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MA F PS UN 4th of July Fun: INS IDE The Boardwalk: ! A Parade, Fireworks, Magic and Concerts!

The “B” Series Explores Historic Pleasure Pier

Benno’s Cajun Seafood: A Family Tradition Continues on the East End

Twelve Project:

Twelve Photographers Explore the Island and Exhibit Their Works at The Grand’s Edna’s Room

June 21, 2013 • Issue 8, Volume 2

The Magic of Curt Miller: Good ‘ole Family Fun Returns to Moody Gardens Convention Center this Summer

JOIN THE FUN!!! 9500 Seawall Blvd. Just past Jimmy’s Fishing Pier on Seawall


Hours: Open Daily 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Weather Permitting

Located at 18th & Seawall Blvd. - Galveston, Texas 77550

(409) 762-2453 2 The Island Guide Magazine


June 21, 2013 • Issue 8, Volume 2


5 Dining

● “Benno’s Cajun Seafood: Celebrating 30 Years of Seafood on the Seawall” by Kimber Fountain

6-7 Movies

● “The Bling Ring,” “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Bullet to the Head,” and “Stoker” by Dustin Chase

8 Festivals

● 4th of July Parade, Fireworks, Concerts and More

9-10 Things to Do

● UTMB SCI Cafe, Bishop’s Palace ‘Basement to Attic’ Tours, Stop and Smell the Rosé Wine Primer, The Blue Santa Barbecue Fundraiser, Cocktails with Larry Miller and East Beach Sunfest

12-14 The Island Guide Fun Maps 15 Books

● “The Bone Bed,” “Fraud,” and “Smart Mouth Waitress” reviewed by Gini Rainey ● A Summer of Reading Clubs at Rosenberg Library

16-17 The “B” Series

● “The Boardwalk: Galveston Historic Pleasure Pier” by Kimber Fountain

18-19 The Fine Arts

● “Twelve Project” Returns to Edna’s Room ● Galleries Showcase Exhibitions Across the Island


Family Fun

● The Curt Miller Magic & Comedy Show at Moody Gardens Convention Center ● Drop in Gaming at Rosenberg Library, JAM: Remastered, Free Admittance at Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig, $10 Kayak Tours presented by Artist Boat and Lone Star Flight Museum

21-23 Music

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Tena Jerger Louie Jerger

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Gini Rainey


Dustin Chase, Kimber Fountain, Jill Kerr


Christa Schreckengost


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PO Box 16473 Galveston, Texas 77552 (409)256-5166

● A Summer of Music at The Grand 1894 Opera House including “Riders in the Sky,” “ Golden Dragon Acrobats,” and Clint Black ● “Talented Daughter of Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson, comes to Party on the Pier at Pier 21” ● The Complete Music Guide for all the Live Music Across the Island

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Dining Out Benno’s Cajun Seafood: Celebrating 30 Years of Seafood on the Seawall

By Kimber Fountain Galveston has two faces, and rarely do they meet. Along and to the north of Broadway Avenue, streets are stoic and unchanging, lined with historic homes and the vague recollection of an era long since passed but never completely forgotten. The southern edge of the Island is known universally as the Seawall, although that could mean one is on the beach, the boulevard, or the actual wall itself. Nearly overflowing with all of the familiar modern establishments of any average town, the Seawall is always evolving and keeping up with the times, and is rarely sought out for the unique, small business flavors for which the downtown area is known. Enter Benno’s Cajun Seafood, a locally owned establishment that has offered the best of both sides of Galveston to beachgoers for three decades. Benno Deltz, namesake and proprietor, was born on the Island and worked in some of the area’s most prominent restaurants for many years. He was a manager at Gaido’s, Galveston’s oldest restaurant, and in Kemah at the former Jimmy Walker’s. He decided to strike out on his own, and Benno’s opened its doors on Saint Patrick’s Day of 1983.

Although not a Cajun by heritage, he loved the food and the wonderful spice palate of Louisiana cooking. Benno developed all the recipes himself, and slowly worked to perfect them over the years. Benno’s son, Tracy Deltz, came aboard just a few months after the restaurant opened in August of 1983. Working side by side for the entirety of its existence, Benno and Tracy Deltz are still actively involved in daily operations, and are now celebrating their 30th year of business. Their success is due mainly to their strict adherence to a simple philosophy, Tracy says. “Our emphasis is on quality food.” Indeed the interior is nice, and the rich, savory food and massive portions light up the room and render any further decoration completely unnecessary. The plate presentations are simple as well, but the food is piled high and full of all the goodness of home cooking. Everything is made in-house, down to the cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, and they even blend their own cooking and boiling seasonings, which means the flavors found here are found nowhere else. The menu includes all of the favorites of local, seasonal Gulf seafood. Their shrimp is wild-caught Gulf shrimp, and the oysters come from a nearby oyster purveyor out of Dickinson. All of their crab is Texas Blue Crab, and a large majority of that is from Galveston Bay. Available from late spring through early fall, crab is offered boiled, fried, or Cajun style. Benno’s also features fresh Gulf flounder, and ships in live crawfish directly from Louisiana during season, which will draw to a close around the end of this month. Gulf Shrimp is served up by the ½ lb. as “u-peel-um” style, as well as Blue Crabs served in bountiful mounds with seasoned corn or potato mixed in. Crabcakes, fried crawfish tails, burgers, and fried chicken round out the menu next to other Cajun favorites such as Jambalaya, Etouffee and Red Beans and Rice. A specialty and always a favorite is Benno’s Gumbo. It is dark, thick and rich and comes with several large shrimp in the bowl, along with sausage and chicken. Served piping hot with Saltine crackers, it is great as a appetizer or a big bowl. A staple of any Cajun menu is PoBoys, and Benno’s is sure to please offering Shrimp, Fish or Oyster PoBoys as well as a combination version with shrimp and oysters. They also serve Muffulettas (half or whole). All come with a big pile of fries and hush puppies. And no Cajun restaurant is complete without Bread Pudding. “I am particularly proud of our bread pudding,” Tracy remarks, and there is reason to be. Topped off with homemade bourbon sauce, it is the perfect texture, soft but not mushy, and is loaded with cinnamon and vanilla. The food comes fast, and the service is outstanding. Friendly counter staff extends their service to the table, delivering the food directly to the table side and is constantly making the rounds, refilling beverages and accommodating guests’ needs. A huge, open air patio and large bay windows offer a stunning view of the Gulf, and the casual, family-friendly atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming, even if there is sand still in your shoes. Benno’s Cajun Seafood is the perfect place to break from the beach and still enjoy the authenticity and originality

that only Galveston small businesses can offer. Benno’s Cajun Seafood is located at 1200 Seawall Boulevard on the east end of the island, (409)762-4621. Reservations are not needed. For their menu you can go online to They are open for lunch and dinner, Sunday through Thursday, 11am-10pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am-11pm. A few years later after Benno’s on the Beach opened, by popular demand they started “Catering By Benno and Party Rents of Galveston.” They offer catering for small to large groups at almost any location you can create. “We can cater any kind of function, from fish fry’s and corporate events to weddings and birthday parties, we do it all. So when you are looking for someone to help plan your next event, just give us a call, make an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest!” Dine in or take out is available as well as catering and party rental services.

The Island Guide Magazine

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Nicki (Watson) and her mother (Mann) fighting for a journalist’s attention to tell their story. The teenagers listen to music with lyrics “Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well” as they snort drugs and crash their parent’s cars with no repercussions. Coppola spends all the film’s energy and time showcasing these teenagers breaking into house after house, taking things and living like rock stars. One might think the screenplay would explore the motivations as to why promising teenagers would throw their lives away - but maybe the real point is that these criminals became famous for their actions, not made examples of. It would appear by her heavy-handed focus on all the stealing that Coppola is fascinated by these criminals, as she denies us the court room scene where they are sentenced or any of the parents condemning their children for what they have done. Final Thought – Coppola focuses the entire film on the what and very little on the why.

To his credit, Whedon is unpredictable with his projects like this black and white, modern In Theaters adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen anything bearing his name that I have liked yet, but this is his most creative work yet. Beatrice (Acker) can’t stand the sight or sound By Dustin Chase of bearded Benedick (Denisof), but that is about to change when her uncle, Govenor Leonato (Gregg) Member, “Houston Film Critics Society;” Film Critic / Asst. Editor hosts a gathering of friends for the victorious Don for “Texas Art & Film;” Film Critic, Pedro (Reed Diamond). “The Daily News;” Entertainment Reporter, “;” and Pedro’s officer Claudio falls for the governor’s Film Critic, “The Island Guide” only daughter, Hero (Jillian Morgese), and a marriage is to be arranged. Pedro’s ruthless brother John (Sean Maher) stages a pretty nasty scene to break up Claudio and Hero, which almost causes ruin on both sides of the isle. I know some movie goers don’t want to know anything about a movie before they watch it, but after witnessing 40 people walk out of a “Much Ado About Nothing” screening, I wasn’t sure if Mostly about they hated the “What” what they and Very saw or didn’t realize what Little About they were sitthe “Why’s” ting down celebrities’ homes was the cool thing to do. They Starring Katie Chang, Emma Watson, Leslie Mann for in the did it for a long time before getting caught too. first place. Grade CThey stole over three million dollars worth of Either way, Not Your Average, clothes, jewelry and money. Katie (Chang) had Academy Award nominated writer/director just by Ordinary Movie Sofia Coppola once again focuses on her favorite already been in trouble before with illegal subwatching stances, and as the ring leader she decided which Production cinematic subject – spoiled rich teenagers. Copthe trailer houses they would “shop” from. Her best friend pola has never and will never make films for or glancing Starring Alexis Denisof, Clark Gregg, masses; she tells the stories she is interested in, and Marc (Broussard) would look up the addresses at the Reed Diamons, Amy Acker “The Bling Ring” is no different. My problem with and drive the car. Keys left under doormats (Paris Grade C+ poster you Hilton), doors left unlocked (Lindsay Lohan), or Coppola’s films is that she presents these semiknow this just poor security systems allowed the out of conDid I miss a bunch of films interesting characters in all too familiar worlds, isn’t a film but she is always so focused on trees that the audi- trol teenagers of Calabasas to make their fantasies where writer/director Joss Whedon did somefor everyone. Much of the comedy is in the set come true. thing extraordinary and unique to achieve the ence never gets to see the forest. However, if you dressing and Whedon’s creativity with mixing What Coppola does quite well here is capfan following and respect he seems to demand on Shakespeare into modern times. are familiar with her films, you already know this and expect this from her style. If you haven’t seen ture an accurate portrayal of Southern California’s whatever project he delivers? Sure, the former teleThe black and white and the Shakespearean privileged youth. Mann (“This is 40”) plays exactly vision series director was humble and nice when dialogue are all that keep this from being a typical her work then you will likely be scratching your the type of mother you are guaranteed to find in I interviewed him about “Cabin in the Woods,” head, wondering what the point is. soap opera drama of love and romance. these homes: unaware and unapologetic. In one of which he co-wrote; and his fan base quadruSpoiled doesn’t come close to describing a The film’s ridiculous interrogation sequence pled after the success of “The Avengers,” only his was by far the highlight of the film, but perhaps group of high school friends in Los Angeles who, the film’s few scenes that explores the behavioral in 2008, decided that breaking into their favorite issues behind the teenagers motivations, we see second directed feature. also the most absurd. Sometimes I felt Whedon

‘The Bling Ring:’

‘Much Ado About Nothing:’

located 3 Blocks off the Strand! Open 11AM-6PM


528 23rd Street 409-497-2999

Kuhn Rikon * Nordicware * Swiss Diamond * Kyocera * Shun * Le Creuset * Wilton Armetale * Lodge

6 The Island Guide Magazine


was both poking fun of Shakespeare and honoring him at the same time. The budget is extremely low (it was filmed at Whedon’s house) and it was shot in 12 days. It’s slow paced for sure, but then again it is Shakespeare, and after midway through the film you begin to find things you admire about the film and realize this is a passion project and an impressive exercise. Final Thought – Only those with an appetite for Shakespeare will really enjoy this.

