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DCON 2020




SWD | KEY CLUB The Key to the Southwest Governor Ella Erickson Secretary-Treasurer David Lopez-Amaya Bulletin Editor Eric Sommala District Administrator Karin Church

HEY SOUTHWEST! This is the last and final edition of the district publications. The majority of the content reflects and highlights one’s term on the Southwest district board. I’d like to use my reflective statement to reinforce the never ending Key Club journey.

Assistant Administrator Jeff Rowe

Whether you are a freshmen or a senior, Key Club always continues with you throughout a lifetime. As a freshmen, you have the ability to seek positions in the local/district board, or as a senior, you can join Circle K, the collegiate Key Club. You’re more likely to find a Key Clubber somewhere random in the world than a relative. Thank you all for such a wonderful year! It was an extreme honor to have served as the district bulletin editor. Signing out,

Eric Sommala,

Past issue The Key to the Southwest is published four times within a year. This publication is produced by the Southwest District Bulletin Editor. These issues are to highlight the clubs within the district, inform readers about upcoming events, and promote transparency with the Southwest Board.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

CONTENTS 03 A Year in Review 03 Executives Farewells 07 Goodbyes from the Lt.Gs 13 Committee Farewells 14 International Trustee Update 20 Governor’s Project New Year, New Club 24 Key Leader Recap 26 DCON Prep 27 ICON Promo 28 Divisional Spotlights 30 Key Club Partners

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3


Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3


Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Secretary-Treasurer David Lopez Howdy Southwest,


We have had an eventful year together as Board Members, Club Officers, Members, and most importantly Key Clubbers. I am proud to say that Southwest is the spiciest district of them all! And it is all thanks to its amazing members that span across the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Each one of you has made this experience and this year, something I will forever treasure. From the 2019 District Convention to the very last Southwest District Board Meeting, it has been a true honor to serve alongside an amazing group of adults and an even more amazing group of student leaders. I am so proud of every single Lieutenant Governor, Committee Chair, and Executive Officer, for successfully executing one of the most difficult jobs in our organization. But this could not have been possible without the support of every amazing Faculty Advisor, Kiwanian, Club Officer, and of course every Member. Though this will be my last and final year of Key Club, I have great hope for the future of the Southwest District and for Key Club International as a new and bright generation takes the steps to lead the future of our organization. However, for many graduating seniors like myself, our journey is not over yet, there is a future awaiting us in the Kiwanis Family. Which is why I encourage each senior, to join Circle K International, and continue serving our homes, schools, and communities. Thank you again for an amazing term...stay spicy Southwest! Yours in Service, David Lopez Amaya

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

BRIDGET MARTINEZ CATANO ———— 2020 DCON CHAIR ———— DCON Chair Bridget Martinez Catano As my term comes to an end as well as my high school experience I am so proud to have served these years to the Southwest District board. Those 2 years have taught me so much that I will endlessly carry throughout my life. This year has been the best yet. I have so many thanks to give for making this a great year, I was to specifically thank my home club and my advisor who have been most supportive throughout my journey, and the executive board for being such amazing friends. Being your District Convention Chair has been so much fun to be a part of. It’s been crazy seeing all the elements for DCON falling together. We have definitely worked hard to bring you an unforgettable DCON.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Kiwanis Family Chair Andrew Watson


It has been an amazing experience serving as the Southwest District’s first ever Kiwanis Family Relations Chair this year, and a pleasure to work along with the 2019-2020 district board. During my term, the K-Family committee has accomplished a number of projects, including the launch of the advisor pen pal program, monthly articles for newsletters, and more. As DCON approaches, our committee hopes to finalize a few remaining projects including a video on branches of the Kiwanis family. I would like to thank my committee members, Abby Gladden and Derek Wirachowsky, for their hard work and dedication. I have also enjoyed serving as the Lieutenant Governor for the Caverns division. It’s been a challenging position to hold, but I hope that my work getting in contact with clubs, preventing clubs from becoming suspended, and updating contact information for club advisors will lay a strong foundation for my successor. A huge thank you to Karin Church and Ella Erickson for their support. I would also like to thank the executive board, especially David Lopez-Amaya and Eric Sommala for being great friends and for supporting me whenever I needed assistance. An additional thank you to Brandon Orick, Mayah Taylor, Livia Calugaru, Nuriah Perea, and the entire district board for their friendship and the fun we’ve had this year. As this Key Club year draws to an end, I’m excited to continue to work hard on committee projects and on DCON planning. I hope to see all of you in Phoenix this April for a roaring good time!

