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KEUKONIAN The Student Newspaper of Keuka College

March 2013

Should You Stay or Should You Go? Freedom Mary Leet, Design Editor

It’s fair to say that every Keuka Student has a few things they complain about frequently. Whether or not those gripes are sincere problems, it’s not that rare to hear someone insist they’re going to transfer out as soon as the semester ends. According to the US News Colleges page, Keuka has a 68% average retention rate. Taking all the benefits of Keuka into account, as well as the variables in the lives of students on campus, it’s somewhat unclear as to why so many students feel it necessary to leave. One of the biggest issues students have right now is financial trouble. Tuition keeps climbing, and it’s almost impossible to get Photo By Dani Petrilli through school without taking out a loan and getting financial aid. When asked about her thoughts, Junior Kaye Field said “I think the reason most people think about leaving is cause of the costs of being here.” But this is not an issue unique to Keuka! Wells College tuition is $33,200, Ithaca College tuition is $37,000, while Hobart and William Smith charges a staggering $43,484 per year in tuition alone. Even though Keuka’s $26,490 is frustrating to most of us, Keuka stands out as a school

that helps 98% of its students with the cost of college.

In an interview, Keuka College Admissions Counselor Kristen Harter stated, “I strongly believe that Keuka does an excellent job at helping students figure out loans, grants, scholarships etc. to make the cost more feasible. I also believe that if students take full advantage of our

Field Period opportunity, they will have much higher chances at getting a job after graduation.” With the need for experience becoming a critical part of securing employment, Keuka is unique in its emphasis on Experiential Learning. Harter added “college debt is healthy debt,” which means that it will help later in life to have that experience, education and degree as a career is pursued.

Another reason many people consider leaving Keuka is that they consider it “boring” here, according to campus RA’s. This couldn’t be further from the truth- every organization on campus from C.A.B. to R.H.A. provides multiple opportunities for awesome activities every month. Harter said, “If they are transferring because they are just not sure about Keuka, I would want to make sure they are getting involved. I think that sometimes students are shy or not sure how or where to go to get involved.” Not sure what’s going on? Well, don’t delete the Announce every morning without reading it! Also, check up on the posters around campus, and ask classmates what they’re up to Friday night. Tag along to a club meeting, or even do some homework in the lounge instead of in front of the T.V. -- you’ll probably run into some pretty cool people. So if you’re not sure if you want to stick around, give it a second thought. As Harter said, “Explore all of the avenues that Keuka has to offer,” and “Ask for help! If you struggle in something that’s okay, chances are others are struggling from the same thing, so be pro-active.”

Guest Opinion Piece: Taking a Stand Against Rape Culture

Amy Abraham, Guest Writer

When I first read about the case out of Steubenville, Ohio, I was immediately sickened. Two members of the High School Football team raped a 16 year old girl who was intoxicated at a party, spreading pictures on social media and calling themselves “The Rape Crew.” Now, the media is blaming her for what happened and mourning the reputations of the players who were recently found guilty by an Ohio Court. As a Social Work major we are taught from day one that victim blaming is never the answer. The more articles I read, the more I am truly disgusted by so much of our society’s view on rape. Instead of people thinking about the way that

those two men ruined the life of that 16 year old girl, they take all of the focus and place it on the fact that the “poor boys” ruined their own lives. The comments about their perfect grades, their athletic ability, their future and so on is all we have been hearing about. I have yet to find anything about the girl’s future, the girl’s grades or her talents. Instead, we are greeted with the things that other students said about her: her past sexual partners, her reputation, whatever. The media outlets talk about what she was wearing, what she was drinking, what she was saying and so on and so forth. Not once have I heard anything about the fact that those boys were the reason she was raped. In our culture, women are taught

is Mine Brianna Jackson, Staff Writer

Les Miserables is considered one of the great French historical novels of the nineteenth century, written by Victor Hugo and published in 1862. The stage musical was a hit; there was even a concert in 2010 to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. It’s so popular that it has gone through many different media adaptations, such as books, films, musicals, plays, and games. The most popular adaptation to date has to be the 2012 movie starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried. The story itself spans several years. It starts in 1815 with the release of convict Jean Valjean by his prison guard Javert after 19 years. After being rejected and turned away by numerous people because of his status Valjean is offered food and shelter by the Bishop of Digne. He steals silver from the Bishop, but is quickly caught by authorities. When questioned, the Bishop explains that he, in fact, gave the silver to Valjean, and that he left before he gave him the candlesticks. Valjean is moved by this profound experience of mercy and vows to lead an honest life and to help others.

