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Ma F Farley Girls Cafe: ps un Ins “Luncheon of ide the Boating Party” ! Galveston’s New Legacy

Vreeland Novel Chosen for Rosenberg Book Club

Galveston’s Historical Juneteenth Celebration: There’s Something For Every Age!

The “B” Series - Beaches: From East to West, A Tour of Galveston’s Sandy Shore June 7, 2013 • Issue 7, Volume 2

Bands on the Sand: Palm Beach at Moody Gardens Presents A Silver Summer

My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected. - Anna M. Unlich

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June 7, 2013 • Issue 7, Volume 2

Contents 4 Who We Are: A Little History 5 Dining

● “Farley Girl’s Cafe: Galveston’s Newest Legacy” by Kimber Fountain

6-7 Movies

● “What Maize Knew,” “This is The End,” and “Quartet” by Dustin Chase


Things to Do

● Renew Your Vows at Galvez, Island Bicycle Tours, World’s Largest Swimming Lesson, Bishop’s Palace Basement to Attic Tour, and The Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

10-11 Festivals

● Galveston’s Historical Juneteenth Celebration

12-14 The Island Guide Fun Maps 15 Books

● Vreeland Novel Chosen for Summer Rosenberg Book Club: “Luncheon of the Boating Party”

16-17 The “B” Series

● “Beaches: From East to West, A Tour of Galveston’s Sandy Shores”

18-19 The Fine Arts

● Affaire d’Art: An International Fine Art Gallery ● Exhibitions Across the Island


Family Fun

● “Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House Presents: The Addams Family” ● Dinosaurs! at Moody Gardens, World Ocean Day, Family Day: Off to the Races at Ocean Star Museum, “Riders in the Sky” at The Grand

21-23 Music

Staff Publisher

Sales Manager

Tena Jerger Louie Jerger

Copy Editor

Gini Rainey


Dustin Chase, Kimber Fountain, Jill Kerr


Christa Schreckengost


Alan Gilmore, Louie Jerger The Island Guide welcomes your opinions, comments and inquiries. Please contact us at:

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● “Moody Gardens: A Silver Summer for a Favorite Island Icon” by Kimber Fountain ● “Talented Daughter of Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson, comes to Party on the Pier at Pier 21” ● “The Texas Tenors: Let Freedom Ring” to Celebrate at The Grand ● The Complete Music Guide for all the Live Music Across the Island

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Who We Are One of our most popular questions that we, as a Galveston entertainment magazine, are asked is “Where did you guys come from?” We found this concept so intriguing that we decided to add this new section to our magazine, “Who We Are.” During 2013, in each issue, we are publishing articles featuring our talented staff. We hope this will help you get to know everyone as well as serve as a source for new information about “The Island Guide.” We continue this column with Alan Gilmore, Distributor.

Alan Gilmore:

Sunday Acoustic Brunch 11am - 3pm

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A place for locals to gather, drink and eat in an upbeat, upscale “Island Casual” tavern. Indoor and outdoor seating, live music, and happy hour daily! 2401 Church St. (corner of 24th & Church St.), Galveston, TX 77550


4 The Island Guide Magazine


Island Guide Distributor and Owner SoundAndLightingBiz By Kimber Fountain Alan Gilmore grew up in Tyler, Texas with the owners of “Island Guide Magazine,” Louie and Tena Jerger, and attended high school at Chapel Hill. At that time he had just begun a career in the music industry that would eventually span over thirty years and take him all across the state. Little did he know that three decades later the magic of an Island would reunite him with his high school friends. Alan started running sound for local bands in Tyler when he was 18, and then ventured out as a freelance sound and lighting technician. His talent and expertise grew along with his career, and he made his way across Austin, Dallas, and Houston, lighting and amplifying some of the nation’s most high-profile acts and venues. In Houston he engineered shows at the wildly popular Numbers night club, for acts such as “Nine Inch Nails,” “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” and “Social Distortion.” After his Galveston home was destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008, he returned to Tyler and started a business with his brother called “SoundAndLighting”. They ran the sound for the Texas Rangers Fan Fest in Fort Worth, as well as Superbowl XLV in Dallas and the NFL Players’ Party the evening prior. It was then that Alan made the decision to return to Galveston, where over a year later he ran into his old friend Louie. He inquired about purchasing an ad in their publication. “It was like running into an old friend when Alan called me about advertising. I was glad to hear that he was on the Island too, and happy to help out his business in any way that I could,” states Louie. Alan’s enthusiasm for the magazine brought him into the team and he began doing distribution for the downtown area. “Alan has even donated his time and equipment for my band, Blue Louie, for video shoots and such. I am always amazed at his willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to his passions,” says Louie. “As a fellow musician’s buddy, Alan has what it takes to ‘make it’ in the [music] business - energy and persistence!” Alan remembers, “I like being involved in entertainment at any level I can get, and since they publish an entertainment magazine, I figured this was a great fit for all of us.” Not only is Alan a distributor for “Island Guide,” and a sound technician, he also has an ice

cream truck on Surfside Beach. “I kid with Alan all the time about teasing our readers and distributors because he delivers papers in his ice cream truck,” says Tena. “Can’t you just see it - an ice cream truck pulls up in front of a business and you just know that everyone inside is thinking - ‘oh yum!’ ...then Alan jumps out and hands them papers. You can’t help but giggle that his van is more full of newspapers than ice cream when he is downtown.” He moved his business, “SoundAndLighting,” to the Island in 2011, and continues to pursue his true passion. “SoundAndLighting” has set the stage for prominent venues such as Moody Gardens and Fisherman’s Wharf, and the versatility of his equipment and experience is available for any level of event. He can jazz up a backyard barbeque or light up Reliant Stadium, and he offers everything from small equipment rental to full production services. But his work as a sound and lighting technician only scratches the surface when it comes to his involvement with music. “Being in the business over thirty years, I’ve had plenty of time to learn all the aspects of the industry. I’ve done everything from unload the truck to represent bands.” Alan clearly sees the potential of the local music scene, and is working to get involved more in the promoting of Galveston’s musicians. “We have that level of talent already here,” Alan remarks as he compares the music scene in Galveston to the level of acts he was producing in Houston, “they just need to get in front of the right people.” For information on “SoundAndLighting”, its services, or to inquire about band representation and promotion, you can contact Alan Gilmore via his website, One last thing, if you see Alan around, call him “Gizmo” and be sure to ask him how he got that nickname.

Dining Out Farley Girl’s Cafe: Galveston’s Newest Legacy

By Kimber Fountain, Photos by Christa Schreckengost To live, work, create, or even play in a place with a history of Galveston’s magnitude is to be constantly surrounded by thousands of little, unseen details that are woven together to create the visible fabric of a rare and special community. Take a closer look, and those details emerge. Sometimes they take the form of Island leg ends, tales of mystery and intrigue; at times they are sequestered in the intricate carvings that adorn the architecture, hidden from that first glance; but most often the little pieces of Galveston’s history that make the most powerful impact are the families: generations who continue to create magic on the Island, simply by realizing their dreams within these watery walls. With the opening of Farley Girls Cafe on August 24th of 2012, a new legacy was born. Sisters Ryanne Duzich and Rosmond Thormahlen moved to Galveston with their parents in 1992. They worked summers at Fisherman’s Wharf, at the time it was just a po’ boy stand; a line wrapped around to a counter that stood where the main entrance is now. The only seating was upstairs, but it came complete with an amazing view of the harbor. On her way to school with her Dad one day, Ryanne pointed at the restaurant as they drove by and said to her Dad, “I think you should buy that place.” When he picked her up from school later that day, he had purchased it. Ryanne laughs, “It is the only time he ever listened to me.” In 1995 the girls parents, Marion and Diane Ruzich, made the controversial decision to convert Fisherman’s Wharf into a fine dining establishment. All of their friends thought the idea ludicrous, “but they didn’t care, they said, ‘we are going to do it anyway,’” Ryanne remembers. Their parents also owned a seafood market, and went on to start

three more of Galveston’s most popular restaurants, The Spot, Fish Tales, and Waterman’s on the West End. Ryanne and Rosmond worked alongside their parents growing up, marking shrimp boxes at the market or bussing tables at the restaurant. “I remember those girls always getting in our way,” says Chef Juan Cardona, playfully. Cardona joined Fisherman’s Wharf in 1996, shortly after the transition to fine dining, and Ryanne credits him with being a main reason that the concept took off. “He doesn’t give himself enough credit,” she says, and applauds not only his masterful talent as a chef, but his leadership in the kitchen. Juan stayed on with Fisherman’s Wharf and Fish Tales for another nine years after Ryanne and Rosmond’s parents sold their restaurants in 2001. In 2010 he moved to San Antonio, but when Ryanne and Rosmond heard of his possible return to Galveston, they made arrangements to meet him before he even crossed the causeway. “We did not want him to step foot on this island until we talked to him. We knew that someone was going to scoop him up as soon as he got here, and we wanted him.” Juan thought he was going to return to Galveston and have a couple of months to take off and relax, but the Girls put him to work immediately. Juan responded, and assembled a crew within five days to execute the menu put together by Ryanne and Rosmond. “They had it all done by the time I got here,” Juan says, but he worked with the menu and tweaked some details in order to expedite the preparation time in the kitchen. Both sisters attended culinary school after leaving Galveston and then abandoned the restaurant business altogether. Ryanne moved to California and Rosmond moved to Virginia and for close to eight years both pursued other interests, thinking that perhaps the only reason they loved the restaurant business was because it was all they knew. But Ryanne remembers that “every time we talked on the phone, we were talking about restaurants, different concepts or menu items.” One Christmas, the sisters each mentioned to the other that they were considering opening a restaurant in their current, respective locations. But it was ultimately decided that they would move home and start a restaurant together. And Galveston has welcomed home the prodigal Farley sisters with open arms, open hearts, and open bellies. Their restaurant has been open less than a year, and yet the line is out the door by 11:30am on the weekdays. Farley Girls currently serves between 200 and 250 patrons a day, and that is only with lunch service. On June 14th the restaurant will officially open for dinner service as well, a transition that is often made by local restaurants years after they open, and some never dare try it. Their family history may be a factor, the astounding success of this establishment is truly due to the unending dedication of not only Ryanne and Rosmond but their chef and partner, Juan Cardona. The trio is actively engaged in all aspects of the restaurant, and

each one of them has the knowledge and expertise to run everything from the cash register to the dishwasher. Their menu is not only designed to be an incredible value, but to be fast and efficient in order to serve patrons on their lunch hours. But the philosophy about which the three are the most adamant is a superior customer service. Juan remarks, “The food can be great, but what really makes people come back is the service.” Ryanne and Rosmond agree, “Just because it is counter service, does not mean it cannot be great service.” And the restaurant does truly glow with the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. Patrons are greeted as soon as they walk in the door, and there is always an employee or owner on the floor to offer service tableside. The cashiers are knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient, and every question is answered with a smile. As their tagline notes, the menu offers “A Little Bit of Everything,” from burgers and paninis to salads, soups, incredible seafood dishes, and desserts. Everything is made from scratch and made to order, and anything that requires additional prep-time over their eight-minute standard is prepped no earlier than that morning. Their chicken salad is a fan favorite, as is their Shrimp Cake, similar to a crab cake but stuffed full of large pieces of fresh Gulf shrimp. If you happen to be in the mood for a heart attack, try the Big Boy Burger, a large beef patty that sits ostentatiously between two grilled cheese sandwiches. The ambiance is complex but lovely, a cross between Old Classic American and Modern Hipster. Funky (but comfortable) chairs set off the colored glass and the spunky, feminine spirit of the place, but classic signage and the subtle details of the retro architecture emanate with the legacy the Farley Girls are magnificently upholding. Why magnificently? Because anyone can rest on the laurels of their family, but only women like Ryanne and Rosmond, with their strength, passion, and love for Galveston, can take a legacy and make it their own. Farley Girls Cafe is located at 801 Post Office St., (409)497-4454. They offer catering, carry out, and dine in Monday-Friday, 10:30am3pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am-3pm. Starting June 14th, hours will extend to 9pm, 7 days a week.

The Island Guide Magazine

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for hundreds of children we see withdrawn, in therapy and socially dysfunctional due to their parents’ complete inability to be a parent. The writing and directing team here really display some powerful storytelling that will completely grab the audience willing to explore this compelling journey. Final Thought – Brutally honest, important and brilliantly adapted. A Must see. Grade A-

In Theaters

‘What Maisie Knew:’

A Gripping Drama That Tugs at the Heart

‘This Is The End:’

Starring: Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgard, Steve Coogan, Onata Aprile

By Dustin Chase I won’t tell you ‘What Maisie Knew’ because the film exists to tell you that. Modernly adapted from Henry James’s novel, this could be the most compelling modern translation of a book over 100 years old that I have ever seen. From the producers of “The Kids Are All Right” and the directors of “The Deep End,” this film takes a painful look through the eyes of a child caught between two divorced and narcissistic parents. This is the type of film that every parent or anyone thinking about starting a family should explore, as it presents some of the worst and harsh realities created by modern parents. Six-year-old Maisie (Aprile) hears her parents fighting downstairs; her mother Susanna (Moore) is a B-rate rock star working on new songs, and her father Beale (Coogan) is an international businessman who has little time for his wide eyed girl. Maisie and her nanny Margo (Joanna Vanderham) spend more time together than both parents combined, but after the divorce Maisie finds Margo now living with her father. Drinking, cursing and inappropriate behavior from both parents is never hidden from Maisie, who is always listening. Both parents fail to pick Maisie up at the correct time and send their new spouses to deal with their problems. “I married him for you,” Susanna tells her daughter, explaining why Lincoln (Skarsgard), a much younger man, is now living at their house.

