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E C I O V O O R A G N A THE K The Official News Source of Boys and Girls High School...Making News Worthwhile Volume 1, Issue 3

March/April 2013 Advisor: Amelia Rawlins


By: Rashana Jackman Student Reporter

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Prom Check-List BGHS on the Scene Adapting to the Big Apple Profile Me: Rudolph Bastien

Senior Giergie Pierre Louis prepares to water the flowers in the garden

As summer approaches, the sun is shining brighter and the flowers are also blooming on the school grounds. Although the school’s garden has been under production for about three years, it is currently in full bloom and serves as a way of teaching students the importance of growing and nurturing their own food and plants. Mr. Porter, community partner and owner of Bread-Stuy in Brooklyn, believes that the garden is a good way to make Bedford Stuyvesant greener. “This Senior Kayla Shannon helps plant flowers in is a great way for students to learn the front garden of the school where food comes from and to eat healthier,” Porter said. “So far the garthe garden will not only benefit the school but den is doing well and we are just building as we will also aid the community. “This is definitely go,” said Matt Mill, community partner from a learning process because we can see how the Grow to Learn NYC Citywide school Garplants are being grown,” she said. “I also den Initiative. “So far the garden has planted foresee the future of the BGHS garden extomatoes, peppermint, green cabbage and much panding and the garden benefiting the school more.” Since the garden’s renovation, some stusurroundings.” dents and staff have lent a hand in its production. Ms. Wright, a science teacher in the 5 TIPS ON HOW TO GROW HEALTHY FOOD EnVide Tech Academy, has become greatly OR PLANTS AT HOME involved in the progression of the garden. Aside from being a science teacher, Wright also 1. Water plants daily. believes that it is important for students to 2. Make sure the plants get enough sunlearn more about food and what’s good for their light. health. “Students can learn how to live basical3. Grow crops that will grow well in your ly off of the earth and explore new ideas,’’ she environment. said. Wright’s science classes also played a role 4. Research or ask experts if you need any in the growth and development of the garden. help of additional information. Kayla Shannon, a student from one of the 5. Space out each plant so each plant has Environmental Science classes, believes that

its own space to grow.

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Open Mic Night Meets “The High” Students and staff participate in BGHS 1 Open Mic Event st

By: Deanna King Student Reporter

What was evident was that the event marked a special time for students because although some were nervous and hesitant about performing, as each person approached the mic they realized they had the support of their peers and the BGHS staff. Towards the end of the event, Principal Gassaway surprised the crowd by “spitting bars” and reciting poetry. According to Gassaway the event was a success and he hopes to continue spreading the word. “I felt everyone did a great job!” Open Mic Night was a sensational time and everyone had a blast. So are you ready for the challenge to present your talent?

On Wednesday, March 20th the school’s library was filled with snaps and claps as Principal Bernard Gassaway opened the floor to singers, poets and rappers who wanted to showcase their talent and creativity during the first BGHS Open Mic. Students and staff said the event was a joy to attend and many were excited about Open Mic becoming a monthly affair. “I don’t think I would change anything about the day,” Ms. Buisson, Principal Secretary said. “Everything flowed and it Parent Coordinator was very natural, the reaction after Mr. Anderson reciting the poem the performances was breathLost in the Rain by Chris Slaughter. The poem was about losing a taking.” close friend to the streets and sent “I learned that the ones who voluna message to the audience; teered to present their work are “Do the streets really have your our ‘ear to the ground’,” said BGHS back?” senior Sandrine Appow. “It is your [ the audience] caring that everyone seeks.” The event was hosted by student poets Gail Roman and Chelsea Nicholas and featured songs by Definition of Music, poetry by Mr. Mapp’s Media Classes Definition of Music Advisor, and Parent Coordinator Mr. AnderMr. Lazarus and senior Leighton Ebanks son, among others.

