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What’s up Southwest? My name is Jennifer Harned and I am so excited to be serving as the Bulletin Editor of the Southwest District for the 2017-2018 Key Club year! On top of serving as Bulletin Editor I also work on and update the district website as Webmaster. I have a huge love and passion for service and Kiwanis. I joined Builder’s Club as a sixth grader and continued in Key Club as a freshman. Last year, I served as the Lt. Governor of the Sandia Mountain Division. Outside of Key Club I’m a dedicated student who enjoys drawing, painting, filmmaking, traveling, and being with friends. I am currently a junior at La Cueva High School. This year, my goals are to publish three articles of Key to the Southwest, keep the social media updated, and freshen up the website. This issue is filled with information about our sponsors, pictures from our clubs, articles from our board, and much more! I hope you enjoy looking through it and please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Sincerely,

Jennifer Jennifer Harned thekeytothesouthwest@gmail.com

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1



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Volume 55 | Issue 1

This year to thank our outstanding members from all over the district, we are implementing the Member Crush Monday (MCM) program. Each Lt. Governor will nominate one member from their division for MCM to recognize their outstanding work as a Key Clubber. MCMs will be posted two or three Mondays per month on our District Social Media. Read about the first two members we’re crushing on!

Selina Hanna Black Canyon | Apollo High School “Selina is currently a sophomore at Apollo High School she finished the previous Key Club year with 80 hours of community service and was also nominated as the distinguished board member. This school year she is the sophomore director and has already been getting hours in and helping out her school. Her favorite event to attend is the Saint Mary's Food Bank she is always the first to jump in and contributes the most help. Though the school year may be difficult with her having honors classes, she still maintains her A's and is willing to lend a helping hand to whoever she sees that is in need.”

Haley Harris Catalina Division| Cienega High School “Haley Harris is dedicated to Key Club. Haley is the sophomore representative of the Cienega High School Key Club in the Catalina Division and has been in Key Club since her freshman year. As sophomore rep. Haley is a great form of communication to the sophomores. Haley also helps to co-run the Cienega Key Club Instagram page. Haley rarely misses club meetings, officer meetings or events. Haley always has a smile on her face and is so kind to everyone she meets. She is constantly offering to help others and is a true creative force in Key Club. Overall, Haley is positive, immensely helpful and just a great addition to the Southwest District Key Club.”

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1

Service Project

Highlight Mikenna Gannon | Pinnacle High School Kids headquarters to help organize the welcome kits. These kits are vital to the program as well as to the kids, ensuring that they have their own personal items and the supplies to maintain hygiene. The kits also serve as a welcoming gift, as it is one of the first things a child receives upon entering foster care. “The OCJ kids drive is important because many of the kids in the foster care system come to the homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. With our drive, we’re able to donate them supplies that will make the kids’ time in the home much more comfortable,” says Elijah Storder, a chairman of the drive. The drive not only impacts the children, but also the students donating. Every first Saturday of the month, Key Clubbers and OCJ foster children meet at a local park for a few hours to have fun and eat food. By seeing the kids they have impacted, the drive gives a new meaning to those volunteering.

Throughout Key Clubs across the world, a common goal will always be to make a difference, whether it be by simply spreading kindness, or volunteering at their local food bank. Pinnacle High School participates in these acts with their yearly OCJ Kids Drive. OCJ Kids, standing for opportunity, community, and justice for kids, provide “services, resources and caring adults to address the needs of the most vulnerable in our society”. In 2012 the organization launched their Transition Success Center project, supplying hygiene Welcome Kits, Transitional Suitcases, Kinship Kits, Emergency Overnight Sleep Kits, clothing items, and visitation rooms for children in the foster care system. Pinnacle High School soon followed with their drive to support this project. Every year students donate hundreds of hygiene products, and once the drive is over, members get together, sort the boxes, and bring them into the Arizona OCJ

impact that Key Club makes “ The for these kids is not only seen but also felt. I feel like a part of something special with OCJ, and the bonds that are made will stay with me forever,” says Cameron Bolles, Vice President of Pinnacle High School’s Key Club.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1

EXECUTIVES Olivia Kurschat District Governor Hey Southwest! My name is Olivia Kurschat! My journey with Key Club started as all good things do: with Free pizza. On the search for this tasty treat, I made some pretty cool friends and developed some fantastic leadership skills. After interviewing for club secretary, and being appointed North Mountain Lieutenant Governor, I now serve as your District Governor! Key Club has truly taught me the skills to work as a team to better serve our homes, schools, and communities, and I hope we can serve you!

