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DCON 2020




SWD | KEY CLUB The Key to the Southwest Governor Ella Erickson Secretary-Treasurer David Lopez-Amaya Bulletin Editor Eric Sommala District Administrator Karin Church

HEY SOUTHWEST! I welcome you all to the second issue of the Key to the Southwest. This time we delve into the fall season with officer trainings, Camp Fall Rally, and festive volunteering opportunities.

Assistant Administrator Jeff Rowe

As this publication is being released during the Thanksgiving season, it is important to reflect on what we are thankful for at this moment. I would like to thank the executive board and the lieutenant governors for acting as my second family. It is always a joy to be around them. Additionally, I’d like to thank my Kiwanis and faculty advisor for allowing to pursue greater things that are beyond my community. I hope you all enjoy the second issue and take the time to reflect on what you are thankful for! Yours in service,

Eric Sommala,

Past issue The Key to the Southwest is published four times within a year. This publication is produced by the Southwest District Bulletin Editor. These issues are to highlight the clubs within the district, inform readers about upcoming events, and promote transparency with the Southwest Board.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

CONTENTS 03 Executives Updates 07 Checking up with the Lt.Gs 13 International Trustee Update 14 Officer’s Corner 20 Camp Fall Rally 23 UNICEF 24 Fall Recognition 26 Key Club Week 27 Kiwanis Advisors Highlights 28 DCON 2020 29 70th Anniversaries 30 Key Club Partners

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2


Here’s a picture of Ciengea’s fundraiser!

Governor’s Charity

$4,000 Estimate on amount raised

Key to the Southwest

What’s up southwest! These past few months have been absolute chaos but they have also been so incredible...I got the chance to hangout with some of y’all at Camp Fall Rally, I participated in a fundraiser that raised over $3,200 for Thorn, and DCON planning is in full swing! Our next board meeting is coming up so I’ve been planning that and I can't wait to get back together with the Southwest District board because, if you haven’t met them yet, they’re pretty spicy! Antonio and I also got the chance to volunteer at the Tucson Celtic Festival where we saw lots of kilts and some of our favorite NAU CKI members. As the weather gets cooler, stay spicy Southwest!



Governor Ella Erickson Volume 57 | Issue 2


Howdy Southwest! Since the beginning of my term as your Secretary-Treasurer, I have diligently tried to make this year a success. I have created resources and trainings for the countless Lieutenant Governors that serve you and your club. Now, the month of November has been filled with countless district activities and deadlines, such as Camp Fall Rally, Key Club Week, and Early Bird Dues. To add to this, as of November 1st the Official Southwest District Club Officer Directory has been published and distributed to the SWD Board of Trustees! November is also a crucial month for many of you, Officer Certification Forms should be finalized and of course November 1st is the official start date for club dues. Please make sure that your club has paid their District and International dues in order to stay in good standing with both branches of our organization. Finally, I hope you and your club has been fundraising for the SWD 2020 District Convention, held in Phoenix, AZ on April 3rd through 5th of the upcoming year. I wish you all the best of luck and please feel free to contact me if you ever have a question or concern regarding dues, fundraising, or the Southwest District overall. Thank you and stay spicy!

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2


As the Southwest District Convention Chairperson, I envisioned to have an amazing and fun DCON for my last year of high school. My goal is to change up the workshops, add newer ones, and have a memorial theme. So far some accomplishments include but not limited to; coming up with the convention’s theme “The Great GatsKey (aka; The Roaring 20s)” has been decided and released to the public, including the hashtag/slogan of our DCON, new workshops have been created, and our centerpiece designs have been set. Dcon chair has been a wonderful experience in my life. I hope everyone enjoys this year’s SWD District Convention! Stay spicy southwest!

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2


The K-Family Committee has had a great five months since this summer! Our committee consists of Lieutenant Governors Abby Gladden, Amber Bednorz, Derek Wirachowsky, Kilee Ridge, and chairman Andrew Watson. Together we have completed a number of projects, including: 1. 2.

3. 4.