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Johnico Dennison | Black Canyon It doesn’t feel very long since I became LTG. but during that time I’ve learned a lot about leadership and commitment. I’ve met so many new and wonderful people during my time as LTG. that I’m sad to be leaving my position. Being Ltg. hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows but it’s a choice I’m glad to have made.

Hannah McNamara|

Catalina My time serving as a Southwest District Lieutenant Governor has been an extremely rewarding experience. At first, I was unsure whether I was suited for the position and was nervous about what my duties would be. However, I soon learned that the Southwest District is extremely supportive and was the to help me each step of the way. Meeting the other Lieutenant Governors and working together throughout the year has been wonderful. Stay spicy Southwest!

Livia Calugaru | Estrella Hiya Southwest! This year the Estrella Division has accomplished so much as a community. Together we donated food to St. Mary’s Food Bank, attended service projects together and learned more about district and international Key Club. For the first time ever we had one hundred percent communication from all clubs in our division! My favorite moment of my time as your Lieutenant Governor was visiting y’all at your home clubs. The work that you are doing is so important and appreciated by every person you impact. I am so proud of all we have done as a division and as my term comes to an end I cannot wait to see all this spicy division will accomplish in later years. Key Club International has offered me a home and family and I have had the most unforgettable experiences getting to know the leaders of my division and district (even if it meant getting stuck in an elevator for two hours :) Thank you Estrella, thank you Southwest and thank you Key Club.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Abby Gladden| Mogollon Rim Hey Southwest District, I hope you all have had a fantastic year and as we reach the end of our terms that we look back to see all that we have accomplished this year. That we see how many people we have helped or even touched. This year the Mogollon Rim Division was able to accomplish a few things. We were able to help better our communication and even have a club visit. Now whether you are a senior or freshmen the difference you made this year in key club is remarkable.

Fiona Thompson | Lookout Mtn. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity I had of getting to be the Lookout Mountain Division's Lieutenant Governor. It was a blast getting to know and work with anyone and some amazing memories were made. I am beyond thankful for the magnificent Executive Board and for Karin's patience with my random questions. Everyone was so helpful during my transitioning onto the Board so late in the year. It was also great to get to meet in person with a few of my clubs and getting to know the people who, like me, have a passion for helping others. This has been an incredible experience and I am proud to say I was a part of the 2019-2020 Executive Board.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Nuriah Perea| Papago

Derek Wirachowsky| Mohave Hello Southwest, we have had an incredible year together and it has been my honor to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of the Mohave Division. Getting the chance to work with the others on the district board has been absolutely phenomenal and working with all of you, key clubbers from across the District has been a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Together we have been able to make a difference in our homes, our schools, and our communities. Every story has an end, but that is not something to mourn over, with DCON rapidly approaching we are about to begin a new chapter in the Southwest District. No matter what the future throws at us we will be able to overcome it by working together as we always have. I can’t wait to see what amazing and incredible things the Southwest District will continue to accomplish, whether that is fighting child sex trafficking, or providing clean drinking water for those that don’t have it. The ability students hold to band together for a cause is incredible and it is powerful! Together we have the power to change the world for the better, never forget that. Continue to do what you do best Southwest, change the world!

Key to the Southwest


Howdy Spicy Southwest, it has been my great honor and pleasure working with such an amazing district. These past eight months have not only given me a lifetime of memories, but it has also built me into a better Key Club member. The work and dedication that I have seen so many clubs demonstrate throughout our district has shown me what Key Club is truly about, displaying love through helping others. Sadly, all great things must come to an end and this is it. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way, being Lieutenant Governor was not always the easiest job, but I knew when I needed it, someone was there for me. Ella, you were an extraordinary Governor, thank you for making my job easy, I couldn’t have done this without you. David not only are you the best Sec-Tres ever you are also an amazing friend. Eric, you can create magic with a computer and your work ethic and positive attitude has never let anyone down. Bridget, you are an amazing artist and I am so excited for the entire district to see how wonderful DCON is going to be. Andrew, your cooperation with Kiwanis has only made our district stronger and we all appreciate what you do. Karin, thank you for solving all of our little and big problems that were thrown at us along the way, your smile and enthusiasm has me excited about what Key Club holds for me in the future. To all the Lieutenant Governors, you all are great people to work with and I am sad to part ways. I am proud to be apart of such an amazing and supportive community of people and once again thank you to everyone for giving me this opportunity to be a board member on the SouthBest district.

