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December 15, 2017

FFA helps students get into agriculture Colton Robertson Editor-in-Chief FFA is grooming numerous students for their future occupations. Formerly known as Future Farmers of America, the group moved away from the name due to the fact that the name ‘farmers’ doesn’t apply to everybody. Senior Maggie Penniston enjoys the hands-on experience that is provided, as FFA is home to rabbits and chickens to work with. “Most of the people want to be vets and have never previously gotten hands on experience. It’s nice to have a step ahead in the more agricultural side of veterinary medicine,” Penniston said. The group also gets to take trips together, and has grown as a group. Junior Claire Winn has enjoyed the people FFA has brought into her life. “It has brought a whole new group of friends into my life. All my closest friends are in FFA with me,” Winn said, “It’s great Senior Maggie Penniston holds a pair of mini rex. Staff photo to go on the trips together, we usually take two a year.” trips including Louisville, Indianapolis, and FFA is the trips. In the last three years, FFA has taken Columbia, Missouri. Winn’s favorite part of “The trips are the best because our

Adopt a Family was a success at South again Patterson Fallis

Junior scores modeling jobs Joanne Lee Entertainment Editor

Managing Editor The annual Adopt a Family drive was successful once again with South sponsoring 25 families in the community.  Student Senate sponsor Susan Bubalo talked about how and when the drive started at South. “Adopt a Family has been around since South opened up its doors in 1992. The program originally was started for families that had a family member in prison in downtown Kansas City, but we soon realized that there were families in Blue Springs that needed the assistance just as much, so we transformed Adopt a Family to help those in our immediate community,” Bubalo said.  With Student Senate heavily involved in the process, Junior Senator Easton Seib discussed the importance of the donations they receive.  “It’s someone’s Christmas. It may be the first real Christmas they’ve had in five years and you never know the situation. These situations might be relevant in our own school and we don’t even know about it. I just want everyone to understand the impact we can have on these families. If we didn’t supply these items for them, they may not even have a Christmas,” Seib said. 

teachers become really fun and everyone loves being together,” Winn said. The students in FFA also show great appreciation for their sponsor, Craig Zwahlen. Junior Drake Wood gave Zwahlen love for being there for the group. “None of this would be possible without our teacher Mr. Zwahlen. He motivates each and every one of his students and has taught us life lessons that all of his students will use,” Wood said. The students also learned about zoology. Penniston described working and learning about zoos. “Individual workers get their own projects that they work on,” Penniston said, “Some also get to travel the world saving endangered species and that’s something I feel I would have a lot of fun doing.” They also learned about the numerous breeding programs provided at zoos. “It was really interesting and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it with FFA,” Penniston said.

Junior Makayla Ross wraps gifts as part of South’s Adopt-A-Family program. Photo by Vannessa Wilyard. Senior Jack Gillig talked about his favorite part of the Adopt A Family program.  “My favorite part of adopt a family is seeing the Blue Springs South community all come together to ensure families have gifts to open on Christmas day. Everyone deserves to have an amazing Christmas and Adopt A Family provides just that. Another thing I love about it is wrapping all the presents generously donated by our school. I think it’s symbolic for how Blue Springs South is always all in for every project and activity done here. It’s amazing to see,” Gillig said.     

Junior Savanna Salazar started her modeling career a little over a year ago and has done various photoshoots and commercials.   Salazar works with a modeling agency called Talent Unlimited and she models for photoshoots and commercials. Salazar became interested in modeling and got to start off her modeling career a little over a year ago.  “I always loved being in front of a camera, and we had a family friend that models, and she gave me her agent’s number,” Salazar said.  After getting in contact with the agency, she also began her modeling career. Through Salazar’s current agency, she gets introduced to new photoshoot jobs.  “My agent emails me about a job and I go out and audition for it,” Salazar said.  When deciding to pick up a job, Salazar usually checks the earnings and her schedule to see if she is able to take off school that day because the shoots are during the day. Salazar has done a total of six modeling jobs so far in her career. She has modeled for AMC, Sprint, Gatorade, a local boutique, Payless commercial, and Payless print.  Her first modeling experience was shooting with Sprint and was a whole new experience for her.  “It was not what you