Its All that is Expected

Starring: Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill

This isn’t the first time Oscar nominee Moore has played a terrible mother figure (see “Chloe” or “Savage Grace” for other examples). Moore’s presence in this role certainly makes the entire film stronger. In fairy tales the step parents are always the villain, but the idea that the two step parents in this situation are superior guardians to Maisie and her biological parents are the epitome of a negative influence is pretty fascinating. We see Maisie left in bars, at school, and on the tour bus, just to spend time with her mom because neither parent shows any responsibility for the human being they created. “You know who your mother is, right?” Susanna asks her daughter, and in an almost accusatory tone Maisie replies, “you are”. It’s excruciating for the audience to watch this child being pushed and pulled around so much, and there is an uncertain feeling when the step parents mutually realize they are the best unit for her. “What Maisie Knew” could be the true story

By Dustin Chase Vulgarity has become just another common practice for Hollywood entertainment, at least where comedy is concerned. The more vulgar, violent and grotesque a film is, the more popular or talked about it becomes. Now I assume if you are paying to go see a film starring this cast, you pretty much understand what you are buying. All the actors in the film are playing social media stereotypes of themselves; sure, that’s funny and advertised in the red band trailer. “Where This is the End” goes too far is when the entire

second half of the film becomes a mockery and sacrilegious assault on Christianity. Seth Rogan picks up his Canadian buddy and fellow actor, Jay Baruchel, at LAX for a weekend of illegal drugs, alcoholism and a big party at James Franco’s house. Baruchel doesn’t like the idea of hanging out with the pretentious crowd of Rogan’s buddies, which includes Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Rihanna, but agrees to go for their friendship. During their visit a catastrophic event happens which sets the Hollywood Hills on fire and opens huge sink holes that swallow nearly everyone at the party, and certain people are seen ascending into the sky. They determine the apocalypse has occurred and lock themselves in Franco’s house and begin rationing food and supplies. Co-written and directed by Rogan (“The Guilt Trip”/“The Green Hornet”), who has in one way or another already worked and co-starred with all of these actors, “This is the End” takes punches at the entire cast including the gay rumors surrounding Franco, Hill’s attitude problems and Rogan’s weight issues. It’s Cera (Juno, Superbad), however, who is hit the hardest; in one scene Rogan compares his backside to a “pink sprinkled donut”. These actors have nothing to lose in making fun of themselves because many of them have established their career in doing so. It also isn’t surprising that many of the scenes are improvised.

Ordinary food, cooked extraordinarily well!

ShyKatZ Deli & Bakery 1528 Ave. L @ 16th St. ~ (409) 770-0500 Hours of Business: Monday - Saturday 7am-3pm for breakfast and lunch. Sunday closed. 6 The Island Guide Magazine


For those out of the loop when it comes to who the actors are, what they are known for and their on and off camera indiscretions, you might be a little lost at some of the jokes. Franco walks around carrying a fan from his film Flyboys and they all talk to the camera used in 127 Hours as well as use it to film a sequel to Pineapple Express while they are stuck inside. Being able to poke fun at yourself and prove you don’t take yourself seriously is a great treat for an actor raking in millions of dollars a year. However, having met a few of these actors, especially Hill, I know that he does take himself way too seriously. Even without the ridicule that is thrown towards Christians in this film, I still don’t think this is a film worthy of more than one or two muffled laughs. In theaters June 12th. Final Thought – The easily offended should stay very far away. Grade D-

On DVD/On Demand


A Place Where Retired Musicians Sings

Arguably, the directorial debut of Dustin Hoffman, “Quartet” (not to be confused with “A Late Quartet”) is yet another film in the variety pool of cinema that is about and geared towards the over-60 crowd. Ever since finishing her wonderful and unforgettable role in the Harry Potter series, Oscar winner Maggie Smith is on a roll with great performances. Also in contention this year is her supporting performance in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” where she similarly plays a hateful old bag. The entire cast here is superb, with credit due to their amazing talent and the script, which comes from the writer of the source material, a play. “Quartet” isn’t the type of film that will make money, and it will likely be completely overlooked by the Academy Awards. However it’s a pretty original film all on its own. The Beecham House for retired musicians isn’t a place where old people go to die - it’s where the elderly move to sing! An expensive and privately owned estate is about to get a feisty new resident, Jean (Smith), one of the extraordinary opera singers of her time. She is quite the diva, and upon arrival is about to shake things up at the Beecham House by demanding that her food be delivered to her room and refusing to participate in the house’s annual fundraising gala. Cedric (Gambon) is the dramatic and outrageous director of the show who dresses in lavish robes and shouts orders at everyone. Perverted ole Wilf (Connelly), forgetful Cissy (Collins) and quiet Reggie (Courtenay) must play their cards right and convince Jean to join their quartet finale. “This is not a retirement home, this is a mad house!” Jean shouts upon her first week in the eccentric house. Smith has always been known for her dramatics and she really gets some juicy scenes here, including grabbing flowers from her friend’s hands and hitting her with them. You can’t help but accept the idea that many of the scenes are certainly making fun of ailments and uncontrollable elderly behavior; but on the other side of the coin, “Quartet” explores a life after 60 that cinema rarely touches. The humor of the film is the selling point and the most outrageous moments are certainly the most memorable highlights. Hoffman doesn’t really invite creative risks in his film making here but he certainly isn’t just fresh off the train either. There are dialogue heavy moments or even moments that attempt to set tone that are unnecessary, when what we really want is to get back to the quarrels and arguments. While I thought Gambon was hysterical, I couldn’t figure out why he was still dressed like Dumbledore. Besides some pacing issues, the film is quite enjoyable I think for any age group that

wants to give it a chance, but they should understand that, like the characters, things move a little slow. Final Thought – The performances are really quite entertaining to watch. Grade B-

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Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS) New Sanctuary Video Series - Got a couple of free minutes? We have just the thing to fill them for you! Check out a wonderful and fun 5-part series of short, narrated videos about Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary at http://go.usa. gov/b4ZR. These first premiered at the Flower Garden Banks exhibit at Texas State Aquarium, but are now available directly from our website. Video topics include a sanctuary introduction, coral reefs, coral spawning, mantas and sharks, and the mesophotic zone. Each of the 5 videos includes catchy music, colorful footage, subtitles, and voiceovers by young narrators. As an added bonus, you can view them in English or Spanish!

Downtown Free Movie Night... “Movie Nite on The Strand” begins just after dusk at Saengerfest Park, 2302 Strand. Moviegoers are encouraged to stop for a bite to eat at a wide variety of downtown restaurants before setting up a blanket or chair for a free movie under the stars. These family-friendly films are free! Upcoming movies are: July 6th “Chicago,” starring Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones August 3rd “The Muppets,” starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Chris Cooper September 7th “Superman: The Movie,” (1978) starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman October 5th “Beetlejuice,” starring Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin,Geena Davis

Monday - Friday 4-6 Pm $2 Domestics & $1 off appetizers

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Sunday All Day! Dinner for 2 for $29.95 Choice of Any Appetizer or 2 House Salads, plus... 2 Personal Mac dishes 2 Fountain Drinks

($2 upcharge for steak or seafood; $4 upcharge for wine)

2219 Postoffice 409-539-5618 Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm

Enjoy larger-thanlife films that fill your peripheral vision, combined with superb sound to provide you with the best seat in the house. Slip on your 3D glasses to see incredible realistic images as they are projected onto a giant six-story screen with such realism that you’ll want to reach out to grab them. June 7th 10:00 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 10:50 Sharks 3D 11:40 Dinos Alive 3D 12:30 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 1:25 Bugs - A Rainforest Adventure 3D 2:20 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 3:15 Dinos Alive 3D 4:10 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 5:00 The Last Reef 3D 5:50 A Turtles Tale: Escape from Paradise 3D June 8th (World Ocean Day) 10:50 Sharks 3D 11:40 The Last Reef 3D 12:30 Wild Ocean 3D 1:25 The Last Reef 3D 2:20 Sharks 3D 3:15 Dinos Alive 3D 4:10 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 5:00 The Last Reef 3D 5:50 Dinos Alive 3D 6:40 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 7:35 Sharks 3D 8:30 A Turtles Tale: Escape from Paradise 3D 9:15 Haunted Castle 3D June 9th - August 11th 10:00 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 10:50 Sharks 3D 11:40 Dinosaurs Alive 3D 12:30 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 1:25 Bugs- A Rainforest Adventure 3D 2:20 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 3:15 Dinosaurs Alive 3D 4:10 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 5:00 The Last Reef 3D 5:50 Dinosaurs Alive 3D 6:40 Flight of the Butterflies 3D 7:35 Sharks 3D 8:30 A Turtles Tale: Escape from Paradise 3D 9:15 Haunted Castle 3D

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Things To Do Events

Every Sunday Morning Galveston’s Own Farmer’s Market starts around 9am at 2508 Postoffice, on the empty lot behind Antique Warehouse and next to the Island Aquaponics greenhouse, on Postoffice between 25th and 26th. GOFM believes that good food matters. Come pick up everything from fresh produce, honey, eggs, and cheeses to already-prepared foods and grain-fed beef. Saturday, June 8th - Couples Are Invited to Renew Wedding Vows at Hotel Galvez! In celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the historic Hotel Galvez & Spa, a Wyndham Grand® Hotel, and in conjunction with one of the most popular month for weddings, couples are invited to renew their wedding vows during a June Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony. The ceremony will be officiated by Justice of the Peace Jim Schweitzer on Saturday, June 8th at 10am on the hotel grounds. Following the ceremony, a small reception will be hosted by the hotel. Advance reservations are required. The Hotel Galvez Romantic Rendezvous and Wedding Vow Renewal package includes an ocean view room for two, champagne accompanied by chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival, the wedding vow renewal ceremony on Saturday morning, reception for participating couples, rose petals on the bed as part of the hotel’s turndown service and the breakfast buffet each morning. The package is offered as a one- or two-night package and starts at $399 per night. For reservations, call (409)765-7721 or go online at and click on “Special Offers.” All The Time! Island Bicycle Company SelfGuided Bike Tours - These tours are designed to go at your own pace. You can have a ride around the island from the beachfront to the harbor. All rides include a lunch stop of local restaurants and a ferry ride with designated points of interest along the way. All packages include bike, lock, and map. The cost is $25 per person online or $30 per person for walk-in. Select from many bike styles such as Beach Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, Tandem Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Surrey (2 adults and 2 kids), Limo Surrey (4 adults and 3 kids), or a fun Electric Bike. For more info go online to Saturday, June 15th - The Galveston Island Market offers a festive monthly outdoor event where local artisans offer unique, hand-crafted

