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JCG Foundation Magazine 2015 - 2016 ASPIRE • INQUIRE • EXCEL • BELONG

 

 

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Thank You


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Leanda Guy - Foundation Director Jane Delap - Hon. Treasurer

Welcome to our fourth JCG Foundation Magazine. We hope you enjoy the comprehensive update on Foundation activities and our wonderful interviews from a wide range of our Old Girls. Please register on so we can keep you up to date with all JCG news throughout the year. We hope you enjoy your 2015/16 magazine. Thank you to all the girls who kindly agreed to write features and interviews from a myriad of Year Groups. Thank you to our advertisers for supporting this publication and Jamie Fisher from Lobster Tail for sponsoring the production of this magazine.

Leanda and Jane

Leanda Guy 4

Jane Delap

 

Thank You Thank you as always to Mr Howarth, our Chairman Philip Taylor, the members of the Foundation Bob Hassell, Alex Fearn, Sheila Herbert, Cathy Keir, Jane Delap, Sarah Robins, Pippa Bastiman and of course our Patron Sally Le Brocq not forgetting you, our very supportive Old Girls. We would also like to thank JCG Teacher Simon Lewis for creating both PREPARE and the forthcoming Summer School, both great initiatives. Special thanks must always go to Margaret Stone and Dr Taylor for being our Oracles and Dr Taylor ensuring our archive is looked after. Sue can find an Old Girls magazine from any year and probably tell you most of the girls it mentions before reading it! Sarah Robins, Pippa Bastiman and Jane Delap have all been brilliant. Sarah helped us develop various agreements, Pippa and her husband Nick did our accounts for the last 3 years and Jane Delap is a constant source of encouragement popping in as Hon. Treasurer to sign cheques in between flying a BA passenger aircraft to various destinations around the world! Huge congratulations on becoming a fully-fledged BA Captain last year! Wow! Thanks to Karen Stone who is a constant source of inspiration, has tamed the database and helped me ensure all our events are a huge success. We also must thank Noella O’Connor, JCG Admin Support for all her help with our copying needs and so much more. Finally, I would also like to thank the Jersey Media for always supporting our many activities.

Leanda Guy - Foundation Director


 

A message from our Patron Mrs Sally Le Brocq, OBE I cannot believe it has been nearly 5 years since the Foundation was launched and what a tremendous amount has been achieved in that time. We have had great fun at many Old Girl Reunions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the magazines covering girls from all generations and I am delighted to hear the database is growing by the day. Philip and I have enjoyed all three Pride and Joy events and I was humbled by the bravery of Kris Hallenga, the Founder of Coppafeel, and commend Leanda for making contact and creating Coppafeel awareness in Jersey. Only Leanda could turn the Fort Regent 'Boob Shape’, as she pointed out, Dome Pink for a whole month to remind us all of the importance of knowing our bodies. 2000 local students (girls and boys) were made aware of breast cancer, thanks to this Foundation initiative - brilliant! The Hawksford Debate Series has given so many students from so many different schools the opportunity to 'step out of their comfort zone' which is so important these days! We wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet wonderful Kelly who joined the JCG 6th Form from Grainville last September and she will, I know, make us all so proud. I’m thrilled that ‘Prepare the Revision Academy’ was such a success last year and enjoyed working with pioneering teachers like our very own Simon Lewis. It is growing to cover and encompass GCSE and A Levels this year. It is wonderful that the JCG network looks after not just itself but all Jersey students. That's just the events! It is most encouraging to hear that thanks to the generosity of private individuals the Foundation now offers 3 bursaries and Leanda's Corporate Partner Programme continues to grow. I encourage any Old Girl to register (it is very simple) on and join this exciting movement that is supporting not just JCG students but education in Jersey. I remain enormously proud to be your Patron.

Mrs Sally Le Brocq, OBE 6

 

A message from our Principal Mr Carl Howarth 2015 has been another busy year for the Foundation. The return of JCG's beloved library marks a major milestone. I know how relieved you will be to know it has finally been rescued and looks beautiful in our library at the Mont Millais Campus to be enjoyed by past, present and future students for years to come. Well done to the Foundation team and our thanks to the Jersey Development Company, Whittinghams and Waddingtons for making it all possible. I am delighted that thanks to generous sponsors we now provide 3 new Foundation bursaries and I am encouraged by the feedback we have had for our Gift and Legacy Campaigns. We have developed these campaigns to give a structure to enable you to think about how you personally could support JCG. The Foundation gives us a platform to help you support JCG itself or education at large on the Island and be confident in the knowledge any donations will be spent according to your wishes. As I've mentioned before, some will ask why these projects are not financed by the States of Jersey. We have all read about the continued economic position the Island finds itself in. Such essential projects for our students, while supported by the Education department, is not a funding priority. We understand that and are grateful that we have the JCG Family of parents and alumni to help us realise the many projects required for our students today and the many generations of tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming you all back to your Library at our JCG Campus on Saturday 12th March at our Library Repatriation Celebration, the jewel in JCG's crown.

Mr Howarth welcoming the Class of 83 7

 

A message from our Editors Sienna Major and Lucy Clark, Year 12 It has been a truly enriching experience for us to be the Editors of this year’s Foundation magazine. As a result of editing this magazine we now understand so much about the history of Jersey College for Girls and have been so inspired by the incredible lives the alumni have lead during their time at JCG and afterwards. We were honoured to become Foundation Girls this year as the JCG foundation grants us the opportunity to keep up to date with the successes of our fellow classmates in the future. The foundation informs us not only on the lives of our friends, but also the extraordinary lives of alumni from many different generations. This allows us to observe how JCG has developed over the years as well as admire their accomplishments. Jersey College for Girls aims to make it’s students aspiring, inquisitive as well as excel and belong in every endeavour. The interviews of former students strongly demonstrate these qualities though their amazing achievements. We have had so much fun gathering stories and good memories from past JCG students and are so pleased we have the opportunity to share them with you in this magazine. We hope we can be as accomplished once we’ve left JCG as the Ladies we’ve interviewed. Thank you to Leanda our Foundation Diva for the opportunity! We have loved it!

Lucy Clark & Sienna Major 8

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Healthhaus Healthhaus is an exclusive boutique styled private members health and fitness club within Hotel de France. It was born of owners Glenda Rivoallan and Nathalie Le Mottée’s determination to provide the discerning, health conscious individual with a different offering, which takes into account the major challenges facing current fitness providers. “The key reasons why people leave gyms are because they find the environment, equipment and ‘science’ of training intimidating,” says Nathalie. “Eventually boredom sets in, they might lack the support necessary to achieve their goals, and they stop going. We have worked tirelessly to provide a more personalised health and fitness offering in a non-intimidating environment. We have created a comfortable home from home feel, enhanced by a concierge style of service.” “Keeping healthy with today’s busy fast paced lifestyles is a challenge for most,” stresses Glenda. “The vision for Healthhaus is to provide a time efficient and effective fitness solution that leaves you time to indulge in what we consider to be a 360˚ approach to wellness - be it spending time in our member’s lounge, Ayush luxury spa or taking part in one of our signature classes. You only need to commit to 2 x 35 minutes, or 4 x 17.5 minutes sessions every 10 days for guaranteed results or your money back.” Thanks to its microchip card control, all Milon equipment automatically adjusts to your individual body size and training plan. All members are set up with a personalised card which they simply slot into each machine as they move around the circle. This totally eliminates any setting errors and the need to adjust equipment before you can use it. With its broad and precise equipment adjustability, the Milon circuit is well suited for beginners as well as those who are more advanced. Nathalie added “We also have an ‘Express’ site located in Gloucester Street that is ideal for people working in the centre of town who want to pop out and do their Milon circuit during their lunch hour!”