Photo Taken From Les Miserables Website

to fear the idea of rapists and sexual assault. It’s not as much as how to avoid being raped, it is about how to make sure someone else that isn’t you gets raped. I am so sick of the victim blaming in our culture, our society. We should be focusing on teaching our kids not to rape instead of teaching girls alone not to be raped.

Meanwhile Javert swears he will bring “Prisoner 24601” to justice. After that prelude we jump ahead eight years and Valjean has made a new name for himself. This heartwrenching story tells the tale of one man who strived for only good in his life, from caring to a poor orphan girl, to forgiving the man who so unjustly hunted him like a dog.

Someday, I hope that we will be raising children to fight against crimes like this instead of allowing victim blaming to even be a seed planted in our minds. My heart goes out to every single person who has been put through anything like what that 16-year-old girl went through. Remember, you’re not alone, and there are still people out there who see you as a victim and not as the problem.

We follow the lives of the unfortunate people of France, those who’re so poor they have no choice but to sell themselves, and the wealthy who do nothing for them. We are witnesses to another attempt at a French Revolution, and the power of friendship and loyalty. Les Miserables is a tale of freedom, dreams, love, sacrifice, and most importantly, revolution.

This will be the end of the RA Spotlights, thank you to all who participated; make sure you stop by and get to know your own RA!

Meet the Res. Life Staff: Reis Cunningham Jacob Banas, Staff Writer

Class: 2013 Major: Occupational Therapy Building: Ball Hall Hometown: Red Creek, New York (south of Oswego) Hobbies: RA in Ball Hall, captain of the soccer team, senator-at-large within the Photo from Facebook Student Senate, and a student representative on the Board of Trustees Goals: Honestly, I’d like to create a new type of occupational sports therapy; children with any kind of motor or sensory delays could conduct their therapy through sports. After graduation: I’m going to get my OT masters here at Keuka. Eventually I’d like to become an OT professor (but not for a long time).

Meet the Res. Life Staff: Briana June Claudia Gibb, Staff Writer

Class: 2013 Major: Unified Childhood Education/Special Education with an ASL Concentration, and a Mathematics Minor Photo Courtesy of Briana June Building: Saunders Hall Hometown: Bohemia, NY What’s your favorite thing about being an RA?: My favorite thing about being an RA is being able to inspire fellow students-- a simple ‘hello’ can go real far. I also enjoy putting on fun programs and making door decorations. What are your hobbies?: I enjoy reading, relaxing, and doing spontaneous things with my friends. What will you do when you graduate?: After I graduate, I plan to find a teaching job wherever it may be, figure out what I want to do for graduate school, and of course spend time with my family and friends back home. Favorite sport?: I consider color guard a sport, but since most people don’t, I would say soccer. Favorite book?: Any Jodi Picoult book! Noon by Jennifer Aline was another good book. After Keuka?: After Keuka I look forward to finally pursuing the job I’ve always wanted to do. Hopefully I will be teaching math in a Deaf school somewhere down the road.

Keuka Digs It Megan Chase, Staff Writer

For the first time in Keuka History, a Men’s Volleyball team has been included as a Keuka College athletic team. With a record so far at 5-12, the team has quickly been gaining the love and support of the Keuka College students and community. At each passing game, the crowd for the team has been increasing. The crowd’s cheers and encouragement has certainly gotten the team excited for upcoming games. The team has been doing great in their first season lately with two consecutive home wins against Southern Vermont College and Wells College, bringing up the teams energy, morale, and confidence. The team started off Spring Madness with their match against Wells College, winning three out of four matches and pumping up the crowd for the first ever Spring Madness which shows appreciation for the spring sports teams and acknowledges the winter teams as well. You can catch the next Men’s game on March 27th at 7pm in the Weed Physical Arts Center!

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Keuka College Megan Chase, Staff Writer

