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Plansem Special

The official publication of UP Advertising Core

Summer 2012

the limit does not exist

Seven years of Advertising Core influence Eunille Santos

Just like in conceptualizing advertisements, establishing a brand identity is vital to gaining success, and that’s what Farrah did. During her term from 2008-2009, she wanted to establish and strengthen AdCore’s brand identity as the only student-run advertising agency in the university. She was able to achieve this through coming up with innovative projects and sending representatives to advertising and marketing competitions joined by the UP College of Business Administration. The ground-breaking and pioneering Teenspeak competition, an idea-generation contest, was actualized the year after, becoming one of the most-awaited events in the university today.

Photo by Nikko Pascua The Plansem proper began with the a discussion of the basics of AdCore, along with getting familiar with our vision, and subsequently, the direction we’re headed to for our seventh year.

This year’s slogan is pegged to be as iconic as Lindsay Lohan’s line in that unforgettable and defining math competition scene in Mean Girls. Surpassing the limit towards infinity… Conceived after the AdCore Planning Seminar (Plansem) last April 28 at Real Cove Resort Antipolo, “Ad Infinitum” emerged as this year’s slogan after a majority of the members selected it from the shortlisted choices. “We came up with several slogans in the planning seminar but there was no eureka moment. The ideation process requires thinking, and waiting, and thinking even more, and waiting for that idea to come,” said UP AdCore president, Gelo Avendaño.

The grassroots It has been an annual tradition to come up with a year-long direction and slogan that will guide the organization throughout the year. “[It] helps us determine what we want to achieve and accomplish by the end of the year,” as quoted from the presentation made by the Execore. “[It] ensures the growth of the org particularly in areas it may be lacking.” Throughout the years, AdCore has been pulled into different directions, varying from the situation and circumstances of the moment. Farrah Rodriguez, Adrian Manlapig and Jhanette Co, former presidents of the organization who were also present during the Plansem, shared some of their own experiences during their terms.

Year five president Adrian took-off from that point and wanted to sustain and “exponentialize” AdCore’s growth, thus the slogan “To the fifth power.” The Federation of Advertising Organization was then established as a means to connect with organizations from different universities. AdCore was also able to gain the trust of different clients including Unilab and the University Student Council, acting as the promotions arm of the University Job Fair. “But then the challenge for me was ang baba ng attendance ng members,” year six president Jhanette said. That’s why “Step into the Core” became the battle cry of the organization for 2011. The direction then was to intensify the members’ and applicants’ involvement. AdSchool and AdVance became more intensive, and the application process, more meticulous. ‘The direction is ad infinitum’ “…For a week, we continued thinking and waiting until Jedo told us, the ExeCore, continued on page 2

plansem features gametime! Hello AdCore! As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull person. So the Juiceletter team got something juiced out for all of you! It’s simple. Read through our entire Plansem Special to be able to answer the question. Once you know the answer, email it to with the subject, Juiceletter in Season. Include your name, student number and your department. The team will pick randomly from all of the participants and the winner will get a prize! So gear up, good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! QUESTION: Who was the first to present his/her team’s preplan during the Plansem? P.S. Did you like our plansem special? Content? Layout? For any questions, comments, suggestions and reactions, kindly email them to

the limit does not exist... continued from page 1

that maybe this year’s slogan should not be something like an action word, simply because we are in some way, pausing. He was saying maybe we should focus on the end, rather than the means, the effect, rather than the cause. Then and there, he said it, ‘Ad Infinitum,’” said Gelo.

core principles and its identity as a brand. This we shall achieve by formalizing and institutionalizing the core foundations of the org, and standardizing systems we can continually use to secure the growth of our organization every year,” as quoted from the Execore’s presentation.

It was a eureka moment, Vice-President for Public Relations and Promotions Jedo Enriquez described. It was the perfect embodiment of the direction that the organization is taking up this year.

Specific strategies to achieve this goal include the creation of the Infocore team (formerly the Website team), AdCore Representative to the Business Administration Council, and departmental role orientations and kits.

“I thought maybe the reason why we can’t think of a good slogan is because the whole idea of ‘standardizing’ is not slogan-friendly at all. Because the word itself is passive, it was hard to imagine how we’re going to use it as our motivating battle cry for a whole year,” Jedo said.

