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Some of our customers have dietary restrictions; our menu has been developed to accommodate this clientele. Your server can help you navigate through the choices. Due to the range and severity of food allergies we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to determine all ingredients.

Tapas The literal translation - a solid piece of food which covers the top of a glass of wine; in contemporary times, they are enjoyed as a starter or ordered in multiples to create a meal. The most enjoyable aspect of this tradition is sharing tapas with friends.

The Livier’s Platter (Per person $10) Asian Satay, Fish Cake, Shrimp, Bruschetta The Merchant’s Platter (Per person $15) Asian Satay, Fish Cake, Shrimp, Bruschetta, Pork Flauta Asian Chicken Satay—skewers of chicken, peanut/soy marinade, spicy dip $10 Salt Fish Cakes—best salt fish, creamed potatoes, hint of garlic, miso aioli $8 Bruschetta—fresh baguette, pesto butter, diced tomato, peppers, cheeses. $8 Shrimp or Scallops – (4) sautéed in garlic butter $10 Vietnamese Rolls – Shredded veg, fresh Basil, rice wine vinegar, dipping sauce $10 Spanakopita—spinach, feta, ricotta, dill, folded in phyllo triangle $5 pc Pork Flauta—pulled pork, Asian-American BBQ sauce, Won Ton wrap, cumin dip. $ 5 pc Sausage Catalan—spicy chorizo sausage, Spanish tomato sauce, baguette for dipping $9 Solomon Gundy – local pickled herring, crispy potato cakes, soured cream, thin slices of red onion. $9 Baked Camebert—a whole camembert, partridge berry compote, baguette. $14 Mussels – steamed in garlic, white wine, tarragon, tomatoes or with green curry, coconut milk, fresh lime $10 lb Costa Rica Dip – black beans, veggies, cilantro, complex spice mix; pureed, served with flat bread crisps. $12 Humus – house-made, veggies and flat bread crisps to dip $8

Salads Very Green —crisp baby greens, red grapes, kiwi, candied pecans, lemon raspberry vinaigrette. $9 Bittersweet – mixed fresh greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, Granny Smith’s. Partridgeberry juice, honey, touch of balsamic vinaigrette. $9 Garden – mixed greens, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, sundried tomato aioil, bacon $9 Caesar —a perennial favorite, Romaine, parmesan, croutons, original dressing. $8 El Greco — tomato, cucumber, feta, sweet peppers, red onions, Kalamata olives in a thymeaccented marinade. $10 Fusion – mixed greens, shredded fennel and snow peas, sesame balsamic dressing. $9

Salads as Light Meals Neptune – a larger Very Green salad topped with our famous Panco Cod $16 Chicken Caesar –more Caesar salad and a grilled chicken breast $16 Asian Fusion – a big bowl of Fusion Salad topped with 4 Chicken Satays $16

Soups French Onion Soup—richest broth, caramelized onions, sherry, Swiss cheese topped crouton. $8 Roasted Red Pepper Soup—roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto accent, garlic croutons, feta. $8 Tom Yum Soup – rice noodles, chicken, shrimp in authentic flavours $8 We often create a soup of the day depending on time and availability.

Pasta (rice pasta can be substituted in any dish except Ravioli) Mediterranean Seafood Linguine—mixed seafood tossed with grape tomatoes, ripe olives, balsamic reduction, feta. $24 Ravioli – North Atlantic lobster & shrimp, white wine sauce, spinach & parmesan. $26 Chorizo Penne— spicy sausage simmered in creamy Alfredo sauce, tossed with pasta. (Extra spicy available) $18 Fettuccini Alfredo—cream, parmesan, garlic, parsley, noodles. $15 Add fresh basil, lemon, caramelized scallops $ 24 (availability issues) Roasted Vegetable Penne—oven roasted portabella mushrooms, sweet peppers, red onions, zucchini tossed with pasta, tomato sauce, parmesan, feta $20

Chicken ($7), Shrimp ($10), or Mixed Seafood ($12) can be added to any pasta dish

Mains 1940’s New York Steak— 10 oz AAA Canadian beef strip loin seared on cast iron skillet finished with reduction of red wine, pan juices, mushrooms, shallots. $32 . . . Add garlic shrimp $2.5 pc Blackened Filet Mignon—best cut of beef crusted with a complex blend of spices. 4oz. $25 8oz


…Add garlic shrimp $2.5 pc Land and Sea– 4oz Filet + 4 oz Atlantic lobster tail … a classic pairing. $40 Rack of Lamb—seasoned and roasted, served with Newfoundland High-bush Cranberry jelly & sweet vermouth drizzle.

½ Rack $29 Full Rack $45

Deluxe Duo – ½ rack of Lamb and a 4 oz Filet Mignon , each with its own finish $40 Atlantic Salmon —fresh salmon arrives twice a week. The server will let you know what creative twist our kitchen added to it this week. $22 ―Fish‖— panco-crusted cod, tarragon caper mayo. $ 20 Atlantic Lobster Tails - 4 oz of the very best. Broiled, lemon/garlic butter 1- $25. 2- $36. Seafood Sampler – cod, salmon, shrimp & scallop, each with its own appointments $30. Chicken Tocino – crusted chicken breast, cream, leeks, tocino (bacon) nutmeg. $22 ( The Mains are served with choice of potato croquette, ginger-lime sweet potatoes or steamed basmati rice, fresh vegetables.) Estafado– sweet potatoes, chick peas, sweet peppers, tomatoes Moroccan spice. Couscous $22

Add Chicken ($7), Shrimp ($10),

Taste of Thai — coconut milk, fresh basil, snow peas, mushrooms, Basmati rice. Chicken with green curry $22 Masaman Vegetarian $22 Shrimp with red curry


Bombay Chicken—curried chicken with chutney, Basmati rice, fresh steamed broccoli (spicy or not). $22 Local Content We pick and freeze berries in season, make our own jellies and compotes of local fruit, use local fish and seafood whenever possible; Lomond Farms, Rideout Farms, The Greenhouse and Garden Store, provide our produce in season. Our dairy products are from the Island via Scotsburn…honey from The Newfoundland Bee Company. Occasionally, we get our hands on some local game. Combining local, core product with international flavours is our signature.

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Gitanos' Supper Club and Tapas Bar offers relaxed fine dining and entertainment in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

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