Students Receive Recognition During the Last Honor Shamiqua Coriolant performs a song about Mr.Mapp shares the motive behind his Ceremony short story expressing through the Definition of Music Roll of theherself Year with the audience program

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Prom Check-List

By: : Kiana Dunn, Contributing Reporter

It’s that time again when the hunt for the “perfect” dress begins and guys are fitted by the best for their tuxes. Yes! You’ve guessed right. IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR PROM! Here are some tips to make that night memorable.

LADIES TICKET- Go to your activity coordinator as soon as possible to get your ticket. The tickets are $130.00 DRESS - Choose a color outside of your comfort zone. Who knows, for prom it might make you “pop.” Don’t settle! It’s your last night in high school so you want to go out with a bang! You can choose from sweetheart, tube top, halter, strapless for the neckline or beading, lace or embroidery for design, just name a few. SHOES - For those girls who want their shoes to be the main attraction, choose colors that stand out such as red, yellow, orange, baby blue or even metallic. For girls with a simpler style you may want to choose from gold, silver and black, which are just right for any dress. Consider platform shoes, because they may be a little easier to walk in, or pumps, chunky heels, open-toed or closed-toed. HAIRSTYLES- If your dress is a halter style, it is best to do an up-do style like a bun or a ponytail. If the dress is heart shaped at the neckline, it is best to wear your hair down. With a tube top style dress you can get away with pretty much any style. Consider doing your hair early on the day of or the night before to make sure you like it and have time to do a quick switcheroo if necessary. MAKEUP- Remember less is more! No caked on makeup whatsoever. Sometimes it is best to show natural beauty, a little bit of blush and go light on the eye shadow. For those girls who don’t know how to do your own makeup watch a lot of You-Tube tutorials on how to do it or go to a professional make-up artist to get it done. You can visit the MAC counter at Macy’s which may cost you about $50.00 for a full face. PURSE- In your purse, you must have your prom ticket (can’t get in without it), lip gloss for the luscious lip look (LLL), money, (you never know what can happen, so always be prepared because you might want to go out after prom), a pocket mirror, compact makeup to freshen up and most importantly have breath mints or gum! Fresh breath is the best breath! DATE- Listen girls, sometimes it isn’t bad to go solo, but if you choose to have a date make sure he looks GREAT on your arm. You can always just go with your friends which guarantees an awesome night! CAR / LIMO- Plan ahead to avoid being stressed out. You will have no hair by the time you get to prom because you will pull every strand out if you procrastinate. Make sure you search high and low for proper and reliable transportation for the evening.

GENTLEMEN TICKET - Make sure you purchase your ticket and your date’s ticket (if you have one) as soon as possible. DATE OR SOLO - Boys are way different from girls. You guys have it a little bit easier. For the guys who don’t want to go alone, make sure your date is someone you would have a good time with. Another option would be to go with the bros. If you go solo make sure you make a grand entrance. OUTFIT (SUIT) - Make sure you look on point when it comes to your outfit. For the perfect look you can check out Men’s Warehouse, K&G or Nordstrom. Make sure that your shoes match with at least one article of clothing on your body. HAIRCUT - Your barber has to be present. Never try a new person on such an important night as prom. If you do happen to try a new barber there may a 25% chance you will come out with a Lebron James hairline. PLAN AHEAD. CAR/LIMO - For those gentlemen who pay for their dates just make sure you can handle the price. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can’t pay for everything. Plan ahead of time because limos are booked quickly and cars are rented faster than you think.

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On Thursday, March 21st The Business and Technology Academy hosted a Women’s Appreciation Celebration for all the female students within the academy. This celebration bought the young ladies together to share goals and future plans with one another. They also learned that although they may walk different paths of life they are all still unified. “We are all still beautiful women!” – Kiana Dunn, Business and Technology Student President


Author of The Red Scarf Girl, Ji-Li Jiang visited Ms. Ramos’ classes on Friday, April 5th. Jiang’s book tells the story of her experiences during the Cultural Revolution in China. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions based on reading the memoir. Jiang’s family and millions of other Chinese people were persecuted under Mao Zedong’s communist regime. Read The Red Scarf Girl to find out more! Next year Boys and Girls hopes to have her visit again.