Emily Woo Kee District Secretary-Treasurer Instead of droning on about my goals and expectations for the year I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself. Apart from serving as the Southwest District Sec-Treas for this year I will be a member of the National Honor Society, captain of the varsity swim team, graduate of the IB program and an exhausted high schooler. However, these things are not comparable to my experience being in Key Club. My most memorable moment being awarded the distinguished RFL award at last years convention.

Alexandra Chaparro District Convention Chair My heart leaps when I think of the thousands of high schoolers whose purpose is to better other's lives. I did not understand the magnitude of Key Clubber's impacts until I attended my first District Convention. To now have the opportunity to bestow this experience on to new and old members is so gratifying.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1


Alaya Alshemari

Sarah Montaño

Mikenna Gannon

Black Canyon Division

Catalina Division

Lookout Mtn. Division

I love spontaneous adventure, I’m an open minded person, I’m always willing to try new foods, learn of other cultures, and explore new places. Throughout my days I usually, spend time with my best friends, binge watch Netflix or find something crafty to do!

Hello Southwest! Outside of being the Catalina Lt. Governor I play the trumpet and piano, I’m an active member in my church youth group, I’m a member in YES Club, and I run hurdles and long jump in track and field.

Hey Southwest District! I will be a senior in high school and I am super excited to serve the district. My hobbies include reading, writing, and hiking. This year I will be the editor in chief of my school's magazine, and the president of my school’s book club!

Reagen Barragan

Mackenzie Latham

Claudia Gomez

Copper Division

Estrella Division

Caverns Division

Aside from Key Club, I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends. I am a complete animal lover (its why I don't eat meat). My ultimate goal in life is to become a pediatric surgeon.

When I am not key club obsessing, I love learning about science (specifically biology and chemistry). I am a part of the Science Bowl team at my school and enjoy getting asked challenging questions relating to the subject I love most.

I am your pasta loving, the second mom, (according to my brother) and most importantly the loud laugher. I also hope to have a career dealing with children! Fun Fact: I am a singer at my parish!

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1


Gracie Kelliher

Keely Stockham

Joseph Kaloniak

San Pedro Division

Petroglyph Division

Papago Division

Hey Southwest! Some fun facts about me: I can touch my tongue to my nose, I love collecting cool stickers, I’m probably addicted to sprite, my favorite show is Friends, and I once tried to learn to Hacky Sack with an orange. It didn’t end well, as you can imagine.

My name is Keely Stockham. I am a passionate, caring, and funny person that comes in a small package. I love helping others and seeing smiles on their faces. I love making new friends and reading. Spending time with my family is the best part of everyday.

Hi my name is Joseph Kolaniak! I am huge into a summer camp in Flagstaff, Arizona, in which I work as a counselor, working with youth from around the state. This camp has been my away home for three years.

Michael Reinartz

Faith Lopez

Russell Steans

Mohave Division

Sandia Mtn. Division

Rio Grande Division

Outside of Key Club I take part in my school’s varsity soccer team. If I'm not at a service project, Key Club meeting, or on the soccer field you will find me getting in some crazy adventures with my friends.

Greetings! I’m Faith, yes, like the George Michael song. I spend my time participating in clubs, including Yearbook and Model UN. The remainder is spent, well, performing extremely poorly in tennis and marching band. It was nice to meet you!

I am a part of numerous organizations aligning with my interests, and I retain an inherent passion within the simple act of caring. This passion leads all Key Clubbers towards service as well as myself. Very pleased to meet you.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1


Reyna Cruz

Kiana Russo

Sydne Ashford

South Mtn. Division

Superstitions Division

Sangre De Cristo Division

My name is Reyna Cruz and I’m the South Mountain LTG. Aside from Key Club, one of my favorite things to do is to travel, and this summer for the first time ever, went to Europe and stayed in Catania, Italy.