 

JCG Foundation News and Successes Foundation Database It has been another busy year at JCG Foundation HQ. I was delighted to be joined by Karen Stone in February to help with all aspects of growing the Foundation. We were very lucky to be able to hire a person of Karen’s calibre to help us with the ever-increasing workload as the Foundation grows. Karen has single-handedly increased the number of Ladies on the Foundation database from 1000 to 2000 since February. If you are not yet registered it is very simple just click on the JCG Door at and Karen will process your registration so we can keep you up to date with all things JCG and Foundation. Register now for free at: WWW.JCGFOUNDATION.COM and keep up to date with all JCG and Foundation news.

Spring Reunion We kicked started the year with our Spring Reunion Luncheon that took place on Saturday 7th March. The JCG Foundation 2014-15 Magazine was well received and we hope you enjoy this edition too.


 

Mr Howarth presented Gerard with a framed picture of JCG as a small token of our gratitude for all his work. The Extended Music Programme was the Foundation’s first large initiative and showcased the benefits of philanthropy for students at JCG and other Island schools.

Philanthropic Evening Our next event was held on Thursday 11th June, our inaugural Philanthropic Evening that took place at the Royal Yacht. Guests were wowed by Gerard Le Feuvre from the Foundation Musician in Residence programme and a 22 strong orchestra of students from several schools. Over 80 guests came to hear Mr Graham Tuckwell talk about Philanthropy in education, Rod Bryans, Education Minister and Mr Howarth inspiring conversations that will benefit not just JCG but other Island Students.

From this event many exciting Foundation projects have become a reality.

Philanthropic Lunches


Following on from the success of this evening we are hosting a series of Philanthropic Lunches sponsored by Stonehage Fleming throughout 2016 for like-minded people to come together over an informal school dinner to explore supporting education in Jersey. Do let us know if you would like to join one of these lunches.


 

JCG Foundation News and Successes Jacksons Pride and Joy event We also hosted the third Jacksons Pride and Joy event. Car enthusiasts brought over £5 million of vehicles and proudly displayed them on College Field for the day. Thanks to Jacksons CI for organising this event. Thank you to Sarah and Tallulah from The Chugging Pig, Stuart’s Ice Cream Van, Grouville Battle of Flowers Committee for lending us their PA system and of course Joe, our wonderful caretaker for all his help in making the day a success.

A Fond Farewell JCG said good-bye to Dave Philpott our other caretaker and on behalf of the Foundation I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave for, like Joe, never saying something can’t be done!

Class of 1983 Reunion We were delighted to welcome 45 girls form the Class of 1983 on Saturday 13th June to JCG. A huge thank-you to Jane Le Sueur for rallying so many of her class mates for a wonderful afternoon. This year it will be 10 years since the Class of 2005 flew the JCG nest. We hope to organise a fun event for them after the Summer Holidays. As the charitable arm of JCG everything we do is self-funding. We thank those of you who have made donations, supported our events, pledge a legacy or offered a raffle prize.

We also could not do half the things we do without the help of our ever-increasing corporate partners to who we are very grateful for their support.


 

Summer Coffee Morning As we knew many of you like the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel so we held our Coffee Morning at this lovely old Jersey Hotel in 2014. A cornucopia of croissants and coffee for £3 a head (!) and lots of chatting was enjoyed by the Ladies who joined us.

JCG Foundation Loyalty Card supported by Viberts Thank you to all our Old Girls and Parents who have signed up for the JCG Foundation Loyalty Card. Thank you also to the 50 plus discount partners who have signed up to help support this initiative. If every current JCG family took advantage of this super discount scheme offered at only £60 a year it would create £60,000 that we could put towards supporting many initiatives.

Gift and Legacy Campaigns Before the Foundation was launched the JCGA would raise in the region of £1000 a year so we are very proud that in 4 years the Foundation now including Polyphony has increased this to over £80,000 a year not to mention three new bursaries now being fully utilised. We are looking to increase this but cannot do it without your help! In 2016 we are launching our Gift and Legacy campaigns. We were very touched to receive our first legacy gift in 2015 from a JCG Old Girl who was passionate about College. Production of brochures is expensive so thank you to Viberts, Infrasoft and Minerva for funding the production of these vital fund raising brochures. If you would like more information on these campaigns please do let us know.


 

JCG Foundation News and Successes We look forward to seeing lots of you at the celebration event on Saturday 12th March, our next Spring Reunion. Past, present and future generations of JCG students can now continue to enjoy this Jewel in our Crown.

Library Repatriation Thanks to the Foundation’s partnership with the Jersey Development Company we are thrilled to announce your beloved library has finally been repatriated back to our Mont Millais Campus. The cost of £50,000 was covered by the JDC Percentage for Art budget. This budget will also cover the cost of a sculpture that will span both our old and new locations. It was a painstaking job to remove the panels and columns from the old building by very skilled carpenters and repatriate it to fit our library at Mont Millais. Huge skill from JDC, Waddingtons and Whittinghams has made this Foundation vision a reality.

Building the Future, Shaping our World Local and Global Engineering Competition We welcomed Le Masurier who joined as a new corporate partner in 2015 sponsoring Head Girl, Rachel Hayden’s unique Local Female Engineering Competition. We were also delighted Hawksford Group were keen to sponsor the Global section of this inaugural competition.


 

Women of Substance Day - March 2015 We welcomed past pupil Vaishali Shah, Marketing Director at Minerva Group who joined us as a Corporate Partner to sponsor our Women of Substance Day for JCG Students. Vaishali also invited JCG students to take part in a competition with the winners invited to attend her Female Focus event in London. Vaishali also owns a bespoke card business and has very kindly designed our JCG Serves certificates and stationery.

Vaishali Shah, Head of Marketing, Minerva Trust and Corporate Services with JCG Students

Prepare 2015/2016 Following the successful Prepare 2015, the brainchild of JCG teacher Simon Lewis, preparations are well underway for Prepare 2016. This Revision Academy will offer both GCSE and A Level support over the Easter holidays for all Jersey Students. Thanks to our corporate partner Rathbones for making this possible and ensuring financial assistance is available. Anyone who wants to brush up on a specific area or more have the opportunity before their final exam.


JCG FOUNDATION MAGAZINE FEB:Layout 1 01/03/2016 16:43 Page 15

JCG FOUNDATION MAGAZINE FEB:Layout 1 01/03/2016 16:43 Page 16

 

JCG Foundation News and Successes in the Good Morning Britain ‘Breast Mates’ campaign so momentum is really building for Coppafeel and we are thrilled to support their great work.

