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by: KERI BELLACOSA WALLING “The Training and Education Committee has undergone a makeover this year in order to provide even more growth opportunities for JLA members.” – Courtney Clark Get ready for arguably one of the most fun months of The Junior League of Austin (JLA) year: February Enrichment Month, formerly known as February Training Month. “February is staying almost identical to the February we know and love! The only thing changing is the name, to delineate those “fun,” enrichment-style activities versus our new training opportunities,” said Courtney Clark, the Training and Education Committee Chair. In place of a General Meeting, members have the opportunity to earn a credit by attending an often social and enriching activity with fellow JLA friends—or attending two ... or three (however, only one General Meeting credit can be earned). These activities are excellent opportunities to do fun things around Austin at a reduced cost. This year’s training, education and enrichment activities have been announced, with a great variety from which members can choose. “We’re looking for a balance of activities around the city, at different times of day, so we can accommodate all the various needs of our members. We’re also looking at creating a good balance of different types of activities, from hands-on to lecture style to even programs you bring your children to!”


Courtney encourages everyone to check out the new “Member Education Resources” drop-down under the Member Resources tab on your member home page. Registration for February Enrichment month activities and training opened in mid-January and is still in progress. Registration is first come, first served. Visit your member homepage to sign up today! “Many activities have a wait list, so if you don’t get your first choice, don’t give up hope!” Courtney said. Got an idea for a February Enrichment Month activity or for a training activity? Courtney asks you to reach out to, and she’ll pass it along to next year’s Training and Education Committee. All ideas are welcome!

In addition to February Enrichment Month, there are training opportunities to be had throughout the League year. “At the request of President Sarah Valenzuela, the Committee sat down this year and had great conversations about areas of focus where our members might want to be trained,” Courtney said. “And this year, nearly every month we’ll have a dedicated training topic, an event where you can deep-dive into that topic, and even online materials where you can learn more right from your home or office.” Some of the topics will be about personal growth and development, others will be about understanding community needs, but all of them will be about helping members be better leaders in the community, at work, and at home. And another perk: JLA’s Board of Directors recently voted to allow members to earn another General Meeting credit by attending one of these trainings.

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Courtney Clark

Training and Education Committee Chair

*Questions about Training and Eduction or February Training Month? Courtney Cordova at (630) 740-6411 or email her at

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Leaguelines Winter 2017  

The official newsletter of the Junior League of Austin

Leaguelines Winter 2017  

The official newsletter of the Junior League of Austin