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Get Skilled...Get Working Internships The Junction is offering 3 Internships as part of its Get Working programme. Along with apprenticeships an internship is a very effective way to gain high quality work experience which in turn improves employability and skills sets. In entering an internship with The Junction opportunities will be provided to run projects, work with key partners, create networks and receive careers guidance and ongoing feedback and advice. Junction internships are unpaid but we will cover work related expenses. As such, the intern will enter into a non-contractual agreement which sets out the expectations of each party. The intern will commit to a set of project tasks and The Junction will commit to a series of development objectives for the intern. The intern will not be relied upon to deliver business critical outputs but will be given as much support as is needed to achieve the best possible outcomes. Internships for 2010/11 are being offered in the following areas: Department



Marketing & Sales

Audience Research

3 – 6 months (Jan)

Creative Programming

Artist Development

3 months (Jan)

Business Development

Corporate Offers

3 – 5 months (Jan)

Project details for the Internships applied for are attached along with a copy of the Junction Internship Agreement. Applications should be made in writing in accordance with the guidelines set out in the individual project plans. Best of luck. The Junction Team

Internship Agreement 1. The Junction agrees to...

Get Skilled...Get Working

Recruit fairly by: running an open and equal recruitment process including qualification & experience requirements within the job advert giving clear indications of the timescale and objectives of the internship giving a full explanation of expenses covered by the organisation conducting interviews as required by current employment legislation focussing on skills and potential rather than qualifications providing a clear outline of the project to be delivered ensuring the intern is aware of all of these facts in order to be able to make an informed decision about the suitability of the internship Provide a comprehensive induction through the following elements: introduction to the company, its history, culture, values and aspirations company handbook and explanation of policies and procedures provide an organisation structure and introductions to key staff meet the senior management team and be informed of their roles and responsibilities and how the internship fits into those a full tour of the facilities and guidance to the surrounding area health & safety information and fire evacuation training a full discussion with relevant line manager and team to discuss the intern project, its short and long term objectives and any other tasks that may be taken on Treat all interns with respect and provide a duty of care by: treating them as equals to all other employees ensuring the job tasks reflect the skills of the intern allowing the interns time off for job interviews and study requirements ensuring the work has diversity and challenge Supervise and support throughout the internship by: establishing clear communication methods with the line manager providing an experienced member of staff as an organisational mentor providing advice and guidance for both during and beyond the internship providing a clear work plan to assist in delivering tasks and meeting objectives offering performance reviews on a monthly basis in order to monitor progress Provide feedback and evaluation by: conducting a final review meeting to identify learning outcomes assisting in the creation of a short and long term career plan delivering honest feedback on strengths, areas for improvement and achievements arranging an exit interview to allow feedback to the organisation about the internship, where it worked best and how it can be improved providing an evaluation and reference letter for future employers

2. The Intern agrees to... Be honest throughout the recruitment process by: providing accurate honest information regarding qualifications and experience holding a genuine interest in the area of specialism being applied for bring open and truthful Adhere to The Junctions missions and objectives by: attending a full induction session adhering to the policies set out in the company handbook making an asserted effort to fit in with the organisations values and vision Work hard and demonstrate commitment to the organisation by: sticking to agreed work schedules delivering objectives as required by the project plan offer improvements and enrichments to the scheme of work Understand the primary objective of the internship is to learn by: listening to feedback and putting it into practice working with the team to achieve the best outcomes offering constructive feedback to the organisation seeking out mentoring and learning opportunities



As the employer I am aware of the useful service an intern provides to the organisation. In order to make the experience for both parties I Internshippositive Project Outline agree to abide by the principles laid out in this agreement

As the intern I am aware of the opportunity I am being offered by the organisation. In order to make the experience positive for both parties I agree to abide by the principles laid out in this agreement

Print Name

Print Name





Print Name Sign This is an example – you do not need to sign and return this to apply for the internship Date

Name of Project:

Audience Development Project

Lead staff member:

Helen Draper

Project Context: The Junction has a new Marketing Strategy which recommends a research project looking at the data the organisation holds and the data it SHOULD be holding. This research will establish quantitative information about our customers, to highlight any areas with high booking levels for an event type, numbers and types of group bookings, frequency of attendance for event types etc The intern will work alongside the Marketing Team to develop a strategic approach to data collection and aid in the implementation of it across the organisation, in particular with the front of house team. There is also the potential to develop some qualitative research through focus groups to be determined by the outcome of the qualitative research.

Internship Objectives: Create a programme of face to face questionnaires, email questionnaires (survey monkey?) and week-long ‘hot questions’ for the Box Office staff to ask bookers. Aim to establish: where people have heard about events, where else they attend events, how and when they would most like to receive information from us, what publications they read, how old they are Carry out statistical analysis of marketing data provided by the box office system Review of research that has already been undertaken about local arts engagement

Learning Outcomes: Organisational overview Develop an understanding of Arts Marketing Become proficient on Venue, one of the most widely used box office systems in the cultural sector Work closely with the senior management team of a regional cultural venue Plan and deliver a project

Applying: In no more than 500 words please write a statement detailing your suitability for the internship and the qualities you will bring to the role and the organisation Deadline: 17th December 2010

Marketing Internship  
Marketing Internship  

Information on the marketing internship available from The Junction in Cambridge