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May/June, 2020



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It came, we conquered!


n the emergence of technology and most especially during the COVID- 19 pandemic, young people are relatively free from adult responsibilities and find the need to explore diverse career and life options . At the same time, given the wide variety of perceived and actual options available to the youth, the transition to adulthood has become increasingly “de - structured” and “individualized” (Shanahan, 2000). Youth may begin to make commitments to work and to significant others, but these are more tentative than they will be later . It is through this that the Kapshon Magazine saw it best to air the challenges faced by the youth during this transition to adulthood, most especially by equipping them with knowledge, aptitudes, skills and the influencers of change which could assist in mirroring their future expectations .

Editor’s note

This being our first issue, published on May, 2020 and with enormous content to put across, we have managed to come up with something that you will find exciting and informative . Through this spirit, the Kapshon team finds it best to share the message of hope to you as a way of urging you to embrace optimism with the phrase “it came, we conquered” and in turn make use of the opportunities that the state of affairs offers . In laying emphasis to the same, topics such as employment and the opportunities available to the youth during the pandemic, how to improve our chances in the advocacy areas, and embracing the relationships within most importantly while caring for our health are among the major topics of our discussion . In appreciating the same, our timely gratitudes sets off to the Almighty in guidance for its implementation and to our editors and writers in actualizing our thoughts and ideas, and the vital role played in the publishing of this first issue . Youth goals have timely changed, most especially wth the COVID- 19 pandemic and the status quo of the country thus it is our timely duty to share at large the relevance of our participation and that of the youth in national building and meeting the demands of the sustainable goals, and yes, we shall overcome ; for it came, we conquered! Your friend,


02 A letter to the youth


ets rise up to the challenge! Each person to reach to one person. This can only be achieved if we allow the children to be children, doing what they love most and in their simple ways change the world within; passion is very contagious and its length is greatly diverse.” This was a call to action to the youth by Wevyn Muganda; a young human rights activist from Mombasa, Kenya. Through her blog, ‘Beyond the Lines’, Miss Muganda is changing and disrupting the narratives of violent extremism through raising awareness and educating the online community on how to enhance peace and security through a film project, ‘Kauli Zetu Mtaani’ that seeks to amplify the unheard voices of young people in informal spaces through discussions on social issues, all these aggravated by her precedent experiences while growing up and the nature of the society that her and the millions of youth in the country have been exposed to.

Is there a difference between the modern youth and those who were there at some stage in the 50s, 60s,70s as compared to the ones we expect in 2030? The concept of being young is standard she says, alluding to the evolving occurrences and economic status of the society present back then v/s the one we live in; the Agrarian society which was preceded by neolithic revolution which later transitioned into industrial society, has taken place independently multiple times can’t be comparable to the current technological and internet evolution, it is through this that we need to appreciate the society we have now and appreciate the leaders and levels of creativity that come with it. Every generation has its own challenges and advantages with regards to the opportunities present in a given generation. With all the opportunities and challenges present to the youth, Wevyn still gives the benefit of doubt to youth leadership saying we just need to re - define what leadership looks like in which every young person is still trying to shape in a given model of what the community perceives to be a good leader. Leadership is about influence and power regardless of the platform used in sharing this she says hence the need to define what leadership looks like in our generation. There are certain levels of leadership, depending on how we lead our lives and this starts from self leadership gushing down to a magnitude hence the need of guidance to the youth in finding their potential by building their capacity . Does the education level play in steering this outcome? With this, there proves a need to address the underlying issues and integrate knowledge to reality. It doesn’t matter what one studies, unless technical skills; the rest can be learnt on the job hence need of passion in what one does. If one is open to learning then ones opportunities for growth are just endless.