Outside of Key Club I am very involved in my school. I play varsity golf and varsity tennis. I play: viola, violin, cello, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, and ukulele. I am also a student ambassador, member of NHS, and employee at my school cafeteria.

My name is Sydne Ashford. I’m a senior this year! In college, I will study chemistry and travel abroad. I love to bake and enjoy film photography. I also love exploring all of the great hiking trails in my area.

CONTACT US! District Governor - swdkeyclubgovernor@gmail.com District Secretary-Treasurer - swdkcsectreas@gmail.com District Bulletin Editor - thekeytothesouthwest@gmail.com District Convention Chair - swdistrictconventionchair@gmail.com Division Lt. Governors - see here or swdkeyclub.org/district-board District Administrator - michaelwilliambraun@gmail.com

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1


DISTRICT CONVENTION 2017 El Paso, TX Every spring, hundreds of Key Clubbers and advisors gather to celebrate service at the Southwest District Convention (DCON). This year’s 70s themed convention was all about Peace, Love, and Service. We walked to raise money for AIDSpirit USA, cut the governor’s hair, elected the new board, boogied all night at the governor’s ball, attended workshops, and much more! See what some of our attendees had to say about the experience: Faith Lopez Attendee | Manzano High School “The second you walk through the double doors of the hotel you feel the excitement and the energy in the room. Hundreds of devoted individuals collide to discuss the one thing they all have in common: Key Club. District Convention is the pinnacle of one’s Key Club year. This annual tradition shows how many people are in this with you. It makes you understand the reach that service has. In just one measly year, we have positively influ-

uenced thousands of lives. At DCON, you see that your club is a small part of something big. From New Mexico to Arizona to Texas, The Southwest District holds the most passionate people you will ever meet. Within the hotel walls, you are able to conceptualize just how significant we are. At District Convention, the friends you make, experiences you have, and sights you behold become things you will never forget.”

Gracie Kelliher Attendee | Buena High School “My First experience at DCON, and first time even hearing about a District Convention, was this past spring. I was told it was mandatory to attend for the position

I would be holding the following year, I literally knew nothing about what I was getting myself into. Upon arriving in sunny El Paso, Texas, hundreds of enthusiastic Key Clubbers and Kiwanians were running around clearly filled with excitement for the weekend that was about to take place. From every meal session, workshop or new encounter with a Key Club member, attending the Southwest District Convention gave me a brand new perspective on Key Club as a whole. The event itself displays the organization and thought the District Board puts into the months of planning such a large convention. I would highly encourage anyone who is even remotely curious about more of what Key club does to go. Not only is it very informative and a useful experience for the Key Club world, but will take you far beyond that into the real world, through the spirit of leadership and service.“

Reyna Cruz Attendee | Tempe High School “Our latest 2017 Southwest District Convention in El Paso, Texas, was surely one for the books! The groovy 70’s theme brought out the happiness and service in all of us during DCON. Not to mention the wonderful workshops which the board had available; from learning how to manage time and stress, to making trail mix following Robert’s Rules, to learning how to disco dance. DCON is truly a time for our district to come together to learn and better ourselves and thus bettering our world. So we hope to see you at DCON in Chandler, Arizona, in April 2018!”

DCON 2018 This year’s DCON will be in Chandler, AZ from April 6th-8th. The theme will be released on social media on September 1st! Registration will also open that day. This year we had to cap to the convention at 550 attendees (including advisors) so make sure to register early! Contact our DCON Chair with any questions here.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1

By Sydney Ashford | Growth & Communications Chair The Growth and Communications committee is excited to begin working with

by the numbers

you all to grow the Southwest District! This year, our goals is to grow the South-


west District by 9.4%. To accomplish this goal, we want everyone to “Bring A Friend to Key Club!” As is starting back up, this is the perfect opportunity to

district growth goal

district dues

promote Key Club to more students. Clubs are key to helping us reach our growth goal. You can help by promoting the “Bring A Friend to Key Club”


