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Work on this invitation campaign to the 2006 FIFA World CupTM in Germany began in the early summer of 2005. I sketched out 3 possible routes and the idea of a custom made subbuteo team featuring a player from the past ten winners Bobby Moore (1966), Pelé (1970), Beckenbauer (1974)... with a space left for the winner of 2006 - was chosen. This became the centrepiece of the campaign designed to captivate the target market in childhood memory, with an invitation to be a part of ‘history in the making’! The package also included a printed felt ‘pitch’; an authentic, 00 scale football; a 16 page ‘passport’ style guide & match schedule for each of 9 German cities; and as a ‘thank you’ after the final, a single Italian player from the winning 2006 team, to fill the space in the original box. Next page: I’m a great advocate of showing my ideas as sketches rather than computer generated visuals which can have a habit of appearing too ‘finished’ and closed to further suggestion. With a sketch one can share the depth of an idea with a client, and add to it, with all the little asides and lateral tangents that bring the idea to life. It’s also a quicker, more fluid way to collaborate and visualise the final campaign overview. © 2012 Nick Clark Design. All Rights Reserved. email:

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