Coppafeel Event and Assemblies Once again thank you to Stonehage Fleming for sponsoring the Coppafeel team visit to Jersey again in September 2015. A sold out quiz night was held at Rojo followed by assemblies the next day at Les Quennevais, Le Rocquier, Hautlieu, JCG and Victoria College. In total 2000 local students are breast cancer savvy thanks to this Foundation initiative. Our thanks to After Breast Cancer, Dickinson Gleeson, Rojo, Boogalou Music and Adapt Design for all their help. We even turned the Fort Regent Dome pink again for the whole month of December to remind everyone to ‘check their boobs!’ Kris Hallenga, Founder of Coppafeel was recently on ITV’s Lorraine Show and involved

Hawksford Debate Series The 6th and 7th debates in our Hawksford Debate series took place in 2015. Joint teams from JCG and Le Rocquier School debated the Pros and Cons of Reality TV! The event, moderated by Fiona Potts from Channel 103, saw mixed teams of Year 9 students take to the stage at JCG in front of parents, students, teachers and members of the community.

As usual the teams were made up of debaters, researchers and marketers. ‘The students who took part in the debate were of a very high standard, they were controlled and concise in their delivery. The quality of the content in the debate was excellent and covered multiple ideas and concepts’ said Mrs Potts, who declared a draw on the evening. ‘I’d say there are some budding lawyers amongst the students with their level of argument. The students are most fortunate to be offered


 

They showed real passion and had clearly researched their subjects.

these opportunities and should grasp and relish the chance to add to their normal curriculum.’

The Foundation organised for students to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Jersey to promote the debate and put up some feisty arguments for local listeners’ enjoyment.

The event was introduced by Donna Withers, Head of Wills and Probate at Hawksford. Ms Withers added ‘There were some well formed arguments in favour of and against reality TV. It was very impressive. So much so, that at the start of the evening there was a majority against reality TV, but by the end it was 50-50. These students did themselves proud.’

The second debate this year gave joint Year 8 teams from JCG and Les Quennevais the opportunity to debate ‘This house believes that Europe has a moral duty to allow Syrian refugees to seek asylum within its borders.’

Book Buddies Conceived at the Foundation Philanthropic Event in 2015 sponsored by Jacksons and Ogier, Book Buddies runs on a weekly basis and is for Primary children who would benefit from some extra literacy time. Linking Year 2 and 3 students from currently three schools based in town with JCG Sixth Form Students, the children develop their literacy and enhance their enjoyment of learning.

We hope they get as much out of being Foundation Girls as they put in. If your daughter or granddaughter is at JCG and would like to become a Foundation Girl she simply needs to pop in to Foundation HQ and say hello. There are opportunities to learn about business development, marketing, event management, PR, branding and have fun!

Foundation Girls We love it when the Foundation Girls pop in to Foundation HQ to see how they can help. The girls are a huge help whether stuffing envelopes, hosting and providing entertainment at our events or offering technical support! Foundation Girls come from all year groups. 19

 

JCG Foundation News and Successes student to attend JCG is approximately £6,000 per annum. The Foundation bursary comprises a personal donation of £4,500 per annum and completed with a tax rebate of £1,500 however any specific amount can be allocated to the Foundation Bursary programme.

JCG Foundation Bursaries These bursaries are provided by private individuals to give the opportunity for any young person offered a place to benefit from a JCG education irrespective of their financial background. There are currently three Foundation Bursaries being provided; two for students joining in Year 7 for the duration of their study, and one for a student joining in Year 12 for their sixth form years at College. We would like to offer substantially more bursaries to transform the lives of more young people. An annual all-inclusive bursary for a

‘We are thrilled to have been able to provide a Foundation bursary to a Year 7 student until she leaves in Year 13. It is wonderful to receive the reports about how well she is progressing with her education and endeavours at JCG. It is lovely to be able to give something back.’ The T Family.

‘Our family went through an unexpected and very difficult time. It was a huge relief to know that our daughter’s education continued uninterrupted especially during her GCSE’s. Without this support I don’t know what we would have done, thank you.’ Family B.

PTA Trust Bursary This Bursary was created by the JCG PTA to assist in the short-term payment of school fees or expenses connected with the College for current students. When there is a sudden change in a family’s circumstances, this bursary is in place to ensure there is no additional disruption to our students education. There has been a significant number of students supported by this fund in recent years. Any amount donated to this fund will enable to support students through difficult times.


 

There is no stipulation on how the awards may be used by the students but they are usually used to defray some of the costs of studies and purchasing books for their course.

Scholarship Fund There are two student awards of £250 per year for the duration of their course (i.e. a total of £750 to each student.) The criteria for the award are based on a combination of:

‘It was a great surprise and honour to be awarded this scholarship. I used the funds to purchase much needed and expensive text books for my university course.’ Student R.

• Level of academic achievement at A Level • Contribution made to the College during

their A Level years

JCG Foundation Goodies Limited Edition prints by Ian Rolls of both our old building and Mont Millais are now available. £100 a print with 10% discount at The Framing Workshop, these wonderful prints can be purchased or make a lovely gift for anyone passionate about JCG. Thanks to The Jersey Development Company for commissioning the print of our Old Building and gifting the original print to the Foundation. We are now taking orders for our JCG Foundation Dome pins or pendants. Your House colour stone can be put in the window to personalise your pin or pendant. We can also have our beautiful Dome made in to cufflinks so the boys don’t feel excluded!


 

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WELCOME HOME TO GREENHILLS We’ve been busy this winter. An extensive refurbishment has transformed the bedrooms, lounge and bar to create an all new experience. Our restaurant tells the story of our island home with local ŴDYRXUVDQGWKHQHZEDUZHOFRPHV\RXZLWKJXHVWDOHVPHOORZ whiskies and crisp wines in luxurious country surroundings. We’re your new favourite secret you’ll be bursting to share. Come out of hibernation this spring and experience the new look Greenhills Country House Hotel. 01534 481042

 

Foundation Girl Feature

Kelly Gomes - My story

Kelly Gomes I first met Leanda at my school, Grainville in 2013 when the JCG team came for our first planning session for the Hawksford debate. We were all rather worried at first but Leanda soon put all our concerns aside. I asked to be on the marketing team and we loved working with Leanda to write a marketing communications plan to promote the event. The next time we got together was at JCG. We were all blown away by JCG and the campus. I loved the Rory McCann Inspirational Mural! WOW!