On Demand / DVD

‘Bullet to the Head:’

If You’ve Seen Any Stallone Movie, You’ve Seen This One Already Grade C-

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang, Jason Momoa, Christian Slater

Apparently, Nicholas Cage was unavailable to make the latest cheap, cheesy, predictable action flick coming out of Louisiana. In his continuing attempt to resurrect his film career, 66 year old Sylvester Stallone, in between planning the next “Expendables” movie, turns in a movie I’m sure he has made ten times previously (“Avenging Angelo,” “Get Carter,” “Eye See You,” etc). If a movie is set in New Orleans or Baton Rouge with an action star, automatically you have corruption, drugs, and a big body count (this one is over 35). “Bullet to the Head” is actually based on a graphic novel, but it might as well be based on every cliché in Stallone’s film career. James Bonomo (Stalone) and his partner are set up on a hit they are hired to do; James’s partner doesn’t survive and the retribution begins. An honest DC detective is sent down to New Orleans to investigate the recent murders and ends up teaming up with criminal James when he discovers the corruption has infiltrated the police department. When they are not pointing their weapons at each other, James and Detective Kwon (Kang) start climbing the ladder to see how who is behind the killing and the set up. Once in possession of a hard drive that contains names of high political figures, the unlikely duo have to trust each other to survive. “Either we do it my way, or we don’t do it at all,” Bonomo says as only Stallone could gruffly murmur. “Bullet to the Head” is a melting pot of “Rush Hour,” “Gran Torino” and “Lethal Weapon.” Bonomo makes all the stereotypical Asian jokes, while Kang provides an admirable stopping ground for the mindless comedy. It’s actually Kang (“Fast & Furious”) that gives the movie it’s only footing. If you are a fan of Stallone, and I can’t imagine anyone watching this for any other reason, then you already know what you want to get out of this. If you look at actors like Clint Eastwood, Bill Murray, even Mickey Rourke, they have all found new facets of their careers to keep them relevant. The most amusing element of “The Expendables” is that all those has-been 90’s actors by inclusion are admitting their irrelevancy (and by doing so becoming relevant again, which is ironic), but Stallone appears to have taken that success as a sign to make more movies like those that made him irrelevant in the first place. Bonomo’s arrogance was a bit over the top as a character trait, combined with zero suspense, which is generally the key ingredient for an action film, makes this not something you watch, but rather force yourself to endure. Final Thought – If you’ve seen one Stallone film, you have seen them all.


Full of A Lot of Holes Grade C-

Starring Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman

Here is a great example of a talented filmmaker showcasing some of his inventive production and cinematic skills in a story that is so

preposterous and full of holes that it’s like oil and water when put together. Acclaimed director Chan-wook Park (“Oldboy”) and actor turned writer Wentworth Miller (“Prison Break”) deliver a story that begins like a creepy Hitchcockian suspense thriller, but then transforms into a complete mess with no understanding of reality or character development. “We are not responsible for what we come to be,” says our lead character; however, someone certainly must be held responsible for this incomplete film. ​We meet 18-year-old India Stoker (Wasikowska) on her birthday, when what should have been an exciting day turns tragic when her father dies in a car accident. India and her mother Evelyn (Kidman) have never been very close and now they are driven even further apart by the appearance of Charles (Goode), India’s uncle whom she learns about for the first time at the funeral. Charles flirts with Evelyn, who sees him as the long forgotten, handsome and exciting man her husband was, yet Charles lurks after India, watching her every move. “Sometimes you need to do something bad to keep you from doing something worse.” ​If you have seen “Hanna,” the film starring Saoirse Ronan playing a young female killing machine, you will find “Stoker” to be far too similar in plot and design. Wasikowska has emerged (much like Ronan) as one of the extremely talented young international actresses. However, here she seems to be doing her best Christina Ricci impersonation. “Stoker” pretends at the onset to be a film about mystery, clues and symbolism when all it really wants to do is deliver exquisite scene transitions like the one where India is combing her mother’s beautiful red hair that turns into swaying trees in a forest. Park is borrowing from Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” but instead of blood stained cotton we have fields of flowers. ​We are invited inside this world that doesn’t seem to function in reality: people go missing without any suspicion, corpses are discovered in freezers but never spoken about, car crashes are not explained or investigated and people who claim they loved a deceased family member don’t seem to mourn. Furthermore, our lead character, India, changes personality traits in every act without revealing motives or commenting on her actions. All the symbolism and mystery is for naught because “Stoker” is more interested in what we are seeing than why we are seeing it. Final Thought – Chooses style over substance.

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A Family Fun-Good Time For Everyone When: Thursday, July 4th, 7:45 – 9:35pm Where: 37th & Seawall Blvd. Cost: Free Galveston will host an array of fun Fourth of July celebrations! On Thursday, July 4th, make plans to attend the Island’s annual Independence Day Parade featuring a procession of floats, decorated military vehicles and performers. This year’s parade will take place on Seawall Boulevard at 7:45pm. The procession begins at 59th Street and will continue along Seawall ending at 28th Street in front of the McGuire-Dent Recreation Center. Later in the evening, the Galveston Park Board of Trustees will present the annual Beachfront Fireworks Show at 9:15pm. The fireworks will be presented at 37th and Seawall and will last for approximately 20 minutes.

At 4pm on July 4th, City crews will begin closing streets and detouring traffic in the immediate vicinity of the parade route and fireworks display. No parking zones along Seawall Blvd. will also be in place for both events.

Island Bicycle Company Self-Guided Bike Tours - These tours are designed to go at your own pace. You can have a ride around the island from the beachfront to the harbor. All rides include a lunch stop of local restaurants and a ferry ride with designated points of interest along the way. All packages include bike, lock, and map. The cost is $25 per person online or $30 per person for walk-ins. Rent a Bike and Ride the Seawall! Whether you are wanting to ride with just yourself or have a group of 6, Island Bicycle Company has just the bike for you to ride the Seawall and see all the sites! Select from many bike styles such as Beach Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, Tandem Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Surrey (2 adults and 2 kids), Limo Surrey (4 adults and 3 kids), or a fun Electric Bike. For more info go online to Located at 1808 Seawall Blvd. on the eastern end, behind Miller’s Restaurant. You can call (409) 762-2453 for reservations.

Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid Penguin Encounter

Have you ever met a penguin up-close and personal? Now is your chance! The Moody Gardens Penguin Encounter is a 45-minute program designed to allow guests to get up close to one of the penguins from the Aquarium Pyramid South Atlantic Exhibit. Led by a Moody Gardens biologist, the experience starts at the front of the exhibit and takes guests behind the scenes to the penguin food preparation kitchen and the back of the chilly penguin exhibit while discussing penguin biology, conservation, training, enrichment and care. Participants will experience the cool climate, sounds and even smells of the exhibit and witness a penguin create a work of art as part of an enrichment activity for the animal. Tickets are $50 per person, 3 year old and under free. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must also purchase admission to the Aquarium Pyramid. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Encounters can be canceled at any time if there is an animal emergency. Because these are special, behind-the-scenes experience, and participants are allowed in staff-only areas, it is not wheel-chair accessible. The encounter will be at 1 – 1:45pm at Moody Gardens, 1 Hope Blvd. Call (800)582-4673 to make reservations for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Gigi’s Pampered Pets Open 7 days a week with early drop off and pick up hours At Home Pick Up and Drop Off Service Offered!


Curt Miller Magic Show

4th of July Music Schedule

She Who Loves to Pamper Pets

8 The Island Guide Magazine

Go shopping! Downtown Galveston has a little bit of everything when it comes to shopping! Visit the famous Strand District, located close to the harbor. Be sure to check out Head to Footsie’s, located at 2211 Strand St. Head to Footsies features men and women’s shoes, as well as clothing and accessories from a variety of designers. Fashion for women includes everything from casual, moderately-priced designs to evening wear, jewelry and handbags. The boutique’s classy look sets a great ambiance for shopping. The original Footsies, located at 24th and Strand, was an Island favorite for women’s shoe shopping. After that location was destroyed by Hurricane Ike, co-owner of the Footsies store, Joyce Calver, decided to reopen with a new look and feel. Also, Hendley’s Market, located at 2010 Strand St. Hendley Market, has been in business for over 25 years. Items available are antique medical instruments, antique books, Victorian era items, and retablos from Mexico. They also carry a selection of over 200 nativities and santons. Shoppers at Hendley Market in Galveston’s historic Strand often are entralled by the sheer novelty of what they find at this emporium and even above it sometimes a three-legged kitty crawls out onto the skylight of the 1855 building and catnaps on the glass high above customers’ heads. The Admiralty on the Strand, 2221 Strand St., is a unique shop. Whether you’re updating your beach cottage decor, outfitting a yacht Magic! Comedy! Las Vegas or searching for the perfect gift , you’ll find a Illusions! The Curt Miller Magic surprisingly exotic selection of elegantly designed & Comedy Show will be at the home decor & gift items that suit your coastal beautiful Moody Gardens Hotel style at The Admiralty on the Strand. For anyone at 7:30pm. Tickets available at who likes nautical themed home decor, this is a must see! Adults: $20; Kids (3-12): $15. Thursday, July 4th Beach Hut – G. Helms & Texas Black Gold, 8-12 B. Jiggers - Karaoke Bobbie’s House of Spirits - Karaoke Captain Jack’s – Cassette Tape, 6-10 Crow`s Southwest Cantina – Open mic jam, 9-1 Drip – The Line Up, 9-1 Medicinal Purposes – Kevin Anthony The Sandbar Grille - Tomz Katz Band, 12-4; Leroy Thomas & The Zydeco Roadrunners, 4-8 Friday, July 5th The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Red Devil Rebels, 3-12 Captain Jack’s – DRUM, 5-9 Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell Moody Gardens – Intercoastal Pirates, 6-10 Tremonte – Kirk Hale Yaga’s – Brandon McDermott Saturday, July 6th The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Marty Monte, 3-7, 98 In The Shade, 8-12 Bobbie’s House Of Spirits – Zac Perry Captain Jacks – Southbound, 5-9 The Grand – The Texas Tenors, 8pm Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell MOD – Doug Greer Moody Gardens – Face This Way, 6-10 Sandbar – Trip 2 Cascity, 3-7 Tremont – Kirk Hale Woody’s – Captain Legindary, 3-7 Yaga’s - The Line Up

