only that, they have some of the best themes and pin designs (seriously, the cereal pin from SWDCON ’18 is sought after) You’ll make some of your best Key Club memories at Southwest DCON, I am sure of it!

Livia Calugaru | ATTENDEE

Paradise Honors High School delegation getting ready for the Governor’s Ball.

Will we see you at dcon 2020? 15

At DCON 2019 the Southwest put on their superhero capes and flew on over to Albuquerque,NM as we celebrated the Southwest Districts accomplishments for this service year! It was so exciting to see members of Key Club with such an exciting passion and love for service. I was grateful to see that so many members have the same admiration for Key Club that I have! What an amazing event to be apart of! We had the opportunity to attend many workshops to grow our leadership and service capabilities as we decorated capes for teddy bears, learned how to plan successful service projects, and got down on that dance floor! We also had the opportunity to vote and meet our new District Board members. It was so great to see my Key Club Family again and meet new clubbers! I highly recommend attending DCON 2020 to make memories that last a lifetime :) See you all there!

Shena Han| ATTENDEE DCON 2019 definitely packed a punch! It was my second time going, and this time around, a group of my friends and club board members went with me. We had a blast going to workshops (Key Club always knows how to find the best icebreakers) and doing Fortnite dances at the Governor's Ball. The hotel we stayed in was really swanky and there were mirrors everywhere - so, naturally, we made it our mission to take mirror selfies in as many different places as possible. On the night of the awards ceremony, it was extremely gratifying for our club to be recognized in so many areas. It made me especially glad to win first place in the non-traditional scrapbook category, since I was my school's scrapbook committee chairperson last year. We entered a six foot tall superhero skyscraper! Our club members spent a lot of time at my house cutting, gluing, and trying to think of clever captions for each photo - and luckily, all that hard work paid off. Some other highlights: I managed to place first in the impromptu speech contest, and there was a fantastic mariachi band. On the final day, all of us LTG-elects were called up to the front of the room to take the seats of the former lieutenant governors. That was an incredible moment. At my first DCON as a freshman, I got to learn what Key Club was all about and realized that I wanted to have a greater role in it. This year, I advanced towards that goal by being elected to represent my division on the district board. I can't wait to see where my Key Club journey takes me next.

Los Alamos High School is rocking the mirror selfie with their awards.

Immediate past Governor Sarah Montano and Don Townsend were pied in the face after raising $15,000.

From the workshops to the talent to the fellow Key Clubbers that made it memorable, DCON 2019 was super experience.


SUMMER Spectaculars Here are some of the spectacular things that Key Clubs within the Southwest have done! School might have stopped but service hasn’t! Summer is a great time to get those hours in and serve!

Cienega H.S Key Club starting off the school year promoting their club at open house. Great way to start! - Catalina division

Rio Rancho H.S Key Club walked with the Rio Rancho Kiwanis in the Fourth of July parade. - Sandia Mountain division

Apollo H.S Key Club hosted an award ceremony to honor members’ accomplishments. - Black Canyon division The Movies in the Park is a student led event that serves two purposes; to create a fun event every week for families to come and enjoy a movie during the summer, as well as a fundraiser to collect money for the club from the concession stands, selling popcorn, candies, and drinks that are sold at the movie. -


Petroglyph Division Volume 57 | Issue 1

Payson H.S Key Club assisted the Payson Community Kids and helped with the school drive. - Mogollon Rim division

Students helped clean up Kamp Kiwanis by sorting through logs and picking up pine needles. - Kamp Kiwanis

The district board recently met up at the Southwest Kiwanis district convention for their board meeting. - Southwest District Board

Los Alamos H.S Key Club received their officer training from Sangre de Cristo Lieutenant Governor Han. - Sangre de Cristo division The Southwest district had over 50 students and adults attend the 76th International Convention hosted in Baltimore. Throughout the convention week, students traded pins, toured Baltimore, and met Laura Marano. Read more on the next page!