The campus was inspiring. Mr Howarth came to say hello and asked us what were our plans. Options were to stay at Grainville, go to Hautlieu or had we thought about JCG? I thought he was joking at first and texted Leanda to ask her if he meant it! She said of course! I did well in my GCSE’s and was over the moon to be accepted in to join JCG for 6th form in September 2014. I have loved every minute and the opportunities I have been given. I have benefitted from the Pilkington Fund to go on a language course in 2015 which was brilliant. I have also really enjoyed being a Foundation Girl. The Coppafeel assemblies were fantastic and I enjoyed being involved in all the Debates since joining JCG. It really helps your confidence and is fun to get involved in another part of College life. I pop in to the office a couple of times a week to see if


Leanda and Karen need any help. I am looking at going to University to study languages. If it wasn’t for the Foundation and the Hawksford Debate I would never have had this amazing opportunity! Thank you! I look forward to becoming an official JCG Old Girl and will definitely look to see how I can 'give back' as my career develops.

 



LOYALTY CARD Complete your Women’s Contemporary Collections Loyalty Card and receive 15% off* your next purchase. Ask upstairs in Voisins for details. * This offer applies to womenswear contemporary department only. Excludes Jigsaw

 

Foundation Girl Feature

Charlotte Ng - My story

During my time at the Foundation, I was trying to figure out what line of work I would like to pursue, and with the help of Leanda and her numerous contacts, she was able to provide me with a 10 month internship at The marketing manager there was an ex JCG student, who was able to provide me with a position to gain work experience. My time at provided me with a great understanding of the working environment and what was expected of those in the marketing department. I have to admit, that this did alter my perspective of University as I had had a feel for earning my own money and working hard for it. I also gained some very close friends in the workplace who have been supportive ever since.

Charlotte Ng I was first introduced to the JCG Foundation department during my last year of A levels. Events that had recently happened in my personal life had affected me and my focus on learning. With it being such a critical year at school and the pressure of achieving the grades for university, I was directed towards Leanda Guy’s office.

Working with Leanda and the Foundation improved my confidence and I received a better understanding of management and marketing from a beginner level. Not only was Leanda my mentor, she has become a great friend of mine. She taught me that if you want to achieve something, you need to go out and get it yourself. Never rely on others to do it for you.

Leanda kindly took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. Being in 6th Form, every Friday we had to take part in some form of work experience, to widen our knowledge in preparation for the ‘outside world’ and university. Luckily, I was allowed to work within the foundation and help Leanda with the creation of the Foundation Loyalty Card, alongside various Foundation events, PR for College itself etc.

Three years later, I am working at ORCHID as a Junior Account Executive and enjoying every moment. Balancing my studying with working has given me determination to reach for a highly respected job role in the marketing industry.


 

 



    

 


Karen Rankine Class of 1981

I initially took a gap year when I left JCG after my A-Levels to spend a year in Paris learning French as an au pair. This was a choice I never regretted, and although my French is a little rusty now, I’ve used those language skills right through my career. I then embarked on training as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital in London - a career choice that I was really set on at the time but working in my spare time with Guy’s Hospital Radio service sparked a keen interest in the media and in journalism that became a bit of an obsession! I took the decision about a year after I qualified to take the plunge and try to break into the world of news. It really wasn’t easy, but the experience I’d gained in hospital radio stood me in good stead and I had a lucky break getting a trainee position with the Jersey Evening Post. I had to re-train, and take exams all over again, but I never looked back and it was while I was working at the JEP that I met my future husband.

Karen is Managing Director of ITV Channel Television, Vice-Chair of JCG Board of Governors and Non-Exec Director of the Jersey International Business School. She is married to Glenn Rankine and has a son, Oliver, who is currently in his 2nd year at University and a daughter, Hannah, currently in Year 13 at JCG.

Two years later I joined Channel Television as a junior on-screen reporter - in those days you were really thrown in the deep end and two days after joining, I did my first ‘live’ in the studio! That was 26 years ago - broadcast journalism was where I really wanted to be and although I’d never really intended to stay permanently in Jersey and at Channel, I was extremely lucky that it offered excellent career


 

each room and corridor vividly and the way we use to tiptoe past the headmistress’ office, the sound of the thunder of feet in between lessons as we all used to run up and down the Central staircase to get to our respective classrooms, or using the back stairs as a shortcut if we were late! I was in Inglis house (still the best, of course!) and remember fantastic and highly competitive house events. I spent many hours in the wonderful library and I am thrilled that it has been saved and re-sited in the current JCG building.

progression for me. I moved through the roles of Presenter, News Editor, Head of Programmes and then joined the company board in 2000 as a Director. I’ve held my current role as Managing Director since 2007. Just over four years ago the company was sold to ITVplc and so Channel is now very much part of the ITV family. It’s been a terrific development for me as I now work closely with the National and other ITV regional teams and I’m regularly involved in various ITV projects, as well as still leading the Channel team. Last year was particularly exciting and certainly challenging as we moved the TV station from La Pouquelaye to a brand new site on the Waterfront at Castle Quay. That was a huge project - the station had only ever moved once before in the whole of its 53 year history so I’m especially delighted to have been with the company at such a significant time.

JCG was a vibrant and creative environment for me as a student and I’m especially proud to have been closely involved with the College for a number of years as a school governor and now as Vice-Chair. Although my own daughter Hannah, now in year 13, will be leaving school this summer, I intend to continue supporting the College well into the future.

More recently I’ve also become involved with the Jersey International Business School as a non-executive director - I’m a strong believer in providing more extensive training and learning opportunities in the Island so am thoroughly enjoying the role. I have extremely fond memories of my time at JCG even though I’m sure I wasn’t a model student all of the time! My years at JCG were, of course, at the old site - I can still remember


 


Vaishali Shah Class of 1986

Ananya Cards designs have been published in leading wedding media in the UK and further afield, including Brides, Wedding, You & Your Wedding, Hello, Wedding Ideas and Asian Bride. Our designs and advice have been published in the book ‘Planning the Perfect Asian Wedding’. Ananya Cards received the Wedding Industry Experts Award for Best Invitations in the UK and Best Invitations Worldwide.

Since leaving JCG Since leaving JCG, I completed the International Baccalaureate in Paris. I then went on to get a First Class Joint Honours Degree in International Management and French. I am also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I have always been interested in design and marketing, and gained my professional marketing qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I established my London and Jersey based graphic design and marketing agency called Creative ID in 2000 and 2011 respectively. In 2015 we celebrated Creative ID’s 15th anniversary. During the 15 years, I have had the privilege to work with leading clients on their corporate identity, rebranding and design from banks and legal firms to Michelin starred restaurants and charities.

We have recently introduced a limited-edition range of colouring cards in response to the growing trend of colouring therapy for adults. It’s a way to release stress and take one’s mind off work; the JEP recently featured an article on our colouring cards. In 2011, I was appointed a Director at Minerva. My responsibilities include maintaining and building relationships with the next generation of Minerva’s clients. I also head Female Focus, Minerva’s exclusive network for businesswomen at the top of their profession. Initially rolled out in London in 2013, Female Focus has since grown and developed into an international network with a presence in London and Kenya.

Having built up Creative ID into a successful graphic design and marketing agency, I was inspired to start another company in 2006 called Ananya Cards, which designs exclusive, contemporary stationery that appeals to the cosmopolitan British taste. We design wedding, personal and corporate stationery as well as stationery for significant events such as baby announcements, milestone birthdays and anniversaries. Our clients have included Harrods, Paperchase, de Gruchy, Longueville Manor and Mark Howe Flowers.

