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Meet Tracey Youngblood, horticulturist and teacher all wrapped up as one. Name: Tracey Youngblood Company: Soil Service Garden Center, Kansas City, MO Position: Horticulturist and manager Education/experience: With a Horticulture degree from Johnson County Community College, I’ve been with Soil Service for three years. What I like most about my job: Focused on customer satisfaction, I am passionate about educating our clients about plants. Helping them find the right plant for the right place, then teaching care requirements for success in the garden, gives me a sense of accomplishment. Early influence: I grew up as an Army brat and my mother always made sure to put plants in the ground. This was so our on-post housing always looked nice and “lived in.” Favorite landscape project: The projects that are my favorites right now are ones that need a lot of TLC. Clients call needing our services because they are overwhelmed with their overgrown landscape. My awesome crew and I approach them and their garden with the same professional TLC we would give our own landscape. The joy and relief visible on their faces is priceless. Favorite plant: My favorite all-time plant is Sedum, any variety. Always so beautiful, hardy, and resilient. There are many varieties to choose from. Drought tolerant. Simply amazing. Favorite garden destination: To date, it’s the Jardin Botanique in Montreal. When I traveled there two years ago, an international design contest was happening, with many countries represented. The exhibits consisted of huge metal structures that housed landscape fabric and soil. Then they plugged plants in that would mimic the textures for whatever the sculpture was portraying. For example, there were life-size gorilla structures with grasses plugged in to mimic fur. Even had the plants brushed to indicate creases for the animal’s joints. Some structures were 80 feet high with incredible detail. One was Mother Goose, with robes and a gigantic goose that she was nurturing. It was inspiring to see these structures and how plants were used to suggest cloth, fur, skin, even food. . What every gardener should know: I’m a firm believer in buying local and knowing your grower. Plant material grown in climates and conditions different than ours can affect how well or how poorly those plants will do here. Contact information: Soil Service Garden Center; 816-4443403; 7130 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO;; Hours 8am-6pm Mon-Sat,10am-5pm Sunday. The Kansas City Gardener | September 2015


KCG 09SEP15  

cottonwood trees, biltmore, goldenrod, reseeding, sumac, birds, roses, butterflies

KCG 09SEP15  

cottonwood trees, biltmore, goldenrod, reseeding, sumac, birds, roses, butterflies