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Bigger Than Us "We owe the world an encounter with Jesus" 2022 is not only a year of Multiplying our local community, it's a year of Multiplying the kingdom of God across the earth. Our heart is not simply funding a project, but rather building a relationship with our global community by serving, honoring, sending, and encouraging ministries of the Global Church.


7.7 Billion Total Population

3.23 BILLION Total Unreached


"Of the world has little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

250 thousand

There are no limits on what God can do with our obedience and surrender. With more than a third of the world never having heard the name of Jesus, we must be obedient to what He's asked of us.

In 2022, as a church, our goal is to give $250,000 to missions through various projects and missionaries across the world. As you go through the following pages we ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us.

We owe the world an encounter with Jesus

Projects of Focus Upon learning about the water crisis on Navajo Nation during the start of COVID, WorldServe committed to helping meet a profound need for water, sanitation, hygiene, agriculture, and economic opportunities within the Navajo Nation. People on the Nation face water challenges rivaling those we typically see on the African continent and in the Global South. WorldServe is developing a comprehensive plan of action to address these challenges over the next decade, establishing long-term collaboration with powerful partners to bring clean water where it can be sustainably accessed and maintained over time.


Journey Church partnering with Speed-The-Light and our Arizona Youth Ministries to bring clean water and the hope of sustainable change through Jesus to the Navajo Nation. Water Well | $10,000

We have the privilege to partner with the local church, by helping with church planting. The local church is experiencing a move of God. Many local communities are without a meeting place, and our goal is to raise money to build churches in Kathmandu. Building 2 Local Churches | $22,000


Project 42

The vision of Project42 is to help raise awareness and resources for the 42% of the world that has little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently, only 3% of all missionaries are strategically working among the unreached and less than 1% of all missions money is being used to take the gospel to unreached. For many churches and leaders, they are surprised to hear of the great imbalance of missionaries and money given to those focused on the unreached. The current imbalance of resources being used to fulfill the Great Commission is something that can and needs to change in order to reach the 42% still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Church Planting | $10,000 Scripture Translation | $20,000 Sending Missionaries | $10,000

When God wanted us to understand Him, He took on flesh (John 1:1) and learned our language. When God wanted the world to understand the Gospel, He broadcast it in their languages (Acts 2:1-11). When we speak the heart language, the nations pay special attention (Acts 22:2). Where there is no scripture translation in the heart language, there is no reached people, no sustained movement, and no enduring church, Yet, over 2000 language groups do not have scripture in a language they can read or understand.

Fire Bible

Total Cost to Build 1 Local Village Church Rural Church Property | $9,000 Water Well | $9,6000 Tabernacle Building | $7,400

The FireBible is a full-featured study Bible with an emphasis on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Now available in 63 languages, it is the World’s #1 Pentecostal Study Bible. The scholarship of the FireBible’s study material — edited and reviewed by a panel of pastors and renowned Bible scholars — is unsurpassed for a serious study of the Scriptures. It also offers the reader a practical understanding and application of Scripture that leads to a solid foundation in God’s Word, a deeper relationship with Christ, and an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s activity.


Journey is partnering with the translation of the FireBible into the Burmese language.

Botswana Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa with an economy that is dominated by mining, cattle, and tourism. Also known as the "Gem of Africa," it is the continent's largest producer of diamonds. A mid-sized country of just over 2.3 million people, Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries of the world. With over 80% of the country being blanketed by the Kalahari Desert, Botswana remains very arid and prone to severe droughts. Botswana also faces the major environmental problem of desertification, making it extremely hard on three-quarters of the countries population that depend on groundwater for survival. Due to the fact that it has the world's secondhighest prevalence of AIDS, Botswana is now the home of over 100,000 AIDS orphans. The capital city of Gaborone is one of the fastest growing cities on the continent and comes with many challenges, such as poverty, over-crowding, high unemployment, and increased crime rates. Botswana is a country in need of a vibrant national church.

Current Projects B.G.M.C Childrens Missions Program

Speed-The-Light Youth Missions Program

Youth Alive Jr. High & Highschool Campus Outreach

Convoy Of Hope

Humanitarian & Disaster Outreach

Chi-Alpha College & University Outreach

These are the local and global projects that we currently support.

TEEN CHALLENGE Addiction Recovery & Rehab

One Day Outreach Feeding Program

Project Rising Hope Local Food Share Program

Legacy Fund

Church Planting

Compassion Ministry Widows & Orphans within Journey

Light For The Lost Resources for Missionaries


OCJ Kids Foster Care in Yavapai County

Missionaries For over forty years we've supported missionaries around the world. US MISSIONS Christian & Brittany Chambliss Jay Covert Rose Hinton Michael Hopkins Austin Jones Norman & Cheryl Jones James Turner


Sherri Foarde

Gilbert & Virginia Contreras

Russ Miller

Gary Heiney

Jackie Holgate

Mary Mahon

Art & Jodi Heilmann

Dwight Hansen

Randy Wren Rick & Denise Ryan

UNIVERSITY OUTREACH Caleb & Oneida Christiansen Scott & Crystal Martin Joe Newell Ryan & Kelley Ribelin Kevin MacFee Brett & Holly Martin Shawn & Candi White Eric & Jessica Kempf

AFRICA Jacob Jester Scott Berkey


EUROPE & EURASIA Katie Bailey Mark & Dalene Good Tim & Karyn Mann Nick & Olivia Puccini Kyle & Holly Trewern Daniel & Joy West

10/40 Window Please note that the names listed below are currently serving in sensitive regions

The 10/40 Window is the geographic region of the world which spans West Africa to East Asia between 10 and 40 degrees lattitude north of the equator. 97% of the worlds unreached people live in the 10/40 window.

What Can You Do? PRAY Pray for the world-wide church to experience revival. Pray for the protection of missionaries and their families. Pray for open doors to closed regions of the world. Pray for evangelism and discipleship on our campuses around the world. GIVE

Connie Huffer

Doug & Cindy Sites

Keith & Christi Jones

Larry & Sharon Smith

Marisa McCarty

Dustin & Amy Sunset

Dana & Brigette Metcalf

Michelle Townes

Johny & Andrea Pangelinan

Seth & Jennifer Waters

Adopt a project . Maybe it's a Rural Church Propertry in Botswana or a Water Well for the Navajo Nation. Our heart is that you and those at your table, would see not just our community, but the world the way Jesus does. Partner by giving a one-time gift toward Journey Missions vision, or monthly support to the missions program of Journey.

GO We're taking the Multiply Movement to our community, region and other parts of the world. Join us on a missions trip !

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