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BGHS Seniors and Ms. Buisson pose for a picture during the 2013 senior trip at Honors Haven Resort

Members of the BGHS volleyball team pose with their advisor Mr. White

Music teacher Mr. Lebron greets the Cake Man Raven during EnVide Tech’s Career Day

The ladies of Petals and Belles prepare to visit Essence Magazine

The BGHS Drama Club after their winter performance

Students enjoy Rep Your Culture Day during Spirit Week

Student athlete Zhane Landeu prepares for the race

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Our View, Our Voice STRONG FINISH Written By: Ms. C. Williams, Assistant Principal, Science

After running with an organization called “Black Girls Run,” I was changed. They embraced me as a new runner, spoke into my life positively, surrounded me with individuals who were experts at running and provided me with the tools that I needed to run the “loop” in Prospect Park. Yet, in my mind, I had many excuses as to why I couldn’t run—I had shin splints, gained too much weight, didn’t have the correct form, and it would take all night for me to finish 3.4 miles. Nevertheless, I tried. The first time I ran, it took me about an hour to finish. But, I finished the race. It was the greatest feeling to finish the race. When I came down the hill, there was a group of women there waiting for me and cheering me on! I was on top of the world. But, when I crossed the finish line and calmed down and stretched, I remembered the girl that crossed the finish line with me. She had been running for years, but she stayed with me and let me know that I wasn’t alone. She kept pushing me and telling me “Don’t give up.” There was one time that I stopped and she told me to keep moving. I did. And I finished. After reading what so many have said about Boys and Girls High School, I remembered preparing for the race. I remembered wanting to drop out. I remembered being frustrated and worried about what people who passed me were saying. My knees were hurting...I was sweating...I was having trouble breathing. But, I focused on completing the task and on what I wanted the end to look like. I focused and I finished. Earlier this year, I decided not to read another negative blog about Boys and Girls High School. I planned not to surround myself with negative people and I decided to play to win. Sometimes to win, you have to make sacrifices. You sacrifice your old habits for new habits. You give up “friends” because they are not “who you want to be” (Remember, YOU are the sum of your community of friends.) You give your time to things that matter. Frustration builds, things are not happening the way that “they are supposed to”—but I remember that everything is working together for THE GOOD. I remembered that it wasn’t how I started, but how I finished the race. I began with doubt and ended with faith in myself. I have faith in Boys and Girls High School—the staff, the students and the legacy. Like any race, we started slow, with aches and pains. But, there is no doubt that we will have a Strong Finish!

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Op-Ed & Editorials By: Precious Ofodile Student Reporter

