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Kidderminster Ismere Team Ministry Team Rector Revd. Canon Rose Lawley (Day off – Saturday) 186 Birmingham Road, DY10 2SJ email: Tel: 01562 748274 Team Clergy Revd. Jan Ashton (Day off – Friday) 50 Nursery Grove, Franche, DY11 5BG email:

Tel: 01562 741381

Revd. Nigel Taylor (Day off - Monday) 42 Woodlands Road, Cookley, DY10 3TL email:

Tel: 01562 851744

Revd. Alex Vaccaro (Day off – Monday) 18 Batham Road, DY10 2TN email:

Tel: 01562 515894

Readers Sue Bullock 7 Kings Road, DY11 6YU email:

Tel: 01562 744250

Ian Strongman 9 Benton Court, DY11 6YY email:

Tel: 01562 66267

PARISH OFFICE Arrangements for Baptisms. Marriages, reading Banns, interviews and other enquiries can be made at:St Mary’s Chantry: each Tuesday and Thursday between 6.30 and 7.15pm or contact The Parish Office: St Mary’s Chantry, Churchfields, Kidderminster, DY10 2JN Tuesdays - Fridays 10.00am – 12 noon. Tel: 01562 751923 or email: The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 2

Letter from Jan August/September 2016 Hi All, It does feel sad, my leaving. I had planned to be here for 7 years but because of family circumstances I’m leaving after just over five and a half. I do need to spend more time with my dad so my new post of 3 days will be ideal. It feels sad because I’ve made friends and life being what it is I may not see them very often after leaving. And it feels sad because I feel I haven’t finished what I came to do. Also we don’t do change very easily, do we? Why can’t things stay as they are? I know that all living things change and being alive means to change - but knowing this doesn’t make change any easier! If you’ve heard any of my sermons recently, you will know this recent statistic which came to me as an eye-opener: 48% of those surveyed said that they had no religion and only 44% said they were Christian. When we were the majority we could do things as we always have done - people would come to our churches. But now we are a minority, change has to happen. And yet we aren’t sure what changes we should be making especially for our services and the way we share our faith. But there is one positive way our churches are changing - our involvement with justice and social issues. I’m always impressed when I go to St John’s church on a Sunday morning and see the food bank box full. I’ve been impressed by the people from St Barnabas involved in the Contact Centre, Worcester’s St Paul’s Hostel, the Street Pastors and Kemp Hospice. I’ve been impressed when I’ve heard how St Oswald’s and St Peter’s, Upper Arley support their schools. I’ve been impressed how St Mary’s use their Chantry for many support groups. And I could go on. I’m not sure what it will be like to be a priest in Elmley Lovett and around their benefice of 6 other churches. But I will take away all the good ideas from this team especially in the ways we are supporting the poor and the vulnerable. You have been very kind to me - supporting me with prayer, cake and good friendships. I want to say thank you. Except an ordinary thank you is not big enough for what I feel about the way you have been kind and caring so perhaps a THANK YOU VERY MUCH is more like it. Heh! You will come to my leaving service so I can say ‘Goodbye’ properly - Sunday 14th August at 4.30pm at St John’s Church Wolverley. There’s rumours of cake afterwards! Yours in Christ, Jan The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 3

Letter from the Bishop of Dudley Looking forward to Archbishop Justin’s visit

I know that lots of people across the Diocese are looking forward to meeting Archbishop Justin when he visits us over three days 7th-9th October. I am praying that the visit will be a time of great blessing, affirming the incredible life, ministry and outreach of our churches, as well as bringing encouragement to others who seek to find life in all its fullness in Jesus. Over the course of the three days there will be whole range of different events, from the low-key visit to a group that works each week with refugees, to a large scale invite-afriend event in Worcester arena. All events are planned around the Archbishop’s three priorities. About prayer and the renewal of religious life Archbishop Justin has said, “If we want to see things changed, it starts with prayer. It starts with a new spirit of prayer, using all the traditions, ancient and modern.” Prayer matters, our lives are enriched, and prayer changes things. So during the Archbishop’s visit he will be encouraging us to deepen our relationship with Jesus through prayer, explore different ways of praying, and he will champion the great privilege it is to have the communities of Glasshampton and Mucknell Abbey within the diocese. About reconciliation Archbishop Justin has said that it “doesn’t mean we all agree. It means we find ways of disagreeing – perhaps very passionately – but loving each other deeply at the same time, and being deeply committed to each other. That’s the challenge for the church if we are actually going to speak to our society, which is increasingly divided in many different ways.” So during the visit the Archbishop will take us to the heart of the Gospel and help us to think about how being reconciled in Christ Jesus demands of us to be agents of reconciliation in our nation, in our communities, in our churches, and our families. The third priority is evangelism. Archbishop Justin frequently says, "The best decision that anyone can ever make, at any time, in any place, is to follow Jesus Christ." We are called at the end of Matthew’s Gospel to go and make disciples. Having discovered something incredible in our lives, something that transforms us with love and grace, forgiveness and mercy, surely we will want others to experience that something, which is God in Jesus, as well? Evangelism is about sharing that wonderfully good news by our words, by our living, by how we are. It is sometimes said that other people remember how we make them feel far more than what they hear us say. Archbishop Justin’s visit will, I pray, enable more people to feel what our life together as the Diocese of Worcester is all about so that they will be receptive to hear about what God has done for us in the birth and life, the passion, death and resurrection, of Jesus. Please pray earnestly that the visit will be good news for the sake of the Good News. +Graham The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 4

Diary for August (please check “Messenger Xtra” for any last-minute changes) 3rd 4th 5th 6th

10.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 8.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s Transfiguration of Our Lord


11th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 14] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am Family Service & Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Morning Prayer at St. Oswald’s 9.30am All Age service at St. Barnabas 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 11.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 6.30pm Evensong at St. Mary’s

9th 10th 11th 12th

3.30-5.00pm 10.00am 10.30am 8.30am


12th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 15} 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am Holy Communion at Holy Trinity 9.30am Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Oswald’s 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Barnabas 10.30am Worship4All at St. Mary’s 11.00am All Age service at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 4.30pm “Jan’s Leaving Service” at St. John’s, Wolverley

15th 16th 17th 18th 19th

The Blessed Virgin Mary 10.00am Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion at St. Barnabas 10.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 8.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s

“Jam and Bread” in Arley Memorial Hall Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley Holy Communion at St. Mary’s

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 5


13th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 16] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am All Age service at Holy Trinity 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Oswald’s 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Barnabas 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 11.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 4.00pm “Praise in the Park” at St. Oswald’s


