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“Then the justice. In fair round belly, with good capon lin’d, With eyes severe, and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws, and modern instances, And so he plays his part.” -William Shakespeare

Welcome Everyone,

“The Justice” is a magazine I wanted to create for the

sole purpose that I have never seen anything like it. For the longest time I would complain about there not being a plus size male modeling industry. Yes commercially for stores that specialize in larger men’s clothing but nothing like this. Chubby, husky, big, large whatever word you may use. The industry doesn’t exist to exhibit our beauty. With my magazine I want that to exist. A place where we can express ourselves and show off our beauty. This magazine is pure submission based. If you’re interested in submitting send me an email at Submit a set of photos usually 3-7 in a set and I’ll credit you and put you in the magazine. I want this to be, big men’s fashion, I want it to be edgy, I want it to be art. Contact me and we can talk more. Thank you for everyone who submitted work and I hope this magazine can continue and grow from here. Sincerely,

Tyler Santor (creator)


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Gentle Edge | featuring, Photogrpher | Carl Gray III,, Model | William Brooks (8-17) It’s Always Sunny in Arizona | featuring, Photographer | Alyssa Hernandez | Model | Mikey Perezchica (18-23) Drop Culture’s Corner | featuring, Zack Orsborn , “Body Image” (24-25) A Look De-Constructed | featuring, Tyler Santor, “The Not So Starving Artist” (26-33) DJ Bandit | featuring, Photographer | Nigel Bland of Goldstar Labs, Model | Kohl Jones (34-41) Autumn in Hue | featuring, Photographer | Stuart Hausmann, Model | DeAndre Upshaw (42-51) Featured Male | featuring ML’s “Merge photography” (52-57) Plus Size Male Shopping | written by | Rai Rose (58-59) Day Of Silence | featuring, Photgrapher | Matthew Bryan Pruitt Models | Matthew Bryan Pruitt, Tyler, Dan, Oran (60-73)

Photographer | Carl Gray III, Model | William Brooks, Frederick, Maryland






Photographer | Alyssa Hernandez | Model | Mikey Perezchica, Phoenix, Arizona

Drop Culture’s Corner

Written by Zack Orsborn

Body Image Should Not

Forgo Happiness I’ m going to come right out, and say it: I’m chubby, y’all. I know, I know. Shocking. But not as shocking as what I look like in a cardigan. From the time I entered into the cut-throat jungle of elementary school until now, I’ve always had a little extra From writing cursive to typing this article with chicken nugget fingers, I’ve been a slightly cooked marshmallow with a knack for not fitting in T-shirts from Old Navy. Sort of like what Annie said, it’s a hard-knock life for us chubby people. I can’t even walk up the stairs without feeling like I have diabetes. I can’t even look at water without imagining guzzling down a sugary Coke. My kidneys are murdered, guys. Murdered. Guys, I’m so chubby I am physically attracted to my food. Like, singing-“A Moment Like This”by-Kelly Clarkson-to-a-plate-of-mac-andcheese attracted. I like to make my food feel special. Build up its self-esteem. Take it out to dinner and a movie. Write cheesy poetry about the stars and the moon. and if my food ever asks, “Do I look fat in this bun?” I always give a reassuring answer of love and devotion because I know in return, it’ll make me feel like the only boy in the world. At first, I was always insecure about looking like a premature Michelin man. Getting invited to swimming parties, am I right? Yes, I admit, I was that guy who wore a T-shirt into the pool, who dipped his toes into the pool, lying about how cold it was. It was never cold. Never. But as time went on (and the hell that is middle school ended), I began to love my chub for what it was. The only reason I couldn’t was due to all the expectations a “normal” male

had to fit. Play football. Lift some weights. Throw back some protein shakes (I drank Slim Fast one time. Does that count?) Instead of joining in that testosteronefest, I read books, watched television and became close acquaintances with Chester Cheeto who may or may not be on my speed dial. I’ll never forget the time this girl in my fourth grade class told me to wear a bra. Either she was just jealous of my curves because she didn’t have any, or she was just being a cruel child just like every other child that is cruel. Even though that was so long ago, I carried that comment with me for a long time. I became an expert at crossing my arms and standing a certain way. I would wear hoodies in 100 degree weather even after my mom threatened to quit buying honey buns if I didn’t take it off. That was the hardest dilemma of my life. To quote a brilliant person, “I would rather be fat and happy than be skinny and sad.” By no means am I hating on skinny people. If you’re happy, I am happy. And it should be vice versa. If I’m skipping and whistling my way to Taco Bell to gorge myself with multiple 5-layer burritos, you should be happy that I am happy. I don’t think you realize how happy I get. Going to the gym makes me very sad. Spiraling depression sad. So, if you are chubby, love yourself. Look in the mirror, and say, “That’s right. I know I look good,” while holding your head and man boobs high. Don’t be paranoid everyone on campus is staring at you on the verge of screaming in horror, because they aren’t. Do what I do. Sit in your car, and happily sing-cry to Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Works every time.

A Look De-Con structed The Not So



The Not So



I have worn this outfit from casual to a fancy dinner, to just around town. I like it because it really expresses my individual taste and my personal style. I like to be fancy but not over the top. I Like to make an impression on people. I can’t really afford exspensive clothing so I take what I can get and make it look exspensive. All of the pieces are from Goodwill, except the Old Navy slim fit Khaki’s which I got on sale for $19. The rest cost under $15. So if you shop correctly you can get some nice clothes for cheap prices.

