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Plan Your Fall Water Garden for a backyard with year round interest anchor the flower berms edges in place. You could even incorporate a bog garden with your dry creek beds to help absorb and filter the excess water, while enjoying a beautiful flower bed at the same time. Designing now to handle the extreme conditions brought on by weather this year will enable your new backyard to handle almost any situation Mother Nature throws at you during other ‘normal’ years. You’ll enjoy year round interest and beauty as a bonus.

Diane Swan


ust weeks away from the Fall season and soon the countryside will be painted with vivid Autumn colors. The reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and burgundies of mums, asters, and black-eyed Susan will dot the landscape. Trees will add to the richness of the season with one last splash of color before Old Man Winter arrives. Fall is also an ideal time to plan and install that backyard paradise of your dreams. Cooler temperatures make working outside pleasurable. The ground is usually easier to dig. Fortunately many landscape plants are on sale this time of year. Fall rains help establish plants before winter sets in. Another advantage to creating your water garden now, is the benefit of heavy downpours of rain that we experienced this year. You may wonder how it could be an advantage after perhaps ruining many yards or gardens. You have witnessed what happens to your landscape when it rains hard and with many inches of rain in short periods of time. You were able to see how your

yard handled (or didn’t) the excessive water flow. By experiencing the extreme, you may have found where a French drain or a dry creek bed are necessary to direct the water flow. Or, possibly there’s a need for a rain harvesting water feature. You now have the opportunity to be in control of where most of the water will flow throughout your yard. Water flow can be controlled in decorative and creative ways that will enhance your backyard. Dry creek beds can direct the water flow coming into the yard, and redirected into a rain harvesting water feature complete with waterfalls and streams. The excess captured water could be used for watering the gardens later or to only run your water feature.

An overflow built into your water feature will direct the flow of excess water to where you want it to go from there. Plantings around dry creek beds and the water feature can

Kevin and Diane Swan own Swan’s Water Gardens, a full service water garden center (www. You may contact them at 913-837-3510.

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The Kansas City Gardener | September 2015


KCG 09SEP15  

cottonwood trees, biltmore, goldenrod, reseeding, sumac, birds, roses, butterflies

KCG 09SEP15  

cottonwood trees, biltmore, goldenrod, reseeding, sumac, birds, roses, butterflies