Volume 57 | Issue 1



Meet the Executives

The Southwest spiced up Baltimore with over 50 delegates. Delegates attended workshops, voted on legislation, and created lifelong connections. Join us next year in San Francisco! Key to the Southwest

16 19

Volume 57 | Issue 1

The 76th International Convention was hosted in Baltimore, MD. Key Clubbers elected new trustees, voted on bylaws, and made new connections.

ICON INSIGHTS Eric Sommala| District Bulletin Editor ICON (International Convention) was truly a blast! From the Fourth of July festivities to the heated House of Delegates, it is always a pleasure to be at this international gathering.

The first day included a huge meet & greet session where students all around the world exchanged pins and discussed their Key Club experiences. The opening session’s energy and excitement gave us an insight on to what our next days were to look like.

“ICON shows you that students really lead Key Club International” Mayah Taylor, attendee The Southwest tour included exploring Baltimore’s famous inner harbor, the national aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or not!, and Fort McHenry. Students were exposed to history and different cultures during their stay in Baltimore.

Key to the Southwest

The true highlight of ICON had to be when Phil and Stanley from the office appeared on the screens. The whole room bursted into excitement and applause for the video messages by these ICONic stars..


Now down to business, ICON’s caucusing and House of Delegates had to have been one of the most important and enjoyable experiences for myself as a first-timer. These sessions really emphasize the student led aspect of Key Club. For hours, we questioned the candidates for the 19-20 year. At House of Delegates, 29 amendments and 1 resolution were debated, discussed, and finally voted on after a 30 minute extension to the five hour session. My insight summary only scratched the surface of all of ICON. I urge you all to attend ICON; you won’t regret it!

Volume 57 | Issue 1

Chloe Samuelson|

Ava Whedon|

Mayah Taylor |




Key club 2019 was an amazing experience in itself, I met a lot of amazing people from different states and countries. During this trip I experienced my first plane flight, being up in the plane is such a beautiful sight. The city of Baltimore, Maryland is an extraordinary place, Truly beautiful, from the moment we landed to the time we took off. During the trip we went to places such as the national aquarium where it was truly a grand adventure and experience!

After the aquarium we went to hard rock cafe, and Ripley's believe it or not, and there is a lot of unbelievable places, things around and about. Throughout the whole trip spending time with my fellow key clubbers, and meeting new ones along the way, is and will always forever remain in my heart! Thank you key club and kiwanis for making this trip possible!

This year, I attended the Key Club International Convention for the first time, and I will definitely be returning. Over the course of the week, I had many opportunities to meet amazing Key Clubbers from around the world and US, and even make a few friends. As a district, we had a few days to sightsee and visit locations like the National Aquarium and the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. Trading chili pepper pins with the other districts was exciting and at times amusing, which made it memorable for myself and many others. I learned so much in the workshops that I can take back to my club and community. Having never been to the Southwest DCON and only being an incoming sophomore, I was worried and didn't know what to expect. Though, being around other Key Clubbers and with the rest of the Southwest District, I really felt like I was a part of the Key Club family.

Hello Southwest! My name is Mayah Taylor, and I am the San Pedro Lieutenant Governor. This past July, I had the AMAZING opportunity to attend ICON in wonderful Baltimore, Maryland! I got to meet Key Clubbers from all over, bond with my fellow board members, and got to explore an awesome city. The best part, for me, was getting to connect with members from other districts and share our experiences in Key Club. It's truly amazing to see the impact that Key Club has on others. Also, being in Baltimore on the Fourth of July wasn't too bad either. Overall, I had one of the greatest experiences of my life during the wonderful week at ICON. I wouldn't trade it for the world and I would encourage any and all of you to attend! Stay Spicy!!

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 1

ICON-IC SHOUTOUTS A huge congratulations to the lieutenant governors of the Southwest who received the Robert F. Lucas award for their distinguished service to the Southwest.