Monthly articles on aspects of the K-Family, as well as articles highlighting a different Key Club partner. The launch of the advisor pen pal program, a district wide initiative designed to provide new and veteran advisors alike with a support system. A chartering guide for all branches of the K-Family (special thanks to Eric Sommala for his help with the graphic design for this project). A district map of all K-Family clubs in the district.

And more! We also have a number of projects in progress, including a district directory containing locations and contact information of all Kiwanis sponsored clubs. If you’re interested in reading past committee articles, visit our page on the district website at We hope that our projects have improved K-Family relations within the Southwest and we’re looking forward to continuing a successful service year! Stay spicy! Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

Checking up with the Lieutenant Governors

Johnico Dennison | Hannah McNamara| Catalina Black Canyon One accomplishment I’m proud of is setting up and running a OTC, it was tough to set one up, but I’m glad I did it. One plan I have for my division is more communication between my clubs, or at the very least the club presidents.

Key to the Southwest

Hello Southwest! I’ve had a great time during my term at Catalina Lieutenant Governor so far. My favorite volunteering opportunity was helping our sponsoring Kiwanis, Kiwanis de Amigos, at the annual middle school cross country meet. I am currently working on planning a service event where all the Key Clubs in the Catalina division can join forces. I’m excited to unite the clubs and establish strong relationships before DCON!


Andrew Watson| Caverns Hello! My name is Andrew Watson and I am excited to be serving as the Caverns Lieutenant Governor for the rest of this service year. I am a current Junior at Los Alamos High School and when not frantically writing Key Club emails I also swim, ski, and work at the library. I’m looking forward to continuing a great Key Club year!

Volume 57 | Issue 2


Amber Bednorz| Copper

Livia Calugaru | Estrella

Abby Gladden| Mogollon Rim

Each year my local clinic organizes the Red Hot Children’s Festival at the public park. Different businesses and organizations bring games and prizes, each year my home club does a face painting booth and this year we even had a corn hole game and candy. It’s a good way for children to start being involved in the community and have fun!

My favorite community service event so far has been working with Special Olympics in running events for children with disabilities. This September Paradise Honors High School Key Club and Liberty High School Key Club attended a swim Special Olympics event in which we were able to time swimmers, set up events, and work with the athletes!

This year I have been able to do so much and fulfill some of my goals. So far I’ve been able to travel to one of my clubs and get to know them. Another goal that I would like to accomplish would be getting all my clubs together. It won’t be an easy task but I’m up to the challenge.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2


Derek Wirachowsky| Nuriah Perea| Mohave Papago

Tracie Luther| Petroglyph

My greatest accomplishment this year has been pulling off a golf tournament with the Lake Havasu High School Key Club. The golf tournament was a project done in partnership with the local FBLA club. Funds raised went towards the high school's annual Winter Formal dance which is run by the key club. We put in countless hours to make sure the event was successful, hours were spent planning the event and collecting sponsor-ships from the community.

Tracie Luther is a student of Farmington High School and currently the lieutenant governor of the Petroglyph division. As of now, she has collected all of her officer certification forms and all of her clubs have finalized their rosters. This is picture of her assisting in the Kamp Kiwanis clean up.

Key to the Southwest

So far in my term I have had a successful PCM/OTC and have been able to reach out to each of my clubs and have great communication. This past weekend I volunteered with my school’s Key Club to take part in our annual street clean up. I had a lot of fun and, as shown in the picture above, collected a lot of trash to keep our town looking beautiful. My goal for this month is to be able to have an OTC for Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasures, and Historians and to promote service month as much as possible.


Volume 57 | Issue 2


Valerie Grisanti| Rio Grande

Mayah Taylor| San Pedro

Moby Chiu| Sandia Mountain

Hello, so far my favorite volunteering event has been helping out with the RotaCare El Paso Medical Clinic. There we helped pass out some fruits for people who came to the health fair. They were able to get free screenings and food donations.