Sure, you’re an enrolled student at the small liberal arts facility of Keuka College. However, how much about the schools past do you really know? Here are a few things about Keuka that you might not know! 1. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at our small town college in 1963. The civil rights leader delivered the baccalaureate address and received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree. 2. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visited Keuka College in 1938. Due to her encouragement, the school’s nursing program was created a few years after. 3. In 2004, first Lady Hillary Clinton came to campus to launch Finger Lakes Access to Business Capital, a pilot project that provides critical resources to small and micro businesses in Yates County. 4. The estimated cost for an academic year at Keuka College in 1890 was put at approximately $125 minimum if no scholarship was included. 5. In order to mold character and provide employment for students, much like a work-study position, the Keuka Park Basket Company was established in 1904. Students would manufacture fruit baskets with the aid of a nailing machine invented by A.M Taylor. 6. Allen Hall was once referred to as the North Hall before it was renamed. 7. Dr. Gordon Dustan, of the English Department, converted the red college barn into a summer theater that opened in the summer of 1949. 8. The David Dahlstrom Student Center, Lightner Library, and the Weed Physical Arts Center were all built during 1971-1972. 9. The Weed Physical Arts Center once held the Carl Ayers pool, large enough (190,000 gallons) to immerse the entire college community at the time. 10. Soon after 1890 when a dedicated cornerstone was built into the construction of Ball Hall, founder George Ball had the name chiseled out due to rivalry. The marks of the removal can still be seen today on the lakeside corner of Ball closest to Hegeman! If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Keuka College, check out “Keuka College: A History” written by Philip A. Africa which can be found in Lightner Library!

Photo taken by: Megan Chase

Dear Peter Peter Patrone is a concerned student hoping to help others with a wise word pertaining to any student life issue. Send your questions with the subject “Dear Peter” to Dear Peter, How do you apologize to an ex that you really messed up with? Basically I got scared of what everyone was telling me about him and ran away. I feel really bad about it and I have for a while. He sat next to me in the library the other day...I got to admit it was awkward, we didn’t talk. I can’t take back what happened but I do want to make it better with us. And if he’s reading this right now...I hope he knows how sorry I am.

Seven Year Streak in Community Service Dani Petrilli, Editor

Each club on campus is required to do at least one community service project per semester, and must have at least six of its members present in order for it to count. Well Keuka, we’ve stepped the bar up by – for the seventh year in a row – being recognized by President Obama for our overwhelming number of hours dedicated to others, both inside and outside of clubs! Keuka College has a strong history

with giving back to the community, with the community service hours we put in each year. For the seventh consecutive year we’ve been recognized by the president of the United States and placed on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Keuka being awarded a distinct honor. The award is the highest national recognition possible for a college to receive for its vow to step up in the community, and public engagement. In the past year Keuka has put in 143,000 hours of

community service to multiple local organizations.

The Community Service Advocates, Youth Connection Club (YCC), Center for Spiritual Life, and Rotaract are just a few who have gone above and beyond the line. There are a ton of options as to what your club can do in order give back to the community and fulfill your requirement; Milly’s Pantry, Clinton Crest Manor, and even the Animal Shelter are great ways to get a group of people together and lend a helping hand.

Sincerely Swallowing her pride Dear Swallowing her Pride, This is a very tough thing to do. People can be a very charged subject and often it is hard to find the right thing to say. If you are feeling guilty about what’s happened be open and honest with this person, tell them not just how you are feeling but also why you are feeling it. The fact that you want to patch things up and work to make the awkwardness go away is a good and healthy sign. If you gently explain what happened, how you felt, and express your guilt and sorry feelings he will hopefully understand.

Photos Courtesy of Communications: Gretchen Parsells, Stephanie Lockhart

Thanks for all you do, Keuka!

Sincerely, Peter Patrone Dear Peter, My home life is awful so I never go home. Spring break is coming up and I’m getting so anxious and nervous about going home. What should I do? Sincerely, Shaking in my boots Dear Shaking in my boots, This was a tough question! I will admit I had to do some research for this one. From what I understand there is a specific campus policy regarding staying over break. Housing space over spring break is really determined by the need and your reason for staying. Saying that your home life is awful is a bit vague. If your home life is legitimately awful, as in dangerous or unhealthy, I would advise you to ask for more information in the office of Housing and Residence Life. If you simply don’t want to go home it’s much harder to stay. I will say though that campus life over break can be hard. While researching I learned that the Geiser is not open over breaks and that the only option for food is the daily shuttle which will bring you into town. There is also a certain fee associated with staying on campus during break time. I sincerely hope this helps you out. Sincerely, Peter Patrone

Comic by Tisha Eckhardt

Why Do You Relay?