IP Governor Sarah Montano & IP International Trustee Foster Hillis.

Sarah Montano was honored with the distinguished governor award and Reagan Barragan was honored with the distinguished bulletin Editor award. It takes hard work and dedication to receive such recognition and distinction. Jennifer Harned was a former bulletin editor and lieutenant governor of the Southwest. She has officially completed her term as an international trustee and the Southwest is truly proud of her accomplishments. Lastly, Foster Hillis, our international trustee, has finished his term and he will be greatly missed. We all wish the best for the best trustee. L O V E, we all love our trustee. Key to the Southwest

IP Governor Sarah Montano & IP Bulletin Editor Reagan Barragan.

All the Southwest lieutenant governors who received the Robert F. Lucas Award.


Volume 57 | Issue 1





Volume 57 | Issue 1


INTRODUCTION 5 Membership Tips As summer comes to an end, it is important to focus on gaining new members! I provided some tips on how to grow and strengthen your membership: 1.


Target Freshmen! ○ Make it a goal to reach out to the incoming freshmen ○ Freshmen want to be involved, so making them aware of how amazing Key Club is will hopefully encourage them to join Personal Invitations ○ Make personal invitations to your meetings to hand out to other students at your school ○ Make sure the invitations include meeting time and date, and what Key Club is/does


Incentivize your meetings! ○ Bring food to your meeting ○ Bring in outside organizations to speak to your club about a project ○ Schedule icebreakers at the beginning of your meeting


Bring a Buddy campaign ○ Have each member bring a friend to a meeting ○ Each member that brings a buddy gets a prize


Announce Key Club to your school ○ Work with faculty to schedule a time that you can speak for morning announcements ○ Talk to the principal about allowing time for you to give a brief description on what Key Club is or provide a major accomplishment that your club has been able to do during an assembly


BRANDON ORICK International Trustee Hello, Spicy Southwest! I am ecstatic to announce that I will be serving as your International Trustee for this year, as well as the Georgia and Utah-Idaho Districts! I have fallen in love with the energy and passion that Southwest exhibits and can’t wait to be apart of it all throughout the year. I have had a lot of time to plan and set goals with your District Governor, Ella Erickson, and I am looking forward to a very productive year. I am from the Pacific Northwest District (PNW)! I previously served as a Lieutenant Governor for the 2017-2018 year and then as the PNW District Secretary for the 2018-2019 year! I have provided a very generalized list of my goals for the upcoming year: ● Communication ○ Maintain personal communication with all district board members ○ Focus on personalized methods of communication vs mass emails ● Membership ○ Work with governors to develop individualized plans to grow and retain members ○ Provide a multitude of useful resources pertaining to membership ○ Create a scholarship program for those who want to attend International Convention ● Connection ○ Spotlight individuals for serving in outstanding ways ○ Provide myself as a resource to the club level In love and service, Brandon Orick Key Club International Trustee Georgia, Southwest, and Utah-Idaho Districts p: (503) 421-0189


Chairwoman Bridget Martinez


Cinthia Bernal, Johnico Dennison, Ashley Barboza, & Livia Calugaru

As of Summer Board A the District Convention Committee has had 2 meetings. As a committee our directives are to create the centerpieces and decor centered our DCON theme, [To be revealed in January] , aswell to sell ads for the DCON program, and finally to find a Keynote speaker for the convention. So far we have created 3 new workshops, made centerpieces ideas, brainstormed potential keynote speakers, created a list of slogans/hashtags, and decided our 3 main colors for DCON. We have yet to brainstormed ways to sell ads for the dcon program. As of now, Johnico Dennison was assigned to come up with more slogan/hashtag ideas, Livia Calugaru is scouting keynote speakers, and Ashey Barboza and Cinthia Bernal are helping with decoration ideas. For Summer Board B we plan to present out centerpieces ideas, slogans and hashtags, and new workshop ideas.

