The Amazing Adventures of Miss Ballooniverse

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At Dickenstown School someone wants to take us on an adventure. But who could it be? Miss Twinkleton, the Class Teacher? No.

Mr Gradgrind, the Head Teacher? No.

Could it be Beryl the cleaner? Well, it might be...

Beryl is busy cleaning the classroom.

Look she’s found a toy starfish. The starfish has given her an idea for today’s adventure.

Let’s wiggle our fingers to help Beryl change into Miss Ballooniverse...

Hello Miss Ballooniverse. We like your spotty red dress and your little red hat. Where are your friends, Balloonbag and Firefly?

Hello Firefly. Hello Balloonbag. We’re ready for our adventure. I wonder what Miss Ballooniverse will make?

Count how many balloons Miss Ballooniverse will need.





That’s right 4 balloons! She’s got 3 orange balloons and 1 white one. I wonder what they will make?

Stretch Bubble

I wonder what it will be...

Almost there...

Twist Do you know yet?

It’s a crab Miss Ballooniverse, a snippy snappy crab. You are clever Miss Ballooniverse. Let’s go on a crab adventure!

Little Ballooncrab lived in a tower block all on his own. He was sad.

Miss Ballooniverse thought of a good idea.

She could find some crab friends for Ballooncrab to play with.

So she looked into her sparkly balloon and saw that crabs usually live by the seaside. Sometimes they like to hide under rocks in rock pools.

So off they all went to the seaside. Miss Ballooniverse, Firefly, Balloonbag and of course the little Ballooncrab.

At the seaside Balloonbag met a seal who told him that he had seen some crabs over in the rock pool.

They couldn’t see the rock pool so Miss Ballooniverse made a “balloonascope”

There’s the rock pool she shouted!

And off they went to take a closer look

At first they couldn’t see any crabs. Then Firefly remembered.

She lifted up a rock and there, hiding underneath, were lots of crabs all ready to play.

Soon Ballooncrab was playing “a-crab-atics” with her new friends.

They were doing crab rolls and crab stands.

Ballooncrab was very happy.

And then a bell began to ring. It was a bell that our friends had heard before.






Ding! Ding!


Ding! Ding!

It was time to go back to school and change back into a duster, a vacuum cleaner and of course Beryl.

Wave goodbye to Miss Ballooniverse and her friends.

Copyright The Jungle Group 2012

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