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Saturday, July 20 - UTMB to launch SCI Café at MOD Coffeehouse - SCI Café, a new bimonthly discussion forum between UTMB scientists and members of the community, will hold its first session Saturday, July 20th at 10am in the Community Room at MOD Coffeehouse in downtown Galveston. The idea behind SCI (Science and Communities Interact) Café is to offer a regular time and space for community dialogue about science, health and possibilities. All are welcome, free of charge. For more information, call (409)772-9110. On-Going - $10 Kayak Tours: Artist Boat conducts guided kayak tours to Galveston Island’s Coastal Heritage Preserve for just $10 per person. Visit html, take a brief survey and follow the links to choose and register for your adventure. Artist Boat is located at 2415 Ave. K, (409)770-0722. Select Saturdays - 1892 Bishop’s Palace’s “Basement to Attic” Tours Give Patrons Rare View - Offering participants a rare look into parts of the 1892 home that are typically off-limits, the “Basement to Attic” tour returns this weekend to Bishop’s Palace, 1402 Broadway. Tours, which begin at 11am, will be held on June 29th, July 13th, 27th and August 10th and 24th. Reservations are $30 per person and can be made by visiting One of the highlights of the tour, Mrs. Gresham’s studio, offers visitors a truly one of a kind view of the Gulf of Mexico from the house’s third floor. “‘The Basement to Attic’ tour remains our most popular specialty tour. The view from the top is amazing and you can experience what it would be like to paint in Mrs. Gresham’s studio or be one of their children bounding up and down the steps.” says Denise Alexander, Director of Museums and Museum Services for Galveston Historical Foundation. “Historical information and photographs are shared on this tour that we don’t share on any others. It is truly a history experience.” Built of stone and steel for the railroad magnate Walter Gresham and his family, this famous house was designed by Nicholas Clayton, Galveston’s premier Victorian-era architect. Bishop’s Palace is recognized as one of America’s finest examples of Victorian exuberance and Gilded-Age extravagance and is listed by the U. S. Department of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark. For more information on Bishop’s Palace, please (409)762-2475. Select Saturdays - Galveston Island Tours, an affiliate of Galveston Historical Foundation, has announced its latest tour focusing on the architectural history of Galveston Island. Join Matt Farragher of GHF Preservation Services as he guides you through a showcase of the gorgeous buildings, churches and tree sculptures that Galveston Island lays claim to. Learn about the builders of these magnificent pieces of architecture as well as the history of the Island. Tours will focus on the East End Historical District and Strand/ Mechanic National Historic Landmark Districts and will last approximately one hour. Tours will depart from Ashton Villa at 2328 Broadway and are held on Saturdays on June 8th, June 16th, June 22nd and June 29th and will be offered at 10am and 12:30pm and will last approximately one hour. Cost is $15 per person and are available online at Seats are limited. Tours are on a first come first serve basis. For more info call (409)765-8687. Every Sunday Morning - Galveston’s Own Farmer’s Market starts around 9am at 2508 Postoffice, on the empty lot behind Antique

Warehouse and next to the Island Aquaponics greenhouse, on Postoffice between 25th and 26th. GOFM believes that good food matters. Come pick up everything from fresh produce, honey, eggs, and cheeses to already-prepared foods and grain-fed beef. Saturday, June 22nd - “Stop and Smell the Rosé!” Summer Wine Primer will be held at 7 – 9pm at The Kitchen Chick, 528 23rd St. Cost is free. Do you know anything about wine? No? Me neither! That’s why we are so excited to host this special summer wine night at The Kitchen Chick! Wine aficionado Jennie Rohrer will lead the class. More than just a tasting, her talent and tips will help you hone in on your favorite summer glass. Participants will learn about rosé, chardonnay, riesling, and sparkling wines as well as enjoy tasty pairings that are easy to prepare. This exclusive class is limited to 12 participants. Reservations will be on a first come, first serve basis. We ask that you truly commit to attending when you register and if you need to cancel, you do so as soon as possible so we may give your seat to someone from the waiting list. To make your reservation stop in or call The Kitchen Chick, (409)497-2999. Daily - Galveston Harbor Tours - See Galveston Harbor up close aboard “Seagull II,” Texas Seaport Museum’s 50-foot twin-engine motor vessel. Fast, stable and sheltered, she was built specifically for harbor sight-seeing excursions and education, and is a perfect platform for waterborne experiential learning. The boat is U.S. Coast Guard certified and her operators are fully licensed and knowledgeable about the history and lore of her home waters. “Seagull II” is restroomequipped, offers soft drinks and bottled water for sale, and has a comfortable main deck, sheltered from sun and rain. An open upper deck affords a full panorama of water and sky. You can buy tickets at 2100 Harborside Dr. Tickets for adults are $10; students (6-18) are $8; and kids 5 and under are free. Call (409)765-8687 for info. Friday, June 28th - The Blue Santa Barbecue Fundraiser will be held 11am – 8pm at The Roof Garden, 2214 Strand. Tickets are $10, and it is hosted by the Galveston Police Department’s “Blue Santa” Program and Lighthouse Charity Team. Meals will be served throughout the event at a cost of $10 a plate. A Silent & Live Auction will also be featured. All monies collected will go toward the purchase of gifts for the needy children and veterans of Galveston. Anyone wanting to make a monetary donation is encouraged to call (409)256-0762. Saturday, July 27th - “Cocktails with Larry Miller and Friends” - Get your tickets now this is another “sure to sell out” performance! Comedian Larry Miller shares his perspective on marriage, children and drinking and how each one leads to the other two. One of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, Miller has appeared in over fifty films, including “Pretty Woman,” “Waiting for Guffman” and “The Princess Diaries,” as well as appearances on “The Tonight Show,” “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Joining him is special guest, Pat Hazell, declared by Showtime as one of the five funniest people in America. One of the original writers for NBC’s “Seinfeld,” a “Tonight Show” veteran and a critically acclaimed playwright, Hazell has collaborated with Miller as the director and producer of his “Cocktails” tour. Performance starts at 8pm. The Grand 1894 Opera House is located at 2020 Postoffice St., downtown. For tickets call (409)765-1894.

Ordinary food, cooked extraordinarily well!

ShyKatZ Deli & Bakery 1528 Ave. L @ 16th St. ~ (409) 770-0500 Hours of Business: Monday - Saturday 7am-3pm for breakfast and lunch. Sunday closed.

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Organic Fair Trade Coffee Espresso, Smoothies, Lattes, Chai Teas Assortment of Beer & Wines Yummy Goodies Baked Fresh in our Kitchen!

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East Beach Sunfest: Summer Party and Volleyball Tournament

When: Saturday, June 22nd, 9am – 9pm Where: East Beach Info: (409)797-5111 The first annual Sunfest is a summer beach party and volleyball tournament, scheduled to be on East Beach on June 22nd. ESPN 97.5FM and Yahoo Sports Radio 1560AM are partnering together to create a signature summer event. Activities at this fun, family-friendly event will include a volleyball tournament, beach dig, sandcastle building contest, live entertainment, radio personalities and more. Come join us for the most fun you can have in one day! Galveston’s East Beach is the coolest and biggest beach in Texas. Located at the far eastern tip of the island, East Beach is

famous for its great beach parties, fishing and bird watching. In addition, East Beach has live bands, promotions, an annual sand castle competition and other activities. Unlike most beaches, drinking is legal on East Beach. Glass containers are not permitted by law on the beach. Chairs and umbrellas are available for rent on weekends May thru August. East Beach is “Houston’s Playground,” located just 45 minutes south of the fourth largest city in America. Come get down, get funky and get loose on Galveston Island’s East Beach. Mingle with the crowd or slip away to a quiet spot and chill out. East Beach holds about 7,000 cars on a huge wide open beach and is a perfect setting for ticketed outdoor concerts and festivals. East Beach welcomes national and local promoters, advertisers and beach enthusiasts. Be prepared, there is a $10 charge to enter the beach and they only accept cash.

26th, from 11am - 11pm on the grounds of, and streets adjacent to, First Lutheran Church, 24th and Winnie, in historic downtown Galveston. Visit for August The BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival will information or call (409)762-8477. German costumes encouraged. Admission is free. be held Friday, August 30th – Saturday, August 31st at Moody Gardens, 1 Hope Lone Star Motorcycle Rally will take place Thursday, October Blvd. This is the largest craft beer festival 31st – Sunday, November 3rd, at various locations throughout in Texas with more than 400 represented the city. The Geico Lone Star Rally is a weekend jam packed craft beers is a two-day celebration with entertainment, featuring free concerts day and night showcasing award-winning “brewmasters” on three stages; hundreds of vendors of all kinds offering at three signature events: the BrewTopia the ultimate motorcycle shopping experience; on-site bike Beer Garden, the Brew HaHa Grand Tastings & Keg Korner, enhancements from pin striping to LED lights to new exhaust and BrewLicious in the Ballroom. Attendees can hoist their systems; celebrity guest appearances; and the nation’s hottest mugs while enjoying live music, beer and food pairing semibike builders. Last year’s 11th Anniversary Lone Star Rally nars, and educational events about brewing and more. www. proved once again that everything is bigger in Texas with epic crowds reaching nearly 470,000 attendees. And, the 2013 event is expected to draw even more riders from across the country. September There will be all new events like the ‘1st annual Metric Bike Galveston Island Shrimp Festival will be held Friday, September 27th – Sunday, September 29th, at Saengerfest Park, Show,’ featuring rides from brands like Yamaha and Honda; and an all new 4th stage with performance all weekend long, spon2302 Strand. Galveston Island is a seafood lover’s paradise all year round, but this September, Yaga’s Entertainment Inc. will sored by Badlands Radio. The focus of the event will remain custom American built bikes and Harley’s with the nation’s top bring foodies a little taste of Heaven at the Galveston Island Shrimp Festival. Featuring some of the best shrimp gumbo the celebrity bike builders on hand to showcase their incredible Gulf Coast has to offer, this year’s festival features an expanded designs. For more info, log on at festival area in Galveston’s Historic Strand District with a December free Boat & RV Show, 2-day Cook-Off, and more. For tickets, 40th Annual Dickens on The Strand Festival will be held cook-off applications and additional information visit www. Saturday, December 7th – Sunday, December 8th, or call (409)770-0999. town. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Be it decreed that all lords, ladies and October children shall come and celebrate the 39th Annual Dickens on ARToberFEST will be held Saturday, October 19th – Sunday, The Strand, a holiday festival, where bobbies, Beefeaters and October 20th in the 2200 block of Postoffice St. This is a juried the Queen herself will be on hand to recreate the Victorian art competition on Galveston’s historic Postoffice Street and London of Charles Dickens. Characters from Dickens novels Galveston’s premier art event. The Island’s hospitality and relaxed walk the street. Food and entertainment fill the area with sights atmosphere provide a beautiful setting in which to enjoy the and smells that take you back to another era. Dickens on The wide variety of original art in all media. The event will take place Strand will take you and your family on an enchanted journey 10am-6pm, Saturday; 10am-5pm, Sunday. Ticket prices are $5 for through history as a bustling 19th Century cityscape comes adults, free for children 12 and under. Visit to life. For an entire weekend, hundreds of costumed vendors and performers will provide a look at the pomp and pageantry Island Oktoberfest will take place Friday, October 25th of the British Empire, at a time when commercial and cultural Saturday, October 26th at the First Evangelical Lutheran ties provided a strong connection between London and Texas’ Church, 2415 Ave G. Admission is free. Historic downtown largest and richest city. The family festival will include parades, Galveston will again come alive when the 32nd annual Island non-stop entertainment on the festival’s stages, plus strolling Oktoberfest kicks off Friday evening, October 25th from carolers and roving street musicians, bagpipers and entertainers. 5-11pm. Sponsored by Del Papa Distributing Company and Additionally, costumed vendors peddle their wares from street hosted by First Lutheran Church, this fun, family weekend of stalls and rolling carts laden with tasty culinary delights and continuous live music, authentic German food, pastries and Victorian-inspired crafts, clothing, jewelry, holiday decorations sweets, libations, shopping, auction, raffle, games, and much more will continue with extended hours on Saturday, October and gift items.