How has JCG provided the skills you use today? I come from an entrepreneurial family and I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you have to seek out opportunities, you have to be creative and


 

corporate partnership with the JCG Foundation or through charities such as Find Your Feet where I am on the Board of Trustees, as a family, we continue to give back and assist where we can.

know how to solve problems. In order to do that, you have to know how to be disciplined, focused and be prepared to work hard to reach your goals. I believe JCG helped build that foundation of hard work, discipline and perseverance at a young age, and it has been crucial in building my success. I also learned how to work in groups and be a team player. These are all essential and invaluable skills for success in a corporate setting.

Fond memories of JCG I recently reconnected with classmates I had not seen for 30 years since I left JCG, and it was wonderful! Despite the years of absence, the memories and the good times came flooding back. Hearing about their achievements and their life stories was lovely.

Giving back It’s extremely gratifying as well as important to help and give back where possible. With my family background, multicultural influences in education and exposure to different parts of the world, I’m fortunate to have contacts and connections with people and organisations in various countries. I was recently able to help the daughter of Caroline Moody, (an ex JCG student) to gain work experience in India by facilitating an introduction through my contact with an organisation there. I have been told that she is enjoying and benefitting from the work experience. It just makes me feel good that I was able to help.

I’m so proud of how JCG has gone from strength to strength, and of its sterling reputation. I applaud the new initiatives JCG is taking which will be of tremendous help to the girls and young women as they prepare to take their rightful place and make their mark in the world.

Giving back has always been hugely important in my family and it’s something I am committed to. Whether it’s through my family’s charitable foundation, Minerva’s Legacy Project where we support 2 different charities each year, Minerva’s

Vaishali Shah 31

 


The power of networking Anouska Leonard, Daughter of Caroline Moody Class of 1982

In the course of her day job as Features Editor at the Jersey Evening Post, Caroline Moody (née Spencer) interviewed old girl Vaishali Shah of Minerva Trust and Corporate Services. It was afterwards over a chat that Caroline spoke to Vaishali about her daughter seeking some teaching experience overseas and, to cut a long story short, the trail led to a charitable trust in Dehradun in the north of India. In 2015 Anouska Leonard (21) had gained a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification and in September she headed off for three months with Aasraa Trust, teaching street children in the slums. Here she describes her experience…

Describe how you felt when you were taken to the slums in the first week? No one really understands what the slums are like unless they have seen them for themselves. I was taken there the day after I arrived. Seeing the living conditions made my mouth drop and made me feel very grateful for what I have at home. I have never seen so many pigs, all filthy, all running around in dirt. Rubbish absolutely everywhere. Barefoot children would walk through the rubbish piles to find things to recycle or sell.

How did you come to spend three months in India teaching street children? Through my mum, I had heard that Minerva Trust sponsor a number of schools and organisations in India. Aasraa Trust, a charity based in Dehradun in the foothills of the Himalayas, helps educate underprivileged children who have very rough living conditions and help many out of abuse.

The children were the happiest children I’ve met. I was shocked to hear about some of their backgrounds. The saddest part was that some of them didn’t think it was anything particularly bad. Some children are raped, beaten, threatened, made to be slaves but yet at school you wouldn’t think that. They are so happy and I think it’s a relief for some that they can get away and see what they are capable of.


 

There was one girl called Mancy who was four years old. She used to stare at me when I first arrived (like most of them did) but she never spoke to me until my last month. I was helping out with a maths class. As I kept repeating her name something lit in her. It was hard for me to communicate with the younger children, as they didn’t understand English at all apart from the alphabet. After that day Mancy played with me every lunchtime until I left and I’ll never forget her. She started to call me ‘Dee Dee’, which means ‘sister’, instead of ‘mam’ (mam is teacher). She melted my heart, and would run up to me every day to hug me. I went over to teach English, and to make a difference, and I truly do believe that I’ve made a difference to Mancy by showing her trust.

What would you say to any young person considering a voluntary post like this? Just go for it. It’s a lifetime opportunity and it’s so worth it. Before I left, my friends kept saying to me ‘You’re so brave for going out there by yourself’ and I never understood why until I was there. You have to be prepared for your five senses to come alive. You shouldn’t expect anything, either – just go with the flow. Be ready to hear stories and see shocking things. It isn’t the same as seeing it on TV. Everything hits you all at once. *Please take a look at the Aasraa Trust’s website:

What were your own living conditions like? I stayed in a hostel with two teachers and some of the homeless children. It was a standard house, my bed was rock solid, but better than sleeping on the floor. There was no shower or bath. All I had to wash in was a bucket and a tap from the wall. How valuable was the experience? The experience was amazing and completely life-changing. I’m a lot more thankful for what I have. It taught me a lot about myself and others. It was the most heart-breaking experience but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every time I saw a child smile, it would be so much more valuable.


 


Jane Delap (née Guilliard) Class of 1987. Hon. Treasurer JCG Foundation

What was your favourite subject at JCG and do you remember who taught you? I really enjoyed school! I can remember every single teacher who taught me. I'm so fortunate that I have been able to know many of them as an adult too, through the 'Old Girls' Association and the Foundation. I really liked Maths with Mrs Kath Hickson. My Biology lesson with Mrs Margaret Barnes was a bit scary, but great! I also enjoyed English with Mr John Harvey and Geography with Mr David Evans. When did you join JCG and how was your overall experience? I went to JCG Prep (Mont Cantel, as it was then) and went all the way through to A level. I had a great time all the way through, up until the Sixth Form. All of a sudden, school seemed completely different and it took me a while to figure it out! I also had to go to Victoria College to take my A level Physics, which I found fairly intimidating as I was the only girl in the class.

What were your fondest memories at JCG? My fondest memories were playing 'Hey Presto!’ with Jo, Natalie, Sally, Clare, Kate, Louise and Sarah. We’d do handstands on the grass above the school swimming pool at break in the summer. Another fond memory was swimming two lengths of the school pool underwater, testing how far you could go with Mrs Le Brun (Weymouth). She always thought that I hadn't started!

What house were you in and did you have a favourite house/school event?

I remember winning the Prefect's prize in my last year at JCG. I chose 'The Concorde Story' by Christopher Orlebar which really confused the prize giver that year. I managed to fly with Chris on the 737 before he retired, which was lovely.

I was in Cavell and I am still very proud of all my House. We were remembering recently how Edith Cavell saw herself as just doing her duty in helping others as she made the ultimate sacrifice during the first World War. Duty and responsibility has always been a major part of my upbringing.


 

• I had two boys, Peter and James who are ages ten and seven

My favourite House events were our cake sales and auctions. Once, I paid over the odds for a chocolate cake that my mother had made, just so I could share it with my friends at break. It was my favourite! I loved the school Shakespeare competition. We used to compete in year eight, nine, ten and year twelve, with the winners performing to the parents in the evening. In year ten, (our fourth year!) Mr Harvey's English class performed extracts from 'Romeo and Juliet'. We opted not for the 'ball' scene which the other classes were doing, but for some fight scenes as I was doing fencing at the time. When we performed in the evening, we thought it would be funny to change the fight and almost get Romeo killed. My apologies go to Trudi and to John Harvey for the 'what are they doing' moment!