+ $7

international dues

campaign early on in the school year. Clubs must take advantage of the pro-

total dues

motional flyers and posters* we have created for you for membership growth


and retention. These will be helpful for clubs to reach more students and gain members! *available on the district website in early September

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1

DUES By Emily Woo Kee | District Secretary-Treasurer One of the most important aspects of the Key Club Year is collecting dues. This requires open communication, reminders, and dedication in order to be completed in a timely manner. Obviously, this short blurb won't give you all the tips and tricks that are necessary but it will remind you of the basics. Dues are required to be $7 for the district and $5 for international, a cumulative total of $12. This is considered a part of our yearly revenue which pays for most of our budget and resources. Dues are payed through the Membership Update Center, which your club should have their respective username and password to, opening the first of every October. The process of registering and paying can be found in the Dues Handbook which each Lieutenant Governor has access

to, but for right now due dates should be emphasized. The first of November is the deadline for what is referred to as "Early Bird Dues" and those who accomplish turning in their dues by this date are recognized at convention. It should be noted that if a club should wish to partake in this award their dues must be submitted 2 weeks before the Early Bird deadline as it takes a significant amount of time to be received and processed by International. All dues must be submitted by December first as those clubs who don't face the inevitability of delinquency, inactivation, and suspension. Over all the largest tip for paying dues is keeping in close contact with your Lt. Governor and understanding that paying dues becomes less of a hassle when everyone on board understands the process.

To submit dues, please visit the Membership Update Center here or at www.keyclub.org/dar.aspx


This year, from July 5th-9th, over one thousand Key Clubbers from around the world gathered in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Key Club International Convention (ICON). See what a few of the attendees had to say about their experiences!

women excited about Key Club service. I could go on and on about the multitude of amazing experiences I shared with key clubbers from around the globe, but I’d much rather share with readers a profound realization that I made shortly after convention began. Walking onto the main floor for the opening session, I was with a group of key clubbers who I had gotten to know more about throughout the first few days of our tour. I’ll be honest and say that I was somewhat shy at first. My shyness did not arise from the fact that these people were unknown to me, but rather this emotion arose from my realization that their ecstatic yearning to engage and serve others was at a level equal to my own. Opening session for convention was the moment I came to terms with the fact that my duties and directives as a Lieutenant Governor are obscure in that they do not expressly outline the overarching

Russell Steans Attendee | Coronado High School “My experience at the Key Club International Convention this year was an unforgettable one. Whether it was the district tour itself, immersing myself into the culture of San Antonio, or simply engaging in impassioned workshop discussions; I was happy to represent the Southwest District at what I can honestly say was the most diverse conglomerate of young men and

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1

responsibility of a clubber in this position. I realized if I was to fulfill my responsibilities to the Southwest District and my constituents, I had to spread the same yearning to serve others that I witnessed within the participants of our district tour. I now understand I must spread the word about discovering one’s heart to serve, answering one’s call to lead, and exercising one’s courage to engage as these are the quintessential attributes of a key clubber.” Michael Reinartz Attendee | Lake Havasu City High School

What happened at ICON?

“ICON is an experience I wish every Key Clubber could have. The people you meet and the sense of family you get is truly out of this world. At ICON you get an understanding of the impact Key Club as a whole had on the world. Although during a fundraiser you may not realize the impact you are creating, at ICON you can see what we are all working for.

The international board was elected, including a President, Vice President, and eleven International Trustees (meet our IT on page 15). Two of our own were elected as trustees: immediate past Governor Alisa Nguyen, and immediate past South Mountain Lt. Governor Saul Ontiveros (pictured above). Six of our past Lt. Governors were awarded the Robert F. Lucas Award (Distinguished Lt. Governor) and our immediate past Bulletin Editor and Governor, Josefeth Hernandez and Alisa Nguyen respectively, were awarded Distinguished Bulletin Editor and Distinguished Governor. One of our members, Sabrina

At ICON you will find yourself continuously learning more about Key Club, what we do as a whole, and how to get stuff done within the club. Just like at DCON there is session that we attend, my favorite session had to be Electrifying Key Club Meeting where we learned how to make Key Club meetings more interesting and fun, in turn keeping members active within the home club. Not only do you experience so much at the convention itself but you also get to tour the city that the convention was in. This year we had the privilege of touring the amazing city of San Antonio, Texas; home of The Alamo, Schlitterbahn waterpark, and some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen in my life. If you ever get the opportunity San Antonio is a great place to visit. Key to the Southwest

Pierre placed 2nd in the oratorical event that took place at ICON.