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Gulf Coast Volleyball Association Events... The Gulf Coast Volleyball Association is the largest outdoor volleyball association on the Gulf Coast, and has been rated the #1 outdoor volleyball organization by Outdoor Volleyball USA. During the summer months, the GCVA features an array of high-flying scheduled tournaments at Stewart Beach. You do not have to be a GCVA member to participate. Check-in is at 8:30am, with tournaments beginning promptly at 9am. Don’t miss out on the fun! Upcoming events are: Saturday, June 29th.............................“Red White N Volleyball” Tournament Saturday, July 13th...............................Texas Junior’s Last Chance Qualifier Saturday, July 20th...............................“Getting Hot Out Here” Tournament Sunday, August 4th.............................“Hot As Hell Classic” Tournament Sunday, August 25th...........................“Last Man Standing” Tournament Sunday, September 8th.......................“Back to School Blues” Tournament Sunday, September 22nd...................Season Closer 10 The Island Guide Magazine



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Weekend Breakfast Buffet Hamburgers, PoBoys & Fries lunch Soup & Salad Bar Hand breaded Cajun catfish Hand Breaded Gulf Shrimp Children’s Menu Extended Evening Hours Delivery to Jamaica Beach Shaded Outdoor Seating

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OceanFront Loft Apartments

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Seawall Blvd. 61st Fishing Pier

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April 2013 Tour Schedule We depart from 25th & Seawall Blvd, next to the Galveston Historic Pleasure Pier, at the following times: Daily - 11:00, 11:45, 12:30, 1:15, 2:00,

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Our climate-controlled buses pick you up at 25th & Seawall Blvd next to the Galveston Historic Pleasure Pier. You then have two great options for Cool Tour’s highly-acclaimed city tours across historic Galveston Island: Single Ride – If you are short on time or just want to stay on the bus and see all that Galveston Island has to offer, you can take our one-hour, fully-narrated, non-stop tour. This is a great way to become familiar with Galveston Island and help plan your stay. Hop-On Hop-Off – If you want to take your time and not only see everything, but also take the opportunity to grab a meal, do some shopping, visit a museum, or ride an attraction, then the “Hop-On Hop-Off” option is your perfect choice. Your ticket is good for 24 hours from the time you purchase it and you are welcome to hop on and off anywhere along the route as often as you like. Call or email to get details about our custom packages for cruise visitors. Get your ticket at our Seawall location or online at


Marine Fuel General Store Bait & Tackle Official CCA Weigh Station Free Boat Ramp Boat Storage Over the Water Store - 409-497-4148 � Restaurant - 409-497-4152 Bait Shop - 409-632-0338

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I-45 to Housto n

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Historic Arts and Entertainment District

Island Muisc Center

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Jack’s Pub



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Galveston Island Visitors Center at Ashton Villa


& The Strannd Downtow Area








East End

Books “The Bone Bed:” A Little Summer Intrigue By Gini Rainey  Out of 5 “The Bone Bed,” Patricia Cornwell’s 2012 release in her series of Kay Scarpetta novels, is a riveting story set in the Boston area. I am a huge fan of forensic investigative novels, and appreciate the authenticity of Cornwell’s writing that comes from her background as a crime reporter, a worker in Virginia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and as a volunteer with the Richmond, Virginia’s police department. She also draws on the knowledge of experts in the fields relative to her story lines that lend credence to her novels. The prologue sets the scene for intrigue, with the description of an e-mailed video being viewed by Dr. Kay Scarpetta, that was taken by a smart phone in the Peace Region of northwestern Alberta. “Peace” being an oxymoron, as the clip ends with a ‘jpg’ of a severed human ear. The twentieth of Cornwell’s series, “The Bone Bed,” retains the personnel from previous books in the series, all of them having their own very strong and definitive characterizations that Cornwell has meticulously developed over the past 23 years. It’s not necessary that you read the other 19 books, in order, before taking on “The Bone Bed,” but knowing some of the history does help put some things into perspective. After the prologue, Kay and her whiz-kid, ex-FBI/ATF agent, super-sleuth niece, Lucy Farinelli, determine that the ear might possibly belong to a paleontologist friend who possibly is no longer alive. What follows takes Kay to Boston Harbor to help rescue a nine-foot, leatherback turtle, (whose species is nearly extinct) that’s become entangled in a net, which also just happens to have a human body caught in it. As the plot thickens, the intrigue begins to involve Scarpetta’s close inner circle of friends. From the Harbor adventure to a courtroom trial to the inner sanctorum of Kay’s high-tech facility, Cambridge Forensic Center (CFC), and the Boston area, this book is a definite page-turner as the mysteries deepen and become more convoluted. Through the CFC’s cuttingedge diagnostics, her husband, FBI profiler Benton Wesley’s expertise, friend, ex-cop Pete Marino’s investigative efforts, and Lucy’s incredible tech savvy, the field of suspects gets narrowed down to a choice few. All of their excellent detective work brings the group together for an interesting conclusion to the novel set in a warehouse at the Boston shipyard, as the investigators reveal the

identity of the perpetrator of the crimes in true breath-holding, last minute suspense. Whether drawing on her experience as a journalist, a worker in the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, or a love of Italian cooking, Patricia Cornwell weaves an incredible fabric of crime, murder, investigation and personal relationships into novels that will keep her readers on the edges of their seats. “Fraud” by David Rakoff  Out of 5 “Fraud” is a collection of essays written by David Rakoff, a Canadian-born essayist, journalist, and actor, who transplanted himself to New York City in 1982. Heavily influenced and mentored by writer David Sedaris, Rakoff brought fifteen of his auto-biographical essays together under one cover which was published by Doubleday in 2001. Although, by his own admission, he tends to be fairly insecure and self-depracating, this collection will definitely hold your interest and fill you in on some interesting information about familiar luminaries such as Steven Seagal, Tom & Dick Smothers, and Robin Williams. Whether he’s on a search for the Loch Ness Monster in Ireland or the Hidden People of Iceland, struggling to the top of New Hampshire’s Monadnock, the most climbed mountain in the world, or sitting in a chair or impersonating Sigmund Freud in the window of Barney’s department store in Manhattan, Rakoff ’s writing will take you away from your mundane world and give you a sense of having traveled the road with him. A regular contributor on PBS’s “This American Life,” “GQ,” “The New York Times Magazine,” “Harper’s Bazaar,” to name just a few, Rakoff ’s would often use the “immersion” method of research by experiencing first-hand the subject of his essays. Unfortunately, after he won a valiant battle against Hodgkin’s Disease, David’s brilliant and multi-talented career was ended way too soon when he succumbed to a malignant tumor in 2012, at the age of 47. Unless you possess an incredible vocabulary, you might want to read this book with Webster as your companion. Trust me, your knowledge of the English language will get a run for its money. This book presents some really great, first-hand essays into one adventure after another and can be purchased through many of the usual on-line sources. “Smart Mouth Waitress” by Dalya Moon  Out of 5 If what you are looking for this summer is a good, poolside read, “Smart Mouth Waitress”, will definitely fill the bill. “Waitress,” is set in current day Vancouver and is written by author Dalya Moon - the pen name for Mimi Strong. Strong lives on the west coast of Canada with her husband and two cats, and writes chick-lit, erotic romance, sex comedy, and new adult contemporary romance.

Although geared for the younger reader, I found this novel about eighteen year old free-spirited Peridot (Perry to her friends) a great, light read. Working at the Whistle, a restaurant where the customers enjoy being told what they want to eat, Perry meets the guy she thinks might be Mr. Right. On a whim, Perry cuts her dread locks off, pierces her eyebrow and begins to make other changes in how she presents herself. Between being the daughter of a missing-in-action professional singer mother, Perry’s misadventures of working at the Whistle, “raising” her ADD father and younger brother Garnet, Perry’s coming-of-age saga provides easy reading for a summer afternoon. When Perry determines that Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong, she discovers a budding relationship with Wrong’s artist friend, Cooper. As in most feel-good, pool-book stories, this one has the predictable happy ending for everyone, except possibly Mr. Wrong.


Vreeland Novel for Summer Rosenberg Book Club: “Luncheon of the Boating Party” - Rosenberg Library is hosting this summer’s reading club with a work of historical fiction, Vreeland’s imaginative novel which recounts how renowned French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir created his 1880 masterpiece, “Luncheon of the Boating Party.” The colorful painting depicts a lively group of men and women enjoying a meal on a restaurant terrace. Renoir chose his own friends and colleagues as models for the work, and Vreeland brings life to these historical figures and the time in which they lived—la vie moderne. Meetings this summer for the Rosenberg Library Museum Book Club will be a brown bag lunch meeting, Thursday, July 25th from 12 noon1pm. On Saturday, August 24th, the book discussion and art presentation will take place from 11am-12pm. Registration is required. Established book clubs are encouraged to participate. “Luncheon of the Boating Party” is available for check out and is available as an e-book through Rosenberg’s 3M Cloud Library. Visit Ongoing - Children’s Summer Reading Club is continuing thru August 17th. The club is open to all children from infants through rising 7th graders and anyone can join at anytime by registering at Children can earn prizes by reading or listening to books. They may read anything they want anywhere they choose. All registrants receive a free t-shirt. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854. Tuesday, June 25th - The Bluebonnet Book Party, 2:30-4pm will be held at Rosenberg Library. Cost is free. This is exclusively for rising third through sixth graders. There will be book discussions and fun activities which highlight the 20 nominees of this Texas children’s book program. Each week will feature several of the nominees. For more info call (409)763-8854 ext. 161. Wednesday, June 26th - Storytime: “Digging Up Dinosaurs” will be held 10-10:30am. Gnash your teeth, show your claws and stomp your feet in this all about dinosaurs storytime. Recommended for infants - age 4 and adult companion. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854. Every Wednesday - Stories Alive: “I Dig Dinosaurs” will be held 2 – 2:45pm. Travel back in time through stories and songs to prehistoric days and meet the terrible lizards that stomped, roared and clawed their way around the world. Recommended for ages 4 -8. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854.

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Over the next few months we are running a series of articles featuring a variety of topics that all begin with the letter “B.” Future topics include Boats, Bikes, Buildings, Birds, Books, Buses, Boo, Boots, Beers and Boulevards. We hope that you will enjoy this creative summer series of articles all written by talented locals of our beautiful Island. We continue this series with the third focus...

A Continuation of One Hundred Years of Innovative Family Entertainment By Kimber Fountain │ Photos by Christa Schreckengost


he year is 1906. The citizens of Galveston have survived The its kind in the country. The original Pier included rides, midway Great Storm of 1900, which would endure as the most cata- games, an enormous ballroom that hosted national acts, and an strophic natural disaster in American history. They have outdoor theatre at the far end where visitors could watch movies built a seventeen foot high seawall, and are a mere two years into under the stars. Throughout its duration a world-class aquarium, the seven year project of raising the elevation of the southern edge roller skating, a zoo, concerts, wax figures, and even cliff diving of the Island to meet it. Contrary to popular assumption, the Storm exhibitions were added to the venue. It was eventually opened to had done very little to slow Galveston’s growth as a commercial the public and remained a center point of attraction to the Island port, and it had done even less to phase local entrepreneurs who through the knew that one of the Island’s many attractions were its soft sands remainder and warm waters, of the 1940s and its allure as a and 50’s. In local seaside resort. 1961, HurThat was also the ricane fell year that Galveston swift upon Electric Park made Galveston, its awe-inspiring and took as debut. On opening one of its day, May 25, 1906, victims the the owner granted prized Pleafree admission to the sure Pier. Recently, massive amusement history has facility that would repeated come to be known itself. The as “The Coney Island of the South.” destruction left by HurIt was the largest resort in the western ricane Ike in 2008 was no United States, and match to the boasted a Nickelodeon with “moving devastation picture shows,” roller in 1900, but it was enough coasters, a ferris wheel, penny arcade, to send many people here vaudeville shows, packing for live music, an Electric Swing, theatres, higher ground; the damage and special exhibits led even more people from and displays, all bril- the mainland to seek out other liantly lit up by over locations to vacation. A mere four years later, the City of six thousand elecGalveston has found itself yet tric lights. A speagain on the leading edge of cial excursion train connected Houston the topics it knows best. Resilient engineering projects such directly to the as the Ike Dyke are being amusement park. In 1943 amid the designed and considered, and small business, commerce, and tensions of World real estate are experiencing War II, the original rapid growth and movement. Pleasure Pier was opened as an enter- And once again, local busitainment facility for nessmen are rallying to the front, determined to survive United States military and their fami- the assault of nature, surpass the stigmas left in its wake, and reestablish Galveston’s prominence lies. At the time it as a family vacation destination. cost a staggering One such person is Tilman Fertitta, Galveston native and pro1.5 million dollars prietor of the well-known Landry’s Corporation. His contributions to build, and was to Galveston tourism include the perpetuation of locally established the largest park of 16 The Island Guide Magazine (409)256-5166