There’s still need for the community to embrace quality education and most especially basic education from which according to Muganda should evolve to the tertiary level thus curbing the challenges such as teenage marriages, gender based violence, sexual harassment as symptoms of the better disease which is the lack of enjoyment of human rights. This should also be replicated in the job market, with the current evolvement of online jobs and vast online portals the youth are now looking for subsequent alternatives to make their daily meals, with the current levels of unemployment for the ages 18 - 24 years has seen a staggering drop from 19.94(1999) to 18.34(2019) according to and with over 80% of unemployed Kenyans below 35 years of age with lack of vocational skills calls for innovation, investment and commitment with dire experiences obtained from provision of internships, apprenticeships, on - the - job training and mentoring to boost their skills with similar efforts from private sectors, NGOs and CSOs. Having taken part in UNDP’s Global Youth Program ‘16x16’ that supports 16 activists from all over the world in advancing SDG 16, a Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) alumna who has continuously participated in different programs such as the UNESCO APCEIU Global Citizenship program,, the Digital Grassroots Program and the Deputy Secretary General for the United Nations Youth Association of Kenya , Miss Wevyn Muganda still believes in the potential of the youth in Kenya under civic leadership and participation in National building hence a letter to the youth for the need to stand up to what they have; this could be as little as ones voice.

Winnie Sind.


Lets rise up to the challenge... this could be as little as ones voice

The growing mental health needs of our society.

What are some of the challenges leading to mental health complications among the youth in Kenya? • Lack of social support structures for the youths. • Busy/absent parents and significant figures, No/sub standard mental health support in schools. • Relationships issues/Unstable relationships and friendships among the youths. • Lack of employment opportunities. • Drug addiction. • Peer Pressure.

What has been the consequences of unchecked/unresolved mental health issues? • Difficulty in developing and maintaining social relationships. • Emotional instability among the youth making peer - peer support impossible. Becoming incapable of handling their feelings and therefore can't empathize or comprehend the feelings and emotions of others. • Lack of trust/no relationship with adults and they have no one to share their issues with. • They are in turn pushed to develop coping strategies and end up with behavioral issues like, rebelling, drug and substance abuse, engaging in irresponsible sexual activities. • Lack of self - assessment and self understanding, • Sex addiction. • Poor self - esteem. • Social media addiction. • Lack of self - identity.

Why is it good to open up and share our troubles? As human beings are created to explore the social aspect of our livelihoods and in so doing we have a lot of talking and sharing . This process helps us asses our thoughts and our interpretation of certain aspects in our lives, talking to someone creates a sense of being understood and reliability . It helps reduce emotional pressure a certain issue has on you. In so doing we then are able to compare our challenges with that of others and draw strength in the areas that we feel are lacking . We are able to deal with an issue faster and in a positive way. How can the youth form a support circle of friends who they can trust and walk their mental wellness journey with? By learning their personalities , likes and dislikes and those of others :helps them in developing relationship and accepting each other . The mental wellness journey is a journey that we all want to walk towards, and that itself should unify the youth and everyone accordingly . The youth fall in a psychological age where they are trying to gain an identity and at the same time learn to be intimate with one another, Both of this stages require very good social skills and if at a point there is a challenge then Ones personality and way they view the world is affected . Therefore, it is important to choose friends or associated that speak and behave like yourself . Those that support your ideas and challenge them positively . Join or form a support circle that share your vision or one that you feel would build on a skill you have. Enjoy social activities such as travelling the world. Try and consider people who • Respects and considers other peoples • Someone who understand others • Someone who listens • Have activity that brings people together such as creating country drama clubs, sports, business ideas program clubs, N/B Find a group that you share commonalities in what you are currently struggling with.


06 What actions can one take If they feel like they are getting depressed, anxious, sad, angry etc. to ensure the situation does not blow up? •

• • •

Reach out to someone they feel safe with if you can't communicate to the person triggering the emotions Maintain connections this will help to enhance their moods Continue with their normal social interactions and activities. Learn to understand how they respond to triggers and come up with positive ways of responding Engaging in physical activities that they enjoy e.g. running, dancing, gardening, swimming to help release the pent - up emotions. Seek professional help when you feel overwhelmed to try anything mentioned above.