Bartholomew the Apostle 10.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 8.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s

25th 26th 28th

14th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 17] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am St. Oswald’s join Cookley 9.30am Morning Prayer at St. Barnabas 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 11.00am Morning Praise at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 6.30pm “Healing Service” at St. Peter’s, Cookley



Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley

Diary for September (please check “Messenger Xtra” for any last-minute changes) 1st 2nd

10.30am 8.30am


15th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 18] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am Family Service & Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Morning Prayer at St. Oswald’s 9.30am All Age service at St. Barnabas 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 11.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 6.30pm Evensong at St. Mary’s

Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley Holy Communion at St. Mary’s

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7th 8th 9th

10.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 8.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s Deadline for next edition of “The Messenger”


16th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 19] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am Holy Communion at Holy Trinity 9.30am Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Oswald’s 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Barnabas 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 11.00am All Age service at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 4.00pm Jan’s Licencing Service (to be confirmed)

13th 14th

3.30-5.00pm Holy Cross Day 10.00am 10.30am 8.30am

15th 16th

“Jam and Bread” in Arley Memorial Hall Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley Holy Communion at St. Mary’s


17th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 20] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am All Age service at Holy Trinity 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Oswald’s 9.30am Morning Prayer at St. Barnabas 10.30am Worship4All at St. Mary’s 11.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am St. Peter’s, Upper Arley (to be arranged) 6.30pm “Praise Service” at Trinity Methodist Church

20th 21st

10.00am Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion at St. Barnabas Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist 10.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 8.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s Next edition of “The Messenger” published

22nd 23rd

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 7


28th 29th 30th

18th Sunday after Trinity [Proper 21] 8.00am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 9.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Oswald’s 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Barnabas 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s 11.00am Morning Praise at St. John’s, Wolverley 11.00am Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley 6.30pm “Iona/Taize Service” at Holy Trinity 10.00am Holy Communion at St. John’s, Wolverley Michael and All Angels 10.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s, Cookley 8.30am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s

From the Parish Registers Baptisms 1st May 1st May 1st May 1st May 1st May 8th May 8th May 8th May 15th May 22nd May 22nd May 29th May 5th June 5th June 5th June 12th June 12th June 19th June 19th June 19th June 26th June 26th June

Rosie Bella SEBASTIANO at St. Barnabas Lilianna BURKETT at St. John’s, Wolverley Alba Lilly Georgia EDWARDS at St. Mary’s Daisy Sheila CHURCHLEY at St. Mary’s William Peter Walter MILES at St. Peter’s Cookley Ashleigh Amelia CRISP at St. Mary’s Florence Alice LOWE at St. Barnabas James Steven COOK at St. Mary’s Mia Rose CLAYTON at St. John’s, Wolverley Jaya Bella Rose MORAN at St. Barnabas Jaden Joseph SNAPE at St. John’s, Wolverley Alice Olivia GUEST at St. Mary’s Leo George TONKS at St. Barnabas James Andrew SKIDMORE at St. Mary’s Megan Olivia ANDREWS at St. Barnabas Henry Martin LEONARD at St. Mary’s Frankie-May WILLIAMS at St. Mary’s Chloe Winifred KIRK at St. Mary’s Leon Andrew KIRK at St. Mary’s Nate Kirk JONES at St. Mary’s Cleo Freya SALTER at St. John’s, Wolverley Aston John HARPER at St. Peter’s, Cookley The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 8

Weddings 7th May 14th May 21st May 28th May 3rd June 3rd June 4th June 4th June 4th June

Dean William MOORE and Jodie Leigh MILLWARD at St. Mary’s Thomas Andrew ROSE and Jennifer Jane PATRICK at St. John’s, Wolverley James David REYNOLDS and Caroline Lucy HARDIMAN at St/ Peter’s, Upper Arley Russell William TOLLEY and Victoria Emily SWALWELL at St. John’s, Wolverley Dominic John LINES and Emma Louise STEWART at St. Peter’s, Cookley James Andrew BALL and Laura Grace CLARK at St. Peter’s, Cookley Darren Nathan BAYNHAM and Hollie Jayne DENHAM at St. Mary’s Colin David ASTBURY and Susan Virginia DAVIS at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley Stewart Anthony TURNER and Rebecca Louise Deborah BRYANT at St. Peter’s, Cookley

Funerals 3rd May 12th May 16th May 18th May 18th May 18th May 19th May 20th May 26th May 26th May 27th May 1st June 3rd June 6th June 7th June 8th June 9th June 10th June 13th June 15th June

Herbert Charles MAYS (90) at St. Barnabas Charles Arthur DIXON (88) at St. Peter’s, Cookley Samuel Ivor PRIEST (90) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Neville EVANS (81) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Gordon William COLSEY (88) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Freda Annie WOOD (90) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Bertram Wilfred COLLINS (84) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Sheila Kathleen June GALE (88) at St. Peter’s, Cookley Megan Mary PUGH (81) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Maureen SPARKS (80) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Daphne EVANS (76) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Amy Patricia BERRY (82) at St. Barnabas John STONE (78) at St. Mary’s Robert Stephen TAYLOR (59) at Stourbridge Crematorium Gary SOUTHALL at St. George’s Brian Leslie SMITH (86) at St. Peter’s, Cookley Joan Mary DEWS (74) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Philip Alban Anthony JAMES (87) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Shirley Jean TIPPER (74) at Wyre Forest Crematorium Allan John PRINCE (66) at St. Peter’s, Cookley The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 9

Interment of Ashes 16th May 28th May 16th June 24th June

Nancy WHITE at St. John’s, Wolverley John DONEGAN at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley Neville EVANS at St. Peter’s, Upper Arley Walter PATRICK at St. Peter’s, Cookley

Kidderminster Child Contact Centre Promoting safe child contact within a national framework of Child Contact Centres Kidderminster Child Contact Centre Trinity Methodist Church Churchfields Kidderminster DY10 2JL Tel: 07807 937 072

What Do We Do?


CHILD CONTACT CENTRE is a place where children of separated families can enjoy contact with one or both parents in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment.