Junior Savanna Salazar has been a model for a year and has appeared in print and commercial ads. Photo by Joanne Lee. would expect; there was just a bunch of high schoolers who like to be in front of a camera. Everything was just super normal,” Salazar said.  Although, Salazar just started off she doesn’t get that nervous for the photoshoots. “I don’t really get that nervous because it’s something that I enjoy, but I do get some butterflies when I’m getting ready,” Salazar said. Salazar has been in various types of modeling jobs, including commercials and prints. While there is still freedom with doing what you want, usually the director already has an image in mind.

Salazar’s favorite types of photoshoots are the shoots where she can experiment and do things she wants in front of the camera with little instructions. She loved being in front of the camera and started to take up modeling and doesn’t plan on stopping. Salazar wants to continue to pursue modeling in the future. She plans on to continue until she stops getting jobs.  Salazar’s favorite part about modeling is the overall experience while being at photoshoots.  “I love being able to be photographed, and they always cater a lot of food, which is nice,” Salazar said. 

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Fortnite popularity rising

Patterson Fallis

Managing Editor The video game that is sweeping the nation has made its way through Blue Springs. “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is a cartoon-like first person shooter game that has taken over the video game industry and the lives of many high school students.  Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game mode where 100 players enter the map as they jump from the “Battle Bus.” Players skydive and float down to the ground where they scavenge for various weapons and building materials through 17 different cities. There are five different tiers of weapons that players can collect to protect themselves and eliminate opponents. Players fight against one another as well as “The Storm.” The Storm gets smaller and smaller over the course of the game, which forces players into a specific area of the map that changes each and every time. Players that get caught in The Storm slowly lose health and are eliminated if they don’t reach the safe zone in time. The en-

“I’ve been tire objective of on Fortnite since the game is to the day it came be the last one out and at first standing when my strategy it’s all said and was to just go done.   around and kill Senior Joseph everyone but George talked that didn’t really about why he work. I had to thinks the game learn, adapt, is so popular and and overcome why many find it adversity. To beso addicting.  come better, you “The game need to land in is so addicting popular cities so because you can you can become play with up Illustration by Colton Robertson. better at killing to four of your opponents and friends and it alyou need to learn how to quickly build. lows you to play with two different styles: My favorite place to land is Fatal Fields just for fun or super tactical,” George said. because I like to get in and get out,” Moore “There are plenty of ways in the game to have fun other than winning. For example, said.  George also discussed why he personaltrying to kill people in weird ways or just ly finds the game to be so much fun.  by trolling them.”  “The part of the game that I love is how Strategy is a large part of the game and tactical it allows you to be. It sometimes Senior Trenton Moore shared his tactics can feel like you’re really in battle because when playing Fortnite. 

you are constantly calling out where people are hiding and what the best plan for attack is. Epic Games, the company behind the game, is also releasing content week after week which keeps the game new and refreshing. It’s extremely satisfying taking out the last opposing team after 15-20 minutes of gameplay and yelling at your television with all of your friends,” George said. New content is also something that keeps Fortnite relevant. Last week, Epic Games released a whopping six new cities to add on to their twelve cities already in the map. Junior Caleb Israelite talked about the new update. “The new map update is amazing. They’ve added five new cities and I would have to say that my favorite city would be Titled Towers because of how big it is and how many people are landing there right now,” Israelite said. Extreme loyalty to the game is common and Moore discussed that attitude.  “Fortnite is more than a game, it’s a brotherhood. It brings people together and it’s just an amazing game,” Moore said. 