Between all the work of senior year, and all the fun I've been having as the San Pedro Lieutenant Governor, these past few months have been a blast! I got to host an officer training conference, go to Camp Fall Rally, and attend a Kiwanis divisional council meeting. On top of all that, my home club has been having some amazing service projects, my favorite being out car wash where we had two other clubs join us! Enjoy serving your communities and as always, stay spicy!

My name is Moby Chiu and I am the Lieutenant Governor of the Sandia Mountain Division. Currently, I have received all the Officer Certification Forms from my club, hosted Officer Training Conference, created monthly newsletters, and submitted my monthly reports on time. As the year progresses, I plan to host another Officer Training Conference and increase members in my Key Clubs.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2


Shena Han | Sangre de Cristo

Cinthia Bernal| South Mountain

Thomas Romero| Superstitions

My favorite Key Club activity is the Foster Children's Christmas Party, which is a Christmas dinner for foster kids and their families in Espanola, New Mexico. We go every year, and it's a lot of fun serving food and helping the kids build gingerbread houses, not to mention how incredibly heartwarming it is to watch as they unwrap their presents.

This past weekend my home key club and I participated in our annual Veterans Day parade with our builders club. We had a blast walking with each other and honoring our veterans. We also walked with fellow CKI members and alongside we achieved a lot.

I'd have to say the biggest accomplishment of the Superstition Division so far is having a great start to the Key Club year. Each club seemed to have a smooth start to the year with their wonderful first meetings. When it comes to volunteering, my favorite spot is "Feed My Starving Children" where volunteers package food for third world countries.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

Contact information: Executive Board: Governor: Secretary-Treasurer: Bulletin Editor: DCON Chair: K-Fam Chair:

Lieutenant Governors: Black Canyon: Catalina: Caverns: Copper: Estrella: Lookout Mtn: Mogollon Rim: Mohave: Papago: San Pedro: Sandia Mountain: Sangre de Cristo: South Mountain: Superstition:

District Administrator Karin Church: Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2


BRANDON ORICK International Trustee Hello, Southwest District! My name is Brandon Orick and I currently serve as your 2019-2020 International Trustee. Since my last update, Key Club International has been hard at work. These past few weeks have been hectic and college apps season has made it all even crazier (shoutout to all the seniors). In this update, I wanted to spotlight some of the work that is going on. What International is working on: Currently we are developing the strategic plan for 2021-2025. This includes the general plan to address some of the major concerns and goals moving forward. Key Club Week was another major project that International worked on promoting, as well as Trick or Treat for UNICEF, and the early-bird deadline of November 1st. There are so many projects going on right now so stay tuned! What I’ve been working on: I have been working with the three districts to host the Membership Growth and Retention Webinar held on November 14th at 9 PM EST. Some of the other things I have been working on including getting a subsidy program set in place to help members offset costs of ICON, develop a multitude of resources based around membership growth and retention, officer training, and fundraising, and develop material to help members and those running for higher office understand the different levels of the organization. Serving as your trustee keeps getting better and better. I just want everyone who is thinking about running for office to know, please don’t let your doubts stop you. I know that if I let my self-doubt stand in my way, I would’ve missed out on some of the best life-changing experiences that I will never forget. You are capable - and if you ever need any more encouragement or answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! p: (503)421-0189 e:




CORNER Key to the Southwest

Officers are the driving force for clubs. They oversee the functions, communicate with the community, plan meetings, and ensure that the club is running smoothly. Lieutenant governors have spent this season training all of your club’s officers. Sometimes the task can be daunting, so here’s a reminder on your responsibilities and some approaches that other officers within our district take in order to properly serve their club.


Volume 57 | Issue 2

PRESIDENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES The president is the face of the club and they are important in maintaining strong relationships with the school board, Kiwanis counterparts, and the community.