We are, however, struggling for volunteers. We have a dedicated core of 21 but when holidays come round and when people are sick, we are very often left short staffed. So, this is an appeal for anyone who has three hours free once a month, to come and be part of our team. There is training to be done but this can be done on site and also an Enhanced DBS form has to be done too. We have lots of toys for the children to play with and they are stored on the stage at Trinity. It is hard work for just one or two people to get them all down and then put them away, so any help with this would also be appreciated. If you would like to have a chat, no obligation, then please ring Anita on 01562 228793. Or if you would like me to come and talk to a group to explain what we do, I can also do that. Please don’t just read this and then forget it. Be part of something really worthwhile. Many thanks. Anita Perkins and Keith Minett; Coordinators Kidderminster Child Contact Centre The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 10

Macmillan Coffee Morning rd

Friday, 23 September from 10:30 ‘til 12:30 at Wolverley Church Hall

the Famous Four – Joy, Jenn, Jude and Anita will be presenting you with the most delicious homemade cakes plus coffee or tea for £5. There will also be a raffle (no rubbish prizes!) Please support us; you never know when you might need a Macmillan nurse.

Full total in 2016 from Kidderminster = £5421.19 As most people felt we were overall, but only slightly, down on last year and with the benefit of gift aid we raised nearly five and a half thousand pounds for Christian Aid. So a big thank you & well done all! Sue Cowen The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 11

Why KEMP needs your support


EMP HOSPICE’S SERVICES are provided free of charge to patients and their families. Each year approximately seven weeks running costs are funded by the Primary Care Trust, so the remaining forty five weeks are funded by the good nature of the local community. The cost of running the specialist service increases year on year, for 2015/2016 the Hospice’s operating costs are expected to be in excess of £940,000. KEMP Hospice is able to support patients with all forms of life-limiting illnesses not just cancer. They take a holistic view of patient care offering anything from symptom control, relaxation classes through to spiritual care. From the moment the patient is referred, they do their utmost to ensure that the support, both practical and emotional, is the very best they can give. The care provided by the Hospice also makes a huge difference to families and carers, providing support from the Family Support Team, which includes Bereavement and Citizens Advice Bureau support, Chaplaincy & Pastoral support and advice from the medical team.

KEMP 2 COMPTON Community Walk, 18th September 2016 KEMP Hospice in Kidderminster and Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton have joined forces to offer both a 20 mile and an 8 mile walk on Sunday 18th September. A similar walk was organised in 2010 by the Mid-counties Co-op and saw 240 walkers raise over £25,000 for both Compton Hospice and KEMP Hospice. Don’t miss out on your chance to take part in this beautiful sponsored walks. The first walk will be 20 miles long and will start at The Lock Inn Public House at Wolverley at 8 am. Walkers will meander alongside the canal and through the countryside towards Kinver, passing by the sandstone cliffs and caves before reaching Greensforge, Swindon and making their way to the Round Oak Pub in Wombourne. At this point they will be joined by the 8 Mile walkers and will continue their journey and walk along the canal, passing through the Bratch 3 Lock staircase towards Castlecroft. Leaving the towpath at Compton Old Hall, our walkers will then retire for a well-earned BBQ and refreshments at Compton Hospice. Once you have refuelled and at your leisure, you will be transported back to Wolverley via a shuttle bus system to retrieve your car. The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 12

Registration is just ÂŁ15.00 per person and you can register online via our website or call us on 01562 756077. Alternatively, please pop into any one of our KEMP retail shops or the hospice reception to collect a registration form. If you are unable to participate in the walk itself but still would like to support, there are a number of volunteering roles available on the day. For more information please contact Shelley Stanley, Event Fundraiser on Collaborative working with other hospices enables us to raise awareness on a greater scale and share the costs, ensuring more money goes to patient care. With your support we can raise valuable funds to help people in the Wyre Forest who are living with the difficulties of a life limiting illness, as well as adults and children coping with bereavement and loss of a loved one. Last year we supported 850 people and with your help this year, we will support 1,000 people in our community when it matters the most, so thank you. Shelley Stanley

Autumn Parachute Jump, 24th September 2016 Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 13,000 feet, then imagine leaning forward out of that doorway and letting go, freefalling at over 120mph! We are looking for people to make a sponsored 13,000 feet freefall tandem parachute jump on our behalf and in return we are willing to pay for it! So not only would this be an experience of a lifetime but a great way to raise money for your local Hospice! For more information regarding Parachute Jumps please contact Shelley on 01562 756066 or email

News & Views From Kidderminster Parish Church of St. Mary and All Saints St. Mary’s Flower Rota 14th August 28th August 11th September 17th September

Miss Muriel Owen Mrs Ann Whitte Mrs Andrea Milnes Mr Roy Bullock

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 13

St. Mary’s Ladies Fellowship


ALF WAY THROUGH our programme, and we have had an excellent year to date with a variety of interesting talks and informal evenings, including our celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, and our Summer Lunch at Bewdley Pines Golf Club. We also remembered our Founder’s 90th birthday on 24th June by sending a card signed by members past and present to Pat Griggs who many remember with great affection and gratitude. Pat was delighted to hear from us and in return sends her best wishes to us - she is thrilled that the Fellowship is still thriving. She has enjoyed her 90th birthday celebrations and says she has been thoroughly spoilt by her family and the friends in the small community in which she and Ian live she recommends reaching 90!

Our programme continues for the next few months with meetings every second and fourth Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. in St Mary’s Chantry unless otherwise advised: Wednesday, 10th August Wednesday, 24th August Wednesday, 14th September Wednesday, 28th September Wednesday, 12th October

“An Alternative Olympics” with the Committee “Diabetes UK” with Fred Holland AGM and Bring & Buy U3A Ukelele Band “Times Past - Researching your Family Tree with Chris Wilder Wednesday, 26th October “Tea and Cakes at Buckingham Palace” with Sue Coombes Do come along and join us at any of our meetings - you will be made very welcome. For queries regarding the Fellowship, please contact either myself (01384 896798) or Ann Stephenson, Programme Secretary, on 01562 639535. Sue Coombes; Chairman

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 14

Friends of St. Mary’s S PART OF Friends’ Weekend, the Council of The Friends were very pleased to accept Margaret and John Bradley’s offer of hosting a Summer Garden Party at their home on Saturday, 18th June - and what a happy and successful social and fundraising event this turned out to be. Some 40 people relaxed in Margaret and John’s delightful garden and enjoyed tea, coffee, fruit juices and a variety of delicious sandwiches, desserts and cakes. It was wonderful - and greatly helped along by a window of warm and sunny weather! We very much appreciated Margaret and John’s efforts and hospitality and express our thanks not only to them but to everyone who attended, donated, or helped in any way. In total, a net profit of £351 was raised for The Friends, specifically for the Roof Appeal. The following day, we were delighted to welcome the Revd Canon Graham Lyall to be our Guest Preacher for Friends’ Sunday. Graham had been a Curate at St Mary’s between 1967 and 1972 with particular involvement at St Barnabas’ Church. His sermon contained some amusing anecdotes about his time here, but also included an important message. He held up a picture of an outstretched hand and challenged us by asking whether we extend the Hand of God to people outside St Mary’s Church. He gave us definite food for thought. At the time of Friends’ Sunday, the church was full of scaffolding and looking rather bedraggled. Graham was most concerned about this, and Graham and his wife Sue have subsequently been kind enough to send a donation to The Friends for which we are most grateful. Next year’s Friends’ Weekend will be on Saturday, 17th and Sunday, 18th June with The Friends’ AGM being held on Tuesday, 9th May 2017. Please put these dates in your 2017 diaries and pass them on - maybe together with one of our new leaflets available at the back of church or from Sue Coombes - to friends, colleagues and anyone who you think would be interested in supporting us - they don’t need to be a member of our congregation!


