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Sustainer Spotlight

Spring Events by Missy Sharpe

Sandy Alcalá, sustainer and The Junior League of Austin (JLA) President 2010-2011, and Cathy Northcutt, sustainer, own Epic Event Design and were able to add their creative touches as sustaining advisers to The Junior League of Austin's spring events this year. Alcalá served as the Bunny Brunch Sustaining Adviser and Northcutt as the Austin Entertains Sustaining Adviser. What made you want to be involved with spring events this year? Cathy Northcutt: I have always liked the event side of things, and the Chair at the time, Natalie Sheridan, asked me to be one of her advisors. I love the idea of a new fundraiser for the League, and I think Austin Entertains is such a great idea and fits the bill of showcasing and supporting women chefs. The committee did a phenomenal job of bringing together top notch female chefs and bartenders to host a fun and exciting event! Sandy Alcalá: I loved the idea of JLA adding these two spring events and was really excited to see them develop last year. With experience in both fundraising and event planning, I want to provide whatever guidance and support is needed.

offer much advice! I would hope that I encouraged them to have fun and enjoy the ride. Meeting so many different people in the JLA was always one of the most memorable experiences for me. Sandy: The importance of expressing gratitude! Love on those in-kind and monetary donors! These events have really tight budgets, and they are only doable through the support from many local supporters and businesses. You can never allow them to feel forgotten, and you can never say THANK YOU too many times!

What has been your favorite part to help plan? Cathy: My business partner, Sandy, and I have an event production and design company, and we also have a floral side to our business. We created the floral arrangements for the event and had such a fun time doing so! The committee allowed us the creative freedom to design whatever we felt would fit the look and feel of the event. Sandy: My favorite part of planning for this event is sharing knowledge and past “lessons learned” experiences to help avoid future mistakes. It is all about passing it forward, and as a sustaining advisor, that is the favorite part of my role. What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve been able to share with the group from your past experience with the League? Cathy: This committee had amazing women who could definitely hold their own! I can’t say that I had to Spring 2018

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Capitalines Spring issue 2018  

Capitalines Spring issue 2018