The story hurts from its lack of levity, but there’s at least plenty of Icelandic scenery included. “Hang the DJ” is a frisky and risqué journey following two lovers who seek merry monogamy in a world filled with hightech speed-dating. There is a very apparent influence from how sex was portrayed in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, including that intimate relationships with total strangers are normalized. This season is not without some digressions. In “Metalhead,” there is a disturbing message that humans are only made weaker through emotions and passion. In it, a woman discovers just how hard it is to get a teddy bear for a child in a post-apocalyptic world filled with killer robot dogs. It’s not necessarily a bad story, but it is very out of place when considering the usual nature of Black Mirror. To finish the season is “Black Museum,” which is a collection of several stories that manages to weave itself into the overarching narrative about a young lady visiting a quirky museum. There are many themes at play in such a large story, and the variety involved makes sure there is something to be taken away by whoever is watching. This newer season marks bold move to have more variety in storytelling. Whether or not that change is appreciated is up to each viewer, as some episodes make a clear deviation from the tried and tested formula that the earlier seasons consistently reflect.

3. Deadpool Sequel: This unnamed sequel to the immensely popular original Deadpool movie should not disappoint. We don’t have a ton of details as to what the movie will be like, but if the movie stays true to the simultaneous intense action and just funny nature of the first movie, I anticipate it to be one of the most watched movies of the year. 4. Ant Man and the Wasp: This sequel to the Marvel series Ant Man looks to be a fun movie to watch and different from your typical superhero movie. I enjoy the character Ant Man and the quirky nature that he brings to the collection of Marvel movies. It should be a great movie to watch that should hopefully add some depth and new information to the story of Ant Man. 5. Oceans 8: The popular heist movie Oceans 11 is to be followed up, but this time with a new set of characters. Oceans 8 will feature criminal genius Debbie Ocean and seven others as they attempt another massive heist in New York City. If this movie lives up to the legacy of its predecessors it should be a great movie to catch in June. I hope it is as clever and mind blowing as the original and the fact that it is composed of an all female main cast should bring a different level of interest to the story.

Sci-Fi TV series displays modern List of blockbuster movies day relationship with technology to go see in the new year Matthew Willis News Editor “Black Mirror” is a British Netflix show that eloquently tells how the sinister side of human nature can be empowered by technology; and it’s now in its fourth season. Ahead are short, spoiler-free reviews on each of the six new standalone episodes. To start off the season, “USS Callister” follows an expert game developer that indulges in a twisted Star Trek-style fantasy in his spare time. Many themes were borrowed from the wonderful “White Christmas” episode from the second season, but adding a goofy and nostalgic air to it makes for a pleasant reimagining. “Arkangel” is a cautionary tale about the dangers of parents disregarding the privacy of their children. The technology examined is not particularly far-off, as phone trackers and monitors are already commonplace among high schoolers. Though it’s not a particularly fresh criticism of helicopter parenting, it is still a very relevant story for many students. In “Crocodile,” the right not to self-incriminate is explored in a scenario where one’s memories are incorruptible and the testimony of all witnesses is legally mandated. If someone was then committed to keeping a secret, the lengths that are required to do so would be extreme.

Colin Brown Copy Editor

This year has a lot of blockbuster movies coming out and in this article, I’ll be previewing five movies that I’m excited to see. These are in no particular order. 1. Han Solo: This is the spin off year for Star Wars following the release of “The Last Jedi.” This year, the series will focus in on the history of Han Solo, one of my favorite characters from the series. The movie will star Alden Ehrenriech as Han Solo and Donald Glover, otherwise known as Childish Gambino, will play Lando Calrissian. I look forward to getting a glimpse into the history of the character made famous by Harrison Ford as he ventures in space with Chewbacca and encounters Lando. 2. Avengers: Infinity War: This title is going to be one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The finale to the Avengers series will feature all of our favorite Marvel characters, from Black Panther to Guardians of the Galaxy, in an epic battle against Thanos, their most powerful enemy to date, as he works to collect all six infinity stones. I can’t wait to see how the story plots out as every Marvel series we’ve had coalesces into one hopefully amazing movie.