items. Products range from quilts to photography; from license plate works of art to jewelry; and so much more. The Market is held the 3rd Saturday of the month excluding July and August, 10am3pm. Upcoming markets are September 21st, October 19th, November 16th, and December 21st. Having outgrown its previous location in downtown Galveston, the Market is now located at beautiful Beach Central, 2102 Seawall, adjacent to the Hotel Galvez. For more info you can go online to Saturday, June 15th - Texas Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tourney will take place at East Beach at 10am. The Texas Beach Ultimate Fest (TBUF) is back for another great year. Come join us for the longest running beach tournament in the world. There is something for every skill level from beginners to elite ultimate players. Come put your toes in the sand and discs in the surf! The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson will take place Tuesday, June 18th at 10am at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, 2026 Lockheed Drive. For the third year in a row, Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark, along with the three other Schlitterbahn locations and the Galveston Beach Patrol, is participating in the world’s largest swimming lesson in order to help promote awareness about drowning prevention. The Galveston Island Beach Patrol (GIBP) is a valued community partner for this event. This state certified, first responder agency monitors the beaches and provides emergency response to aquatic emergencies on all waterways adjacent to Galveston Island. The GIBP lifeguards will be teaming with the waterpark lifeguard to instruct the swim lessons. Select Saturdays - 1892 Bishop’s Palace’s “Basement to Attic” Tours Give Patrons Rare View - Offering participants a rare look into parts of the 1892 home that are typically off-limits, the Basement to Attic tour returns this weekend to Bishop’s Palace, 1402 Broadway. Tours, which begin at 11am, will be held on June 15th, 29th, July 13th, 27th and August 10th and 24th. Reservations are $30 per person and can be made by visiting One of the highlights of the tour, Mrs. Gresham’s studio, offers visitors a truly one of a kind view of the Gulf of Mexico from the house’s third floor. “The Basement to Attic tour remains our most popular specialty tour. The view from the top is amazing and you can experience what it would be like to paint in Mrs. Gresham’s studio or be one of their children bounding up and down the steps.” says Denise Alexander, Director of Museums and Museum Services for Galveston Historical Foundation. “Historical information and photographs are shared on this tour that we don’t on any others. It is truly a history experience.” Built of stone and steel for the railroad magnate Walter Gresham and his family, this famous house was designed by Nicholas Clayton, Galveston’s premier Victorianera architect. Bishop’s Palace is recognized as one September Galveston Island Shrimp Festival will be held Friday, September 27th – Sunday, September 29th, at Saengerfest Park, 2302 Strand. Galveston Island is a seafood lover’s paradise all year round, but this September Yaga’s Entertainment Inc. will bring foodies a little taste of Heaven at the Galveston Island Shrimp Festival. Featuring some of the best shrimp gumbo the Gulf Coast has to offer, this year’s festival features an expanded festival area in Galveston’s Historic Strand District with a free Boat & RV Show, 2-day Cook-Off, and more. For tickets, cook-off applications and additional information visit or call (409)770-0999. October ARToberFEST will be held Saturday, October 19th – Sunday, October 20th in the 2200 block of Postoffice St. This is a juried art competition on Galveston’s historic Postoffice Street and Galveston’s premier art event. The Island’s hospitality and relaxed atmosphere provide a beautiful setting in which to enjoy the wide variety of original art in all media. The event will take place 10am-6pm, Saturday; 10am-5pm, Sunday. Ticket prices are $5 for adults, free for children 12 and under. Visit Upcoming Events August Island Oktoberfest will take place Friday, October The BrewMasters 25th - Saturday, October 26th at the First EvanCraft Beer Festival gelical Lutheran Church, 2415 Ave G. Admission will be held is free. Historic downtown Galveston will again Friday, August 30th – come alive when the 32nd annual Island OktoberSaturday, August 31st fest kicks off Friday evening, October 25th from at Moody Gardens, 1 5-11pm. Sponsored by Del Papa Distributing Hope Blvd. The largest Company and hosted by First Lutheran Church, craft beer festival in this fun, family weekend of continuous live music, Texas with more than authentic German food, pastries and sweets, 400 represented craft libations, shopping, auction, raffle, games, and beers is a two-day celebration showcasing award- much more will continue with extended hours on winning “brewmasters” at three signature events: Saturday, October 26th, from 11am - 11pm on the the BrewTopia Beer Garden, the Brew HaHa grounds of, and streets adjacent to, First Lutheran Grand Tastings & Keg Korner, and BrewLicious Church, 24th and Winnie, in historic downtown in the Ballroom. Attendees can hoist their mugs Galveston. Visit while enjoying live music, beer and food pairing for information or call (409)762-8477. German seminars, and educational events about brewing costumes encouraged. Admission is free. and more. For more info or for tickets go online to of America’s finest examples of Victorian exuberance and Gilded-Age extravagance and is listed by the U. S. Department of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark. For more information on Bishop’s Palace, please (409)762-2475. Select Saturdays - Galveston Island Tours, an affiliate of Galveston Historical Foundation, has announced its latest tour focusing on the architectural history of Galveston Island. Join Matt Farragher of GHF Preservation Services as he guides you through a showcase of the gorgeous buildings, churches and tree sculptures that Galveston Island lays claim to. Learn about the builders of these magnificent pieces of architecture as well as the history of the Island. Tours will focus on the East End Historical District and Strand/ Mechanic National Historic Landmark Districts and will last approximately one hour. Tours will depart from Ashton Villa at 2328 Broadway and are held on Saturdays on June 8th, June 16th, June 22nd and June 29th and will be offered at 10am and 12:30pm and will last approximately one hour. Cost is $15 per person and are available online at Seats are limited. Tours are on a first come first serve basis. For more info call (409)765-8687.

Gulf Coast Volleyball Association Events... The Gulf Coast Volleyball Association is the largest outdoor volleyball association on the Gulf Coast, and has been rated the #1 outdoor volleyball organization by Outdoor Volleyball USA. During the spring and summer months, the GCVA features an array of high-flying scheduled tournaments at Stewart Beach. You do not have to be a GCVA member to participate. Check-in at Stewart Beach is 8:30am, with tournaments beginning promptly at 9am. Don’t miss out on the fun! Upcoming events are: Saturday, June 15th Galveston Qualifier for the Bud Light Texas Volleyball Championship Saturday, June 29th GCVA Red White N Volleyball Tournament Saturday, July 13th Texas Junior’s Last Chance Qualifier Saturday, July 20th GCVA “Getting Hot Out Here” Tournament Sunday, August 4th GCVA “Hot As Hell Classic” Tournament Sunday, August 25th GCVA “Last Man Standing” Tournament Sunday, September 8th GCVA “Back to School Blues” Tournament Sunday, September 22nd GCVA Season Closer

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Festivals Galveston’s Historical Juneteenth Celebration: Something Fun for Everyone

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Galveston Island and the Juneteenth Coalition remember this holiday with a series of celebrations held June 8th June 19th. “Juneteenth is a day of reflection, a day of renewal, a pride-filled day,” said Ennis Williams, Juneteenth Coalition member. “It is a moment in time taken to appreciate the African American experience.” Festivities begin with Gospel by the Sea on June 8th at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 1420 31st Street. Other Juneteenth activities include a scholarship gala, African-American Heritage Exhibits at the Old Central Cultural Center, an African American Music Festival, and more. The event will culminate June 19th with the Emancipation Proclamation reading and prayer breakfast at Ashton Villa to commemorate the historic event that occurred in Galveston, two years after it was enacted in 1863. A Jubilee picnic continues the special events at Wright Cuney Park, 51st St. and Ball. The 8th Annual Juneteenth Springfellow Orchards Family Day in Hitchcock takes place throughout the afternoon of June 15th with entertainment for the whole family. The History of Juneteenth Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. From its Galveston, Texas origin in 1865, the observance of June 19th as the African American Emancipation Day has spread across the United States and beyond. Today, Juneteenth commemorates African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement. It is a day, a week, and in some areas a month marked with celebrations, guest speakers, picnics and family gatherings. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement and for planning the future. Its growing popularity signifies a level of maturity and dignity in America long over due. In cities across the country, people of all races,

nationalities and religions are joining hands to truthfully acknowledge a period in our history that shaped and continues to influence our society today. Sensitized to the conditions and experiences of others, only then can we make significant and lasting improvements in our society. - compliments of


Saint Vincent’s House Gospel By The Sea When: Saturday, June 8th, 6pm Where: Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 1420 31st Street Contact: (409)763-8521 Please join St. Vincent’s House for the annual kick-off concert for Galveston’s Juneteenth Celebration. The concert will include gospel choirs and youth groups from the Houston/Galveston area. Nia Culture Center Youth African-American Heritage Exhibits When: Tuesday, June 11th-19th, 6:30 – 8:30pm Where: Old Central Cultural Center, 2627 Avenue M Contact: (409)765-7086 History exhibit of African American figures from Galveston County.

She Who Loves to Pamper Pets Grooming, Boarding & Doggie Day Care

409-539-8002 505 23rd St. (Postoffice & 23rd)

Gigi’s Pampered Pets Open 7 days a week with early drop off and pick up hours At Home Pick Up and Drop Off Service Offered! 10 The Island Guide Magazine


Al Edwards Juneteenth Banquet When: Tuesday, June 11th, 7pm Where: Old Central Cultural Center, 2627 Avenue M Cost: $30 Contact: (409)392-0317 The state theme “Come on Home Where It All Began” highlights the history of Juneteenth and its importance to African American and Galveston heritage. The banquet speaker will be Mr. Gerald Hoskins, a graduate of Galveston’s Central High School. Sponsorships are available at $300, $500, and $1,000. Proceeds will benefit the Old Central Cultural Center. National Juneteenth Flag Raising Ceremony When: Friday, June 14th, 12 noon – 1pm Where: Sealy Pavilion, 2310 Sealy St Cost: Free Contact: (662)392-2016 The official Juneteenth Flag Raising Ceremony of the 2013 Galveston Juneteenth National Holiday Observance held on Flag Day. Special guest speaker, Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Founder & Chairman of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF), will bring news on the progress of the Campaign to Make Juneteenth a National Day of Observance. African American Museum Juneteenth Parade When: Saturday, June 15th, 10am Where: McGuire Dent Park, 2222 28th St. Cost: Free Contact: (409)497-6963 The parade will start at McGuire Dent Park, turn right onto 29th Street and continue to Avenue M, ending at the football stadium. Marching bands, drill teams, decorated cars and high kicking performers from Galveston, Houston, Dallas and other areas will excite the crowds along the route. African American Museum Music Festival When: Saturday, June 15th, 12 – 8pm Where: Ball High School Stadium, 27th Street and Avenue N Cost: Adults $7, kids 15 and younger free Contact: (409)497-6963 The festival will include food, vendors, and live entertainment from Gulf Coast artists, including Step Rideau and The Zydeco Outlaws, Aaron Josey featuring Reality with special guests Little Sis and E-Nicole Band. Juneteenth Stringfellow Orchards Family Day in Hitchcock When: Saturday, June 15th, 1 – 6pm Where: Stringfellow Orchards, 7902 State Highway 6, Hitchcock Cost: Free Contact: (409)256-3822 Activities for the day include historical

reenactments, games for children of all ages, music and performances at Stringfellow Orchards. Stringfellow Orchards was owned by Henry Martyn Stringfellow (1839 - 1912), a successful businessman in the late 1880’s. Because of his success, Mr. Stringfellow was able to pay orchard workers one dollar a day (when the going wage was fifty cents). This enabled workers, mostly freed slaves, the opportunity to better take care of their families. African American Museum Gospel Concert When: Saturday, June 15th, 2 – 6pm Where: Ball High School Stadium, 27th Street and Avenue N Cost: Free Contact: (409)497-6963 The concert will include inspirational gospel music and celebrations of freedom, including a performance from San Antonio-based gospel/ acting group Shout Freedom. Annual Annie Mae Charles Juneteenth Jubilee Picnic When: Wednesday, June 19th, 12pm Where: Wright Cuney Park, 718 41st St. Cost: Free Contact: (409)599-8050 or (409)526-6193 Complimentary refreshments will be provided as well as music and activities for the entire family. A special program including the reading of the Emancipation Proclamation will begin at 2pm The picnic is free to the public. Juneteenth at Jack Johnson Park When: Wednesday, June 19th, 1 – 5pm Where: Jack Johnson Park, 2601 Avenue M Cost: Free Contact: (409)599-5520 Enjoy local entertainment at the pavilion. Food and refreshments will be available for sale in the Jack Johnson Park next to the historic Old Central Cultural Center. 13th Annual Mount Olive Gospel Explosion When: Wednesday, June 19th, 5 – 9pm Where: Mount Olive Baptist Church, 3602 Avenue H Cost: Free Contact : (409)762-0088 The Gospel Explosion is a spiritual event hosted by Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Bring the entire family to join in the festivities and listen to great gospel music, soloists, and praise dancers. Prayers will be offered for our soldiers and others.

Reedy Chapel’s Annual March, Musical & Reception When: Wednesday, June 19th, 6pm Where: Reedy Chapel AME Church, 2015 Broadway Cost: Free Contact: (409)392-5887 Reedy Chapel A.M.E. Church will conduct its traditional reenactment of the emancipation procession of January 1, 1866 “from the Court House to the Colored Church on Broadway.” This year’s procession will be led by troopers from the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum of Houston, followed by a joyous celebration featuring rousing music, inspirational messages and historical performances. Galveston holds the distinction of being the place of the first reading of the Proclamation in the South. Texas State Representative Al Edwards sponsored two legislative bills establishing Juneteenth as a state holiday. “Juneteenth is a day of reflection, a day of renewal, a pride-filled day. It is a moment in time taken to appreciate the African American experience. It is inclusive of all races, ethnicities and nationalities - as nothing is more comforting than the hand of a friend.” “Juneteenth serves symbolically, and in reality, as a reference point from which to measure and

appreciate the progress and contributions made by African Americans to this society.” “Juneteenth is a day on which honor and respect is paid for the sufferings of slavery. It is a day on which we acknowledge the evils of slavery and its aftermath. On Juneteenth we talk about our history and realize because of it, there will forever be a bond between us.” “On Juneteenth we think about that moment in time when the enslaved in Galveston, Texas received word of their freedom. We imagine the depth of their emotions, their jubilant dance and their fear of the unknown.” “Juneteenth is a day that we commit to each other the needed support as family, friends and co-workers. It is a day we build coalitions that enhance African American economics.” The celebrations that followed the reading of the proclamation by General Gordon Granger began a tradition that has lasted for one hundred and forty four years. The website is dedicated to this celebration and to those who tirelessly contribute to its continued existence and growth.