********** June also proved to be a busy month for ecumenical activities supported by the “Baxter” churches, which began with a well-attended Coffee Morning at Baxter United Reform Church, followed, a fortnight later, by the first of an experimental series of occasional Thursday lunchtime services. The Revd Winnie Gordon led us at New Meeting House Unitarian Church. She had devised a simple, informal service which would be acceptable to all denominations and yet still contained a distinct message. We then shared fellowship over a drink and delicious coffee and walnut cake. The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 15

The next service will be on Thursday, 15th September at 12.30 p.m. at Baxter URC. It will be Holy Communion using the original Baxter Communion Table. Everyone is welcome to join in this act of worship. Theo Mayfield, Sue Coombes

From Broadwaters Church of St. Oswald

St. Oswald’s Church Centre For Parties, Wedding Receptions, Anniversaries, etc. Further information from: Mrs. Ros Page on 01562 751265 St. Oswald’s News TH

N 11 JUNE The New Dimensional Experience Choir performed ”David” at Broadwaters Methodist Church,- a very enjoyable performance. The results for the Christian Aid Week fund raising were published during June; it was interesting to see that St. Mary’s, St. Barnabas and Broadwaters LEP contributed about 20% to the final total for Kidderminster. Thank-you to all the volunteers who contributed in any way - some of us attended a “thank you cream” tea on Saturday, 9th July. Another enjoyable evening was the concert by the Cookley Community Choir at St. Mary’s on 25th June. On the same day Broadwaters Fair was held in the park. We had our usual stall and survived the torrential rain while we were setting up our stall. Thankfully the weather had cleared by the time the Fair was opened by the Mayor; Cllr. Mary Rayner at 1pm.We helped to publicise St. Oswald’s by handing out leaflets. We are continuing to enjoy our joint services with Broadwaters Methodists and St. Peter’s, Cookley. Future Dates: Sunday 21st August "LEP Praise in the Park" at 4pm.


Sheila Mason Broadwaters Fair; Saturday 25th June

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 16

Luckily we arrived at Broadwaters Park early and were able to erect the two gazebos before a heavy storm came (which was reliably forecast!). By midday we were able to set up the stall and it stayed fine all afternoon. It was nice to be able to greet people and meet old friends, as well as raising just over ÂŁ100 towards Church funds. Thanks to all who helped. On Wednesday 13th July we had a visit from Year 2 and Year 5 from St. Oswald's School. Nigel led the service and performed a mock baptism, with plenty of willing volunteers to be parents and godparents to the doll, who was named Ella Emily, names chosen by the children. At the end of the service everyone got sprinkled with the baptism water, much to the delight of the children! Everyone then enjoyed some refreshment of biscuits and squash before tackling the walk back to school up Sion Hill. Some of the congregation from St. Oswald's and Broadwaters Methodist Church will be attending the Leavers Assembly at school on 21st July, when all the Year 6 pupils will be presented with the "It's Your Move" booklets as a guide and help with their transition to High School. These booklets are purchased each year by the LEP. Sue Murkett

The following refers to the Broadwaters LEP Praise on the Green service held on Pentecost Sunday, 15th May. PRAISE ON THE GREEN We were invited along to the local sing song it's out in the open so please come along. Just bring a chair and be there at 3. After the service there's cakes, coffee or tea. The service was brill and went pleasantly. The service was short, we'd have finished by 4 Then out of the blue there turned up some more. According to them it started at 4, The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 17

So we all sang again to please everyone, Those who were late were told to put their clock on. Perhaps next year, if both churches agree We can all start together, so book it for 3. The Bard of Broadwaters (Those who were there will understand this!) Brian Murkett

A Century ago Today we live in an era of instant communication, a time when an incident in any part of the world can be relayed to anyone elsewhere in a matter of seconds . One of the benefits of this, of course, is that the truth is passed on and the reporting is accurate. 100 years ago, the situation was vastly different. Britain was involved in World War 1, and the focus of the news was predominantly the fighting in France and Flanders. As we recently commemorated the centenary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme, I began to wonder about how the events that happened were reported to the folks back home, how quickly they were reported and how accurate the reporting was. We now know about the carnage that occurred and perhaps we've questioned the morality behind the decisions that were made and the sense behind this mode of warfare. The following is an extract from one of our daily newspapers, dated 1st July 1916, a report from British Headquarters: "The great attack which was launched today against the German lines on a twenty-mile front began satisfactorily. It is not yet a victory, for victory comes at the end of a battle, and this is only a beginning. But our troops, fighting with very splendid valour, have swept across the enemy's front trenches along a great part of the line of attack, and have captured villages and strongholds which the Germans have long held against us. They are fighting their way forward, not easily, but doggedly. Many hundreds of the enemy are prisoners in our hands. His dead lie thick in the track of our regiments. And so, after the first day of battle, we may say with thankfulness: All goes well. It is a good day for England and France. It is a day of promise in this war, in which the blood of brave men is poured upon the sodden fields of Europe." I wonder how those reading reports like this could possibly understand the real situation. This would take a long time to be revealed. As we now know, over 19,400 of our troops were killed in action on that day alone. Brian Murkett

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 18

From Upper Arley Parish Church of St. Peter Conversation with the grandson: My calendar read: Visit Archdeacon. Swearing. Admission. Number one grandson read it as; I had been called up before the Archdeacon for swearing and I’d ADMITTED it! As if!!!

Jam and Bread second Tuesday of every month 3:30pm at Arley Memorial Hall

We now have 16 children coming to join us, with a parent, for bible stories, games, singing, craft and tea! We have a lovely time. Anyone can join us, come and see what it’s all about, we would love to welcome you. This is worship but not in the church and not on a Sunday. Please note: there is no Jam and Bread during August.