4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Preside over the club Goal Setting Create a calendar of general goals for the year Recruiting and Retaining Delegating Advise officers on their duties Problem Solving Communication Monitoring

Key to the Southwest

TO BE A PRESIDENT? Meet Andrew Somerville, Every monday morning I go to the copy room and make 45 copies of the agenda for our weekly meetings. I make sure that the agenda has all the necessary items and is approved by our sponsor. This is an example of the commitment I make to my club, to make sure every monday we have efficient and proactive meetings. Commitment, encouragement, and passion are just a few of the things i believe are required to be an effective President. You must always be available not only for your members but also for your fellow officers. You must be willing to stand in front of a group and motivate them to serve their community. You must first be motivated about service yourself. And you must also be always willing to put in the work where others don’t. It takes a special person to be a President.


Volume 57 | Issue 2

VICE-PRESIDENT RESPONSIBILITIES The vice-president is the right hand man to the president and ensures the club’s committees run smoothly. If the president is out, the vice-president steps up!



Meet Sumi Shrestha, Be prepared to take Being the vice president of a key club is truly an honor, however, it is not an easy job. As the VP, you receive respect, over any position high standards, and most importantly the pride to see Assist the president improvement in your community. You are a part of the behind scenes crew that assists in the creation of volunteer Lead and assist the other the opportunities and support for your club. The most important factor of being a strong vice president (at least for me) was officers being a strong advocate, supporter, and promoter of my key Preside over committees club and community service. If you lack the will-power and motivation to hold the weight of your club, being the vice Attend all meetings and president may seem extremely difficult and unenjoyable. events Furthermore, the vice president must fulfill their duties of encouraging community and school involvement. To do so, the Communication vice president must be willing to find volunteer opportunities and even ways to gain and retain members. This may require effective communication skills, causing some to step out of their comfort zone. Personally, I am not the type of person to randomly step up to a lunch table and begin talking about an organization I belong to. But as the vice president, I must be willing to step out of my box of comfort and show my pride of being in this club. In the end, the joys, motivations, and goals of a vice president should be fueled by the pride of supporting an organization full of future leaders.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

SECRETARIAL RESPONSIBILITIES The secretary is the brain of the team and it is the job of the secretary to record and note attendance levels, meetings, and reports.


2. 3. 4. 5.


Meet Madison Davis, Maintain all of the As Secretary of Key Club, my role is crucial for the records, files and details function of the club. The secretary is responsible for taking that are important for the minutes of club meetings as well as officer meetings. These should always be kept up to date. The minutes smooth operation of the should be written in a neat and understandable way for all to read. The minutes should include important details Key Club. such as key speakers, upcoming events, results of past events and all committee information and details. Be prompt, neat, organized and efficient Although it may seem like its just note taking its more than that. It’s organization and making sure that Collect monthly reports everyone knows what is going on or what was talked Maintain the about in past meetings along with reminders on upcoming events. Alongside this, it is important for me to membership roster be present and available for those who may need me, Write up meeting whether it’s a fellow officer or a member of the club. Overall, being secretary means I am ready to do minutes anything I am required to whenever it is needed, especially when it comes to keeping the club up to date on all information and events.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

TREASURER — RESPONSIBILITIES The treasurer is the officer that oversees the finances and budget of the club. Ka-ching! The buck stops here with the treasurer when it comes to club money.



Preparing the budget Handling of club Finances Recording of club expenses Maintaining accurate financial records Collection of money from service projects, donations, and dues Preparation of the annual budget for your club

Key to the Southwest

TO BE A TREASURER? Meet Molly McNamara, What’s up, Southwest? My name is Molly McNamara and I am the treasurer at Paradise Honors High School! This is my second year being blessed with the opportunity to lead and serve in Key Club as the treasurer! Often times, my fellow officers praise me for my work as treasurer, but I feel what really makes me successful is the group of people who surround me. I love being able to work with such wonderful people to do good in my home, school, and community! When asked what it takes to be a treasurer the first thing I think of is passion. In particular, a strong passion to do good and lead. Passion is something that every officer needs, not just a treasurer, which is probably why I see it so often in Key Club. I find that my passion to do good moves me to do my best work and have the greatest impact in my Key Club. Whether that’s washing cars to raise money for the Governor’s project or selling donuts to our school, I find joy in doing something good for others. With this passion, I am motivated to work together with my fellow officers, to create the greatest events, the best fundraisers, and to have the biggest impact in our community as possible.


