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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remained steadfast in Israel’s right to defend its borders in spite of global criticism following the deadliest week of violence to hit the Israel-Gaza since the 2014 Gaza conflict. A reported 62 Palestinians were killed of which 52 have been confirmed as Hamas members. More than 2,700 have also been wounded. On what started out as a momentous day for Israel as the US Embassy officially opened in Jerusalem on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s creation on Monday, vehement protests organised by Hamas along the Gaza border made global headlines. Support from The White House for Israel was swift and UK Ambassador to Israel Mark Regev made Israel’s point crystal clear on

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a BBC radio interview. “If we allow the Hamas terrorists to enter Israel, we will have dead Israelis,” he said. But the question of Israeli excessive force and a disproportionate response has maintained in various quarters including the United Nations human rights commissioner. Notwithstanding the many critics, Netanyahu has stood firm. In the immediate aftermath of the violence, he defiantly responded to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’s claims of “Israeli massacres”. “Every nation has the right to defend its borders,” Netanyahu said. “Hamas clearly says its intentions are to destroy Israel and sends thousands to break through the border for that end. “As we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of



JLC Chairman Jonathan Goldstein and Areah Wagner enjoying JTrade

the solution.” Presidental delegation in Israel. And the Israeli leader’s com“As we have seen from the proments were ratified by Jared Kush- tests of the last month and even ner, a senior advisor to US Presi- CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 dent Trump, who was amongst the


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2 NEWS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution,” said Kushner. Deputy press secretary Raj Shah at a briefing blamed terrorist group Hamas for the loss of life. “The responsibility for these tragic deaths rest squarely with Hamas,” Shah said. “Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response.” He added: “As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, Israel has the right to defend itself.” Closer to home, Ambassador Regev eloquently defended the IDF on BBC Radio 4. “The people of Gaza live a very difficult life,” he said. “But that’s because they live in a prison controlled by Hamas, a theocratic, authoritarian regime that instead of investing its energy and its resources into building a better life for the people of Gaza invests its efforts in a holy war – their words, not mine – against Israel.” Regev told the presenter that a Hamas leader on the same programme only last week had openly said outrageous things about Jews and Israel, and openly did not believe in peace. Questioned about IDF tactics, he was succinct in his response. “We use live fire only in a very measured way, in a very surgical way and only when there is no alternative,” he said. “There were some 40,000 people involved in violent riots on our border. There were continuous attempts to storm the border and breach the border. “We have to protect our people. There are Israeli civilian communities immediately adjacent to that frontier. If we allow the Hamas terrorists to enter Israel, we will have dead Israelis. We must protect our border.” As violence unfolded, IDF troops reported that forces acted in “according to standard operating procedures” as 40,000 Palestinians participated in “violent riots”. In a statement, the IDF noted they were acting in self-defence to protect Israeli territory and civilians. Protesters were seen throwing Molotov cocktails, flying kites with flaming devices attached and hurling stones, burning tyres and hurling rocks across the border. The army also released a video allegedly showing demonstrators setting fire to a barbed-wire border fence prior to hurling blazing objects across the border. Military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said hundreds of protesters carried out “concerted, coordinated” attacks on the border fence.

THE JEWISH WEEKLY Whilst the did not break through, Conricus noted “significant damage” had taken place. Conricus also said Hamas militants disguised as protesters tried to plant explosives along the fence. Israeli aircraft and tanks struck seven Hamas positions. Ongoing weekly protests since late March instigated by Hamas followed US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and set to peak as the embassy opened. Israel has continually stated it has a “right to defend its border” and accused Hamas of sanctioning protests to cover attacks. Only last Saturday, IDF destroyed a sixth Hamas tunnel in as many months. Monday’s events though were the bloodiest in recent times. Trump had hoped for a Middle East ‘deal of the century’ but it currently is in tatters. The Gaza violence was a stark contrast to 30,000 Israelis celebrating the 51st anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification (Yom Yerushalayim) by in the city’s streets 24 hours before when. And as violence erupted in Gaza, a high-profile US delegation, led by Trump’s daughter Ivanka, adviser and son-in-law Kushner, Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin, US Middle East envoy Jason Dov Greenblatt and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, attended the dedication ceremony with foreign diplomats. Officially opening the embassy, President Trump, in a pre-recorded address, said it had been “a long time coming”. “Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government, it is the home of the Israeli legislature, the Israeli supreme court and Israel’s prime minister and president,” he exclaimed. “Israel is a sovereign nation with the right, like every other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital.” He added: “Our greatest hope is for peace. The United States remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement, and we continue to support the status quo at Jerusalem’s holy sites, including at the Temple Mount. “This city and its entire nation is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people.” Trump concluded: “The United States will always be a great friend of Israel and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace.” Addressing the American delegation, Netanyahu said: “We have no better friends in the world. You stand for Israel and you stand for Jerusalem.” He added: “Thank you President Trump for having the courage to

17 MAY 2018

keep your promises, for making the alliance between America and Israel stronger than ever. This is a great day for Israel. It’s a great day for America. It’s a great day for our fantastic partnership. I believe it’s also a great day for peace.” Richard D. Heideman, President of the American Zionist Movement, was at the opening. “The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a foundational issue we have long worked toward and sought to achieve,” he said. Heideman called on other nations that have diplomatic relations with Israel to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem. Hamas terrorists in action at the border fence Photo Credit: YWN Ensuing days has brought reaction aplenty. Africa recalled its ambassador to Is- decision to move the US embassy U.S. ambassador to the United Na- rael until further notice. to Jerusalem was unnecessary and tions Nikki Haley told an emergency In Europe, amongst responses, inflammatory.” meeting of the Security Council, Germany, Belgium and Ireland called And Foreign Secretary Boris Johncalled by Kuwait, that Israel respond- for an investigation. son told MPs in the Commons on ed with restraint at the Gaza border. Domestically, Downing Street Tuesday: “I am deeply saddened by Dismissing the notion that vio- appealed for calm in the immediate the loss of life in Gaza where peacelence was caused by the US Embassy aftermath. ful protests are being exploited by opening, she laid the blame firmly at “We are concerned by the reports extremists. the hands of Hamas, backed by Iran of violence and loss of life in Gaza,” “I urge Israel to show restraint in for inciting the violence. the Prime Minister’s official spokes- the use of live fire and I take this “I ask my colleagues here in the Se- man said. opportunity to repeat the UK’s comcurity Council, who among us would “We urge calm and restraint to mitment to a two-state solution with accept this type of activity on your avoid actions destructive to peace Jerusalem as the shared capital.” border?” she said. “No one would. efforts. Speaking on behalf of the Jewish No country in this chamber would act “The UK remains firmly commit- community, the Board of Deputies with more restraint than Israel has.” ted to a two-state solution with Jeru- President Jonathan Arkush and PresRegarding the relocation of the US salem as a shared capital.” ident-Elect Marie van der Zyl issued Embassy, she noted, “It reflects our Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a joint statement stating their anguish sovereign right to decide the location writing on Facebook, condemned at the violent scenes and loss of life at of our embassy. Importantly, moving Israel, calling for an end to the abuse the Israel-Gaza border. our embassy to Jerusalem also re- of human and political rights Pales“No state could allow its borders flects the reality that Jerusalem is the tinians face daily, the 11-year siege of to be breached by those who opencapital of Israel. Gaza, 50-year occupation of Palestin- ly wish harm to its civilians,” they “Recognising this reality makes ian territory and ongoing expansion noted. “Israel is defending its people real peace more achievable, not less.” of illegal settlements. from repeated violent attempts at Many ambassadors accepted Is“This slaughter follows weeks mass invasion. rael’s right to defend itself and con- of killings of Palestinian civilians “The responsibility for the violence demned Hamas. demonstrating for their right to re- lies with Hamas, a terrorist organisaBut, they slated that Israel had to turn, most of whom are refugees or tion with the explicit stated aim of respond proportionately, especially the families of refugees,” he noted. murdering Israeli civilians and the with the use of ammunition. Emily Thornberry slated Israel’s ultimate destruction of the State of “Lethal force should be exercised government for its “brutal, lethal and Israel. with restraint,” said Olof Skoog, utterly unjustified actions”. “Hamas is cynical in the use of its Sweden’s representative. The shadow foreign secretary population - including children - to Israel ambassador Danny Danon appealed to the United Nations to join known terrorists in violent atlambasted Hamas saying it valued evaluate the protests and end Israel’s tempts to break through the border “death over peace,”. “illegal occupation” of the Palestini- and kill Israeli citizens. He asked Security Council mem- an territories. “We call on Hamas to turn instead bers to put themselves in Israel’s Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince to a path of peace with Israel that position. Cable commented: “This is a tragic could bring an end to the tragic con“What would you do, each one of escalation of violence that all in- flict and offer a better future for all you, if a violent mob of tens of thou- volved must seek to curtail. Palestinians and Israelis alike.” sands were threatening your sover“Trump’s bully-boy diplomacy In an ever-evolving story, ramificaeign borders?” he said. has real-life consequences, and his tions are likely to continue. “What would you do if your people were faced with terror The Jewish Weekly WHAT’S INSIDE THIS WEEK attacks day in and day out? You must not give in to the cycle of 02 News 26 Women 06 Community News 27 Travel ians death the 19 Judaism 28 Kids have created. You must 23 Business 32 Youth call out lies when y o u 24 Sports 39 Classifieds see them.” London tel. 0203 906 8488 Elsewhere, China called on Israel to exercise restraint but South Manchester tel. 0161 804 1321


17 MAY 2018

Van der Zyl victorious in Board president elections BY DAVID SAFFER Marie van der Zyl is only the second woman to be elected as President of the Board of Deputies in its 250-year history. The 53-year-old London lawyer defeated Simon Hochhauser, Edwin Shuker and Sheila Gewolb to succeed Jonathan Arkush for the much-coveted role. Deputy for the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade, Marie has served the Board as Vice President for Defence and Interfaith for the past three years. Following her election, she told Deputies: “I’m overwhelmed. I want to thank everyone who put their confidence in me. It will be an honour and a privilege to serve the community.” Within hours of her election, Marie gave her first interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and is clear on the tasks at hand. “I know what I’m taking on,” she said. “I’ve been responsible for a division which is at the heart and soul of the Board. “There are extensive responsibilities with some very big challenges. “We have the unfolding situation in the




Middle East, anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, the situation with Iran and of course Brexit in the near future. “It is a very challenging time but we have a team that will respond.” Outgoing President Jonathan Arkush paid tribute to his successor. “Marie has been tireless, effective and utterly committed as Vice President and I know she will make a very fine president,” he said. Sheila Gewolb, Amanda Bowman and Edwin Shuker were elected Vice Presidents. As the highest polling candidate, Sheila will be Senior Vice President. “I am delighted at being elected and will be working closely with Marie in the coming years. “We have an ideal team now with Amanda and Edwin as new vice presidents, and I’m excited at the prospect of making the Board even more effective and successful at representing our community.” Stuart MacDonald was re-elected unopposed as Treasurer. Results were announced following a final hustings in front of a packed plenary session of deputies.

Board of Deputies supports calls for Windrush inquiry Marie Van der Zyl

Topics discussed included anti-Semitism, communal security, defending Israel, shechitah and brit milah. In his last statement, Mr Arkush told delegates: “It has been the greatest privilege to have been entrusted with a leadership role in our outstanding British Jewish community. “The last nine years as Vice President and President have been intensive and demanding but never less than fulfilling. “The Board’s profile and standing are higher than I have ever known.” Jonathan and outgoing senior vice-president, Richard Verber, were given a standing ovation and thanks from deputies for their endeavours over the past three years.

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush and President-Elect Marie van der Zyl have supported calls for an inquiry into wrongful deportations of members of the Windrush generation: They said: “The news that 63 members of the Windrush generation could have been wrongfully deported from our country is horrifying. “As we said in April, the Windrush generation have contributed a great deal to Britain, and they are undoubtedly part of the fabric of our nation. Today, we support David Lammy’s call for a public inquiry to get to the bottom of how these British citizens were deported.”




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Women file police complaint againts women of the wall BY JW CORRESPONDET A dozen women and teens have filed police complaints against Women of the Wall wow campaigners on Monday. Allegedly WOW members verbally abused and physically pushed Orthodox worshippers away from a prayer area. Earlier hundreds of traditionally orthodox women had arrived at the Kotel to pray. Kotel security had designated an area for WOW to pray so as to prevent confrontation. But WOW members refused to comply and pushed their way among women worshippers including teens already in the middle of prayer. WOW members then allegedly physically moved women and teens on, prevented them from accessing

17 MAY 2018


Tributes following death of Dame Tessa BY JW CORRESPONDET

belongings and used verbal insults. Many left in tears. “The Kotel is the spiritual home for thousands of women, who cherish its traditions,” said Leah Aharoni of Women FOR the Wall, a traditionalist group, who organiseed the prayer services. “It is unthinkable that a group of 30 women not only disturb, but rough other women.” Dina Wilshinsky, a long-time resident of Jerusalem: “I came to pray on Rosh Chodesh and simply could not concentrate from all the noise made by Women of the Wall. “I was forced to leave, as were many of other women. “I’ve lived in Jerusalem for 46 years and come to the Kotel all the time. How can it be, that we cannot pray peacefully at the Kotel?”

The Jewish community paid tribute to former Labour cabinet minister Dame Tessa Jowell, 70, who died at home on Sunday. The Jewish Labour Movement said they were deeply saddened by her passing and noted that the former MP for Ilford North had built an “everlasting bond with the Jewish community” during her career when she had been a guest speaker at dinners and fundraisers.

“She was kind and brave until the end,” they added. Dame Tessa was a member of the 2015 All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism. The organisation commented in a statement, “A kind, thoughtful and much valued colleague with a tremendous legacy.” Raymond Simonson, JW3 chief executive tweeted that he had spent a memorable evening with her when she addressed a packed audience who loved her “regardless of their political persuasion.”

Dame Tessa

Expel Livingstone says Chakrabarti BY LEAH WAXLER Shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti has called for Ken Livingstone to be expelled from the party on mainstream television. The former MP and London mayor has been slated for controversial comments on Hitler and Zionism. Speaking on BBC One’s Sunday Politics, Ms Chakrabarti said Livingstone had brought shame on the party and Labour must apologise to the Jewish community. Her comments came as Livingstone, currently suspended, says he will resist moves to expel him. Ms Chakrabarti commented: “I don’t believe that Ken Livingstone can any longer be in the Labour Party. “We can’t run away from the fact that he has repeated really, really incendiary remarks. “To compare somebody who was trying to escape Nazis with Nazis themselves, and to do so again, and again, and again and again, even when you know that this has caused the deepest hurt and upset and embarrassment to the party, is completely unacceptable in my view.” She added: “I find it very difficult now to see how any rational decision maker could allow Mr Livingstone to stay in our party.