Craft and Hobbies Fair at St Peter’s church, Upper Arley The fair was extremely successful and would have been even more so had the weather been kinder! We had visitors from all over the world, Belgium, Canada, Portugal and even as far as Bridgnorth. When a gentleman came in and was looking round, Louvain asked if he had an interest in churches, “you could say that” he replied, he was the Rector of Bridgnorth! Whoops…… All of the work was left to a few individuals, due to sickness and a general fall in numbers but, having said that, it was well worthwhile and many thanks to everyone who contributed with their time, baking and crafting and hobby skills. A great big ‘thank you’ to Angel Twiglet (the resident puppy for the week) she had so many admirers and one family came back a second time for another cuddle (with the puppy). Thank you for the support from all the other churches in our team, it was greatly appreciated and so lovely to be able to have a chat about other things other than business.

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 19

Arley Fete

Bank Holiday Monday – 29th August 2016 on the sports field from 10:00am Help from anyone with teas and coffees would be greatly appreciated. All enquiries to Louvain 01299 861847. Thank you. Hoping the weather will be kind to us this year!!

Forthcoming Event! th

Sunday 16 October at St Peter’s, Upper Arley at 7:00pm The Bianchi Players will be holding a concert in church. Enquiries and tickets from Louvain 01299 861847 Anita Perkins

From Cookley Parish Church of St. Peter Cookley Parish Church 100 Club – winning numbers May 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

Number Number Number

27 18 12

£16.50 £9.90 £6.60

June 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

Number Number Number

10 25 32

£18.00 £10.80 £7.20

Congratulations to all winners. If you would like to join the 100 Club, application forms are available from the church or contact Paul Blackham on 01562 829352. Thank you

Honours for a Lady I have a neighbour called Rosie who has been happily married to friendly Adam Hutton for twenty-five years and they have two splendid sons. She keeps chickens and ducks and dogs and a beautiful cat. She is also a trained singer and works as an event organiser. All that I knew, but what I did not know that she was working so tirelessly for Acorn Hospice, Air Ambulance U.K. and the Diabetes Society and is very much valued by the The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 20

organisers of these causes: so much so that they have nominated her for a British Citizens Award and this has been accepted in the face of many other nominations. As a result Rose and her proud son Sam travelled to London and were entertained in the House of Lords where she was presented with a very handsome solid silver medal to honour her considerable efforts over the years. I feel so proud to know Rose - and to think I used to teach her! Congratulations Rose; you are a credit to our village. Dot Lowe

Fifty Wonderful Years On 5th July this year a remarkable couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Nina and Roger Furness were married in St. Peter's Cookley half a century ago. Fifty years together is always an impressive achievement but in the case of Nina and Roger it is even more admirable. They have not had an easy passage as each of them has had serious physical difficulties. In their younger days they produced two delightful daughters who have always been a credit to them. In later life Roger developed Muscular Dystrophy which has led to his having to use a wheelchair and other difficulties in his daily life. This led to extra work and demands for Nina who has had very serious health issues of her own. All this sounds doom-laden when written down but meeting Nina and Roger you would never guess, from their cheerful demeanour, these daily pressures in their lives. They both lead full and useful lives. Roger helps with the Science in our local School and has made great efforts in recording graves in our churchyard. He does much work for our Community Choir. Nina is an accomplished flower arranger and is always ready to help out in many local interests. All this alongside their care for, and participation in, the life of their beloved family. We congratulate them and wish them "Happy Returns" Dot Lowe

The Friends of St. Peter's Church


HERE DOES THE TIME GO? I cannot believe that we are already more than half-way through the year. I know that Christmas must be on the horizon as our committee members are already knitting snowmen and Christmas pudding covers in readiness for our Autumn Fayre! Nothing like forward planning! Our Strawberry Tea was held on the church lawn in June and was a great success. We combined it with the Queen's Official 90th Birthday celebration so had gazebos, bunting, flags etc. Most people managed to wear red, white and blue and a various assortment of hats, tiaras and crowns were to be seen. My crown had been made for me by my The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 21

granddaughters and I had to carry it all the way back on the train from Nottingham and have my photograph taken to prove to them that I wore it on the day. We sold over 90 strawberry teas and with a garden themed raffle and a Royal type “Mr & Mrs” stall we made an overall profit of £610.00 which was fantastic. My thanks to Dudley and Jackie who put up all the gazebos and all the committee and other helpers who worked so hard, especially Marian Manton who hulled 25lbs of strawberries! It was a great day. Just 3 weekends later we were back again with a bran tub stall at the Church Garden Party. At both events, for once the weather was kind to us and we managed to hold both events outside. By the time you read this we will have had our Summer coach trip to Llandudno. Pam Poxon works very hard organising our 2 coach trips each year and I think the list is full for the Christmas shopping trip to Bristol. She always has a reserve list in case people drop out so if you are interested phone her on 01562 824971 the price is £11. Since the last magazine report we have paid £370 for the church gutterings to be cleaned out and £440.00 to the church architect for drawings for the altar in the Lady Chapel to be moved forward. This is why we keep fund raising to keep our beautiful church in good condition. Without the help and support of our fund raising committee and the people who come and support our events and donate cakes, raffle prizes etc we could not complete our task, so many thanks to you all. Future events for your diaries 7th October Harvest Supper in Cookley Village Hall th 8 October Autumn Fayre in Cookley Village Hall 26th November Christmas Bazaar in Cookley Village Hall 3rd December Christmas Shopping trip to Bristol Marlene Broomhead (01562 824743) Fuller's Funnies. Did you ever wonder why earrings became so popular with men? A man is at work one day when he notices that his co-worker is wearing an earring. The man knows his co-worker to be a normally conservative fellow and is curious about his sudden change in "fashion sense" The man walks up to him and says "I didn't know you were into earrings" "It is not such a big deal, it’s only an earring" he replies sheepishly. His friend falls silent for a few minutes, but then his curiosity prods him to ask "So how long have you been wearing one?" "Ever since my wife found it in my car" I had always wondered how this trend got started. The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 22


From Franche Church of St. Barnabas

St. Barnabas Community Hall is available for hire; short term or long term. It has parking, large hall, kitchen and accessible toilets. Telephone Polly for more details: 07505 361564 (after 6pm) News from St. Barnabas N SATURDAY 20th August we will be holding a coffee morning in the Community Hall from 10am – 12 noon, come along and enjoy good company and cake. Monday the 29th August we will have 2 stalls at Arley Fayre weather permitting! There will be home produce, bric-à-brac, bottle stall, children's game, greeting cards, amongst other things! Let's hope the sun shines! If you have any produce you would like to donate for us to sell please contact one of the wardens. Churches & Chapels On The Air; “CHOTA” is on Saturday 10th September, 9am till 6pm. What is CHOTA I hear you ask. CHOTA is a day when Churches & Chapels from across the UK set up amateur radio stations in places of worship and try and contact each other. This is 4th year we have done this and each time we get to talk to people all over the world. If anyone has friends or relatives and they would like to try and make contact, give Barrie Lewis a call to see if there is a church near to where they live that might be taking part. Janice Gillam; Treasurer & Barrie Lewis; Warden


The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 23

St. Barnabas Craft Club held on the first Monday of every month at the Community Church Hall, Franche.