Summer Lecture Series at Historic Menard Campus

Galveston Historical Foundation will host the second series of summer lectures, from June through August, at the historic Menard Campus, 3302 Avenue O. The lectures will take place at 2pm on Sundays June 9th, June 23rd, July 14th and August 4th. In addition, Galveston’s oldest residential dwelling, the 1838 Menard House, will be opened for public tours the first Sunday in June, July and August. The price for the individual lectures is $12 for non-members and $10 for GHF members. A package price for the complete series is available for $40 for non-members and $35 for GHF Members. Reservations are recommended and can be made by visiting or by calling (409) 765-3409.

Schedule of Lectures... Grant Comes To Galveston – June 9th Presented by Edward T. Cotham, Jr.

In the spring of 1880, former President and Union General Ulysses S. Grant made a visit to Texas. Fanned by unprecedented press speculation and coverage, huge crowds and celebrities turned out to greet Grant everywhere he went. This was particularly true of the general’s visit to Galveston, at that time the largest and most prosperous city in Texas. Where did Grant go and what did he do? What did he say? And most importantly, what did he eat? Respected historian Ed Cotham answers these questions and more as he chronicles the extensive newspaper coverage of Grant’s historic visit to the island city in his newest presentation for the Menard Summer Lecture Series. The Galveston-Houston Packet; Steamships on Buffalo Bayou - June 23rd

of the Lone Star State. Austin, Houston, Travis, Lamar, Seguin, Burnet, Bowie, Zavala and Crockett- these historical giants, often at odds, fought through their differences to achieve independence from Mexico and established a republic destined to become the twenty-eighth state in the Union. Author Jeffrey Robenalt chronicles the fight to define and defend the Republic of Texas, from revolutionary beginnings to annexation. The First Texas Navy, 1835-1837 - August 4th Presented by James P. Bevill

This powerful presentation takes place in the throes of the Texas Revolution, as the provisional government of Texas scrambled to put together a naval force to wreak havoc upon the Mexican supply lines. Having first resorted to the use of privateers (state sponsored pirates), Texas was able to borrow money in New Orleans in early 1836, to secure the warships Liberty, Invincible, Independence and the Brutus. Author and historian James Bevill tells the story of those four ships and the significant contributions of men made on the high seas in the fight for Texas independence. This remarkable story is triumphant and tragic, and an entertaining finale to the 2013 Menard Summer Presented by Andrew W. Hall Lecture Series. Before the railroad, before the Interurban, In addition to the summer lecture series, the before the scourge of construction detours on historic Menard House will be open for tours the the Gulf Freeway, Galveston and Houston were first Sunday in June, July and August. Built in first linked by steamboat. The water link between 1838 by John and Augustus Allen for the founder the two cities helped establish both towns as the of Galveston, Michel Branamour Menard, the fastest-growing, booming communities in the property passed between Menard and the Allen state of Texas during the 19th century. The tale, brothers (founders of Houston) in many comlargely overlooked until now, is one of cut-throat plicated dealings in its early years. It is the oldest competition, horrific accidents, hard-fought bat- surviving residential dwelling in Galveston and tles and more. Join Galveston author Andy Hall to the only structure to be owned by the founders explore some of this forgotten history. of both Galveston and Houston. Tours will be available 12 noon-4pm on June 2th, July 7th and Historic Tales of the Texas Republic, A August 4th. Admission is $8 for adults and $6 for Glimpse of Texas Past - July 14th students Presented by Jeffery Robenalt For more information on the Menard Though the Republic of Texas existed as a sovSummer Lecture Series at Menard Hall call ereign nation for just nine years, the legacy lives (409)765-3409. on in the names that distinguish the landscape

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I-45 to Houston Clou

d Offatts Bayou N 1/2

Campeche Lake

re Dr. Bay Sho



Ave Crockett Park





Lake Madeline

Stewa rt Road


Ter m

Scholes International Airport Dominique

Stewart R




7 Mile R

Calvary Cemetery

Galveston College






OceanFront Loft Apartments


4 miles past Jamaica Beach



Stewar Road t


Airport Rd

Sydnor Bayou

Sweetwater Lake

Heards Lan


Hope Ro ad

Moody Gardens Golf Course




To The W & SurfsideesBteEnd ach

Seawall Blvd. 61st Fishing Pier

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The OceanFront Loft Apartments

Swimming Pool - Spa/Hot Tub Gated Community - Appliances and Microwave Most With Oceanfront Views Patio/Balcony - Covered Parking - Pet Friendly

Marine Fuel General Store Bait & Tackle Official CCA Weigh Station Free Boat Ramp Boat Storage Over the Water Store - 409-497-4148 ďż˝ Restaurant - 409-497-4152 Bait Shop - 409-632-0338

Sea Isle Subdivision - 4 miles west of Jamaica Beach

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do D

Intracoastal Canal Ferry Landing












Kempner Park






33rd Gal








39th Ave






Downtown Galveston (see map on back)


Hwy . 168

ton Island Fun Map

Stewart Beach Park Ave


Beachtown Community

East Beach

Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant Benno’s On the Beach


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Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast

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Downtown Galveston - 23rd and Strand

1723 61st Street Galveston, Texas 77551

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I-45 to Housto n

Harborside Dr.

Galveston Railroad Museum

Galveston Cruise Terminals

“The Strand”


Saengerfest Park



Historic Arts and Entertainment District

Island Muisc Center

International Fine Art Gallery



Jack’s Pub



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Galveston Island Visitors Center at Ashton Villa


& The Strannd Downtow Area








East End

Books Vreeland Novel Chosen for Summer Rosenberg Book Club:

“Luncheon of the Boating Party”

Rosenberg Library is pleased to announce that the Summer 2013 selection for the Museum Book Club Series is “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Susan Vreeland. A work of historical fiction, Vreeland’s imaginative novel recounts how renowned French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir created his 1880 masterpiece, “Luncheon of the Boating Party.” The colorful painting depicts a lively group of men and women enjoying a meal on a restaurant terrace. Renoir chose his own friends and colleagues as models for the work, and Vreeland brings life to these historical figures and the time in which they lived—la vie moderne. Vreeland began writing professionally after retiring from a 30-year career as a high school English teacher. Her art-related historical novels have garnered international acclaim and have won numerous literary awards. Other best-selling books by Vreeland include “Girl in Hyacinth Blue,” “The Passion of Artemisia, and Clara and Mr. Tiffany.” The Impressionist Movement During the middle of the nineteenth century, the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris set the standard for European art and design. Paintings selected for display at the academy’s annual Salon dictated popular taste. Instructors at the elite art school encouraged their pupils to create highly polished paintings with realistic details. Preferred subjects included historical or religious scenes, mythological figures, and portraits. A group of young painters (including Renoir, Monet, Manet, Pissarro, and Cezanne) began to challenge these ideals during the 1870s. They preferred a lighter and brighter color palette and were interested in depicting contemporary people, places, and events. Often their paintings were created outdoors rather than in studios. Their finished works were not heavily detailed; instead they relied on short, unblended brush strokes and intense colors to produce an overall visual effect. This alliance of artists came to be known as the “Impressionists,” a name which was borrowed from the title of a Claude Monet work entitled “Impression, Sunrise.” Critic Louis Levoy coined the term in a scathing review published in a Parisian newspaper following an early independent exhibition by these

Salonrejected painters. Though initially shunned by art critics, the Impressionists gradually garnered admiration and respect from collectors and members of Parisian high society. Pierre-Auguste Renoir Select artworks from the library’s permanent collection will be showcased during the Summer Museum Book Club programs. Among these is an original 1906 dry point etching of a reclining nude by Renoir. Also on display will be a painting of women bathers by 19th century French artist, Marie Francois Firmin-Girard. Firmin-Girard is an example of a traditional artist who took a conservative, academic approach to painting during the time when Renoir and his friends broke away from the art establishment. A third work by Italian artist Lorenzo Cecconi portrays a boating party of French aristocrats at Versailles. The formality of Cecconi’s painting is in sharp contrast to Renoir’s Impressionist style. About the Book Club Museum Book Club offers participants the chance to experience art and literature in a more interactive way. Members will have the opportunity to view rarely seen art and historical artifacts from the Rosenberg Library Museum collection as they discuss related books. The book club will focus on a single book and related museum objects on a quarterly basis. The first meeting of the Summer 2013 Rosenberg Library Museum Book Club will be a brown bag lunch meeting, Wednesday, June 19th from 12 noon – 1pm. A second brown bag lunch club will be held on Thursday, July 25th from 12 noon – 1pm. On Saturday August 24th, the book discussion and art presentation will take place from 11am-12pm. Refreshments will be provided at each session. Registration is required for all Museum Book Club meetings. Established book clubs are encouraged to participate. “Luncheon of the Boating Party” is available for check out at the Rosenberg Library and is available for checkout as an e-book through Rosenberg’s 3M Cloud Library. Visit or call (409)763-8854 ext. 115 for additional information or to register.

Book Reviewer Wanted! Send your samples to:

Meet & Greet the Authors... Saturday, June 22nd - The Author Meet & Greet will be held 2-4pm at the Galveston Bookshop. This month’s gathering of 3 Texas authors features a look at World War II through the letters of a pilot to his sweetheart back home, a historical novel set in the aftermath of Galveston’s 1900 storm, and a military thriller set on the U.S. bases of Korea many years after the war there. “Wings and a Ring: Letters of War and Love from a WWII Pilot” by René Palmer Armstrong When René Armstrong’s husband found a box of 295 letters in a Texas City junk store, he had no idea of the profound piece of history in his possession. Thus began the author’s journey to discover the story of these two young people who met on a blind date, fell in love, and soon were separated by the demands of war. Fifty-eight years later, the wartime romance of James Richard Jones and Helen Elnora Bartlett comes to us through Armstrong’s carefully researched and illustrated book. Enhanced with official, now declassified, government documents, the love story of J.R. and Elnora unfolds as he writes to the love of his life from the jungles of New Guinea. “The Storm After: A Novel” by Gina Hooten Popp Set on Galveston Island, this tale chronicles the lives of four survivors of the Great Hurricane of 1900: John, a hard-drinking, hard-working dockworker; Sarah Michelle, a happily married wife and mother; Dean, a daring gambler not afraid to use his Southern charm; and Sean, a young boy with a secret. They have only this one thing in common: they lived another day, while thousands around them did not. Thrust together after the storm, they attempt to deal with the aftermath of what life has dealt them. And they find, as with most catastrophic events, the real storm begins after the demon wind and driving rain die down. This is the first novel of Native Texan Gina Hooten Popp. It is a compelling historical fiction of four strangers who come together in the aftermath of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900—the deadliest hurricane in US history. More than 6,000 people died that fateful day. “Land of the Morning Calm” by K. W. Varner The underlying theme of the book is a situation brought about when the most famous General in the world, General of the Armies Douglas MacArther, having destroyed the army of North Korea, is faced with the massive incursion of a Chinese “volunteer army.” He proposes, in true MacArthur fashion, to destroy that army using nuclear weapons. Harry Truman, recognizing the likely result of these actions being a major Asian war, fires him when he insists on being allowed to pursue his plans. The ignominious dismissal of the man generates a fury within his staff that lingers for over twenty years and results, as members of the staff reach positions of influence in the U.S. Government, in a plot with members of the South Korean government to reignite the conflict in order to reunite the peninsula. An intelligence agency of the government enlists two people to prevent this. Jeptha Wisdom Douglas, a veteran of the original U.S. Army Delta Force, and Katherine O’Hanrahan Marrs, a martial arts and personal weapons expert. As the narrative opens, Douglas is a Department of the Army Civilian working in an ammunition supply point in Ouijombu Korea, and Marrs is a supply liaison officer in the headquarters of the U.S. Army’s First Combined Corps. Both are emotionally damaged by past events and must unite to prevent another war. Galveston Bookshop is located at 317 23rd Street. You can call (409)7508200 for info.

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Over the next few months we are running a series of articles featuring a variety of topics that all begin with the letter “B.” Future topics include Boats, Bikes, Buildings, Birds, Books, Buses, Boo, Boots, and Beers. Past articles are available at We hope that you will enjoy this creative summer series of articles all written by talented locals of our beautiful Island. We continue this series with the second focus...

From East to West, A Tour of Galveston’s Sandy Shores

By Kimber Fountain │ Photos by Christa Schreckengost The 32-mile long barrier island known as Galveston is believed to be over 5,000 years old. The earliest residents to live on its beaches were the Karankawa, a Native American tribe that spanned the entire Gulf Coast, estimated to be here as early as the 1400s. Cabeza de Vaca was rumored to have marooned here in 1520, and of course Galveston’s most infamous celebrity Jean Lafitte, arrived in 1817. When Texas was annexed into the United States in 1845, the city began its growth as a center of commerce and immigration, and its soft beaches and calm, warm waters emerged as the ‘Playground of the South’. Today, from one end to the other, the beaches of Galveston Island, whether private or public, offer a range of beachfront experiences as varied as the historic tales that are buried in the sand.