favorites like Fish Tales and Fisherman’s Wharf, three hotels including the world famous San Luis Resort, the Galveston Convention Center, and of course, Galveston’s Historic Pleasure Pier. The Pier opened in May of 2012, although the excitement and anticipation for the development had been building for quite some time. For three years locals and visitors drove by the depressing remnants of the once-famed Flagship Hotel, the only hotel in North America that was situated over the water. Falling prey to the ravages of Ike, the hotel’s forty year legacy came to an abrupt halt in September of 2008, suffering irreparable damage. Following the success of the wildly popular Kemah Boardwalk, Fertitta transformed the seawall piece by piece by disassembling the old hotel and putting in its place a spectacular display of rides, lights, and amusements, all in homage to its predecessors Galveston Electric Park and the original Pleasure Pier. Of course the new Pleasure Pier far outshines those predecessors at the same time it continues their legacy: the innovation and technology used in creating the new Pleasure Pier far outweighs anything that has come before it. Sixteen rides, Midway Games, Texas’ first Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., along with a variety of amenities, conveniences, and activities, all combine to form a world class amusement park that stretches fearlessly over the Gulf. Rides are available for kids of all ages and sizes. They include everything from major amusements like the fierce roller coaster Iron Shark and the log ride Pirate’s Plunge; to the gentle strum of the lolling Carousel; to all of our favorite, timeless carnival rides,

like Texas Tea (teacups), Texas Flyer (swings), and Rock & Roll (remember the carousel on steroids from the local fair?). For the avid amusement park-goer, there is typically one major goal to accomplish with any visit, and that is to, in the most fun way possible, completely rearrange their insides and then use centrifugal force to put them back together. The Sea Dragon, Bumper Cars, Sky Shooter, Cyclone, and Gulf Glider all add to the collective effort in accomplishing that goal. However, if you prefer a calmer approach to amusement the Pleasure Pier offers more than enough activity and refreshment to keep you entertained and flat on your feet. Carnival and midway games like Ring Toss and Basketball line the boardwalk, as do coin-operated High Power Telescopes, allowing you to see clearly far across the Gulf and down the Seawall. Comfortable seating is available at almost every turn, as are shaded picnic tables and benches. Commemorative memorabilia can be purchased throughout the park, such as Ride Photos and Old Time Photos, and satellite photographers move around through the park to help you capture your special day. There is face painting for the kids, and a Brew Station and designated smoking area for the bigger kids. The entire facility is immaculately maintained, the employees are friendly and helpful, and the Pier includes many extra amenities and extras. A variety of different food is available to suit all tastes, there are lockers for rent if you wish to secure valuables or belongings, the restrooms are clean, and there is an ATM and First Aid on-site. A day at Pleasure Pier is an experience that will surely delight people of all ages, as it does remarkably well in pleasing and providing for both children and adults. Rides, amusements, and hours of fun for the kids combine with cleanliness and convenience that all adults will appreciate. The impact of Pleasure Pier in its first year of existence has been far reaching. To visitors and tourists, it provides an amazing addition to the family vacation or weekend excursion. For the ongoing improvements and beautification of the Seawall, it is literally and figuratively the shining beacon of progress and innovation. But most importantly, for the local population, the Pleasure Pier has been a revival of Galveston’s finest hour, and a glimpse of the city’s enduring potential for greatness.

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm All day entrance and ride passes: $26.99 for adults $19.99 for children under 48� tall. Individual ride tickets and walk-on passes are also available.

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Fine Arts “Twelve Project” returns to Edna’s Room

Armed with the same film camera, an Olympus Trip 35, and the choice of black and white or color film, twelve Island residents are capturing their view of life on Galveston Island. The 2013 “Twelve” showing and auction will be held during ArtWalk on Saturday, July 13th beginning at 6pm in Edna’s Room of The Grand 1894 Opera House. For the past three years, “Twelve” has put cameras in the hands of local residents, asking them to capture their view of life in 24 photos or less. A project created in 2011 by Will Wright and

18 The Island Guide Magazine

Shannon Guillot-Wright, photography is used to highlight the diversity of people, sceneries and architecture in cities, as well as our diverse viewpoints on life. At the conclusion of their roll of film, each photographer chooses one of their photos for public display and auction. This year, proceeds from the ArtWalk event will go to benefit Galveston Art Center. Believing contemporary art can inspire, engage, provoke and inform, the Galveston Arts Center presents dynamic and innovative work focusing on professional visual artists living or working in Texas. “We at the Galveston Arts Center are deeply honored to be chosen as ‘Twelve’s’ 2013 grant recipient. This donation will support our ‘Art for All’ education outreach program which encourages children and adults to explore the creative process in a nurturing environment where they build self-confidence and improve problem solving


skills.” says Kellianna Vallee, GAC Interim Executive Director. 2013 participants are: Allison Buchtien, David Canright, Joel Camacho, Kim Cherryhomes–Bertinni, Ellie Cherryhomes, Denice Franke, Mike Gilbert, Rachel Wiley Janota, Linda Ercole Musso,

Dr. Ben Raimer, Manny Salazar and Paco Vargas. “Twelve” is a nonprofit initiative fiscally sponsored by “Artspire,” a Program of New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). The program is one of the oldest, largest, most prestigious and artist friendly in the county. Presenting sponsors for “Twelve” are Tom Schwenk, Realtor and Nautical Antiques & Décor. In-kind sponsors are Willthing, LLC, The Grand 1894 Opera House, Galveston Historical Foundation, “The Islander Magazine,” “The Island Guide,” “Galveston Monthly Magazine” and Islander By Choice, LLC. For additional information on “Twelve” and its participants, please visit, (409)356-3781.


Works by Robert McBride and Kelly Halbach will be on exhibit at Affaire d’Art, 2227 Postoffice St. Born in Los Angeles, California, McBride was influenced early by his artist mother who worked in watercolors and porcelain. McBride studied art at the Glassell School of Fine Arts under Robert McCoy and Richard Hickman. He paints in oils and pen and ink. He currently resides in Galveston and loves the island lifestyle, the music of John Coltrane and plays a little keyboard on the side. Halbach lives and paints in Nassau Bay. She is inspired by the gorgeous shorebirds and scenery found on our coastline and birding trails. Her art is displayed in galleries in Houston and Galveston and concentrates on ocean and beach themes. The gallery’s show entitled “Surf and Turf ” continues through July 6th. For more info call (409)789-0079 or go online at “Summer Group Show,” featuring nine artists, will continue at Buchanan Gallery, 302 25th Street. The Summer Group Show is a favorite annual tradition at Buchanan Gallery, and this summer the gallery is presenting one of the largest and most diverse offerings of paintings, mixed-media works and sculptures in its 24-year history as well as new work by favorite gallery artists, including Danna Ruth Harvey, Doug Sweet and Heather Gorham. The newest gallery artists, Krista Harris, Nicola Parente and Tami Merrick will be showing. The Summer Group Show will include highlights from our most recent exhibition, “Winged Beauties,” featuring paintings and mixed media works of birds and other beautiful winged creatures by Catherine Eaton Skinner, Charlie Jean Sartwelle and Louise Schlachter. Call (409)763-8683, or go online at Guest Artist Ted Ellis - “A Passion for Painting - Our Heritage” G. Lee Gallery, located at 2215 Postoffice, is Galveston Island’s most unique art showcase. Due to popular demand, on Saturday, June 29th, 5-8pm, G. Lee Gallery will host a community cultural event and closing reception for our Guest Artist Ted Ellis. A presentation on “A Passion for Painting Our Heritage,” by Mr. Ellis, will be followed by a question and answer session. Tickets are $20 and admission includes a signed print by Mr. Ellis. Mr. Ellis’ artwork has been shown at the Rosa Parks Museum; Tulane University’s permanent collection; and featured in “Southern Living” and “Newsweek.” For ticket purchase or more information call (409)370-7350. The G. Lee Gallery also presents the ongoing photography exhibit of Brian Hitchcox and Jim Lawson. And as always, new work by owner and resident artist George Douglas Lee. The G. Lee Gallery features prints, illustrated children’s books, original music CD’s and stationery featuring Galveston landscapes for sale. Scott Buckel: Artist of the Month - The photographs of Scott Buckel, Galveston Art League’s Artist of the Month for June, will be on display

at the League’s gallery, 2117 Postoffice, thru June 23rd. Scott initially studied photography on his own after spending his childhood in Houston, exploring the “wild” areas near his home. He also spent weekends looking for birds and other wildlife along the coast and piney woods of Texas, developing an interest in animal behavior. Scott’s interests compelled him to seek travel opportunities that allowed him to observe and film nature. The Galveston Art League is located at 2117A Postoffice. Call (409)621-1008 or go online at for more info. Open Call for 2013-14 Applications - Galveston Artist Residency exists to promote and encourage the knowledge and appreciation of art by giving artists a gift of time and space for the development of their work. We provide studio space, accommodation and a stipend to three artists annually. In the past, potential recipients of GAR residency grants have come from a pool of artists nominated by a jury of independent art professionals. Residency applications have been sent to this pool of nominated artists, and Residency grant offers, then sent to the artists selected. Until now there has not been an ‘open call’ for grants or applications for residency. However, for the next residency period (2013-2014) we are accepting applications on an ‘open call’ basis. The GAR program is open to visual artists working in any medium. Recipients will be at a point in their career where they will benefit from a period of intense, focused studio time. Emerging artists, as well as mature established artists, are eligible. Galveston Artist Residency is located at 2521 Ships Mechanic Row. Call (409)974-4446, or go to Marcelyn McNeil’s “Bent into Shape” will be exhibit thru July 7th. “Some paradoxical qualities found in my paintings are: biomorphic and geometric, quiet and loud, controlled and improvised, lyrical and muscular, and thick and thin. The work is about push and pull,” stated Marcelyn McNeil. The Galveston Arts Center proudly presents Marcelyn McNeil’s newest series of large-scale abstract oil paintings titled “Bent into Shape.” Curator Clint Willour will lead a gallery talk with the artist. McNeil “has a wonderful way of making dry, matte surfaces feel sexy,” says painter Howard Sherman. He also praises her “mastery of color and unusual marriage of intuition and specificity.” In her exuberant and colorful paintings, McNeil explores chromatic relationships while creating spatial tension; her forms appear to be moving in and out, pulling the eye to various areas of the painting rather than letting it rest in one particular spot. GAC is located at 2501 Market, (409)7632403, Quilts from the Mainland Morning Quilt Guild, based in Texas City, are now on display through July 3rd. The collection can be viewed Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. “One quilt maker regularly makes quilts for loved ones, thinking of them and saying prayers for them through the long process” says Jenny Chiovaro, Guest Curator. “There are also machine-pieced and machinequilted works with light-hearted motifs meant to be loved and used by children. There are small quilts to be hung on the wall as art, as well as large ones used as family quilts.” The poster quilt shows