Volume 57 | Issue 2

BULLETIN EDITOR RESPONSIBILITIES The bulletin editor is in charge of the public relations and promotions of the club. Social media post, flyers, and promotional content come from the editor.





Meet Lorél Medina, Being a bulletin editor has been one of the best officer positions I’ve ever held. This job is all about the people. As a bulletin editor, it’s my job to help the club communicate with each other. I get to document events and help bring new members in. It’s truly one of the most rewarding positions because I get to hear what club members love best about their club.

2. 3.

Post flyers/banners throughout the school Promote Key Club and club projects Coordinate announcements and reminders

You also have the chance to communicate with other clubs. Seeing how far key club can go, and how it really impacts those who are in it is a wonderful experience. This job may be difficult and it may take work at times to keep up with every new thing that is happening, but in the end it is worth the effort to help your club grow.

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2



CAMP FALL RALLY REFLECTIONS Camp Fall Rally was hosted on November 9-11th at Camp Sky-Y, Prescott, Arizona.

Livia Calugaru |

Camp Fall Rally is a weekend-long leadership camp for high school students. This program was created by past Key Club members with the intention of providing training, ice breakers, and merit enhancing activities in order to prepare students to excel in their homes, schools, and communities. This weekend in the mountains enables students to branch out, meet other members, and form life-long bonds.

Johnico Dennison | Camp Fall Rally is an experience that I won’t soon forget. Camp Fall rally is all about spending time with fellow key club members and getting to know each other. Over the course of three days, you will spend quality time with your team and form new bonds with them. At the start, it feels weird to be bunched with a group of people you’ve never met, but I guarantee that at the end of Camp Fall Rally you’ll be glad that you met them.

Key to the Southwest

This year's Camp Fall Rally was a blast! I had so much fun getting to know all 150+ Key Clubbers who attended and hearing about all the amazing service events they are doing within their schools and communities. On our first day we were all split up into our networks (shoutout to the SYFY Network!!!). Our networks were like our little Key Club families as we spent the whole weekend together bonding on the Team Ropes Course and participating in workshops such as how to plan a successful fundraiser. At night we were able to hear from guest speakers, learn Southwest District chants, and giddy up to Star Trekin. My favorite part of camp was the bonfire. We were all able to connect with one another in a meaningful way by casting out the negativity in reaffirming our strengths. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to everyone because it was my last Fall Rally but I will always remember it as my Key Club moment and I will never forget all the new friends I was able to meet.


Volume 57 | Issue 2



Livia Calugaru| Estrella Division To kick off the Halloween season , Key Clubbers and Builders club members from Paradise Honors joined forces to go door to door trick or treating for donations for UNICEF! In just an 1 and 30 minutes they were able to raise $257 for a great cause! The members had an amazing time talking to the community, educating and encouraging donations, and had the opportunity to participate in a fun costume contest. ———————————————— Show us how you are supporting UNICEF this Halloween!

Check out Paradise Honors High School and their Trick or Treat for UNICEF fundraiser! Estrella’s fun draiser for U N


Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

This fall season, the Rio Rancho High School Key Club has teamed up with many Kiwanis clubs to support them with their service projects. Article written by Noah Qiu ————————————————— Since the start of our school year, our club has worked with four Kiwanis clubs throughout New Mexico. Here are some of the events we’ve helped out at: Rio Rancho Kiwanis Sunday is Funday, Santa Fe’s Burning of the Zozobra, Albuquerque Kiwanis Balloon Fiesta volunteering opportunities, and the Corrales Kiwanis Harvest Festival. Our chapter’s administration’s goal is to connect with all the Kiwanis clubs and support them in any way we can. Kiwanis has made such an impact on our school and community. Every day, lives are being impacted by the work of Kiwanians throughout the globe. Working with Kiwanis clubs benefits your clubs in many ways! It better connects your club with the community, strengthens your Kiwanis family relationship, and provides service projects for your club.