How does one know which therapist to trust with their mental health? • • •

Nancy Kabiru Hisia psychology consultants

Conduct a background check on the organization or counselor Check on your comfort level with the counsellor, i.e. if you feel secure Find a counsellor whose style and approach works for you Get a counsellor who you can give feedback to and who you feel doesn’t take things personally.

Oh corona will I continue to live as I dream and desire? Or will it remain gloomy with nothing to look forward to but the fear of getting you. Will that moment of peace come again, the bustling noise of kids playing, the usual early morning Rush to the market, the normal handshakes that meant more than just mere greetings. Our guest corona, unfortunately you are unwelcome. You have overstayed your visit, you have stolen our little beautiful moments, our early morning chai with co - workers, our late night visits to the fried potato stand Our early morning Rush to cross ferry and bridge But I won’t let you rain on my parade, I won’t let you break my heart or shackle me up. I will rise like the sun because you are like the moon with so many phases, Soon you will pass.

Myra Vihenda


08 Firdaus Hassan

The Spike Strength of Youths Towards Sustainable Development Goals 2030. “I am the Company Executive Manager of Nupola Technologies . My name is Dennis Onkangi , 27 years old.” Says one among the many innovators and inventors from TechBridge Investment Hub, Mombasa. This is just a sample of the outcome of youths' hard work towards personal, community, and country development . Youth occupy about 45% of the country’s population . When mentored, youth tend to realize their best skills, shape them up to a business asset. Do you know how many skills could thrive if the street youth and the drug addicts are coached by practitioners in the community hubs? Take an example of the talents coming from Kibera slum, in the likes of ‘Girl Code’ association and the famous MCA tricky who was previously a street boy. Most of the youth have interests and hobbies that have the potential to step up their living standards and the economy at large, in the fields of technology, art, innovation, craft, agriculture and much more. Some of the activities that have a great impact in the Standard Development Goals (SDGs) are;


Invention and nnovation

At this age, youth engage in many activities like studying, sightseeing, job hunting . These activities expose them to the available and upsets and problems that require to be rectified and solved . As a result, they are prompted to invent and innovate in order to make themselves and their communities comfortable . The story of Dennis Onkangi , who was a student of Computer Science at Rongo University in 2017.


Youth-driven data

Although the digital divide persists, with many of the world’s most vulnerable are at risk of being left behind, there is promising evidence that young people are making significant strides in the use of technology . The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that in 2017, 71% of youth worldwide were online, in comparison with 48% of the general population (ITU, 2017). Young people have also been leading in the area of data visualization and communication . There are numerous examples of young people transforming raw data into information that is readable and digestible ; their input is critical to translating complex ideas surrounding sustainable development efforts into ideas that can be communicated not just to a youth audience but to civil society more broadly . The utilization of open source technology, access to open and transparent information and data sources, and own- means data collection have enabled young people to use data in a variety of innovative ways, helping to create a more robust analysis of their situation and bring about positive change, a good example is the analysis of covid 19 cases world wide in a simple data chat.


He identified a problem of insecurity and therefore invented a solution that is currently a product in the market as Mulika Home Security Alarm System . In his advanced research of the same, he came up with a child invention, the Mulika Auto Alarm System for vehicles . His success is as a result of his smart work and the mentorship he got from the local community hubs, not forgetting his hunger to solve community problems as his company slogan says “Innovating for you” .

Decision making

Youths want to be involved or rather represented in decision making especially on matters pertaining to them so that they may suggest why, when and how to suit them. It is easier for them to follow their own made decisions other than those made on their behalf ; through supervision . ‘The pledges made in the 2030 Agenda to leave no one behind and to reach the furthest behind first, as well as its affirmation to be people - centred , ensure that youth are included in all aspects of the Agenda .’ (United Nations, General Assembly, 2017e, para. 6) In this agreement, several youth representatives were involved in the formulation of the Standard Development Goals (SDGs). According to the World Youth Report 2030, 90 youthrelated indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals have been identified . To conclude, with appropriate mentorship and coach, youth have the magical strength of bringing the SDGs to life .


Marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation.

Marriage off the Hooks Everyone has their own definition of marriage . And most people will define marriage according to the experience it has given them. However, “For your marriage organization” defined it as the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and woman. Marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation . The English dictionary defines marriage broadly as any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities . Well, according to me, marriage is an institution and couples involved are students to each other, as each day you wake up ready to learn something different from your spouse. It is a sacred union that both need to invest in. Marriage doesn’t work, its costs to work. Though marriages are often thought to be the “happily ever after” phase of a relationship, don’t be fooled into believing that married couples don’t face their share of challenges . While some of these challenges may easily be resolved, other issues may be too tough to tackle and could even be the means to an end. Since the future of most marriages depend largely on how couples deal with issues as they arise, its helpful to have a heads up on most common issues that come with marriage territory . Recently , coastal region in Kenya had their statistics read that 60% of marriages end in divorce, the kadhi conducted 46 marriages, between two years of which 42 had ended in divorce by the time the report aired. This was more focused on the Muslim community only.

Generally, researchers estimate that 41% of all first marriages end in divorce and 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and 73% of all third marriages end in divorce . Which means a lot if marriages break between fifth to seventh year and past seven years if there is no verbal or physical abuse, they have a higher chance of working on it than quitting and trying again. So many reasons lead to divorce in both young and seasonal marriages and these factors can doom a marriage before it even had a chance to start. First comes love, then comes marriage according to many, then comes the crushing realization that oops, this whole “till death do us part” thing takes a lot of work. Young marriages fail for certain reasons like :  Feeling that you deserve someone better  Feeling constrained and held back (that’s why its advised to grow together as a couple and not to compete)  Lack of communication (most of couples talk to each other but only a few communicate)  Unmanaged expectations  Insecurity and mistrust  Demands  High expectations


12 Either way, seasonal marriages also have reasons leading to divorce which are: 1. Infidelity 2. Emotional affairs (flirting) 3. Difference in sexual interest 4. Feeling that your spouse doesn’t excite you anymore 5. Some only report issue like home bills, kids progress etc. 6. Money 7. Abusive and controlling relationship 8. Priority change 9. Addictions 10. Having and exit strategy Among above reasons, let me share with you a story of a young, intelligent, twenty - one- year old Jasmine. Its was her first session with me and she looked doubtful, pert and petite . And about five months pregnant . Everything about her seemed round. Having married at the age of nineteen to a thirty - two- year - old man made her think if it was all worth it. “I’m doing this, seeing a counselor, I mean because I’m unhappy . It’s men, of course. I mean, my husband Rafiq .” I could feel the tense in her voice against the coming pain. “it’s been barely two years and it’s already falling apart.” “I want to know what am doing wrong, what I have to change about me, I will do whatever it takes .” As she took a deep breath I asked her for how long she had known Rafiq before they got married . Three months it was. How and why did she agree to make him the man she would spend the rest of her life with, she doesn’t know. Things happened too fast for her to realize it or even get to know more about him. She finally confessed to have married a man she knew nothing about. “I was afraid to ask too many questions about his lifestyle, past or even present to scare him away. He has showed me and my parents how ready he was to take me as wife. Being an owner of several hotels gave me assurance to having a comfortable life .” She said with a little regret .

