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Daily Joy through Purposeful Work


Greetings from our Visionary

Dear Ones, After serving through the field of education at both the corporate and academic levels in some 43 countries over these past 35 years, I carefully thought through the core reason for this Joy-at-Work Center. I reached the conclusion that what I long to see in training and development efforts today is a tight integration of values and faith into our work that results in love, respect and support for ourselves and each other. For years we have graduated millions of brilliant participants yet the world remains in a desperate state with global events and statistics that are alarming. How can we change this? I pondered over what the world would be like if we came to the realization that there is no replica of any human being. Each is made uniquely with a special calling and gifting. Each is called to use this gifting and calling toward purposeful work. This is the type of work that is more than just a paycheck or a duty whether in or out of the home, paid or unpaid. Through this purposeful journey, each realizes that he or she fills a special place in this world that no one else does so if absent, the world is deprived of a valuable life - a life that cannot be lived by another in the same manner.

As we embrace each other’s uniqueness, we see the value of teamwork where each team member adds special value to the team. The JAW Certificate continues to attract many who just desire to absorb this message and utilize it on their journeys for success both personally and professionally. JAW makes sense - it is an investment that increases profitability and sustainability through high motivation and retention of your team members. It is about happy homes and successful workplaces. It is my sincere hope that through JAWC and its thrust on transformational leadership, many will come to a place of fulfillment thus reducing any thought of suicide. While each participant finds this journey to be personally fulfilling and life changing, for it to work at the organizational level, it must be embraced by senior leadership to be successful – it is a message to be lived and not just learned. It is about honesty and transparency. It is about love, respect and support for each other. Thank you for joining us on this life-changing journey. We look forward to serving you. Love, Dale

Pillars of Joy-at-Work (JAW)  JAW stands on the following three (3) core pillars:

 Love  Respect  Support JAW is about Utilizing these pillars to help team members: Looking forward to another day of work; Feeling that you are leaving one family each day to join another family; Experiencing a sense of belonging and ownership through daily decision making with advisory input from others; Enjoying the reality that nothing happens sustainably outside of sincere relationships.

Work Defined

Work is defined as a calling of human beings to their two-fold purpose: • Providing God the opportunity of having a relationship with humans through their daily work. • Joining God as co-Creator of the work He started through the initial creation of the universe. This is done through a full utilization of our special talents and gifts: A creation that is now being continued by man whom He made in His image with His DNA Hence the knowledge we have to create light, phone, airplanes, technology and so forth.


Pause and look around our work areas whether work or home ‌ We are Creators! So in this context, we truly never retire – we simply shift from one type of work to another since our work is our life.

Joy Defined Joy is experienced through work where:  Our work is no longer just … work;  It is our honor and privilege to continue what God has started;  It utilizes all the special talents that we have;  It allows us to transform lives daily through our work;  It is why we are alive;  It is doing what we are called to do;  It is the reason we breathe each day;  It is our opportunity to find peace and happiness through the fulfillment we receive from each day of work – whether we are a homemaker, street cleaner, president, teacher, engineer, clerk.

Why choose JAW  I desire to become a JAW transformational leader to change a world where it is no longer business as usual, education as usual, government as usual or church as usual.  I am looking for something different that is more than just another training program.  I am seeking inner purpose for my life where I awake each day feeling that I am making a difference in my corner of the world. I want to leave footprints that can guide others.  I want to find my calling in life and to utilize my unique gifts and talents.

Why choose JAW continued

I want to learn how my work can become more than just a paycheck. I want to do it because I enjoy it and look forward to another day of doing it even better. I want to enjoy a daily relationship with God and to spend each day continuing His creation with Him based on my own gifts and talents. I want to learn how to steward His resources well. I want to understand my role in my community and how I can better the world from my corner. I want to feel through this learning journey that I am fully equipped for change in the manner in which I am called so that I can do what I was uniquely created to do.

Why choose JAW continued

I want to see my organization succeed with happy and contented team members. I want to see less clock watching and more motivated team members. I want to ensure my organization remain profitably sustainable through our people – its greatest asset. I want to enjoy happy external customers who are well served by happy internal customers. I want my organization to help foster better societies through successful workplaces and happier homes. I want my organization to help transform the world through as an example of workplace best practices.

Benefits of JAW

Enjoying life’s Journey with Purpose! Finding your Talents Excited about work that becomes more than just a paycheck or duty in or out of the home Happier Homes Happier work days Personal Fulfillment Happy Customers High Retention Job Satisfaction Strong Motivation Profitability & Sustainability

Impact of JAW on Business

After years of traveling and observing organizations, it was refreshing to see the impact that Joy at Work (JAW) brought to the workplace. This is so important if companies are to realize their zenith in business success. As a result of JAW: Work became more than a paycheck Work became purposeful where team members found their calling in what they were doing Team members able to utilize their special gifts and talents in the workplace Team felt like co-owners of business so they protected its interest Team could not wait to join their work family daily Team could not wait to return the next day to work No more clock watching High retention rates High employee satisfaction Intrinsic Motivation High profitability and sustainability!

JAW serves Business ďƒ˜JAW serves businesses Through JAW, we have seen the coming together of many cultures and religions – the JAW Certificate material cuts across the boundaries that tend to divide workforces with diverse backgrounds.

JAW serves Churches & NGOs ďƒ˜JAW serves the churches & NGOs JAW has resulted in persons from many denominations coming together toward the purpose of transformation in countries worldwide.

JAW serves several Industries

Financial Education Church Government Foreign Services Language Providers Mentoring-Coaching Retail Technology Non Profit/NGOs Call Center/BPO Library Engineering Healthcare

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