• I have just been promoted to Captain on the Boeing 777 fleet Who were your closest friends at JCG? My closest friends were Jo Picot, Natalie Coppock and Sally Burnett. I still keep in touch with them as well as many of my other friends too. I'm very lucky to have such great friends. What made you decide you wanted to be an airline pilot? When I was at Mont Cantel (JCG Prep), I had a teacher called Mrs Sylvia Le Miére. We were doing a project on 'Flight' and she brought in her father, Mr Nicholls who had been in the RAF. By the end of his talk I had decided what I wanted to do. I told my parents that evening: “I want to be an Airline Pilot!”

What have you done since leaving JCG? • A touch-typing course which my mum insisted on

How did JCG help shape your amazing life? The school taught me to never give up, to work hard and to try to serve those around me. Despite the school hymn being out of favour, (which we are hoping to re-launch) there are many occasions where I have remembered the words.

• A cadetship as an Air Traffic Controller with the CAA in the UK • A cadetship with British Airways as an Airline Pilot • Worked in Jersey Air Traffic as a controller for nearly four years

If honour's won through talents thou hast given. If failure's ours, despite of having striven. If loss or gain, we take to thee in heaven. All is not vain, all is not vain.

• Married twenty-one years ago to the boyfriend I met at school • Have worked as an Airline Pilot for British Airways for twenty years, five years on the 737, 15 on the 777


 


Hattie O'Connell Class of 2009

Any plans for the future? My main plan, currently, is to be Lady Gaga's bezzie. Other than that, my focus is set on learning and improving in the world of business and marketing, and to make the family business an even bigger success. This has already started to take shape in many ways. How has JCG given you the skills that you use everyday? There are so many things that you learn at school in and out of the classroom. My time at JCG was valuable and shaped me for the steps I went on to take. I think the attitude of a JCG girl is to be strong, independent, polite yet sassy. There are skills that I use every day, whether in work, at home, or with my friends.

What have you done since leaving JCG? I graduated from Durham University in 2013 with a BA Hons degree in Modern Foreign Languages. It was a four year course with the third year spent living in France and Italy.

Do you have any fond memories of your time at JCG? The highlights include my time as house captain as well as opportunities to go on trips abroad such as an activities week to Skye, or my scholarship to Florence; making so many friendships. I also had the chance to come and give something back to the school recently during talks and presentations on language events.

I worked in the Italian Dolomites gaining lots of life skills and great friends for life. Following that, I continued my studies and graduated again from Durham with a Masters degree in Translation Studies. On my return to Jersey I was lucky enough to go straight into the world of work, and I now run the family business along side my incredible mum.


 

Any favourite teachers who might have inspired you? Mr. Weber was my form tutor for several years and was the epitome of cool, the self proclaimed 'Form Daddy'. If it wasn't for both Mrs. Silvestri-Fox and Mrs. Vernaglione I would never have been so inspired to take my languages further. Mr. Lewis from Maths was a favourite, and of course the legendary Dr. Taylor, without whom JCG would not have been the same. What house were you in and any favourite house events? I was joint House Captain of Cavell with my best friend Hannah Curtis, so we were involved in all events. Although I took a back seat when it came to sports events, my favourite, (even though it was the most stressful!) was house choir, we did 'Send Me On My Way' by Rusted Root and we even had the teachers singing which was hilarious. My time at JCG was full of learning, life skills, and friendships for life. It is always a pleasure to be asked back to share my experiences and to promote languages and Durham too. Thank you for the opportunity to be in your magazine.


 


Michelle Peace (née Renouf) Class of 1983

friends and remain close after all this time. School certainly builds great friendships. Being involved in Guiding has introduced me to several 'old girls' whom I now work with closely as part of my island Guiding team and are now great friends.

What were your fondest memories at JCG? Having had the opportunity to be schooled at the same school that my aunt attended and to enjoy such a grand building (not sure if that was appreciated at the time). The Dome was certainly a great talking point and when leaving the school we had the opportunity of experiencing it. The building held great local history and I am pleased it is remaining.

What did you do when you left JCG? I left at 16 and entered the world of finance as other friends did. I started at National Westminster Bank Plc at Longueville and enjoyed 11 years with the group in a variety of roles and then left to sell Ferraris!! Was I a guide? No, my mum was but the whole Guiding life passed me by until I was in my 20’s.

What was your favourite subject at JCG? My favourite subject was domestic science (titled at the time, many years ago!!) as I loved cooking and still do. There were many great teachers and it is great to be living on the Island as there are several that I see from time to time and good to catch up with. Where did the years go!!

What got you into Guiding? Whilst at my godson’s christening I was chatting to a leader and she asked if I would be interested in helping. I joined as a unit helper at 17th St Saviour Brownies and have never looked back.

Who were your closest friends at JCG?

Why should girls be Guides?

I made some lifelong friends whilst at college (which was good going for only 3 years!!) and I am delighted that one is my daughter’s godmother and I am a godmother to another friend’s son. Others remain close whether on the island or off. We certainly had some fun times and it is great to say that I have true

Girlguiding is inspiring, inclusive, fun, empowering, challenging and caring and has given me the most wonderful opportunities not only working with some great girls. who I have seen grow from shy Rainbows (aged 5-7) to confident, wonderful young women) but also a great team of adults. I have held several roles


 

in Island Guiding and have been awarded the Silver Oak for my contributions to local Guiding. I have also qualified as a trainer for Girlguiding UK which is extremely rewarding and something I am passionate about. My new role as Island Commissioner is a great honour and I feel privileged in taking the Island forward for the next 5 years and celebrating our Island Centenary in 2019. What are you thoughts re Foundation re library? I think it is wonderful as it was certainly the gem of the old school. I am so pleased it has been saved and restored and will now be part of the new school I hope the girls will enjoy their enhanced library. It will certainly be a connection for myself and my daughter who starts her secondary education at JCG in September. The event on the 12th March will be a great opportunity for those to see the library in its new home and looking wonderful. I had a trip down memory lane at the open evening in October. For those wanting to learn more about the great work of the foundation please register at


 


Valerie Guy Class of 1936

Tell us the story of when the German Commandant summoned you up to what is now Mr. Howarth’s office?

When did you realise dancing would play such a huge role in your life and why did you start teaching?

I had my first school dancing display at the Opera House and being a very young teacher at the time, I had to prove my worth as a teacher. Fortunately, the show was a great success, and we had received a standing ovation much to my relief. Before the show started the manager of the theatre told me that the German Commandant would be attending, much to my disgust. After the show was over, the commandant told the manager that I had to attend his office at 9.30 am on the following morning of which is now Mr. Howarth’s office. I was terrified and spent most of the weekend going through the programme to see what could have offended him. No one would come with me, so I got on my bicycle and cycled to the collage House; of which is now Jersey College for Girls. It was with great relief that it was only to congratulate me, as he enjoyed the show and hadn’t seen anything like it in Germany. He gave me a note to allow me to have a bottle of brandy!