Dame Tessa

“He has brought it repeatedly into disrepute. He has brought shame upon it, and his own legacy. “And we need to apologise to Jewish members, supporters and voters for the insult, the incendiary remarks equating people trying to escape Nazis with Nazis themselves.” Ms Chakrabarti felt the Livingstone saga had damaged Labour ratings in recent local elections. She said: “Maybe there still remains a minority of people, who think that to be loyal to the leader, to Jeremy Corbyn, is to look away from this problem that exists in society, that exists on the right of politics and yes exists on the left of politics. “I think at times there were people who claimed to be supportive of Jeremy, who looked the other way, for example when they were involved in disciplinary processes.”



17 MAY 2018

JTrade - History in the making Thousands turned out to visit the very first JTrade Business each to other. expo. JTrade was the first property and construction expo to be held in London by the orthodox Jewish community. More than 3000 visitors from around the country visited JTrade, exploring different opportunities with exhibitors. More than 180 exhibitors ranging from across the Jewish business community had built state of the art stands at the JTrade was originally founded by Mr Ari Feferkorn a young Business Design Centre in Islington on Monday. member of the Stamford Hill community who saw the need This was an historic opportunity, the concept of bringing to help grow business within our community He himself together many Jewish business under one roof and network- runs a successful construction company AIM Building, His ing with other business and visitors. This shows how much idea was quickly teamed up with many important key playpotential we have within our community to pass business ers in the community. Work Avenue who threw their sup-

JTrade Photo collage


port behind JTrade, Levi Schapiro from the JCC who helped bring Jewish communities across the country together to visit and exhibit at Jtrade, and of course to help earn its high level government recognition by an opening speech from the business and trade Minister Richard Harrington who was introduced by one of the notable members of the community Mark Morris from Work Avenue. Amongst those present were community leaders Mr Jonathan Goldstein from the JLC who also offered its full support and Mr Michael Goldstein president of the United Synagogue who helped promote JTrade.


20th Finchley Jewish Scout Pack at camp

Conference of European Rabbis responds to Bulgaria’s proposal on religious funding Under new regulations in Bulgaria, external financing is forbidden for all religions unless previously authorised by the Directorate of Religious Affairs and only those religions which represent over 1% of the population are candidates for state subsidies. In practice, this means that Jews, Catholics and Protestants will not receive any funding from the state and nor are they allowed to receive donations from abroad, despite a lack of established funding from within the country. Commenting on Bulgaria’s proposed new legislation that will ban external funding to minority religions, Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, said: “During the Second World War, King Boris III forbade the deportation of

Bulgaria’s 50,000 Jews, granting him the distinction of being the only world leader to defy Hitler face-to-face during the war. Yet now, the proposed new legislation effectively denies the 2,000 years of Bulgarian Jewish history by stopping community funding and negating Bulgaria’s standing as the only nation in Europe to save its entire Jewish population from Nazi death camps. We support the idea that funding should be transparent, however the nature of this ban will undermine those religions who do not qualify or have the infrastructure for internal funding. We would ask the Bulgarian Government to immediately consult religious communities to enact appropriate checks and balances on funding rather than this de-facto ban.”

The 20th Finchley Jewish Scout Pack spent the weekend at Phasels Wood Scout Activity Centre. The children said that they had a brilliant time. Activities included archery, fire lighting, crate stacking - to name a few. The leaders gave up their weekend to take the chldren away. Much fun was had by all. Having fun

The Phasels Wood Scout Activity Centre

Parents regenerate Tehila and Yitzchak Kadosh live in Israel. Their journey with Zichron Menachem began when their 3-year-old son Yosef Mordechai felt a pain in his leg. Two weeks later he couldn’t walk, and a biopsy revealed that he had cancer. He underwent cancer treatment for a year and a half and then got the all clear. Except a year later it the cancer returned. After two years of treatment, the cancer seemed to go away again. Then two years later it came back again. Now 11 years old, Yosef Mordechai is undergoing intensive cancer treatment for the third time. Throughout his battle with cancer, Zichron Menachem has been by the family’s side. Yosef Mordechai spends a lot of time in hospital. While he’s there Sherut Leumi, (National Service) volunteers come and hang out with him, playing games and keeping his mind off the treatments. “He starts the day so sad and waits until the girls come,” says Tehilla. “When he’s with them he forgets about his illness. They bring him back to life.” It’s not just Yosef Mordechai who benefits from Zichron Menachem’s support. Often the couple’s other three children get jealous of the attention their brother gets. His younger siblings don’t remember a time when he wasn’t ill. Zichron Menachem helps them feel special too. Once a week, a Zichron Menachem bus picks the kids up after school and takes them to the House of Dreams Day Centre in Jerusalem. While there, they get help with homework,

17 MAY 2018



Enjoying the retreat

take part in after school activities, eat dinner and even get music lessons. This week, Zichron Menachem brought Tehila and Yitzchak on a respite trip to London together with a group of 30 or so parents whose children have cancer. “We are so busy taking care of Yosef Mordechai that there is never time to do anything for ourselves,” says Yitzchak, who took part in a respite trip several years ago as well. “It’s so easy to fall into a depression, to feel like you are alone in this difficult situation. Then I think of our time in London and I feel like I am not alone. “The trip also gives Tehila and I a chance to connect. We don’t get to do that very much with everything going on at home. When we come home, we feel renewed and able to take care of our family with more energy. “Zichron Menachem is like a family for us. They help us in so many ways. It feels like they wrap their arms around us in a big hug. They just get it.”

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Dayan David announced as new Head of the Sephardi Beth Din with Rabbi Avraham Dadoun welcomed as a Dayan Dayan David, a member of the Sephardi Beth Din for the past 25 years, has been appointed as Head of the Sephardi Beth Din, with effect from the next sitting on 4th June. In addition, Rabbi Avraham Dadoun, a graduate of the Kollel Darchei Hora’ah, established by Rabbi Eliyahu in Jerusalem, will join the Sephardi Beth Din as a Dayan effective from the same date. Dayan David was born in Rangoon, Burma, to parents who originate from Iraq. After moving to England as a teenager, he was introduced to Gateshead Yeshiva where he studied for the next 6 years and then continued in the Brisk Yeshiva in Jerusalem, under the leadership of Rabbi Yosef Dov Soleveichik. He married and returned to the Gateshead Kollel to continue studying at a higher level for a further 8 years. Thereafter, he accepted a position as a lecturer at the famous Yeshivat Porat Yosef in Jerusalem, where he formed a close relationship with the Sephardi Chief Rabbis of

17 MAY 2018


Israel, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu, receiving constant guidance from them. He remained there until called upon to set up a Kollel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the first in the country. He practised Halacha under Rabbi Wosner and other great scholars in Israel receiving semicha for Psak on all the Shulchan Aruch. Many of the Rabbis, Rashei Yeshivot and Rashei Kollelim in Central and South America today are products of his Kollel there. Later, he also accepted the leadership of the Syrian community of Shuba Israel where he served for many years. He returned to the UK, accepting a position from Rabbi Yaacov Hillel and his brother Rabbi Dan Hillel to lead the Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva, the first Sephardi centre for the study of Torah, and as Rabbi of the OYH community. The community has grown since also establishing its own school, which developed into the Nancy Reuben Primary, in memory of the late Nancy Reuben, dedicated by the Reuben

brothers. He was invited to join the Sephardi Beth Din as a Dayan by Dayan Toledano and Rabbi Abraham Levy approximately 25 years ago, with the blessing of the Gaon Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Dayan David looks forward in his new position as Rosh of the Sephardi Beth Din to enhance the oldest serving Beth Din in the country. He is also delighted to welcome Rabbi Avraham Dadoun as Dayan in the Beth Din. Dayan Avraham Yaakov Dadoun is a former student of the Hasmonean High School in London. On leaving school, he learned at Gateshead Yeshiva Gedolah and then at Heichal Hatorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Once married, he began his rabbinical career in the renowned Kollel Darchei Horaah Lerabbanim, established by the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rishon Letzion Harav Mordechai Eliyahu. In 2014, he received semicha ‘Rav Ir’ from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. In 2017, He received his Yadin Yadin semicha from Rav Shlomo

Successful appeals for Jews in Ukraine and Belarus The Jewish Rescue and Relief committee of Agudas Yisroel continues in its support to kehillos in Ukraine and Belarus. Fourteen appeals were conducted mainly during the winter months in Hendon and Golders Green by its chairman, Mr Alex Strom. The appeals brought in substantial funds that were dispersed amongst other towns to Zhitomir, Vinitza, Korestan, Mauriopol,Poltava and Odessa in the Ukraine. A significant share of the sums raised were allocated to Pinsk in Belarus to assist in the courageous and highly successful work of Reb

Moshe Fhima Manchester.


Amar, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, Av Beis Din of Jerusalem. He also sat as a Dayan in the Jerusalem Divorce Courts headed by Dayan Abergel and Dayan Solomon. As well as an experienced public speaker and accomplished bilingual lecturer, Dayan Dadoun founded and currently runs ‘Kollel Birkat Shalom Nissim’, a Dayanut Kollel made up of a group of outstanding Dayanim that aims to qualify Dayanim in both Halachah and Shulchan Aruch. A creative writer, in 2016, Dayan Dadoun founded ‘Alon Darchei Hora’ah’ a popular digest of practical halachic discussions written by the Rabbanim of ‘Darchei Horaah’. He is also the Co-founder and Director (together with his wife, Efrat) of ‘Merkaz Libi’ a charitable organisation which is known for its success over several years in helping young Jewish girls. Merkaz Libi was established to identify and deal with teen risk situations, in order to prevent these girls from dropping out. To implement this, he and his wife work closely together with various educational establishments, the families involved and the community. Dayan Dadoun is always looking to enhance the study of Torah to the wider public, with enthusiasm, empathy and drive, in order to build real relationships with people from all walks of life, as well as being sensitive to their

needs. Dayan David, new Head of the Sephardi Beth Din, said: ”We look forward to bringing together the new generation of great Sephardi Torah scholars and leaders we have in this country to the forefront, to enhance and secure the future of Torah and our traditions in Halacha, Psak and Kashrut. We pray for success. We wish the Board and the Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community success for their good work and effort.” Rabbi Dweck, Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community, said: “I am deeply grateful that our Bet Din, the oldest Bet Din in Britain, continues to serve the Sephardi community with such illustrious and well-respected dayanim. I am delighted to welcome Dayan David as Rosh Bet Din and Dayan Dadoun as a dayan. The Sephardi Bet Din is an essential part of the S&P Sephardi Community and has been since day-one of its founding. The new structure of the Bet Din will mean that its work will be become even stronger and more effective and it will be able to serve the greater Sephardi community more efficiently in its work with gittin, conversions, and arbitrations on Torah law, among other things. It also impacts greatly on the quality and strength of our kashrut authority, the SKA, which is under the Bet Din’s supervision. I wish our dayanim much success in their holy work and I look forward to working with them.”

Barmitzvah boy ‘GIFTs’ his Yom Yerushalayim Simcha of

Some seven further appeals are planned for Manchester over the coming Shabbos and Shavuos. In a statement the Committee said “We are pleased that notwithstanding the sad loss last year of our esteemed and tireless treasurer, Reb Yisroel (Isi) Reich zl, and despite logistic challenges we have boruch Hashem been able to continue in the work of the late askan, Reb Sender Schweid zl. in the relief of poverty and the revival of yiddishkeit in the FSU”.

Barmitzvah boy Ami Jacobs celebrated his special day this week on Yom Yerushalayim. During a celebratory breakfast, GIFT were invited to run a ‘giving station’ at which guests were encouraged to make tephillat haderech (prayer for protection) key rings together with purses for small personal All smiles belongings. The purses were personalised with names of Israeli soldiers from Ami’s cousin’s unit in the army, and taken to Israel on Monday. Ami is a regular GIFT volunteer, together with his brother Eli, manning a GIFT BOX outside their local kosher


store each week to encourage shoppers to donate food items to GIFT. As a result of their volunteering, the brothers have collected hundreds of pounds worth of food to help families in need. GIFT provide weekly food parcels and practical help to hundreds of families across London and Man-

chester. GIFT’s twin objectives are to educate and inspire people to be givers, whilst helping those in need. To ‘GIFT your Simcha’ contact info@


17 MAY 2018


JNF UK partners with the Israeli Cancer Research Fund in two spectacular events Last weekend two exclusive events were hosted by Elena Gabay and Mookie Orr in their North London homes, in partnership with JNF UK, in support of the Israeli Cancer Research Fund (ICRF). Those in attendance were able to meet and hear from award winning author and journalist Ronen Bergman. Dr Shani Paluch-Shimon, Director of Oncology at the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem, addressed the guests, as did Tamir Gilat, Chairman of the ICRF and former goalkeeper for Maccabi Tel Aviv. Guests were serenaded by the talented Marina Maximilian and the renowned Israeli chef Nini Noff flew from Israel to be present and to cater for one of the events, treating guests to a delicious dinner, together with London based

The crowd at the event

Ambassador Mark Regev

chef, Miri Barak. Both events were produced and managed by Tali Tzemach from Tzemach Productions. His Excellency Ambassador Mark Regev also gave a talk at one of the events and said “Israeli medical research is not merely changing lives, but saving lives. We can be proud of this, just as we can be proud of the contribution

that the ICRF’s work is making to mankind.” The funds raised from the events will go the Israeli Cancer Research Fund where they will be used for research grants for Israeli scientists and doctors to use in the vital struggle to beat cancer. Yonatan Galon, CEO of JNF UK, said “an unfortunate

Project ImpACT volunteers use their Sunday afternoon to help others Young Jewish volunteers from across the community came together at Jewish Care’s Amélie House in Golders Green on Sunday to run a special Yom Yerushalayim event for residents and visitors. The volunteers, who are all part of Project ImpACT, a youth volunteering programme, led the celebrations running a lunch quiz on the history of Jerusalem and Israel and doing Israeli dancing together with the residents, with great musical accompaniment by Jonny Moses. Sunday’s festivities were greatly enjoyed by the Jewish Care residents. L E, who attended the event, said it was “wonderful to see young people giving up their Sunday afternoon to support us.” Jamie Fobel from South Hampstead said, “It was great to see so many members of the community havning fun and getting involved. Thomas Oakland from St John’s Wood added: “It feels good to give back to the community and give the residents of Jewish Care a great

The volunteers in action

experience.” Zsofia Maus, Day Services Wellbeing Coordinator at Jewish Care, wrote to the volunteers the following day. “Thank you so much for bringing the fantastic group of volunteers yesterday,” the note said. “They were energetic, helpful, creative and smart.” Project ImpACT is an innovative volunteering programme giving Jewish young people

tangible and impactful opportunities to make a difference by volunteering at a number of large and small charities. Over 100 young people from 10 communities across North London participate in the programme on a weekly basis. To join a Project ImpACT volunteering group across any of the locations in London contact

reality of the 21st Century is that almost everyone is touched in some way or other by cancer. It is one of the most prolific killers in the world and one about which there is much to learn and understand. This is what makes the work of the Israeli Cancer Research Fund indispensable. Israel is the start-up nation and JNF UK

believes it can also be the nation that gives the world the cure for cancer, but only if we invest in our scientists, doctors and researchers.” As part of JNF UK’s mission of transforming Israel and improving the lives of all its residents, JNF UK also supports medical and research projects that will potentially benefit the world.

