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Contact The Keystone The Keystone News The Keystone Newspaper McFarland Student Building Room 194 Kutztown, PA 19530


Office: (610) 683-4098 Email: kutztownkeystonead@gmail.com Website: www.thekeystonenews.com

Why Advertise with The Keystone? •Prints 1,600 issues every three weeks throughout the academic year •Distributed across campus and throughout various locations in Kutztown •Approximately 4,500 students on campus •Nearly 9,000 full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students •Approximately 5,000 residents in Kutztown •Median residential age is 24.5 •Print edition available digitally on www. thekeystonenews.com

Want The Keystone

to design your ad? The Keystone would be happy to design any ad for an advertiser. A flat fee of $25 will be added to the bill for any ad designed by The Keystone.

For details, please contact the office with questions, or email the Advertising Manager.

Meet The Keystone The Keystone is a student-run newspaper serving Kutztown University and borough residents since 1933. The Keystone prints an average of 10 issues per academic year, circulating 1,600 copies every three weeks. Circulation reaches each residence hall and most academic, athletic and administration buildings on campus, as well as various dropoff points downtown. Recognized by the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association, the editorial staff has attended several national conferences to further individual skills as well as the integrity of the newspaper as an organization.

The editorial staff takes pride in being a primary news source for Kutztown University and the surrounding borough by keeping the tradition of The Keystone to high standards and credibility.

Advertising Rates, Classifieds Information,

Custom Ads & Deadlines Off-Campus Rates

Full Page 10.5”W x 16”H



Full Page


3/4 Page


Half Page


Quarter Page (1/4)


Eighth Page


On-Campus and In-town Rates Size

Half Page 10.5”W x 8”H

3-Column 1/4 Page 6”W x 8”H

2-Column 1/4

3/4 Page


Half Page


Quarter Page (1/4)


Eighth Page


For residents and business owners, a classified ad is $5.00. Maximum length for a classified as is 30 words.

Custom Advertising Advertisers may design their ad to any size using The Keystone’s column inches.

Page size: 12.4 x 18.5 in

Deadline to Submit Advertisements Eighth” Page


Classifieds for university students, professors, faculty and staff is free.

Page 4”W x 8”H


Full Page

Classifieds Information

4”W x 4”H

Please send your ad no later than the Friday afternoon the week before you wish your ad to be printed. E-mail your ad, preferably, as a pdf to: kutztownkeystonead@ gmail.com

Advertising Policies Terms and Conditions •Advertising will be billed the following Thursday after publication. •Please make checks payable to: The Keystone Newspaper •The Keystone Newspaper, 15200 Kutztown Road, McFarland Student Union 194, Kutztown, PA 19530•Payment is due within 30 days. •All rates are non-commissionable. •A $30 service charge will be applied for returned checks. •Accounts delinquent past 60 days will be charged a 25% late fee with an additional 15% every month thereafter. •New advertisers are required to remit payment prior to publication of the advertisement. •After initial publication, an advertiser may be granted a line of credit with The Keystone, provided all bills are paid within the billing requirements. •Any advertiser chronically delinquent may be required, at the discretion of the Business Manager, Editor-in-Chief and/or Advertising Manager, to prepay all advertisements. •The Keystone reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason.

Refunds and Credits •Any claims suggesting actual damages as a result of advertising errors must be made within 5 business days of the publication date. •Any liability resulting from the advertising error shall not exceed the cost of the advertisement. •A refund or credit will be given for the first insertion ONLY. •A credit must be used in the semester it is issued unless it is for either of the last 2 issues of the semester, which will be valid for the following semester. •Other claims regarding advertising, such as resolution, clarity, errors, etc. should be directed to the Advertising Manager. •To be eligible for a refund of the cost of an ad, a cancellation order must be issued at least 3 days prior to the publication date.

Discounts •10% off for 4-6 ads per semester. •To obtain any discount, all details of advertising must be determined prior to the first run date (dis-counts will be reflected in the invoice). •Advertisements that are not run as initially agreed upon are subject to back-charging of previously given discounts.

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The Keystone's Media Kit  

The Keystone's Media Kit