When I was about 10 years old, I used to help my teacher Miss José Lilliozap. I was hoping to do stage work but my London teacher; Noreen Bush advised me to do both as one cannot read what the future holds such as injuries. However, I was on holiday visiting my parents when the war broke out and therefore, we decided to stay together as a family, due to the bombing. In addition of course, the occupation came and the rest is history. Can you share the good and the bad things about going to the school in the old building? Was it haunted? I can’t quite remember the old building ever being haunted, however, I do remember the long corridors as we weren’t allowed to talk or run or we would receive order marks. I remembered if we received three order marks we would be in big trouble.


 

What are your thoughts about the Foundation managing to get the old library safely back to JCG for past, present and future students to enjoy? I think it is a wonderful idea to get the old library back to JCG. It brings back memories of many people and how quiet we had to be! What is your one tip to achieving your goals and following your dream? My one tip that I have taught all my students is that in order to achieve your goals and follow your dreams, you must work very hard and remember that you do not need the most talent to reach the top, it is often the hard workers. What house were you in at JCG? I was a member of the Garrett Anderson house. I also won the house a badge for deportment which I was very proud of.


 


Jenna Volpert Class of 2015

and the rugged cliffs of the mountains that towered ahead of us, a kaleidoscope of great natural beauty – we saw it all. Prolific bird and wildlife sidetracked us from any aches and pains. A near miss cycling over a sleeping puff adder snake sprawled stick like on a dusty path brought us back to the task at hand. As the days went by my initial fear that ten days would stretch on forever re-modelled itself to an anxiety that this incredible experience was all going to be over too soon. Although the steep climbs at this stage of the journey seemed endless, the moment we reached the top I had the urge to start from the bottom again.

On behalf of Masizakhe primary school – I must thank the JCG Foundation for putting us together with local fintech company Infrasofttech who sponsored our recent epic trip! Their support for our ‘Education for All’ Campaign will help lots of underprivileged children develop new skills. It is not surprising that riding a bike and raising money is fast becoming Britain’s favourite sport. Lucky to be part of a team initiative to cycle 800 kilometres (500 miles) across beautiful South African landscape I recount the highlights our journey. Setting off before sunrise on a still morning it quickly dawned on me that as the only representative from the UK, being wobbly on a borrowed bike was not to be my only challenge. Cycling in 42 degree heat through the Karoo desert for five days in a row left us all with a few battle wounds. However, with our Infrasoft sponsored team shirts on our backs, we pedalled on, always mindful of the purpose of our mission.

A personal highlight of the trip was cycling through the Baviaanskloof National Park. We were joined for the first time by a support vehicle as we cycled though the home of the buffalo and rhino peacefully grazing close by. The gravel road that runs through Baviaanskloof is very steep, narrow, and at times treacherous. We felt like we were climbing mountains but with our bikes as a handicap. But the spectacular mountain scenery at the top surpassed all other views. We were left completely breathless. The most poignant moment of the trip, that is until on the outskirts of the Park where we passed through a remote village. A tiny farming community battling with extreme poverty unchanged and untouched for a very long time live in small mud huts. The inhabitants, young

As the days past we were battered with headwinds pushing the hours spent on our bikes to 13 hours a day. Legs tired, hands blistered - we really were pushed to our physical and mental limits but the stunning scenery and our close camaraderie restocked our sapped energy. Now more acclimatised to the soaring heat, we took in the lush rolling hills of the Addo National Park. The stark contrast from the dry and desolate Karoo to the fertile green valleys


 

able to give others the opportunity to learn as we have done. Thank you very much Infrasoft and Leanda in the Foundation.

and old, greeted us warmly offering us apricots and milk. They have so little but were willing to share with six tired, smelly and extremely grateful strangers. They held our hands running beside us as we left – fuelling our bodies and hearts for the remainder of the trip, and beyond. Our final day of the cycle was festive as joined by 30 family members and friends we rode to our final destination – Keurbooms, in the Western Cape. All wearing our sponsored shirts, we finished our journey side by side, a team bound together with incredible memories. Living in the moment we went for a swim in the sea, which may have removed a few of the many layers of dirt that we had accumulated along the way. Gathered together for a celebratory meal we said a massive thank you to everyone who made this once in a lifetime adventure possible. I dearly wish that a member of Infrasoft could have joined us out in sunny South Africa to know how much we, together with the children from Masizakhe school appreciate your support. The t-shirts will be used as the official school shirts for all the children who will also benefit from the new facility, which will be built later this month. Nelson Mandela said “education is the key to success” – it is a gift to develop potential. I know that learning brings happiness and feel so privileged to be part of a team that will be

Jenna Volpert


 


Pat West (née Henderson) Class of 1965

Hello all. As a fellow alumnus, I have been asked to share a bit of my life after I left JCG in 1965 for Australia. But, I have to confess, that in comparison to some, my life seems somewhat ordinary to share with you all, so if you start yawning I forgive you in advance! As it turned out, it was only to be a short stay in Australia as my parents failed to acclimatise to the Australian heat. However, I will never forget that first early morning vision of the surfers coasting in on their boards at Cottesloe Beach and thinking 'I'm going to love it here'. But, it wasn't to be, and we were back on UK soil the following year. I then pursued my ambition to undertake nursing training and was accepted at the Hammersmith Hospital in London. Nursing was a real vocation for me, and so followed several busy years working in the NHS. It was here in swinging sixties London where I met my husband Adrian. We went on to have two children, Lauren and Oliver, and eventually moved to Wiltshire and immersed ourselves in country life with rescued dogs, bantams (all with names of course) and the aga and woodstove to boot. It was an idylic setting and we all loved it. At this time I undertook a complete change of direction and began working for the National Trust at Stourhead, one of its star properties. I became one of the team caring for the antique contents of the Mansion and found it fascinating 'behind the scenes' work.

It taught me a great deal and really broadened my horizons. The NT was a good organisation to work with and provided many opportunities for further training and encouraged their staff to feel part of an important and valuable team. In fact it was 8 years before I moved on and I have many fond memories of my time there. Needless to say, it was the call of nursing which made me leave the NT and I went back to work in Shaftesbury Cottage Hospital. I feel that Cottage Hospitals provide a much valued service to the local community including palliative care. It was a pleasure to work there although hard at times. Well, eventually retirement called but I find myself as busy as ever! We now live in the Cotswolds with access to beautiful countryside. I also belong to Rock Choir which is gaining a reputation for being one of the largest community choirs in the UK. We have such fun singing ballads, blues, rock and gospel and find ourselves singing in public more often than we ever thought possible! The feel-good factor that comes from community singing is now being recognised and I and my choir colleagues can certainly vouch for that. Last but not least, I have just taken part in my first ever charity walk! It was for Refuge which you may know raises funds to help support families affected by domestic violence. On the day of the 4 Bridges Walk in London, all went so well that the 10 kilometre walk seemed to fly by. I wish I had been brave enough to do it before. I would like to think I will have the opportunity to do it again. All my best wishes Pat West


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 

Remembering As Deputy Head Anne concerned herself with the welfare of both staff and students.