Adapting To The Big Apple

As it is, the world is filled with different cultures and ethnicities, each trying to uphold their values to the highest esteem, and some are not bothered with the fluctuation of their value. As we differ, so does our thinking, attitudes, character, way of life and morals. Being an immigrant from a different culture and coming to a land I know not, can be a very stressful and tough change, as we try to adapt to a different environment, food, language and way of life. My journey dates back to some months ago when I first came to the United States. It all felt like an illusion and for days I kept pondering if it was real. Each time I sat back and thought about home in Africa and home in the U.S., my imagination runs wild. From my childhood days, my parents were always strict with the responsibilities of a child and the absolute obedience that was expected of us. In my family, each morning was devoted to the offerings of praise and prayer to God, the one we called our supreme master. Following this, my sister and I rushed off to school, which was a second home. Classes usually began at 7:30 a.m. and lasted until 5 p.m. The teachers and staff had the will power to beat students who were out of conduct or found violating the school’s rules and regulation. Teachers wasted no time reprimanding a student when necessary, referring to it as putting the child in his or her rightful place or by inferring from a passage in the bible which says “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Students had to report to an early assembly in an open space called the playground. A student led us in worship before the classes began. Each class session lasted for about two hours with a break that came after sitting in nine or 10 classes. The day’s scheduled included 13 classes. By the end of the day, returning home almost seemed like a nightmare because I had to do chores before my parents returned from work. I was warned by parents never to mingle with the kids or play with them. I never socialized with anyone and I was left to study, as I was reminded that it was my sole aim in life and I wasn't going anywhere without my studies. Life as an immigrant at first never seems to get better but with time it sure does. My experience has affected my life greatly. I now know how to be socially conscious of my surroundings. It has been instilled in me to always give respect to whom it is deserved. Also coming to a different environment where no one tells me what to do and how to do it, I began to understand what my mother meant when she told me to manage my time and set realistic goals. The advice I have received so far and the beatings I got during my days back home are seen to me now as nothing, I believe it has given me the discipline I need to function in today’s society. My teacher once said “It is only when you let school pass through you and not you through school that one understands the true meaning of school.” In my everyday activities, I try to keep this at the back of my mind and it has made me a better student. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but what I do believe is that it is an awesome and bright one. With discipline, I will be able to prioritize. With manner, I will know how to deal with different personalities. Patience is the key to winning because in life, so many things will get us down, but with patience, we can see through it all.

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Video Game Review: Far Cry 3 Jason Brody and his friends skydive into Rook Islands with the intent of having fun and enjoying their vacation together, but this is one island where fun has a different meanContributing Writer ing and sanity is not allowed. “Far Cry 3” is a sequel only in name because none of the previous games ever share the same story or universe, so prior knowledge of its predecessors are not necessary. This entry in the franchise stars Brody - a young man in his early 20’s vacationing with his two brothers and friends in Rook Island. Immediately, you are thrust into the insanity that this world has to offer when you all get kidnapped by the insane pirate leader Vaas. He intends to ransom you all off and destroy you after collecting the money. In an attempt to escape, Brody’s brother Grant is killed by Vaas, but Brody escapes. He passes out and wakes up to a man named Dennis tattooing his arm and this is where the game opens up to the player and you begin your hunt to rescue your friends and family.

By: Raymond I. Mota

Brody’s transformation from a carefree guy to a remorseless destroyer may not be the most believable thing out there, but it’s handled with enough care for you to appreciate it. Brody and everyone else in the cast are voiced great. The game’s presentation is astounding from various animals to the environment, but the one aspect that stands out is Vaas. He takes you on a trip through the realm of insanity that you will not soon forget, though soon enough you learn that a man named Hoyt is the real boss of the operation, but he never has the same impact on the story as Vaas does. This is one of the few immersive first-person shooters that truly immerse you in its world and does very few things wrong. From MP5’s to a flame thrower, this game has the artilleries you want. They all fire with their own weight and can all be upgraded with attachments and paintjobs. If you ignore side quests the campaign will run for about 10-15 hours. “Far Cry 3” also comes with an online and offline Co-Op mode and an online multiplayer. The Co-op struggles because it strips away all the things that make the single player great. It’s very linear, has a cliché story, poorly voice acted, and is not that fun. The multiplayer doesn’t do anything insanely special, but it attempts to separate itself from others. The success of that is hit or miss. “Far Cry 3” allows you to approach objectives the way you want to and experiment in multiple ways. The story missions have broad, but linear focus. I highly recommend that “Far Cry 3” makes it into your collection. Come for the single player, stay a while for the multiplayer, and leave with insanity in your heart.



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Advertisements PREPARATION IS KEY GET READY FOR THE REGENTS! PREPARE TO GRADUATE! VISIT YOUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL TO FIND OUT YOUR STATUS! Ms. Williams – Science - Room 420 Mr. Harris - Foreign Language - Room 430 Ms. Williams Gray - Math - Room - 333 Ms. Toussaint - English - Room - 370 Ms. Farrington - Social Studies - Room 318





THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013 BOYS & GIRLS H.S. PTCA PRESENTS RELAY FOR LIFE SATURDAY MAY 18TH, 2013 Let’s celebrate cancer patients, survivors and remember those we have loss. Let’s encourage everyone to fight back against cancer!


