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How to Attract Wealth Using Mind Power! Mark Shields Explains... It's no secret - the global economy has taken a major turn in the last few years. On a personal level, I can't tell you how many clients I’ve worked with that have had to change jobs, take a pay cut, even downsize their family home.

NLP has for a long time been thought of as a sudo science however I have a background as a business executive in jersey and have found NLP to be an incredible change technique and witnessed first hand the incredible results it can produce.

Maybe you have concerns about your own career and financial security.

This isn't simply theory, it's a scientific fact backed up from research from powerful organizations like the US Army and the most credible universities throughout the world.

Wealth means different things to different people and can show itself in all shapes and sizes. By taking a broader approach with wealth creation, you can have the abundance you deserve in your life. The personal freedom that accompanies wealth will become a reality. ATTRACTING WEALTH Over the last few years a new philosophy has developed being made visible to the public through films and books. Rhonda Byron’s The Secret, and Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ask And It Is Given are 2, to name but a few. Both of these books and subsequent films explain something known today as the law of attraction. As a long time believer/practitioner of modern psychology and NLP, it has been exciting to see these principles introduced into the mainstream. NLP of course works on the power of the subconscious mind and bringing about a reality based upon our own individual perceptions. We have the ability to connect with other people and bring about certain physical realisations by programming our deep level blueprint of how we believe life should be.

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If you stop and think about it, you could probably remember a few times when there was evidence of this in your own life. Have you ever had the sensation of someone watching you and turned to find someone staring at you? Did you ever think it would be nice to see an old friend that you lost contact with and then they show up, almost as if out of nowhere? Of course, by accepting you have control over your life and success by using your mind to create the reality you desire, will lead you to more abundance and personal wealth than you have ever experienced before. This is made very apparent in Harv Eker’s famous book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, offering a subconscious thought based financial blueprint to ensure our wealth and financial success. The book reveals the missing link between those that want success and those that achieve it. It explores how and why some people seem to access wealth easily and automatically while others seemed destined for a life of financial struggle. Is it simply luck or coincidence that 2% of the world’s population own 98% of global wealth. Rhonda Byron’s book the secret works very much on the premise our wealth subconscious blueprint that contains our deep level

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The Jersey Life - WEALTH EDITION  

FERRARI - State of the art service centre... EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES... INVESTING in expensive wine... FERRARI 488 GTB - review..

The Jersey Life - WEALTH EDITION  

FERRARI - State of the art service centre... EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES... INVESTING in expensive wine... FERRARI 488 GTB - review..