Appreciation of Anne Buley Patricia Anne Buley, always known as Anne, was born in Devon, brought up in Brixham and went to a convent school where she learnt the thin, slanting handwriting which became easily recognisable by all at College.

She organised cover for staff absences, toured the building after Assembly each morning to see that all was well in each classroom and organised all school events from Prize - givings and church services to parents’ evenings and Open Days with the aid of the two secretaries.

Anne read Geography at Bristol University, gained her PGCE and then, appointed by Miss Gwen Chesshire, came to JCG in September 1955, initially teaching History as well as Geography.

Anne was so efficient in this role that towards the end of her career she was seconded for a year to Grainville School which had a gap in its administrative team at the time.

She made a number of friends whom she enjoyed entertaining in her home, played tennis, went swimming, sang in St. Mark’s Church Choir and took part in productions by the St. Mark’s Players. In holiday time she enjoyed travelling in France, Austria and sometimes further afield.

When she retired in 1991 she went to live in Nether Compton in Dorset, to be near her mother who still lived in Brixham and so that she could explore the English countryside which she loved. Sadly Anne’s health deteriorated and she spent most of the last decade of her life in a nursinghome. However, as Dr. Sue Taylor and I found when we went to her funeral in Nether Compton last July, she had not been forgotten by the people in her adopted village and certainly she is remembered with affection and gratitude by ex-students of JCG and their parents as well as many ex-colleagues and other friends.

With various colleagues she took groups of girls on educational expeditions, including two cruises in the Mediterranean on SS Dunera and, having overseen the activities of those who undertook the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, once went to Buckingham Palace with the winner of a Gold award. When Miss Mary Preston became Deputy Head, Anne became Head of Geography and was later to be Deputy Head herself when ill-health obliged Miss Betty Forster to leave teaching, serving in that capacity under three Headmistresses, Miss Elizabeth Farewell, Mrs. Evelyn Pullin and Miss Isobel Stevenson.


 

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Tel 505460

 

Remembering Jane continued to develop her interest in gardening and as her youngest son Raoul began to share this passion for plants, together they entered plants in shows, winning prizes for primulas and tulips. In addition to Raoul, Jane and Ian also had another son Jonathan and a daughter, Anna who sadly developed complications just after birth and was left handicapped. She lived happily for 14 years, looked after by all the family who enjoyed long summer holidays in Jersey. Jane and Ian retired to Jersey in 2002. Jane enjoyed her children's and wider families achievements. She also greatly enjoyed and never missed various JCG School Reunions where she was loved by pupils and Old Girls alike and more recently was a great friend of the Foundation being interviewed for this magazine last year. Her story is an inspiring one and her niece Nerina described her as 'an inspiration and role model' and 'the best kind of Jersey woman.' Jane was thrilled with the news we have rescued the Library and was very keen we re-establish a JCG London event, which we will! We miss her greatly.

An inspirational Lady of Science Jane Machin (née Pallot) An inspiring Jersey woman who was among the first Jersey College for Girls students to obtain a degree in science and went on to specialise in Palaeontology and plant fossils died in June 2015 aged 82. Dr Jane Machin, the aunt of singer-songwriter Nerina Pallot, whose family ran the former Trafalgar Bay Hotel in Gorey was born on 2 March 1933 but her interest in botany came about from the time she spent in North Devon during the Second World War. She began a lifelong passion for plants which was inherited by her younger son, Raoul, who has pursued a successful career in horticulture. After leaving JCG, Jane went on to studied chemistry, physics, biology and geology at Reading University and her first job was as a Government scientist at the British Museum, where her focus was in palaeontology and plant fossils. Her ambition had been to work in the oil industry but science in those days was a male-dominated world. Jane went on to study for a PhD at University College London and this was followed by a teaching post at South West Essex College of Technology. Jane met her future husband, Ian, a historian and lecturer while she was lecturing in Singapore and they were married in Grouville Church in April 1964. Ian got a post at the University of St Andrews (Queens College, Dundee) which shortly after became the University of Dundee and they went to live on the east coast of Scotland.


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DEALERS IN FINE ANTIQUES, WORKS OF ART, JEWELLERY AND OBJECTS We are one of the Channel Islands’ leading purchasers of antiques, jewellery and effects. We purchase entire estates or single items and also undertake expert probate valuations and property clearance.

 

Notifications Gilbert – to Christa (née Cuthbert) and Christian a daughter, Evelyn on 8.03.2015

Graduations Gabrielle Mason, University College London, MSCi in Geology specialising in Petrology and Geochemistry. Studied Geology at JCG.

Preston – to Alison (née Picot) and Nicholas a daughter, Lily (sister for Noah) on 28.3.15

Nadege Stoddart, University of Edinburgh, BSc and BVMS Royal School of Veterinary Studies.

Smith – to Sarah (née Quenault) and Chris, a daughter, Ella (sister for Isla and Will) on 9.04.2015

Lucy Baudains, University of Sussex, BSC 1st Class Biomedical Science.

Risebrow – to Amber (née Evans) and Bjorn a daughter, Cassidy (sister for Alex and Charlie) on 30.07.2015

Stephanie Costford, University of Chichester, BA Human Resources Management 2:1 Working at Law at Work, Trainee HR business manager.

Ward – to Jane (née de Gruchy) and David, a daughter, Marianne on 23.09.2015 Bruns – To Katherine (née Mantle) and Fabian, a daughter, Holly (sister for Ellery ) on 12.10.2105 in Hannover.

Constance Wou, Imperial College London, MRCS General Surgery working as a Doctor in London.

Farrow – to Sarah (née Glynn) and Josh, a daughter, Romilly (sister

Michelle Holley, Plymouth University, BA International Business with French 2:1 now on graduate scheme at AgustaWestland, based in Yeovil.

Engagement Congratulations to Emma Wright and Nick Mourant who announced their engagement in 2015

Alice Veitch, Guildford School of Acting, Surrey, BA 1st Class Musical Theatre, now working in London.


Alice Baudains-Ransom, University of Edinburgh, MA (Hons) 1st Class Business & Economics.

Simone Scott-Warren to Richard Skilbeck on 1.04.2015


Anne Buley

Smith – Ohlsson to Emma and Alex a daughter, Isabella (sister for Lottie) on 6.01.2015

Jane Nance (née Harrison)

We sadly lost the following ladies in 2015

Collette Cook (née Benest) Jane Machin (née Pallot) Gillian Thomas Marjorie Dodds


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Marketing Suite ~ Opening Hours Tuesday - Thursday 10am-5pm Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-3pm

Explore College Gardens for yourself, download the College Gardens app to compare floor plans, discover interactive design features and view the development flythrough. Available to download on the App Store. For best results view on an iPad.

Contemporary style at an iconic location All apartments available with allocated parking and storerooms. Visit or call 721097 / 07797 756382 for more information.

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“No one has ever become poor from giving.” Anne Frank


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