“Few weeks before the wedding I got to find out he has a son out of wedlock, something he never told me. That’s was supposed to be an eye- opener and make me inquire more about his life and and past but I still ignored . I thought I should not interfere with his past.” From that point I realizes she already decided she needed him and there was no turning back. “We got married and our real life started . Rafiq never wanted to be around me. He would prefer masturbating than having me in his arms. Again I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. He was always busy working, with friends or with other women and clearly showing me. Late nights began and sometimes he never came home at all. Maybe he was drinking too much, maybe I bored him, I guess I just wasn’t Interesting enough and he didn’t really want to be with me.” Jasmin was now making excuses for Rafiq’s faults . She definitely never deserved all that but she was simply ready to take up the blame and fix it at any cost. Anxiously, she continued “my husband never needed me and thought I was useless and just there to eat and, use his money. He never hesitated telling me other women were much better that I was. And how He finds peace in their hands. He made me feel disrespected and emotionally abused.” The moment jasmine became aware of a problem between her and the husband, she was willing not only to try and solve but also take responsibility for creating it. If Rafiq the husband failed to love her, she felt it must be because of something she had done or failed to do. Jasmin’s attitude, feelings, behavior and life experiences were typically of a woman for whom being in love means being in pain. She exhibited many of the characteristics that women who love too much have in common. Regardless of the specific details of their stories and struggles, whether they have endured a long and difficult marriage with one man or have been involved in a series of unhappy relationships with many men, they share a common profile . Loving too much does not mean loving too many men, or falling in love too often, it means in truth, obsessing about a man and calling the obsession love, allowing it to control your emotions and much of your behavior, realizing that it negatively influences your health and well being and yet finding yourself unable to let go. It means measuring the degree of your love by depth of your torment . Jasmin took it all in and feared losing her husband even though she knew she deserved better . She thought about her pregnancy and decided her unborn child would be far much happier with her alone or with a more loving and caring man that Rafiq .

Amne Abdulrazak Founder Science of people Relationship & family coach


14 How Pandemics have Shaped Humanity’s History and Future This Covid - 19 storm will surely pass but the question is, what impact will it leave on our economy, health care systems, politics and culture when it all settles down? The decisions that people and governments take during this period will surely shape the humanity’s development and evolution in years to come. History is replete with numerous accounts of crises that acted as watershed moments for innovation and creativity that later became fixture of life . It is therefore necessary to examine the different world left by the most devastating pandemics ever recorded . Take the example of Justinian Plague regarded by historians as one of the world’s deadliest pandemics. It first struck between 541- 542 AD in the Eastern Roman Empire commonly referred to as Byzantine Empire which had its headquarters at Constantinople (current day Turkey) .It was during the reign of Justinian 1 whom its named after and believed to have cost lives of 25- 100 million people during its two centuries of recurrence which was around 26% of the world population then. The plague was spread by the Mediterranean black rat infested with fleas carrying a strain of bacterium called Yersinia pestis that caused it. William Rosen, in his impressive study of the plague, succinctly captured in his book “Justinian’s Flea” describes it as the “collision between ones of nature’s smallest organism and history’s mightiest empire . Some historians believe that the Justinian plague was one of the forces that led to collapsing of the Roman Empire heralding the transformation of the Mediterranean world of late antiquity into medieval Europe. As Rosen puts it, “ The Roman Empire was brought from within rather than from without by a tiny creature barely visible to the naked eye”

In addition, given the high mortality rate of this plague coupled with state of medical ignorance during this era where many turned to magic and amulets for healing, it is very surprising that Justinian the Emperor survived. It is fortunate he did as his achievements are still felt to date specifically his influence in creation of the founding document of Legal theory called Corpus Juris Civilis or Code of Civil Law. Black Death is another pandemic also listed as one of the most devastating with a death toll approximated at 75 to 200 million people. Interestingly, it was caused by the same bacterium as the Justinian plague and repeatedly haunted Europe and the Mediterranean throughout the 14 th to 17 th centuries. It is credited that the modern notion of quarantine was invented back in 15th century when Venice, Italy was grappling with one of the recurrent outbreaks of the Black Death. Thanks to Black Death, history records that Shakespeare turned to Poetry when the pandemic hit London in 16th century leading to closure of Elizabethan theaters where he would perform as a member of “The King’s Men” group. Daniel Pollack, an English Professor at Linfield College in his recent article in “ The Atlantic” details how Shakespeare wrote his best works during the pandemic. For example, his popular narrative poem ‘Venus and Adonis’ published in 1593 borrows greatly from the events of the plague. Romeo and Juliet was also written just after the 1593 outbreak. In another closure in 1606, Shakespeare also churned out dramatic literary works such as King Lear, Macbeth and Anthony and Cleopatra.