the exceptional beautiful painting patience of of Galveston’s quilt maker Historic East Sue Driskill. End are availCalled “Oh able at the gallery. My Gosh! Also showing What Was I in the gallery Thinking?” it is textile artist uses a pattern Brenda J. Buntendesigned by Schloesser’s new Sue Garman hand-dyed, textile with thousands mosaics of Galvesof miniscule ton’s architecture; pieces, most of James D. Phillips’ which measure wood sculptures; ½”. Also of and bowls by note is the artist Dale Hooks, “Santa Claus’ both made from Vacation” “Iked” Galveston quilt by Peggy Trees. The gallery Baldwinalso carries Bill Clayton, Meek’s gorgeous showing Santa hammered at the beach glass bowls and enjoying sculptures. Other himself, paintings include complete with Galveston wetlands flip-flops, by Darlene Wall; Christmas and the urban ornaments landscapes by and lights. Wiley’s daughter, “Bolivar’s Lantern House,” by Rene Wiley The public Rachel Wiley is invited to Janota, who has vote for their favorite quilt during Cactus Quilts been consecutively named as a Hunting Art in Texas City. Galveston Historical Foundation Prize finalist. René Wiley Gallery is located at is located at the U.S. Custom House on the 2nd 2128 Postoffice St., (409)750-9077 or go online at Floor, 502 20th Street. Katrina Howarth Gallery Summer Shows Homer Allen’s “Off the Fence” - Homer Allen The summer days have been filled with burst opens his second one man show in the main of rain drops and crystal clear blue skies. Since gallery at PeckArts this month with flower power! the opening of the Howarth Gallery, everyone Homer is best known for his outdoor, large scale is enjoying being transformed to a new place, “pop art-esque” paintings. Created with waterthe delicate rose petals amongst the sparkling proof enamels on recycled billboard vinyl, these crystal shabby chic interiors dance along with the pieces can withstand the elements and be hung on stylish painterly canvases that showcase Katrina the fence, patio, or even dockside, although they Howarth’s incredible works of art. The artist is are often collected for inside the home as well. compared often to the great masters Matisse and The result of recent explorations, Allen’s work Cezanne. This gallery is a museum of works from explores line and color inspired by flower clip-art. this creditable artist who is represented in presti- Allen grew up in his father’s theater and started gious galleries in Taos, and Santa Fe New Mexico, his painting career creating backdrops for plays. and in the Chelsea district of New York City with Nowadays he says he sees his flowers as actors collectors throughout the states. Please come and and dancers in a similar way. Also exhibiting are enjoy the colorful and whimsical oils, often quoted painters Jerry Allen Soukup, Homer Allen, Anne ‘as an afternoon from Alice in Wonderland’, it’s a Camp and sculptors Ross de la Garza and Ted delightful jewel where cherries float with cerulean Armulowicz. PeckArts is at 2208 Postoffice St. Call blue skies, golden pears with swirly teacups and (409)621-1500, falling blueberries scattering amongst cupcakes, “Reaching into History” - Painter Gayle Reynfound within cottages nestled in the countrysides olds will be reaching into history to make her of European landscapes. Open Saturdays 12-6pm three large oil paintings of palms that are currently and Sundays 12-4pm and during all ArtWalks. on exhibit. Many small watercolors of palms will Located at 215 Tremont St., (713)550-6431 or go not have historical references, however. When the online at planking of his 7th dory is done, Rex Reynolds “Summer Reflections” - Island oil painter René will be taking it off its building jig, and putting Wiley is showing her newest series, “Summer it on sawhorses, right side up, then other work Reflections,” which includes colorful paintings will continue. Adirondack tallboys are availof Galveston’s harbors and vessels, the Pleasure able. Bronze sculptures of ladies by Pat Moberley Pier, and local street scenes. René Wiley was also Moore are on display throughout the gallery. recently chosen as the commemorative artist Pottery is by Madeleine Baker and John Whitman. for the 2013 Galveston Historic Homes Tour The Water’s Edge Studio and Gallery is open and a limited number of the giclée prints of this Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 10am-5pm;

and is located at 1302 21st Street, (409)762-1925, Art Class: Fabric Art with Ilse Bernard will be held Friday, June 21st, at Moody Mansion, 2618 Broadway St. Galveston Arts Center is pleased to announce summer art classes for kids age 5 thru 12. Friday weekly classes include: June 28th: Printmaking with Jessica Antonelli July 5th: Clay 1 with Amber Kaiser July 12th: Clay 2 with Amber Kaiser July 19th: Beach Find Wind Charms with Rachel Wiley July 26th: Nature Prints with Laura McIntyre August 2nd: Self Portraits with Joan Finn August 9th: Art Class: Batik on Paper Cost for members is $15; and non-Members $17. All classes are 9-11am. Reservations are recommended by calling (409)763-2403. “Return to Galveston” will continue on exhibit at Third Coast Gallery, 2413 Mechanic. Third Coast Gallery currently features an exhibition featuring works by artist Jack Morris, Daniel Elliott, Richard Kelver, MV Poffenberger, Deborah Hill, and Shea and Shirley Skidmore. This will be on view thru July 8th. Call (409)974-4661 for more information. Galveston History Tour Guide Featured on the History Channel: G.Lee Gallery now offers three choices for the best history tour on the Island. You can take a walking tour of downtown Galveston; for two, cruise the Island in a Mustang convertible with your tour guide George Lee; or, sit down in the Gallery for a presentation by Mr. Lee with slides, and a showing of the History Channel’s “Perfect Storms” episode about the 1900 Storm, featuring George Lee as one of the commentators. It’s an excellent one-hour documentary about the nation’s deadliest disaster. Any one of the tour options are $20 per person; $15 for seniors and children. Go to or meet at the G.Lee Gallery, 2215 Postoffice Street in downtown Galveston. Summer Art Classes at G.Lee Gallery offers art classes for children and adults. The focus is on drawing; developing composition, line, form and texture skills; then moving to color with watercolor pencil, acrylic and pastel. Students are encouraged to see what is around them, and then interpret it through their own imagination using media. Classes are $35 per 90 minute session, or $120 for four classes. Classes are limited to four individuals, or one-on-one instruction, conducted on Saturdays. Other times are available by appointment. Call (409)370-7350 or stop by the G.Lee Gallery at 2215 Postoffice Street in downtown Galveston. Disney’s “The Little Mermaid Jr.” - ETC’s “Summer 2013 Students On Stage” are proud to present their live performances on June 28th-29th at 7pm; and June 30th at 2:30pm. Music is by Alan Menken with lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater. The book, by Doug Wright, is based on the Hans Christian Anderson story and the Disney film. Tickets are $10. All performances will be at Island ETC, 2317 Mechanic Street. Tickets may be purchased by visiting or calling ETC at (409)762-3556 or (888)762-3556. Island ETC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

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Family Fun

The Curt Miller Magic & Comedy Show:

day’s “very normal in-laws-to-be” come visit. Numerous film and television adaptations exist of this well-known family, but the musical is based upon the cartoons rather than the television and film characters. Still, “they’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky” because they are The Addams Family. Family Fun Returns to Bring your family to The Grand and enjoy this funny, charming, and energetic musical producMoody Gardens tion of this weird and wonderful family! Don’t be ghoulish! Ticket prices start at $21. Call for When: Friday, June 28th - July 6th pricing on Box Seats. Special discounts for group Where: Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, & Conven- and senior tickets may be available. For information Centers, 1 Hope Blvd. tion about this and other performances scheduled, Cost: Adults: $20; kids (ages 3-12) $15 please contact The Grand’s box office at (409)7651894, (800)821-1894, or visit The Curt Miller Magic & Comedy Show The theatre, located at 2020 Postoffice Street in returns to the beautiful Moody Gardens Hotel in historic downtown. Galveston, Texas for the fifth great year, June 28 – Friday, June 21st - Drop-in Family Gaming will July 6, with many new surprises for 2013! Magician & Illusionist Curt Miller blends daz- be held Friday, June 21st, 10am – 1pm. Come play zling magic, music, and great CLEAN comedy in a variety of Wii and board games. Entire family a theatrical show that will leave your whole family invited to play. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854 ext. 161. amazed, amused, and most of all, Entertained! The Curt Miller Magic & Comedy Show has All Summer - DINOSAURS! I don’t know about performed throughout Las Vegas and across North you, but we love dinosaurs. That’s why we’re America for over 25 years. You’ll see people leviexcited about a special exhibit returning to Moody tated and vanished right before your eyes. You Gardens on Memorial Day weekend, ‘Dinos might even get chosen to be a part of the show! Alive!’ Moody Gardens® will be transformed into Don’t miss your chance to see a family-friendly a prehistoric stomping ground with more than Vegas-style magic show right here in Galveston! 20 lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, including a A limited number of seats are available, so full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, a baby T-rex and its order your tickets at nest, a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus, just to name (before they disappear)! a few. The exhibit, ‘Dinos Alive!’ takes guests on a Jurassic adventure as they become part of a rescue Events team sent back in time to search for a missing Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd - “The plane and its crew. The team will wander through Addams Family” - You don’t want to miss this curving paths lined with tropical foliage, discover darkly- delirious smash-hit musical comedy, “The full-grown and baby dinosaurs and gather clues Addams Family,” as it comes to life at Galveston’s to assist in the search mission. ‘Dinos Alive!’ will Grand 1894 Opera House. Performances are set also feature a hands-on archaeological dig site, as for 8pm, Friday, June 21st; and 2pm and 8pm well as a gift shop and photo opportunities. For on the June 22nd. Come be part of the fun and more information or tickets, call Moody Gardens find out whether Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, at (800)582-4673 or visit This exhibit will continue through August 11th. Grandma, Pugsley, and Lurch will behave like a Admission: $7.50. “normal” family when their daughter Wednes-

Daily - “JAM: Remastered” takes place daily 12 – 6pm at Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid. ‘JAM: Remastered’ demonstrates the calculated side of music in an interactive and tangible form, allowing guests to fully experience the birth of music today. Each gallery features different components that highlight the key roles played by science and math. Communicate through whisper pipes, rock a tune on the Theremin or serenade the crowd on the karaoke stage. Whatever the activity, there is a formulated equation that sings with the sounds. Tickets are adults $9.95; seniors and kids $7.95. For more info, call (800)582-4673. Any Day - Free Admission to Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum is one of more than 1,800 museums to offer free admission to military personnel and their families this summer. Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum announced the launch of Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense and more than 1,800 museums across America to offer free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The free admission program is available to any bearer of a Geneva Convention common access card (CAC), a DD Form 1173 ID card, or a DD Form 1173-1 ID card, which includes active duty U.S. military Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, as well as members of the National Guard and Reserve, U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, NOAA Commissioned Corps - and up to five family members. The complete list of participating museums is at Blue Star Museums is collaboration between the arts and military communities. “Our work with Blue Star Families and with more than 1,800 museums ensures that we can reach out to military families and thank them for their service and sacrifice.” Every Friday - Drop-in Lego Brickyard will be held 10am – 1pm. This is a fun children’s event where there will be creative engineering and free play with Legos® and Duplos®. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854. Tuesday, July 2nd - “Wild Things Zoofari” will be held 11am – 12pm. See exotic animals up close and learn what can be done to protect them and their native habitats. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854. Saturday, July 6th - The Express Theatre will present “The Ransom of Red Chief,” 2:30 – 3:30pm. This live performance is adapted from O’Henry’s classic tale. The hilarious story is of two crooks who plan a get rich scheme by kidnapping the child of a local banker. “Home Alone” and “Dennis the Menace, The Movie” drew inspiration from this literary classic. Rosenberg Library is located at 2310 Sealy St., (409)763-8854. Cost is free. Saturday, July 13th - Family Day “Rigs to Reefs” will be held 10am – 3pm at Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum, 1900 Harborside Dr. Family Days occur on the second Saturday of each month. Learn how obsolete oil platforms are being converted into artificial reef habitats and why sea creatures make these structures home.