Albums to look forward to this year Colton Robertson Editor-in-Chief

In the coming year, there is much music to look forward to. My personal favorite genre in hip-hop is expecting so many great artists to make 2018 a great year for music. Travis Scott and Post Malone are a couple of the biggest names that are expected in the first quarter of this year. Scott hasn’t released an album since September of 2016 when he put out “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.” His upcoming album is titled “Astroworld” and Scott’s fans are looking forward to the project, which is expected to bring the perfect blend of chill and hype songs. Malone has been teasing the release of his next project for months now, and is the follow up to his now platinum album “Stoney.” Malone, often referred to as Posty, has a wonderful artistic range. He can rap, and he can switch up and sing country music. I look forward to the release of his next project. Other hip-hop artists expected to release projects this year include A$AP Rocky, Rae Sremmurd, P. Diddy, Kanye West, and more.

Illustration by Joanne Lee. On the alternative scene, there are a few bands looking to make a splash in 2018. Franz Ferdinand is expected to release “Always Ascending” in February. The title is slightly optimistic considering the bands peak seemed to be a decade ago now, but with the release of the title track as an early single, it shows hope for a beautiful project. The 1975 is set to release “Music for Cars.” The 1975

continuously puts out wonderful music, and I expect this album to be no different. They are one of my favorite bands and I look forward to this year for them. One of the biggest names in alternative music, Twenty One Pilots, is ready to drop an album at some point in 2018. Pop music looks forward to an enormous amount of releases, as usual. Next month, Justin Timberlake is slated to release “Man of the Woods.” This album is rumored to be a sort of country-pop and is not expected to be very good, surprisingly enough. I look forward to the release anyway, and have high hopes for Timberlake’s new music. Other artists ready to drop in 2018 are Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen, Liam Payne, Troye Sivan, and more. In country music, it is not common that a Nashville singer-songwriter will get a lot of attention. Kacey Musgraves is ready to release “Golden Hour.” If you are unfamiliar with her work, I suggest listening to her song “Follow Your Arrow.” One of her many wonderful old-fashioned country confessionals. More mainstream country artists rumored to have music on the way this year are Jason Aldean, Florida-Georgia Line, and Scotty McCreery.

Entertainment 5


New film, ‘Lady Bird’ is fly Joanne Lee

Entertainment Editor Actress, writer, and now rising director Greta Gerwig recently directed an award-winning movie called “Lady Bird.”   Gerwig’s first solo directed project “Lady Bird” was a success and won many awards including the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.  “Lady Bird” is a coming-of-age movie about a teenage girl named Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), who refers to herself as “Lady Bird.” Lady Bird is a strongwilled, independent, ambitious high school senior who attends a Catholic school in Sacramento, California. Despite her bold personality characteristics, she often felt stuck and out of place living in Sacramento. As many teenagers do, Lady Bird struggled to find herself and find a sense of belonging, at school and at home. When a chance to befriend a few of the popular kids in school arose, her interests and after-school activities changed, affecting her friendship with her long-time best friend. At home, there always seemed to be tension between Lady Bird and her mother, Marion (Laurie Metcalf). The tension between them seemed to be because of their similar personalities. Both strongwilled women were strongly opinionated and stubborn. After Lady Bird’s father lost his job, her mother worked endlessly as a nurse just barely keeping their family afloat while Lady Bird continued to dream of receiving an acceptance letter from an out-of-state college as she was determined to leave Sacramento.  “Lady Bird” is a perfect mixture of comedy, drama, and a hint of romance that focuses on the various relationships and experiences in life that shape us.  At first you might think of the film as just another coming-of-age storyline, but I felt that it had a much deeper meaning. “Lady Bird” showed more than the pro-