THE FAMILY Rio Rancho High School & their Kiwanis teamwork

Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

The San Pedro showed true divisional unity with their car wash hosted on October 5th. Three schools from San Pedro assisted Buena High School’s car wash. Buena, Tombstone, and CAS joined up to wash cars on that very day!


CARWASH During the first week of October, various Key Clubs within the Sandia Mountain division worked Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta. Some of those schools include La Cueva, Eldorado, Rio Rancho, Sandia, and many more.


FALL FALL PROJECTS PROJECTS Do you have a project that you’d like to showcase to the Southwest District to inspire other student leaders like you to pursue? The Key to the Southwest is a platform to highlight your service projects and volunteering acts. Additionally, if you wish to write articles for the district publication, we are always interested in hearing your opinions and thoughts. Send them to: Key to the Southwest


Volume 57 | Issue 2

Shoutout to Dysart! Throughout the week, Dysart did a magnificent job in celebrating all the Key Club themed days. They were extremely creative in their celebrations for Key Club week.

Dysart exhibited true Key Club spirit.

Rio Rancho’s infographic on KC Week!

Check them out on Instagram: DysartKeyClub!

CPA still showing spirit with uniforms!

Cactus’s Dare to Care celebrations!

Key to the Southwest



KIWANIS ADVISORS that go above and beyond Morrie Pongratz|Sangre de Cristo One Kiwanian I would like to honor is Morrie Pongratz, one of the Kiwanis advisors for Los Alamos Key Club. He is very supportive of our club, and we are all so grateful for his assistance. He attends almost every meeting, board meeting, and service project; he takes pictures of us for the scrapbook, offers suggestions, and provides guidance when we aren't sure how to get something done. He and his wife Cheryl have been greatly involved in our community for years. I couldn't imagine being a part of Key Club without the great relationship we have with him and all of our advisors. Lamoine Carmichael |Estrella Kiwanis advisers are an important component to a successful Key Club, and yet they are often overlooked when it comes to thanks and praise. The Paradise Honors Key Club is fortunate to have an amazing Kiwanis adviser in Lamoine “Hoagy� Carmichael, from the Sun City West Kiwanis Club. Hoagy is at every PHHS Key Club meeting and most of our service events.

He has wisdom and common sense that helps us to make decisions and do our best. He will even participate in DCON cheers and chants. I wish all clubs could have an awesome adviser like Hoagy. Lynne Gudin |Superstition Lynne Gudin is the current Lt. Governor of Kiwanis Division 18. She is currently a member of the Kiwanis Club of Queen Creek. She deserves this highlight because she has been with Kiwanis for a long time and has done so much for the organization. She has chaired the Division 18 Signature Project "A Day of Play" at Sunshine Acres in Mesa, AZ. This is an amazing event that includes all 7 of her Kiwanis clubs and Key Club members. She has served as a Kiwanis advisor for Basis High in Chandler and Higley High in Gilbert. Her passion is working with the Key Club students and helping each of our Key Clubs to grow. She looks forward to working with the Key Club Lt. Governors and all their members for years to come. Here she is pictured installing officers at the Kiwanis Club of Gilbert on October 8, 2019


Debbie Edmondson |Sandia Mtn. Debbie Edmondson is a Kiwanis Advisor from La Cueva High School Key Club. Debbie always has an amazing attitude in everything she does and goes well above and beyond when it comes to helping others. Volunteering with Debbie is truly a pleasure as she bolsters emotional morale and brings ample opportunities to our group. During La Cueva's Key Club volunteering, Debbie is always there for the Key Clubbers. Not only does Debbie serve her community, she provides for her Key Clubbers as if they are family, providing them with treats and opportunities for success. Additionally, she takes her chapter's volunteers' concerns to heart and makes sure their needs are met without compromise. In addition to actively coordinating and participating various community activities and service projects for La Cueva, she works with several other schools to bring Kiwanis to prospective students. She fosters an interest in children from a young age to give back to the community and to serve it as a duty for all.