East Beach

East Beach is Galveston’s bonus beach, created by accident during the development of Galveston’s port and harbor in the nineteenth century. In an attempt to shift the currents and subsequently deepen the harbor, the Corps of Engineers built a series of jetties off the eastern tip of the Island. Over time, the silt and sand did shift but it also began to accrete along the man-made jetties. When the seawall was extended east along the coastline from the original construction that ended at 6th Street, the accretion continued and was eventually filled in by the efforts of an early 20th century organization called the East-end Flats Improvement Committee. Now easily considered not only the most beautiful but the hippest of Galveston’s beaches, East Beach is the largest beach in Texas, located at the far eastern end of the Island. During the off-season it offers a quiet, peaceful retreat from the confines of the seawall, and is known for its spectacular fishing and bird-watching. But the summer months see it come alive with what it is famous for: concerts, festivals, events, an annual sandcastle competition sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, and parties that last from dusk until dawn. Unlike most beaches on Galveston, alcohol is allowed on East Beach, although glass containers are prohibited. East Beach just celebrated its Grand Re-Opening on Memorial Day Weekend, where it debuted over 1.5 million dollars worth of improvements. The new boardwalk, entertainment stage, and pavilion will play host to a free concert series on the second, third, and fourth Sunday afternoons of May through September. For more information on the schedule of events and the line-up, visit 1923 Boddeker Drive | (409)797-5111 Weekdays 9am-6pm, Weekends 8am-7pm Admission is $8 for cars, $16 for Buses/RVs | Cash Only

Stewart Beach

After recovering from a rather sordid reputation in the 1980s and 90s, Stewart Beach has emerged as Galveston’s favorite beach park for families. Clean and safe, alcohol is prohibited and it offers tons of family-friendly amenities. Easy parking, chair and umbrella rentals, boogieboard rentals, volleyball courts, restrooms, showers, a souvenir shop, and a snack bar combine all the fun of a beach day with comfort and convenience. Lifeguards and security are fully-staffed during the peak season. Stewart Beach holds special events and functions throughout the summer, such as volleyball tournaments and sandcastle building competitions. The Stewart Beach Community Room is available for rental for private parties, receptions, and other functions, and outside catering is allowed. 201 Seawall Blvd. (409)797-5182 Weekdays 9am-5pm Weekends 8am-6pm Admission $8 for cars, $16 for oversized vehicles | Cash Only

Poretto Beach

In the 1950s Henry Porretto, known affectionately as “The Big Kahuna,” had a vision for a safe and clean beach environment that offered activities for families and adults. He established Porretto Beach originally as an extension of Porretto’s Motel and Beach Shop/ Coffee Shop; it was an all-inclusive resort-style attraction that allowed visitors to stay and play on the beach. It continues to operate as a family business sixty years later. Sonya Poretto and her two children Alex and Nikki strive to carry on the legacy begun by “The Big Kahuna,” and continue to operate Porretto Beach as a beautiful, easily accessible, and family-friendly addendum to any Galveston beach vacation. A wide variety of food and concessions are available to Poretto Beach-goers, as a number of the surrounding restaurants will deliver straight to your beach chair. Restaurant lists and menus These rules below apply to all Galveston Beach areas and are are available, and keep an eye out for the ice cream and sno cone designed to keep everyone safe and prevent any problems. trucks that make their way regularly through the sand. To supple• No overnight camping • No walking on dunes ment your fun in the sun, Porretto rents umbrellas, beach chairs, • No open fires • No four wheelers jetskis, and floats. Washrooms are also on site. • No glass containers • No diving into water 10th & Seawall Blvd. | (281) 808 – 3431 • No alcohol except East Beach • No swimming by jetties 9am-6pm | Parking is $8, $10 during special events, • Pets must be on leashes • No fireworks Season Parking Pass available | 16 The Island Guide Magazine (409)256-5166

Pocket Parks

Travelling westward down Galveston’s shoreline, the seawall ends, and the sites of a bustling beachtown fade into the serenity of open plains and million dollar beach homes. It is along this stretch of San Luis Pass Road that the Island reveals her innate duality; downtown, tourists are amazed at the magnitude of 19th century architecture that has survived over one hundred years and countless onslaughts from Mother Nature. But out here, where the dunes roll right into the prairie, one gets the sense that the Island is much older than her monuments. The cries of Karakawa echo, the tales of LaFitte’s buried treasure ring in the ears, and one can imagine what Galveston looked like before it was Galveston. Scattered amid these ancient histories that are now only remembered, are three Pocket Parks, operated by Galveston Parks and Recreation. Sea Gull Shores Beach, Sand Castle Beach, and Sea Shell Beach each cover over ten acres of sparkling Gulf shoreline, and offer easy access to and from the water. Sea Shell offers parking, but the pavilion is currently closed due to damage from Hurricane Ike in 2008. Sea Gull Shores offers beachfront parking. Sand Castle is the most well-equipped for a beach adventure. It includes an educational wetlands preserve, outdoor showers, and umbrella and chair rentals. Sea Gull Shores Beach Pocket Park 1 11102 San Luis Pass Rd. at 7 1/2 Mile Rd. Sand Castle Beach Pocket Park 2 11745 San Luis Pass Rd. Sea Shell Beach Pocket Park 3 San Luis Pass Rd. at 11 Mile Rd. (409)740-0390 Weekdays 9am -5pm, Weekends 9am-6pm Parking $8 for cars, $16 for Buses/RVs Cash Only

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park was opened in 1975 after it was acquired by Texas Parks and Wildlife from private owners. It spans over 2,000 acres and a menagerie of coastal wildlife finds refuge in the untouched wetlands. Barrier islands, such as Galveston, and the wetlands that surround them play a vital role in the perpetuation of Gulf marine life, the resiliency of dunes along the beaches, and the survival of the Gulf ecosystem. Birds from all over the world touch down in this park during the spring and fall migration periods to join an array of armadillos, raccoons, rabbits, trout, drum, and flounder who all make their home in this corner of coastal preservation. Stretching from shore to harbor, Galveston Island State Park offers the best of both the beach and the bay. Play in the sand, swim in the sea, or take a hike along miles of trails and boardwalks ripe with opportunities for candid photographs by the nature lover. The State Park also provides a variety of campsites at incredibly reasonable rates, either with electricity or without. Fishing tips, tour maps, rates and reservations are available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. 14901 FM 3005 | (409)737-1222 Reservations (512)389-8900 Open Seven Days a Week, Year-Round Entrance Fee is $5 per person, per day Campsite Rentals Vary

San Luis Pass

The beach referred to as San Luis Pass is actually named for the stretch of water that both separates Galveston’s western tip from the mainland and connects Galveston Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Historically, San Luis Pass was a popular “back door” to the island for pirates and smugglers. Due to the shallow depth of the inlet, however, the beach along it was often the location where many ill-fated crews ran aground, straight into the hands of unwelcoming Karankawa or the men of the menacing Jean Lafitte. Today, the beach at San Luis Pass is still located off the beaten path, and offers no amenities except the peace of isolation and solitude. Surfing and fishing are permitted year round, and along the Pass are several launch sites into the Gulf. Swimming is allowed only on the Gulf side, and although no permanent lifeguards are stationed, security and lifeguards do patrol the area during the summer. Alcohol is prohibited, but vehicle access to the beach is entirely free and reaches all the way to the water’s edge. The Galveston side of San Luis Pass is a public beach located at the far western tip of the Island. The entrance is marked by signs and can be found just before the entrance onto the Galveston Tollbridge. San Luis Pass County Park is located over the tollbridge in Freeport, TX.

You can also enjoy a game of beach volleyball on the regulation sand volleyball courts. Either way, you’re in for an unforgettable day at the beach. With its white sand beaches and freshwater Attractions Include: lagoons, Palm Beach has offered Galveston Island • Lazy River: A 650-linear-foot Lazy River offers visitors a scenic, family-friendly escape to cool off over 60 interactive points at which guests on shore since 1988. Discover a more interactive experience can splash and spray as their friends float by along with the addition of the fun Lazy River and a giant the Lazy River course. Tower Slide! • Wave Pool: A 6,100-square-foot zero entry Wave Now you can delight in the major enhancePool graduates to a depth of 5 feet to appeal to a ments that have been made to Galveston’s only variety of ages. white sand beach. You can now bask in the sun • Tower Slides: Two 18-foot enclosed Tower Slides on soft beaches plus be surrounded with the lush, offer a thrilling plunge of refreshment. Please note there is minimun 48” height requirement. exotic landscaping.

Palm Beach Inside Moody Gardens

While there is a lot to do in Galveston, it’s a • Splashpad: Automated dump buckets, spray place where it feels comfortable to do little. At 10.4 arches and fountains. No water depth. miles long, the seawall lining the Gulf of Mexico • Aquarium Adventure: Playground, which is the world’s longest continuous sidewalk and includes eight-feet-tall climb-on platforms, attracts walkers, joggers, bicyclists, surfers, sun25-foot Hydro Storm tower with a 500-gallon bathers, skaters and sightseers year-round. It’s a water dump bucket and more. great place to exercise or just sit to watch a flock Coolers and outside food and drinks are not of brown pelicans skim across the waves at sunset. allowed inside Palm Beach. Lockers, concession But if you would like to see some local surfers, stands and a gift shop are also available. Palm Beach admission is Adult: $23.95; children the city of Galveston has designated certain areas of the beach for that purpose. They include (4-12): $17.95; senior (65+): $17.95. Palm Beach is located within Moody Gardens the beaches between the 17th Street & 21st St.; between the 25th Street & 29th St.; between the at One Hope Boulevard 29th Street & 53rd St.; 300 feet west of 61st Street, (409)744-4673 or (800)582-4673 and west of 91st Street. The Island Guide Magazine (409)256-5166 17

Fine Arts Affaire d’art is an International Fine Art Gallery: A Little Bit of Everything From Everywhere

Nestled in the heart of Postoffice Street’s Historical Arts & Entertainment District is a quaint gallery full of original, unique art, Affair d’Art Fine Art Gallery. It is located on the corner of of 23rd and Postoffice Street, anchoring the art scene. Currently on exhibit is “Surf and Turf ” which opened during the Saturday June 1st ArtWalk. This exhibit will continue on view through July 6th. “Surf and Turf ” features works by gallery

18 The Island Guide Magazine

artists Kelly Halbach and Robert McBride, as well as showcases new works from the gallery’s entire team of artists. Other artists on exhibit include... Robert McBride Robert was born in Los Angeles, California, and was influenced early by his artist mother, who worked in watercolors and porcelain. McBride studied art at the Glassell School of Fine Arts


under Robert McCoy and Richard Hickman at the University of Houston. There, he was absorbed in the study of color, sculpture and life drawing, refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through his focus on drawing, painting, and poetry. McBride currently works and lives in the SilkStocking District of Galveston, and spends much of his time in the Sacramento mountains of New

Mexico, where he and his wife Beverly recently built a mountain cabin. McBride has recently self-published a collection of poems and paintings in a volume titled “Firehouse.” In addition, he as been published in “Thread of Duty,” a collection of Poetry and Prose by Amercian Veterans and Symphonies of the Soul. McBride paints in oils and pen and ink. He loves the Galveston lifestyle, the music of John Coltrane, and plays a little keyboard on the side. Kelly Halbach “From the time I first picked up a pencil, I began sketching,” states Halbach. “Raised on a West Texas dairy farm, I was riding horses as soon as I could walk. Not surprisingly, my first charcoal at age eight was of a great black horse. After studying applied art at Texas Tech University, I painted two series: one of impressionistic pastels and one of animals in oil.” “Then, art was put on hold as business and family matters made painting impractical. Through the years, my extensive travels - safaris in South Africa, months in various European locales, studying in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and trekking through New Mexico and the Southwest U.S. - have inspired me. My paintings reflect the richness of these varied cultures and locales. “Now living on the Gulf Coast of Texas, I am inspired by the gorgeous shorebirds and scenery found on our coastline and birding trails. I endeavor to give them life on paper and canvas. My art is displayed in galleries throughout the Houston and Galveston areas and concentrates primarily on ocean and beach themes. I have created a number of series that include lighthouses, palm trees, sea horses, water birds, shells, fish and coral. I have recently created new contemporary art and have painted a series entitled ‘Martini Ladies’ that has been very well received.” “While I enjoy painting in oils, watercolors best capture the softness created by the hazy sunlight of the shores. My training includes classes and private art instruction at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. I live and paint in Nassau Bay, Texas, just south of Houston.” The Gallery Affaire d’art is an International Fine Art Gallery. Representing local, national and international artists, the gallery showcases a diverse selection of original works in fine art mediums to suit both private and corporate collectors. The gallery also presents a collection of hand crafted jewelry for both men and women. Affaire d’art is located at 2227 Postoffice Street, on the corner of 23rd and Postoffice Streets in Galveston’s downtown historic art district. They are open Wednesday through Sunday 12pm - 6pm and by appointment. For more information call (409)789.0079 or visit

Featuring works by Robert McBride and Kelly Halbach Born in Los Angeles, California, McBride was influenced early by his artist mother who worked in watercolors and porcelain. McBride studied art at the Glassell School of Fine Arts under Robert McCoy and Richard Hickman. He paints in oils and pen and ink. He currently resides in Galveston and loves the island lifestyle, the music of John Coltrane and plays a little keyboard on the side. Halbach lives and paints in Nassau Bay. She is inspired by the gorgeous shorebirds and scenery found on our coastline and birding trails. Her art is displayed in galleries in Houston and Galveston and concentrates on ocean and beach themes. The gallery’s show entitled “Surf and Turf” continues through July 6th.

