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Eye on the Market

Protect Your Home

This summer, our real estate market has seemingly swapped the word “lazy” with “crazy” as activity hums along at a faster pace than seasonally expected. You won’t hear any complaining, however. Sellers and buyers alike are soaking up the most intense momentum since 2006. With upticks in both volume and prices, it feels good to see our market recovering well.

Helpful tips to discourage thieves from targeting your home while you are away this summer:

Washington is alive with activity this month! Take some time to have FUN!



King County Fair

 If you are home and someone knocks on the door, make sure they know someone is home. If you don’t want to answer the door, tell them you are busy and cannot answer. Turning the TV or radio on loudly also sends a signal the home is not empty.  Do not leave windows open (even a little) at night or during the day while you are out.  Purchase a reinforced door jammer for each door that leads outside (they work on sliding doors as well). These should be put in place on every door, except the front, when you leave home and at night while you sleep.  If you have an alarm system, make sure you activate it each time you leave. Clearly display signs and stickers around your house advertising the system.  Purchase a high quality fire resistant safe and put all valuables in it. It should be heavy, making it inconvenient for anyone to grab and run.  Photograph valuables, original receipts and serial numbers. This helps greatly with possible insurance claims.


Anacortes Arts Festival


Seafair Weekend - featuring the Albert Lee Cup, Boeing Air Show, Graham Trucking Cup & Hyperlite Wakeboard Experience


Proctor Arts Fest | Tacoma

What is causing such a stir? A critical shortage of listings is our strongest indicator. Buyers are ready to make sure they do not miss out on the shift in the market. Multiple offers are increasingly common on well-priced and positioned homes. This is giving sellers who may have previously been on the fence a boost in confidence about listing their home. Another factor is record low interest rates that offset rising values. Low rates also cause an increase in buying power. Buyers are more confident making offers on homes in a higher price bracket and in better condition that may have felt out of reach earlier this year. Times like this emphasize the importance of consulting your trusted real estate advisor. Unrealistic expectations for both buyers and sellers cause frustration and can be avoided when you are properly informed about how your local market is adapting to the shift taking place. For sellers, it’s never been more important to price and stage your home correctly right out of the gate to capture the most attention. For buyers, it may be a shift in mindset and the understanding that not all sellers are struggling. There are still fantastic values to be captured. Give me a call. I’d love to hear from you.

OUTSIDE:  Install a lock on your gate and repair missing fence posts.  Keep ladders and tools locked away.  Know your neighbors. Stay in communication with them and consider setting up a Neighborhood Watch.


9-12 Pierce County Fair | Graham 10-12 Taste of Edmonds 10-12 Homegrown Festival 11



Taste of Hood Canal

22-26 Kitsap County Fair 23-9.2 Evergreen State Fair | Monroe 25

Bothell Music Festival


Lake Sammamish Triathlon


Seattle Marathon 10k Race For additional events, please visit: Seattle has a whole NEW view! The Seattle Great Wheel One of the largest Ferris wheels in the US, The Seattle Great Wheel is now open on Pier 57. Visit to learn more!

Shop Seasonally

Summer Olympics 2012 Scan or click this to view the schedule and results leading up to the closing ceremonies on August 12th.

Look for these summer fruits and vegetables for the best flavor (and greatest value) in season now:           

Apples Avocados Basil Bell Pepper Berries Carrots Cherries Cilantro Cucumbers Eggplant Figs

          

Garlic Green beans Mangoes Melons Nectarines Okra Peaches Peppers Summer Squash Tomatoes Zucchini

Find the Freshest Fruits and Veggies at Your Neighborhood Farmers Market!  View List of NW Farmers Markets 

A Taste of Summer... A sophisticated, yet simple treat. Pairs nicely with chilled sparkling water, patio entertaining and summer sunsets.

Lemon-Mint Ricotta Spread on Homemade Toasted Crostini you will need: (1) 16 oz. container of Ricotta Zest of 1 lemon 1 bunch of fresh mint 1 fresh baguette Salt and pepper Olive oil

! Enjoy

homemade crostinis: Slice baguette into thin pieces, place on baking sheets and bake at 300 for 10-15 min. until crisp. You may bake them plain or drizzle with olive oil to taste.

lemon-mint ricotta spread:

Cleaning Corner Try this simple mixture for a sparkling tub and shower: Heat up 1 cup vinegar (1 min. in microwave) Pour into a spray bottle Add 1 cup blue Dawn dish soap Shake gently Spray on desired surface Leave on for 30-45 min

 Check Out Other Helpful Cleaning Tips 

Combine ricotta, freshly chopped mint and lemon zest in medium mixing bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Thoroughly mix together. Serve on fresh crostinis, drizzle with olive oil, garnish with mint and serve!

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KEY Real Estate News | 2012.08  

Stacey Lange, Realtor with Windermere Real Estate |

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