Other choices for the slogan were “The Orange Standard,” “ProtoCore,” and “To infinity and beyond.”

“So why don’t we then ‘slogan-ize’ the reason why we’re standardizing? Why don’t we ‘slogan-ize’ our goal? And isn’t that goal to make sure that AdCore lives on for the generations to come, that it still adheres to its core foundations and not lose track of its identity even after the years?” he continued. The standardizing that Jedo refers to was the year-long direction that was presented during the Plansem. “Ensuring that UP AdCore lives on for the generations to come as an excellent student organization that continues to adhere to its

“It tackles our goal for the sem, and it’s a goal that’s more beneficial in the long-term. Ad Infinitum means something that goes on forever, and that’s what AdCore’s gonna be once we get done with Year 7,” said Jedo. “This coming year is about pausing for a while. Pausing so that we can organize six years worth of efforts, six years worth of resources, six years worth of creativity. We shall remove all inefficiencies and minimize risks and problems by standardizing processes and systems… So that in decades and maybe centuries to come, we will just be exceeding perfection--living up not only to Inspired Involvement and Creative Professionalism, but also championing Steadfast Excellence to infinity,” Gelo guaranteed.

Kudos to everyone for a successful Plansem! See you guys next semester!

editor-in-chief Eunille Santos features editors Loj Guimapang Carla Mas Cris Sarmiento FCA Manager Joshua Ahyong layout editor Janina Guerrero HR Manager Iyay Vargas 2

Photo by Nikko Pascua

plansem features

Touch me not? Well, AdVocate’s AVP is very much prepared in touching people through the advocacies (and yes, that’s in plural!) she preapared during the event. While AVP Paula Ceracas is having an adventure of her own in Vietnam, Kevin Estopace, Creatives Manager of Team AdVenture, went in her stead and promises exciting and insightful trips this coming semester.

GAMEFACEON What really happened during the Plansem? Was it just the swimming, the laughing, the conversations? All those happened…. and more. Everyone had their game faces on, mapping out the awesomeness ahead for Adcore. It took a few grueling hours, and when we say few, we don’t mean it.

Advancing for AdVance is Kim Quinones. And she is ready to prove that AdVance is more than just an underrated event.

Check it out! The Juiceletter team has got it all covered! -EL

X is for excellent! AVP for Project X Joeven Perez is ready to leave a mark and prove that Project X is still one of the biggest AdCore events.

AVP for Teenspeak Aise Hernandez was very secretive on who the client will be. But one thing she assured that the team will live up to the legacy that is Teenspeak.

First in line was AdCore rep to FAO Jacques Reyes. With his usual enthusiastic self, he showed how relevant FAO is, both for the organization’s and federation’s members—a platform with lots of KAPOW!

Photos by Nikko Pascua


bridge of fire the game that’s changed everyone’s lives

Iyay Vargas If you fall, you burn.

The game is called the Bridge of Fire. Your task is to cross the long stretch of blazing inferno without falling into the smoldering pit. You will only be armed with five square boards each the size of Hades’ head to build your bridge. No part of your body should ever touch the flames below, lest you want to go back and start over. Sounds easy? Think again. The bridge you’ll build is not for you alone. Why, you’re already alone in real life; why be alone even in the underworld? You will be teamed up with seven other people, seven other souls desperate to escape the flames. If anyone of you falls or lets the fire kiss his/her skin (even if it’s just the tip of your toes), all of you would have to begin again.

The culprits behind the activity: (from left) Kite Pamituan, Zarah Ramones and Kristel Zapata

They promised to finish the game in less than 15 minutes. Well, they did finish... in more than an hour. At least they were first!

Touching, hugging and piggy-back riding. This activity sure made members closer, literally.

Joeven’s effort in carrying Nikko many times paid off! His team (which includes our EIC) finished second.

Still think it’s simple? Here’s the best part: Once you’ve moved the boards toward the finish line, you cannot push/pull/throw/blow/toss/beg it to go back the other way. It is forbidden as it is risky, for your boards shouldn’t cross the line separating you from the other teams. There’s no turning around; the boards will have to go forward with you. The last person to cross should carry all the boards with him/her. And even while picking up each one, no part of his/her hand should ever leave the safety of the square. The first team to make it to the other side wins. Ready?


Photos by Nikko Pascua

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