US Chesed aim to change lives On Sunday US Chesed hosted more than 90 people at their ‘Life Changing’ conference. The programme offered a wide range of topics, highlighting both issues that can affect our members such as loneliness, poor mental health, being a hospital patient, domestic abuse, children and young people with special educational needs and addiction as well as a broader focus on social responsibility with opportunities to volunteer in projects such as our monthly asylum-seeker drop-in centre, cooking in our shul kitchens for people who are homeless or learning how to set up a local food bank. The workshops were provided by a range of expert speakers, community Rabbis and members of our own communities who have set up innovative projects such as the Sage social and educational project in Bushey – ‘because it’s never too late to learn’, the interfaith blood donor bank in Golders Green and how to make our synagogues in eco-friendly from speakers from Highgate and Muswell Hill. Rabbi Lawrence set the tone for the morning with his thoughtful and humorous words on the gaps between perception and reality, inspiring the audience either to start volunteering


or to increase their commitment. Head of US Chesed, Michelle Minsky, added: “US Chesed is constantly looking for ways to make sure that our amazing volunteers have as much information, support, guidance and resources from us as possible. Our projects wouldn’t happen without them so I’d like to thank them for their continued dedication both to the members of our own synagogues and to the wider community.” President of The US, Michael Goldstein, said: “Chesed (loving-kindness) is one of the pillars of Judaism. Our community is indebted to the US Chesed team for the wonderful projects that they undertake such as assisting hundreds of families afford to make Pesach, helping asylum seekers and cooking food for the homeless, amongst many others. This conference will ensure that similar initiatives can take place over the coming year, helping even more people in the process.”

17 MAY 2018


Generation Sinai at KD

The annual Generation Sinai event was held at several schools, including at Manchester’s King David Primary school on Tuesday with pupils, parents and grandparents learning together as part of the worldwide Generation Sinai project.

Dad getting involved

Learning informally

JGS conference inspires

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain held their 16th annual Northern Conference at the Sir David Wilmot Conference Suite in the Greater Manchester Police Training College.

The conference in action


Manchester Jewish Representative Council held their AGM on Sunday morning at the Nicky Alliance centre. Guest speaker was Mrs Sally Halon, Manchester UK Programme Director, The Young Leadership Course. Sharon Bannister, the Council President was re-elected as President. Mr Jonny Wineberg retired after 25 years on the Rep council.


y a

Legendary cultural centre swimming teacher John retires after 30 years

The Manchester Jewish Cultural Centre swimming teacher Mr John Hanna retired as the centre's swimming teacher after 30 years, teaching three generations. A packed retirement party was held for the veteran on Sunday afternoon. Swimmers past and present

e h l t o op n i

and the whole community attended to show appreciation for John's expertise as the Centre's swimming teacher. Dayan I.D Berger was amongst the many who spoke of thanks to Mr Hanna and made presentations including presenting John with his farewell swimming pool cake!


Registered charity no: 1117126

After the conference

Presenting the cake PHOTO CREDIT: Lawrence Purcell

Whatever your age, you or someone close to you are likely to need our support sooner or later. But we need your support too... When new data protection laws (GDPR) come into force on 25th May, please don’t let us lose touch. So we can tell you about our news, services, events and appeals let us know how you want us to contact you and what about at or call us on 0161 772 4800


17 MAY 2018


Side by Side special needs school

T’Mimei Lev hold 21st Annual Dinner The T’Mimei Lev 21st annual dinner was held on Monday evening at Holy Law Shul, and was dedicated in memory of Moshe Hassell who was one of the first pupils of the school.

Excitement was high at Side by Side special needs school as pupils stoked the fire and fanned the flames at the Bonfire L’ag B’omer party.

Early royal wedding wavers get into practice

Pictured from left, Rabbi Dovid Lewis, Rav of South Manchester Shul, Cheshire, Guest speaker Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein, Principal Beis Sorah Schenirer Seminary, Manchester, and Gershon Glickman looking at the Brochure,and with performances by the Sameach choir.

Royal Wedding flag wavers at the Nicky Alliance Centre Art class run by art club tutor Tracey Flasz,the Centre has members who are elderly, poor in health and lonely. On Shabbat, when Megan and Harry get married the centre will be closed as it’s the Jewish Sabbath, so the art club members decided to celebrate a few days earlier.

Yom Kippur Koton service at Shaarie Mordechai Shul

A Yom Kippur Koton service was held at Shaarei Mordechai Shul Sedgley Park, Prestwich on Monday evening. Enjoying the occassion

Preparing for the wedding

Pre-Shavuot Programme in Leeds Leeds Community Members learnt together with Leeds Kollel & guests from Manchester who came in specially for this 1st the Kollel & Manchester guests learnt together, followed by Leeds community members joiningVery interactive seder on hezek she-eino nikar/unrecognisable damage. This has great relevance today with computer viruses. At same time, there was a shiur

for ladies by Mrs S Stern of the Kollel on Rus. This was followed by a scrumptious buffet style lunch catered by the Kollel wives. Guest speaker Rabbi Andrew Shaw spoke about never giving up. R’ Akiva did not give up hope even after 24,000 students died. For 2,000 years we have not given up hope! We have to always move on tremendous success, with an uplifting & inspiring atmosphere.

Pictured at the event are Rabbi L. Rabinowitz Rav at the Shaarei Mordechai Shul, Sedgley Park, Prestwich leading the service, with, Rabbi G Knopfler, Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivas Shaarei Torah.

Yom Yerushalayim at Broughton Jewish A special assembly was held at the Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox primary school on Monday afternoon for the whole school to celebrate Yom Yerushalyim,with an audio visual screening and activities for the pupils.

Rewarded with food

Learning with the Kollel

Beautiful presentation

Women enjoying the learning


The group with their lazer tag results


17 MAY 2018


Hatzola Hits Herts

IDF soldiers Rei Cohen and Amichai Tauber. PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL

IDF Soldiers inspire Broughton Jewish through Panim el Panim IDF Soldiers visited Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox primary school Friday morning as part of the programme the school is supporting, Panim el Panim, the Jewish Educational enrichment programme. The visitors spoke to the Friday morning assembly, showing an

audio visual video of the IDF who are taking part in the programme, then visited classrooms to explain what the Panim el Panim Jewish educational enrichment programmes are all about.

Hatzola, the world renowned Jewish emergency medical service which boasts an unprecedented speed in responding to calls, is now establishing a branch in Borehamwood and Elstree. The Jewish community of Borehamwood and Elstree is the most rapidly growing one in the UK and consequently, this is a much welcomed and long-awaited development. Although Hatzola Herts - (which is a pun on the words Hertfordshire and hearts) - is autonomous, it subscribes to the principles of Hatzola in that if any religious queries arise, it consults halachic opinion. At the moment, Hatzola Herts is fundraising to enable it to raise the pre-requisite sum of £100,000.00 to allow it to be established at the envisaged commencement date of Pesach 2019. These funds will provide the fledgling Richard Kafton organisation with a communications system and the ability to provide the necessary training of fifteen volunteers who are yet to be recruited. The volunteers will need to work or live in the local vicinity to ensure that they can reach people within Hatzola’s expected swift response times. Initially, Hatzola Herts will not have access to an ambulance as this is highly costly and will not be affordable in the immediate future. However, as the service expands, it is hoped that ever-increasing funds gleaned from public and private donations will enable the procurement of an ambulance. Richard Kafton, Director of Hatzola Herts is hoping that eventually, the establishment will branch out to Radlett, Shenley and Borehamwood although this will not be possible at the moment.

British Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre, with Prof Rael Strous Earlier this week, British Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua Medical centre held an event in Manchester. Director of the mental health wing, Prof Rael Strous was in attendance at Stenecourt Shul. Four different lectures were given throughout all day. Pictured are from left, Elimelech Dovid Kanter, Director of Pathways and Psycotherapist, Prof Rael Strous and Chaim Fachler Director Department of International Resource Development.




“For it is in the giving that we receive”. This could perhaps be said to be the motto of The GIFT Hospital Service. The organisation aims to encourage and inspire people to invest time, love and commitment and in return, volunteers have asserted that they have reaped the reward of fulfilment. Indeed, several volunteers have stated that they wish they could afford to quit their full-time jobs and devote all their time to this venture! The GIFT Hospital Service was originally conceived several months ago by Chaya, a self-effacing but incredibly altruistic individual, after she visited a young lady in University College Hospital on a Shabbos afternoon. She had walked to the hospital together with a friend in their capacity as volunteers of GIFT’s “Shabbos Walk”, a project which, as part of its objectives, aims to provide visitors to Jewish patients confined to a hospital bed over Shabbos. The patient whom she had visited was a twenty one year old lady with special needs. She had several younger siblings and her mother had been overwhelmed by the unenviable and somewhat impossible task of meeting the needs of all the children dependent upon her at home whilst simultaneously complying with the requests of the hospital staff that she be perpetually present at her daughter’s hospital bedside. The mother had been agonising over the dilemma of how to satisfy the exigency of the hospital’s demands without neglecting her children at home. To compound the problem, she and her husband could not afford to pay for carers to sit at the hospital on their behalf and thus she was at her wits’ end as to how to resolve the situation.

17 MAY 2018


friends would undertake to be at her daughter’s hospital bedside every single night until she returned home. Not one to disappoint, Chaya fulfilled her promise. The girl’s mother was so indebted to her that Chaya was motivated to introduce a large-scale operation whereby the stress of family members with a relative in hospital would be alleviated by volunteers effectively accepting shifts to stay in the hospital with the patient. Eliezer Gilbert, who heads GIFT’s volunteers’ department, was impressed by Chaya’s vision and moved by her dedication. Consequently, GIFT was prepared to accept Chaya’s concept as a venture that would be spearheaded under the auspices of its umbrella institution. Although Eliezer had already initiated ‘The Shabbos Walk’ which had attracted volunteers aged thirteen and over, Chaya’s scheme would only be accepting volunteers of the minimum age of eighteen since they might be required to undertake a night shift at the hospital.

it is happy to send volunteers to mental health wards. Tragically, those afflicted with mental health problems are often misunderstood by society and are either neglected, ignored or spurned. For the relatives of the mentally ill, The GIFT Hospital Service therefore offers welcome respite for what is arguably the most vulnerable branch of the Jewish community. In fact, although the help is undeniably appreciated by the families, they are also touched by the knowledge that people care. Indeed, relatives who live abroad and are unable to stay in England on a prolonged basis, are particularly grateful for the service’s intervention. The service providers endeavour to bring joy to what is often the darkest time of one’s life. Whilst many patients recover and return home to the life they left behind, heartbreakingly, some do not survive. The volunteers therefore strive to do whatever is in their power to comfort, amuse and entertain the patients, some of whom may never see the outside world again. Indeed, one elderly lady informed the organisation that the doctors had predicted that she had a limited number of days left on

Chaya’s idea took flight. She now has 150 volunteers most of whom have full time jobs and devote their spare time to what they perceive to be a worthwhile and exceptional cause. Indeed, the organisation is very much in demand as it decreases the inevitable emotional and physical stress experienced by anyone with a loved one in hospital. Volunteers are required to have DBS checks, thereby ensuring the safety and security of all the ill people with whom they come into contact. The volunteers range from young medical students or teachers, who are happy to undertake a night shift whilst doing their work by the bedside of a sleeping patient, to retired ladies who are happy to accept a day shift.

The service aims to comply with individual requirements wherever possible. Therefore, when asked if it could supply volunteers who could attend the home of a baby awaiting heart surgery, The GIFT Hospital Service acceded to this request. It provided volunteers who had been medically trained in how to feed the baby via the nasogastric tube to which it had been attached as a means of providing medium-term nutritional support. This afforded the parents the opportunity to sleep at night in the confidence that Chaya offered to form a group of friends their ailing child would be well looked who would each be assigned a shift over after. the three week period during which the girl was due to stay in hospital. She Perhaps one of the most outstanding feaA Work Avenue conference taking promised the mother that sheplace and her tures of The GIFT Hospital Service is that


this earth. She merely desired companionship during her last remaining hours. The service sent volunteers to bring good cheer and laughter to her deathbed. The lady died knowing she was not alone. Volunteers play games with patients, perform arts and crafts or sing with them and play musical instruments and even help with homework if this is requested. Loneliness and melancholy can be constant companions of ill people and the service strives to keep these at bay. Chaya’s dream though, is that please G-d, in an ideal world, there be no more malady and that the service become defunct. May this aspiration come true!

Just reminding you to check your


17 MAY 2018



Bamidbar In loving memory of Frida Mirel bat Chaim Simcha

Just Desert

by Rabbi Nick Kett, Assistant Rabbi, Bushey & District Synagogue It is interesting to note that while the Book of Bereshit and the opening parashiyot of Shemot span over 2400 years, the rest of the Torah takes place over a mere 40 years. The giving of the Torah is recorded in parashat Yitro, in the year 2448, and the Jews entered the Land of Israel at the end of the book of Devarim, in 2488. The entire Book of Vayikra spans a mere 8 days, and between the parashiyot of Korach and Chukat (in the Book of Bemidbar), 38 years of Jewish history is somehow glossed over - the story of Korach (Bemidbar 1617) and his followers takes place 38 years before the death of Miriam, as recorded in Chukat (ibid. 20)! Such a large part of the Chumash takes place in the desert. It was there that the Jews became a nation, and were given the Torah, the Divine blueprint for life.

“G-d spoke to Moshe in the Sinai desert …” (Bamidbar 1:1).

Sidrah Summary: Bamidbar 1st Aliya (Kohen) – Vayikra 1:1-19 On Rosh Chodesh of the second month after the Exodus from Egypt, G-d instructs Moshe and Aharon to take a census of men above the age of 20. (The Talmud adds that men above 60 were not counted). The leader of each tribe is to be present with them when his tribe is counted. The name of each leader is stated. The census is carried out as commanded. Point to Consider: What was the purpose of this count? (see Rashi to 1:1) 2nd Aliya (Levi) – 1:20-54 The Torah lists the results of the census. The tribe of Reuven numbers 46,500; Shimon 59,300; Gad 45,650; Yehuda 74,600; Yissachar 54,400; Zevulun 57,400; Ephraim 40,500; Menashe 32,200; Binyamin 35,400; Dan 62,700; Asher 41,500; Naftali 53,400. This comes to a total of 603,550 men. The tribe of Levi is not counted with the rest of the tribes. They are assigned to dismantle and transport the Mishkan (Tabernacle) when the nation travels in the desert, as well as to guard the Mishkan when it is stationary. 3rd Aliya (Shlishi) – 2:1-34 G-d tells Moshe and Aharon how to position the 12 tribes (other than Levi) around the Mishkan. They are to be organised into four groups of three tribes, each group led by one particular tribe. To the east of the Mishkan are the tribes of Yehuda, Yissachar and Zevulun, led by Yehuda. To the south are the tribes of Reuven, Shimon and Gad, led by Reuven. To the west are the tribes of Ephraim, Menashe and Binyamin, led by Ephraim. To the north are the tribes of Dan, Asher and Naftali, led by Dan. Question: What was the name of the leader of the tribe of Yehuda? (2:3) Answer on bottom of page 6. 4th Aliya (Revi’i) – 3:1-13 Aharon’s sons are listed. G-d tells Moshe to

bring the tribe of Levi to Aharon in order to assist him in his work as the Kohen Gadol. The tribe of Levi is to take over the role that had been designated for the firstborn, who were sanctified on the night of the Exodus from Egypt, when the Egyptian firstborn were killed and they survived. 5th Aliya (Chamishi) – 3:14-39 G-d tells Moshe to count the men of the tribe of Levi, from aged one month upwards. The count is divided up into three main groups, according to the descendants of Levi’s three sons, Gershon, Kehat and Merari. Each main group, whose constituent families are also listed, is given a different location in relation to the Mishkan. The overall number of Levi’im counted in the census is 22,000.