2227 Postoffice St. (409)789-0079

Celebrating Juneteenth with Guest Artist Ted Ellis

Transforming space into a unique and spirited statement...

“Beyond Reflection” by Nicola Parente The Summer Group Show is a favorite annual tradition at Buchanan Gallery, and this summer the gallery is presenting one of the largest and most diverse offerings of paintings, mixed-media works and sculptures in its 24-year history. New work by favorite gallery artists, including Danna Ruth Harvey, Doug Sweet and Heather Gorham. It will also feature several of our newest gallery artists: Krista Harris, Nicola Parente and Tami Merrick will be showing. The Summer Group Show will also include highlights from our most recent exhibition, Winged Beauties, featuring paintings and mixed 302 25th Street media works of birds and other beautiful winged (409)763-8683 creatures by Catherine Eaton Skinner, Charlie Jean Sartwelle and Louise Schlachter.

The photographs of Scott Buckel, Galveston Art League’s Artist of the Month for June, will be on display at the League’s gallery, 2117 Postoffice, thru June 23rd. Scott initially studied photography on his own after spending his childhood in Houston, exploring the “wild” areas near his home. He also spent weekends looking for birds and other wildlife along the coast and piney woods of Texas, developing an interest in animal behavior. Scott’s interests compelled him to seek travel opportunities that allowed him to observe and film nature. Through reading, workshops, and participation in photography clubs - in addition to a great deal of practice - he learned many ways to enhance his skills. The Galveston Art League, now in its 99th year, is a non-profit organization that sponsors member 2117A Postoffice exhibits, juried art shows and workshops (409)621-1008 for children and adults. The gallery is open Thursday-Sunday, 12 noon to 6pm.

“One quilt maker regularly makes quilts for loved ones, thinking of them and saying prayers for them through the long process” says Jenny Chiovaro, Guest Curator. “There are also machine-pieced and machine-quilted works with light-hearted motifs meant to be loved and used up by children. There are small quilts to be hung on the wall as art, as well as large ones used as family quilts.” The poster quilt shows the exceptional patience of quilt maker Sue Driskill. Called “Oh My Gosh! What Was I Thinking?” it uses a pattern designed by Sue Garman with thousands of miniscule pieces, most of which measure ½”. Also of note is the Santa Claus’ Vacation quilt by Peggy Baldwin-Clayton, showing Santa at the beach enjoying himself, complete with flip-flops, Christmas ornaments and lights.The public is invited to vote for their favorite quilt during Cactus Quilts in Texas City.

2501 Market (409)763-2403

Katrina Howarth Gallery

The summer days have been filled with burst of rain drops and crystal clear blue skies. Since the opening of the Howarth Gallery, everyone is enjoying being transformed to a new place, the delicate rose petals amongst the sparkling crystal shabby chic interiors dance along with the stylish painterly canvases that showcase Katrina Howarth’s incredible works of art. The artist is compared often to the great masters Matisse and Cezanne, a museum of works from this creditable artist who is represented in prestigious galleries in Taos, and Santa Fe New Mexico, and in the Chelsea district of New York City with collectors throughout the states. Please come and enjoy the colorful and whimsical oils, often quoted ‘as an afternoon from Alice in Wonderland’, it’s a delightful jewel where cherries float with cerulean blue skies, golden pears with swirly teacups and falling blueberries scattering amongst cupcakes, found within cottages nestled in the countrysides of European 215 Tremont Street landscapes. (713)550-6431 Open Saturdays 12-6pm and Sundays 12-4pm and during all ArtWalks.

“Abstract Egret” by Karla Rae Thomas Recipient of the 2012 McGivney Award Winner, is currently displayed on the 3rd floor of the Rosenberg Library opposite the Harris Gallery. About the McGivney Award: Dr. Merlin Joseph McGivney was born in Galveston in 1905 and lived on the island until his death in 1985. He was a practicing dentist and a member of many civic and cultural organizations, including one of Texas’ oldest art leagues, the Galveston Art League. Dr. McGivney, an award-winning painter himself, perpetuated his love for the arts by establishing an endowment fund administered by the Rosenberg Library. Each year, the library awards a purchase prize (the McGivney Award) to the winner of the Galveston Art League’s annual Spring Juries Show. The winner 2310 Sealy St. is presented with a check, and his or her painting (409)763-8854 is added to the library’s permanent museum collection.

Rosenberg Library

Galveston Historical Foundation’s U.S. Custom House, 2nd Floor — 502 20th Street

w w w. g a lv esto nartistresidency. o rg

At Heard’s Fine Art Gallery you may see paintings in progress by owner, Ray Heard, or one of the artists from his apprenticeship program. Visitors and locals alike enjoy painting along side classes where they can recreate a local Galveston landmark or a beautiful beach scene. At the Gallery, you will find original paintings and fine art prints that fit into your suitcase or pieces that are large enough to fill loft wall spaces. Some paintings are thick impasto while others are finely blended master realism. There is also a large selection on display by several local artists. Be sure to check out the “Best of Galveston” landmarks on Italian marble tiles, coasters, and trivets found only one place in the world - Heard’s Fine 2217 Post Office Art Gallery. (903)357-9073 Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday: 11am-5pm

“Summer Reflections”

“Salt Air” New works by Russell Mai Galveston’s own Russell Mai exhibits new work in his summer show. You can often see Russell researching his subject matter while riding his bike along the seawall and beaches. Its no wonder his competent and casual compositions feel so active. The artist’s love of the fresh “Salt Air” permeates his pieces as he brings the excitement of the outdoors into the studio. His acrylics on canvas illustrate brilliant skies, sparkling shallows, sandy shores and societies of shore birds so typical of the Island’s landscape. Mai has been a long time professional painter showing at Story Sloan in Houston and Estelle Stair in Rockport. Also exhibiting are painters Jerry Allen Soukup, Homer Allen, Anne Heinrichs and sculptors Ross de la Garza and Ted Armulowicz. 2208 Postoffice St. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am-5pm, (409)621-1500 Sunday 12-5pm, and anytime by appointment.

Island oil painter René Wiley is showing her new -est series, “Summer Reflections,” which includes colorful paintings of Galveston’s harbors and vessels, the Pleasure Pier, and local street scenes. René Wiley was also recently chosen as the commemorative artist for the 2013 Galveston Historic Homes Tour and a limited number of the giclée prints of this beautiful painting of Galveston’s Historic East End are available at the gallery. Also showing in the gallery is textile artist Brenda J. Bunten-Schloesser’s new hand-dyed, textile mosaics of Galveston’s architecture; James D. Phillips’ wood sculptures; and bowls by artist Dale Hooks, both made from “Iked” Galveston Trees. The gallery also carries Bill Meek’s gorgeous hammered glass bowls and sculptures. Other paintings include Galveston wetlands by Darlene Wall; and the urban landscapes by Wiley’s daughter, Rachel Wiley Janota, who has been consecutively named as a Hunting Art Prize finalist.

2128 Postoffice (409)750-9077

Advertise here. Be seen. People will visit your gallery. It’s really that simple.

“Reaching into History” Painter Gayle Reynolds will be reaching into history to make her three large oil paintings of palms that are currently on exhibit. Many small watercolors of palms will not have historical references, however. When the planking of his 7th dory is done, Rex Reynolds will be taking it off its building jig, and putting it on sawhorses, right side up, then other work will continue. Adirondack tallboys are available. Bronze sculptures of ladies by Pat Moberley Moore are on display throughout the gallery. Pottery is by Madeleine Baker and John Whitman. The Water’s Edge Studio and Gallery is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 10am-5pm.

Galveston Artist Residency exists to promote and encourage the knowledge and appreciation of art by giving artists a gift of time and space for the development of their work. We provide studio space, accommodation and a stipend to three artists annually. In the past, potential recipients of GAR residency grants have come from a pool of artists nominated by a jury of independent art professionals. Residency applications have been sent to this pool of nominated artists, and Residency grant offers, then sent to the artists selected. Until now there has not been an ‘open call’ for grants or applications for residency. However, for the next residency period (2013-2014) we are accepting applications on an ‘open call’ basis. Info is at The GAR program is open to visual artists working in any medium. Recipients will be at a point in their career where they will benefit from a period of intense, focused studio time. Consideration will also be given to artists who are involved in non-commercial endeavors, environmental or sustainable living projects, or projects that can GALVESTON increase community involvement or social awareness. Emerging ARTIST artists, as well as mature established artists, are eligible. GAR is RESIDENCY located in a pair of radically re-imagined and rebuilt industrial structures on the edge of downtown Galveston. In addition to 2521 Ships our residency program, the GAR Gallery and Courtyards will Mechanic Row host various public programs such as art exhibitions, film series, (409) 974-4446 performances, open studios, lectures and more.

Artist in Residence

Quilts from the Mainland Morning Quilt Guild, based in Texas City, are now on display through July 3, 2013 at Galveston Historical Foundation’s 1861 U.S. Custom House at 502 20th Street. The collection can be viewed Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.

Marcelyn McNeil’s “Bent into Shape” On exhibit thru July 7th. “Some paradoxical qualities found in my paintings are: biomorphic and geometric, quiet and loud, controlled and improvised, lyrical and muscular, and thick and thin. The work is about push and pull.” -- Marcelyn McNeil The Galveston Arts Center proudly presents Marcelyn McNeil’s newest series of large-scale abstract oil paintings titled “Bent into Shape.” Curator Clint Willour will lead a gallery talk with the artist. McNeil “has a wonderful way of making dry, matte surfaces feel sexy,” says painter Howard Sherman. He also praises her “mastery of color and unusual marriage of intuition and specificity.” In her exuberant and colorful paintings, McNeil explores chromatic relationships while creating spatial tension; her forms appear to be moving in and out, pulling the eye to various areas of the painting rather than letting it rest in one particular spot.

DesignWorks creates interiors for a wide variety of projects, including both new construction and renovations. National credits include numerous primary residences and second homes, as well as corporate offices and other commercial interiors. With over 30 years of experience, DesignWorks understands and carefully considers the impact of structural, mechanical and electrical systems on the creative and functional design of interior spaces. Working with architects, builders and 2119A Postoffice homeowners alike, DesignWorks partners (409)766-7599 with clients, creatively solving design challenges within budget.

Open Call for 2013-14 Applications

Scott Buckel: Artist of the Month

G. Lee Gallery is Galveston Island’s most unique art showcase! Throughout the month of June in celebration of Juneteenth, our featured guest artist is Ted Ellis. On Friday June 7th, Ted Ellis presents “The Passion of Painting Our Heritage.” Mr. Ellis’ artwork has been shown at the Rosa Parks Museum; Tulane University’s permanent collection; and featured in “Southern Living” and “Newsweek.” Held 5-8pm. Admission is $20 and includes a signed print by Mr. Ellis. Advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged. The G. Lee Gallery also presents the photography 2215 Postoffice exhibit of Brian Hitchcox and Jim Lawson. And (409)370-7350 as always, new work by owner and resident artist George Douglas Lee.

“Summer Group Show” features 9 artists!

1302 21st Street (409)762-1925

Call (409)256-5166 or e-mail:

The Island Guide Magazine

(409)256-5166 19

Family Fun Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House Presents:

The Addams Family

You don’t want to miss this darkly- delirious smash-hit musical comedy, “The Addams Family,” as it comes to life at Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House on June 21st and 22nd. Performances are set for 8pm, Friday, June 21st; and 2pm and 8pm on the June 22nd. The production is sponsored by The Houston Chronicle, Sunny 99.1 and News Radio 740 AM KTRH. Come be part of the fun and find out whether Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Grandma, Pugsley, and Lurch will behave like a “normal” family when their daughter Wednesday’s “very normal in-lawsto-be” come visit. Numerous film and television adaptations exist of this well-known family, but the musical is based upon the cartoons rather than the television and film characters. Still, “they’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky” because they are The Addams Family. Bring your family to The Grand and enjoy this funny, charming, and energetic musical production of this weird and wonderful family! Don’t be ghoulish! Ticket prices start at $21. Call for pricing on Box Seats. Special discounts for group and senior tickets may be available. For information about this and other performances scheduled, please contact The Grand’s box office at (409)765-1894, (800)821-1894, or visit The theatre, located at 2020 Postoffice Street in historic downtown.