In this list, we can’t forget Spanish flu which hit the world approximately 100 years ago slaying an estimated 50 million people in a period of two years. It is this pandemic that led to creation or revamping of health ministries by many governments in the western world with robust public health policies. In the earlier decades of 20thcentury, it was common for the privileged elites to look down on workers and the poor arguing that it was their own fault to suffer from illnesses due to what they called a lack of drive to achieve better quality life. However, the Spanish flu respected no social caste and wiped out both the rich and poor in their millions. The 1920s saw many governments embrace the concept of socialized medicine - healthcare for all and delivered free at the point of delivery. Russia became the first country at around this period to put in place a centralized public health care system which was funded via a state - run insurance scheme. So even as this covid - 19 pandemic proves fatal, it might be possible that it’s a moment to redefine humanity’s future a role that previous pandemics have played . We are currently carrying out so many large - scale social experiments and when the pandemic ends we shall definitively answer; what will happen when everybody works from home and communicates at a distance? What will be the long - term effect as entire schools and universities go online? As we wait, keep safe and stay home until we meet again post - Corona era! Byline ; Brian Gicheru Credit line; Brian is a Programmes Officers at Eco - Ethics Kenya,


I wake up. It is half - past noon. I call my mother, she sends me money. I hate this hour. I hate this season. I do not like being young, unemployed, and quarantined. Wait, what? I love being young! I just hate what comes with it –most of all, the uncertainty. It seems I hate a lot nowadays. Anyway, I guess I am afraid of adulthood. The first phase is not going well already, how about one with a bit more responsibilities? I cannot imagine it. I switch off my phone, that way, I do not have to see them flaunting their perfect lives on Instagram. Neither do I have to keep up with the 'what you up to nowadays?' on Facebook. I don't even answer calls. Are their lives perfect? If they are, does that mean mine is flawed? I tell myself I do not care, but I know I do. I can feel the dread that comes with a lack of contentment. I am familiar with it. Maybe their lives are not perfect. So what? Are they faking smiles all day long and filtering their faults? Either way even that I am incapable of doing. What if there isn't any perfect life. What if it is just a series - happy and sad moments - and they only show one. I knew this when I was younger. I wonder how much I have forgotten. Perhaps I am not that sad, I laughed yesterday - that would have made a picture. I think of the future. I wish I knew it. Maybe if I knew what would become of me, I would not worry as much. I do not like to think a lot, especially when I have no answers, it makes me feel desperate and small. I ask the shopkeeper casually if he wished he knew the future. He says he had a clue of what he wanted to do - if that counted. I say yes and ask what. ''To open the shop,'' then he adds, ''but still I worried if people would buy from me. I think that no matter how much I knew, I would worry anyway. '' I say thank you and walk home. For now, I will eat, shower, complete that application, read a book, ask what I don't know, and wait. I will live for the moment, maybe that way, I will worry less.


What is rape? Being physical with someone against their will . The word "NO" is so easy to understand . So why don’t therapists understand that? No means you have to stop! Continuing the act would be considered rape, simple . Going out at night has become a safety hazard. People live in fear because of this. Should the testosterone level of a person determine when we return home or get out of the house? Being the only passenger in a public vehicle scares the hell out of me. Sharing your location ... Carrying pepper spray... Keeping a lookout behind you... Why do I have to do this? Would you do it to your sibling or your child? Now this question is even useless to ask. Some people have raped their own children or sibling . How sick - minded can they be? What kind of person can rape his own newborn child? Now rape to men is considered laughable . Why? They just tell the guy to enjoy it. Is it really unbelievable that a guy can be raped? If a girl is told to enjoy it, wouldn't it become a big deal? She would go on to social media and rant about it endlessly . A guy can say no too... He can be raped. Now the only precaution against this which is taken is restricting girls . "Don't go out alone at night ... Take your brother with you!" My small brother is supposed to protect me? Being a boy makes him more powerful despite his age. I do not blame the parents though. They are scared for us. Female rape is more prevalent than male rape. They are scared their little girl will remain nothing but a lifeless soul. Her dignity will be taken . Who would marry her? Plenty of rape cases are not reported . Why? People do not want to face the shame that comes with it. Why is being raped considered a shame? Shouldn't the rapist feel shame and guilt? Instead, what does society do? For the men, of course, they get laughed at. "Didn't you enjoy it?" And for the women, "It is your fault, the clothes you are wearing are clearly asking for it." It breaks my heart that rape victims get denied by their own people . Their own family refuses to ďŹ ght justice for them.