For more information, please contact Lisa Dunn Eric Wilson

THANK YOU! On May 21, 2012 in the school library The Job Training Program will be hosting a recognition ceremony thanking the worksites and celebrating the work of the interns. Sponsored By: The Bedstuy Restoration & Mr. J. Harris

NEED ELECTIVE CREDITS? ENJOY PERFORMING? LOVE LITERATURE? NOW PLAYING: MOVING WORDS AT BGHS 2013 MONDAYS 3:30 PM—5:30 PM ROOM 361 Do you like to sing? Join SWV Choir here at BGHS Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15pm –5: 15pm

Room 408

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The Kangaroo Showcase Untitled By: Ms. Hall, Business & Technology Academy Coordinator

Being a woman means to have strength, the strength to take care of everything and everyone around you. Being a woman also means to be the best mother, daughter, or sister that you can be, because it’s usually our responsibility to pass on life’s truths. Women are precious beings with the ability to bring lives into this world every day and still able to lend a helping hand to make a difference in others We are the hard workers, the stay-at-home moms, the single parent and wives. We are women! We may sometimes struggle, but we strive to do our very best! So we celebrate all women and their achievements today and remember to put no one above the rest! This day belongs to all of us! The Great Debaters! Congratulations to the Barack Obama Leadership Academy Debate Team on their win against Brooklyn Collegiate High School on Thursday, March 14, 2013. Students debated on the topic of “Health Care—A Right or A Privilege.” Good job!

Hit ’Em With The One, Two! The Business and Technology Academy would like to highlight Jude Franklin for his outstanding skills in the boxing ring. On March 12th Jude won his boxing fight against Kevin Medina with a score of 3-2. According to the Daily News, March 12th marked the second set of Daily News Golding bouts at ST. Finbar Auditorium in Brooklyn. That evening also marked the third round of preliminary fights for the 132-pound novices which are one of the tournaments deepest groups. Currently, he is awaiting qualification for the Junior Olympics. Keep up the great work Jude!

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Words From The High PROFILE ME! Get to know Rudolph Bastien, BGHS Technology Integrated Consultant & Illustrator Q. How long have you been working at “The High”? A. “I’ve been working here for about three months.” Q. What are your three rules to life? A. “Wow, I didn't know the question would be so deep… My rules are to live honestly, optimistically and prayerfully.” Q. Who is your role model and why? A. “I have tons of role models but in terms of artistry, my role model is LeSean Thomas, illustrator of The Boondocks. He is an illustrator and most importantly he is an African American illustrator. He really encourages the youth to challenge the culture of illustration.” Q. What is something people may not know about you? A. “I love music, I’ve written many short stories (mystery and fantasy) and poems. I think I was born creative because even when I was younger I always created these extreme characters and it was very natural for me to draw them and write about them.” Q. If you could be any Superhero, who would you be? A. “I’d create my own character and define his power… It would be telepathic powers!”







Rate: 7 “Although the movie was missing a lot of content and was very slow paced, it portrayed a good message about relationships, cheating and love. “Sometimes you’re happy until someone else comes and shows you something more exciting.” -Dante Corbett, BGHS Computer Technician

Rate: 8 “The book was about a group of people that went on vacation and then discovered that they were in a murder. They started dying one by one. From this book I learned that you should always watvh your surroundings.” -Amaris Baker, BGHS Senior


All Photos Courtesy of : The BGHS Yearbook Club Ms. T. Wright Ms. A. Rawlins Ms. V. Bozeman Mr. T. Paisley Continental Studios www. Production & Editing: Ms. A. Rawlins Mr. C. Cooper Boys and Girls High School 1700 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11213

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