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The Irish American Partnership Annual Campaign 2011– 2012 FOCUS ON IRISH EDUCATION Ireland’s educated workforce is one of its few natural resources. The Partnership believes that investing in Irish education is the best, most efficient, and productive way for Irish Americans to honor their Irish Heritage. In 2011 and 2012, in addition to the existing Science Teaching, Library and Northern Ireland Programs, we are also funding six new Scholarship Programs at four Irish Universities. A new program, FIT, recruits and trains latent high-technology talent found within the unemployed and under-employed throughout Ireland. New scientists and engineers are the cornerstone of a successful Irish economy.

IRELAND’S FUTURE GENERATIONS LEARN SCIENCE St. Patrick’s Teaching College Science Teaching — West of Ireland Primary Schools Continuing our emphasis on assisting the teaching and learning of basic science in western Ireland’s primary schools this new program will utilize the Teacher’s Learning Center in Mayo to organize local teachers and put in practice the lessons learned from the research and training programs over the past several years.

Students in Filemore, County Kerry participate in a Partnership funded exercise about electricity.

Science Teacher Advanced Degrees Mayo, Kerry, Donegal & Galway A key to building student interest and learning in science is the proficiency and enthusiasm of their teachers. This Partnership funded program encourages existing teachers to obtain additional degrees in science. Science Teaching Special Information Newsletter Currently distributed to 300 teachers who have experienced Partnership Science Programs, these six annual science newsletters provide teaching support and information helpful to their classroom activities. The newsletter is funded by the Partnership, and edited and published by St. Patrick’s Teaching College.

The principal and students from Midfield National School in Co. Mayo celebrate being involved in the Partnership’s Science Program.

Mary Immaculate Teaching College Limerick Primary Schools This Partnership grant initiates science teaching workshops, conducted by Mary Immaculate college lecturers, for teachers from schools in the Limerick area.

Greg Smith of St. Patrick’s College presents a plaque to the Kinnaffe National School in Co. Mayo for their work in the Partnership’s Science Program.


Fast Track to Information Technology There are many in Ireland who may not be qualified for college but possess natural computer or other high-technology skills. Fast Track is a system that searches for such talent amongst the unemployed and lower paying, more menial jobs, and recruits them into a school that will train them for high-tech employment. A 44-year-old father of four working in a low paying retail store, a 32-year-old mother of 2 working as a bartender, a 25-year-old waiter—might all be eligible, after appropriate testing, for computer programming training or to become an in–house computer engineer.

FIT graduates (Andrew Lennon, Margaret Twynon Newman and Joan Connaghton) with former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, at the FIT 10 Year Anniversary event. Andrew is a Senior Programmer in Lionbridge, Margaret is a Senior Programmer in South Dublin County Council and Joan is an IT Trainer working in the Dublin community.

This program has the potential to greatly enhance Ireland’s reputation as a high-tech country with a qualified workforce. The 2011 Partnership grant supports existing selection and training programs.


Transformational Schools With their own local schoolchildren population declining, formerly exclusive Protestant schools are inviting Catholic children to come. These schools are called Transformational Schools and are a part of the Integrated School movement. These schools now require a more Catholic atmosphere hence they need more centrist books, posters and new, more objective, teaching materials. Both Catholic and Protestant children learn about each other and their religions. The Partnership has funded ten of these Transformational Schools and will continue to do so in 2012.

Special School Programs East Belfast, West Belfast, & Derry

Pupils at Partnership-supported Transformational School of Ballymoney Model Primary enjoying one of their new books. The school is in the town of Ballymoney in North County Antrim.


UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business Masters Degree Scholarship “Ireland as a Catalyst for US Economic Links with Europe” One of our new programs initiates a Masters Degree Scholarship at Ireland’s premier business school on the subject, “Ireland as a Catalyst for United States Economic Links with Europe.” Managed by Smurfit Business School faculty, the scholarship will provide 50% of the candidate's tuition, or 6,000 Euro, for the successful completion of the thesis. The scholarship will be awarded each year for three years.

NUI Galway School of Engineering Masters Degree Scholarship Biomedical “Cluster” Manufacturing The Partnership is funding a Masters Degree Scholarship at National University Ireland, Galway, on the subject of biomedical device cluster manufacturing in the U.S. and Galway. Managed by the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Public Policy at NUI Galway, the scholarship will provide 50% of the candidate's tuition, or 6,000 Euro, for the successful completion of the thesis. The scholarship will be awarded each year for three years.

COLLEGE DEGREES FOR LOW INCOME NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENTS Dublin City University Access Program Too often college administrators, both in Ireland and the United States, will focus on high achievers and/or those who can afford fees and tuition. And frequently, many disadvantaged families and teenagers never consider college; it is simply not part of their tradition and is too expensive. The Partnership has decided to participate in the Dublin City University Access Program which selects students for the program who are amongst the least able to afford the fees and tuition but show ability and promise. The Partnership is helping fund a year’s tuition ($3,500) for a number of the selected students.

Pictured are this year’s students benefiting from the DCU Access Program. At left, Philip McMahon (Caffrey) — originally from Ballymun, studying for a Bachelor of Science in Education and Training. At right, Vicky Kavanagh— originally from North County Dublin—studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

Trinity College Access Program The Partnership is also participating in Trinity College’s Access Program, which offers assistance and free tuition to qualified low income students.

DONOR SELECTED PRIMARY & SECONDARY SCHOOL LIBRARY PROGRAMS One of our most successful, long-standing programs provides the opportunity for Partnership donors and supporters to select a specific Irish school, village, or county to fund the broadening and enhancement of the local school library. The gift is frequently made in memory of a loved one who emigrated from the area or actually attended the school there as a child before they came to America. The gift can also be made in memory of anyone who loved Ireland and their Irish Heritage. Over 300 schools, in both the North and South, have seen their libraries modernized and grow under this program.

A Thank-You photo for Partnership funding support from Coogue National School in County Mayo.

Partnership donor funding acknowledged at Kilconly National School in County Galway.

DESIGNATED & DONOR ADVISED GIFTS More and more American donors would like to direct their gifts to specific projects—a hospital building, a college library, a museum wing. Well over 80 % of larger gifts to most charities in the United States are agreed upon and directed by the donor to specific projects. The Partnership’s Board of Directors welcomes such gifts. In order to qualify for IRS tax consideration, the donor may not personally benefit from the gift and for the Partnership to accept the gift and transfer the funds, the gift must be part of our stated mission. Several significant gifts have been sent to Ireland as part of this program. Among those receiving funds: Ulster-American Folk Park Foynes Flying Boat Museum UCD Smurfit Graduate School of Business Aran Island Schools and Sports Fund

Scotch-Irish Trust Shannon College of Hotel Management The David Ervine Foundation Tang National School, Longford

Celebration at recess time at Tang National School in Ballymahon County Longford! A day of thanks was held for a Partnership donor from New Jersey who made a designated gift to build and dedicate a new Library and Research Centre for the Tang School, dedicated to his mother who had attended the school.

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Annual Campaign 2011-12  

newsletter detailing the annual campaign of the irish american partnership

Annual Campaign 2011-12  

newsletter detailing the annual campaign of the irish american partnership