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* Joy-at-Work Certificate * A Transformational Leadership Journey

Testimonials from our participants who serve in the Government.

April, 2018

Works in Government Before this course I was desirous of knowing what my true calling/ purpose on earth was. JAW unlocked that answer for me. I had no idea that I would have had such a life changing experience as a result of participating in this course. I have never been the kind of person to take things for granted or behave in a mediocre manner. However, JAW has pushed me to aim higher. To make a difference by first managing and improving myself as an individual. Only then can I make a difference in the life of others through Love, Respect and Support.

Now that I’m about to complete this course I have seen tremendous growth as an individual. Dr. Dan encouraged us to look in the mirror every day and repeat these words to ourselves “There is no second me in this world. I am unique.” While I haven’t done so on a daily basis, I find myself repeating these words to myself from time to time. I’m at a much better place in my life. I have learnt to bring back the balance in my life. I have learnt not to take the people in my life for granted, despite their differences since, that is what makes them unique. The openness and transparency of my mentor and support team was phenomenal. I found myself assessing myself. This resulted in serious introspection. I reflected on so many areas in my life and the scope of influence that I actually had. During that week I was quite emotional because I realized that whiles I was an outstanding young lady, there was so much more that I could do to bring about change in my home and workplace. This course benefited me immensely. I see myself having an intolerance for “business as usual”, daring to be different. I will impact the lives of the people around me positively, be it home, work or otherwise. The knowledge gained at JAW will allow be to be a good steward and empower others to be better individuals.

Senior Medical Doctor For many years I worked as a Medical Officer with the Ministry of Health which had rules and regulations needing to be adhered to thus not leaving us with any flexibility for change.

My first experience of Trans-formational Leadership occurred when I became a member of staff with the Leprosy Control Program. Many employees/workers are undervalued, unappreciated, unloved, working in circumstances where they are being literally emotionally abused and underpaid. They have no love for or joy in doing their job; it becomes a burden to go to work but is necessary because of economic circumstances. They become so stressed that chronic health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, drug and alcohol abuse and even suicide have become a national problem. The unhappiness at work is expressed in emotional, sexual and physical abuse in the home. Once persons recognize they are loved and valued and are empowered to do what they have been gifted to do we will have a team of happy committed workers. One point that stood out for me is that none of us can do something the same way Some may not do it as well while another can do it better but no one can do it like me. I believe if we all grasp this truth it will do away with all envy and jealousy or pride and boasting. This program also helped me to improve my computer skills which was almost zero.

Small Business Associatio n Senior Leader This journey has been extremely beneficial to me and I am so happy I started it in the first place, as part of my selfdevelopment quest which includes working on areas required for me to be a good leader, I have learnt so much about myself and others since I started the JAW course.

This course has allowed me to grasp the importance of recognizing that all persons are unique, with their individual desires and aspirations which means that each must be treated accordingly, that is, as per their own individuality. By so doing, each person can be empowered based on their individual talents and intrinsic motivators so that they can become their best self and realize their true potential. I do believe that being able to empower others requires a whole lot of selfawareness with deliberate actions to seek out ways of bringing out the best in others and this is no easy task in my opinion. However, I do believe that if I always seek to put the needs of others around me first and conscientiously find ways to inspire each person I come into contact with to be their best self, that this can be the start of a larger movement which subsequently extends to positive change in our communities and inevitably our country at large. I do believe change in any respect starts with individuals and then transcends to families from which each change agent is drawn and then extends to their communities. Hence in my case, it is my responsibility to first be a good leader and by so doing, be a change agent in all spheres of my life starting from my home, extending to all other persons with whom I come into contact.

Vice President of Tourism & Head of National Training Center

The opportunity to participate in the Joy at Work Course presented at a very critical time, my faith took on new meaning in the scripture verse which states, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him”, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). I am encouraged beyond my wildest dreams. If each JAW course participant reaches and gains followers, change will come.

Before, enrolling in the Joy at Work course I was totally uncomfortable about many things especially in my professional situation. Uncomfortable, takes one to the point of despair and fear at times, my Joy at work occurred mainly through serving others, therefore, during low activity periods, I found myself battling with many questions, including, was I in the right environment, or even was God’s approval stamped on my assignment. My organization, is one strictly driven by the number of participants in a training session. Consequently, I gave way more thought to how many persons in a session participated than the level of change that was evident in each one at the end of the training. Since the start of this course, I have been re-evaluating myself, my values, and my organization’s values and measuring how they line up with each other. The answer is resoundingly clear. Both ethos are dissimilar and different as night and day. Now that I am at the end of this course, I am intentional, committed, and importantly, I believe whole heartedly I am responsible for making the necessary changes in me; that will benefit the individuals whom I serve as a manager/ leader, the organization and the community in which I live and serve. Change is not always swift! A culture of leadership steeped in the industrial style of managing people is one of the hardest to permeate.

Foreign Services Ambassador I see the journey benefiting society through a greater understanding of my role in stewardship and service. In this regard, I can identify areas in which I can use my expertise, talents and resources to give back and to contribute to the advancement of society. For example, in my area of expertise, I can help to carry out training programs such as for young diplomats.

The course has helped to confirm these elements of a JAW culture but also to enlighten me on several others. These include the importance of leadership in cultivating a healthy work environment and promoting unity, respect, support and understanding between and among the staff – at all levels. I am now at a place where I have come to embrace (almost one hundred percent) the “letting go” aspect that is key to transformational leadership – giving over of responsibility and allowing trust to dominate over doubt in efficiency. After all, I learnt from mistakes and from having patient and caring mentors who exercised confidence in me. In the lecture “JAW Approach: A stewardship model”, the section on “Stewards of Power” was extremely enlightening; in particular the advice that leaders should know that they could be called to give away their power at a moment’s notice and they should find joy in that. This particular aspect hit a nerve which I thought had been healed but which I realized had only just been covered over. I was grateful however, for the explanations that continued: “Listen to that inner voice to know when to acquire power and when to give it away.” “Give away power when needed in the best interest of others, even if it doesn’t make rational sense”.

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Testimonials from our participants who are in various professions

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Testimonials from our participants who are in various professions