CLUB SUPPORT Chairwoman Mayah Taylor


Eric Sommala, Shena Han, Rudy Romero, & Moby Chiu

The entire Club Support Committee has been hard at work since committee assignments at Summer Board B. The directives of our committee include; create surveys to determine what clubs need from the district board, reaching out to individual clubs, collect pictures and information of recent club events for social media, and have resources to assist LTGs with unresponsive clubs. Since Summer Board A, our committee has held three meetings including the small one at Summer Board. Our other two meetings were held over Google Hangouts. So far, we have completed surveys for both Kiwanis Advisors and Key Club Members. We have also reached out to some individual clubs through asking about any needs they anticipate this year. Tasks in the works include creating surveys for both Key Club Board Members and Faculty Advisors. Shena Han was assigned with creating the surveys for Kiwanis Advisors, Rudy Romero was assigned with creating the surveys for Faculty Advisors, Moby Chiu was assigned with creating the surveys for the Key Club Members, Mayah Taylor was assigned with creating the surveys for the Key Club Board Members, and Eric Sommala was assigned with creating recognition items for clubs. Finally, at Summer Board B, we plan to refine club support guides that were made, prepare surveys to be sent out to clubs, and decide on adding an information section to the Key Club Member survey.

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Volume 57 | Issue 1



Kilee Ridge, Derek Wirachowsky, Amber Bednorz, & Abby Gladden

It’s been a great few months for the Kiwanis Family Relations Committee! Our committee directives are to make a district directory for Kiwanis, Circle-K, Builders Club, Aktion Club, and K-Kids in each division, to create a guide for how to charter a new club, to keep in constant contact with the other K-Family, to make a page highlighting a different partner each month and send it out before the 5th, and to help get advisors connected. Since Summer Board A, we have had two committee meetings and a single chartering guide meeting, during which we made great progress on our projects. With the help of Circle-K Kiwanis Family chair Bre Anne Springer, Kilee Ridge, and Abby Gladden, we have successfully inputted the information of all Circle K, Aktion Clubs, Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, and K Kids into the district directory, excluding some hard to find data which we are in the process of getting. We’ve also made progress on the chartering guide with the help of Derek Wirachowsky and Amber Bednorz including brainstorming and writing a list of steps on how to charter each type of Kiwanis club. We’re currently in the process of transferring the information into a usable format with Canva. The committee has also successfully distributed monthly articles on the Kiwanis Family that we worked on as a whole. Derek Wirachowsky and Kilee Ridge completed and distributed monthly articles on Kiwanis partners. During Summer Board B, we’re planning to put the contact information of club presidents into the district directory and start work on a new project to connect advisors, the penpal mentorship project.


Chairwoman Hannah McNamara Nuriah Perea, David Lopez, Tracie Luther, & Valarie Grisanti

Since Summer Board A, the service committee has held two meetings. Both of which were google hangouts, one for each month. Our main committee directives are as follows: creating a list of club size/resource specific service projects, club outreach, and a service project survey. Committee chair Hannah McNamara was assigned to research how best to create the list of service project resources for clubs. This directive is in the works as we have not yet found the perfect platform to use, options include a JotForm, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or a Buzzfeed style quiz. The next directive, club outreach, is assigned to member Nuriah Perea. This directive is mainly focused on promoting Service Month through social media and a page for the newsletters. As we begin to release these after Summer Board B this directive is also in the works. Finally, the service project survey directive has been assigned to Sec/Treas David Lopez and member Valerie Grisanti. This directive is also in the works as we have not yet found the correct platform that will allow us to review submissions in an efficient manner. Our plans for Summer Board B are to hopefully finalize the platforms we plan to use for our surveys and review the club outreach social media page and/or newsletter ad that will promote Service Month.