HERE FOLLOWS SOME PHOTOGRAPHS of some of the beautiful items made by the members.

Everybody is welcome and if you have a craft you would like to share with us, please come along and give us a demonstration. We have tea and biscuits and lots of laughter. Anita Perkins

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 24

St. Barnabas Mother’s Union T OUR COFFEE MORNING following corporate communion on the 21st June we raised £84 in aid of the Mothers’ Union summer appeal. I would like to thank everyone that supported this valuable work. We were pleased to decorate a window celebrating 140 years of Mothers’ Union. During August there is no meeting. On 7th September we welcome as our speaker Rev Nigel Taylor who will be giving an insight of his journey into the Ordained Ministry. Meetings start at 2 o’clock and take place at 14 Woodland Avenue. Corporate communion will be on Tuesday 16th August and Tuesday 20th September 10 o’clock St Barnabas church followed by coffee and biscuits. You are welcome to join us at the monthly meetings and corporate communion whether or not you are a mother, married, single or divorced. In the Kidderminster and Stourport Denary we are pleased to say we have a few male members. Everyone is welcome. As we celebrate 140 years of the Mothers’ Union this year I thought the following may be of interest.


140 Years of the Mothers’ Union


ARY ELIZABETH HEYWOOD was born in Salford, the third of four children, but when she was only 4 years old the family moved to Colwall and so she has become associated with this area. Her mother was a woman of great faith and as Mary was educated at home, must have had a very important influence of Mary’s early life. Mary was musical and it was on a visit to Rome, to extend her musical education, that she met George Henry Sumner, son of the then Bishop of Winchester. They were married on 26th July 1848 and moved to the parish of Old Arlesford in Hampshire. Mary devoted herself to bringing up their three children and to helping her husband with his parochial duties. However, in 1876, when she became a grandmother, she remembered what hard work it had been to mother her young ones. Inspired, she called a meeting of mothers from all

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 25

social classes – a really radical idea at that time – to support each other and to realise that motherhood is a profession in its own right. Other parishes took up the idea and so it spread to other dioceses too, indeed by 1890 there were 60,000 members in 28 dioceses. There followed annual general meetings and The Mothers’ Union Central Council was formed 3 years later. In 1987 Queen Victoria became the President: today H.M. the Queen is still our President. Gradually branches were set up throughout the British Empire and today there are over 4 million members Worldwide, in over 80 countries. There was some doubt over her date death as to whether it was 9th or 11th August 1921. We honour her on 9th August as 11th August is the feast day of St Clare of Assisi.’ Chris Lewis

From Trimpley Church of The Holy Trinity Trimpley Summer Fete


N THE APPROACH to an outdoor event, you find yourself nervously scanning weather forecasts, especially in a scattergun summer such as the present one. As it turned out, Trimpley Church Fete was blessed with sunshine and was graced by good visitor numbers, a heartwarming sense of community and an excellent financial result, which will help towards roof repair costs at Holy Trinity. More importantly, it was a very happy day. As we made our way down the drive, the most fabulous views opened out before us. Holbeache House, gardens and the surrounding area are quite stunning - what a venue! The ladies from Trimpley W.I had a stall and there were others with books, burgers, crafts, toys, plants, bric-a-brac, cakes and of course, the Tombola run as ever with flair by the unique Val Corfield. All the stalls were well patronised and the accompanying happy smiles and welcoming faces were free of charge! As first time helpers at the fete, we were well looked after and Linda made sure that everyone was kept hydrated with teas and coffees. Add to this live music and dancing, the evertempting W.I refreshments and some of the best views in Worcestershire and you can see that, if you unable to attend this year, you should clear your diary for the next one - we certainly shall! Well done, Trimpley and thanks to all the people who helped out and came along in support. Richard and Kathryn Sandland

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From Wolverley Parish Church of St. John the Baptist

Wolverley Church Hall All enquiries should be made to: Richard Thomas on 01562 742768

St. John the Baptist, Wolverley

LIGHT UP THE CHURCH [See page 31] We illuminate the Church at Wolverley every night to form a focal point for the village. We give everyone the opportunity to sponsor the lighting. YOU can celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or the memory of a loved one. In fact – any reason. This is available to everyone, even if we don’t see you in church often, although that would be nice too!

Enquiries to Shirley 07817 731023

St. John’s News Towards the end of May and the beginning of June a number of us at St John’s were getting concerned at the quantity of events being advertised locally and nationally to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. For months we had been planning a “Flowers for the Queen Weekend” ourselves. We needn’t have worried as the whole event was a tremendous success. On Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th the church was awash with the most beautiful and breathtaking floral displays. Visitors were invited to wander around and admire and then were offered tea, coffee, delicious homemade cake and the chance to buy a raffle ticket! On Saturday evening the church was packed with people from near and far who came to hear The Stourport Brass Band. As there were 28 of them, together with their instruments, they found it a very tight fit at the front of the church but, in keeping with the occasion, they really did entertain us ROYALLY! The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 27

On Sunday morning a special Birthday Celebration service was held attended by many councillors and representatives from local businesses and other organisations. The enjoyment of both the concert and the service was increased by being surrounded by the beautiful flowers. Many thanks are due to Norma Dalton and the ladies from the Wolverley Floral Arts Society and others they encouraged to help, for their skill and hard work. We are pleased that we were able to celebrate our wonderful Queen’s special birthday in such a joyful way

The following week at this year’s Wolverley Carnival the church had decided on a “Prayer Tent”. A reasonable number of people came; some did light candles and also took away literature about St. John the Baptist together with buying a copy of the magazine, church notelets and jigsaws of the church. Everyone involved felt it was good to have the church represented in this way. Many thanks to all our helpers. Richard Thomas & Cynthia Partridge (Churchwardens) The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 28

Oft Wondered “Getting down to it”