Create a Deep See porthole – a unique view of an amazing underwater habitat. Each Family Day focuses on a different theme that relates to the offshore industry. The information is presented at student’s level using a variety of activities such as word games, coloring, and crafts. We encourage parents to bring their children aboard and explore the various facets of the offshore industry. Our goal is to promote family learning and quality time at a reduced cost. Children 18 years of age and younger are admitted free of charge with a paying chaperone. This special discount is designed for individual ticket sales and cannot be combined with other discounts, group tours or other museum programs. Ongoing - Lone Star Flight Museum Tours are held daily 9am – 5pm. The Lone Star Flight Museum is home to one of the finest collections of restored aircraft and aviation exhibits in the nation. Over 40 restored aircraft are displayed and most are in working condition. The collection includes WWII Fighters, Bombers, Liaison Trainers, and Executive Planes. The museum is located at 2002 Terminal Dr. Tickets are adults $8; seniors $5; and children $5. Call (409)740-7722 for info. Ongoing - Pier 21 Theater presents “The Pirate Island of Jean Laffite” - Pirate or patriot? Smuggler or businessman? Merciless murderer and thief, or hero in time of war? These are the contradictions of the legendary Jean Laffite. His harsh actions have secured his place in infamy, but his motives remain a mystery to this day. Whatever his reasons, the mere mention of Laffite in the early decades of the 1800s sent merchant ships throughout the Gulf of Mexico racing for safe harbor. During the last three years of his marauding campaign, Laffite made Galveston Island his base of operations. As for the treasure he is said to have buried there, none has been found . . . yet. “The Pirate Island of Jean Laffite,” directed by C. Grant Mitchell, is an exciting chronicle of the adventures of the pirate who called Galveston home, and seeks to explore the questions of his character. “The Pirate Island of Jean Laffite” shows daily every half hour, from 11:30 – 5:30, at the Pier 21 Theater, Harborside Drive and 21st St. Admission is $6 for adults; $5 for students, ages 6 to 18; and free for children under 6. Pier 21 Theater is located at 2100 Harborside Dr. Ongoing - Kayak Tour Adventure: Coastal Heritage Preserve - Artist Boat is establishing the Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island. The Coastal Heritage Preserve project is envisioned as a conservation area of approximately 364 acres of land on West Galveston Island adjacent to West Bay. This destination occurs at the natural and restored marshes protecting one of the most pristine examples of a dune/swale complex on Galveston Island. Artist Boat’s grant to acquire this land at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve is providing the financial resources to launch three years of educational programming from this special place. To discover the wonders of the dune/swale complex and wetlands and to celebrate nature while envisioning our future home. Come participate in these fun kayack tours. Book trip online at

WELCOME TO SURFSIDE, TEXAS! Stahlman Park Reception & Conference Center 2211 Bluewater Highway This facility is ideal for events such as family reunions, wedding receptions, class reunions as well as company meetings.

Voted Best Gulf Coast Beach Town by Readers of Gulfscapes Magazine!

Boat Ramp

Surfside has completed the joint project between the Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Village of Surfside, a Boat Ramp on Thunder Drive that leads directly into the Freeport Channel. This Boat Ramp park has restrooms and fish cleaning stations and is the fastest boat ramp access to the Gulf on the Texas Coast. How to find us:

Village of Surfside Beach

1304 Monument Drive - Surfside Beach, TX 77541 979-233-1531 - 20 The Island Guide Magazine


Music The Grand 1894 Opera House Summer Programs: “Riders in the Sky” Saturday, July 13, 2013 – 8pm

The American Western music and comedy group, Riders in the Sky, takes center stage at the Grand 1894 Opera House Saturday, July 13th at 8pm. A performance for the entire family, Riders in the Sky will have you reminiscently recalling your own childhood as your children inadvertently learn valuable lessons about dishonesty or laziness. Often poking gentle fun at the classic cowboy songs of the 1930’s and 1940’s, their style appeals to children which is evident by their two Grammy Awards for writing and performing music in major motion pictures including “Woody’s Roundup” from Toy Story 2 and Pixar’s For the Birds. Each performance begins with their trademark greeting , “Mighty fine and a great big Western ‘Howdy,’ all you buckaroos and buckarettes.” Lead singer Ranger Doug (Douglas B. Green) connects with his audience through their original works and various comedic skits and songs. Often their sketches alludes to something being done dishonestly or in a lazy manner and Ranger Doug responds, “You fellers know that that would be the easy way. But it wouldn’t be the cowboy way!” Ranger Doug is joined on stage by Woody Paul (Paul Chrisman), a swing fiddler and Too Slim(Fred LaBour) performer and songwriter and added accordion player Joey the Cowpolka King (Joey Miskulin). Mosey on down to the Grand 1894 Opera House and give a big ol’ ‘Howdy!’ to the Riders in the Sky. Ticket prices start at $26.

Houston’s Children’s Chorus Summer Pops Concert Sunday, July 21, 2013 – 4pm

Houston’s premier young choral group appears at the Grand 1894 Opera House Sunday, July 21 at 4pm. An amazing climactic performance for the entire family, the Houston’s Children’s Chorus Summer Pops Concert is the culmination of their summer camp highlighting performances from children grades 2 through 8. The Chorus, founded in 1989 strives to complete t heir mission - teach children to achieve high artistic standards through choral singing and performances and to provide the community with an outstanding children’s chorus. Their annual audition aims at making this group completely accessible to every child in the city of Houston, regardless of their race or economic status. Don’t miss these “small ambassadors to the world” give an amazingly charming performance at the Grand 1894 Opera House. All tickets are $15.

Golden Dragon Acrobats Saturday, August 10, 2013 – 2pm & 8pm

The Golden Dragon Acrobats represent the best of a time honored tradition that began more than twenty-five centuries ago. The Golden Dragons are recognized throughout the United States and abroad as the premiere Chinese acrobatic touring company of today. The reputation of the company is solidly rooted in a commitment to the highest of production values and an attention to artistic details that is unparalleled in the art form. World renowned impresario Danny Chang and choreographer Angela Chang combine award-winning

achieved hit song status at Country radio, while more than 20 million of his albums have been sold worldwide. While acrobatics, traditional dance, spectacular cosit’s well-known tumes, ancient and contemporary music and theatrical techniques to present a show of breath- that Black is an accomplished taking skill and spellbinding beauty. singer and guitarist, people may Clint Black be surprised to Saturday, August 24, 2013 – 8pm learn that he is Prolific singer-songwriter Clint Black has long also proficient been heralded as one of Country music’s brightest on drums and stars. His many talents have taken him even fur- harmonica. ther, as Black has transcended genres to become Robert Earl Keen one of the most successful artists in all the music Saturday, August 31, 2013 – 8pm industry. To date, Black has written, recorded Robert Earl strikes an unusual balance between and released more than 100 songs, a benchmark in any artist’s career. An astounding one-third of sensitive story-portraits and raucous barroom fun. His gift for lyrics, which run from sharp-witted these songs eligible for major single release also

humor to poignant emotional ruminations, have brought him fans from across traditional and alternative country genres as well as folk and American. Join us for another good old Texas reunion with Robert Earl, including his memorable melodies and oddball characters brought to life in song! For information about this and other performances scheduled, contact The Grand’s Box Office at (409)7651894, (800)821-1894, or visit The Grand’s website at The theatre, located at 2020 Postoffice Street in historic downtown Galveston, is recognized as “The Official Opera House of the State of Texas.” All major credit cards accepted.

Palms Cove Management at

The Palms at Cove View 3506 Cove View Blvd. • Galveston, Texas 77554

(409)744-0075 Six Elegant Floorplans

Furnished Units

Starting at $775 to $1650 long and short terms

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1 Bedroom Floorplans Starting at $600 - $800 2 Bedroom Floorplans Starting at $775 - $999


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Walking Distance to Beach Wet Bar Storage Area Pool with Waterfall Exercise Room Club House Corporate Housing Available Some Units with Garages and Wood Burning Fire Places


Fireplaces New Appliances Ceramic Tiled Floors Vaulted Ceilings Private Balconies Washer/Dryer in some Units Washer/Dryer Connections in All The Island Guide Magazine

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Talented Daughter of Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson To Perform at Galveston’s Pier 21

Burgers & Blues at The Beach Hut Every Thursday, 6-9pm

For song downloads and shows go to

22 The Island Guide Magazine


Galveston’s favorite heiress of outlaw country is returning for a little “Island Time!” In a special performance presented by Mitchell Historic Properties and the restaurants and attractions at Pier 21®. Paula Nelson, daughter of outlaw country icon Willie Nelson, will perform at the island’s only harborside live music venue. The free, family-friendly performance takes place 6-9pm on Saturday, June 29th at Pier 21®, Harborside and 21st Street. Native to Houston, country darling Paula Nelson was born of music and entertainment and began her career at the early age of seven when she started singing and playing piano. “Texas Monthly” calls her vocals “torchy” and the “Los Angeles Times” proclaims, “There’s no missing the unforced power of Paula’s singing.” Singers such as Jesse Colter and Rita Coolidge influence Paula’s bluesy singing style making her music a popular go-to for fans across the country, and especially her hometown of Austin, Texas. Paula and her band have been touring the United States and abroad since 2004. They have gathered fans not only from their native state of Texas, but also from Colorado, California, and the East Coast. “The chemistry between this band and I is magic both on stage and off,” says Paula, “I consider them both my friends and my family. I feel truly blessed to be in the company of these amazing musicians.” Paula Nelson will perform for this free event that is open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to grab a meal and enjoy the show from the outdoor seating areas at any of the participating restaurants located on the pier. Come early, this will be a popular event for sure!


Every Tuesday - Galveston Beach Band performs 7:30 – 9:30pm at the Sealy Pavilion, 24th & Sealy, downtown. Cost is free. Starting in the 1920’s, the Galveston Beach Band free concerts were an important summer Island attraction, often boasting audiences of 2,000 and featured on the newspaper front page. By the 1960s the Band had declined and was revitalized, thanks to its core of loyal musicians and then new leader, Frank Incaprera. Fast forward to today and the free concerts continue, as much loved as ever. Now a proudly family venue, concerts are a diverse mix of much loved show tunes, big band numbers and jazz. Housed in the Sealy Pavilion, concerts are a mixture of family, fun and summer relaxation. Frank Incaprera is the driving force of the Galveston Beach Band. From an endless quest for civic funding, to music selection, conducting, and playing solos, Frank is front and center stage. A man of monumental commitment, under his 48 year leadership, the summer concerts continue to brings pleasure to so many. For more info log on at Saturday, July 6th - The Texas Tenors, Marcus Collins, JC Fisher, and John Hagan, will present an encore performance of “Let Freedom Sing!” at The Grand 1894 Opera House at 8pm. Discovered on the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent” in 2009, the group continues to build a following around the world. These three incomparable vocalists captivate audiences with breathtaking vocals, humor, and, of course...their cowboy charm. Don’t be fooled by their black attire and casual Texas ways, each of these artists take their music seriously. John Hagan personifies an “astonishing...superb tenor of deep musicality,” while JC Fisher discovered a deeper love for music in college while earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Music. And, Marcus Collins began singing at the age of four by emulating his favorite radio artists and bringing a contemporary element to the group. Ticket prices start at $28. For information please contact The Grand’s box office at (409)7651894, (800)821-1894, or visit The Grand’s website at The theatre is located at 2020 Postoffice Street in historic downtown. Saturday, July 20th - ‘Del Castillo,’ an acclaimed Latin Rock band, Del Castillo will perform at Party on the Pier at 6-9pm. Del Castillo has won upwards of 18 awards for their eclectic blend of Flamenco, Rock, Latin, Blues, and World music. Their unique sound and intense instrumental skills have gained them recognition including SXSW/Austin Music “Album of the Year” Awards, for their albums “Vida and Brotherhood;” “Band of the Year;” ASCAP’s “Best Independent Group of the Year;” and Austin Music Pundits “Best Live Act.” Their lively sound has gained Del Castillo recognition by “Rolling Stone” magazine who calls the band “tumbling brilliance on nylon-string classical guitars” with “eruptions of technique

and taste that conjure images of Eddie Van Halen fronting early Santana (with an assist from the Gipsy Kings).” The event is free (yes, FREE!) and open to the public. Visitors must be prepared to show valid identification to enter. Saturday, August 24th - Clint Black will perform at 8pm at The Grand 1894 Opera House. You had better get your tickets now - this is a guaranteed sell-out performance. Prolific singer-songwriter Clint Black has long been heralded as one of Country music’s brightest stars. His many talents have taken him even further, as Black has transcended genres to become one of the most successful artists in all the music industry. To date, Black has written, recorded and released more than 100 songs, a benchmark in any artist’s career. An astounding one-third of these songs, eligible for major single release, also achieved hit song status on country radio, while more than 20 million of his albums have been sold worldwide. Black’s continued success can be attributed in part to his deep sense of country music history, and his humble gratitude in being an important part of it. The 1989 debut of his critically acclaimed fan favorite, the Triple Platinum “Killin’ Time,” marked a shift in the industry, with a return to the more traditional sounds of the genre. The Grand 1894 Opera House is located at 2020 Postoffice St., downtown. For tickets call (409)765-1894, (800)821-1894, or