Volume 55 | Issue 1


LUKE GILMORE Greetings, Southwest Key Clubbers! My name is Luke Gilmore, and I am honored to serve the Southwest District as International Trustee this year. Besides Southwest, I will also be serving the California-NevadaHawaii and Eastern Canada Districts this year. I have also served as a club vice-president and a Distinguished District Secretary for the Kansas District of Key Club. Besides Key Club, I am also involved in theatre, choir, orchestra, and debate. I love going to shows and performing in them, as well. Key Club is my favorite extracurricular, however, since I love meeting passionate, caring servant leaders every day and I love seeing how much of an impact we make on our homes, schools, and communities. If you have any questions for me at any point this year, or just want to say hello, please reach out to me at any time! You can find my email and phone number below, or you can add me on one of my social media platforms, as well! I can't wait to serve Southwest this year as we make this a year to remember for our district and organization.

Yours in friendship and service, Luke Gilmore Key Club International Trustee (620) 717-8110 | lukegilmore.kci@gmail.com | www.keyclub.org


The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is a grant given by Key Club International to help clubs fund a service project. Clubs can apply for anywhere between $100 and $2,000! Applications can be found here or at keyclub.org/yof. See how our Governor’s home club used the fund last year:

Olivia Kurschat District Governor | Marcos de Niza High School Last year, Marcos de Niza High School decided to apply for the grant. They had started a school garden where all the food grown was donated back to a local food

Important Dates applications due 2nd week of Jan

Oct 15, 2017

grant notification emails go out

bank. To keep this garden running they needed funds, that’s where the YOF came in. After applying for the grant and submitting it before October 15th, they waited to

grant recipient list posted online

3rd week of Jan

find out if their project received funding. And in the first week of January they got the great news that enabled them to keep

May 1, 2018

letter of agreement due

the garden running. The YOF is the perfect opportunity for your club to put on a project and have it funded! But your whole

final report due

Jan 1, 2019

club should be on board with this project, because there is responsibility that takes place afterwards.

Key to the Southwest


*More about these dates can be found at the address above

Volume 55 | Issue 1

Whether it’s to help pay for conventions or to donate to our Major Emphasis Projects, fundraising is a major part of Key Club. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the best way to raise money. Luckily, Keely Stockham has some tips for a successful fundraiser. Over the course of seven years she’s raised over $20,000 for cancer research. Read what she has to say:

not and how hard is was for not only my aunt but the rest of my family as well. To help my aunt, my mom donated her bone marrow. My aunt survived and is living a great life. Every time I heard this story I felt that I needed to do something. I finally decided that I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through what my aunt went through. At the age of 9, I started my first Keely’s Lemonade Stand. It has been 7 years and Keely’s Lemonade Stand has raised $20,259 for the American Cancer Society. When I look at the success that Keely’s Lemonade Stand has had, I see that it’s because of three factors. The first factor is passion. I am passionate about the fight to cure cancer. If you become familiar with your cause and make it personal you are more likely to do well. The second factor is promotion. Promote your event by creating a flyer and pass it out, advertising on social media, or by telling people in your community that you have a fundraiser coming up. This will help you by interesting people enough to

Keely Stockham | Creator of Keely’s Lemonade Stand This is the story of Keely’s Lemonade Stand. This is the reason why I started the lemonade stand and how it can be used as a fundraising idea. When I was young my mom would tell me the story about my aunt, who in her thirties, had leukemia. She told the story of how they did not know if her sister was going to live or

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1

where they want to come to your event or donate to your cause. The final factor is setting goals. Set goals for your event such as how much money you want to raise, how many people you want to reach, or how many glasses of lemonade you will sell. No matter if you decide to raise money through a lemonade stand or a yard sale, if you put time and passion into it, you will be able to come out with a substantial amount of money. You can use the lemonade stand or the ideas of the lemonade stand to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation or for a service project you are working on for your home club. No matter what you use the ideas or the lemonade stand for, just have fun with it and use your passion for key club to make it great!

