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Adam Schihab-Leading the Vanille Group and writing secret recipes in "The Islander Chef."

Adam Schihab-Leading the Vanille Group and writing secret recipes in "The Islander Chef."

The Vanille Group established in 2010, has aimed to provide one of the finest cakes and pastries in Saudi Arabia. Vanille Group announced that it would serve sweet bites under the leadership of the world-renowned Chef Adam Schihab. Chef Adam Schihab is now leading the Vanille Group in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Located in Al Khobar, Vanille Group has a 75-seater dining space, with gourmet chocolate and pastries display section and private chef table. The French bistrostyle restaurant serves Arabia’s finest pastries with a blend of European and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Leading the Vanille Group, Chef Adam Schihab has also come up with his book named "The Islander Chef." This great recipe book is simple and easy to understand, as every ingredient measures in grams. Chef Adam Schihab tells that he wrote this book because of the feedback and the overwhelming requests on Instagram that he received from his customers, followers, and family friends. Adam said that it was not easy to tell every single person the secret to making the perfect pastries, so he liked the idea of writing his master creations on a paper. Chef Adam Schihab also runs Instagram influencing thousands of food lovers around the globe. It seems pretty obvious that he has received thousands of requests from his followers that moved

him to sit down and share his secrets with the world finally.

In addition to the secrets of Adam’s recipes, the Islander Chef contains creativity, particularly in the section of pastries. For all of those who never succeeded in making the fluffiest pastry, you need to try the step by step recipes in the book "The Islander Chef" carefully

After working in large volume hotels and preparing delicate and mouthwatering recipes, Chef Adam Schahib has put recipes of cakes, pastries, croissants, French chocolate tart, decadent chocolate cake, and macron in his book “The Islander chef."

Just think about the process of making a perfect croissant is so amusing like a sheet of butter wrapped in the folded yeast dough and turned into the ideal crescent-shaped pastries. It sounds so easy and satisfying to watch, right? Well, standing in the kitchen and making croissant by yourself may turn all of your hopes down because croissant is not that

easy to make as easy and satisfying they seem to watch. Before you turn the whole kitchen into a mess, we have exciting news for you. Chef Adam Schihab has put all of his secret recipes into a book named "The Islander Chef." Chef Adam Schihab has laced the Islander Chef with plenty of tips to move your dish toward success. From the first page of the book until the end, experience the enriched flavors of different Islands.

In the book the islander chef, Adam includes the Moul-Bie T45 and T55 polished methods that he learned during his training from the pastry schools in Paris, to bake the perfect crispy croissant. If you ever visited East of Saudi Arabia or went to Al Khorab, do not forget to

taste these croissants because you will not find such crispy croissants somewhere else in Saudi Arabia. Chef Adam Schihab loves to bake healthy bread. Being a health-conscious chef, he makes the dough with Multigrain and Spelt. The type of bread he bakes is free from chemical processing. Healthy ingredients like lentil, seeds, grains, and oats are used to include all the necessary fibers and notorious values.

Adam Schihab loves to work and influence young entrepreneurs. He partnered with so many young Saudian entrepreneurs and served both smallsized and middle-sized restaurants with his catering services. He enjoys the ideas of young entrepreneurs and shares his

experience with them to lead their business in the right direction. Chef Schihab said, “Meeting like-minded professionals in my field of business inspire me to push beyond my comfort zone." He is a great chef and served as a consultant to many Michelin starred restaurants. We all know teaching is more important than the teacher. That's how one learns. Youngsters are learning from following his social media feeds like @Vanillaksa @vanilla_sa and fourberry1 7.