This raises questions: Why was it necessary for the Torah to be given in the desert? Furthermore,the Talmud (Ta’anit 26b) describes the experience at Mount Sinai as the marriage between G-d and His people. If so, one would think that a barren landscape would not be the chosen site for a ‘chuppah’! Furthermore, why was it necessary for the Jews to be in the wilderness at all, especially if the Torah omits so much of what happened there? One answer to these questions can be drawn from a Midrash which asks why the opening verse of parashat Bemidbar needs to mention that G-d spoke to Moshe “in the Sinai desert” (Bemidbar 1:1). The Torah does not usually specify where G-d spoke to Moshe. The Midrash answers that the verse is highlighting the unique importance of the desert. For one to succeed in learning Torah,

one must make himself like a desert. This means to cultivate the awareness that we are essentially ‘empty’. G-d is the Creator and Source of everything we have in this world. Internalising this point is the basis for developing our love for Him. The Rambam (Maimonides d. 1204) writes that one should contemplate the beauty of G-d’s creations. This will lead to an appreciation of His infinite wisdom, which will lead to being filled with love and praise for Him. One can only do this by freeing one’s mind from other distracting thoughts. When our minds are open like a desert, they are free to contemplate the breadth and depth of His world, which will strengthen our relationship with Him. Additionally, if the Torah had been given in a particular city or community, people might try to limit its relevance to that particular place, culture, environment or time. It would be tempting to label the Torah as outdated or irrelevant. However, the Torah cannot be reduced in this way, since it embodies eternal truths about every part of life. It is as relevant now as it was then. A desert is unclaimed land. A desert is land, barren, timeless and disconnected from any culture. Therefore, it was the perfect location to transmit a document that is not associated with a particular time or culture. Finally, the desert is not owned by any single person. So too, the Torah is not owned by any individual. It belongs to every Jew, as well as to non-Jews who wish to convert and take on its commandments; nobody holds any ‘rights’ to the Torah. It is the guidebook for all of us, and contains teachings that can enrich every one of us, regardless of age and stage. The Israelites ‘lived’ these messages in the desert, and the lessons still resonate with us today.

6th Aliya (Shishi) – 3:40-51 Moshe is told to count the male firstborn and to ‘replace’ them with the Levi’im. The firstborn number 22,273. The extra 273 firstborn (over and above the 22,000 Levi’im) are to give 5 shekels each in order to redeem their status. 7th Aliya (Shevi’i) – 4:1-19 The specific role of each of the three main families is now detailed, one in this week’s sidrah, two in next week’s sidrah. The family of Kehat are to take down, transport and re-assemble the holy Ark (Aron), the Table (Shulchan), the Menorah, the Golden Altar (Mizbeach Ha’zahav) and the vessels used together with these features of the Mishkan. Haftarah The prophet Hoshea compares the sinful Children of Israel to an unfaithful wife (see p.6 article). However, they will eventually return to 'their husband' (G-d), who will take them back with kindness and mercy.

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17 MAY 2018


Enjoyment: The Key to Torah

by Rabbi Shmuli Sagal, Sutton & District United Synagogue The Festival of Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah, and by extension our ongoing duty to delve into its study. Torah learning lies at the core of what it is to be a Jew. To study Torah is a mitzvah unparalleled by any other. The exalted status of Torah learning is evident by the fact we make two daily blessings over it (see green siddur p.14-17). In the first of these blessings we request, “Please, Lord our G-d, make the words of Your Torah sweet in our mouth”. Concerning no other mitzvah do we find such a request. Why is enjoyment such a crucial part of Torah study? Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner (d. 1980) writes that people relate to things external to themselves by connecting to them through various means. Through our sense of touch, we come into physical contact with objects. By using our sense of sight, we reflect images into our brain. Similarly, the sounds around us reverberate through our ear drums. How do we connect to intellectual ideas? How do concepts and knowledge previously unknown to us become part of our consciousness

and personality? The bond which connects our intellect with a concept is enjoyment. When what we are studying piques our interest, it registers in our brains. When we are positively stimulated by an intellectual experience, we integrate it into our being. What light is for the faculty of seeing, enjoyment is for the faculty of thought. Torah learning is an intellectual pursuit. For it to penetrate our minds and shape our personalities it needs to be an enjoyable experience. Therefore, in the blessing for Torah learning, we ask G-d to make it sweet for us. Finding pleasure in our Torah studies is not a bonus, but an indispensable part of it. Taking this idea further, Shabbat is called “a sign between Me and the children of Israel for ever” (Shemot 31:17). The Netziv (Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin d. 1893) explains why Shabbat, more than any other mitzvah, symbolises our deep relationship with G-d. Nearly all other positive commandments involve an object or an action. The matzah is eaten, the lulav is shaken and prayer is spoken. Through these conduits, we reach a higher spiritual plane. By contrast, Shabbat, in its essence, requires no act and involves no object. Shabbat is a con-

cept in time, a state of being. The spirituality of Shabbat is generated not by a physical action or object, but by the Divine Presence itself. G-d, so to speak, makes Himself palpable on this sacred day. Yet how do we fathom this non-physical phenomenon? Like intellectual ideas, the answer is through experiencing enjoyment. We are commanded to enjoy Shabbat. The prophet Yeshaya instructs, “Proclaim the Shabbat a delight” (Isaiah 58:13). Oneg Shabbat, revelling in Shabbat’s radiant atmosphere, is the means

by which we can experience the Divine Presence embedded in this special day. Perhaps this explains why Shavuot has no specific religious activity associated with it. Pesach has matzah and Succot the Four Species, but Shavuot is a day when we do not need any objects or actions in order to attain a spiritual uplift. Like Shabbat, G-d’s Presence is present in the Torah itself. On this Festival of Torah and Torah learning, it is simply through enjoying that pursuit that we can bring the Divine into our lives.

In memory of Harav Avraham Yitzchak Yaakov ben Harav Nata Gershon

The Jews of England 1066 to 1290 Part 1 - Crossing the Sea by Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, Finchley United Synagogue

It is not clear exactly how many Jews were still in England in 1290. The expulsion followed several years of increasingly hard conditions, through which the Jewish community was systematically impoverished. Many had already sought to leave. Some chroniclers writing in the 17th and 18th centuries record almost 16,000 Jews drowning as they were stranded on sandbanks or crammed into unseaworthy vessels at the time of the expulsion. Apparently, those who trapped them and stole their property were subsequently caught and hanged.

This is not the first time that the Shabbat preceding Shavuot has been graced by a royal occasion. Exactly two years ago, in 2016, the Queen’s 90th birthday was celebrated on the corresponding weekend, parashat Bemidbar. In the civil calendar, it was three weeks later – in mid- June.

Illustration from the Rochester Chronicle 13th century earlier, such as in a document in which Witglaff of Mercia (833) endowed the monks of Croyland with “all the property that they had been given by any Christians or Jews” are not contemporaneous and are unlikely to be authentic. When William invaded England, the local Anglo-Saxon population was around 2 million. He brought over only 10,000 Normans, appointing them to all the high offices, sweeping aside the entire ruling tier of Anglo-Saxons. He even had the Church replace five bishops with Norman appointees. His all-powerful control was delegated through the feudal system across the land, as documented meticulously in the Domesday Book.

However, back in 1278, when Edward I had arrested all Jews on charges of coin clipping, charges were applied to a mere 680 families. Accordingly, more conservative estimates suggest that as few as 2,720 Jews remained in England to be expelled at the time of the order.

William of Malmesbury (1095 - 1143) explains why “the Conqueror [i.e. William] transferred the London Jews from Rouen”. They satisfied William’s three important needs. First, they were highly literate, fluent in his own language and adept at other tongues; connected with Jewish communities back home, they would be most helpful in commerce. Secondly, there was already a tradition of Jewish financiers and William needed these to pay for his troops. Thirdly, in using Jews as his tax collectors, he set them up as a buffer against the hostile conquered citizens.

The Jews had come to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. References to Jews present

After 224 years, however, England’s Jews had served their purpose.

In memory of Shmuel Nissim ben Yaacov

Coincidentally, the haftarah today concludes with hopeful verses about marriage: “I shall marry you to Me forever. I shall marry you to Me with righ eousness, and with justice, and with kindness, and with mercy. I shall marry you to Me with fidelity, and you shall know G-d” (Hoshea 2:21-22). These words will be recited in our synagogues only an hour or two before the royal wedding. These verses have a dual meaning. They refer to the relationship the prophet looked forward to having with his wife, but also to the relationship we should have with G-d. Whilst the message is optimistic, it followed a history of challenge between Hoshea and his wife that mirrors the ups and downs of the relationship between Israel and G-d at different times in history. These verses are also familiar since they are recited when wrapping tefillin straps around the fingers in the shape of the letters that spell out one of G-d’s Names – Shin (w), Daled (d) and Yud (y). It is in some way propitious that this royal wedding takes place on erev Shavuot, since Shavuot is the anniversary of G-d’s marriage to the people of Israel. That ma riage took place at Mount Sinai exactly 3330 years ago.

I have a different, personal link which this royal wedding brings to mind. Most of my own ancestors are buried in Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives. I am conscious that the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother is buried in the Christian cemetery on the same mountain. This was not her initial burial place. After her death in 1969, she was buried in the Royal Crypt in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, the same castle where she had been born 84 years before, and the same chapel where her great-grandson Prince Harry is marring his princess. Her life had been eventful. After an affluent upbringing, she experienced the wartime German occupation of Greece in the Second World War. During the War, she saved a Jewish family, for which she has been honoured by the Yad Vashem Remembrance Centre in Jerusalem. She flew to Sweden ostensibly to visit her sister, Louise, wife of the then Crown Prince of Sweden, and later to be Queen of Sweden. However, her real reason was to bring back medical supplies for the starving Greek population. Her inspiration, both in religion and care, had been her aunt Elizabeth, murdered during the Russian Revolution. It was her long-term wish to be buried near Elizabeth in Jerusalem, and this wish was eventually honoured in 1988, 19 years after her death. Like many other royals, Princess Alice devoted herself to acts of kindness, irrespective of her own safety. She is but one example of how the aboutto- be married royal couple follow in illustrious footsteps. May G-d bless Prince Harry and Meghan with every happiness and satisfaction, along with great accomplishments.

One privilege that the present royal family has is that they are able to marry whom they choose, whereas in previous generations royal family members were expected to marry within a certain social framework – initially, that meant only other princes or princesses, later also within the aristocracy. Royalty now has the same liberty of choice that many of us are blessed to enjoy. Answer: Nachshon ben Aminadav

The entire Jewish community had just 105 days until All Saints’ Day, 1 November 1290, to leave the country or to be subjected to “the wolf’s head bounty”, a euphemism for death.

by Rabbi Meir Salasnik, former Rabbi of Bushey & District United Synagogue This Shabbat, we look forward to a royal wedding.

On 18 July 1290, which was Tisha b’Av (Fast of 9 Av) in the Jewish calendar, King Edward I of England commanded that the following proclamation be read in every city and town: “Whereas the king has prefixed to all the Jews of his realm a certain time to pass out of the realm and he wills that they shall not be treated by his ministers or others otherwise has been customary, he orders the sheriff to cause proclamation to be made throughout his bailiwick prohibiting anyone from injuring or wronging the Jews the said time. He is ordered to cause the Jews to have safe conduct at their cost when they, with their chattels which the king has granted to them, direct their steps towards London in order to cross the sea, provided that before they leave they restore the pledges of Christians which are in the possession to those whom they belong”.

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

In memory of Yaacov ben Shmuel



17 MAY 2018




cerned with the overall numbers (the “Klal”) or was the census interested in the individual names (the “P’rat”)?

nowadays isn’t easy.

arrive in the synagogue the Shliach Tsibur has to wait till there are ten men. The Halacha is that he may not count these people directly.

time was right to leave Egypt Hashem gathered the Jews from all over Egypt. They all set out and followed Moshe into the wilderness.

But lets think about it 3323 years

would complain about their flag and tasks?

To receive this via email or for sponsorship opportunities please email us ago, when the Jews left Egypt. How Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky explained CTHE O M M U N I T Y Have you ever been in a synagogue easy was it for them to unite? that Hashem reassured Moshe, and MsM for a Minyan? When people The Midrash states that when the told him so long as they are encamped PC aOr a h aU N S hI eT eeweek’s eYtt Parsha Sheet is sponsored searching Lirfuat David Ben Margalit Betoch Shaar Cholei Yisrael P a r a s h a S hThis This week’s Parsha Sheet is sponsored Lirfuat David Ben Margalit Betoch Shaar Cholei Yisrael This week’s Parsha Sheet is sponsored Lirfuat David Ben Margalit Betoch Shaar Cholei Yisrael

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approved a $28.8 million budget to prepare farmers for the Shemita! approved a $28.8 million budget to prepare farmers for the Shemita! right in the middle of the laws of Shemita, the Interestingly

around the Mishkan all will work well. So long as we are unified in our ideology, we understand the important things in life and set these as the centre of our attention – the Holy Presence of Hashem – then we will be successful.