ARDENING CAN BE such a huge pleasure and very satisfying. Some of the jobs that we have to do are, however, hard and tedious. That is why the gadget and garden tool makers produce such an amazing range of gizmos. There are things to cut perfect edges on the lawn after we have used the labour-saving-and-easy-tostart lawn mower. Electric hedge trimmers can now be extended and angled to trim the most difficult shapes. There are many devices available now to “easily” remove any weeds from the beds or the lawns. The list of useful equipment is nearly endless. And yet, we all know in our heart of hearts that, painful as it may be, we will end up on our knees at some point to do some weeding or planting job. It is inevitable and those of us with creaking joints will then be needing an aid to get up again. It is actually true of most jobs we do that, at some point, we must grovel on the floor as a last resort. If we are painting, we must kneel to clean up splashes. If we are mending something we invariably have to get down to find that screw, we dropped. Of course, things to do with car problems require time on the floor. So it is no surprise that, when we have tried all sorts of clever ways to sort out the problems in the World and in our lives, we end up talking to God “meekly kneeling upon our knees” David Alexander

Wolverley Ladies Fellowship

HE CARNIVAL on the 2nd July was a great success on the playing field,; lots of people, lots of stalls, including our Tombola and also the floats making it a very colourful occasion. The dinner in May, when 16 of us went along to “The Shed” near Stourport, was a different experience and then in June Ian Bott came along to talk about his new book on the 2nd world war and I believe he sold one or two copies. Looking forward now to the 22nd August, Mike Worton will be talking about the charity he supports in Belarus and its work with the children there. Then on 26th September, Adrian James is coming to talk and show photographs of Bodenham Arboretum when it was first being developed. This of course is local to Wolverley and will be of interest both to us and any welcome visitors. Both of these meetings as usual in the Church Hall at 7.30pm. Mary


The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 29

Wolverley Parish Church 100 Club – winning numbers May 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

Number Number Number

45 38 30

£25.00 £15.00 £10.00

June 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

Number Number Number

27 28 44

£25.00 £15.00 £10.00

Congratulations to all winners. If you would like to join the 100 Club, application forms are available from the church or contact Cynthia Partridge on 01562 829352. Thank you

Wolverley W.I.


OLVERLEY W.I. WOULD LIKE to welcome new members to the beginning of their Autumn Season. On the 5th September there is to be a Chocolate Demonstration, I understand that samples may be on offer. Do come and join us Wolverley have had a very successful July with a Summer Supper and a Fish and Chip Supper - Not all jam and Jerusalem! There are also Craft afternoons and outings round the area. We are a thriving Institute and new members are always welcome Carol Hardy; President

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 30

CHURCH FLOODLIGHTING SPONSORSHIP So far this year, the scheme has raised ÂŁ215 for church funds JULY 13th Happy memories of Mike Ayre th 13 Jan Bridges, never forgotten 28th Jan Bridges, never forgotten AUGUST 1st Linsey and Stefan 7th Wedding Anniversary 7th In memory of Roy Whittaker 17th Birthday memories of Reg Berry th 17 Wedding Anniversary of Helen and David Hall 31st In memory of John Jones SEPTEMBER 1st Birthday memories of Sid Lacey 13th Beatrice's Birthday th 26 Janet's Birthday 28th In memory of Louisa Jones Sincere thanks to all who have contributed (and continue to contribute). Your support is so much appreciated, Shirley.

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and finally … (Letter from) The Rectory, St. James the Least of All

On war between parishes My dear Nephew Darren So, now you have enjoyed your first Summer Fete, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It may be small consolation, but remember that they only happen once a year - although in your case, you still have another 40 to endure before retirement. I negotiated our own last week. As usual, the band from our neighbouring parish of St. Eusebius played. There has been much bad blood in the past between our two villages. The trouble started on the day that St. James the Least of All never told St. Eusebius that the Vikings were coming up the river. We may have long since buried the hatchet, but both sides remember where they put it. Tension between the two communities down the centuries has moved on from occasional slaughter to something a little more refined. Just as I began my opening speech to crown the Rose Queen, the band struck up with the National Anthem. When the hog roast started, they played “smoke gets in your eyes” and when it came to the necessary music for the maypole dancing, they all disappeared into the beer tent. With great Christian charity, we shall bide our time. In September we have the annual football match between the two churches’ Servers. Last year, in addition to winning the match, the St. James’ boys sent three of their side off with concussion. Naturally, I visited them in hospital. Miss Prendergast, as always, played Gypsy Rose Lee. If the tall, dark, dear lady tells me one more time that I am about to find romance with a tall dark lady, while she flutters her eyelashes at me, I swear I shall throttle her with a bell rope. Besides, I already have a beautiful dark lady in my life - and my Labrador is devoted to me. The only real hiccough came when I bought 12 packets of fudge from Mrs Masheder to present to our choirboys. Yet again, she had misread salt for sugar in the recipe. After I presented the packets at Matins the following day, a formal complaint was rapidly made by a parent to the police that the Rector was attempting to poison their son. But as I explained to the officer, if I had intended to poison anyone, I would have done it far more discreetly - and infinitely more efficiently. I toy with that possibility for Mrs Masheder before next year’s Fete. Your loving uncle, Eustace

(Rev Dr Gary Bowness)

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 32

For the Mathematically minded ‌


Not so simple

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 33

Crossword August/September Crossword Clues (Answers in next edition) Across 1 and 3 Two of the disciples who witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9:28) (4,3,5) 3 See 1 Across 8 ‘Let us draw — to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith’ (Hebrews 10:22) (4) 9 O Simon is (anag.) (8) 11 Form of government under the direct rule of God or his agents (10) 14 How Jesus found his disciples when he returned to them after praying in Gethsemane (Luke 22:45) (6) 15 In The Pilgrim’s Progress, the name of the meadow into which Christian strayed, which led to Doubting Castle (2-4) 17 Glad sin rat (anag.) (10) 20 Spinal column (Leviticus 3:9) (8) 21 Valley of the Balsam Tree with a reputation of being a waterless place (Psalm 84:6) (4) 22 ‘The oracle of Balaam son of Beor, the oracle of one — — sees clearly’ (Numbers 24:3) (5,3) 23 Adam and Eve’s third son (Genesis 4:25) (4) Down 1 David’s great friend (1 Samuel 20:17) (8) 2 ‘The Lord... will bring me safely to his — kingdom’ (2 Timothy 4:18) (8) 4 ‘I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks. I ate no choice food; — — or wine touched my lips’ (Daniel 10:3) (2,4) 5 Seeking to vindicate (Job 32:2) (10) 6 Female servant (Isaiah 24:2) (4) 7 ‘For Christ died for — once for all’ (1 Peter 3:18) (4) 10 ‘Offering spiritual sacrifices — to God through Jesus Christ’ (1 Peter 2:5) (10) 12 Jesus said that some people had renounced this ‘because of the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19:12) (8) 13 One of the three men thrown into the furnace for refusing to worship Nebuchadnezzar’s golden image (Daniel 3:20) (8) 16 ‘You have — of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry’ (Luke 12:19) (6) The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 34