All Summer - DINOSAURS! I don’t know about you, but we love dinosaurs. That’s why we’re excited about a special exhibit returning to Moody Gardens on Memorial Day weekend, ‘Dinos Alive!’ Moody Gardens® will be transformed into a prehistoric stomping ground with more than 20 lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, including a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, a baby T-rex and its nest, a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus, just to name a few. The exhibit, ‘Dinos Alive!’ takes guests on a Jurassic adventure as they become part of a rescue

team sent back in time to search for a missing plane and its crew. The team will wander through curving paths lined with tropical foliage, discover full-grown and baby dinosaurs and gather clues to assist in the search mission. ‘Dinos Alive!’ will also feature a hands-on archaeological dig site, as well as a gift shop and photo opportunities. For more information or tickets, call Moody Gardens at (800)582-4673 or visit This exhibit will continue through August 11th. Admission: $7.50. Saturday, June 8th - Moody Gardens Goes Blue: ‘World Oceans Day’ will be held with oceanthemed activities across the property to raise awareness about ocean conservation. Guests can dive into aquatic movies, a special presentation at the 3D Theater, as well as keeper activities at the Aquarium Pyramid®, and special discounts and live concerts. Like Moody Gardens, the ‘One World One Ocean Foundation’ hopes to inspire generations to help protect the ocean. In partnership with the Foundation, Moody Gardens created an elaborate exhibit at the 3D Theater exit and donated $1,000 to the Foundation. The exhibit highlights the importance of ocean conservation with staggering statistics and beautiful imagery. Beginning at 10am, visitors can join Marine Biologist Sarah Bedolfe via Skype at the 3D Theater. Bedolfe, who works with film producers MacGillvray Freeman, will highlight the importance of conservation. Families can learn about whale sharks, sea turtles, coconut octopus and other exotic animals featured in upcoming films. Audiences ages 12-18 can get involved by producing a video telling them what the ocean means to them. Grand prize winners will receive $100 and a GoPro HD Hero3 camera. Visitors can also help support ocean conservation when ‘Bands on the Sand’ kicks off at Palm Beach with the popular beach group, the Intercoastal Pirates. A special ‘World Oceans Day’ combo will be offered, featuring admission to the Aquarium Pyramid and 3D Theater for $24.95. For more info call (800)582-4673 or visit Saturday, June 8th - Family Day “Off to the Races” will be held at Ocean Star Oil Museum, 1900 Harborside Dr., 10am-3pm. Family Days occur on the second Saturday of each month from 10am-3pm. “Off to the Races” will be where participants use a magnet and stopwatch

to determine the viscosity of various oils in 5 density tubes, plus create a graph to show your results. Students will learn which tube wins the race and what it means. Each Family Day focuses on a different theme that relates to the offshore industry. The information is presented at student’s level using a variety of activities such as word games, coloring, and crafts. We encourage parents to bring their children aboard and explore the various facets of the offshore industry. Our goal is to promote family learning and quality time at a reduced cost. Children 18 years of age and younger are admitted free of charge with a paying chaperone. Call (888)939-8680 for more info. Daily - “JAM: Remastered” takes place daily 12 – 6pm at Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid. ‘JAM: Remastered’ demonstrates the calculated side of music in an interactive and tangible form, allowing guests to fully experience the birth of music today. Each gallery features different components that highlight the key roles played by science and math. Communicate through whisper pipes, rock a tune on the Theremin or serenade the crowd on the karaoke stage. Whatever the activity, there is a formulated equation that sings with the sounds. Tickets are adults $9.95; seniors and kids $7.95. For more info, call (800)582-4673. Wednesday, June 12th – Saturday, June 15th - The Great Texas Catamaran Race, one of the premier long distance beach cat races in the country, will be held. This is distance racing at its best. In its 11th year, it is again expected to attract world-class racing teams. Awards for each class will be given in addition to the First to Finish trophy. Saturday, June 15th, the boats will be around Surfside Beach and arrive in Galveston at approximately 3pm. This is an awesome sight to see as hundreds of sailboats cruise across the island’s horizon. Boats will dock all along the eastern part of the island for viewing. Awards will be presented at 7pm. Saturday, June 15th - Story teller, Jaston Williams - Take another peek into the life and times of extraordinary story teller, Jaston Williams, as he presents his one-man show, “Blame it on Valentine, Texas”, at his favorite theater in America, Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House, Saturday, June 15th at 2pm and 8pm. Native Texan and Broadway comedian, Jaston Williams has accumulated a worldwide audience who have grown to love and identify with his wacky humor. This West Texas comic made it big with fellow actor Joe Sears in their Tuna Christmas series - as over the past 25 years, they have presented their unique and special brand of “ small town Texas humor” throughout not only the United States,

but world-wide, as well. Ticket prices begin at $25. Call (409)765-1894, or visit The theatre is located at 2020 Postoffice Street in historic downtown. Saturday, July 13th - “Riders in the Sky”- The American Western music and comedy group, “Riders in the Sky”, takes center stage at the Grand 1894 Opera House Saturday, July 13th at 8pm. A performance for the entire family, will have you reminiscently recalling your own childhood as your children inadvertently learn valuable lessons about dishonesty or laziness. Often poking gentle fun at the classic cowboy songs of the 1930’s and 1940’s, their style appeals to children which is evident by their two Grammy Awards for writing and performing music in major motion pictures including “Woody’s Roundup” from Toy Story 2 and Pixar’s “For the Birds.” Each performance begins with their trademark greeting , “Mighty fine and a great big Western ‘Howdy,’ all you buckaroos and buckarettes.” Ticket prices start at $26. The Grand 1894 Opera House is located at 2020 Postoffice St., downtown. For tickets call (409)765-1894 or go online to Any Day - Free Admission to Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum is one of more than 1,800 museums to offer free admission to military personnel and their families this summer. Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum announced the launch of Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense and more than 1,800 museums across America to offer free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The free admission program is available to any bearer of a Geneva Convention common access card (CAC), a DD Form 1173 ID card, or a DD Form 1173-1 ID card, which includes active duty U.S. military Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, as well as members of the National Guard and Reserve, U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, NOAA Commissioned Corps - and up to five family members. The complete list of participating museums is at Blue Star Museums is collaboration between the arts and military communities. “Our work with Blue Star Families and with more than 1,800 museums ensures that we can reach out to military families and thank them for their service and sacrifice.”

Welcome to Surfside, Texas! Stahlman Park Reception & Conference Center 2211 Bluewater Highway This facility is ideal for events such as family reunions, wedding receptions, class reunions as well as company meetings.

Voted Best Gulf Coast Beach Town by Readers of Gulfscapes Magazine!

Boat Ramp

Surfside has completed the joint project between the Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Village of Surfside, a Boat Ramp on Thunder Drive that leads directly into the Freeport Channel. This Boat Ramp park has restrooms and fish cleaning stations and is the fastest boat ramp access to the Gulf on the Texas Coast. How to find us:

Village of Surfside Beach

1304 Monument Drive - Surfside Beach, TX 77541 979-233-1531 - 20 The Island Guide Magazine


Music Moody Gardens: A Silver Summer for an Favorite Island Icon

By Kimber Fountain The sheer enormity and impact of Moody Gardens is awe-inspiring. The facility spans 242 acres; its towering glass pyramid is a landmark visible to visitors from all the way across the harbor; it is a support system for the local community at the same time some of its efforts reach the national level. And so it may be difficult to imagine that in 1985 all that stood of the Moody Gardens we know today was a small group of individuals that wanted to enrich the lives of others. Fortunately for the tens of thousands of visitors that enter its doors every year, those individuals also had a pretty big dream, in the form of an eight-phase Master Plan. Now fully realized, that plan was launched in 1985 as a non-profit organization that provided Hope Therapy, a version of the more commonly known Hippo Therapy. It was designed to assist persons recovering from traumatic head injuries. A few years later the focus shifted to Horticulture Therapy, the use of plants and gardens to soothe and stimulate healing. Despite the exponential expansion of Moody Gardens into the powerhouse attraction that it is now, the team and organization behind its growth has held fast to two important fundamentals of its founding. The first is its status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, under which it still operates. This means that one hundred percent of the revenue generated by the facility is put back into either the community or its operations. The second and most important premise to which Moody Gardens has held is the core of all of those said operations: a tireless and unending dedication to use nature as a forum for education and as a mouthpiece for global conservation efforts. “Moody Gardens uses nature to bring out the best in people,” says Stephanie Chan, Public Relations Coordinator. Indeed a romp around the Gardens is likely to reveal the inner animal in anyone. The attractions on site include the popular favorite Rainforest Pyramid, a two-level exhibit with winding walkways that immerse you in an unrivaled menagerie of exotic plants, birds, fish, animals, and butterflies. The Aquarium Pyramid is their largest exhibit,

an underwater Carribbean carnival that includes six species of penguins. The MG3D Theater is the largest 3D screen in Texas, featuring a series of films that complement the hands-on exhibits. Two other theaters, Ridefilm and the 4D Special FX Theater take the movie-watching experience even further beyond 3D, and offer interactive experiences and simulations. Interact at your own pace in the Discovery Museum, or cruise Offats Bayou on the Colonel Paddleboat. New exhibits featured this summer are Dinos Alive, an exciting journey through a lifesize land of animatronic dinosaurs and even a “Dino Dig” mock excavation site; and JAM Remastered, a fascinating lesson on the science and math behind music that uses touchless instruments, voice translators, a walking piano, and a karaoke stage. But this summer at Moody Gardens, Palm Beach is the star, marking its 25th anniversary with a Silver Summer Celebration. In 1998 it was decided to add an attraction that would entice even more visitors to the Island by providing for them a safe and pristine tropical environment. Hundreds of tons of white sand were shipped in from Florida and dumped on site, and Palm Beach was born. Relax on the soft white sands, float the lazy river, fly down an 18 foot slide, or dive into their newest addition the Splash Pool, complete with a 500 gallon dump bucket. This summer they celebrate Palm Beach’s quarter of a century with Bands in the Sand every Friday and Saturday night. Each performance will have its own theme, such as Silver Texas Country, Silver Rock, or Silver 80s, and guests are encouraged to come in costume. A complete schedule is located to the right. The “Bands on the Sand Summer Concert Series,” Driven by Cadillac, and Fireworks powered by TXU Energy, will feature local and regional bands ranging from R&B, rock, country and blues. There is, however, even more beauty to be discovered at Moody Gardens. Behind the tropical scenes are the makings of an impact that reaches far beyond its campus. Moody Gardens employs over 1,000 Galveston residents, an enormous contribution to the local economy. They host the Special Peoples Ball, the largest Mardi Gras celebration in the nation for people with special needs; the Adaptive Water Sports Festival, an aquatic version of the Special Olympics; Galveston Appreciation Day, the day when anyone who works

or lives in Galveston can enjoy the entire park for free; and various other events and community involvements throughout the year, such as giving away seeds and starter plants. Nationally, they have formed alliances with other conservation groups like the Bat Conservation International, lending their prominence and support to perpetuate nationwide conservation and awareness initiatives. Moody Gardens impresses curiousity and wonder on the children that wander in amazement through worlds never

before seen, it educates and inspires the accompanying adults that probably thought they were simply along for the ride, and it provides ecological education and support with an influence that is felt worldwide. Most importantly, because of their status as a nonprofit organization, your entrance to Moody Gardens guarantees far more than the experience of a lifetime, it guarantees you a special place among an effort that impacts people and places all over the world. Moody Gardens is located on the west end of the island, bay side, at One Hope Boulevard, Galveston. For more information or to purchase tickets, you can go online to www.

