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baskerben is a star 6 reasons to go back to school


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ailing was not an option!


I’m getting older in life, I start to understand the real face of it. I used to be a loser not because I was a loser, but because I was a quitter. I always ended up saying “I give up,” even in my intimate relationship. I used to lose even when it was possible to win. Nobody wanted to lend me a hand and comprehended my travels. I was always waiting for some kind of help that didn’t even exist. I always counted on my colleagues because I believed in teamwork. However, in America, teamwork has never existed. And there is no help, unless you pay for it. I used to freely help others believing that they would help me in return, but it’s never happened. While I was in the process of publishing this magazine, I made some calls for sponsors, I had answers that I should stop calling on the second call, which I did, but I didn’t stop the project. I’ve been looking for help for over four months, all doors were closed, nobody wanted to help, no on understood the concept. I had to travel the road alone. Failing with this magazine was one of the most available options, hopefully I didn’t choose it. What I did I do? I reduced all costs. I made fewer pages and printed a quarter of the copies predicted to sell, so I could afford it. I didn’t choose to fail because I knew I could have made it. I did it! Let’s celebrate the first issue of J.E Magazine together! Happy reading... stay warm,

jean edouard

publisher twitter @jkyaskoh 2

the je mag

influence no drugs allowed by jean edouard


don’t do drugs, period. I enjoy partying but don’t need drugs to have fun. I can drink water or soda, enjoy the foods available and have fun because I can control myself. I choose to be high on life! The Urban Dictionary describes being high on life as the feeling you get when you live life to its fullest. Someone who is high on life can find reasons to smile in the smallest things, and won’t let any random thing ruin his or her day. Someone who is high on life has no reason for drugs because they can find fulfillment in their every day life. I have friends who smoke, but tion. Even if your doctor has preI have never smoked cigarettes. scribed you drugs, you must follow Everyone knows smoking is dan- the directions for taking them to gerous to your health. The smoke prevent injury or death. from a cigarette contains more Drugs don’t solve problems; they than 4000 chemicals, which could often just cause more problems. have various toxic, mutagenic and Signs of someone using drugs can carcinogenic effects. Some people be if the person often loses control, claim that smoking reduces stress changes friends to hang with other or helps with weight control. For people using drugs, gets in fights, me, the cons of smoking clearly coughs a lot, sleeps a lot, asks to outweigh the pros. be left alone or has problems conStreet drugs are dangerous. centrating. The person might need They affect you mentally and phys- personal help to stop using drugs. If ically to cause you harm. Drugs you know someone who uses drugs are chemicals that alter the way a you can help by contacting a parperson’s body works. Drugs make ent, teacher, or someone you trust. you lose control for the time it is in Don’t worry that your friend may your body. I always think twice and become angry or embarrassed— say no to drugs. Drugs aren’t good remember, you cared enough to for anyone unless a doctor has pre- help. Always be safe, not sorry. scribed them for a medical condi3

the je mag

lifetime major reasons to go back to school



- Instant salary increase – Employers pay employees more because they have more education. Having a Master’s or Doctorate level degree can open up opportunities. - It makes you smarter - All those lectures, reading assignments, projects, and exams help you think in a different light. This intensifies the learning process and makes you smarter by encouraging your brain to think. - Networking – Colleges and Universities are amazing places to meet students, professors, and local business people who share similar interests.



4- Be someone else – It’s awesome to put AA, BS, BA, MBA, MD, JD,


or Ph.D. after your name. - Follow your dream - Some dreams are not attainable. You may never make it to the moon, or start the company that will knock Apple off its throne. But if your goals are a bit more realistic, say being a physician, a psychologist, or an architect, they are well within your reach. - SET A GOOD EXAMPLE - If you’re insistent that your kids plan for college, you’d better do it first. The best way to get result as a role model is to lead by example.


Sullee J


ullee J was born on March 25th, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in a Pakistani/American culture. He struggled with neglect, racism, multiplied mistakes, and heartaches. Sullee J moved to Chicago’s Stony Island area in 2004 where he was greatly influenced by the music scene. On December 28th, 2005 Sullee J was in a life changing car accident that landed him in the hospital for over a month, and bedridden for a year.He now reflects, “before my accident I was always on the edge, didn’t care, would get into anything, and didnt care if I died right there. After it, I realized how much I had and how much of a change I needed to make. I realized that death wasn’t for me yet. I almost gave up before the accident and then something came into me. It felt like God put something in me, which now I know is my faith. Thats what keeps everything at a positive level for me.” Faith is truly the backbone to Sullee J’s existence. Through his signature delivery and versatile flow, he methodically injects his reality with a positive outlook. Sullee J began writing poetry to express himself when he was in the fifth grade, and 5


started laying down his words to music in 2008 after self-realization of his gift. Sullee J’s fans echo that he is comparable to other hiph op

artists, like Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, and Nas. Sullee J is driven to reach a diverse audience with his music, and inspire, move, and entangle entire generations with his words. Recently Sullee J has opened for major acts in the industry such as: DJ Whoo Kid, Jay Sean, Mos Def, DJ Drama, Waka Flocka, DMX, Travis Porter, Maino, DTP, Lowkey and more. He has received press from AllHipHop, HipHopDX, The Source, BBN World News and many more media outlets. the je mag

cover story “I called potential sponsors but everybody is short on cash. Some people promised to call back. My phone never rang. Other ridiculed me, I took it for granted�

photography by joe locklin

cover story


erhaps you won’t believe that I’ve been cherishing this magazine idea for almost four years. You may be thinking, “is he serious about working so hard for just a small-time magazine?” Undoubtedly, this has been a long-term project, a project that means a lot to me. The morning I woke having decided to materialize this long-term project, I went to a friend and excitedly told him about the magazine and my concept for its content. He told me he liked my idea but rejected the concept. “Maybe you have to rethink the cover,” he clearly stated. I think fast and can usually tell what people are thinking regardless of what they say. I believe he was asking himself, “Why does he always have such grandiose ideas that he can’t possibly accomplish?” I find myself living in a strange world filled with daily discrimination and with people always underestimating me. On the rare occasions that someone notices my talents, they fail to acknowledge it in any meaningful way. I was disappointed that my friend’s reaction was consistent with my life experiences. Life, for me, is an upside down book. It took me years to learn how to succeed with my projects/ideas. A couple months ago, an idea came to me that helped me understand how to succeed. Consequently, I had to change my environment and came up with a better-worked strategy. The strategy will be developed with this magazine. It’s a magazine just like a reality TV show. We’ll be sharing experiences. Publishing the first issue of the magazine was a big challenge. I put months down before I published it. I called potential sponsors but everybody is short on cash. Some people promised to call back. My phone never rang. Other ridiculed me, I took it for granted. A friend told me that this magazine thing won’t work because there is no


“On the rare occasions that someone notices my talents, they fail to acknowledge it in any meaningful way.” public for it; I transformed it as a positive remark. Another friend thought that money would stop me. Now, I can’t blame myself for not having enough money to finance my projects. I can’t kill myself if nobody believes in my ideas. Paint me as I am. If your girlfriend is a hypocrite, she will never see how useful you are. I made effort to leave the crowd, but I may leave innocents behind. That’s why you are seeing a newborn magazine. I just feel that I want to use my talents. I had faced more humiliations than the je mag

cover story “I know it’ll be harder because there are no naked girls in it.” ever while I was working on this magazine – never mind – nothing is easy under this blue sky. “Hello! This is Jean edouard, I don’t want you to think that I’m bothering you, but it was concerning the magazine, we talked a couple days ago about it. Please give me a call back at your convenience to let me know if you still interested in advertising with me. Thank you and have a blessed day!” was my voice, hopeless, leaving voicemails. Guess what? The magazine is out now, no calls back. This is life. But, my hard work has published it. I published fewer copies, [hey], the dream has to start smaller and grow. There is always a new strategy to try. There is never only one way out. I have learned to create opportunities for myself. I had to see where people can’t see. I had to think harder. Sometimes, honestly, I wanted to give up, but I will never choose that option anymore. he purpose of the magazine is to bring changes and influence the youth for a better future. I know it’ll be harder because there are no naked girls in it. When celebrities dress, I don’t take pictures of them – I don’t even care – when they are on vacation, I don’t even know – when they are divorcing [I’m not sure it is my business] I always missed it – and so on. At the end of the day, I will find a million of other followers to take the road with me—of this, I’m certain and positive. This is a new magazine for a new world, and as young people, let’s change the world. The future is in our hands. We are tomorrow. I’m trying to be a better person even though I know I can’t erase my past, but I can ameliorate my tomorrow and you too can do the same. Thank you for reading; I’ll see you all next month.




mica fleur

er beauty is exceptional, matchless and wow! She turned 25 this November and she is working on her portfolio as a model. She enjoys dancing and singing in her pastime. She’s looking forward to launch a career in acting very soon.

want to be the next Beauty? go to

entertainment presenting the star

Baskerben H

is single “I’m a star” hit the web earlier last month. The rapper is building a serious career in the rap industry. He’s actually working on his first solo album that causes him to spend more time in the studio than ever. A myth for the girls and an adversary for other rappers, he keeps his lyrics up for every category in this society. Whether you are Christian or enjoy real rap, you will find yourself bobbing with him. It’s obvious and evident that the 2012 will be his year, and no one will be able to stop him. In the meantime, go ahead enjoy his new debut single on Itunes, “I’m a star”, for only $0.99. Serve yourself!


the je mag

icon Jacques Guillaume talks about Aulus Dream.” This story evolved in ancient times around a dialogue between a young boy, Aulus (pronounced: Awooloos), and his mother, Flavilla. The Latin story started with this line: “Aulus Flavillae dicit: Cum civis Romanus…”The full latin story is in the book. Q. Why you publish Aulus as a series? Q. Why Aulus? What is the story JG: There is so much to this about? story. That’s why I break it into JG: This book depicts the story of a young boy, Aulus, who was separated series. Q. If we try to personify Aulus’ from his twin sibling at birth. Aulus was raised by his single mother, Mar- character in real life, what would tine, who was betrayed by her mentor be a real success for Aulus? JG: Aulus’ real success has to while she was in high school. Aulus witnessed the death of his mother at do with his ability to change an early age and vowed to seek justice adversity into opportunity in order to achieve success. for his mother throughout his life Q. What is the first word you journey. He later became homeless, expect someone to say after but hopeful of a better future. Aulus embarked on a journey to pursue his reading Aulus? dream, in which he strongly believed JG: This is a great book, which inspired everyone to stay glued that in order to succeed in life, your dream for success must be well-root- from the beginning until the ed in your ability to change adversity last page. into opportunity and seize the future. Q. Thank you Mr. Guillaume! JG: JG: Thanks a million The Aulus’ Dream story is rooted in a Roman short story titled “Aulus’ 11

the je mag

The j.e Mag  

The j.e mag is a monthly publication founded by Jean edouard Gustave and first published End-November 2011. The theme of the j.e mag is “We...