Jasmine Harooni and Jonny Harris

approved a $28.8 million budget to prepare farmers for Rav Mordechai Gifter zt’l, explains

on their Jasmine Harooni and Jonnyengagement Harris on their engagement

Imagine, a people that had been that numbers by their very definition scattered across a vast Jasmine land, there Harooni and Jonny Harris are finite. Stating a number, one quan- were no technological communicaThe Netsiv explains that book of “Today will comeBe again. Be never a blessing. a friend. on their engagement Interestingly right in the middle of the laws of Shemita, the Be a blessing. Be a friend. someone, time to care. If a person truly believes in what Shemita is Encourage allEncourage about --Take “Do you why?” others. Somewhere along the line, at some time, all will tifiesknow an item such that the quantity is tions, and yet they all went followin one Numbers, is so called, because it besomeone, Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.” Let your words heal, and not wound.” Torah teaches us the following: “When you sell an item to no more and no less than the number leader into the wilderness. gins with a census and ends with that G-d us with inourwhat livelihood why > UPCOMING WARRIORS 2015 provides If aOFOF person truly believes Shemita-- isthen aboutwould --EVENTS “Do“No!” you or know why?” others.beSomewhere alongcensus. the line, atcensus some time, all will a >all UPCOMING EVENTS WARRIORS 2015 complete. • SHAVUOT PROGRAM stated. A human being, by his very defiThe at the beginning your fellow man, buy from the hand of your fellow man, Working for a livelihood has never been so hard. Not • SHAVUOT PROGRAM May (More info check online) Workinghe forbuta mentally livelihooddraining, has never so tohard. Notux man? Such an attitude can cheat his fellow only come physically, duebeen mainly the infl (More would info check online) that G-d provides us with our livelihood -- then19 19•May why nition, is not in this sense. He has Forty nine days later they stood at refers to a census shortly after leaving butthat mentally draining, due mainly FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT ofphysically, technology beckons our everyday life. to the influx one man should not cheat his finite brother” (Vayikra 25:14). be complete. • FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT of technology that beckons our everyday life. (More info check online) “No!” 10 June 2018 June 2018 (More info check online) 10 a soul andtell strengths, andthe characterisHar Sinai – and they encamped united Egypt. A nation that had received the “Good. I will you why horse stamps his hoof.” Businessfrom is tough and one competition who ripe. How should we thinks that HE is making the livelihood his fellow Businesshe is toughcheat and competition ripe. How should we man? Such an attitude can only come “Today never come again. view our competitors and how should we cope in the 21st Those thatwillkeep Shemita termed and by our Sages as view our competitors and how should we cope in the 21st tics. He has unlimited potential totaught grow - KeIsh Echad Belev Echad. Millions of Torah, builtare the Mishkan was ready It seems“Good. peculiar, to theyou least, thatthe the Torah Century? Century? The rabbi leaned forward in his chair. “The horse sees Iand willsay tell why horse stamps his hoof.” himself. That is why “Ona-ah” is located in the middle of from one who thinks that HE is making the livelihood Be a blessing. Be a friend. The Gemara (Megillah 31b) states that Parashat his (cheating) capabilities. Trying to people, a wholeThose nation,that and keep within Shemita 49 to start their voyage. It was a show arethat termed by our Sages as ofTheir The Gemara (Megillah 31b) states that Parashat this particular law ofexpand “Ona-ah” in the Bechukotai should be read before Shavuot because Bechukotai should be read before Shavuot because Giborei Koach –Take people have immense strength. refl ection inforward theon water. Heright doesn’t know he they is seeing Thehisrabbi leaned in individual his chair. “The horse sees put a number an limits days had achieved unity! how we to value each Jew individually, Shavuot isis aa New Day and and day ofof judgment judgment himself. That is why “Ona-ah” is located in the middle of Encourage someone, time care. ShavuotShemita. New Year’s Year’s Day day - -onon middle of the halachot ofrestricts Shemita. Why is to “Ona-ah” Shavuot the success success ofof the the year’s year’sfruit fruit Shavuot G-d G-d determines determines the him he and his ability reach yet at theimmense same time, how we harvest. wish to to “dispense “dispensewith withthe theyear’s year’s Giborei Koach – heal, peopleand that have strength. Theirvalue DVAR TORAH P1 harvest. Accordingly, Accordingly, we we wish his reflmiddle ection inthe the water. HeShemita? know he isatseeing thinks there isdoesn’t another horse the pool.Let DVAR TORAH P1 himself; your words not wound.” Shemita. curses Parashat Bechukotai Bechukotaicontains contains in the of halachot of Warriors of located 2015 curses as as the the year year ends.” ends.” Parashat strength lies in allying all their blessings to G-d. TheyIt are During the entire Shemita year, we do not do any work Warriors of 2015 During the entire Shemita year, we do not do any work untold heights. Therefore, when we What is the secret to this unity? the whole nation as a united entity. RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL curses on those who abandon the Mitzvot. However, in There is a famous story of a shop-keeper that came to RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL curses on those who abandon the Mitzvot. However, in andsomehow somehowor oranother, another,we we have a livelihood. ----and have a livelihood. ThisThis himself; he thinks there isweanother horse at water the pool. order with the the curses curseson onour ourminds, minds, Sabbatical The horse is afraid there won’t be enough for both order not not toto enter enter Shavuot Shavuot with Sabbaticalmakes makesususstop stop think is not we who andand think thatthat it isitnot we who speak of a “Minyan” are not speakis only through unity that we can have strength lies in allying all their blessings to G-d. They are we one week reading Bamidbar. Bamidbar. provide DVAR TORAH we separate separate them them by one DVAR TORAH P2 P2 provideforforourselves. ourselves. Itis isG-d G-dalone alone provides whowho provides our our that came The Bet The Av explains that thethere fundamental that There isweekabyby reading famous story ofbeingtheaItthecase, shop-keeper to Parasha Insights (Tosfot Megillah Parasha Insights (TosfotRabbi Megillah 31b.) Meir of Premislan. livelihood.That Thatbeing case, it becomes eminently aware that had it is only that and provides for their everyday livelihood. it becomes eminently clearclear ingisofSo a “mispar” Chazal explain that Moshe the G-d Mishkan Hashem’s presence horse afraid won’t beconcept enough water for both of them. he tries to chase away the other horse by RABBI MENACHEM RABBI MENACHEM JUNIKJUNIK whythethecommandment commandmentagainst against cheating is right in the why cheating is right in the We have read read this this weeks weeksParshiot Parshiot We are are always always certain to have underlies the mitzvah of Shemita is that one’s livelihood middleofofthetheportion portion Shemita. middle of of Shemita. Rabbi Meir of Premislan. [a number]. We cannot just “count” already told them that the whole purwithin us. The census at the end refers, aware that it is only G-d that provides for their everyday Behar Bechukotai run up to Shavuot. There is a Behar Bechukotai in the up to Shavuot. There is a book of Bamidbar, especially seeing as What does a number meanImagine to you? • SHAVUOT PROGRAM ofP3stamping.” them. So he tries to chase away the other horse by OUROUR CHACHAMIM CHACHAMIM P3 scenario, goesgoes out out andand Imaginethethefollowing scenario,someone someone speciallesson lesson to to be learnt from wonderful Parshiot. special fromIthese theseam Parshiot. “Rabbi, ruined. Dofollowingnever you know what is deals happening lives. was comes from G-d.Jews. If a person worksenumerate long enough and pose of Yetsiat When we people Mitsrayim Taav- a generation later, to a newborn nation, RABBIRABBI RAHAMIM HAI HAWITA HACOHEN Working formitzvah awonderful livelihood has been so hard. Not RAHAMIM HAI HAWITA HACOHEN steals steals£1000. £1000. th most of the book with occurrencTechnically a number is a mathematiBehar deals deals mainly mainly ofof Shemita Behar with the mitzvah Shemita - -the the MayHazeh (More –info check online) 19Hahar stamping.” Has increased by £1000? YouYou would say say is happening Hashishisincome incomenow now increased by £1000? would Sabbatical year. All agricultural Iwork inin the Land ofofIsrael and treat them as numbers we in effect dun…Al receiving the about to enter Israel. Sabbatical year. work the Land Israel “Rabbi, am ruined. Do you know what lives. hard enough and is successful enough in his business, es in the wilderness? cal object used to count and measure. physically, but mentally draining, due mainly to the infl ux HALACHOT P3 across the street from my shop? Someone else is opening HALACHOT P3 yes. But it is Hashem alone that grants this person his yes. But it is Hashem alone that grants this person his muststop stop during during every every seventh must seventh year year inin the theShemita Shemitacycle. cycle. The Benefi ts of Singing SongsSongs on Shabbat The rabbi paused.defined and limited. This Torah. The people had a goal, they The Benefi ts of Singing on Shabbat Parnasa easily be be cancelled out out by by say they The message being sent to them is Parnasaand andthisthis£1000 £1000cancan easily cancelled The laws laws ofof Shemita Shemita require require that remain The that the the land land mustrepresent remain RABBI ELI MANSOUR Yet we use numbers tomust imRABBI ELIhe MANSOUR • FOOTBALLBefore TOURNAMENT a a£1000 fine, bill,bill, lawsuit etc.etc. It all works out out in inelse is opening usually becomes lulled are into thinking, “it is ME who is across the street from my shop? Someone £1000 fine,medical medical lawsuit It all works fallow.of technology that beckons our everyday life. fallow. we enter Shavuot we are taught an important The rabbi paused. another shop. He will take all my business. I will lose my the end. If a person honestly believes that G-d is the One is certainly not the way Hashem wants were excited and had a goal to work clear. To inherit the land of Israel, there the end. If a person honestly believes that G-d is the One th Furthermore on inspection the Torah portant times in our lives, to role dice This special Mitzvah is kept till today, and there are all all thethe cheques, there is is This special Mitzvah is kept till today, and there are who June 2018behind (More infogoal, check online) 10They whoultimately ultimatelywrites writesandandsigns signs cheques, there KidK’sid’sQ&A AND UPCOMING making allP4this People attribute their successes to towards. EVENTS Before we enter Shavuot we are taught an important organisations that support support farmers for year Q&A AND UPCOMING EVENTS P4 money”. another shop. He take all my will my emelose absolutely nonomotivation forfor cheating --business. not a friend, not not a a I Ti “But there is plenty of water for many horses. G-d’s m us to view the Jewish people. united this must be unity. A count of the people is organisations that farmers for the the entire entire yearininwill absolutely motivation cheating -not a friend, Ti states: “Take a census…..according to in a game even play a lucky lottery. business, not the Government-no one.  order Business tolivelihood!” keepor Shemita. Last is year the Israeli government tough and business, competition not the Government--ripe. no one.  How should we order to keep Shemita. Last year the Israeli government thereskill,is acumen, of awater for many horses. G-d’s on themselves their own“But wisdom, diligence, lesson. is nottaken, just another intellectual studied and worked for Torah 49 days each exists on their book, individual This newsletter contains Divrei Torahof and may contain Sheimotfathers’ - Please dispose ofhouse, accordingly their livelihood!” This week we enter the book abundance flplenty ows like river.”etc. This fourth newsletter contains Divrei Torah and may contain - Please dispose of accordingly BY NUMBER OF view our competitors and how should weSheimot cope in theevery 21stmale according lesson.their Torah is not just another Thus when there is a census of the each day improving characters level, yetintellectual each mustbook, knowstudied the centre abundance fl ows like a river.” THE NAMES, to the Torah Bamidbar. Our Sages know Rabbi Meir said to the frantic man, “Sit down. Have Through you this wonderful mitzvah of isShemita to and unity, until they were by sages. is a must bookbe of Holiness. life a gift from G-d and in people, the aim to workwe outare theable numable to Rather com- itpiece Century? their head (Bamidbar 1:2). The rabbi this book as Sefer the man, Rabbi Meir Hapikudim said to the–frantic “Sit count.” down. Have you leaned back in counted his chair and smiled. For unite the fitorstreceive by sages. Rather it is a book of life a gift from G-d and in remember that it is Hashem that grants us our livelihood. ever taken your horse to drink from a pool of water?” ber, but they are not by numpletely the Torah. The expression “Bmispar Sheimot” book of Numbers. The rabbi leaned back in his chair and smiled. For the first ever Gemara taken your horse to31b) drink states from a pool water?” time that day, the shop-keeper smiled back. The (Megillah that of Parashat bers, rather they are counted through Am Yisrael are a successful 1 sustenance order to receive such a wonderful Torah we mustnation show our person’s is determined yearly on Rosh [by number of the names]Aseems contime 1thatnames. day, the shop-keeper smiledanback. order receive such Torah we must show our Each name represents indiThe Torah could onlytobe received by a wonderful when we are united. “Yes, Rabbi. But you don’t understand, I because am does not talking tradictory. it really mean? Bechukotai should be read ShavuotWhat On first thought we understand thebefore Hashanah. Of course, one must exert the appropriate “Yes, Rabbi. But you don’tofunderstand, I am not talking viduality, an unlocked potential – each Hashem created a and wonderful world. He hasa united given people! us his belief. It is Hashem that provides, He is in charge and it is The “names”ofare book is so called the beginning Shavuot isafter ahorse, New Year’s and he daywill ofterm judgment effort, person but the amount the success thatThe one given us his about my it’s myDay shop, ruin“number” me!”- onand amount Hashem created a wonderful world. He has belief. It is Hashem that provides, He is on in charge and it isfocus has a separate task in life. Let us focus our heritage, mutually When we about mydeals horse,with it’samy shop, healmost will ruin me!” exclusive.enjoys our Parsha which populaTorah and Mitsvot and told us not to worry. There is plenty when it comes to Parnasa (livelihood) is provided by Shavuot G-d determines the success of the year’s fruit endMitsvot number is the of alltothe physthis weeks Par- that on our goals and in His Torah and and toldsum us not worry. There isSimilarly plenty we find in from His blessing weindividual constantly Letunite us internalise tion census that is taken of the Jewish talk about numbers we imply anonymfrom His blessing that weservice constantly live. the Letlive. us internalise The rabbi continued. “Have you ever noticed howthe thethe of water everyone. G-d. Theexact to ical that is the Sabbatical year. bodies, but it in no way measures sha. Moshe was worried. Each tribe to merit coming of Mashiharvest. Accordingly, we wish to “dispense with the“names” year’s ity. The word has people at the time. The rabbi continued. “Have you ever noticed how ofproof water for for everyone. DVAR TORAHhad ach Bimhera Byamenu P1 Amen. eachastribe opposite connotation. gives a the awesome infinite power of all their had a different flag, Yet when we think of it, why is abefore horse stamps in the the water drinking?” this we enterrejoice and rejoice onceinagain in theofgiving curses as the year ends.” Parashat Bechukotai contains A name Warriors of 2015 horse stamps in water before drinking?” this as we enter and once again the giving His of His During the entire Shemita year, we do not do any work souls. a different Avoda (work) set out for Solonglong as we keep the faith and understand that there whole book named after such a one person singularity and a quality ofSobeas we keep the faith and understand that there RABBIallJONATHAN curses on those who abandon the Mitzvot. However, in How would they be able to TAWIL■ Shabbat Shalom somehow or in another, we we have a livelihood. This them. number! off event? Wouldn’t it have been better ing special - more than just-- aand ■ Shabbat Shalom “Yes, of course.” is G-d a G-d charge, cannot lose through the actions of Torah Torah this coming Shavuot. ■ Shabbat Shalom “Yes, of course.” is a in charge, we cannot lose through the actions of this coming Shavuot. order not to enter Shavuot with the curses on our minds, Getting the Jewish people to unite integrate? Perhaps some of the tribes Which is it - was the Sabbatical census conmakes us stop and think that it is not we who for our sages to keep the name as the DIRECTOR DIRECTOR TAL TAL


Torah teaches following: “When sell an item Interestingly rightusin the the middle of the laws you of Shemita, the to your teaches fellow man, or following: buy from “When the hand youranfellow Torah us the youofsell item toman, onefellow man should his brother” (Vayikra your man, ornot buycheat from the hand of your fellow25:14). man, one man should not cheat his brother” (Vayikra 25:14). It seems peculiar, to say the least, that the Torah taught It this seems peculiar,law to say least, that the Torahright taught particular of the “Ona-ah” (cheating) in the this particular of “Ona-ah” (cheating)Why rightis in“Ona-ah” the middle of thelawhalachot of Shemita. middle is “Ona-ah” locatedofinthe the halachot middle ofoftheShemita. halachotWhy of Shemita? located in the middle of the halachot of Shemita? The Bet Av explains that the fundamental concept that The Bet Av the explains thatofthe fundamental that underlies mitzvah Shemita is that concept one’s livelihood underlies the mitzvah that one’s comes from G-d. IfofaShemita person isworks long livelihood enough and comes from G-d. person works long inenough and hard enough andIf isa successful enough his business, hard enough becomes and is successful in his he usually lulled intoenough thinking, “it isbusiness, ME who is hemaking usuallyallbecomes lulledPeople into thinking, is ME who is to this money”. attribute“ittheir successes making all this money”. People attribute their successes to their own wisdom, skill, acumen, diligence, etc. their own wisdom, skill, acumen, diligence, etc. Through this wonderful mitzvah of Shemita we are able to Through this wonderful mitzvah of Shemita we are able to remember that it is Hashem that grants us our livelihood. remember that it is Hashem that grants us our livelihood. A person’s sustenance is determined yearly on Rosh A person’s sustenance is determined yearly on Rosh Hashanah. Of course, one must exert the appropriate Hashanah. Of course, one must exert the appropriate amountofofeffort, effort,butbut amount success amount thethe amount andand thethe success thatthat oneone enjoyswhen whenit comes it comes Parnasa (livelihood) is provided enjoys to to Parnasa (livelihood) is provided by by G-d. The proof to that is the Sabbatical year. G-d. The proof to that is the Sabbatical year.