Sheraton Phoenix Crescent is depicted above — This year’s district convention will be hosted on the dates of April 3rd - 5th, 2020. The convention will be held in the Sheraton Phoenix Crescent Hotel. 2620 West Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021 The Southwest District will provide meals; Dinner on Friday and Saturday; Saturday Breakfast/Lunch; Sunday Breakfast. District Convention also known as DCON provides delegates with the opportunity to participate in workshops, compete for awards, meet Key Clubbers throughout the Southwest, and elect the new district board.

The theme is based off the bustling Roaring Twenties! Delegates have the opportunity to compete in competitions that can be found on the website under the DCON 2020 section. Competitions include annual achievement awards, oratory contest, scrapbook of the year, and many more! The District has a t-shirt competition and the winning designer will have their DCON fees waived. Additionally, delegates have the opportunity to apply to serve on the DCON 2020 A/V committee. All the information can be found on the District website. Make sure you all get started on competition preparations, designing DCON t-shirts, and applying to be a part of this year’s A/V committee!


Happy 70th year

anniversaries Los Alamos & Gallup

In 1949 the average cost of a new car was $1420, and it would cost you $.17/gallon to fill it! In New Mexico, actors like Ronald Reaga and Gregory Peck were using Gallup as a home-base for filming iconic Westerns, and further north in the laboratory community of Lo Alamos the gates still barred the general public from entering the town. Seventy years ago two New Mexico high schools, Gallup HS and Los Alamos HS started Key Clubs.

Keeping a Key Club “alive” for 70-years doesn’t happen by accident. By the time it reaches it seventh-decade, a Key Club has been nurtured by many caretakers. School administrators, Kiwanians, and, of course, Adviso have protected and guided the Club, and, when their watch was nearing an end, they motivated others to step forward and place the Club under their wing. Los Alamos High School’s celebrations on their 70th year anniversary on October 24th!

Over 70-years, hundreds (if not thousands) of student left their mark on the Gallup HS and Los Alamos HS Key Clubs and the communities they serve. These Clubs have survived, because year-after-year students inspired other students to join their cause.

A 70th Anniversary is a remarkable occurrence, and certainly one to be celebrated! On behalf of the Southwest District, Congratulation to the Gallup HS and Los Alamos HS Key Clubs! We wish you all the best for the next 70-years! Gallup High School Key Club volunteering at a Fun Run!

Key to the Southwest



DA Karin Church

Volume 57 | Issue 2

RS, E S N T R R O A S P N B O U P L S O C KEY C & , S E I T I AR H C D E R R E PREF Thirst Thirst Project hopes to educate the next generation by arming students with information about how they can be a part of social change, make a difference and encourage others to join in the effort. Nickelodeon Nickelodeon currently presents two major campaigns each year that encourage action in kids globally. Worldwide Day of Play reinforces Nickelodeon’s mission to make the world a more playful place by leading active, playful events across the country. Nickelodeon’s Get Dirty campaign seeks to educate kids, families and teachers about what they can do to help protect the planet in fun, mindful ways. Landscape Structures Landscape Structures (LSI) has joined Kiwanis International as a vision partner to bring play to communities across the globe. LSI is proud to provide high-quality commercial playground equipment and planning consultation services that reflect the high degree of integrity that Kiwanis clubs expect.


Children’s Miracle Network Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership. March of Dimes Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. The K-Family has supported March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth. UNICEF UNICEF is working with other United Nations bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.

Children’s Miracle Network Members work together by sponsoring fundraising events and conducting service projects at their local children's hospitals. Contact your local CMN hospital and invite a representative to a club meeting to share ideas and create a partnership. March of Dimes Since the 1940s, Key Clubs have worked with March of Dimes to make a positive impact in the lives of babies everywhere. The K-Family has supported March of Dimes all year long by hosting service projects, raising funds and educating communities about the crisis of preterm birth. UNICEF UNICEF is working with other United Nations bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations, UNICEF helps to provide for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries through community-based services in primary health care, basic education and safe water and sanitation.