Volume 57 | Issue 3

Valerie Grisanti| Rio Grande Hello Southwest District! My name is Valerie Grisanti and I am the Lieutenant Governor for the Rio Grande Division. It has been a pleasure for being able to serve on the southwest district board for the 2019-2020 year. It was amazing to be able to work alongside with your other board members to help our Key Clubs continue to be successful. However, sadly my term has come to an end, but my passion for community service has not. I hope that many of you continue to make that impact on the world and your next Lieutenant guides you to continue to do just that! Best wishes, Valerie Grisanti

Key to the Southwest

Tracie Luther| Petroglyph This farewell report was not received.

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Volume 57 | Issue 3

Moby Chiu| Sandia Mountain Howdy Southwest! Can you believe we finished another year of spicy, great service? I have definitely grown as a person and I am very fortunate to have served the Southwest District Board. Through my term as Lieutenant Governor, I was able to fulfill the duties and keep communication up to date with my clubs. I want to thank the Sandia Division Mountain Clubs for working their hardest on communication, student leadership, and most importantly, serving their community. Furthermore, I am very thankful for working with the District Board and I look forward to another year of great service!

Mayah Taylor| San Pedro Between all the work of senior year, and all the fun I've been having as the San Pedro Lieutenant Governor, these past few months have been a blast! I got to host an officer training conference, go to Camp Fall Rally, and attend a Kiwanis divisional council meeting. On top of all that, my home club has been having some amazing service projects, my favorite being out car wash where we had two other clubs join us! Enjoy serving your communities and as always, stay spicy!

Shena Han | Sangre de Cristo Hey Southwest! It has been an absolute privilege to serve as part of your Southwest District Board this past year, and I'm so glad you've all been a part of it. From freaking out over moth infestations at Summer Board A to getting stuck in an elevator to every board meeting and email in between, I couldn't have asked for a better year of service. Now, I want to take the time to thank a few people. Thanks to the rest of the board for being amazing people who I have been so lucky to get to know. Thanks to Karin Church and all the rest of the Kiwanis administrators who have never failed to be there for us for help or guidance. Thanks to the Sangre de Cristo division for being awesome, staying in contact with me, and putting up with all my technological malfunctions. And a huge thank you to my home club members, advisors, and sponsors for being so supportive. I was so excited to be elected to this position last year, and now I'm equally excited to pass the mantle on to someone just as dedicated to Key Club. I hope to see you all at DCON!

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Cinthia Bernal| South Mountain

Thomas Romero| Superstitions

My farewell: Hi everyone! I was very excited this year to start in my position as your division lieutenant governor and am very sad to be leaving you all. You all have made this year very interesting for me. You all showed me what being lieutenant governor really is. You all showed me how at times it might be hard or difficult but at the end of the day it is all worth it. The friendships I made with you all and the different relationships we all built. Thank you so much for everything!

Key to the Southwest

To all of my Key Club family: I want to thank you all for making my year as Lieutenant Governor amazing and memorable, helping me to learn great life lessons and acquire skills that boosted me as a leader and as a person. Working with all 12 of my clubs in the Superstition Division to pay dues, fill out forms, etc. taught me the importance of communication. I’ll never forget my friends in the Southwest District Board for making me laugh and always being there when I needed them. Doing service projects with my own club members was always a fun and fulfilling time not only because I got to do them with friends, but because of the good deeds we did together. I wish you all the best!


Volume 57 | Issue 3

Contact information: Executive Board: Governor: Secretary-Treasurer: Bulletin Editor: DCON Chair: K-Fam Chair:

Lieutenant Governors: Black Canyon: Catalina: Caverns: Copper: Estrella: Lookout Mtn: Mogollon Rim: Mohave: Papago: San Pedro: Sandia Mountain: Sangre de Cristo: South Mountain: Superstition:

District Administrator Karin Church: Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3




As District convention gets closer the DCON committee has been hard at work to get out convention all ready and set for the big day. As a committee we’ve worked on the the following, DJ for Governor’s ball, guest speaker, pin/shirt/swag bag/sticker design and ordered, workshops, and schedule. Fiona Thompson is leading the service fair, Johnico Dennison is head of the brand new A/V committee, Livia Calugaru is helping with the scripts during the meals, and Cinthia Bernal is promoting the DCON ads.




During my term, the K-Family committee has accomplished a number of projects, including the launch of the advisor pen pal program, monthly articles for newsletters, and more. As DCON approaches, our committee hopes to finalize a few remaining projects including a video on branches of the Kiwanis family. I would like to thank my committee members, Abby Gladden and Derek Wirachowsky, for their hard work and dedication.


