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Medical Tourism / Costa Rican Hotels Special Edition . February 2012.

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The art of

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San José - Costa Rica info@dentalcosmeticsc Phone: +506 22287658

From left to right: Dr. Roberto Hernández (Endodontist), Dr. Alejandro Mora (Oral Rehabilitation and Aesthetics specialist), Dr. Félix Guido (Orthodontist), Dr. Gustavo Gutiérrez (Periodontist) and Dr. Andrés Fernández (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon).

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches and for its peace and environmental friendly politics, but in the past few years another great quality has grown: top quality and affordable dentistry. Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica (DCCR) is one of this modern dentistry centers which provides almost every procedure by top specialists in all areas of dental treatments. “Our philosophy is to give our patients the best of the best. We take care of every detail in order to give them their smiles back and to make their visit the most pleasant moment”, comments Dr. Andrés Fernández, one of the most prestigious oral and maxillofacial Costa Rican surgeons and partner of DCCR. Dental implants, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, laser teeth whitening, root canals and Invisalign orthodontics are some of the procedures DCCR offers of Avenida Escazú, an exclusive lifestyle center in San Jose and right next to

Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica is an advanced center of modern dentistry in the most exclusive area of San Jose CIMA Hospital, the most modern medical facility in Costa Rica. “We keep ourselves updated with the latest techniques and technology available in dentistry by constant research and ongoing continuous education around the world”, adds Dr. Alejandro Mora, the oral rehabilitation specialist and also an associate of DCCR. So, if you are in need of a dental specialist or you are just thinking about improving your smile, here in Costa Rica you have a great staff of specialists and a state of the art clinic just around the corner. Just get rid of your fear to smile. Ignacia Mora Journalist

“I have been to at least 20 dentist in my life time and never have I found a doctor as good as Dr Mora”, said James Roach, one of Dental Cosmetis Costa Rica patients after getting a Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dr. Alejandro Mora.

The truth about

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immediate load



Modern dentistry

Specialists agree that “one stage implants” are not a solution for every dental patient

Immediate load implants, known as “one stage implants” have become very popular as an option for those who want a rapid solution for missing dental pieces. These titatnium posts are placed with the respective permanent tooth in one stage, wich means that in one week (2 visits), you can leave the dentist’s office with an implant and your definitive porcelain crown. But this is not all the truth about this “one stage implants”, because they are not a solution for everyone. Immediate load implants, in fact, are the same implants specialists use in two stage procedures- when patients has to get the implants and one temporary tooth in one visit and 4 to 5 months later, return to the dental center to get the definitive crown-. The only difference between “two stage implants” and “one day implants” relies on the patient, because

depends on his or hers bone quality, the implant retention and the healing capacity of each person. “The only way to know if the patient fill the requirements is in the exact moment of the implant placement”, says Dr. Andrés Fernández, Oral and Maxillofacial specialist and partner of Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica (DCCR), which means that it is impossible to know previously to the surgery if the patient is a candidate for immediate load implants or not. “It would be wonderful if we could offer everyone an immediate load implant option, but this is not being honest with them, because you cannot know until you have seen the bone height and quality and also depends on the initial stability of the implant when

placed”, adds Dr. Alejandro Mora, Oral Rehabilitation specialist and partner of DCCR. “Also the more implants you are going to have connected to each other, the better predictability for immediate load”, explains Dr. Mora. “For example, if you get an individual implant it would have a lower success rate than two or three implants that will be connected together”, concludes. Ignacia Mora Journalist

The best place to smile in Costa Rica


Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica is located in Avenida Escazú office 206, second floor, in San Jose. For more information call at 001 +506 2228 7658 or their US land line at (305)438-3820. You can also visit their website:

Oral Rehabilitation and Cosmetic Dentistry Center Contact us at +506 22287658 Avenida Escazú, office 206 San Jose, Costa Rica

The Journal Edition # 230  

The Journal Edition # 230

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