Bands on the Sand at Palm Beach, Moody Gardens Bands on the Sand Summer Concert Series Driven by Cadillac and Fireworks powered by TXU Energytakes place at 6-10pm. Tickets are $12 after 6pm. June 8 Intercoastal Pirates, Silver Beach June 14 Radio London, Silver Shades theme (R&B, pop, hip-hop, country, rock) June 15 The Line Up, Silver Shades theme (variety music) June 21 Ben Cina, Silver Funk theme ( Soul, Funk Rock, R&B and Jazz) June 22 Space Monkeys, Silver Funk theme (variety music) June 28 Bill Archer, Silver Texas (country) June 29 Rat Ranch, Silver Texas theme (Texas Rock) July 5 Intercoastal Pirate, American Red, White, Blue & Silver theme July 6 Face This Way, American Red, White, Blue & Silver theme July 12 Third Language, Silver Pop (pop) July 13 The Line Up, Silver Pop (variety) July 19 Ben Cina, Silver Strings theme, (Soul, Funk Rock, R&B and Jazz) July 20 Zydeco Dots, Silver Strings July 26 Zack King, Silver Texas (Rock) July 27 Newsboyz, Silver Texas theme August 2 The Line Up, (rock, variety) August 3 Velvet Punch, Silver Rock theme (alternative, R&B, Classic Rock) August 9 Bill Archer, Silver Chrome theme August 10 Vertigo, Silver Chrome theme, (80s) The Island Guide Magazine

(409)256-5166 21

Talented Daughter of Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson To Perform at Galveston’s Pier 21

Galveston’s favorite heiress of outlaw country is returning for a little “Island Time”! In a special performance presented by Mitchell Historic Properties and the restaurants and attractions at Pier 21®, Paula Nelson, daughter of outlaw country icon Willie Nelson, will perform at the island’s only harbor-side live music venue. The free, family-friendly performance takes place 6-9pm on Saturday, June 29th at Pier 21®, Harborside and 21st Street. Native to Houston, Texas, country darling Paula Nelson was born of music and entertainment and began her career at the early age of seven when she started singing and playing piano. Texas Monthly calls her vocals “torchy” and the Los Angeles Times proclaims, “There’s no missing the unforced power of Paula’s singing.” Singers such as Jesse Colter and Rita Coolidge influence Paula’s bluesy singing style making her music a popular go-to for fans across the country, and especially her hometown of Austin, Texas. Paula and her band have been touring the United States and abroad since 2004. They have gathered fans not only from their native state of Texas, but also from Colorado, California, and the East Coast. “The chemistry between this band and I is magic both on stage and off,” says Paula, “I consider them both my friends and my family. I feel truly blessed to be in the company of these amazing musicians.” Paula Nelson will perform on Saturday, June 29th, 6-9pm, at Pier 21®, located at 21st Street and Harborside Drive. The event is free and open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to grab a meal and enjoy the show from the outdoor seating areas at any of the participating restaurants located on the pier.

The Texas Tenors Present

“Let Freedom Ring”

The Texas Tenors, Marcus Collins, JC Fisher, and John Hagan, will present an encore performance of “Let Freedom Sing!” at The Grand 1894 Opera House Saturday, July 6th at 8pm. Discovered on the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent” in 2009, the group continues to build a following around the world. These three incomparable vocalists captivate audiences with breathtaking vocals, humor, and, of course...their cowboy charm. Don’t be fooled by their black attire and casual Texas ways, each of these artists take their music seriously. John Hagan personifies an “astonishing...superb tenor of deep musicality”, while JC Fisher discovered a deeper love for music in college while earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Music. And Marcus Collins began singing at the age of four by emulating his favorite radio artists and bringing a contemporary element to the group. In the past, The Texas Tenors have performed for Merle Haggard, in concert in Las Vegas, and with symphony orchestras. Now their deep-rooted love for the Lone Star State will be even more evident as they present a rousing patriot performance at Galveston’s Grand - a concert not soon to be forgotten. Come spend part of your Fourth of July holiday at The Grand 1894 Opera House as The Texas Tenors “Let Freedom Sing.” Ticket prices start at $28. For information please contact The Grand’s box office at (409)7651894, (800)821-1894, or visit The Grand’s website at The theatre is located at 2020 Postoffice Street in historic downtown.

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pendent Group of the Year”, and Austin Music Pundits “Best Live Act”. Their lively sound has gained Del Castillo recognition by Rolling Stone magazine who call the band “tumbling brilliance on nylon-string classical guitars” with “eruptions of technique and taste that conjure images of Eddie Van Halen fronting early Santana (with an assist from the Gipsy Kings).” The band has toured with a diverse group of musicians including Styx, Los Lonely Boys, Don Henley, and Willie Nelson. Del Castillo has appeared for television and media including special performances for Austin City Limits, Dan Rather Reports, and The George Lopez Show. They have also performed for a number of blockbuster movie soundtracks including “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, “Sin City”, “GRINDHOUSE”, and “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” among others. The event is free (yes, FREE!) and open to the public. Visitors must be prepared to show valid identification to enter.


Saturday, June 15th - Carolyn Wonderland will perform. This acclaimed Texas blues musician will perform at Pier 21® during Party on the Pier from 6- 9pm. Her sultry style has won her numerous musical awards and the admiration of noteworthy musicians including nine-time Grammy winner Ray Benson. A native of Houston, Wonderland has won upwards of 35 awards for her soulful voice and incredible instrumental skills. A musical Jill-of-all-trades, Wonderland is proficient in electric, acoustic, and lapsteel guitars, trumpet, piano, accordion, mandolin, singing, and most notably, whistling. Her most recent album, “Peace ‘Del Castillo’ Meal,” was produced by to Perform a number of Grammy Award winners at Pier 21 including nine-time Acclaimed Latin Grammy winner Ray Rock band Del Castillo Benson, two-time will perform at Party Grammy winner on the Pier on Saturday, Larry Campbell, and July 20th, 6-9pm. founding Monkee, Del Castillo has Michael Nesmith. The won upwards of 18 event is free and open awards for their eclectic blend of Flamenco, Rock, Latin, Blues, and World to the public. music. Their unique sound and intense instruSaturday, August 24th - Clint Black will perform mental skills have gained them recognition at 8pm at The Grand 1894 Opera House. You had including SXSW/Austin Music “Album of the better get your tickets now - this is a guaranteed Year” Awards for their albums Vida and Brothsell-out performance. Prolific singer-songwriter erhood, “Band of the Year”, ASCAP’s “Best Inde- Clint Black has long been heralded as one of

Country music’s brightest stars. His many talents have taken him even further, as Black has transcended genres to become one of the most successful artists in all the music industry. To date, Black has written, recorded and released more than 100 songs, a benchmark in any artist’s career. An astounding one-third of these songs, eligible for major single release, also achieved hit song status on country radio, while more than 20 million of his albums have been sold worldwide. Black’s continued success can be attributed in part to his deep sense of country music history, and his humble gratitude in being an important part of it. The 1989 debut of his critically acclaimed fan favorite, the Triple Platinum “Killin’ Time,” marked a shift in the industry, with a return to the more traditional sounds of the genre. The Grand 1894 Opera House is located at 2020 Postoffice St., downtown. For tickets call (409)765-1894, (800)821-1894, or

Saturday, July 27th - “Cocktails with Larry Miller and Friends” - Get your tickets now - this is another “sure to sell out” performance! Comedian Larry Miller shares his perspective on marriage, children and drinking and how each one leads to the other two. One of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, Larry has appeared in over fifty films, including “Pretty Woman,” “Waiting for Guffman” and “The Princess Diaries,” as well as appearances on “The Tonight Show,” “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Joining him is Special Guest, Pat Hazell, declared by Showtime as one of the five funniest people in America. One of the original writers for NBC’s “Seinfeld,” a “Tonight Show” veteran and a critically acclaimed playwright, Pat has collaborated with Larry as the director and producer of his “Cocktails” tour. Performance starts at 8pm. The Grand 1894 Opera House is located at 2020 Postoffice St., downtown. For tickets call (409)765-1894.

June Line-Up of Music Fun! Friday, June 7- Gaby & Jbone, 5 to 9 Saturday, June 8th - Footpie, 3 to 7 Sweet Release, 8 to 12 Sunday, June 9th - Denovo 3 to 7 Friday, June 14 - Boo Schaaf, 5 to 9 Saturday, June 15th - Salty Dogs, 3 to 7 Cassette Tape, 8 to 12 Sunday, June 16th - The Relics, 3 to 7 Saturday, June 22nd Almost Endless Summer, 3-7, Threadbelly, 8-12 Sunday, June 23rd Hold Fast Fables, 3-7 pm

Every Thursday....

Blue Louie Burgers & Blues 6 to 9pm

Music Guide

B. Jigger’s – Space Monkeys Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Cassette Tape Friday, June 7th Courtyard Cafe - Drum Circle The Beach Hut – Gaby Hotel Galvez - Joe Sewell JBone Moody Gardens Bands on the Sand – Radio London B. Jigger’s – Fidelity Maxx Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Craig Kinsey Captain Jack’s Beach Bar The Tremont House – Leah Stonum – Bluemoon Saturday, June 15th Courtyard Cafe - Drum The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino Circle Beach Hut – Salty Dog, 3-7pm, Cassette Tape, 8-12 Hotel Galvez - Joe Sewell The B. Jigger’s – Bourbon Street Old Quarter Cafe – Jack Saunders & Danny Everitt Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Axis Unity, 1-5pm, D.R.U.M., Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier - Bourbon Street 5-9pm The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino Hotel Galvez - Joe Sewell The Tremont House- Leah Stonum Moody Gardens Bands on the Sand – The Line Up, 6-10pm Saturday, June 8th Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Hemmerridge Mountain Boys The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino Party on the Pier @ Pier 21 – Carolyn Wonderland The Beach Hut - Footpie, 3-7pm, Sweet Release, 8-12 Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier – 3 Peace, 1-5pm; The Nailers, B. Jigger’s – Mambo Kings 6-10pm Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Zach Tate Band, 5-9pm The Sandbar - Marty Monte Band, 3-7pm Hotel Galvez - Joe Sewell The Tremont House - Leah Stonum Moody Gardens Bands on the Sand – Intercostal Pirates Woody’s Bar – Ben Morris & GABC, 3-7pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe - Wood & Wire, Michael Sunday, June 16th Anthony Shanks The Beach Hut - The Relics, 3-7pm Saengerfest Park – Ocean Roots, 6-9pm B. Jiggers’ - Karaoke w/ Alex, 8pm-12 am Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier – Luther and the Healers, Bobbie’s House of Spirits – Tom Katz Jamz with Joe Pena 6-10pm, Last Soul Clan,1-5pm Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Axis Unity, 2-6pm Sandbar Grille – Almost Endless Summer East Beach – Carolyn Wonderland The Tremont House – Kirk Hale, 5-10pm Medicinal Purposes – Karma, 6-8pm Woody’s Bar – Captain Legendary Band, 3-7pm Rum Shack – One Night Stand, 3-7pm Sunday, June 9th The Sandbar - A Good Excuse, 3-7pm The Beach Hut – Denovo, 3-7pm Sandbar Grille – Yelba B. Jiggers’ – Karaoke w/ Alex Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier – Fuzzy Side Up, 2-6pm Bobbie’s House of Spirits - Tom Katz Jamz w/ Joe Pena Woody’s Bar – Opie Hendrix & the Texas Tallboys, 3-7pm Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Zack Perry, 2-6pm Monday, June 17th East Beach – Sam Navarro & Lone Star Devils, 1pm The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino Medicinal Purposes – Karma, 6-8pm B. Jigger’s - Video DJ Alex Rum Shack – The Vu Du Kings, 3-7pm Crow’s - County Karaoke hosted by Carl Enge The Sandbar – Blue Louie, 3-7pm Sandbar Grille – Zack Tate Band Tuesday, June 18th Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier – Flicker System, 2-6pm Mosquito Cafe – Kevin Anthony & G-town, 7-9pm Woody’s Bar - Jo Hell Band, 3-7pm The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino Crow’s – Troubadour’s Open Jam hosted by Geoff Fish Monday, June 10th B. Jigger’s - Karaoke w/ David P The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino B. Jigger’s - Video DJ Alex Wednesday, June 19th Crow’s - County Karaoke hosted by Carl Enge The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino B. Jigger’s – Video DJ Alex Tuesday, June 11th Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Cassette Tape, 4-8pm The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino B. Jigger’s - Karaoke w/ David P Crow’s – Country Acoustic Open Mic hosted by Chad Ware Crow’s – Troubadour’s Open Jam hosted by Geoff Fish Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Neil Down Mosquito Cafe – Kevin Anthony & G-Town Thursday, June 20th Wednesday, June 12th The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino The Beach Hut - Burgers & Blues w/ Blue Louie B. Jigger’s – Video DJ Alex B. Jiggers – The Line Up Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Karaoke Sounds so Sweet Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Blue Moon Crow’s – Country Acoustic Open Mic hosted by Chad Ware Crow’s – Electric Jamz open mic hosted by Soulshine Band Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Neil Down Island Music – Darrell John, Kathy Stovall Medicinal Purposes – Kevin Anthony & G-town, 7-9pm Thursday, June 13th Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Kitty Litter The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino The Beach Hut - Burgers & Blues w/ Blue Louie, 6-9pm Friday, June 21st B. Jiggers – The Line Up B. Jigger’s – Radio London Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Irie Junction, 4-8pm Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – Cassette Tape Crow’s - Electric Jamz open mic hosted by Soulshine Band Courtyard Cafe - Drum Circle Medicinal Purposes – Kevin Anthony & G-town, 7-9pm Hotel Galvez - Joe Sewell Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Larry Joe Taylor Moody Gardens Bands on the Sand – Ben Cina Trio Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier – Blue’s Kids of America Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Kevin Anthony & G-town Stage 25 @ The Pleasure Pier – Swagger, 6-10pm Friday, June 14th The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino The Bar @ the San Luis - Angelo Tolentino The Beach Hut – Boo Schaaf, 5-9pm The Tremont House – Leah Stonum

Happy Hour M-F, 3-7pm

The Only Bar on the Beach!

731 Seawall Blvd. on the East End of Seawall Blvd.

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