18 ‘There before me was a white horse! Its rider held — — , and he was given a crown’ (Revelation 6:2) (1,3) 19 Equipment to Charity Hospitals Overseas (1,1,1,1) Answers to June/July Crossword Across 1, Ambush. 4, School. 8, Tired. 9, Famines. 10, Citadel. 11, Endor. 12, Atonement. 17, Avert. 19, Oracles. 21, Married. 22, Lance. 23, Rhythm. 24, Hyssop. Down 1, Attach. 2, Biretta. 3, Sided. 5, Compete. 6, Owned. 7, Lustre. 9, Falsehood. 13, Ostrich. 14, Talents. 15, Farmer. 16, Asleep. 18, Early. 20, Alley. The Bible version used in our crosswords is the NIV.

Wordsearch for August 2016

























The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 35

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 36

August in the Forest The summer is the best time to be in the English countryside, to my way of thinking, and, much as I love the seaside, I like to be at home in August. My worries about the numbers of insects have been put aside since I assume that the House Martins and Swallows must be pursuing something above the house and hay meadow. The Buddleia is coming into flower and I will soon see a variety of butterflies enjoying its abundant nectar. Southern Hawker and Broad-bodied Libellula dragonflies are haunting the pond, while blue damselflies lay their eggs on the pond weed, firmly paired. In the Anglo-Saxon calendar the feast of Lammas was held in August. This is the earliest beginning of the wheat harvest and a loaf of wheat was brought into church as an offering. ‘Lammas land’ is traditional hay meadow, closed to grazing animals until after the hay is cut in summer but opened up on Lammas Day. I have seen the day most often mentioned as 1st/2nd August but also as 12th/13th August: perhaps you can help me there. The harvest in the forest is of bilberries, blackberries and many seeds which feed insects, small mammals and birds. The oaks salute Lammas by producing a flush of new summer shoots, usually reddish in colour, which replace leaves eaten to shreds by millions of hungry invertebrates and their young. Hazel trees are already being raided for nuts still green, leaving few to ripen to our tastes or that of the dormouse. An Introduction to Green Woodworking in the Wyre Forest over the weekend of 19th to 21st August is just what it says. Starting with the selection of green oak and ash and using tools such as draw knives, froes and axes, a timber frame stool will be constructed then the seat will be woven from sea grass or elm bark. Fiona de Wert and Amy Cox will be the tutors and the cost of £180 will cover all materials, homemade lunch, teas and coffees. Please email or call 01299 488083 for details and bookings. There is also an Introduction to Basket Making on 3rd and 4th September – see for details. Linda Iles

The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 37

Organisations St. Mary's Musical Director James Bradley; email St. Mary's Bellringers – Sue Geens; Ringing Master Thursdays 7.45pm St. Mary's Church; Tel. 07814 188010 St. Mary's Ladies' Fellowship; Sue Coombes 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 7.30 pm at The Chantry; Tel. 01384 896798 Friends of St. Mary's - Mrs. Iris Baggott; Tel. 01562 66219 St. Mary's Flower Rota - Mrs. Barbara Preece; Tel. 01562 66113 St. Peter's, Upper Arley Bellringers; Mrs. C. Wood; Tel. 01299 861537 Arley Women's Institute - Third Monday; Sports & Social Club, Arley. Contact Mrs. Louvain Beer; 01299 861847 Trimpley Green Women’s Institute – 3rd Wednesday; 7.30pm in Village Hall St. Barnabas' Musical Director - Miss Jessica Hignell; Tel. 01562 741510 St. Barnabas' Mothers' Union - Mrs. Christine Lewis; Tel. 01562 631616 1st Wednesday, 2.00pm; 3rd Tuesday, Holy Communion at St. Barnabas' 10.00am. Franche Women's Institute – 1st Tuesday; 7.30 pm at St Barnabas' Comm. Hall. Contact Mrs. Pat Charles; Tel. 01562 913478 Broadwaters Ladies' Club - Mrs. Pam Hopkins; 3rd Wednesday, 7.30 pm at St Oswald's Church Centre Baby Fellowship - Thursdays, 10.00 am to 11.30 am at St Oswald's Church Centre. Contact Joan Lambert; 07792 724909 St. Oswald's Flower Rota - Mrs. R. Hutchinson St. John’s, Wolverley Bellringers – Dave Andrews: Tel. 07867 977389 St. John’s, Wolverley Organist & Choir – Ian Thompson: Tel. 07855 609758 Wolverley Ladies Fellowship – Mary Waldron: Tel. 01562 851405 St. Peter’s, Cookley Bellringers – Andy Gray: Tel. 01562 850130 St. Peter’s, Cookley Organist & Choir - Paul Blackham: Tel. 01562 829352 Friends of St. Peter’s, Cookley – Marlene Broomhead: 01562 824743

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What’s on & when – at a glance See inside for full details when available th

10 August

St. Mary’s Ladies Fellowship (Chantry)

20th August

Coffee Morning at St. Barnabas Community Hall

21st August

Praise in the Park at Broadwaters

22nd August

Wolverley Ladies Fellowship (Church Hall)

24th August

St. Mary’s Ladies Fellowship (Chantry)

29th August

Arley Fete

5th September

Wolverley W.I. (Church Hall)

7th September

St. Barnabas Mother’s Union

10th September


14th September

St. Mary’s Ladies Fellowship AGM (Chantry)

18th September

Kemp 2 Compton Community Walk

23rd September

Macmillan Coffee Morning at Wolverley Church Hall

24th September

St. Mary’s Ladies Fellowship (Chantry)

24th September

Kemp Hospice Autumn Parachute Jump

26th September

Wolverley Ladies Fellowship (Church Hall)

28th September

St. Mary’s Ladies Fellowship (Chantry)

To assist in the timely publication of “The Messenger”, please submit any contributions by the date which will always be indicated in the preceding edition (although last-minute alterations will always try to be accommodated) preferably by email to : or via the Parish Office.

(October/November deadline is 9th September) Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated. The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 39

The Ismere Messenger is published by Kidderminster Ismere Parochial Church Council Printed by Imprint Colour Limited, Aldershot, Hampshire 01252 330683 The Ismere Messenger (Web version); page 40

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