THEthe WEEKLY QUOTE Shemita! THE WEEKLY QUOTE “Today will never come again.








DVAR TORAH P2 provide for ourselves. It is G-d alone who provides our Parasha Insights livelihood. That being the case, it becomes eminently clear RABBI YEHONATAN SALEMLAAM DIASPORA RABBI MENACHEM JUNIKSHALOM BEIS GAVRIEL LUBAVITCH RABBI MENACHEM JUNIK why the commandment against cheating is right in the We are always certain to have read this weeks Parshiot middle of the portion of Shemita. as we steer awayG-d world. Additionally, every person basking Hisimportant divine presence. Hashem it was important for to ushumanly to humanly are times thatexistence, our relationship with Behar Bechukotai in the run up to Shavuot. There is a Hashem feltfelt it in was for us ThereThere are times thatfilling our relationship with G-d OUR CHACHAMIM P3 from wrongdoing and remain on has a different, tailor-made route Yet, or these souls to derive such Imagine grasp thegrasp following scenario, someone goes out of andthe special lesson to be learnt from these wonderful Parshiot. thethe concepts behind some Mitzvot. concepts behind some of the Mitzvot. can be compared to a Sefer Torah. Torah. For example, canRAHAMIM be compared to a Sefer For example, RABBI HAI HAWITA HACOHEN our defined paths. The underlying through which he must pass during enjoyment without having first steals £1000. Although the Torah is Hashem’s Infinite Wisdom, Although Hashem’s Infinite Wisdom, whilst Davening learning, feel very whilst Davening or learning, we feel very Behar deals mainly with the mitzvah of Shemita - the of thewebook of Bamidbar his earthly stay, in order for him to ormessage earnedthe it, Torah causesisthem much emHe brought down certain elements to our level of Has his income now increased by £1000? You would say connected and close to Hashem. But as soon is that life has its challenges reach his own perfection. For this barrassment. Hence, G-d created He brought down certain elements to our level of Sabbatical year. All agricultural work in the Land of Israel connected and close to Hashem. But asand soon HALACHOT P3 life asgoes yes. But it is Hashem alone that grants this person his its the “upsMitzvah, and downs”, we journey reason, everyone hasceases different this physical world and enabled understanding. in the casecase of Chukim, must stop during every seventh year in the Shemita cycle. one doing on understanding.However, However, in the of Chukim, as The asBenefi one doing the Mitzvah, life goes on ts ofceases Singing Songs on Shabbat our phase of life in this and tribulations, “ups and through souls descend it, encased Parnasa G-d and this £1000tothat can easily beinto cancelled outremain by trials The laws of Shemita require that the land must remain desires certain Mitzvot above and the inspiration fades away, and don’t RABBI ELI MANSOUR G-d desires that certain Mitzvot remain above and overcome. the inspiration fades away,we and wefeel don’t feel world. Recently, my grandmother in a body of flesh, beworks givenoutthe a £1000 fine, medical bill, lawsuit etc. to It all in downs” that he must fallow. ourour finite, human mind andand be fulfi lled byWe usbyalljust as connected as we did whilst performing the described the events of her child- the have moments in our lives fi nite, human mind be fulfi lled us just chance to earn their reward by as connected as we did whilst performing the end. If a person honestly believes that G-d is the One because He commanded so. hood to me. She was orphaned when we feel content, happy, rechoosing to do His will, i.e. the This is justislike the inkthethat fade atfade This special Mitzvah is kept till today, and there are because Hesigns commanded so.there is who ultimately writes and all the cheques, Mitzvah. This justEVENTS like inkcould that could d’s Mitzvah. Kicalm. youngP4age from both her OnQ&A the AND otherUPCOMING hand, a very mitzvot of the Torah. By exerting laxed or organisations that support farmers for the entire year in eoff thewhen absolutely no motivation for cheating -- not a friend,ofnot this a Sefer Torah. Tim Why then, week’s thewe Sefer parents, witnessed “Kristallnacht, are momentsoff feelTorah. effort in does theirthe adherence to the Why then,does thesecond second of there this week’s business, not themitzvot, Government-no one.  order to keep Shemita. Last year the Israeli government they earn eternal reward overwhelmed, challenged, sad or “and escaped with her life from we separate them by one week by reading Bamidbar. (Tosfot Megillah 31b.)



Parshiot begin with the words “Im Bechukotai

there is a much deeper and stronger Parshiot beginwillwith the wordstheir “Im Bechukotai But then But then there the is hands a much deeper of the Nazis. and Todaystronger she PARASHAOUR INSIGHTS INDIVIDUAL MISSION This newsletter contains Divrei Torahwhich and contain Sheimot - Please disposeempty. of accordingly Teilechu” – may ifthey you willreceive follow when in my statutes. The PARASHA INSIGHTS is compared to offTeilechu” if you detached will follow intheir my statutes. The way to connect to Hashem, derives which much pride from all her souls – become from

way to connect to Hashem, which is compared to

Torah uses the wordand Chukotai towhich implies should a Imagine if you to introduce someone tothetheuniqueness spring. try Luchot, to understand This demonstrated This week, as we startwere the book which were engraved on both sides. Torahearthly uses bodies the word return Chukotaitheir which We implies a the Imagine if you were to introduce someone to the the Luchot, which were engraved on both sides. Chok, a category of Mitzvot that has no logical our individual duty in this world, maker. of each person, and for this reason of Bamidbar, the Torah begins by concept of Mitzvot for the first time. Would you That is when by learning Torah or performing a Chok, a category of Mitzvot that hasto no logical concept Mitzvot for theourfirst time.taught Wouldus you Let us keep our or heads “above a define our goal clearly and not Sages the imporenumerating the ofJewish People That is when by learning Torah performing understanding. Would it not have been more tell them about a Mitzvah that has no reasoning Mitzvah we become one with Hashem, such that understanding. Would it not have been more water” and remember that all that to lose sight of it. By doing so, we However, since each soul is tance of sustaining and saving any who were in the Sinai desert. This tell them about a Mitzvah that noabout reasoning Mitzvah weourbecome one with Hashem, such that convincing mentioning the category of will Eidutbeorable tothe or understanding, ratherindividual tell has them the feeling and inspiration remains in us long we are going through is for our ulchannel even unique in its spiritual characterisperson. is to symbolize that every orJew, convincing mentioning the category of Eidut or or understanding, or rather tell them about the Mishpatim, which Mitzvot feelingintoandof inspiration remains in usre-long timate to gain our earned mostone challenging moments tics, each onedescribes has a specific goal which without beauty exception, has a unique of Shabbat or the great pleasure we have after the the conclusion the good, Mitzvah. Mishpatim, which describes Mitzvot which one beauty of Shabbat or the great pleasure we have ward in the world to come. being part of a purposeful and fuland mission, which it must fulfil in What is it that makes each and and intrinsic value, and is not just a can understand? after the conclusion of the Mitzvah. ■ in fulfilling other Mitzvot that the person can 1 can understand? order to attain its perfection. Acnumber or a stereotype. His impor- every one of us is so important that

in fulfilling other Mitzvot that the person can

This is why the Torah uses the word Bechukotai.

andalone havethe a feeling for? Rabbi cordingly, Shneur Zalman, the first Chabad Rebbe each person is creatour individual existence justifies tance is understand such that for him This is why the Torah uses the word Bechukotai. understand and have a feeling for? Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the fi rst Rebbe It stresses that all Mitzvot, whatever category ed with a different combination ofChabad entire Creation is justified. At the the Creation? explains in Lekutei Torah that the word Bechukotai The Mitzvot can be divided into three categories: that be all engraved Mitzvot, inwhatever category they Itfallstresses into, should our hearts physical characteristics, strengths time of Creation, G-d made many explains Lekutei Torahword that the word Bechukotai comes fromin the Hebrew Chakikah, which The Mitzvot can be divided into three categories: they fall into, should be engraved in our hearts Before the world was created, and attributes, to enable him to of each species, but of man He Eidut – Mitzvot that are testimonial of historical comes from the Hebrew wordTorah, Chakikah, which and minds, to the extent that us, and the Torah, translates On amission Sefer fulfilas hisengraved. given spiritual for Tefilin or only created one, from whom the G-d had created myriads of souls and minds, to the extent that us, and the Torah, Eidut – such Mitzvot that are and testimonial historical events Shabbat Chagim. These are translates On aonto Sefer Torah, Tefilin or become one with long lasting effects. Mezuzah, inkas is engraved. used to write the which he has descended thisparchment in His “storeof house”, which were whole world was to beaspopulated.

events as Shabbat Chagim. are Mitzvot such we would not haveand done on our These own but once commanded to do them, we understand Mitzvot we would not have done on our own but their importance. once commanded to do them, we understand their importance.

For more info go to

become one with long lasting effects. and they bond one. Mezuzah, inktogether is usedtotobecome write on theHowever, parchment But how do we get to this level, to be united over the ink can to fade away one. from However, the andtime, they bond together become THEJEWISHWEEKLY.COM to Hashem truegetoneness? The Medrash But howwith doawe to this level, to be united parchment. over time, the ink can fade away from the Tanchumah says that G-d made a dwelling place to Hashem with a true oneness? The Medrash


ASK THE RABBI Looking for answers? Send your question to Jewish Funerals Dear Rabbi What is the protocol at a Jewish funeral? I am not Jewish but I was recently in attendance and I couldn’t help but notice such stark differences. I understand the family requested and were denied music. There are no flowers but the widow was allowed to throw some petals in the grave. Even the burial itself is a little haphazard with different men getting stuck in before the gravediggers take over. I was pointed to your column by a Jewish colleague and he kindly offered to submit my question for me. I am just looking for some understanding about this disparity. Reginald Dear Reginald Death is complex – dichotomous

really. It is on the one hand the end of a life and so we cry, and we mourn. On the other hand we believe fundamentally that life on earth is only a temporary phase of our existence. There is somewhere beyond here where our loved ones go to receive ultimate reward for all the good perpetuated whilst here on earth. So, on the one hand, we are stung with the pain, agonising over the loss. On the other hand, we find comfort in knowing that the soul lives on. Flowers at a funeral seem to “beautify” death and there is nothing beautiful about it. At the same time it smacks of some finality – and although this is the end of one journey, it’s the beginning of another. Music is forbidden not just at a funeral but for no less than the next thirty day mourning period, and, in the case of children, twelve months. Music is pleasurable, uplifting, inspiring – the very oppo-


When King David was forced to flee from his father in law King Saul, he hid with Achimelech the Kohen. Doeg, his once friend and general who had turned against him, reported Achimelech to Saul and this resulted in the terrible massacre of 85 of his fellow Kohanim too, together with the entire city of Nob. Our righteous King laments the fact that Doeg used to be a mighty warrior in Torah, and was an absolutely outstanding scholar according to Rashi. But he had a sharp deceptive razor like tongue which caused havoc and destruction. David knew that G-d would eventually punish him for his wicked act of treachery and betrayal, and he bemoans the fact that Doeg didn’t employ his talents in Torah for good instead of evil. As we approach the end of the Omer period and the festival of Shavuos, we can see the importance of attaching ourselves to true Torah Judaism, not just learning it for the sake of a Rabbinical degree or financial gains. If Torah is not learnt properly Lshem Shamayim-for the sake of Heaven, then it will only fizzle out and the true agenda of

17 MAY 2018


Psalm 52

site of the emotions one is feeling at a funeral. It would be the epitome of disrespect to feel uplifted or inspired or to have some pleasure when someone else’s life is lost to this world. The one point you raise that is absolutely correct and a real bugbear of mine is the decorum at a funeral. From football results to the latest fashion trends and even the royal wedding – these make up some of the maddening conversations that take place as people follow behind a coffin. Rather than walking quietly, somberly, perhaps reciting Psalms and reflecting on the fragility of life, everyone gets into catch-up mode. It’s almost like a new social scene and frankly that’s a lot worse than music and flowers. As for the burial, that’s also a real meshugas (ask your Jewish colleague what that means). There is a special mitzvah – Jewish commandment to bury the dead. InThis Tehillim is leilui nishmat Meir Pinchos ben Yechiel Mechel

the persons will eventually burst forth. As we see sadly even some Jews lambasting the right of Israel to defend themselves, we see how only a true Torah lifestyle can embed a person with the proper foundations to be ready to greet Mashiach, Amen.