Volume 57 | Issue 3




My name is Mayah Taylor, and I am the chair for the Club Support Committee. The purpose of our committee is you Southwest District! We work to help our clubs and members throughout the spicy Southwest and assist with any and all of their needs. This year, we as a committee created surveys to be sent out across the district. The surveys were made for Kiwanis Advisors, Faculty Advisors, Key Club Officers, and finally Key Club Members. These results were used to find out how we as a District Board could better help serve the Southwest. We then decided to maximize our results by creating an open forum able to be accessed through the district’s website and Instagram for Key Clubbers to drop and questions or comments for the district. I am extremely grateful to have been able to serve on the Club Support Committee.




The service committee has worked diligently to accomplish our goals this year. We started the year out with Service Month, a district-wide initiative to motivate clubs to complete as many service projects as possible during the month of October. This project helped to promote service with our preferred charities and governor’s project. Our next big goal was to help promote Lieutenant Governor elections at District Convention. The aim was to create promotional materials that would clarify what the position entails and motivate Key Clubbers to run for the position. Together, we were able to create a flyer that was sent out to all of the Southwest District Key Clubs. We have had a wonderful time serving on this committee. We hope that our efforts have made this year as enjoyable as possible.


Volume 57 | Issue 3


BRANDON ORICK International Trustee Hello, Spicy Southwesterns! While my term in office as your International Trustee doesn’t expire until July, we will soon be retiring the current Southwest District Board and electing all new officials. With April 1st being Key Club’s official adjournment of the 2019-2020 service year, it brings me great joy to be able to reflect on the impact and passion that Southwest District has given to this organization. If you are a senior, I wish you the best of luck in your next steps after high school. I hope you can finish strong in Key Club and be an example to others in your home club. Make sure to register for International Convention to properly end your Key Club experience in sunny San Francisco. For the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, I hope this year has been as fulfilling for you as it has been for me and that it serves as a fire that will keep the passion for service alive. Take every opportunity you can to get involved within Key Club because before you know it, you will be graduating. I would also recommend attending International Convention as it truly broadens your horizons and gives a whole new perspective as to what Key Club can offer and even more so what you can offer in Key Club. Thank you all for making this service year one that I will never forget. I love you all and wish you the best! If you ever need anything, feel free to text, call, or email! P: (503) 421-0189 E:


HAS YOUR CLUB FUNDRAISED FOR THORN? Your club is eligible to apply in the Governor’s Project Competition.

Here are some tips for the new year: - Start off the year with some member retention activities (potlucks, parties, and outings) - Prepare for the new year officer elections and train your new board - Send in your officer certification forms - Host a spring service project - Get acquainted with your new lieutenant governor Good luck on the new service year!


Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3


Derek Wirachowsky—

This past weekend was an incredible and


immersive experience where we got to learn how to become better servant leaders. Key clubbers from across the Southwest District met together at Kamp Kiwanis in Vanderwagen, New Mexico to enjoy a weekend out in the woods. The weekend was set up to provide workshop-like lessons regarding service to community, integrity, communication, excellence, and more. The lessons were conducted by the lead facilitator, Tracie Devereaux, who shared with us what being a servant leader meant to him. We heard stories about beating overwhelming odds and rising up to the challenge of becoming a leader. The weekend wasn’t all lessons and workshops though. Everyone got the chance to participate in the ropes course at the camp, using communication and teamwork to bypass the obstacles, whether that was climbing over the wall or walking out on the tightrope. It hadn’t taken long for everyone to become friends with one another and soon we were all walking through the woods together with no destination in mind, but intent on discovering new locations and enjoying the weekend. By the time the end of the weekend rolled around everyone had learned each other's names and had made new friends. Leaving is always the hardest part of any camp because of the new friends that were made and the excitement of being away at a camp. I would strongly recommend Key Leader to anyone looking for a fun weekend with friends or a chance to learn more about leadership.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

DISTRICT CONVENTION APRIL 3 -5TH | ONLINE DCON —— DCON CHECKLIST Finalize your candidate papers Get hyped for virtual DCON Check for your scheduled caucusing sessions & HOD Complete the awards/competitions

MESSAGE FROM THE DISTRICT ——— Covid-19 can't stop Key Club! DCON 2020 has been moved online! We're sad we won't be gathering in Phoenix, but we can still celebrate our accomplishments, meet our new District Officers, and learn how to make our clubs the best they can be. If your club is registered for DCON 2020, be sure your Advisor is checking his/her email and/or contact your Lt. Governor for scheduling and details. All others are welcome to follow along on the Southwest District website ( and right here on social media! The celebration starts April 3rd!