18 Actually, what is the use of fighting for justice? They will just be jailed for a few months and that is all. Is it really the punishment for someone who just ruined an innocent life? We blame the judicial system for this. That is why rapists continue their disgusting act. They will get away easily or the person might not even report it. A punishment that makes rapists think twice before doing it should be executed. No mercy should be shown to these rapists... Did they show mercy when those rape victims begged them, shouted, struggled and cried to let them go? They had a wicked smile on their face while they sought pleasure in their wicked acts. They sought satisfaction in the helplessness of the person they were molesting. They did not care what the rape victim will go through after that. Yes, there is room to get over the disaster and grow from it but it takes time. Until then they will think their life is ruined. They will lock themselves in their room, away from the outside world. They will think about all the things they would have done in order to not get raped. "Why did I wear that short dress?“ "Why do I always return home late?" They do not think about what the parents will go through. How they would have wished their child stayed home that day. How they wished they accompanied their children that day. How they wished the deed would have never occurred. Heart full of regret and eyes full of sorrow, they comfort their child. I can not for sure know what rape victims and their loved ones go through but my heart breaks for them. I know it is not easy to go through, at most, talk about it. I know reporting an incident like this is a big step but I urge them to report it. Therapist cannot walk around unpunished. They will do it to another innocent soul. So take the big step... If not for your sake, for the sake of others. On a side note, do not let another person touch you indecently without your permission. It is just a touch, you say? It starts with that. They will think you will never say no. Rape is never justified. "Oh, but he had a good reason." No! Tears are coming to my eyes just thinking that some people actually say that. They actually try to justify the act. They do not think about how the victim suffered. They just want to save the rapist from being punished. THEY DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED!!!

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Leadership is about influence and power regardless of the platform used in sharing.

I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.

I am a slow walker, but I never walk back. The drive…. The journey of my writing started in 2017.Being a first year student in the campus, I was approached by a student on complaints that there were no enough revision questions. Out of helping her, I started compiling questions for her and little did I know that the questions would end up being a complete book. The book, Test Your Anatomy, made me become featured in national newspaper for the first time in my life and I became branded as the Kenya’s Youngest Medical Author.

Obstacles The biggest obstacle that I faced in my journey of writing was finding a publisher to publish my works. I’d say it was a blessing in disguise since at that time, the cost of publishing was high and I also faced rejection from publishers thus pushing me to learn self publishing which is a skill that has made me publish all my 28 books. Another challenge that I faced and I am still facing is the burden of self publishing. It is never easy at all. What makes it hard is that as a self publisher you are responsible for the success of your book. One has to handle the writing, editing, organize the launch, marketing, advertising, sales management and the accounting. It needs a different level of discipline and commitment.

Overcoming challenges What helped me in overcoming the challenges is the skill of leverage. I have been able to leverage the skills by looking for a reliable team to work with and not doing everything on my own. writers ? Keep on writing and writing. You never know which book would be your break through in your writing career. Take writing as a business and not just a passion. Don’t just concentrate on completing the book, concentrate on how you will sell that book too. Sales is an important skill you need especially in the creative industry. Regards ,

Dr Audi.