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Tips to teach your kids drawing – Tickle their creative side Right since your kid has learnt to hold a pen and paper, you can teach them how to draw different objects. Though it will be a tad difficult in the beginning, regular practice will eventually make your kid perfect. Here we provide you with a few tips to teach your kids drawing.

1. Show them picture books – Firstly, your kid needs to look at different objects so that he or she can draw them properly. Show them the pictures of different things such as a bus, a train, a car and so on. This will help them develop a mental picture of the particular object after which the kid can draw the things comfortably. 2. Hold their hand and teach them – In the initial stages, you need to hold your kid’s hand and then help him or her draw. Start by helping them to draw simple shapes such as a square, a rectangle, a triangle and so on. Eventually, they will learn to combine these shapes and draw different objects. 3. Tell them to first imagine the thing mentally – Only when your kid develops a mental picture, can he or she draw the object properly. For example, if it’s a car that your kid has to draw, he or she needs to first develop a mental picture of the same and then draw it on paper. 4. Teach them how to paint – Drawing and coloring go hand in hand. Therefore, you need to first hold your child’s hand and teach them how to color. Thus slowly, they will learn how to draw different objects and fill colors in them. 5. Be a role model – It is always great to accompany your kids while they draw. You too can sit and draw with them so that they don’t feel alone. You can either hold their hand to help them draw or sit and draw on a different piece of paper. In any case, you have to be a role model for your kids. 6. Compliment them – As soon as they finish drawing any particular object, appreciate them for their work. The worst thing you can do is scolding them for not drawing properly. Encourage them in a proper way and your kid will soon master the art of drawing. 7. Be patient with them – Encourage them at every step of drawing and painting. Don’t be in haste. Patiently listen to their problems and let them go at a slow pace. Your kid will not become a

master on the first day itself. Be patient with them and they will steadily learn how to draw properly.

Follow the above mentioned tips to help your kids draw their heart out! All the best!

Drawing is an art that can be perfected only with time. The above mentioned tips will help you in teaching your kids to draw. Be consistent and encouraging in your approach and your kid will learn to draw in no time.

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Tips to teach your kids drawing tickle their creative side