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Volume 57 | Issue 1


August 15TH Applications 15TH close: August Applications open:

October 15TH October 15TH 11:55 P.M. EST 11:55 P.M. EST Applications close:

Fun Facts (2018):

138 grant applicants Fun Facts (2018): 88 approved 36 fullapplicants funded 138 grant 38 partial or 50%+ 88 approved 36 full funded 38 partial or 50%+ was granted

$77,462.00 Facts are from the 2018-2019 grant cycle.

$77,462.00 was If yougranted have any questions, feel free to email: Facts are from the 2018-2019 grant cycle.

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“The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund of the Kiwanis Children’s which provides grantsis “The YouthFund Opportunities Fund (YOF) to Club and Key members for anKey endowed fund of Club the Kiwanis scholarships andwhich service Children’s Fund provides grants opportunities.” to Key Club and Key Club members for - Key Club International scholarships and service opportunities.” These service grants range - Key Club project International from $100-$2000 and are given to clubs club members. The These and service project grants range applications are and due are by October from $100-$2000 given to 15th at 11:55 PM EST members. and are reviewed at clubs and club The the November international board15th applications are due by October meeting. Applicants must apply online at 11:55 PM EST and are reviewed at through a form which ask questions the November international board on the project and requires budgeting meeting. Applicants mustaapply online outline. through a form which ask questions on the project and requires a budgeting Top Tips: outline. Ask for portion of the total project cost

Top Tips:

Be detailed in the explanations and Ask for portion of the total project cost budget Be detailed in the explanations and Write with quality and quantity not essays budget on applications Write with quality and quantity not essays Have the reason, cause, and desired on applications effect on the community very well articulated Have the reason, cause, and desired effect on the community very well Find more out by clicking here! articulated

22 26

Volume 57 | Issue 1




Meet the Author It is the goal of Thirst Project to Thirst Project began in the summer Hello, my name is Derek Wirachowsky, bring an end to the global water of 2008 with a group of seven and I am your 2020 crisis by building freshwater wells in 19-year-olds living in Los Angeles. Mohave Division communities that don’t have They were introduced to the Lieutenant Governor. I access to any sources of safe, severe world water crisis that left am entering my senior clean drinking water. Thirst Project over a billion people without safe hopes to raise awareness and drinking water. After hearing about year at Lake Havasu High School. Other support by mobilizing young the water crisis these college than Key Club I am a people, teaching them how they students decided that they can make a difference in the wanted to do something about it. runner for my water crisis. They collected bottled water and track/field team and an active member The current goal of Thirst Project is later passed it out to people on within National Honors to provide eSwatini, the second the streets. As they did so they Society. smallest country in Africa, with explained to people the major 100% access to clean drinking global water crisis and that day Project Ideas water by 2022. This means clean they collected over $1,700 in water for EVERY person in the donations. These students used country! This goal will cost over 50 that money to rehabilitate their first Thirsty 30 million dollars but is within reach. freshwater well. Later, they were Penny war asked to go to a school to talk about the water crisis so that the Dunk tank students there could become involved and help. This was the beginning of the Thirst Project, now Water balloons these people travel the country to Paint your nail blue inform students about the water and whenever crisis and how they can help to someone ask you why, end it. Thirst Project aims to bring tell them you painted fresh water to communities that don’t have safe drinking water by your nail for the Thirst project educating people on how they can help.

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Volume 57 | Issue 1

RS, E S N T R R O A S P N B O U P L S O C KEY C & , S E I T I AR H C D E R R E PREF Thirst Thirst Project hopes to educate the next generation by arming students with information about how they can be a part of social change, make a difference and encourage others to join in the effort. Nickelodeon Nickelodeon currently presents two major campaigns each year that encourage action in kids globally. Worldwide Day of Play reinforces Nickelodeon’s mission to make the world a more playful place by leading active, playful events across the country. Nickelodeon’s Get Dirty campaign seeks to educate kids, families and teachers about what they can do to help protect the planet in fun, mindful ways. Landscape Structures Landscape Structures (LSI) has joined Kiwanis International as a vision partner to bring play to communities across the globe. LSI is proud to provide high-quality commercial playground equipment and planning consultation services that reflect the high degree of integrity that Kiwanis clubs expect.