The Break down The Cardigan: Is a thrifted American Eagle XL navy blue cardigan. I can’t button it but I use it as an accent cover up. The Shirt: Is a thrifted Eddie Bauer XL Plaid shirt. It’s a tan/brown color, with blue, red, and gold colored plaid. I typically wear a XXL but this is a larger brand of shirt so it fits, even up to the neck, which is rare. The Tie: Is a thrifted (Unknown Brand) tie. It’s a navy blue tie that matches the cardigan perfectly. It has a floral pattern, with white, yellow, and light blue colored flowers. The Pants: Are the only thing I payed full price for. They’re size 38’ pants from Old Navy. They are slim fit. It makes them a bit tighter in the areas where guys my size pants are usually to baggy for my taste. The Shoes: Are thrifted Bass shoes size 101/2 they’re grey suede shoes that are kind of high rise. They’re a nice boot type of shoe that go with almost any outfit.


Bandit Photographer | Nigel Bland of Goldstar Labs Model | Kohl Jones, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Find him on FB at DJ Bandit

Photographer | Stuart Hausmann Model | DeAndre Upshaw Dallas, Texas



featured photography by.

The pictures were taken in late 2012 but edited in 2013, when I was going through a period where I wanted to pursue different methods of “photography”. Lately I’ve been doing a lot more with poetry, I’m feeling like that’s a strong point for me at the moment.

Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive, though I know it often seems that way. With a little bit of patience and time you will always be able to find a deal, look good and feel great in what you wear. So take a deep breath, crack out that credit card, and have at it! Happy shopping!


’m sure everyone has difficulty finding well-fitting clothes, some more than others, especially if you have a particular style or fashion preference that isn’t easily marketable. Let’s face it, in this day and age the larger you are the harder it is to find quality, affordable clothing that isn’t months out of style. With that issue in mind I’ve scoured the internet for viable options in plus-sized men’s clothing, and below are the results.

As unassuming as it sounds this online outlet store has a wide variety of styles and sizes for Big and Tall Men, ranging from standard Large to up to 10XL, depending on the item. They have an extensive sizing chart as well, giving you the maximum amount of information needed to choose the very best fit for your body right from home. BCOutlets Big and Tall Men’s prices range from $7.99 for t-shirts and accessories to up to $100+ for heavy winter coats and the like, and they offer everything from hats and accessories to socks and underwear.

This is a UK based online store, so the prices are in pounds. For your convenience, the current US dollar to pound rate is £.65 = $1, meaning you pay about $.54 more on the dollar when you purchase. If that hasn’t scared you away, this website has a great selection of casual and business attire, and every new customer gets 10% off their very first order. Sizes range from M-5X on most items. While US orders are charged an additional fee for shipping, since the site primarily deals with customers within the UK, their sistersite,, offers a much smaller selection to potential US customers, at a slightly higher price. Anyone who knows me knows I have a major problem spending more than $10 on a single item of casual clothing. Unreasonable perhaps, but it has served me well when my budget was simply not able to handle more. So when I found this website I was over the moon. When they say $10, they mean $10, and several of their items are even lower. The tradeoff to this is that their plussized selection is a bit smaller, but still pretty good for casual T-shirts and jackets. Their collection of bottoms is despairingly small, though their collection of casual and sports sock and accessory variety does attempt to make up for that. The store also offers a domestic courtesy shipping package to its US customers, and a chance to win referral points that add up to real cash towards purchases. The sizes on this website range from SM-10XL, MT-6XT and cover a wide range of style and function. While a bit more pricey than the first two options, offers a reasonable price option for a wide selection of name brand items, including large size shoes, socks, underwear and accessories. They do seem geared towards work attire, though their casual selection is nothing to sniff at. Another UK based site that only seems to service its UK customers. If you’re in the UK, or plan to be for any extended period of time, their size to style ratio is extensive, going up to 6XL in casual shirts and outerwear and 42-70 inch trousers, both casual and formal. Shoes and accessories are also available, so if nothing else it’s a good look. For a more street or hip-hop feel, this store offers a wide variety of name brands for a slightly higher price range, from $20+ on anything from shoes and accessories to shirts and shorts. Their sizes range from Large to 5XL, 44-50 and 44-34 to 50-36 in trousers. This website has a wide range of sizes in sports attire, ranging from XL to 4XL, at low, low prices. Even though this is another UK based store, they do ship internationally, with shipping costs starting from £4.99.


nspired by the No H8 campaign, Matthew Bryan Pruitt has launched his own campaign, but for something a little different. The Day of Silence Shoot focuses on the Day of Silence, a day when people are quiet in order to show how it would be like if they committed suicide and their voices would no longer be heard. Matthew has a strong passion about this project, a passion that he hopes gets displayed through his photographs. This shoot is currently being held in Lansing and at Central Michigan University, but he hopes it becomes spread out even further.

Photgrapher | Matthew Bryan Pruitt, Models | Matthew Bryan Pruitt, Tyler, Dan, Oran, Lansing, MI

The Justice | Issue 2