To sponsor a Tehillim for £36 call 0203 906 8488 or email

stead we get some people doing their token three shovels (G-d forbid they should do more), yet others who just stand there (“oi my back!”) and all too often everyone is heading back before the grave is even filled. That is just wholly unacceptable. If you turned up because you wanted to show your last respects to someone, then show a little respect by staying shtum during the process, and get stuck in giving the dearly departed the honour and respect they truly deserve. Rant over! Why is Shavuot so underated ? Dear Rabbi Why is Shavuot such an underrated festival? An overwhelming proportion of Jews are not even aware of it? Sabine Dear Sabine On a simple level the fact that other festivals are eight days whilst Shavuot is only two days might be a reason why it skips a beat in people’s consciousness. Another point to consider is that each festival is associated with a commemorative gesture. Pesach involves a Seder night with all its rich splendour and ritual. Sukkot involves sitting in huts for a week long. Whereas Shavuot has no exceptional custom associated with it (cheesecake notwithstanding). Jews, the argument goes, are more tradition orientated than they are faith based. When there is no ceremonial practice – there is nothing to conjure up the necessary sentiments or feelings of identity. But perhaps there is another reason. You will note that in the Divine directive to celebrate Shavuot there is no mention about celebrating the giving of the Torah. It is only in context of marking the culmination of a fifty day count and a time for celebrating the harvest. It’s almost as though G-d Himself chose to deliberately underrate the greater importance of this festival. Not that it is in anyway less important or sacred than the others. But in essence we are tasked with perceiving the Torah everyday as though given anew. To be sure, the giving of the Torah was the single most defining

event in Jewish history. The Torah is the Jew’s moral code to guide him through life and a text that set the tone for universal values. A particular command to rejoice on Shavuot would demean the otherwise intuitive elation and joyfulness that should permeate every day of our existence. True the Torah was bequeathed to us on Shavuot – marking our establishment and defining our role as a nation. But it is precisely because of the way the Torah should be overemphasised in our lives that it’s somewhat underemphasised on Shavuot. That in turn has had a sort of backfiring effect if you like resulting in some being totally unaware of the significance of the day. What we ought to all remember, and internalise is this: When your lawyer presents you with a business contract you read it through thoroughly, again and again, knowing that you are going to be putting a lot of time and energy, not to mention money, into the venture. It could well be the single biggest investment of your life. Only it’s not of course. It’s material and it’s transient. It could be here today and gone tomorrow. It is certainly not something you can take with you once you’ve left your world. Torah is your eternal heritage. It is spiritual and everlasting. It is something which presents you, maybe only relatively limited reward in this world, but you can take it with you, and the rewards in the hereafter are immeasurable. Shavuot is the day when we relive that all original experience and celebrate the uniqueness of that precious gift.

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17 17MAY MAY2018 2018



CURRENCY US DOLLAR.......... 1.35


EURO............................... 1.14





SHEKEL....................... 4.85


Partnership agreements can be used); preference shares; or an adjustment to the shareholdings; or use of differential share classes. I would recommend you discuss the options with professional advisors so you are sure of the implications – especially the tax implications - of whatever approach you take.

“Shaya qualified as a chartered accountant in 2011. He has worked for cloud accounting company Clear Books and as an in house accountant for city law firm Watson Farley & Williams, before joining Somers Baker Prince Kurz LLP as partner in 2018. In addition to his skills in accounts and tax planning, Shaya has experience in planning for business start-ups, professional partnerships, and online businesses.”

BY SHAYA GROSSKOPF When entrepreneurs start a business together, it’s often a good idea to draw up an agreement beforehand. Too many partnerships fall apart over misunderstandings and a failure to discuss difficult issues until it was too late. The following is a non-exhaustive list of items you may want to consider when drawing up an agreement. When implementing an agreement, you may wish to defer to expert legal advice – the law can be complicated in many unexpected ways. 1) Profit split It’s important to consider at the beginning how the business will share out profits between the partners. You may want to make allowance for partners putting in more of their own money, time or contacts. There are various ways of achieving this; for example paying interest on loans (to avoid the prohibition in Halacha of charging interest a special legal agreement called a Hetter Iska

2) Work split When one partner will retain an existing job, while another will work on the business full time, it’s advisable to clarify expectations with each other. Long holidays can be another source of controversy. 3) Exit strategy What happens if the partnership doesn’t work out? Can one partner sell their share in the business to a third party? What happens if someone dies or wants to retire? It’s a good idea to agree on how to handle a worst case scenario gracefully. One popular approach is to agree to appoint an independent valuer in certain situations so that the exiting partner’s interests are bought out by the existing partners. So often overlooked in our community, key man insurance including critical illness cover is vital to ensure that a tragedy for one partner does not becomes compounded by a business failure for the other.

has shown that all business owners need to keep some oversight on money.

have been drawn up and the precise position of each partner is known.

5) Drawings As well as agreeing on profit split, it’s important that partners agree on when those profits will be drawn from the business and paid to themselves personally. A common arrangement is to draw anticipated profit share by monthly standing order, with a periodic distribution once the accounts

6) Control over expenditure Partners may want to think about what decisions are so important that they need to be taken together. For example, hiring staff, changing bankers, or signing contracts committing the company to a level of spending over a set amount could all be items covered in a partnership agreement

4) Oversight Partnerships are built on trust. But that doesn’t mean you cannot mutually agree to sensible controls – perhaps requiring two signatures to pay more than a fixed amount. Being a bank signatory is a highly responsible position. In an otherwise equal partnership, if one individual has bank access, and the other is not, it is a significant asymmetry. Often in a partnership, one individual would be designated as the admin or finance partner – but experience


Expenditure on items like advertising, business entertaining and company cars can be a problem, and it’s advisable that partners agree boundaries with each other. I remember one business partnership when one partner, furious that the other had put a flashy new car through the business, decided to even the score by reckless spending of their own. The business collapsed, and they both lost out in the aftermath.


17 MAY 2018





Five goal Fairlop clinch cup BY DAVID SAFFER Fairlop FC hit five goals against North London Raiders C to secure the Division Two title on Sunday. Player of the Year Brad Gayer fired home second half goals and was a central figure in a standout display by the champions in their debut season. Daniel Garfinkle, Pierce Prince and Daniel Rosen also got on the scoresheet in a memorable day for the club who are already looking ahead to next season. Fairlop won 16 of their 19 encounters, losing just twice, to finish two points ahead of runners up Bayern Mincha. With a goal difference of 51, Fairlop were deserved champions. “We got off to a poor start in the league but came through in the end,” said skipper Gayer. “Coming into the last games we had to step up to get the results, which we did. “It’s been a team effort and we will be competitive next season.” Fairlop were in command of this fixture from the start. Once Garfinkle opened the scoring there was never any doubt Fairlop would claim the three points to clinch the title. Their task was made smoother with Raiders losing a defender through injury, and with no substitutes available it was always going to be an impossible task. The crucial moment came just before halftime when Garfinkle was scythed down by 10-man Raiders for a penalty. Prince, playing his last game for the club before moving to America, stepped to score with aplomb to the ‘keepers left. Fairlop bossed possession in the second half and it was just a question of how many goals they would score. After missing a sitter, Rosen tapped home for number three before Gayer took centre stage with two cool finishes to make the score

5-0 to the visitors. Credit to Raiders though as they continued to battle away and got their just reward with an stoppage time penalty converted by Ben Kaye. David Woolf presented the trophy to Gayer before champagne celebrations began in earnest. For Fairlop boss Aaron Dias, the final performance summed up the campaign. “We turned on the style today,” he beamed. “We are really happy, it’s the first season for us. We have a lot of players with experience of this division and ones above. “We came into the league knowing we were favourites to win the league but still had to get it done. “We had a very big games late in the season against Bayern and Mill Hill, which is when we showed our class and the team spirit we have got. “As well as the quality we have in the team, our team spirit is the thing that I am most proud. “We are a genuine group of mates off the pitch, which you can see when we go on to the pitch. The lads are there for other every game. “We started season a bit nervous, a bit unsure about each other, which is understandable, but after some indifferent results everyone dug in, they all trust each other and you can see that in our play. “It’s been great to see the development of the side and I’ve enjoyed watching it.” Looking back on the game, and goals, Dias commented: “Garfinkle, we signed from Redbridge, and he’s been better than a goal a game. “Matt Barkley in central midfield drove through the middle of the park, laid it off to Garf who took it round his opponent then coolly slotted it past the ‘keeper. “Rosen won the penalty, he hasn’t scored in 2018 but showed a bit of class giving the kick to Pierce, who is moving to Los Angeles, who scored a terrific penalty.

Celebration in full swing

Goalmouth action


“We’ve been ribbing Rosen about not scoring this year so it after giving up the penalty it was great for him to get our third. He works hard up top, he’s had a bit of tough time so that was fitting. “Gayer showed his class with both strikes to finish it off.” As for next season, Dias noted: “I think we have the genuine chance to win Division One. “Everyone believes we have the quality and that will be the target.”


Posing with the trophy

17 MAY 2018



Sedgley Park Celtic v Liverpool Haroldeans


London Lions White defeated Liverpool Haroldeans 1-0 to win the Peter Morrison Trophy

Sedgley Park Celtic played last years MJSL Winners Liverpool Haroldeans, With the season nearly at an end, Sedgley need every single half time they were losing 2-0, Manager Stuart Shapiro gave his team a half time pep talk...Liverpool Haroldeans were playing in their Yellow away strip.

Kiki Levin scored the all-important goal in a close fought encounter at Kings Langley. The match was played in stifling, hot conditions but Lions prevailed with a disciplined display. In other football action, Fairlop FC are waiting to hear whether they will win the Maccabi GB Southern Football League Division Two championship on merit by completing their fixtures list or by default. Fairlop are scheduled to face North London Raiders C on Sunday where a win would wrap up the title.

All eyes on the ball in this Sedgley goalmouth attack Sedgley Park Celtic Manager Stuart Shapiro giving his team a half time pep talk, they were losing 2-0

Rafi Silver (top left) scored the winning penalty for Hendon who fought back to 3-3 after being 3-1 down


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International soloists, chorus and full orchestra

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17 MAY 2018


W oman of W orth ‫ֵֽא ׁ ֶשת ַֽחיִ ל ִמי יִ ְמ ָצא‬ Shaindl has been told by doctors on various occasions to ensure that her affairs are in order as they cannot guarantee that she has much longer on this earth. Indeed, when giving birth to her first child almost 21 years ago, she suffered from multiple pulmonary emboli – multiple blood clots in her lungs which required emergency surgery since Ms. Statman Stein they can be fatal. Subsequent to BY LARA ROSENFELDER that, at the tender age of 33, she had a stroke which left her unable “No matter what - get up, dress to walk or talk for an entire year. up, show up and never give up.” She has also suffered from cancer and still ingests chemotherapy Whilst at first glance, this could orally on a daily basis. In her be dismissed as a glib cliché, it typically indomitable spirit though, exudes far more meaning when she describes herself as a “cancer adopted as the favourite motto of survivor” rather than a “cancer a lady who has been plagued by sufferer”. illness her entire life. For Shaindl, faith is a great Ms. Shaindl Statman Stein - source of comfort. She remains (whose nickname is Jen) – was undeterred by the fragile nature informed by a specialist in John of her existence as she feels that Hopkins Hospital of Baltimore, if Hashem intends that she live, her hometown, that she would then live she will. Her faith has be eligible to apply for entry into been buoyed by what she views the Guinness Book of Records in as the apparent Hand of Hashem recognition of the sheer number enabling her to survive and to of autoimmune disorders by weather each storm. Indeed, which she is affected. Shaindl miraculously, when smitten with suffers from Systemic Lupus the stroke, she was sitting in the Erythematosus (SLE) – an as yet doctor’s surgery which meant that incurable disease that tragically she was diagnosed and treated involves the body’s immune immediately. system attacking its own tissues Though she is only human and organs. As a consequence of and sometimes wonders why this, she has developed a plethora she has been tormented by such of other autoimmune disorders poor health and trauma, she fully which are so many and complex accepts the fact that Hashem has that the doctors have not even a Master Plan which is beyond the been able to name them all. comprehension of mere mortals.

SHAINDL JEN STATMAN STEIN Shaindl believes that though her medical prognosis is extremely daunting to say the least, even a perfectly well person has no guarantee as to what lies ahead and consequently, it is essential to live each day to its fullest. As far as Shaindl is concerned, faith, whilst granting solace, simultaneously acts as an impetus to achieve great things as each day is, quite literally, a gift from G-d which must not be wasted. She relishes the opportunity to recompense society as she feels that many friends, relatives and people at large, helped her when, at times, she was incapacitated. Consequently, she tries to assist more recent sufferers of lupus by navigating them through the maze of specialists with whom she is now well-acquainted; recommending them to those best able and qualified to treat them and initiating them as to what they might expect in the weeks and years to come. Should they wish, she accompanies them to medical appointments. She believes that what Hashem desires from His nation is to practise acts of kindness and compassion and to be genuine and sincere. Therefore, despite running a nursery in her home during the daytime and maintaining an active social life, including weekly hip-hop dance classes, in addition to being on hand for her two adult sons should they need her, she endeavours to provide a listening ear and shoulder to cry on for those suffering from any illness, travail or tribulation.

She is well-known to various charitable organisations acting on behalf of cancer and lupus sufferers and they sometimes recommend people to approach her for advice or simply moral support. She has also been heavily involved in visiting a Jewish youth who has been accepted into a drug addiction rehabilitation programme and who has been renounced by his family. Shaindl recognises that it is not only ill people who would appreciate consideration and thoughtfulness. She has set up a Facebook group called “Modest Ali&DhGate Fashion and Beauty” which offers people the chance to purchase ladies’ designer replica clothing and other items in conformity with the Jewish laws of modesty. The clothes are available at discounted prices so that those who would otherwise struggle to afford this are no longer at a disadvantage. She has learnt from personal experience that if one looks good, one inevitably feels good and she delights in empowering other religious women in this manner. As a recently divorced single um, Shaindl is the first to admit that despite a wide network of family and friends who truly care, when she closes the door at night and goes to bed alone, it is not always easy to see the bright side of things. However, she does have an immense sense of accomplishment as she feels that she is truly making each day count. Nevertheless, she accepts her limitations. Her children,

though grown up, will always take priority and consequently, she acknowledges that sometimes, it is impossible to help everyone despite having fully intended to do so. Shaindl asserts that good humour and the ability to laugh and have fun whenever possible, are wonderful antidotes for any sad sentiments one may be experiencing. She is in fact the personification of the quotation – “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand”. Though not many people have been beset by such ill health and few indeed would wish to be, it is at once sobering and inspirational to consider the possibility of how much a well person could achieve if so much has been accomplished by one so ill.

If you would like to nominate a ‘Woman Of Worth’ to be featured on this page then please email micaela@

TIPS AND TRICKS – HAYFEVER HACKS The Jewish Weekly aims to source the most genius, time-saving and useful hacks for you every week, so watch this space!

For hayfever sufferers, summer can be a tricky time of year. Here are some handy hacks which will hopefully help. Give yourself a vitamin boost – Fill up on blueberries and oranges. Vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine so will help with your hayfever. Go dairy-free – too much milk can increase mucus production which does not help a runny nose, so try a dairy free alternative. Always carry lip balm – a little bit of lip balm or Vaseline around the nostrils before going out can really help. The balm traps the pollen, stopping it from getting into your airways and making you sneeze. Time for tea - green tea has a lot of health benefits, including having an antihistamine effect which can help relieve hayfever symptoms. Camomile is also very

helpful, and you can even use the teabag as a cold compress to sooth swollen eyes. Act like a celebrity - famous people often wear sunglasses so that they can avoid the paparazzi, but wearing your shades could really help minimise your exposure to that pesky pollen. Spice up your life – to ease the symptoms of congestion, make sure you add a healthy pinch of garlic, ginger and chilli.

If you have any questions or you have a top tip you want to share, please contact us on Your question might be someone else’s solution!