Children’s Miracle Network Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership. March of Dimes Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. The K-Family has supported March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth. UNICEF UNICEF is working with other United Nations bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.

Children’s Miracle Network Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership. March of Dimes Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. The K-Family has supported March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth. UNICEF UNICEF is working with other United Nations bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.


MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS Jesus Santiago |Black Canyon division Jesus Santiago is one of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met. He’s hard working, dedicated, and overall a wonderful person. He puts in a surplus amount of work for everything he does and it really shows. Santiago has put in hours and hours of service for the community and he will never turn down anyone in need of help. Santiago truly does exemplify what it means to be a key club member. Austin Taylor |Catalina division Cienega High School Vice President Austin Taylor... he is incredibly hardworking, caring, and dedicated. He puts a lot of time and effort into making sure that Cienega Key Club is not only running smoothly, but is also an enjoyable place for everyone to be! He truly embodies what it means to be a member of Key Club and Cienega is proud to call him their VP!

Chloe Samuelson|Estrella division Key Club was made on the principles of community service and leadership. When Chloe serves, her passion for helping people shines in a way that lights up people’s days within an instant. Attending her first ICON this past summer not only exposed her love for Key Club but also her leadership skills that will be very useful in her upcoming year as co-secretary for Paradise Honors High School Key Club. Once out of her shell, this girl is a force to be reckoned with, not only does she inspires her officer board but the very people PHHS KC is committed to serve. Ivy Ramirez |Lookout Mtn. division Ivy Ramirez is president of the North High School Key Club. Moreover, she has completed 55 hours of community service since DCON. Furthermore, not only is she a member of Key Club ...

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but also a member of Future Business leaders Of America and she will be running for the treasurer position. In addition, she has many incredibly diverse hobbies such as spending time outdoors such as going on hikes and loves helping out within the community in any way she possibly can. Lidya Schouten|Mogollon Rim division Our outstanding member this year is Lidya Schouten from the Payson High School. She is a junior this year and it is her second year in the key club. She always shows up to every meeting and attends as many service projects as she can. She is always very helpful and supportive and she is an amazing member this year. She was recently elected as treasurer and is always looking to help improve the club. Other than kyu club she runs cross country and track. She is a quite an amazing athlete. We are definitely looking forward to another great year in key club.

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Southwest Specials



Fall Rally is a weekend-long leadership camp for high school students. This program was created by past Key Club members with the intention of providing training, ice breakers, and merit enhancing activities in order to prepare students to excel in their homes, schools, and communities. This weekend in the mountains enables students to branch out, meet other members, and form life-long bonds. The link for registration and the forms will be posted on the 19th on SWDKEYCLUB.ORG.

This program is designed to pair veteran advisors with newer advisors or just match-up two advisors who would like a partner or sounding board throughout the year. After filling out the Google form (below), you will be matched with another advisor. The two of you will be sent monthly discussion prompts and you're free to communicate as you see fit at other times. We hope this program will give veteran advisors a chance to share their strengths and help newer advisors become more informed about Kiwanis and Key Club.

DATE: NOV 9-11

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COST: $135

If you elect to participate, please fill out this google form before the end of the month: All advisors, but especially newer ones (less than two years experience) are encouraged to participate.


Volume 57 | Issue 1

WRITE ARTICLES FOR THE PUBLICATION The purpose of the district publication, The Key to the Southwest, is to highlight our clubs, promote successful endeavours, and increase transparency of the district board. Everyone in the district has the opportunity to write articles and to be featured on the social media platforms of the Southwest District. Articles can range from a club project highlight, membership tips, new ideas, and etc. If you are feeling inspired, feel free to email,, for submitting articles, member highlights, and club project publicity. This is a resource for your clubs to get your service out in the open. It is our goal to highlight your hard work and dedication! If you have any questions, please email me!

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