Movie cover for ‘Lady Bird.’ cess of getting through high school. It showed a teenage girl transitioning into a young woman and her journey of maturing. Lady Bird always feels miserable and stuck in Sacramento, so she is constantly trying to get away, but finds herself learning a lot more about her home and the meaning of “home” through the process. The film showed the value of relationships and the relationships you experience as a teenager including those between your teachers, friends, significant others, and family. The relationships in the movie were beautifully portrayed and were accurately represented on how some are in real life. I felt as if they weren’t sugarcoated and were very relatable. With that I think the audience, no matter what age they are, could relate to the movie in some sort of way.   William Bibbiani from IGN reviewed “Lady Bird” as, “Heartfelt and a very funny story about a young woman

trapped in that seemingly never-ending moment between immaturity and maturity,” which I couldn’t have said better myself. I completely agree with this statement and the fact that the protagonist gives off the vibe of being wise for her age while also being oblivious and constantly learning from her mistakes.  I think what really sets “Lady Bird” apart from being just another coming-of-age movie is the underlying deeper meanings in the film, such as the value of relationships and the meaning of “home.” Besides some of the cliché moments that are in every coming-of-age movie I didn’t have many other issues about the movie and personally thought that it definitely deserved the hype it was getting.  A major part of what made the movie was definitely the acting. Ronan was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for her role in “Lady Bird.” I thought Ronan did an amazing job of playing her role as an angsty teen. She portrayed her character very well and made it relatable to many young teenage girls. Metcalf who plays Ronan’s mother in the movie also had an astounding performance of a sometimes overwhelming but loving mother who can sometimes be misinterpreted. This could be very relatable to the mothers in the audience. Both actresses really made the movie for me because I thought the growth of their relationship was my favorite throughout the movie.   Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and liked it even more the second time I saw it. I thought the direction of the movie was more unique than just another comingof-age movie. The underlying message of the importance of platonic and non-platonic relationships you experience through life, the search in finding the meaning of “home”, and just the way your experiences shape you was an amazing storyline. I recommend seeing the movie and I think people of all ages can find something in the movie that is relatable.     

‘The Greatest Showman’ was a great show Colton Robertson Editor-in-Chief One of the biggest movies in theaters now is the biopic on P.K. Barnum: “The Greatest Showman.” The musical is based around the life of the creator of the circus: P.K. Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman. It tells the story of Barnum’s coming from nothing and going on to thrive in the entertainment industry. My favorite thing about this movie was quite easily the music. Seeing as it is a musical, that’s not much of a surprise. Ev-

erything about the music in this film was astounding. There were times throughout the film that I was nearly brought to tears by the music and choreography alone. It was beautiful. The two stand out songs for me were “The Greatest Show” and “This Is Me.” “The Greatest Show” is a song performed predominantly by Jackman, and the choreography and visuals to go with the song were amazing. The thing that blew me away the most was Hugh Jackman’s overall performance. I’ve never seen him in much besides the Wolverine and X-Men movies. To see him put on a performance as powerful and as artistic, as the one he played here was refreshing. His voice is great, his dancing

is great. I didn’t see it coming whatsoever. Another performance that should not go unnoticed is that of Keala Settle. In the movie she plays Lettie Lutz, the bearded lady. Settle has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I sincerely mean that. Her singing on the song “This is Me” is what nearly brought me to tears. Her acting felt real. And her performance was amazing. One of the things I looked forward to most going in to this movie was the dynamic of Zac Efron and Zendaya. I was not disappointed, their ability to perform together on songs like “Rewrite the Stars” will hit you right in the feels. Also, they are one of the more attractive pairs of people

I’ve seen on screen in a long time. They had great chemistry and I enjoyed them together. Efron and Jackman’s relationship is one of teacher and apprentice, and their performance together in “The Other Side” is a standout in the film The movie overall is a great one. It will make you happy, and get you sad as well. The movie is a feel-good style, and is all about doing what you can to make others happy. It’s about making yourself happy. It’s about being yourself, no matter what people may think. “The Greatest Showman” was in fact the greatest show, man.