Olivia Kurschat| District Governor Hey Southwest! For the 2017-2018 year the selected Governor’s Project will be The Lupus Foundation of America! The Lupus Foundation is a Project dedicated to solving the mystery of Lupus, one of the world’s cruelest, most unpredictable, and devastating diseases, while giving support to those suffer from the impact. No one is truly safe from this disease. 1 in 250 people develop lupus. In America approximately 1.5 Million people have lupus. 90% of those people are women. And they’re most likely to affect people of African, Asian, and Native American descent from ages 14-45. Anyone can get Lupus. In 1989 my mom’s diagnosed with Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), and it really took a toll on her life. She was constantly in and out of the hospital, took over a dozen medications, but worked hard to educate herself on the disease. This disease changed her life drastically. Not only was she constantly sick, but she was also discharged from the military due to the side effects. This disease has impacted not only her life, but my family’s as well. I'm glad Southwest is joining the journey and I am blessed be able to call this the Governor's project.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1


You can find more about them here or at rusticpathways.com/programs.

Key Club is the largest student service organization in the world and reaches an audience of over a quarter of a million teenagers from across the world. Other organizations have partnership opportunities with Key Club International as a way to reach students and help us serve our communities. These organizations are also our preferred charities. There are three levels of partnership: Vision Partner, CoSponsor, and Major Emphasis Projects (MEPs). The highest partner is Vision Partner followed by Co Sponsor and finally, Major Emphasis Projects. Read below to find out a little bit about our partners:

Major Emphasis Projects: - Children’s Miracle Network raises money so that its hospitals can provide the best care to their patients. Key Clubbers help by raising money for CMN Hospitals or volunteering at their local CMN Hospital. Find out how you can help them here. - March of Dimes works to research and prevent birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Key Clubbers helps March of Dimes by donating money and participating in their local March for Babies. You can find out how you can help them here.

Vision Partner: - Nickelodeon works with Key Club to promote their Worldwide Day of Play and the Big Help initiatives. Together, kids and adults work to plan events that address health & wellness, the environment, service, and education. You can find out more about them here.

- The Thirst Project works to educate people about the amount of people who don’t have safe, clean water around the world. During March, Key Clubbers help by participating in the “Dirty Little Secret” campaign. Find out more about it here. - UNICEF works with the UN to provide education, heath care, and water in developing countries around the world. Key Clubbers participate by helping with the Eliminate Project and by Trick-or Treating for UNICEF. Find out how you can help here.

Co-Sponsor: - Rustic Pathways provides international service opportunities and education for students around the world. Rustic Pathways works with Key Club to promote their service programs in schools around the country. Their programs offer students a way to broaden their global perspective while doing meaningful service.

Key to the Southwest

*Click here for an overview of KCI’s Partners or go to keyclub.org/service/fund/osp


Volume 55 | Issue 1

Fall Rally






November 10th-12th, 2017 Camp Sky Y | Prescott, AZ $135* per student - includes meals, lodging, t-shirt, and materials

Do you have something you’d like to share with the rest of the Southwest? Do you want to be featured in the Key to the Southwest’s next issue? Well now you can! Photo and article submissions are now open for the December issue of Key to the Southwest here and on our district website. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Fall Rally is a weekend-long leadership camp for high schoolers (both Key Club members and non-members). It was created by past Key Clubbers to provide training, icebreakers, and merit activities that prepare students to excel in their homes, schools, and communities. This weekend in the mountains enables students to branch out, meet other members, and form life-long bonds.

You can also be featured by our district social media by following us and tagging us in your posts!

*Price for non-members may be higher


Key to the Southwest


Volume 55 | Issue 1


Profile for Southwest District of Key Club International

The Key to the Southwest | Volume 55 Issue 1  

The official publication of the Southwest District Key Club.

The Key to the Southwest | Volume 55 Issue 1  

The official publication of the Southwest District Key Club.