Tally ho, The Southwest District Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

We hope that you will join us for the Southwest District 2020 ICON tour! ICON exemplifies student leadership through fostering communication and networking, student elections, and workshop education. Key Club International is providing scholarships to allow students to attend ICON by waiving the conference fee.

“One week of exploration and excitement with my Key Club family. That’s what awaited me at my first International Convention. ICON provided me with opportunities to hear from well known guest speakers, brush up on my leaderships skills with workshops, and visit some of the most amazing attractions the city had to offer. It was so cool to meet passionate leaders from all over the world and make connections with people from different countries. We were able to exchange ideas, projects and pins ;) and dance the night away at the President’s Ball. As a Southwest District we were able to bond together by touring the city and watching fourth of July fireworks. I highly recommend attending International Convention and I cannot wait to see y'all in San Francisco, CA 2020!” Lieutenant Governor Livia Calugaru


Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 3

DIVISIONAL SPOTLIGHTS This is Braden Surrett. He is a devout member of our Marana Key Club and is present at almost every given event. As a senior, he is a great example to the underclassmen. He is proactive, helpful, and organized in everything he does. As a service oriented individual, Braden has shown that he is is a responsible member of society and has a promising future.

I cannot even count how many service hours this exceptional freshman has. Any task that is required even if it is last minute, Angela is presently willing to volunteer. Although she is very engaged with other activities, her dedication to Key Club shines through the amount of service she provides. Her cheerful and bright personality truly uplights those around her, and we thank her for her excellent and gracious efforts. We love you. -Willow Canyon Key Club Officers


Surrett Catalina


Bravo Estrella

Mrs.Wallace is the Payson Az Key Club Faculty advisor. Mrs.Wallace is new this year is always trying to do her best in trying to keep our key club alive and strong. She is always looking for ways to help us and improving our club. She tries to be positive and happy no matter what happens. I am proud to call her my advisor and I really appreciate all she has done this year.

Ms. Warnas is an extraordinary leader and has indeed shown her love and passion for Key Club. Any idea the club produces, Ms. Warnas is present to make it a reality. For example, this past month, our club successfully executed the first-ever Penny Wars at Willow Canyon in efforts to raise funds for THORN. She has taught Willow Canyon officers the vital trait of having communication to accomplish every task efficiently. She has contributed a plethora of hours over school breaks and weekends to interact with officers and prepare for the following event while displaying a smile. Thank you, Ms. Warnas, for your dedication and effort towards Key Club, we love you.

Mrs. Wallace

Mrs. Warnas

Rio Rancho & Cibola

Mogollon Rim


Sandia Mountain

Key to the Southwest


On March 7th, students from Rio Rancho & Cibola high school attended the Kiwanis Division 2 meeting. At the meeting, Key Clubbers and Kiwanians packed over 160 bags of food kits for the organization, Feed NM Kids. As you can see, we all had a blast packaging food for the hungry in New Mexico. We would like to thank Lieutenant Governor Susan Hinchcliffe for inviting both of our clubs to be a part of this magnificent service project.

Volume 57 | Issue 3

RS, E S N T R R O A S P N B O U P L S O C KEY C & , S E I T I AR H C D E R R E PREF Thirst Thirst Project hopes to educate the next generation by arming students with information about how they can be a part of social change, make a difference and encourage others to join in the effort. Nickelodeon Nickelodeon currently presents two major campaigns each year that encourage action in kids globally. Worldwide Day of Play reinforces Nickelodeon’s mission to make the world a more playful place by leading active, playful events across the country. Nickelodeon’s Get Dirty campaign seeks to educate kids, families and teachers about what they can do to help protect the planet in fun, mindful ways. Landscape Structures Landscape Structures (LSI) has joined Kiwanis International as a vision partner to bring play to communities across the globe. LSI is proud to provide high-quality commercial playground equipment and planning consultation services that reflect the high degree of integrity that Kiwanis clubs expect.


Children’s Miracle Network Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership. March of Dimes Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. The K-Family has supported March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth. UNICEF UNICEF is working with other United Nations bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.

Children’s Miracle Network Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership. March of Dimes Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. The K-Family has supported March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth. UNICEF UNICEF is working with other United Nations bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.