East Beach Outdoor Summer Music Schedule East Beach is open for concerts all summer. Concerts are free but there is a $10 per car admittance fee into the park. Schedule are: Saturday, June 22nd 9am East Beach Sunfest Sunday, June 23rd 1pm Kevin Anthony & G-town Sunday, July 14th 1pm Irie Time Sunday, July 21st 1pm Del Castillo Thursday, July 28th All Texas Race Week Regatta Saturday, July 28th 1pm Journey Agents Sunday, August 11th 1pm The Minx Delilah Sunday, August 18th 1pm Ocean Roots Sunday, August 25th 1pm Indiginis Sunday, September 8th 1pm Lone Star Deluxe Sunday, September 15th 1pm Irie Time Sunday, September 22nd 1pm Cassette Tape

Music Guide

Friday, June 21st The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Ben Cina, 6-9 Beach Hut – Cash McCall, 5-9 B. Jigger’s – Radio London Bobbie’s House of Spirits Tomz Katz, 9-1 Captain Jack’s – Cassette Tape Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell MOD – Chris Durbin, 7-9 Moody Gardens – Ben Cina Trio, 6-10 Old Quarter – Kevin Anthony, 9-1 Pleasure Pier – Swagger, 6-10 Tremonte – Leah Stonum West End Restaurant – Jerry Diaz/ Hannas Reef Band, 7-11 Yaga’s – The Line Up Saturday, June 22nd Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Space Monkeys, 6-9 The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Almost Endless Summer 3-7; Threadbelly, 8-12 B. Jiggers – Swagger, 9-1 Bobbie’s House of Spirits – Tomz Katz, 9-1 Captain Jack’s – Potbelly, 5-9 Club 21 – Snafu, 9-1 Crow’s – Soulpride, 9-1 East Beach Sunfest Summer Festival - Bands all day, 9-9 Galvez – Joe Sewell, 5-10 Moody Gardens – Space Monkeys, 6-10 MOD Coffee Shop – Kevin Anthony, 7-9 Music Night on thee Stand – The Dolly Rockers & Lonestar Deluxe, 6-9 Old Quarter – Lisa Morales, 9-1 Pleasure Pier – Collaboration, 1-5, Park Ave., 6-10 Sandbar – 98 In The Shade, 3-7 Tremont – Kirk Hale, 5-10 West End Restaurant – Manna Band 1-5, Sam Navarro, 7-11 Woody’s – Ray T. & The Crew, 3-7 Yaga’s – Ben Cina Trio, 10-1 Sunday, June 23rd Beach Hut – Hold Fast Fables, 3-7 B. Jiggers – Karaoke Bobbie’s House of Spirits - Jam With Tomz Katz, 9-1 Captain Jack’s – Guppies, 2-6 Crow’s – Geoff Fish, 12-3 East Beach – Kevin Anthony, 1-4 Pleasure Pier – Bib Richard, 2-6, Rum Shack – Marty Monte Band, 3-7 Sandbar – Tomz Katz West End Restaurant – Larry Emerson 1-5 and 7-11 Woody’s – Hunter McKithan & The Offenders, 3-7 Monday, June 24th B. Jiggers – Video DJ The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Crow’s Southwest Cantina – Country Karaoke Tuesday, June 25th The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Crow’s Southwest Cantina - Troubadours Open jam Mosquito Café – Kevin Anthony, 7-9 Wednesday, June 26th B. Jiggers – Video DJ The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Captain Jack’s – Bluemoon, 5-9 Crow’s Southwest Cantina - Open mic Acoustic Old Quarter - Open mic w/ Neil Down Pier 30, Surfside – Open Jam with Greg Garner Thursday, June 27th Beach Hut – Blue Louie – Burgers & Blues Captain Jack’s - Soulfiya Crow`s Southwest Cantina – Open mic jam, 9-1 Drip – The Line Up, 9-1 Medicinal Purposes – Kevin Anthony Old Quarter – Kitty Litter, 9-1 Friday, June 28th Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Bill Archer, 6-9 Beach Hut – Sister Breeze & Hillbilly, 6-10 The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolenti B. Jiggers - Rapture Captain Jack’s – Explorers, 5-9 Crow’s – 3 Peace, 9-1 Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell Jimmy’s – Drum Circle MOD – Lyda Plummer, 7-9 Moody Gardens – Bill Archer, 6-10 Old Quarter – Seth Walker Pleasure Pier – Key West, 7-11 Tremonte – Tim Holder, 5-10 West End Restaurant – Zac Tate, 7-11 Yaga’s – Fiel, 10-1 Saturday, June 29th Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Rat Ranch, 6-9 The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Ernie Trevino Band 3-7; Wiseguy, 8-12 B. Jiggers – 11 Hour, 9-1 Bobbie’s House Of Spirits – Zac Perry Captain Jacks – 98 In The Shade, 5-9 Club 21 – The Relics, 9-1 Crow’s – Geoff Fish, 12-3, Hamilton Loomis, 9-1 East Beach - Hypersoul Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell MOD – Doug Greer Moody Gardens – Rat Ranch, 6-10 Old Quarter – Bobby Mitchell, 9-1 Pier 21 – Paula Nelson, 6-9 Pleasure Pier – Space Monkey’s, 6-10 Sandbar – Blue Louie, 3-7

Tremont – Ronnie Ginsberg, 5-10 West End Restaurant – Manna Band, 7-11 Woody’s – Sam Riggs & The Night People, 3-7 Yaga’s - Bare Neccessity, 10-1 Sunday, June 30th Bobbie’s House of Spirits – Jam With Tomz Katz, 9-1 Beach Hut – Shaun Michael, 3-7 B. Jigger’s – Karaoke Captain Jack’s – Salty Dogs, 2-6 Crow’s – Gino Madrid, 12-3 East Beach – Indiginis Pleasure Pier – 11th Hour, 6-10 Rum Shack – Snafu, 3-7 Sandbar – Mark Lee Band, 3-7 Woody’s – Sam Navarro, 3-7 Monday, July 1st B. Jiggers – Video DJ The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Crow’s Southwest Cantina – Country Karaoke Tuesday, July 2nd B. Jiggers – Video DJ Crow’s Southwest Cantina - Troubadours Open jam Mosquito Café – Kevin Anthony, 7-9 Pier 30, Surfside – Karaoke Wednesday, July 3rd B. Jiggers – Video DJ, 9-1 The Bar – Angelo Tolentino, 7-11 Captain Jacks – Blue Moon, 5-9 Crow’s Southwest Cantina - Open mic Acoustic, 8-12 Old Quarter - Open mic w/ Neil Down, 9-1 Pier 30, Surfside – Open Jam with Greg Garner, 8-12 Riptide Surf Bar – Carl Piano Smith Thursday, July 4th Beach Hut – G. Helms & Texas Black Gold, 8-12 B. Jiggers - Karaoke Bobbie’s House of Spirits - Karaoke Captain Jack’s – Cassette Tape, 6-10 Crow`s Southwest Cantina – Open mic jam, 9-1 Drip – The Line Up, 9-1 Medicinal Purposes – Kevin Anthony The Sandbar Grille - Tomz Katz Band, 12-4; Leroy Thomas & The Zydeco Roadrunners, 4-8pm Friday, July 5th Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Intercoastal Pirates The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Red Devil Rebels, 3-12 Captain Jack’s – DRUM, 5-9 Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell Moody Gardens – Intercoastal Pirates, 6-10 The Sandbar Grille - Leannasaurus Rex, 6-10pm Tremonte – Kirk Hale Yaga’s – Brandon McDermott Saturday, July 6th Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Face this Way The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Marty Monte 3-7, 98 In The Shade, 8-12 Bobbie’s House Of Spirits – Zac Perry Captain Jacks – Southbound, 5-9 The Grand – The Texas Tenors, 8pm Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell MOD – Doug Greer Moody Gardens – Face This Way, 6-10 Sandbar – Trip 2 Cascity, 3-7 Tremont – Kirk Hale Woody’s – Captain Legendary, 3-7 Yaga’s - The Line Up Sunday, July 7th Bobbie’s House of Spirits – Jam With Tomz Katz, 9-1 Beach Hut – Mama Tried, 3-7 B. Jigger’s – Karaoke Captain Jack’s – Southbound, 2-6 East Beach - Indiginis The Sandbar Grille - Six Gun Keys Woody’s – James Pardo, 3-7 Monday, July 8th B. Jiggers – Video DJ The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Crow’s Southwest Cantina – Country Karaoke Tuesday, July 9th B. Jiggers – Video DJ Crow’s Southwest Cantina - Troubadours Open jam Mosquito Café – Kevin Anthony, 7-9 Pier 30, Surfside – Karaoke Wednesday, July 10 B. Jiggers – Video DJ Captain Jacks - Karaoke Crow’s Southwest Cantina - Open mic Acoustic Loading Dock - Karaoke Old Quarter - Open mic w/ Neil Down Pier 30, Surfside – Open Jam with Greg Garner Riptide Surf Bar – Carl Piano Smith Thursday, July 11th Beach Hut – Blue Louie- Burgers & Blues B. Jiggers - Karaoke Bobbie’s House of Spirits - Karaoke Captain Jack’s – Irie Juction Crow`s Southwest Cantina – Open mic jam, 9-1 Drip – The Line Up, 9-1 Medicinal Purposes – Kevin Anthony Friday, July 12th Bands on the Sands at Moody Gardens Palm Beach - Third Language, 6-9 The Bar at the San Luis – Angelo Tolentino Beach Hut – Boo Schaaf, 5-9 Captain Jack’s – Bluemoon, 5-9 Hotel Galvez – Joe Sewell Jimmy’s Pier – Drum Circle Tremonte – Kirk Hale West End Restaurant – Zac Tate, 7-11 Yaga’s – Brandon McDermott

Line-Up of Music Fun!

Saturday, June 22nd Almost Endless Summer, 3-7; Threadbelly, 8-12 Sunday, June 23rd Hold Fast Fables, 3-7

Thursday, July 4th Live Music, 3 to 7 G. Helms & Texas Black Gold, 8 to 12 Friday, July 5th Red Devil Rebels, 3 to 12 Saturday, July 6th Marty Monte Band, 3 to 7; 98 in the Shade, 8 to 12 Sunday, July 7th Mama Tried, 3 to 7 Friday, July 12th Boo Schaaf, 5 to 9 Saturday, July 13th Footpie, 3 to 7; Salty Dogs, 8 to 12 Sunday, July 14th Denovo, 3 to 7

Every Thursday....

Blue Louie Burgers & Blues 6 to 9pm

Friday, July 19th Cash McCall, 5 to 9 Saturday, July 20th The Relics, 3 to 7; Cassette Tape, 8 to 12 Sunday, July 21st Shaun Michael, 3 to 7 Friday, July 26th GCR3, 6 to 10 Saturday, July 27th Wiseguys, 3 to 7; Almost Endless Summer, 8 to 12 Sunday, July 28th Hold Fast Fables, 3 to 7

Happy Hour M-F, 3-7pm

The Only Bar on the Beach! 731 Seawall Blvd. on the East End of Seawall Blvd.

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The Perfect Mix of Sizzle and Swizzle

N E W E S T R E S TA U R A N T O N T H E S E AWA L L N O W O P E N Hotel Galvez & Spa Invites You to Experience the New Galvez Bar & Grill. enjoy casual dining in our redesigned restaurant and bar and savor our new menu that includes fresh local seafood, steaks and more. Unwind in our distinctive bar over premium wines by the glass and cocktails while sampling our delicious new bar bites. The hotel will continue to serve its traditional Sunday Champagne Brunch, named one of the Best Brunches in Texas by Southern Living Magazine.

..................................................................................................................... 2 0 2 4 S e awa l l B lv d , G a lv e S TO N I S l a N d , T X | F O R R e S e RvaT I O N S C a l l 4 0 9 . 7 6 5 . 7 7 2 1 O R v I S I T w w w.wy n d h a m Ho t e l G a l v e z . c o m

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