17 MAY 2018


A trip to Ukraine

By MARCEL MANSON Tel: 020 8954 5074 A Division of West End Travel Email:

CONTINUING HIS FORTNIGHTLY COLUMN, MARCEL MANSON OF JEWISH HERITAGE TOURS AND WEST END TRAVEL, TAKES US ON A TOUR OF BERLIN. With budget airlines starting new routes at prices from £61 return flying into Lviv and out of the capital Kiev there here has never been a better time to visit Ukraine. Joining our

I was able to experience and taste it in Ukraine as well as in Northern Romania which I visited many years ago. Unlike EU countries, you can still feel the poverty and life hadn’t moved on with transport by horse and cart predominating and with most homes still in their pre-war wooden structures depicting shtetl life. The Ukrainian history is complicated. During the 1920’s, harsh Polish rule led to Ukrainian Nationalism sparking inter-ethnic violence. After the Soviets annexed the region in 1939 it targeted the Jews and Poles and when the Nazis invaded the Ukrainian Nationalists saw their opportunity to collaborate and eradicate their Jewish neighbours in the most terrible way. Most of the Jewish population was murdered in pits outside their villages by the Einsangruppen Nazi death squads as they moved east, aided by their Ukrainian collaborators. Although our trip planned for 6 days from the 2nd November 2018 visits 3 the main cities of L’viv & Chernivtsi and the capital Kiev it is

trip to Ukraine will open up a journey to the lost Shtetl world that once was in Europe but alas has been totally eradicated. I first visited the country around 20 years ago and unlike Poland nothing seemed to have changed with the times. The small villages I visited were as if the Stehtl world was still in existence, extremely poor, decrepit and with a few elderly survivors, still residing there. I was able to converse in Yiddish with those elderly Jews who gathered others from nearby towns to form the first minyan there for some time. They even managed to arrange some vodka and bits to eat for a l’chaim kiddush. This was a world I had always wanted to experience that belonged to my father in Poland but did not exist there anymore and

Suits £85.00 2 for £150.00

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the Shtetls we plan focusing on and experiencing. With a local guide and historian we will visit Brody near Lvov where 60% of population was Jewish , Medzhybizh Cava tomb of the Baal Shem Tov, Berdychiv and many other towns on route between these 3 major cities. The country was estimated to have had 2,000,000 Jews of which 600,000 perished and 350,000 ended up in Israel. Today a Jewish population similar to the UK Jewish community is estimated to still live within Ukraine’s current borders. Great Jewish leaders Golda Meir, Vladimir Jabotinsky & writer Sholom Aleichem have Ukrainian ancestry with a host of others representing all fields of human endeavour. A good place to start is reading EAST WEST STREET a brilliant book about the lawyers involved in the famous Nuremburg Nazi trials both Jewish and originating from Lviv (formerly Lvov and Lemberg) the city we fly to early on Friday, getting there before lunch. We spend Shabbat in the city which is only 70 kilometres from the border with Poland. A city not unlike


Krakow founded in the 13th Century with its elegant squares and its Austria-Hungarian heritage evident within its exquisite architecture. Shabbat is spent attending the Synagogue and during the afternoon visiting the site of the remains of the once famous Golden Rose Shul and walking through the city’s boulevards and squares. We leave the city of Lviv on Sunday and start the Shtetl tour heading East to Brody and then South towards the Romanian border. We then head North East towards Kiev the capital which we visit on the last day. It will be an exceptional tour ending in the places connected with Sholom Aleichem near Kiev and visiting the writers museum in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky on the way to the airport. Please join us by calling Marcel on 07712290520 or e-mailing



17 MAY 2018

Parshat Bamidbar G-d tells Moshe to take a census (a count) of all the people who can be part of the army, which means all men between the ages of twenty and sixty. Each of the twelve tribes had a leader called a nassi who helped Moshe do the counting. The tribe of Levi was counted separately. Counting all males from one month and older, there were 22,300. Next is discussed how the People of Israel camped and traveled in the desert. When the Jews had to leave their encampment and begin traveling, the Levites would take apart the Mishkan (the Tabernacle that the Jews built), carry it to wherever the next camp was, and set it up again. The camp was arranged like this: In the center was the Mishkan. Around the Mishkan was the camp of the Levites, divided into three groups. The Kehatites, who carried the Mishkan’s vessels (the altar, ark, menorah, etc.), camped to its south. The Gershonites, who carried the curtains and roof coverings, were to the west, and the sons of Merrari, who carried the walls and pillars, camped to the north. In front of the Mishkan’s entranceway in the east were the tents of Moses, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons. Around the Levites were camped the rest of the People of Israel, in four groups. To the east were Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun; to the south, Reuben, Shimon, and Gad; to the west, Ephraim, Menasseh, and Benjamin; and to the north, Dan, Asher, and Naphtali. Next is discussed the children of Aaron, the Kohanim, and the Levites, who did the service in the Mishkan. Originally, the firstborns from each family were supposed to do the service, but when they sinned with the golden calf they lost this privilege and it was given instead to the Levites.


Milk Dairy Flowers Torah Harsinai Cheese Sivan Milk

Arts and Crafts EASY CUPCAKE CASE FLOWER You will need

• • •

Cupcake cases – Two sizes Buttons Beads

• • •

Wide Paddle Pop Sticks Craft Glue Scissors

Method 1. Make your flower petals by following the instructions with your cupcake case. Flatten the case, then fold the case in half, and then in sections. Use the scissors to cut the widest edge with a curve. Open up the cupcake case and it will resemble the outline of a flower. Repeat the same process for the smaller sized cupcake cases. 2. Glue the largest cupcake case onto the top of the paddle pop stick first. Then layer the smaller cupcake case. 3. Glue the button in the middle of the flower, and then add a bead where the glue will seep out of the button holes. 4. Allow for your flower to dry, and then group them together to create a bouquet that can be put on display.


17 MAY 2018





No Bake Cheesecake


• For the base: • 200g digestive biscuits, or for a healthy version combine 180g of ground almonds or pecans plus 20g ground flaxseed • 60g butter (unsalted)

• • • • • • • •

For the filling: 200g full fat Cream cheese 100g thick greek yoghurt 2 tbsp Lemon juice 2-3 tbsp light soft brown sugar (to taste) For the topping: 200g fresh fruit 50g grated chocolate

Method: 1. Put the biscuits into a food bag, seal completely, then use a rolling pin to smash the biscuits up into crumbs until there are no large biscuit pieces remaining. If you are using almonds, combine them with the flax seed in a bowl. 2. Melt the butter in a large saucepan then add the base mixture and mix well. 3. Grease a cake tin with butter. Press the biscuit base into circular tin and leave to set in the fridge for 1 hour. 4. In a large bowl mix the cream cheese, lemon juice and yoghurt and stir well until thick.

5. Spoon the cream cheese filling on top of the biscuit base ensuring all of the base is covered. 6. Leave to set in the fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight. 7. Decorate the top with fresh fruit – kids can make patterns or a smiley face with the different fruit. 8. Grate chocolate onto cheesecake before serving.

Did you know? 7 REASONS WE EAT DAIRY ON SHAVUOT The gematria (numerical value) of chalav (milk) is 40 and Moshe spent 40 days on Mount Sinai being taught the Torah by Hashem.

There are 365 days in the year and 365 negative commandments. The one that is connected to Shavuot is “don’t cook a kid in its mother’s milk”.

The Torah was given on Shabbat and the Jews now had to keep Kashrut but didn’t have kosher meat utensils so they ate cold dairy dishes.

The Torah is compared to milk as Torah keeps the soul alive just as milk keeps a baby alive.

Moshe was placed on the Nile as a baby on Shavuot and Yocheved nursed him with her milk as he wouldn’t drink the milk of the Egyptian women.

The gematria (numerical value) of gevina (cheese) is 70 and there are 70 ways to interpret the Torah.


Some say that the Jews only ate dairy products for the first time once they got the Torah which calls Israel “the land of milk and honey”.





17 MAY 2018






17 MAY 2018

The Waves of War


BY CHAYA SANDLER Recap: The Princess and Hamish are rescued/ captured from the island by Hamish’s pirate ship. The Captain betrays him by throwing them both in the brig. Hamish despairs and wonders what he has in life. Now they are in the neighbouring empire.

The wheels jolted. Such a funny thing to focus on when you’re on your way to be killed, the princess thought. She supposed it was better to focus on anything but her impending doom however. Anything really was better. Like cheese. Cheese was good. She missed cheese. Cheese was a good safe topic. A detached part of her wondered what would happen if she yelled “STOP! I want to talk about cheese…” Yes, that probably wouldn’t go down too well. Another detached part of her wondered if death by frustrated pirate was better than death by enemy king? A third part wondered how they were going to kill or if they would just torture her? The non-detached, rational, logical part of her yelled at them to be quiet. That prompted her emotional side to start blabbering. The rational side told it to grow up. The princess herself observed her thoughts and decided to ignore them and mentally stroll away from them. This she did and so it was with ridiculous dignity and poise that she carried herself into the dungeons. If they knew her façade came not from strength but despair, the

spectators would have been less impressed, but her thoughts were hers and hers alone. Locked up tightly and feeling honestly, slightly ignored, she couldn’t be bothered to deal with her feelings, or Hamish’s sobbing whimpers. So she didn’t. She leant her head against the wall of her cell and waited for death to pop its head in. And then it did. Or rather, a dead head popped in. “Hello sis.” She screamed. “Apparition, spirit, demon, be gone creature!” She shrieked. Her brother frowned, uncharacteristic lines creasing a smooth, measured face. He came fully into view of her cell and stepped into the light. Light brown hair still sprung vigorously upon his head. Even though slightly dampened by the atmosphere, it curled up defiantly. Dark, deep set, piercing green eyes gazed playfully and penetratingly at her. His spry, lean figure relaxed casually against the wall of his neighbouring cell and yet even then he conveyed authority. One hand rested lightly on the space where his sword sheath should be. Another absent mindedly ran its fingers lightly through his curls. “Y, you are not dead.” “Sorry.” He grinned, restoring his usual mischief to his expression. His eyes glinted challengingly. “But what happened?!” “Sister, sister, what happened to you? Where are your manners? Is that how

a princess of Kashmir behaves?” He wagged his finger admonishingly. She frowned, annoyed and snapped rather scornfully at him. He laughed! He actually laughed. Down here, in the dungeon of their worst enemy, awaiting a terrible fate, whilst their kingdom burned to the ground and here in this place of death and despair, he laughed! This was too much. Anger welled up in her. “Well I’m glad you find it so funny. So you are to play the fiddle whilst Rome burns then?” The smile slipped off his face and the authority burned instead. He grasped the bars between them and stared intently at her, “It is not so…” he whispered softly, questioningly. “I do not know for sure, but…. It is not


good.” And then she began to sob and the whole long story came out, how she had fled and her ship had been captured by pirates; how she had escaped and met Hamish and they had stumbled upon the isle of cannibals and then had been found by the pirates and taken here; had been paraded through the marketplace to jeers and booing and cries of delight and rejoicing at their downfall and how she had thought he was dead and the army with him and how it hadn’t mattered because all hope had been lost anyway. When she had finished her whimpering tale, he hugged her through the bars as much as he could. “We were not killed, my sister dear. We were scattered and dispersed but some of us made it to a cave. Four hundred of our men reside not fifty miles from here, ready for my word and we shall flee and liberate our homeland.” “How, with four hundred men?!” “We were following the footsteps of King David who had but four hundred men and G-d saved him and waged his wars to victory. We shall do the same once we are free of this accursed cell and this accursed land.” “How?!” “I think I can help…” Hamish timidly stood up in the cell on the other side of the princesses. “Speak then, urchin and make haste, for time has long run out.” TO BE CONTINUED

Meshugana May at Kaifeng! We have gone a bit mad!

Every Monday to Thursday Evening

Kashrut at Kaifeng

in the restaurant ALL our Appetisers and Soups are HALF PRICE before 7pm £3 OFF every Cocktail before 7.30pm Hot Dog Spring Rolls and Char Siu Chicken are back! Special New Dishes Voted ‘Best Kosher Restaurant’ Three Years in a Row

Our shomer unlocks the kitchen in the morning and is on duty at the premises until he locks up at night. All our meat and poultry is Glatt Kosher Le Mahadrin. All vegetables checked and washed by our shomer who also supervises all cooking proceedures.

Fine Glatt Kosher Chinese

The Place for a Simcha

Outstanding cuisine Exotic cocktails Shabbos meals blast chilled every Thursday evening Sunday Buffet Lunch - £22 + service

Glatt Kosher Le Mahadrin under the strict supervision of the London Beth Din and Rabbi Akiva Osher Padwa

51 Church Road, Hendon NW4 4DU Reservations: 020 8203 7888 Open Sunday to Thursday: Lunch 12.30 - 2.30pm, Dinner 5.30 - 10.30pm, Motzei Shabbat: September - Pesach

12.30 - 2.30pm

Assistant - Technical Sales (6 month contract with opportunity to extend) Kosher Certification Team Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din A new exciting and rewarding career opportunity exists in the KLBD certification team to support our expanding sales team. Working within the certification office based in London, this role requires a dynamic individual to achieve increased sales worldwide within the raw materials and ingredients food sectors. Understudying the Technical Sales Manager, responsibilities include creating, following up and converting new prospects to become KLBD Kosher certified. The successful candidate should be a graduate with a passion for sales. You should be articulate, have a friendly manner, and ideally have some sales experience and another European language. The role also includes extensive exhibition activity together with associated worldwide travel opportunities. To discuss the role, please initially contact Russell J Brown on 020 8343 6245 Closing date for receipt of completed applications: 1 June 2018


VOLVO V70 XC (CROSS COUNTRY) £2000.00 or near offer One owner from new, well maintained and with a full service history and MOT valid until January 2019. 163,500 miles on the clock, automatic transmission, petrol, 2400cc. The personalised number plate shown in the photo has been retained by the owner and the number plate is now X334 BBY (2001). It may still be possible for the purchaser to obtain rear facing seats for the tailgate section. • • • • • • • • •

Air conditioning/climate control Alarm ABS Central locking Cruise control Driver and passenger airbags Electric mirrors Electric tilt and slide factory sunroof Roof rails

• • • • • • • • • •

Electric windows Folding rear seats Heated door mirrors Front fog lights Leather upholstery Immobiliser Radio CD player Traction control Metallic bronze paint Alloy wheels

Please contact Peter on 07843 655295 or 0208 8666487

For further information and to download an application form, please log on to our website Registered Charity No. 242552


expand your world K O S H E R H O L I D AY S - TA I L O R M A D E B Y E X P E R T S




At B espoke Kosher Travel we understand the needs of the kosher traveller. O ur k nowledge of destinations gives you the ultimate exper ience with fresh kosher meals. S o whether it's your annual holiday, cit y break , business tr ip or special occasion, let us make your dream a realit y!

CALL US ON 020 3151 1660 w w w. b e s p o k e k o s h e r t r a v e l . c o m @bespokekosher @bespokekoshertravel

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