team at our local Relay for Life and event? You can still donate by Make sure that you check I remember being so excited to visiting the link and click “Donate out the Relay for Life is making a second stay up all night to walk. My more Now.” No donation is too small. KeukaCollegeRelayForLife appearance on Keuka’s campus recent reason to relay is I’ve had page and follow them starting April 12 at 7:00pm and a couple of family members that ending April 13 at 1:00am. This have run into some issues with on Twitter! time, it’s Superhero themed, cancer; thankfully they beat it. The Graphic From American Cancer Society where teams are encouraged continued support or money raised to dress up as their favorite for this wonderful association can superhero. only help with further research as Rebecca Capek, chairperson well as things like the Hope Lodge commented on why we relay, “The in Rochester!” whole purpose of Relay is to raise Graduate student Alicia money for the American Cancer Parkhurst tells her tale of why Society”, and to raise awareness she relays, “I am relaying for my about cancer, to help prevent wonderful family, those who are cancer. Fundraised money can still here, those fighting, and those go to the Hope Lodge houses, who are not here with me. My Mary Leet, Design Editor which provides transportation for father died in 2005 from cancer people while they are receiving and I started relaying for him. I Some teenagers dream about being a guitar legend. Others chemotherapy; and the “look good also have had an aunt and uncle want to pursue a doctorate in Special Education. Still others just feel good” programs that provides who have died from cancer. Finally want to paint and not worry about anything else. And whether women with wigs and shows them I have had an aunt and a cousin or not they think it’s going to help achieve those dreams, many how to wear their make-up. “It’s who have had cancer and are now dreamers ended up in college like their parents insisted they a support system and that’s just in remission. I participate to honor should. But, at a place like Keuka, college is all about helping you what people need.” Capek stated. the memory of the family that I stay passionate and ambitious. So the question is: why do we have lost, to cheer on those who relay? are battling cancer, and celebrate On the 14th of March, 2013, Keuka College hosted a viewing of Capek responded with “I relay those who have won their battle.” The Dream Share Project followed by a short workshop directed for many reasons, my grandmother The night will be packed full at helping students discover their dreams. A documentary film had multiple bouts with cancer: of activities for each team to assembled by Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin showcased their journey breast, throat, and lung cancer participate in: zumba, build the Bat across America to meet successful dreamers, which has inspired (slightly overlapping). The main Mobile, save Lois Lane, glow in the students at schools all across the country. “This is a film about reason is for my neighbor who had dark bowling, live entertainment, people who didn’t choose the easy path,” begins the hour-long Hodgkins lymphoma, and then TOMS will be doing a shoeless lap, redefinition of the term “success.” From a comedian to a CEO he had radiation induced cancer song dedications, and of course the of a sustainable flip flop company, the film consists of multiple from treatment from the first time ceremonies. interviews and steps towards achieving anything a college student around. After he passed away I Interested in joining this worthy can think of. These include discovering one’s passion, committing became a chair of something in cause? Join a team! Don’t know to a pursuit, dealing with setbacks as they come, and changing every relay, ‘he had a huge part in anyone on a team? Make one the idea of success. Relay back at home, so it was kind yourself! You can go to www. of me taking his place.’” While the thought of midterms and term papers is enough to “I relay so one day no one has to and follow the directions from overwhelm the best academic, consider visiting the Dream Share hear the words “you have cancer” there. The top four teams get to project at and seeing what they’re all again”, Brittany Emerson ’14, Relay choose their campsites at 6:00pm about! Coming up in July Hiden and Irvin will be releasing their for Life committee. and then the rest of the teams get first book, based on all they’ve learned since beginning their Jeff Miller ’15, “I relay for a to come in at 6:30 and pick their road trip adventures. In the meantime, don’t forget to dream on couple of reasons, one, growing place. Keuka! up, my church had always had a Won’t be on campus for the Dani Petrilli, Editor

Keeping Dreams in Sight

What’s Happening in Rotaract? Kelsey Morgan, Public Relations

During the week of March 11th, Rotaract celebrated World Rotaract Week, recognizing Rotaract Club's 35th anniversary. We have several big events coming up! Rotaract is working with the Center for Experiential learning on the Easter Basket Project, providing Easter baskets for children who would ordinarily not receive them. We also will be participating in Relay for Life on April 12. Come to our Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday, March 28 for some fun and prizes! Do you have old, unwanted jeans? Rotaract will take them for our Cotton from Blue to Green project, where your old denim items will be recycled into insulation. Look for designated boxes after Spring break.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this edition of the Keukonian possible. Dani Petrilli, Editor Mary Leet, Design Editor Megan Chase, Staff Writer Jake Banas, Staff Writer, Layout Alex Morgan, Staff Writer/Photographer

Brianna Jackson, Staff Writer Chelsea George, Staff Photographer Claudia Gibb, Staff Writer Tisha Eckhardt, Staff Cartoonist And our Guest Writers!

Funded By the Student Senate: The views and opinions of the Keukonian do not reflect the opinions of the Student Senate.

Keukonian March 2013  
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