is the food that is served during the movie. You can order a meal just like you would at a restaurant and have it served to you during the film. This makes for an experience while viewing this movie quite unlike any other. AMC movie theaters do offer a setting similar that include a dine and watch option, but the Alamo makes the entire thing an experience rather than simply another movie. When I attended AMC’s dine and watch Movie Theater, I felt like I was watching a movie at a movie theater that happened to have readily available food for everyone to eat. While that isn’t a particularly negative outlook, I felt as if dining at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was an experience due to the themed menu’s provided and also the overall mood inside the theater. While AMC felt like a typical theater that served food, the Alamo really embraced the historical aspect of film and focused heavily on capturing and conveying that feel to everyone who attends the theater. If you are looking for a unique place to catch a movie, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema should be on the top of the list. Whether it be for a date or just a fun night on the town with the homies, this is a venue that should be considered.

Caeden Smithpeter

miss them. The movie was action-packed and filled with comedy. Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, was the standout of this film. Her storyline for this film is that her father finds her at the USO tour after not seeing Fat Amy in almost ten years. Her storyline involves a lot of twists and turns. Fat Amy kicks butt in this film because it is very action packed. One of my favorite parts about the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies is the music. They always cover music and makes it awesome. In this third film, they covered ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears, ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia, ‘I Don’t Like It, I Love It’ by Flo Rida, and ‘Cake by the Ocean’ by DNCE. There are tons of songs by other bands from the movie too. There was also a very famous Riff Off scene, just like the first and second film. This scene was hilarious because instead of competing against other a cappella groups, they were competing against bands that had no clue what they were doing. The Bellas were getting frustrated because the bands were using instruments and just singing whatever song came to their mind, instead of sticking to the category. Overall, this third film really surprised me with all of the action in it. I really enjoyed the movie. They say that this is the last film of the franchise, but I don’t believe that for one second.

Best movie theater in Third ‘Pitch Perfect’ the Kansas City area movie is aca-awesome Tavarus Pennington Editorials Editor An undisputable American pastime is taking a trip to the cinema to see the new blockbuster hit that piques your interest the most. In order to get the best experience when you are going to view that blockbuster, you have to make sure that you are going to the best possible movie theater. In Kansas City, just like any other city, you will have the AMC movie theaters and the other local theaters to go see your flicks at. But placed sporadically, you will find a diamond in the rough in the pool of movie theaters that are typically dull and usual. You can go to any town in America and should not be surprised if you happen to find a movie theatre that serves burnt popcorn, overpriced candy, and offers dirty seats to chill in for the two hours you are watching your movie. In Kansas City, a diamond in the rough that you may find is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in downtown Kansas City. Not only is the lore within the wall of this theater exceptionally interesting but also the main appeal of this movie theater

Online Editor ‘Pitch Perfect’ is the biggest comedy-musical franchise in the world, having a very successful box office openings for all three of their films. In 2012, the sleeper hit was released and was a cult phenomenon with little promotion. From there on out, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ was released in 2015 and now the third film ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ is out in theatres now. Usually when a franchise keeps releasing more and more sequels, they start to lose the charisma that the first film had and the humor is dry, but ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ is different. ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ is set three years after the second film, the now graduated Bellas find themselves split apart and struggling with their real-life jobs. However, after a brief reunion, Aubrey comes up with an idea to perform for the USO tour, which will reunite them for one last show. The Bellas went overseas for the USO where they find out that they are actually competing with other bands on tour to be the opening act for DJ Khaled.  The cast stayed the same from the first two films, but The Treblemakers were not in this film. To be honest, I didn’t really

December 2017  

The December 2017 edition of the Blue Springs South High School student newspaper

December 2017  

The December 2017 edition of the Blue Springs South High School student newspaper